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'Iron Marines', by 'Kingdom Rush' Developer, Releases September 14th

Ironhide Game Studios, the developer behind the excellent Kingdom Rush series, is getting ready to release the much-awaited Iron Marines on September 14th, and I personally can't wait. Iron Marines is a complex real-time strategy game that will have you completing some fun missions like hacking supercomputers, rescuing civilians, holding your ground against all odds, and

'Football Manager Touch 2018' and 'Football Manager Mobile 2018' Are Launching Alongside the PC Version on November 10th

The Football Manager franchise has had quite the history on iOS over the last few years. We've seen the games evolve and even get rebranded. Football Manager Touch used to be called Football Manager Classic and Football Manager Handheld became Football Manager Mobile. After much anticipation, SEGA and Sports Interactive have today announced some details

Terrific Tabletop Title 'Tsuro - The Game of the Path' Is Free for the First Time

Tabletop board and card games are a natural genre to get a remake into digital life. Such transitions don't always go well, but when they do it sure is satisfying to be able to play great tabletop games on your phone or tablet. Tsuro - The Game of the Path [Free] is, thankfully, an excellent

The Ultra-Rare Shiny Pikachu Is Now Appearing Worldwide in 'Pokemon GO'

Collect-em-all style games have long used rarity to drive player interest, and sales. Pokemon GO [Free] has certainly gone that way with legendary Pokemon and the ultra-rare "shiny" versions of otherwise regular Pokemon. Shiny Pikachu is a recent addition to the rarer-than-rare crowd, and can be distinguished by a darker shade of yellow and sparkling

'Super Phantom Cat 2' New Trailer Revealed, Set to Pounce Onto the App Store on August 17th

It's an understatement to say I've been extremely excited for Super Phantom Cat 2 ever since it was first revealed back in July. The original Super Phantom Cat [$1.99] was one of my favorite games of 2016, and not simply because of its adorably cute theme. The abundance of colorful worlds and levels to explore,

'Street Fighter IV: Champion Edition' Gets New Characters Evil Ryu, Guy and Gouken in Update This Week

Simulating the complex and meticulous nature of a fighting game on a smartphone is a pretty formidable task, and arcade purists will likely lament the lack of physical controls and instant inputs that are so vital when a match is decided on solitary frames. That being said, Street Fighter IV Champion Edition [$4.99], the latest

'Mind Control' Is a Hectic Gauntlet Platformer Flying Onto the App Store September 20th, and Is Looking for Beta Testers

When a game has a name such as Mind Control, it would normally indicate some post-apocalyptic action romp against brainwashed zombies, or perhaps a deep psychological thriller with a pseudo-political edge. As a result, Geekabyte Games have impressed me through taking the most literal definition for their upcoming release's title. In Geekabyte's take on Mind

Rovio nearly doubled its revenue during the second quarter

"The second quarter of 2017 evidenced true delivery of our games-first strategy with very strong growth in revenues and profits."...

The 'Minecraft' Better Together Update Is Delayed Until Fall

I'm been very anxiously waiting for Minecraft's [$6.99] Better Together update to hit iOS (Android players have been beta testing the update for weeks now), but it looks like I'll have to wait a bit longer. The update was originally scheduled to go live this summer, but recently the FAQ was updated, and now Better

'Rusty Lake Paradise' Is the Next Game From the Fantastic Developer of 'Cube Escape' Series

Rusty Lake has been giving us some really cool (and creepy) games, and today the developers announced that the next premium game currently under development is called Rusty Lake Paradise, which apparently many players had already guessed. The game is set on an 18th century remote island that's cursed with the 10 plagues (as any island

Cat Quest Guide - How to become a purrfect warrior

Cat Quest is an absolutely charming open-world RPG that's taken the gaming world quite by storm. This game about a world populated by furry kitty warriors is actually a full-length RPG with sturdy mechanics and a lovely little story.It's certainly a game of the year contender in our books. Show More Summary

'Six Ages', Spiritual Successor of King of Dragon Pass, is Feature Complete

King of Dragon Pass [$9.99] is a civilization building, role-playing, interactive-fiction game set in the mythologically blessed world of Glorantha—home of RuneQuest, HeroQuest, and 13th Age. It operates on two levels, one of empire building where you grow a tribe into a dominant force and another of character-driven role-playing adventure. The fact the game can

Silly Walks Guide - How to strut your stuff

Silly Walks is an all new adventure game that lives up to its name. It sees you playing as a variety of snack foods as you teeter-totter your way to rescue your friends from the evil blender and his villainous minions. It's all very... Show More Summary

The Death Knight, Yet Another Character Update, Coming to 'Demon's Rise 2'

Wave Light Games is continuing their wave of updates for popular tactical role-playing game Demon's Rise 2 [$7.99]. One week ago brought a release that brought us a new character option, the Cataphract, among a bevy of other nice changes. Today, I can tell you that another update has been submitted to Apple to unleash

Double Fine's 'Grim Fandango', 'Day of the Tentacle' Among Those Saved from 32-Bit Fate, 'Costume Quest' Will Be No More

Apple's 32-bit App-ocalypse is drawing nearer, so more developers are announcing their update plans. Today was the turn of Double Fine to announce what will be saved and what will be doomed. As the developer pointed out, saving these apps isn't as easy as it sounds, so not all games will join the upcoming 64-bit

'Hearthstone' Arena Missing 12 Cards, Bug to Be Fixed This Week

Knights of the Frozen Throne, the latest Hearthstone [Free] expansion, has been welcomed by players, but it looks like it also messed up Arena in a couple of ways. As reddit user adwcta pointed out, several of the new cards are currently missing from Arena. Iksar, aka game designer Dean Ayala, responded to that post

Audio Adventure Game 'The Girl Who Sold the World' Launching Tomorrow

As we wrote about a few months back, The Girl Who Sold the World aims to provide a complete gaming experience based only on audio and without any visuals, and tomorrow you'll get to try the game yourselves. The game has you using a device called Skyler to help Frances survive the strange world she

'Pokemon Go' Gets a New Exclusive Raid Battle with Legendary Pokemon Mewtwo

The newest Legendary Pokemon to get a raid in Pokemon GO [Free] is none other than Mewtwo. A stadium event in Yokohama, Japan just had thousands of trainers square off against Mewtwo in a raid battle leading to a successful capture. Unlike normal battles, raids are serious business. The Mewtwo raid will be an Exclusive

Upcoming 'Abortion Simulator' Is Likely to Be the Most Controversial iOS "Game" Yet

Back in the early days of the App Store, the most controversial thing we ever had to talk about was whether or not Apple was going to allow fart apps. Since then the ante has been upped substantially, but an upcoming game from Mumbai-based Kierun Studios is in its own universe. Per the developer, "Abortion

Best Frozen Throne Decks, Death Knight Rankings, Trolden and Kripp Videos, and More 'Hearthstone' Weekly News in 'Touchstone' #108

Hello everyone, and welcome to the first post-Knights of the Frozen Throne Hearthstone [Free] roundup. We finally got the infusion of all the cool new cards into the game, and everyone seems to be happy, at least for now. The post-expansion honeymoon periods are always fun because the meta is very fluid and everyone is

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