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In a Surprise Move, 'Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons' is Coming to Mobile This Summer

In what will be surprising news to anyone who's played the emotionally-charged Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, its publisher, 505 Games, has announced today that the re-release edition of the game will also be coming to iOS and Android at some point during the holiday season. The re-release will feature a director's commentary, the

'DomiNations' Strikes Gold in New "Oil Boom" Update

DomiNations [Free], the raiding strategy game about building up eras of civilizations throughout history, developed by the revived Big Huge Games and published by Nexon M, has been doing rather well in the charts, hanging around the 50 grossing apps on iOS. With the game doing well, that means new content is coming to it,

'CivCrafter' Getting First Major Update Later This June

The complicated clicker game CivCrafter [Free] is getting a big update on June 25th that brings some new tweaks and features to the game. Clan features are getting a bcouple of new features: Clan Towers let you build giant towers with your fellow clan members. These will be built solely through tapping and not through

Radical Rappelling Video Review: Rated R for Rad

According to AppSpy’s review of the game, Radical Rappelling is a great deal of addictive fun, even if the IAPs get a bit pushy at times. The post Radical Rappelling Video Review: Rated R for Rad appeared first on Slide to Play. More about Radical Rappelling » The post Radical Rappelling Video Review: Rated R for Rad is from Slide To Play via AppSpy.

'Hitman: Sniper' Review - One Shot, One Kill

I am extremely conflicted about Hitman: Sniper [$4.99]. It's a great game, a legitimately fantastic mobile title. It's a game that takes a simple premise of sniping and turns it into a complex puzzle game, where you have to learn how your weapons and abilities work to piece together sequences of actions to get the

Lonnie Plays ‘Robbery Bob 2: Double Trouble’

This top-down stealth game about robbing stuff is out, and Lonnie gives it a go to see if it’s any good. Find out in the video above. The post Lonnie Plays ‘Robbery Bob 2: Double Trouble’ appeared first on Slide to Play. More about Robbery Bob 2: Double Trouble » The post Lonnie Plays ‘Robbery Bob 2: Double Trouble’ is from Slide To Play via YouTube.

'Boom Dots' Creators Umbrella Reveal Their Next Game, 'Down the Mountain'

Umbrella is responsible for one of my favorite fast-reaction games with Boom Dots [Free], and their next game is looking like Q-Bert meets Crossy Road [Free]: Down the Mountain. You'll be hoping a cubic creature down isometric levels, hopping diagonally from block to block, trying to stay alive and not get blown up, or spiked

'Crossy Road', 'Vainglory', and More Win Apple Design Awards at WWDC

At WWDC on Monday, June 8th, 2015, Apple announced the latest set of winners for their coveted Apple Design Awards. These signify some of the top apps and games on the App Store of the past year, though Apple isn't afraid to give very recent releases big awards. Leo's Fortune [$4.99] came out in May

'AlphaBetty Saga' Review - Exactly What You Would Expect

King's got their formula down pat by now. First, take a puzzle concept that has shown some success in the past, be it Bejeweled, Peggle [$0.99], Puzzle Bobble, or anything else. If it's not already stage-based, change it so that it is. Then dial up the difficulty gradually, spiking it now and then to tempt

'Edge of Oblivion: Alpha Squadron 2' Review - Red Five, Going In

There isn't an overabundance of flight simulators in the mobile market. They're generally much more arduous tasks to develop -- at least, more intricate than runners and puzzle games. Despite that, Martian Monkey was up to the task a few years back with Alpha Squadron, and now, with Edge Of Oblivion: Alpha Squadron 2 [$4.99].

'SBK15 Official Mobile Game' Riding Into the App Store Late June

After releasing SBK: The Official Mobile Game last year, Digital Tales is bringing SuperBikes back to the iOS later this month with the upcoming SBK15 Official Mobile Game (an incredibly-imaginative title, I have to say). Last year's version has mostly five star reviews on the App Store and many excited reviewers, which bodes well for this

'Nubs' Adventure' Review - A Tale Of Home Ownership In The 21st Century

Poor old Nubs. He had defied the odds of the modern economy and purchased a nice house with a great view and plenty of land to build on. Sure, the land taxes were a bit tough to manage each year when tax season came around, but he had things sorted out nicely for the most

EA Mobile Claims that 'SimCity BuildIt' is Now The Most-Played 'SimCity' Game Ever

It's been a while since we've heard the name SimCity associated with anything but the catastrophe that was the recent SimCity's launch on PC. However, while on PC the franchise might be all but dead, on mobile it's thriving, at least according to EA Mobile's Vice President, Jason Willig. In a recent interview, Willig claimed that

Lonnie Plays Kung Fury

A retro-style beat-’em-up, Kung Fury has you hit the streets and then hit a bunch of thugs repeatedly on a screen that looks like a CRT television. Watch Lonnie give the game a shot above. The post Lonnie Plays Kung Fury appeared first on Slide to Play. More about Kung Fury Game » The post Lonnie Plays Kung Fury is from Slide To Play via YouTube.

'Age of Wushu Dynasty,' the PC Martial Arts MMO, is Coming to iOS Soon

Age of Wushu, the PC MMO that recreates an ancient Chinese world of kung fu, is coming to iOS "soon." The game's developers, Snail Games, has recently announced the next chapter of the game, Age of Wushu Dynasty, which will bring the martial arts A/RPG on iOS. Now, the game won't be a direct port of

Kick Ninjas in the Face in Nitrome's 'Green Ninja' This Week

For far too long, frogs have been at the mercy of large vehicles and foxy fighter pilots. But in Green Ninja from Nitrome, releasing on Wednesday, June 10th, will have you controlling a frog warrior who will kick ninjas in the face. Finally, frogs won't just be relegated to crossing roads, they'll be getting some

SWAT RTS 'Door Kickers' Out Now in New Zealand, Releasing Worldwide Soon

Real-time strategy game Door Kickers is making its way from desktop to iPad soon. This game has you commanding a SWAT team as they raid criminals, commanding your units to infiltrate and survive the scenario as best they can. Killhouse's game features all the content from the desktop version and its updates, with 80 missions,

'Om Nom' is a Movie Based on 'Cut the Rope' Releasing Next Year

First you're a hit mobile game, then a while after your craze peaks, you become an animated movie. That seems to be circumstance with Cut the Rope, as ZeptoLab is working with Blockade Entertainment to make Om Nom. Blockade has ties to several other video game movies, inluding the upcoming Ratchet and Clank and Sly

LEGO Angry Birds Toys Are Coming Next Year with The Angry Birds Movie

Rovio's making The Angry Birds Movie next year, and what would be a perfect tie-in to the movie? Why, LEGO toys! And that's just what's happening in spring 2016: LEGO Angry Birds toys are coming. Details beyond that are really limited, we don't know what they'll involve, but I personally am excited for the potential

Hands-On Video Preview of Mobius Final Fantasy

AppSpy takes a detailed look at Mobius Final Fantasy, a very pretty-looking card battling game from Square-Enix. The post Hands-On Video Preview of Mobius Final Fantasy appeared first on Slide to Play. The post Hands-On Video Preview of Mobius Final Fantasy is from Slide To Play via AppSpy.

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