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How to Make Sense of the New Appraisal System in 'Pokemon GO'

After the bafflingly slow rollout of the newest 1.5 update for Pokemon GO [Free], trainers now have access to a brand new Appraisal system, which allows you to hear from your team leader about whether your prized Rattata is in the top percentage of Rattatas, or if it's yet another rodent to be transferred away

Midnight Star Renegade - Midnight Star: Renegade from Industrial Toys out now

Industrial Toys has released it’s follow-up to the great Midnight Star. In Renegade, a much more casual game, the focus is on short bursts of play and the never-ending constant upgrading of weapons and gear. This game brings the great...Show More Summary

Former Amazon Fire Phone Exclusive 'Saber's Edge' Launches Worldwide

Following the reveal of the Amazon Fire Phone was a few exclusive games that looked surprisingly awesome. Saber's Edge [Free] was one of those games, which seemed to combine puzzle mechanics, RPG elements, and... Pirates. On paper, it sounded amazing, and as someone who loves puzzle RPGs, it got me pretty close to picking up

'Bobblehead College Football' Could Be the College Football Game We've Always Needed

Ah, college football season. It's the best. Sure, the sport is run by a corrupt cartel exploiting young men's bodies for minimal compensation while everyone else gets rich, not to mention that the culture around programs is often morally reprehensible, where the players are often above the law because the towns and colleges put so

'MyTP Skateboarding' Ollies Onto the App Store on August 11th

The most formative experience of my childhood was undoubtedly the Tony Hawk's Pro Skater series. Whether it was the absolutely incredible soundtrack, or the hidden tapes that forced you to explore every single nook and cranny of the incredibly varied environment, there was so much to love in the skateboarding series that I still, from

'Lanota' Review - You Spin Me Round

Ironically, the very success of the rhythm genre back at Guitar Hero’s launch on home consoles in 2005 was ultimately its undoing. A complete over saturation of the genre in under five years - spanning many different formats, even more spin-offs and unbeknownst amount of instrument-shaped controllers - meant the genre vanished almost as quickly

'Lumines - Puzzle & Music' to Be Released in Japan, Australia, and New Zealand Next Week

We tried to add up the number of cumulative hours that Team TouchArcade has spent playing various iterations of Lumines, but couldn't find a calculator that could go that high... So instead, we're just refocusing our mathematical lasers on being super excited for the upcoming launch of Lumines - Puzzle & Music. If this is

Indie Point-and-Click Adventure 'Bulb Boy' Heading to iOS and Android

If you happen to follow along with the Bulbware YouTube account, then this news might not come as a surprise to you, but today the small Polish indie developer has officially announced that its acclaimed point-and-click adventure game Bulb Boy will be heading from desktop to iOS and Android starting July 21st. Originally launched on

A Look at the Unbelievable Popularity of 'Pokemon Go'

This weekend was pretty surreal for people who follow the mobile gaming scene, as Pokemon Go [Free] seems to be hitting harder than Flappy Bird. Crazier, yet, as of this writing, it isn't even available in most places of the world yet. If you weren't around for the Flappy Bird phenomenon, it was truly incredible,

Go All Jean Claude Van Damme on Your iOS Device with 'Split Masters'

Everyone knows that Jean Claude Van Damme is the true Master of the Splits, but now you can a master of splits yourself and you (probably) won't even pull a muscle trying. Split Masters [Free] is a new high-score game that is best described as a vertical Daddy Long Legs [Free]. Your job is to

'Lost Frontier' Review – Dang Near Perfect, I Reckon

Mika Mobile. I have a certain fondness and emotional connection to these guys. Back in 2011, I had just started my career as a mobile game critic. Working for a different site, I had the pleasure and privilege of playing and reviewing the Android version of Battleheart [$2.99] as one of my most early pieces

'Tales of Link' Review – Tales of Fan Service

As we all know, love it or hate it, freemium is a concept that is never going away. That said, there is a very specific subset of freemium that I like to call freemium fan service games. When a popular franchise or intellectual property wants to cash in on their loyal fan-base, slapping together a

'Miitomo' Analysis Shows Diminishing Downloads, High Churn, and Low Daily Usage

SurveyMonkey Intelligence has taken a look at the performance of Miitomo [Free] in its first month, and things are, well, not great, Bob. The app got tons of downloads initially – it was Nintendo's first big mobile app after all – but it looks like downloads have fallen by a lot. Now, all apps start

Mekorama - 3D robot puzzle game Mekorama is fun, charming, and unique

From Martin Magni, the developer of the great Odd Bot Out, Mekorama hit the App Store this week. This charming puzzle game has the player guide a robot through a series of very unique 3D puzzles. The puzzles have shades of Monument Valley without the Escher inspired vibe. Show More Summary

'Roll Spike: Sepak Takraw' is a Crazy Sport of Bicycle Kicks in Volleyball

There's a decent chance you've never heard of sepak takraw. I'm not very familiar with it, except one of my favorite videos by The Onion covered it, mocking American sports drama. And the sport looks absolutely absurd: like volleyball but with kicks instead of volleys with the arms. And spikes are done through absurd-looking roll

Dragon City Mobile - Super Meat Boy now on Nvidia Shield Android TV

Super Meat Boy is a tough as nails platformer where you play as an animated cube of meat who’s trying to save his girlfriend (who happens to be made of bandages) from an evil fetus in a jar wearing a tux. Yes, that’s the real premise here. Show More Summary

Did the PlayStation App Just Add Remote Play Support on iOS? Probably Not, but Maybe Someday

We bring this to you with a huge heaping bowl of salt, especially in a world where elaborate fakes can be created in a world of 3D printing and Photoshop. But a YouTube user uploaded a video of their recently-updated PlayStation app [Free] having a Remote Play feature in the app, but with the app

Check out 'Flappy Bird' Running Inside of 'Super Mario World' on a Super Nintendo

Alright so this is a weird one, but it seemed too cool not to post. Apparently, the Flappy Bird phenomena is alive and well, at least inside of the Super Nintendo code injection scene. If you haven't been following all this, strap in for some raw insanity- The extreme cliffsnotes version of how this works

'Cruise Control' is a One-Tap 80's Neo-Futurism Game That Needs Beta Testers

Cruise Control is looking pretty cool, and it needs beta testers. The game has you driving down an endless highway, swerving through traffic, and dodging all sorts of hazards, such as laser pterodactyls. The game features one-touch controls a la Super Arc Light [$0.99] where you tap to go the other direction. While it should

King Rabbit – Find Gold, Rescue Bunnies - Help King Rabbit in this cute puzzler

The follow up to the great Furdemption, King Rabbit has the same charm, but even better puzzles. Jump King Rabbit around to find a path to the jailed bunny citizen, avoiding traps and unlocking passages. With 120 levels, and presumably...Show More Summary

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