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'Dungelot: Shattered Lands' is Coming Soon, and Will be Premium

Red Winter Games is bringing back their Dungelot [$1.99 / Free] with a new entry: Dungelot: Shattered Lands. The third entry in the series will have you exploring new levels, uncovering tiles to find enemies and fight them. Six hero classes, including the vampire from the original game, will be playable in Shattered Lands. Red

'Blitz Breaker' Has a Playable Demo You Need to Try

Boncho Games announced their swipe-based platformer Blitz Breaker earlier this year. The game looked quite intriguing, but it seemed like with a 4th quarter of 2015 release date, that we wouldn't get to try it out for a while. But hey, conservative release date estmations hopefully mean no worries about delays. Well, the good news

'Hyperburner' is an Impressive-Looking High-Speed Cave-Flier Coming Soon

Developer Badpotion has just revealed their latest game Hyperburner, and it's looking like quite the impressive game. You will be controlling a ship flying through dangerous environments, dodging all manner of obstacles at high speeds. Hyperburneer is 3D, and takes place from a behind-the-ship perspective, so you'll be moving across multiple axes to stay alive.

'Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition' Goes On Sale For The First Time

How long has it been since a huge, great iOS RPG went on sale for an awesome price? Like, three days or something at least, I'm sure. Well, I hope you all kept at least a fiver in your wallet, because the wonderful Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition [$4.99] has gone on sale for the first

Mobile Gaming's Only Going to Get Bigger, and Grow Faster Than Console Gaming, According to Report

Digi-Capital sees a bright future for mobile games in the next few years. The firm predicts that mobile gaming revenue will hit $29 billion this year, increase to $45 billion by 2018, as gaming software reaches $88 billion this year, and $110 billion in 2018. Do the math: that means that mobile gaming is possibly

'Subterfuge' Strategy/Diplomacy Game Preview - Fascinating Machinations of Machines

One of my favorite aspect of strategy games is the clash of wits and the constant attempt to outmaneuver your opponent. Yet, AI opponents never really give me those glorious moments that a strategy board game can, the knowledge that you've just outmaneuvered someone who sees and understands the game in the same way you

TouchArcade Game of the Week: 'Marvel Future Fight'

The idea behind the TouchArcade Game of the Week is that every Friday afternoon we post the one game that came out this week that we think is worth giving a special nod to. Now, before anyone goes over-thinking this, it doesn't necessarily mean our Game of the Week pick is the highest scoring game

Best iPhone and iPad Games - 5/1/15 - 'Does Not Commute', 'Hearthstone's Blackrock Mountain Expansion and More

Another great week for iOS gamers is now officially in the books. Our top rated reviews this week cover an incredible free to play game, the awesome conclusion of the Hearthstone expansion, a Metroidvania game... and an amazing port of a classic RPG. Weak week, it is not. Read on for our top scoring reviews

'Hearthstone' Blackrock Mountain Adventure Review - The Best Way to Experience this Fantastic CCG

After five weeks of playing, thinking, and writing about Hearthstone's [Free] Blackrock Mountain Adventure (BRM), the fun is over and we are back to playing plain, old Hearthstone. No more Wings to explore, no more crazy bosses to tackle, and, more importantly, no new cards to get. What's done is done though, and now that BRM

Latest 'Divide By Sheep' Trailer Showcases the Power of Friendship and Slicing Sheep into Pieces

Back at PAX South in January, we went hands-on with tinyBuild's Divide By Sheep, a sheep-based puzzler that had you splitting and sorting groups of sheep onto different floating rafts. And by splitting I mean literally splitting those poor little sheepies in half. Anyway, despite the odd setup and its overly-cute aesthetic, we were surprised

'MicRogue' Review - A Fast-Paced, Chess-y, Roguelike

I'm generally terrible at roguelikes. What can I say, I'm young and reckless! But I love the genre (and its conventions that inspire other games) because they're highly replayable and demand that I get better at them. When Steam had its recent roguelike sale, I found out that I owned more than half of the

'Burn It Down' Review - Relationship Platforming

Minimalist platformer games have become one of my favorite unlikely genres on mobile devices. Years ago I would have scoffed the idea of running and jumping with precision on a touch-specific control scheme, but at this point, we have MFi controllers and a number of talented developers that make it work regardless. Burn it Down

Star Wars Rebels Table Comes to 'Zen Pinball' and 'Star Wars Pinball'

Just last week Zen Studios added a brand new Age of Ultron table to both Marvel Pinball and Zen Pinball in celebration of the new Avengers movie opening today, but already the probably-sleep-deprived studio is back with another brand new table, this time based on the excellent Star Wars Rebels IP. As you can imagine,

'The Paris Dossier' Review - Spying in WW2 Paris

When most think of WW2, they think of grainy black-and-white footage of exploding planes and of exhausted soldiers running to their death. That this is the dominant imagery of WW2 is not surprising, of course, since most of us are drawn to the visual spectacle of explosions and destruction. Yet, there was an even more

'Pako - Car Chase Simulator' Now Lets You Flee the Cops on a Zamboni

Pako - Car Chase Simulator [$0.99] has just gotten several new levels in its second big content update. You can now flee from the police in three new maps: the beach, a hockey rink, and wintertime Finland. The Finland level has the fake news brief in Finnish, a clever little detail. Why are the cops

'Play Me Baby One More Time' - Britney Spears is Following Kim Kardashian's F2P Footsteps

If you like to get your news online, then you'll know that it was impossible to avoid reading today about how Glu Mobile is following its mega hit, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood [Free], with a game starring the rejuvenated 90s icon, Britney Spears (there's also a Katy Perry game on the way). Although Glu's financial news was

Out Now Part 2: 'Jurassic World', 'Skatelander', 'Galaga Tekken', and 'VEGA Conflict'

What seems to be the norm nowadays for App Store releases is for developers to do the normal Thursday midnight rollout so we have an idea on what's coming out worldwide each week. But more and more developers schedule games later or at different release times, and this week, there's a few stragglers that just

'Mr Jump' Gets 12 New Levels and a Jetpack in 'World B' Update

Mr Jump [Free] became a particularly popular platformer upon its release, and not just because Apple featured it as Editor's Choice (though I'm sure it didn't hurt). As oulined in our review, it's a game that does a lot right and introduces a lot of clever elements into what could be another Impossible Game [$0.99]

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