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New Pixely Shoot 'em Up 'Supermassive' is Shooting for A Fall Release

I haven't, admittedly, played too many shoot-'em-ups on iOS, but most of them have been kind of dinky, for lack of a better word: they're usually a little slow and a little simple, if only to contend with the strictures and realities of touch-friendly action. Maybe I'm not playing the right ones. That said, what

Move Over 'Call of Duty: Heroes', 'Tiny Troopers' is Also Getting the 'Clash of Clans' Treatment with 'Tiny Troopers: Alliance'

One of my favorite series on iOS, and a fairly underrated one, is Tiny Troopers [Free] from Kukouri Mobile Entertainment and published by Chillingo. The first Tiny Troopers hit in June of 2012 and had you leading a squad of soldiers through many levels of battle, real-time strategy style but without all that base building.

You Can Now Order 3D-Printed 'Infinity Blade' Figurines Straight from Within the 'Infinity Blade III' Game

If you're heavily into the Infinity Blade series and fancy having your own collection of figurines based on your in-game characters, then Chair and online 3D printing service Sandboxr have you covered. A new feature has just gone live in Infinity Blade III [$6.99] which allows you to customize an in-game character to your liking

'The Walking Dead' Pinball Table Coming to 'Zen Pinball' on iOS August 26th-ish

Back in early June we learned that Zen Studios had teamed up with Telltale Games to bring a new pinball table based on The Walking Dead adventure game series to their popular iOS pinball app Zen Pinball [Free]. Well Zen has been plenty busy in the two months since that announcement with Comic-Con and tons

Stylish Comic/Racing Hybrid 'SXPD' Goes Universal and Drops Its Price to Free

Back in May, a very interesting game was released for the iPad called SXPD: Extreme Pursuit Force [Free]. It aimed to blend digital comics with high-speed racing gameplay, and did so fairly successfully. It featured 6 chapters of comic storyline created by renowned comic artist Duke Mighten, with the combat-heavy racing portions being created by

'Goat Simulator' is Headed to iOS

As is the case when anything gets popular, there's already loads of different (and often terrible) Goat Simulator clones on the App Store, but soon we'll be able to play the real deal. In goat simulator, you play as a goat, and simulate being a goat. It's basically just a supremely ridiculous physics sandbox game

'Skylanders Trap Team' for iPad Will Have a Bluetooth Low Energy Portal AND Controller, Launching in October for $74.99

If for some strange reason you've spent the last few years living on a remote island being extra cautious about not reading any scraps of newspaper that might wash ashore and haven't heard about Skylanders, here's the deal- Originally released in late 2011, the Skylanders games, much like Disney Infinity orbit around a universe of

'Final Fantasy' vs. 'Dragon Quest': Shaun Ranks the iOS Ports of Both Series

The iOS platform is a haven of great (and some not-so-great) ports of classic games. Square Enix has made a big business out of porting their older catalog to iOS alongside some of their original mobile titles, and their most recent example of this is an excellent port of the 2008 Nintendo DS remake of

The 'Drake VS Lil Wayne' App is a Really Cool Idea, But I'm Not Sure It Did Anything

For some strange reason, I've been on a concert attendance bender for the last couple weeks like never before in my life. Late last month, I got to hang out with Avenged Sevenfold to see their upcoming game Hail to the King: Deathbat, and last night, I was back at the same venue to see

TouchArcade Game of the Week: 'Dragon Quest IV'

The idea behind the TouchArcade Game of the Week is that every Friday afternoon we post the one game that came out this week that we think is worth giving a special nod to. Now, before anyone goes over-thinking this, it doesn't necessarily mean our Game of the Week pick is the highest scoring game

I'm OK With Video Games and New Video Games Being Released

It seems like lately the video game think piece (I'm not sure who coined that phrase) is becoming a requisite part of a game's release cycle. Instead of vague teaser, potential preview, availability announcement, and review, the internet as a whole apparently got together and invented a new story to sandwich in there, dubbed the

'Space Colors' Review - Beauty is Skin-Deep, but Still Beautiful

Space Colors [$0.99] makes a simple bet: that blowing stuff up in space, amongst a rainbow colorful explosions, is its own reward. That just doing that, with only cursory guidance as to what to do next, is enough to make for a fun game. While perhaps the meta-game of missions and perfromance is somewhat lacking,

Peter Molyneux's 'Godus' Finally Launches Worldwide

While it's been soft launched for quite a while as the developers tweak monetization methods and whatever else they did during the soft launch, Peter Molyneux's Godus is finally available for the entire world to try out. Godus, as the name blatantly hints, is a god game and the pseudo-sequel to Curiosity - What's Inside

'Ace Attorney 5' Makes A Surprise Appearance On Japan's App Store

I think one of the weird things about the iOS gaming market is how big games can seemingly come out of nowhere and be on sale without much of a word from anyone. The latest example comes from Capcom, who recently scored a serious hit with their release of Monster Hunter Freedom Unite [$14.99]. Following in

'Joe Dever's Lone Wolf' Act 3 Now Available, Act 1 Free for a Limited Time

It was just yesterday that we told you the third Act for Joe Dever's Lone Wolf [Free] would be hitting this Thursday, but due to how time zones work and other wackiness, it's actually available as I type this. In addition to that, if you haven't already bought Lone Wolf previously, the first Act which

'Traps n' Gemstones' Updated with MFi Controller Support and Bug Fixes

One of the finest action platformers on the App Store is Traps n' Gemstones [$4.99] from Donut Games. In fact, it's somewhat surprising it turned out to be so great, considering Donut has largely focused on simplistic puzzle and arcade games during their time creating for iOS. However, despite being out of their wheelhouse, they

Square Enix's 'Secret of Mana' On Sale this Week for $3.99

Square-Enix has been running a sale on its mobile games catalog for almost two weeks, but it’s been limited to the Google Play store until now. Between now and the end of the week, you can save a fiver on the iOS version of Secret of Mana [$3.99], which is usually $8.99. Secret of Mana

'The Great Prank War' Review - Tower Defense (Very) Lite

For the most part, Regular Show games tend to fit the videogame mold far better than its Adventure Time brethren. Videogames are heavily cemented in the show itself, and there's hardly a season that passes by when stars Mordecai and Rigby veg out on the couch and game for hours on end. This time around

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