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'Moto RKD Dash' Review - Motorcycle Gaming Comes Full Circle

Between Horizon Chase [$2.99] and Kalin Krastev’s Moto RKD Dash [$1.99], it seems there’s been a bit of a resurgence in retro racers lately on iOS. Which is totally fine by me, as one of my earliest gaming memories ever was playing Pole Position on my parents’ Atari. Dash apparently takes its inspiration from a

Almost Impossible! - Though it’s ‘Almost Impossible,’ it’s also a lot of fun

Almost Impossible from Daniel Counsell is a kind of “nice” impossible game. The bouncing ball looks so friendly, and the red spikes look so deadly. It almost makes you forget the seventeen thousand times you’ve died in the this game....Show More Summary

The Room Three - The Craftsman Has Left a Series of Puzzles in The Room 3 from Fireproof Games

The Room was a pleasant and unexpected surprise when it was first released. As was The Room 2. This third installment builds on the past games and brings the graphics up to an unbelievable level. In The Room 3 you are tasked with solving...Show More Summary

Slashy Hero - Slash Hero is a genre mash-up with candy, monsters, and costumes. Oh my.

Slashy Hero is a little bit maze game. A little but dungeon crawler. A little bit path drawing, hack and slash, costume collecting, and well, a whole lot more. The goal of the game is to traverse the rooms avoiding the bad guys and collecting the candy. Show More Summary

Beneath The Lighthouse - “Mobile gaming done with aplomb and intelligence” – Pocket Gamer on Beneath The Lighthouse

Pocket Gamer takes a look at Nitrome’s Beneath The Lighthouse and comes away loving it’s brutal gameplay, giving it a very strong 9/10. Why are you curled up in a corner crying and laughing? – Because Beneath the Lighthouse is a mean game. Show More Summary

Wheelie as a Dinosaur in 'Wheelie 2', the Sequel to 'Wheelie Legend' from the Developers of 'Wrassling'

Colin Lane and Folmer Kelly, the duo known for Wrassling [Free], Battle Golf [Free], and Wheelie Legend [Free], are back collaborating on another game, a sequel to the last game on that list: Wheelie 2. Releasing this week, the game makes the controversial decision to abandon pixel art. This is, my friends, an outrage. Regardless,

TouchArcade Game of the Week: 'Lumino City'

The idea behind the TouchArcade Game of the Week is that every Friday afternoon we post the one game that came out this week that we think is worth giving a special nod to. Now, before anyone goes over-thinking this, it doesn't necessarily mean our Game of the Week pick is the highest scoring game

Five Card Quest – Tactical RPG Battles - Gamezebo Recommends Rocketcat Games Five Card Quest

Gamezebo has a recommendation for Five Card Quest from Rocketcat Games: Rocketcat Games latest release is a roguelike dungeon crawl with turn-based, card-driven combat. The art is great, the battles are quick, and there’s just enough strategy to make you really think out each card. Show More Summary

Octodad: Dadliest Catch - Loving Father, Caring Husband, Secret Octopus, and Ridiculous Game, Octodad is Out Now

So here you are, a normal everyday kinda person, just doing ordinary everyday kinda things. Trying to go about your life when people keep looking at you accusingly. It’s almost like they have never seen an octopus dressed up as a human...Show More Summary

Lumino City - A beautiful hand build world is the setting for Lumino City

The App Store has seen it’s fair share of beautiful games this month, just read further below to see a whole bunch of them. But nothing quite compares to this one. The BAFTA award winning Lumino City comes to iOS from State of Play, and it’s amazing. Lumino city is a very well done point and click / puzzle game. Show More Summary

Agent A: A puzzle in disguise - Secret Agent — Outsmarted Again! Agent A, a point and click puzzler is out now.

Playing as spy Agent A on the trail of Ruby La Rouge, you’ve tracked her to a secret lair. In this gorgeously illustrated adventure, you progress through the lair, solve puzzles, find hidden objects, and explore for secrets. It’s all done with a well thought out touch exploration system. Show More Summary

Future Sense - In the future you are your self or what you used to be. I dunno. Future Sense is a time confused but awesome puzzle game.

Future Sense has a very odd story, some hack writing that sounds like a bad sci-fi mystery novel, and some graphics that aren’t quite up to modern device. But it is also a pretty cool puzzle game where time is used as an instrument to solve the puzzles. Show More Summary

Oceanhorn - Oceanhorn updated for iOS 9, looks even better than before. (was: Oceanhorn Review)

(editor note: Oceanhorn has recently been updated to take advantage of the latest graphics and speed improvements in iOS 9 and the iPhone 6s. Developers FDG have impressed us not only with the game, but their support of iOS and the updates with just about every iOS update. Show More Summary

Mobile Gaming at IndieCade 2015: 'Overland', 'Puzzlets', 'Smooth Operator' and More

While out in Los Angeles previewing an upcoming game, I found myself with some time to checkout IndieCade, the long-running indie game festival that takes place in Culver City, CA. It's a curious operation, as they basically just take over a side road with tents set up with games. It's not an entirely indie affair

Afterpulse - Killer FPS Afterpulse Released on iOS – equal parts amazing and annoying at the same time.

Afterpulse has been in soft launch for a while now and I’ve been tracking it. It’s a really impressive first person shooter but it’s not without it’s annoyances. First let’s get this out of the way. The first person shooter gameplay is some of the best and most impressive ever seen on a mobile platform. Show More Summary

zombie match defense - What if you crossed zombies with match-3 and lane defense? Zombie Match Defense!

This game by Jake Sones is the result of a bet, probably made over multiple drinks, that two over used game genres couldn’t be combined and made to be fun. Jake thought he could do it and I think he has succeeded. Zombie Match Defense turns out to be a fresh take on match-3 games. Show More Summary

Beautiful Stop-Motion Point and Click Adventure 'Lumino City' Hits iOS Next Week

It was in February of 2012 that State of Play Games ported their artful point-and-click adventure game Lume [$1.99 / $2.99 (HD)] to iOS about a year following its launch on PC. Lume instantly stood out from similar titles due to the fact that its environments were built out of real life construction paper, cardboard

Coming Soon: 'NBA Escape' - 'Angry Birds' Meets 'Space Jam'

It seems like no matter how the app store changes, we will always have those comfort games that have such a sturdy under girding we will never see their type go away. NBA Escape from Urthworx is one of those games. With gameplay that heavily relies on the popular physics of Angry Birds, Escape puts

'Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies' Gets Long-Awaited Compatibility Update

Whoa, here's a surprise update. Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies [$6.99] has gotten its first update in over a year and a half, making the game not only compatible with iOS 9, but iOS 8. Yes, the game has been un-updated for so long that it needed iOS 8 compatibility as well. And it

CSR Racing 2 Finally Soft Launches

We have been hearing about CSR Racing 2 from Zynga studio Naturalmotion for a long time — it’s finally soft launched. Hopefully it’s still on track to release before the end of the year. Here’s 11 minutes of gameplay footage from YouTuber...Show More Summary

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