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Google's Augmented Reality Game, 'Ingress', Finally Launches on iOS

Google's internal Niantic Labs team has been working on a game called Ingress [Free] for a while now, but it's been an Android-only affair for almost two years. Well, after many players on the dark side have tested the game and fleshed out its world, iOS players can at last give this geolocation-focused game a

'Modern Combat 5: Blackout' Multiplayer Hands-On Preview and Video

The release of Gameloft's highly-anticipated first-person shooter Modern Combat 5: Blackout is nearly upon us (it's coming out July 24th in case you haven't heard), and so far we've seen a great deal of the single-player portion in our hands-on video from May, but we have yet to really get a sense of the multiplayer

TouchArcade Game of the Week: 'Magic 2015' for iPad

The idea behind the TouchArcade Game of the Week is that every Friday afternoon we post the one game that came out this week that we think is worth giving a special nod to. Now, before anyone goes over-thinking this, it doesn't necessarily mean our Game of the Week pick is the highest scoring game

Donut Games Reveals 'Traps n' Gemstones', an Upcoming Metroidvania

Chances are you're familiar with Donut Games and their library of nearly 40 iOS titles. As their name implies, they're masters of the "coffee break" gaming experience, typically focusing on puzzle or arcade games with simple mechanics but lots of depth. They've long been one of my favorite developers and have defined what mobile gaming

'Cally's Caves 2' Review - She Seems A Bit Young For A Facelift

Late last year, a rough little indie platformer named Cally's Caves [Free] won over the hearts of many members of the TouchArcade forums. No sense mincing words, the game's visuals were pretty bad, both in design and execution. That said, the gameplay was fun, the music was excellent, and for reasons I can't exactly understand,

The New 'Leo's Fortune' Trailer is Blowing Up on YouTube

Yesterday while going through my email I got a note about the new Leo's Fortune [$4.99] trailer, and kind of wrote it off. I mean, we've covered the game extensively between preview and review coverage, and there's not a whole else left to say about it other than it's good and you should download it.

"The 10000000 Guy" Details Crazy Free to Play Payment Model for Upcoming 'Smarter Than You'

Luca Redwood, also known as "The 10000000 Guy", was working on a hotly anticipated sequel for the original 10000000 [$2.99] titled You Must Build a Boat. Along the way, he started working on a side projects, and from there the story takes an incredibly predictable turn that I feel like I've heard a million times

Blue Blur Alert: 'Sonic Jump Fever' is Now Available

Running (mostly) horizontally all the time must get tiring, because our old pal Sonic now has two video games featuring himself jumping vertically and not doing much running at all. The latest is Sonic Jump Fever [Free], which Sega originally announced about a month ago but has been soft-launched since April. It's a sequel of

Creator of '10000000' Reveals 'Smarter Than You' in New Trailer

While the rest of us are (im)patiently waiting for Luca Redwood's 10000000 [$2.99] followup You Must Build a Boat which was revealed earlier this year, he's apparently working on something else. That "something else" is Smarter Than You, a multiplayer social-y game that looks a little bit like a significantly spruced up version of rock-paper-scissors

'Major Magnet Arcade' Review - Still Pulls Me In

Major Magnet Arcade [Free] will feel awfully familiar to those who played the original Major Magnet [$1.99], as this is a free-to-play take on that title's gameplay, involving attaching to magnets, spinning and launching around levels to get to the portal at the end. But while it lacks in originality, it actually manages to make

'The Wolf Among Us' Season Finale "Cry Wolf" is Now Available

Last week we learned that the fifth and final episode of Telltale's gritty adventure series The Wolf Among Us [$4.99] was scheduled for release this Thursday July 10th. And, given the weirdness of international time zones and digital distribution, that means it's actually available right this moment, despite the fact that my calendar is still

Spoiler Alert: I Just Beat David O'Reilly's 'Mountain' and Got it On Video

While the rest of the internet is busy trying to figure out David O'Reilly's Mountain [$0.99], we're doers around here at TouchArcade. While everyone else was postulating the meaning of Mountain, debating whether or not it's a game, and everything else under the sun, I just completed a thirty hour marathon of the game, entirely

'Blek' is Cheap as Well, as the Apple Design Award Winners Fire Sale Continues

Today's a pretty good day if you like games that have won Apple Design Awards but don't like paying a lot of money for them. First Threes [$0.99] got about as cheap as it's going to get outside of Starbucks. Then Monument Valley [$1.99] was half-off. Now, Blek [$0.99] for a ridiculous discount of $0.99,

'Dawn of the Immortals' is a Cool Looking 3D MMORPG Soft Launched in Mexico

The iOS MMORPG market is mostly dominated by Gameloft's Order & Chaos [$6.99] and a few other titles that all have varying degrees of World of Warcraft-y-ness. Well, a new game popped up on our radar called Dawn of the Immortals by Perfect World Entertainment that is currently soft launched in Mexico and looks pretty

'Magic 2015' for iPad is Now Available Worldwide

I added it in our new games roundup already, but Magic 2015 [Free (HD)] is rad enough that it deserves its own post. Following in the long line of yearly iteration in the Magic world on iPad, Magic 2015 takes everything about Magic 2014 and makes it incrementally better. It's basically the collectible card game

'Sky Tourist: Blitz Trip' Rises to the App Store Propelled by Rockets on July 10th

Three Legged Egg's Sky Tourist [$1.99] is getting a sequel this Thursday, July 10th, with Sky Tourist: Blitz Trip, a followup that will bring 60 more levels of physics-baced ascent to mobile. The game will seemingly feature similar gameplay as the original, where players move the protagonist Petey on a rope between two rockets, dragging

'OTTTD' Over the Top Tower Defense Gets a Big Update Adding Endless Mode and More

This past May, SMG Studio managed to do something with the release of OTTTD [$2.99] that few have managed before: they made me enjoy a tower defense game. For a genre that has been a staple of the iOS platform for years, there's surprisingly few tower defense games that have resonated with me, but OTTTD

'World of Tanks Blitz' Review - A Fine Addition To Wargaming's Cannon Canon

Although it's recently become something of a household name in gaming circles, Belarus-based developer has been around for a while now. For the first several years, it focused on strategy games, both turn-based and real-time, and had modest success within that niche. It finally hit the big time with its release of World of

Mysterious Upcoming Adventure 'Barmark' Gets a New Trailer

Way back in January a teaser trailer for a mysterious upcoming game called Barmark caught our attention, mostly because it was so… mysterious. Billed as an adventure game with "no goals, no points and no death," the teaser for Barmark featured a really interesting art style and atmospheric soundtrack. While it looked and sounded cool,

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