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First Three 'Blackwell' Adventure Games Coming to App Store July 10th

We've known since late last year that Wadjet Eye Games was in the process of porting its back catalogue to iOS, but the indie developer and publisher announced its latest crop of games today: the first three titles in the Blackwell series of point-and-click adventure games are coming to iOS next week. Blackwell Legacy, Blackwell

Crazy Musical Fighting Game 'The Rhythm of Fighters' Hits the App Store

We talked about it last week, but it'd seem that SNK's The Rhythm of Fighters [$0.99] hit the App Store early this morning. Basically, it's King of Fighters [$6.99] except instead of button mashing you're pulling off rhythmic combos in time with the music: I've spent a little time with it, and it seems like

Mobile Brawler 'Big Action Mega Fight!' Reverses Course on Free to Play by Removing IAP and Going Paid

Free to play is one of the hottest topics in gaming, and especially in mobile gaming. At its best, the free to play system can offer a way for a game to reach a wide audience and allow those who enjoy the game to pay money into it only if they enjoy it, while avoiding

'Europa Universalis IV' Developer Paradox Interactive Looks to Get Deeper Into Mobile

In a recent interview with, Paradox Interactive CEO and all around awesome guy Fredrik Wester talked about his plans for the future of the company. Stepping back a bit, if you're not familiar with Paradox, the type of games they make they describe as "grand strategy." How grand are these strategy games? Well, just

First Person Puzzler 'Hellraid: The Escape' Is Coming July 10th

In the coming weeks, iOS gamers are going to get a taste of the same Hellraid universe that is coming to PC and consoles through the release of Hellraid: The Escape on July 10th. It's from Techland, the developers of Dead Island, and like all games developed in the Unreal engine… It's looking pretty sweet.

'DUNGEONy' Review – A Puzzling Little Roguelike

DUNGEONy [$1.99] is a curious game because while it's a turn-based roguelike, and certainly those are not rare, but it's more of a puzzle game set around roguelike mechanics than an actual roguelike. See, all the enemies in the game are static, and only counter-attack, never making the first move. So, the player has the

Shadowy, Acrobatic Platforming Sequel 'Oscura: Second Shadow' Releases on June 26th

Oscura: Second Shadow is releasing to the App Store on Thursday, June 26th. This is a sequel to Oscura [$0.99], which isn't available on the US App Store any more. There's more shadowy platforming here, with the silhouetted Oscura making his way through deadly levels using a glowing hand that illuminates his nearby surroundings. Oscura

'FTL' for iPad Goes on Sale for First Time

FTL: Faster Than Light [$6.99 (HD)] is currently on sale for $6.99 until July. This coincides with the Steam Summer Sale, where the game is available for $6.99 there as well, so you likely just have until July 1st to get this roguelike-inspired spaceship simulator for cheaper. This is the game's first sale, with the

'The Day Of The Totems' Review - A Cute Little Puzzle Platformer

This is a slightly controversial opinion, depending on one's values, but I personally believe that video game fans have never had it as good as we have it now. Particular genres have ebbed to an extent, as they tend to in this hobby, but I feel like the overall spread of the market is broader

'TwoDots' Review - Connecting Dots Is Still A Beautiful Thing

Joining the vast selection of exceptional iOS puzzle games isTwoDots [Free], the follow-up to Dots, one of last years smartest and hugely addictive puzzle games. Similar to the original title, which has racked up over 20 million downloads, the object of TwoDots is to connect dots of matching colors horizontally or vertically, and also like its predecessor, the best

Powerpuff Girls: Defenders of Townsville Review

2 months agoMobile / Mobile Apps : 148Apps

Powerpuff Girls: Defenders of Townsville is an average shooting/action game. Problem is you don't ever want to hear the word "average" alongside "Powerpuff Girls." The post Powerpuff Girls: Defenders of Townsville Review appeared first on 148Apps.

'Bill Killem' Review - Guns, Gadgets and Alien Warfare

A 16 bit action platformer come endless runner, Bill Killem [Free] focuses on a movie star hero who’s out to kick some alien butt. When they destroy his movie premiere, he decides to take vengeance in the only way he knows best, guns and hellfire. The game itself is an interesting pixel-driven storyline full of

Week Long Charity Speed Run Event "Summer Games Done Quick" Starts This Afternoon

One of my favorite events of the year is starting up soon, and if you're at all in to video game speed runs, you're going to have a busy week ahead of you. It's called Games Done Quick, or, specifically, this time around, Summer Games Done Quick. The idea is it's a week long event

TouchArcade Game of the Week: 'Powerpuff Girls: Defenders of Townsville'

The idea behind the TouchArcade Game of the Week is that every Friday afternoon we post the one game that came out this week that we think is worth giving a special nod to. Now, before anyone goes over-thinking this, it doesn't necessarily mean our Game of the Week pick is the highest scoring game

'Angry Birds Epic' Review - The Birds Return In This Free-to-Play Feathered Fantasy

They ventured into outer space, starred in their own cartoon series, and even wrestled with the idea of Go-Kart racing, but now our favorite feathery icons have left their physics puzzling roots behind and nose-dived into an all new medium. Sticking with the all-familiar theme, (involving birds, pigs, and the ever iconic eggs), the feathered

'Darkin' Review - Dungeon Raid: Breaking Dawn

Often imitated and never truly duplicated, Dungeon Raid [$1.99] is a near-perfect distillation of the puzzle-RPG concept and one of the better puzzle games around. To its credit, even three years after its last update, the game still functions properly on new hardware and updated versions of iOS, which sadly isn't the case for all

Phosphor Games and DeNA Reveal 'WARP: Warriors of the Red Planet', a 2D MOBA

Phosphor Games of Horn [$6.99] fame has revealed their upcoming 2D MOBA, WARP. An acronym for "Warriors of the Red Planet", this will have 3-on-3 online battle with gameplay that mixes in platforming aspects with the standard MOBA formula of attacking bases and customizing character loadouts. With the 2D gameplay, it sounds a lot like

DeNA's 'Transformers: Age of Extinction' Game Released, Complete with Robot Dinosaur

Announced last month, DeNA has released their movie tie-in game Transformers: Age of Extinction [Free] to the App Store. This is a combat-focused auto-runner, where players control a running Transformer who can shoot and swing a melee weapon to attack enemies. There's also the ability to transform into vehicle mode for a speed boost to

'Hatch' and 'Pocket God: Ooga Jump' Take In-Game Crossovers to The Next Level

If you turn the clock of the App Store back a few years, you'd be in a world where absolutely nothing was cooler than to have some kind of crossover between two popular games. Doodle Jump [$0.99] and Pocket God [$0.99] were probably the two highest profile crossovers, but everyone was doing it. Developers are

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