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'Bound', the Storytelling App 'Exiles of Embermark' Will Use, Has Soft-Launched in the US and Canada

A ton of our forum users are anxiously waiting for Exiles of Embermark to release, but, unfortunately, no news on that front yet. However, Bound, the app the Exiles will use for its narrative, has soft-launched in the US and Canada, and even though the Exiles material isn't released yet, it does come with exclusive content

Should the Government Regulate Your 'Pokemon GO' and AR Gaming?

The incredible success of Pokemon GO [Free] turned everyone's attention to what augmented technology can add to gaming (despite Pokemon GO not doing a great job actually using AR). And as the recent WWDC Apple keynote demonstrated—as well as the iPhone 8 AR functionality rumors—Apple is very interested in making AR a bigger part of

Supercell's 'Brawl Stars' soft launches in Canada

We got our first look at Brawl Stars yesterday, and now it seems folks in Canada can try it for themselves, as the game's gone into a region-exclusive soft launch on iOS. While the game's not in a finished state, players in Canada can get an early taste for what's to come. Show More Summary

The Cute-Looking 'Castle Cats', an Idle-Management Game, Is Out Now

If you like cats, you're going to probably enjoy the just-released Castle Cats [Free], an idle-management game filled with cute cats. If you don't like cats, then what's wrong with you? Okay, maybe you're a dog person (traitor). Castle Cats has you managing your cat-filled castle and trying to upgrade your cats in order to

The Lovely 'Hidden Folks' Just Got Factory Update, Adds 3 New Areas to the Game

Hidden Folks [$2.99] is one of the most charming games on the App Store, especially on a big screen (I'm loving it on my 12.9 Pro), and I'm always glad to have more areas to explore and more secrets to uncover. If you're like me, you'll be glad to hear that Hidden Folks got the

New 'Dashy Crashy' Update Adds a DINOSAUR and Other Fun Stuff

There are few games that bring a smile to my face like Dumpling Design's Dashy Crashy [Free]. This lane-based avoidance game (calling it just a runner doesn't quite do it justice) captured the soul of some of the loudest, most attention-grabbing arcade games from the '90s while utilizing a really neat risk/reward system that dared

Minecraft's cross-platform online play is powered by Xbox Live, even on the Switch

An interview with Mojang's CEO explains how and why Microsoft's online service is being used for Minecraft's cross-platform play and possibly sheds light on Sony's reluctance to join in....

Flipping Legend - Flipping Legend is a flipping great mobile game.

Flipping Legend is out now and it’s a simple and hard puzzle game from Hiding Spot Games and Noodlecake Studios. In this game the player can go left or right diagonally in a three wide checkerboard. Avoid spikes and collect coins along the way. Show More Summary

Art Of Gravity - New physics puzzler Art of Gravity will stump you

Art of Gravity is a fun simulation of throwing balls at exploding boxes wrapped up in a whole bunch of puzzles. A few simple mechanics start off the game which gets harder and harder with the addition of new mechanics as the game progresses. Show More Summary

'Neo Angle', a Vibrant Puzzle Game From the Creators of 'Blyss', Is Looking for Beta Testers

Dropout Games have quickly developed a reputation for beautiful minimalistic puzzle games, and their emphasis on accessible gameplay that becomes deceptively difficult is one that suits mobile gaming to a tee. Last year the developers released Blyss [$0.99], which layered an ethereal aesthetic similar to indie hit Firewatch on top of an intuitive dice puzzle

'Cars: Lightning League', an Auto-Racer Spin-Off From 'Cars 3', Swerves Onto the App Store

I'll be honest with you - Cars is, in my view, one of the weaker Pixar films. Releasing at the precipice of my teenage years means it doesn't have the nostalgic pull of some of the older Pixar franchises, and overall the cast of characters and story just felt a bit hollow and overly commercialised.

'Brawl Stars' Discord Server and How to Play the Soft Launch

After its shocking reveal with a tournament stream, it took only one night for the Brawl Stars soft launch to happen. Debuting initially in Canada, this means that it's relatively easy to get access to Supercell's top-down multiplayer online shooter. But if you need the specifics on how to do so, well, we have a

Creature Quest honours the fathers of the world with its new event

Creature Quest is having another throwdown, this time to celebrate fathers. The game’s adopted a fatherly theme -- Grumpy Pop’s Workshop -- and is hosting a number of exciting new events in celebration. From June 13 to June 26 you can...Show More Summary

'Brawl Stars' Has Soft Launched on the Canadian App Store, Android Version Coming Soon?

A whole host of massive games have been announced at E3 over the past week, and for some time it appeared that the iOS community had missed out on its own major upcoming release at the event. Thankfully, Supercell saved the day, and the announcement of their next 3-on-3 online shooter Brawl Stars was met

New iOS Games: 'Flipping Legend', 'forma.8 GO', 'Lowlander II', 'Poly Bridge' and TONS More

AHHH!!! This week has so many great games that I'm really not sure where I'm going to find time to play all of them before we record our podcast on Friday. The whole list includes a bunch of indie stuff that's been posted to our forums, but if you don't want to comb through all

Nintendo's Fils-Aime: Mobile gets Mario into markets consoles can't

"China, Korea, all of these markets that historically have not had great access to our content now have access to our IP," Fils-Aime told Glixel. "That's a key part of our mobile strategy."...

'Lowlander 2: Lowerlander', the 'Ultima'-Inspired RPG, is Now Available

After a soft launch in a couple of countries last week to make sure everything worked well, Flat Black Films' Lowlander 2: Lowerlander [$2.99], is out now, and officially in competition for the best game name of 2017. This is the sequel to Lowlander [$1.99], which despite its primitive looks was quite the fun Ultima

'Sentinels of the Multiverse' Getting 'Villains of the Multiverse' Mega-Expasion June 22nd

I've repeatedly written about the crazy amount of content Sentinels of the Multiverse [$6.99] has received in recent years, and on June 22nd the game is about to get another mega-expansion called Villains of the Multiverse, which is part of Season 2. This expansion brings 10 new Team Mode villains and 4 new environments to

RareSloth Announces Multiplatform 'King Rabbit 2'

RareSloth Games has found themselves a nice hit with King Rabbit [Free], the sequel to Furdemption [$2.99], which wound up becoming a sustainable game for them. But they're not done with King Rabbit yet, beyond the expansion packs they've released. They want to take another swing at the concept, and expand it not just from

We're Getting a 'Blade Runner 2049' Game - I Hope It's Good

I love the original Blade Runner movie for many, many reasons, so I'm really looking forward to the upcoming Blade Runner 2049, the sequel to the classic Harrison Ford movie coming to a movie theater near you October 6th, 2017. And it looks like Blade Runner is coming to your devices, too. Today, Alcon Entertainment and

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