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We talk to Cheetah Mobile about its plans for Piano Tiles 3 [Sponsored]

6 days agoMobile / Mobile Apps : 148Apps

Piano Tiles 2 is a fast-paced rhythm action high score chaser out now on iOS and Android. You have to tap a series of black tiles that appear on the screen in time to the music, being careful not to accidentally hit anywhere else. Do that and it's game over. [Read more]

'Circa Infinity' Review - Like a Record, Baby

In our recent review of Super Phantom Cat [$1.99] I remarked that I “wished the developers had been as creative with the platforming genre as they’d been with the art”. I loved the game in large part because of its wonderful presentation, and the solid gameplay was definitely fun despite feeling a bit too safe

How retention affects growth in mobile games

"An app that fails to grow or maintain its user base cannot survive because it will eventually have no users, so developers set growth goals to be able to track how their app is growing over time."...

Ultimate Briefcase guide - How to dodge the bombs

6 days agoMobile / Mobile Apps : 148Apps

Ultimate Briefcase is a simple but tricky game that’s highly dependent on how fast you can react. We can still offer you a few tips and tricks on how to survive though. Guess what? That’s exactly what we’re going to do now. Take it easy [Read more]

'Final Fantasy 2' Is Free For A Limited Time Through The 'Final Fantasy Portal' App

Many a song is sung about the Final Fantasy series from Square Enix, but if any of those songs is less sung than the other songs, it's probably Final Fantasy 2. An extremely experimental sequel that didn't fare too well in practice, Final Fantasy 2 nevertheless made some additions that are still a part of

RPG Reload Presents - The History Of Handheld RPGs, Part Six

Hello, gentle readers, and welcome to the RPG Reload. This week, we're continuing our little monthly project looking at the history of handheld RPGs. That means that we will not be taking a look at a specific RPG from the App Store's past this time around. Last month, we looked at the brief but impressive

'Breach: Arena TD' Opens Up for Beta Testers

Last year, Space Rhino Games released Breach TD [Free], a take on the popular Starcraft 2 mod Squad TD. That map's creator and maintainer, Tsjnsn, is part of Space Rhino Games, and now they're working on a followup game, Breach: Arena TD, and they have just launched a beta test on our forums if you

Check Out this 'Epic of Kings' Story Trailer Ahead of Its Release February 18th

Way back in October 2014 we posted the debut trailer for Epic of Kings, an upcoming action adventure from Shadow Blade [$1.99] developer Dead Mage. Epic of Kings appeared to have Infinity Blade-style one-on-one combat, but also featured some free-roaming movement and several other styles of gameplay mixed in. It looked promising, but news on

'Captain Cowboy' Review - Digging Up Nostalgia

Growing up, some of my favorite games were adventure titles. Ones you could just get lost in, exploring an uncharted and dangerous world. There was something so unique about those experiences -- where you had no concept of what to expect, and no knowledge of where to go. It helped prepare me for games like

Ninja Platformer 'Shadow Blade: Reload' Heading to the App Store Next Week

It's kind of hard to believe that Crescent Moon and Dead Mage's ninja action platformer Shadow Blade [$1.99] came out on iOS more than two years ago. It's definitely one of my favorites even to this day, and Dead Mage did a wonderful job supporting the game with new content and features post-release. Well, as

New content, new access puts games in front of viewers, YouTube data reveals

The company has released its top trending list for January, and while the list itself isn't particularly revealing, the reasons behind ghe games' popularity is....

Get a job: Turbine seeks an Art Director

Turbine is looking for someone with experience as an artist and an art director to take up the latter role again on the company's new Game of Thrones mobile game at its Needham, Massachusetts studio....

'Vainglory', 'Minecraft', 'Horizon Chase', and More Get Chinese New Year Updates

With Chinese New Year, aka Lunar New Year, arriving on February 8th, bringing with it the Year of the Monkey, iOS games are getting updates and even the occasional sale for the special festival day. This in large part due to the rising prominence of China in the mobile gaming market, and because developers love

Games dominate the Windows Store download charts

When it comes to the Windows Store, games accounted for the most downloads and the most in-app purchases over the 2015 holiday season, according to a blog post published today by Microsoft....

Taylor Swift Will be the Next Pop Singer to Come to your Mobile Device

Glu has become famous as the publishes that's been bringing celebrities to the App Store, with Kim Kardashian leading the way and Katy Perry following. However, while the Kim Kardashian: Hollywood [Free] game is still very popular, the Katy Perry Pop [Free] game showed that Glu's strategy might be failing since the game didn't reach the

Paradox Might Bring Its Grand Strategy Games to Mobile in the Future

If you've never played Paradox Interactive's Crusader Kings II, then you won't know why a game can have patch notes that include "concubines can now have the ambition to have a daughter," "Eunuchs can't have children anymore," and "fixed error in polygamy event." It's not an accident that Paradox has managed to become the top

'Blackwell Epiphany' Hits iOS This Month, Entire Series on Sale

Dave Gilbert and Wadjet Eye's Blackwell series of point-and-click adventures has been steadily making its way from desktop to iOS, with the last game in the series, Blackwell Epiphany, now set to release on iOS on February 18th. Rosa and Joey have survived a lot in the series so far, but now they're facing a

Kardashian game maker cut 50 jobs during 'disappointing' holiday season

Celebrity-focused mobile game maker Glu Mobile axed 50 positions in December in a restructuring effort following a 'disappointing' holiday season that saw the company's revenues and profits drop....

New developments in audio and music tech for VR

"We'll look at a brand new audio tech conference that should be particularly interesting to VR folks. We'll also get an overview of a couple of top audio technologies for virtual reality video games."...

Nitrome and Quite Fresh's 'Ultimate Briefcase' is Now Available

Prolific mobile developer Nitrome announced back in September that they were going to be dipping their toes in the game publishing game. I say dip their toes because technically the first game they were set to publish, Ultimate Briefcase [Free], was created by outside developer Quite Fresh, but whose founder was also previously an artist

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