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'Really Bad Chess' Review - Rook No Further

It would be extremely easy to start this review by alluding to the ironic self-deprecation of the title, and affirm how Really Bad Chess [Free] is actually a Really Good Game. However, in truth, the title is not too far off the mark. Compared to the balance, strategic depth, and elegance of the age-old board

Free-to-Play Whales Are Now Boycotting Spending in Games to Get Changes

Here's one of the crazier stories you're going to read in a while. Dean Takahashi of VentureBeat reports on Stephen Barnes, a Houston resident who owns an appliance store, and has spent more than $2 million in Modern War [Free] by Gree, leading a long-running clan in the game. But that's not the crazy part:

'Kero Blaster'-inspired Action Platformer 'Help! I'm Haunted' Gets New Screens, Should be Entering Beta Soon

Ever since we saw the awesome first trailer for Help! I'm Haunted, an upcoming action platformer inspired by both Ghostbusters and the phenomenal Kero Blaster [$5.99], I haven't been able to stop thinking about it. Which is kind of a problem because developer Sky Pirate Studios hasn't had a whole lot of new things to

'BATMAN - The Telltale Series' Episode 1 Review: Bruce Steps into the Light, and That's Great

I often find myself into a bit of a bind when I review a game that's well done in terms of design but also has major technical issues. How do you separate the plot and design ideas in the first episode of BATMAN - The Telltale Series [$4.99] from the engine's obvious shortcomings that make

'Blade Sliders' is an Upcoming Arena Fighter with a Novel Control Scheme, Coming Next Thursday

Kostya Stankevych, who has previously developed some excellent games like Fish Fist [Free], Kubiko [Free], and Blueprint 3D [$0.99], is launching a new game next week called Blade Sliders. Why Blade Sliders? Well, it's an arena-style brawler where your character is equipped with a blade, and tapping on the screen causes him to attack by

'Yo-Kai Watch: The Movie' Playing Tomorrow Only, Game Will Receive Movie-Related Content

If you're a fan of Yo-Kai Watch Wibble Wobble [Free] and you like going to the movies, get ready to hit the theaters tomorrow because Yo-Kai Watch: The Movie will be playing across 300 theaters across the US only for tomorrow, Saturday the 15th. As you can see from the trailer below, the movie will have almost all

Magic Cube and Somi Bring Mirror Puzzle Platformer 'Retsnom' to iOS and Android This October

Somi Games and Magic Cube Software are teaming up to release Retsnom on iOS and Android this month. This is a puzzle-platformer whose gameplay hook is that there are parts of levels that act as kinds of mirrors, and you need to manipulate them in order to get where you're going. Some can be reversed

Deck-Building Word Game 'Paperback' Releases on Android

If you like word games and deck-builders, you probably have already bought and played Paperback: The Game [$3.99] on iOS. If you are of the Android tribe, then you can also get in on the action since the game has gone live on Google Play today. Paperback has you playing as an author trying to

'Hardwood Rivals' is a Highly-Customizable Basket-Shooting Game with Same-Device Multiplayer, Coming October 25th

Late last year, Koality Game released a simple but fun basketball-shooting game called Basketball Time [Free]. While hardly the first in this genre, Basketball Time used an interesting shooting mechanic that, once you got the hang of it, was quite engaging as you tried to hit as many baskets in a row as you could.

Obsidian Teases 'Pathfinder Adventures' Deck 5 and More

Obsidian has been pumping out plenty of content for Pathfinder Adventures [Free], most recently giving us Adventure Deck 4. In a recent blog, the developers have started teasing Deck 5, which apparently is close to being finished. In Deck 5, we are getting a new Rare Spell, called Sunburst, that's great for taking out the Undead.

'One More Bounce' Available in Updated Version on Android

SMG Studio has released its latest game, One More Bounce [Free], on to Android as well as the iOS release. While the studio released the game recently on iOS, they decided to use the Android release to make some tweaks to the game that aren't in the iOS version yet. For one, the protagonist is

Watch 'Rome: Total War' Stream This Monday

If you've been waiting to see how Rome: Total War plays on an iPad, you only have to wait until this coming Monday to see it live. According to a tweet by the developer of Rome: Total War, Feral Interactive, the developers will be showing off the game on their Twitch channel Monday, October 17th

Voxel Farm Manager 'Blocky Farm' Continues to Look Fun, Debuts New Visual Style

If you want to get your mobile farming on, you should keep an eye out for the upcoming game Blocky Farm, a game that has just unveiled its new visual style the developers have been working on for some time. Blocky Farm's developers have been very open about the game's development process in our Upcoming

The Spectacular 'Tennis Champs Returns' is Half Off on iOS and Apple TV Today

If you haven't played Tennis Champs Returns [Free], I have to say: what is wrong with you?! This is the best tennis game since Mario Tennis for Game Boy Color, and Jared has fanboyed out for this game like no other. It's free to download, but it comes with some in-app purchases (the most expensive

'Minecraft' Movie Gets 'Wonder Woman' and 'Pan' Writer

We wrote a few months back that Minecraft: The Movie (very original title) is scheduled to release May 24th, 2019 and that the director will be Rob McElhenney, of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia fame. Now, we have news about who will be writing the film. The writer will be Jason Fuchs, who wrote the

Shuffle Cats and 4 other great mobile card games

Sure, video games are exciting and new, but sometimes there’s nothing quite like an old fashioned card game. King’s Shuffle Cats, which hit your assorted mobile gadgets this week, is a great example of that with its fun take on classic rummy. Show More Summary

Polyphonic LP Announces 'Resynth', a Synesthesia-Inspired Music Puzzler

Australian duo Polyphonic LP has announced their debut title, a music puzzler called Resynth. Not a rhythm puzzler, necessarily, but a puzzle game where you'll be moving around a board, activating certain squares to try and create music, even remixing it with the different squares you activate. The tagline for the game is "what does

5 quick mobile workouts to motivate you

Beginning an exercise routine, or getting back into fitness after a slump can be daunting with the overwhelming amount of experts out there telling you which way is right, and which way is wrong, and which exercises are the best. Forget about all of that for now and start out small to get motivated and inspired. Show More Summary

'ZenDots 2 - One Dot's Journey' is the Very Different Sequel to 'ZenDots' that's Coming November 3rd

Little White Bear Studios released a novel mashup of pinball and brick breaking with last year's ZenDots [Free], and early next month they'll be releasing a follow-up title that mixes up the formula to an even greater degree. ZenDots 2 - One Dot's Journey stars just a single dot and isn't actually a pinball game

'RPG Creator' Review - Maybe I'll Just Make My Own, Then

For English console gamers, ASCII's RPG Maker for the original PlayStation was likely their first chance to make their own game without actually learning how to program. It was a very limited version of the software, but you could make a basic JRPG with it if you were dedicated enough. I imagine most players bounced

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