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E3 2015: Hands-On Video Preview of Unkilled

AppSpy has a little hands-on time with Unkilled, a zombie shooter from Madfinger. Look for it later this year. The post E3 2015: Hands-On Video Preview of Unkilled appeared first on Slide to Play. The post E3 2015: Hands-On Video Preview of Unkilled is from Slide To Play via AppSpy.

Lonnie Plays ‘Fallout Shelter’

Everyone who knows a thing or two about awesome video games is waiting with bated breath for Fallout 4, a game that is sure to tear a hole through the known universe with its unfiltered awesomeness when it launches in November. In the meantime we have Fallout Shelter. Show More Summary

Hands-On Video Preview of Forever Lost: Episode 3

The eerie Forever Lost adventure game series continues with Episode 3, and it all looks pretty unsettling going by AppSpy’s hands-on preview of the title. The post Hands-On Video Preview of Forever Lost: Episode 3 appeared first on Slide to Play. The post Hands-On Video Preview of Forever Lost: Episode 3 is from Slide To Play via AppSpy.

E3 2015: Hands-On Video Preview of Dungelot: Shattered Lands

AppSpy goes hands-on with Dungelot: Shattered Lands, a game that’s “like if a classic dungeon crawler had babies with Minesweeper.” Aw! Romance! The post E3 2015: Hands-On Video Preview of Dungelot: Shattered Lands appeared first on Slide to Play. The post E3 2015: Hands-On Video Preview of Dungelot: Shattered Lands is from Slide To Play via AppSpy.

Angry Birds Fight! Video Review: Fisticuffs Fumble

Uninteresting gameplay and uneven matchmaking are two of the biggest problems with Angry Birds Fight!, according to AppSpy. The post Angry Birds Fight! Video Review: Fisticuffs Fumble appeared first on Slide to Play. More about Angry Birds Fight! » The post Angry Birds Fight! Video Review: Fisticuffs Fumble is from Slide To Play via AppSpy.

TouchArcade Game of the Week: 'Transistor'

The idea behind the TouchArcade Game of the Week is that every Friday afternoon we post the one game that came out this week that we think is worth giving a special nod to. Now, before anyone goes over-thinking this, it doesn't necessarily mean our Game of the Week pick is the highest scoring game

'Orbital' and 'Gimme Friction Baby'-Inspired 'Hue Ball' Releasing on June 18th

Last month, I told you about Hue Ball, a fun game based off of Wouter Visser's Gimme Friction Baby, similar to iOS classic Orbital [$2.99 / Free / $2.99 (HD)]. I also told you that it was planned to release in late May or early June. Sadly, those time frames have passed and yet the

'First Strike' Developers Announce Upcoming Roguelike, 'Cloud Chasers'

Blindflug Studios made the interesting strategy game First Strike [$3.99], which touched on nuclear war and global politics, and they're back with another game that hopes to take some real-world themes and put them into an fascinating game experience. Meet Cloud Chasers, a roguelike inspired by immigration. You control Francisco and Amelia, who are trying

'Hearthstone' Introduces Two New Cosmetic Heroes, the Mage and the Hunter

Hearthstone's [Free] developers have been very busy lately, haven't they? First, they announced Magni Bronzebeard, a cosmetic Hero that will replace Garrosh, the Warrior; then, they announced the long-awaited new mode, Tavern Brawl, and now they've announced two new cosmetic heroes that will replace the Mage, Jaina Proudmoore, and the Hunter, Rexxar. The new Hunter Hero

Facebook Commenters Still Jerkwads, Think 'Threes' Ripped Off '2048'

With Threes [$2.99] getting a free version, titled Threes Free [Free] and not Frees, it looks like developer Asher Vollmer and artist Greg Wohlwend are trying to get the word out about it through Facebook marketing. As you may know, 2048 came out after Threes, but because it was free, it probably occupied a bigger

'Torchlight Mobile' is an Upcoming Action-RPG with a 'Diablo' Legacy

Popular hack 'n slash series Torchlight is coming to mobile this year as the appropriately-titled Torchlight Mobile. While many hack 'n slash games claim inspiration from Blizzard's Diablo, Torchlight's original entry had the co-designers of the first two Diablo games on the development team at Runic Games. And now, publishers Perfect World and Fedeen Games

The Guardians of the Galaxy Have Joined 'Marvel Future Fight' in Biggest Update Yet

Marvel has apparently decided that players of Marvel Future Fight [Free] require help defeating all those waves of enemies, so it has unveiled the first major update for its popular game. Now you can play as one of the Guardians of the Galaxy characters: Rocket Racoon, Groot, Gamora, Drax, Yondu, Nebula, Ronan, and, of course, Star Lord. According to

War Always Has Casualties: 'Game of War: Fire Age' Switches Kate Upton With Mariah Carey

It's a slaughter out there, apparently, as Game of War: Fire Age [Free] developer, Machine Zone, has decided to replace Kate Upton with Mariah Carey in its upcoming commercials, a move that many will find quite intriguing. For those who don't follow the game or its commercials, Game of War: Fire Age is a F2P money-making machine that brings

Capcom Updates the Long-Gone 'Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective' with iOS 8 Support

Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective [Free] was once released on iOS, but once it stopped working on iOS 8, it made like a ghost and disappeared. This perhaps was appropriate for a game that's about a ghost. Or perhaps a more appropriate metaphor would be if the game was pulled, then updated to support iOS 8.

'Summoners War' Celebrates First Anniversary with New Content and Special Event

Summoners War [Free] has proven to be a major hit for Com2us in the US, as the game is regularly in the top 30 grossing games, and even gets in to the top 20 every now and then. Not bad for a game celebrating its first anniversary. In honor of said anniversary, the social RPG

Lonnie Plays ‘Terminator Genisys: Revolution’

The filmmakers may have put a typo in the title, but that doesn’t stop our favorite YouTuber from giving the iOS version of Terminator Genisys: Revolution a try. Watch and learn in the video above. The post Lonnie Plays ‘Terminator Genisys:...Show More Summary

Watch This 'Duet' Speedrun and Feel Inadequate About Your Skills

Andy C83, a long-time forum member, and that dude who's on the top of the high score list of pretty much every Game Center leaderboard, has decided to tackle the speedrun mode of Duet [$2.99]. This was added in version 3.1 of Kumobius' minimalist arcade game, challenging folks to make it through the entire Story

It Looks Like Spiderweb Software Will Be Returning To iOS Development

This year has certainly been a roller-coaster ride for iPad-owning fans of indie RPG developer Spiderweb Software and their Avernum series of games. First, excitement when the release of Avernum 2: Crystal Souls was announced for release in April. The game released, but it was soon discovered that it had some issues with the just-released

Will 'Ace of Arenas' Finally be the Mobile MOBA That Succeeds?

GAEA Mobile is throwing its hat in the mobile MOBA ring with their upcoming game Ace of Arenas. The game's going to feature short matches that only take a few minutes across multiple game modes, with matches that can be played in 1v1, 2v2, and 3v3 formats. Controls will feature a virtual joystick, which feels

In a Very, Very Welcome Surprise, Supergiant's 'Transistor' Has Just Appeared on the App Store

I love surprises, especially when they have to do with unexpected game releases, and this one today ranks pretty much at the top of my "great surprises of the year" list. Transistor [$9.99], the great A/RPG from Supergiant Games, has just appeared on the App Store this morning. I had been waiting for this game to

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