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Endless Runner 'Lara Croft: Relic Run' Releases Worldwide

Run, Lara, Run! Sorry, I really couldn't resist making that joke. After being in soft launch for a while, the all-new Lara Croft: Relic Run [Free] is now out worldwide. As you can all probably guess from the title, LCRR is a Temple Run-like endless runner that pits the famous tomb raider against all kinds of enemies

Multiplayer RTS 'The Ember Conflict' Goes Worldwide and Universal in June

We wrote about The Ember Conflict getting a soft launch back in January. This fast-paced RTS, designed for mobile but featuring real-time online multiplayer, has been getting tweaks and improvements ever since then, and the game is now scheduled for a worldwide launch on June 4th. The game was originally planned for April, but hey,

SMG's 'One More Dash' is the Follow-Up to 'One More Line', Releasing This Week

SMG's got a new game coming out this week, and it's One More Dash. This is a follow-up to the super-difficult grappling game One More Line [Free], which also served as a nice abstract art generator with all the line patterns that were formed. One More Dash will have you launching from circle to circle,

'Bad Dinos' Review - Yabba Dabba Defense

I, Nathan Reinauer, have a problem. Buried somewhere deep in my soul, I think I may have known it all along. I’ve tried to blame others, but I’m starting to believe it is, in fact, my fault. Yes, it’s time I face the music and finally admit it to the world: I’m bad at tower

'Pits of Death' Trailer Jingle Will Get Stuck in Your Head All Day

Pits of Death is coming out this wek from Rebisoft, and it promises to revive 80's-style handheld games. Like, pre-Game Boy. We're talking Game and Watch era LCD screens, though a bit more colorful. You'll be running around deadly labyrinths, trying to avoid the eponymous deadly pits, getting the arrow to kill the dragon. Pits

Hands-On Video Preview of Minions Paradise

Despicable Me’s little yellow minions work hard, so you should do whatever you can to make them happy in their new tropical home. AppSpy has some hands-on preview footage of EA’s upcoming island-builder, Minions Paradise. The game’s currently in soft-launch. The post Hands-On Video Preview of Minions Paradise is from Slide To Play via AppSpy.

Update Mondays: 'Star Wars Rebels', 'Candy Crush Soda Saga', 'Asphalt 8', 'Junk Jack X', And More

Hello everyone, and welcome to the week! It's time once again for our look back at the noteworthy updates of the last seven days. Wow, this is quite the list of updates this week, my friends. I'm almost overwhelmed at the breadth of games that got some kind of content update or fix, and I'm

TouchArcade Game of the Week: 'Sword Of Xolan'

The idea behind the TouchArcade Game of the Week is that every Friday afternoon we post the one game that came out this week that we think is worth giving a special nod to. Now, before anyone goes over-thinking this, it doesn't necessarily mean our Game of the Week pick is the highest scoring game

Best iPhone and iPad Games - 5/22/15 - 'Capitals', 'Ire: Blood Memory', and 'Digit & Dash'

Some great games this week are included in this post that everyone really needs to have. NimbleBit is up to their old tricks of releasing really awesome games, particularly if you like getting beat by your friends in word games. Similarly, a free to play game actually succeeded in being a good hardcore game, meanwhile,

'Desktop Dungeons' iPad Version Release Date Announced

We heard recently about QCF Designs' Desktop Dungeons' upcoming mobile version, and this afternoon, we got some good news: Desktop Dungeons is coming to iPad this Thursday, May 28th. Hey, they said it would release this May, and they're delivering! It's going to cost $9.99, and contain all the Enhanced Edition content from the April

Send 'Crashlands' Developer Sam Coster Some Good Vibes for his Cancer Recovery

As you recently read here on TA, Sam Coster of Butterscotch Shenanigans is fighting a remission of his lymphoma. He's currently in the hospital as he's recovering from a final round of chemo and a stem cell transplant that will beat this cancer once more. Now, the Coster brothers want you to send Sam some

Don't Freak Out About Apple Watch Sales Declines

There are lies, there are damned lies, and then there are statistics. There are reports that analysis firm Slice Intelligence has noticed a slowing and decline in Apple Watch sales since its launch. Some analysts have reduced their projections for Apple Watch sales down to as far as 15 million sales. And really, the PR

2.6 Update Released for 'Terra Battle,' Adds Music from 'Chrono Trigger' Composer

Terra Battle has just been updated to version 2.6, and this update adds among other features music from one of the top anime and game composers. When Terra Battle [Free] was released a year and a half ago, it was a pleasant surprise for many as it's rare to find a social RPG with so much

'Pac-Man 256' by Hipster Whale is 'Pac-Man' Meets 'Crossy Road'

Bandai Namco and Hipster Whale, creators of the mega-hit Crossy Road [Free], have just announced a new game coming this summer: Pac-Man 256. The best way to describe it? It's basically Pac-Man meets Crossy Road, where you'll be controlling Pac-Man as he runs around endless mazes, trying to dodge the creeping Level 256 glitch. You'll

'Radiation Island' is Staying an Apple Exclusive – Because Android Users Don't Buy Games

Are you a die-hard Android hater? Well, good news, you get to stick it in the craw of Android gamers, as Radiation Island [$2.99] is an iOS exclusive. Why are the developers, Atypical Games, sticking with iOS only? Because Android owners don't pay for stuff. According to Atypical Games CEO Andrei Lopata, after a release

'The Last of Us' Voice Actress Coming To Telltale's Borderlands

Ellie from The Last of Us is coming to iOS! Well, ok, not exactly. According to an announcement yesterday, Ashley Johnson, the actress who voiced Ellie in Naughty Dog's huge hit The Last of Us, has signed on to work on Telltale's Tales from the Borderland's [$4.99] series. Johnson has also worked on the TV

'Sword of Xolan' Review - A Fun Game With Perfect Swinging and Jumping

On-screen controls haters, take notice. If you play Sword of Xolan [$0.99], you'll have to rethink many of your arguments, and we all know how people love to hold on to their opinions. Sword of Xolan is a retro platformer that's just come out and is an entertaining action game with lovely art and strong level

'Sleep Furiously' Review - The Infinite Truth Stole the Hate Inside His Dragons

Imagine you’re in a room by yourself. Every so often someone comes by and slips a piece of paper under the door with Chinese characters on it. You don’t know Chinese yourself, but you do have a book that can help. You simply look up the characters in the book and it’ll tell you what

Fend Off The Alien Menace In 'Templar Battleforce', Coming This July From The Trese Brothers

Every week when I put together the Update Mondays articles, it makes me smile to see certain games and developers appearing frequently. Particularly so if it involves free updates to paid games, because let's be honest, that's a lot of extra work for likely little return in the pure financial sense. One of the most

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