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Best iPhone and iPad Games of the Week: 8/22/14 - 'Hearthstone' Curse of Naxxramas, ' Catchup', 'Rules!' and 'Star Realms'

We're going strong this week with some absolutely amazing games that you need to download and play over the weekend if you don't already have them on your device. This list has three new games, and with the final wing of the Hearthstone expansion unlocked, it made sense to sit down and write a review

Nival's 'Etherlords' Brings World-Building and RPG Battling to the App Store on September 4th

Nival, creators of Defenders [Free], known as Prime World: Defenders outside of iOS, and King's Bounty: Legions [Free], have announced Etherlords, coming September 4th for iOS, boldly forgoing the "Title: Subtitle" format of their previous games. As well, they're trying to make a free-to-play game that is much more player-friendly than similar titles. Etherlords features

'The Walking Dead: Season 2' Gets Its Final Episode Next Week: "No Going Back"

I've talked about it on the podcast before, but I've been waiting for the whole enchilada of The Walking Dead: Season 2 [$4.99] before jumping in, as I really don't like waiting for episodes between cliffhanger endings. I think Lost might be responsible for just finally pushing me over the edge on that, as anyone

Upcoming 'Angry Birds Stella' Launching on September 4th

Rovio is on the verge of releasing a new wing (HEH.) in to Angry Birds universe. They've been teasing it on Twitter forever now, but Angry Birds Stella finally has a launch date of September 4th. Here's the trailer, which features no gameplay, but instead just some pretty rad animation of the cast of characters:

'Zombie Highway 2' Details Spilling Out Like So Many Zombies' Entrails

Zombie Highway 2 is coming. Auxbrain's hit kill-zombies-with-a-car simulator was much beloved in its original Zombie Highway [$0.99 / Free] incarnation, and last year saw Zombie Highway: Driver's Ed [$0.99], not a true sequel but definitely a sign of things to come for the series. Zombie Highway 2 is coming this fall. Kevin Pazirandeh of

'Football Heroes' Gets a Huge Update Adding Gold Tier Player Cards and Tons More

With the Madden series faltering in the mobile space the past few years, there aren't a whole lot of options for gamers looking for an American football fix on the go. If you're not in the market for a simulation-style game, then developer Run Games' Football Heroes [Free] is one of the best football games

New iPhone Games Coming Tonight: 'Ancient Battle: Hannibal', 'Motorsport Manager', 'Swing Copters' and More

It's the butt crack of dawn Wednesday morning, and the App Store in New Zealand just dumped a fresh load of new iOS games on to the world. The list this week is a little sparse, so far anyway, but maybe that's because everyone knows better than to release something around the same time as

Check Out 'The Firm', the 'Timberman' for Wall Streeters

If you have a soft spot for simple to grasp, difficult to master twitch games that you can play on your iPhone with just one hand, like I do, a pretty cool one launched yesterday called The Firm [$0.99] from Sunnyside Games. The goal is pretty simple: buy green-colored stocks when they're on the rise,

'Stop The Bots' Review - Stop The Bots, Can't Stop The Bots

There sure are a lot of puzzle platformers around these days, aren't there? This was a huge genre back in the 8-bit days, and it's had a huge resurgence of late, spearheaded by games like Braid and its ilk. There's certainly a lot of them on iOS, which is sort of an interesting outcome when

'They Need to Be Fed 3' Surprise Launches on the App Store

Way back in November of 2010, developer Jesse Venbrux released a wonderful little puzzle platformer called They Need To Be Fed [$0.99 / Free]. It had you playing an adorable, armless little silhouette character with big eyes and a curlycue of hair as you traversed many different kinds of platforms and avoided deadly hazards on

TouchArcade Game of the Week: 'Pako - Car Chase Simulator'

The idea behind the TouchArcade Game of the Week is that every Friday afternoon we post the one game that came out this week that we think is worth giving a special nod to. Now, before anyone goes over-thinking this, it doesn't necessarily mean our Game of the Week pick is the highest scoring game

'Daddy Long Legs' Coming to iOS 'Soon,' Bringing Physics-based Hilarity With It

Here's your delightful weirdness for the day: Daddy Long Legs, the newest project by Danish outfit Set Snail, is about moving a set of spindly, angular legs forward as far as you can before physics, gravity, and momentum conspire to topple the fuzzy-faced body attached to them. I suppose it's technically some sort of "endless

New Pixely Shoot 'em Up 'Supermassive' is Shooting for A Fall Release

I haven't, admittedly, played too many shoot-'em-ups on iOS, but most of them have been kind of dinky, for lack of a better word: they're usually a little slow and a little simple, if only to contend with the strictures and realities of touch-friendly action. Maybe I'm not playing the right ones. That said, what

Move Over 'Call of Duty: Heroes', 'Tiny Troopers' is Also Getting the 'Clash of Clans' Treatment with 'Tiny Troopers: Alliance'

One of my favorite series on iOS, and a fairly underrated one, is Tiny Troopers [Free] from Kukouri Mobile Entertainment and published by Chillingo. The first Tiny Troopers hit in June of 2012 and had you leading a squad of soldiers through many levels of battle, real-time strategy style but without all that base building.

You Can Now Order 3D-Printed 'Infinity Blade' Figurines Straight from Within the 'Infinity Blade III' Game

If you're heavily into the Infinity Blade series and fancy having your own collection of figurines based on your in-game characters, then Chair and online 3D printing service Sandboxr have you covered. A new feature has just gone live in Infinity Blade III [$6.99] which allows you to customize an in-game character to your liking

'The Walking Dead' Pinball Table Coming to 'Zen Pinball' on iOS August 26th-ish

Back in early June we learned that Zen Studios had teamed up with Telltale Games to bring a new pinball table based on The Walking Dead adventure game series to their popular iOS pinball app Zen Pinball [Free]. Well Zen has been plenty busy in the two months since that announcement with Comic-Con and tons

Stylish Comic/Racing Hybrid 'SXPD' Goes Universal and Drops Its Price to Free

Back in May, a very interesting game was released for the iPad called SXPD: Extreme Pursuit Force [Free]. It aimed to blend digital comics with high-speed racing gameplay, and did so fairly successfully. It featured 6 chapters of comic storyline created by renowned comic artist Duke Mighten, with the combat-heavy racing portions being created by

'Goat Simulator' is Headed to iOS

As is the case when anything gets popular, there's already loads of different (and often terrible) Goat Simulator clones on the App Store, but soon we'll be able to play the real deal. In goat simulator, you play as a goat, and simulate being a goat. It's basically just a supremely ridiculous physics sandbox game

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