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'Hopiko' Hands-On Preview: Live Fast, Die a Lot

Sometimes when you play a game, you just realize that it looks really cool, and like you want to play it. Hopiko from Laser Dog Games, creators of the fun Alone [$1.99], was one of those games that appealed to me right away when they first announced it. I sadly wasn't at the event in

Editor's Notes: The Curious Inconsistencies of Reactions to Free to Play Mechanics

I've been playing a ton of a new shooter this week that has a lot of mechanics that get some people around here really upset: It's got a rigid experience system which gates ever single thing in the game. If you want to use a particular weapon or play a particular game mode, you've really

Kim Kardashian, the Jenner Sisters, Katy Perry, and Britney to Help Glu Games Earn 500 Million Dollars Over the Next Five Years

Glu Games really hit a goldmine when it decided to go after a "little-known" celebrity, Kim Kardashian. So successful was the game, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood [Free], that Glu has expanded its celebrity net to catch other celebrities, big and small. By also signing Kendall and Kylie Jenner, Katy Perry, and Britney Spears, Glu has managed to create

'Divide by Sheep' is Releasing in July, Hide Your Sheep!

Have you heard about Divide by Sheep by tinyBuild Games, and have wanted to check out its deadly sheep arithmetic for yourself? Well, good news – the game is dropping on July 2nd for both iOS and Steam. The game has been in the works for a while now: I saw it back at PAX

Hands-On Video Preview of Dude Perfect 2

The Dude Perfect comedy troupe is all about making trick shots, and so is Dude Perfect 2, a physics game for mobile. The post Hands-On Video Preview of Dude Perfect 2 appeared first on Slide to Play. The post Hands-On Video Preview of Dude Perfect 2 is from Slide To Play via AppSpy.

'Desktop Dungeons' Review - Thats Not a Desk Anymore

You probably noticed the recent influx of roguelikes recently. Just within the last week Sproggiwood[$9.99] and Desktop Dungeons[$9.99 (HD)] released and off the wall Shooting Stars is drawing near as well. I suppose if you have the big bux and can afford to buy a bunch of em, rats off to ya. If you have

'World of Tanks Generals,' the CCG Version of 'World of Tanks,' Enters Open Beta

Recently, I've written about how most game developers have been trying to squeeze some CCG elements into their games because of the genre's current popularity (because of games like Magic and Hearthstone, primarily). Well, it seems like has decided that World of Tanks also needs some of that tasty CCG topping, but, fortunately for us, they've decided to spin

Check Out the Results of Yesterday's Bethesda Countdown: The 'Fallout 4' Trailer

Remember yesterday's news of a cryptic countdown from Bethesda? Well, somewhat expectedly, it turned out to be the Fallout 4 reveal trailer. I expect we'll hear a lot more from Bethesda over E3 about it, but so far the game is coming to PC and consoles. If I had to guess, I'd say this is

New iPhone Games Coming Tonight: 'You Must Build a Boat', 'Stunt Wheels', 'Jumping Fish' and More

So far, the week leading up to WWDC doesn't seem that supremely busy when it comes to new game releases. We've got well over a dozen new games here, but it's a far cry from the wild rush we had last week. It doesn't matter though, because I'm about quality over quantity and this week

Three More Wadjet Eye Adventure Games Coming to iOS - 'Blackwell Deception,' 'Blackwell Epiphany,' and 'Primordia'

Adventure games are currently one of the biggest genres (excluding the F2P ones) on iOS with some great ports - more recently Grim Fandango and all the Telltale games - and also some great made-for-iOS adventure games- like Simogo's Year Walk - gracing our tablets and phones. Among the companies porting great adventure games to iOS

Lonnie Plays Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions

By all accounts, Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions is a fantastic game. It’s also a game that Lonnie has decided to try over on his YouTube channel. Watch him play it above. The post Lonnie Plays Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions appeared first on Slide to Play. More about Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions » The post Lonnie Plays Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions is from Slide To Play via YouTube.

Coming Soon(ish) – Dark Future: Blood Red States

It sounds kind of ominous saying that Dark Future is coming soon, but don’t sweat it – I really am just talking about a game here.  The electronic gaming community seems to be exploding with Games Workshop content lately, and while I’ll be the first to admit I know little about the company or their … Read more

Inkle Thought They Could Sneak a 'Sorcery 3' Secret Past Our Forums. They Thought Wrong.

Inkle's remarkably cool Sorcery 3 [$4.99] had a secret that was supposed to be really difficult to find: an ending that even Inkle themselves hadn't unlocked by playing the game. The mistake they made was challenging our forum readers – an organized group of people obsessed about mobile gaming – to find it. Well, it

This 'Hearthstone' Commercial is Going to Air During the NBA and NHL Finals

It's pretty wild to just take a step back and realize how insanely huge mobile has gotten in such a short amount of time. When TouchArcade started back in 2008, we were amused by simple tilt-controlled maze games. Not more than seven years later, and mobile gaming has grown to the point that ads for

Hands-On Video Preview of Robbery Bob: Double Trouble

Robble robble! Robbery Bob is returning in Robbery Bob: Double Trouble, a comedy stealth action game from Chillingo. AppSpy has a hands-on preview of Bob’s new antics. The post Hands-On Video Preview of Robbery Bob: Double Trouble appeared first on Slide to Play. The post Hands-On Video Preview of Robbery Bob: Double Trouble is from Slide To Play via AppSpy.

'Radical Rappelling' from Halfbrick Descends into the App Store This Week

Soft launches are a funny thing. Just last night, I was going through my list of apps and saw Radical Rappelling installed on there. This Halfbrick game had been soft launched at some point last year, but apparently seemed either lost to history or doomed to not come out for a long time. After all,

Bring Out Your Dead Games: 'Helsing's Fire' and Many Other Broken Games Now Working on iOS 8.3

Did iOS 8.3 fix a lot of games that were previously broken? That may have been the case, as an intrepid reader let us know that Helsing's Fire [$0.99 / $2.99 (HD)], the puzzler from Lucas Pope, who went on to create the hit indie game Papers, Please [$7.99 (HD)], is working now on iOS

You Must Build a Boat Developer Video Released

You Must Build a Boat is a match-three game that also happens to be the followup to the excellent and unassuming game 1000000. Check out the video above for a closer look at the game The post You Must Build a Boat Developer Video Released is from Slide To Play via YouTube.

Check Out a New Video About the Dungeons in 'You Must Build a Boat'

Luca Redwood's followup to 10000000 [$2.99], You Must Build a Boat, is releasing this week. With the game's release days away, Redwood has shared a video talking about the dungeons that have been added to this match-3 RPG. Put on some headphones and listen closely, and you'll catch some of the intricacies of the work

First-Person Motorcycle Racing Game 'Raceline CC' Coming This Summer

2013 was the year that some really good car racing games, Real Racing 3 and Asphalt 8: Airborne, hit the App Store, exciting many racing fans who do their gaming on tablets and phones with their graphics and content. Rebellion has decided to join the racing games party and develop a motorcycle racing game, admittedly a

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