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6 New iOS Games to Play Tonight

Gamezebo has assembled a list of six iPhone and iPad games releasing tonight that you’ll want to have on your radar. Check them out below, and click here for more info. Desktop Dungeons Toysburg Game of Thrones Episode 4 Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions Sproggiwood Zombie Bucket The post 6 New iOS Games to Play Tonight is from Slide To Play via Gamezebo.

Cooking Mama Let’s Cook Review: Needs More Meat

Cooking Mama games are all about perfectly executing a variety of dishes. From 148Apps’s lukewarm review of the latest installment in the series: If you’re a fan of Mama, Cooking Mama Let’s Cook is a decent approximation of the DS versions. Show More Summary

The Top Spot Review: Not So Hot

The minimalist puzzle game The Top Spot is out, and Pocket Gamer has a review. They’re not huge fans. From the review: The developer of The Top Spot has clearly put a great deal of thought into making a simple game. The trouble is, this has been achieved to the exclusion of a great deal of fun. Show More Summary

Rymdkapsel to Get New Content Next Week

Rymdkapsel, the least pronounceable game on the App Store, is getting a content update next week. From Touch Arcade: This update brings two new modes to the game: there’s Zen mode, which eliminates enemies altogether, just allowing you to build and explore without worry of attack. Show More Summary

Foursaken Media's 'Block Fortress' Gets Updated with a Ton of New Stuff

Foursaken Media just finished Heroes and Castles 2 [$1.99], but they've already went and updated one of their earlier games, Block Fortress [$1.99], with new content. The big new mode? A PvP arena mode, where you can fight in up to four-player battles on custom maps. New equipment is in the game, such as shrink

'Grim Fandango Remastered' Review - Dust off the Bones Before you Roll Em

. This is a game that for so many of us requires no introduction whatsoever. The stars have aligned and now we have another treasured piece of history that has been given new breath to once again delight and mezmerize. For anyone wondering what I am going on about Grim Fandango is a pillar of

'Ball King' Review - Shockingly Enthralling Hoop Shooting

Physics has always been a staple of the App Store. Slingshot Physics, Ragdoll Physics, Skateboard and BMX physics, and so on. Playing a game with finely tuned, consistent physics just feels so right. I don't know why these games are always so popular, but man, are they satisfying. That's how I'd describe Ball King[Free] from

iRectangle by Lam King Tat is now free!

Free for a limited time on the App Store! Get it now: Copyright © iPhone App )

Apple to release full Apple Watch SDK this fall, with beta soon

Apps have yet to wow reviewers and early adopters, but a new and improved SDK for the device will be released as a beta in early June....

Kabam Isn’t Making a Mad Max Mobile Game After All

Last year, Kabam entered a partnership with Warner Bros to make a Mad Max-themed game. Said game never materialized, and according to information gleaned by Gamezebo, it never will. Steve Swasey, Kabam’s VP Head of Global Communications...Show More Summary

'RPG Alphadia Genesis 2' Review - Don't Stop Til You Get Enah

The Alphadia series represents something of an oddity in prolific RPG publisher Kemco's line-up. For all of the iOS games they put out, roughly one per month for the last few years, there's only one sequel in the bunch that isn't part of the Alphadia series. Alphadia [$3.99], on the other hand, has three sequels,

Game Oven Cites Half Baked Time Management as Primary Reason the Studio is Now Toast

The developers of Fingle[$1.99 (HD)], Bam Fu[Free], and Jelly Reef[$1.99] are hanging up their chef hats. In a recent announcement Game Oven has given a painstakingly precise breakdown of the ins and outs of their business and why things have not worked out to let them stay open. Struggle: undefined roles The biggest struggle we

Game Over for Game Oven

Game Oven, the studio behind mobile titles like Fingle, Jelly Reef, and Bam Fu, is shutting its doors. The reasons cited are related to poor time management. If you study studio / game post-mortems, you may be interested to learn what challenges the team faced. The post Game Over for Game Oven is from Slide To Play via Touch Arcade.

Goofy Space Simulator 'Cosmonautica' Launches on Mobile in June

Indie developer Chasing Carrots has had their game Cosmonautica in development for a while now, with the game being out in Early Access on Steam since last September. This space simulation is finally nearing completion, and with it will come a mobile release. While the desktop version will cost $14.99 upon release, you'll be able

'Tofu Hunter' Review - Tofu Isn't This Bland

Sometimes a parody can be just as shallow as the very thing it attempts to lampoon. Take Tofu Hunter [Free]. It makes every attempt to poke fun at games like Deer Hunter, subbing out living pieces of bean curd for real live woodland creatures. Just like a bad batch of soy milk, it's a little

Get a job: Turbine seeks a Senior Mobile Engineer

The house responsible for that Infinite Crisis MOBA and the venerable Lord of the Rings Online needs an experienced software engineer to work on mobile projects in its Needham, Massachusetts office....

Ex-AAA talent aims to shake up mobile with a game-like chat app

A group of developers have left jobs at companies like Remedy and EA to launch Futurefly, a Finnish startup that aims to build mobile apps with built-in gameplay mechanics -- starting with a chat app....

Retro-Style iPad RPG 'Dungeons Of Chaos' Gets A Big Update

If you're into classic computer RPGs like the Ultima series, then 2015 has been pretty kind to you. One of the handful of interesting retro-style RPGs that popped up earlier this year, Dungeons Of Chaos [$1.99 (HD)] offers a decidedly vintage non-linear feel with a lot of depth to it. I enjoyed it well enough

Solve – A colorful graphing calculator by Pomegranate Apps is now free!

Free for a limited time on the App Store! Get it now: Copyright © iPhone App )

Ex-AAA devs found Finnish startup to build a WeChat competitor

A group of game developers have left jobs at companies like Remedy, EA and Microsoft to launch Futurefly, a Finnish startup that aims to build mobile apps with built-in gameplay mechanics....

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