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'WWE Immortals' Gets WrestleMania Events and Two New Characters, Oh Yeah!

With WrestleMania this weekend, it makes sense that the WWE games on the App Store would get updates in time for the big event. Today, WWE Immortals [Free] gets two new wrestlers and a new event system. We heard about Stone Cold Steve Austin coming to Immortals yesterday, but we now know his two varieties:

Free to Play Hack 'n Slash 'Taichi Panda' Got an Absolutely Massive Update Today

For the uninitiated, Taichi Panda [Free] is a Free to Play RPG from developers- Snail Games. The game has been out on iOS on the US App Store for a month now and the developers have already released a huge update and expansion today. The game has the distinction of being one of the top

'Silly Sausage in Meat Land' Review - Go Ahead and Sniff Your Own Butt

Every time Nitrome announces a new game, I get excited for two reasons. One is that I love pixel art games and Nitrome specializes in them. Second is that their games are usually pretty cool in some way, have some twist to them that's interesting to discover. Silly Sausage in Meat Land [Free] is their

Stormblades Review: A Casual Infinity Blade

AppSpy’s review of Kiloo’s hack-and-slash adventure pegs it as a more casual take on the Infinity Blade franchise. There’s fewer things to collect, less ways to gear up, and you’ll ultimately hit the inevitable grind-or-pay wall that accompanies many free-to-play titles, but you’ll have a good time for an hour or so. Show More Summary

'Gunpowder' Brings Explosive Puzzles and Whimsical Art Next Week

Gunpowder, a Wild West-themed physics puzzler with an attractive classic cartoon art style, is set to hit the App Store on March 31 for $4.99 as a new entrant in Apple’s “Pay Once and Play” category. It comes to us from indie developer Rogue Rocket Games, whose co-founders previously worked on titles like Earthworm Jim

Noodlecake's 'Brickies' Looks Like a Rad Brick-Breaker, Check Out the New Trailer

GDC 2015 was a crazy-busy time, such that I didn't get to see much of the Noodlecake Games folks there, and Eli took the meeting with them. Thankfully, I got to see Super Stickman Golf 3, but one of the games I missed was the Ink Vial-developed Brickies, which Eli wrote about. There's plenty of

‘Final Fantasy: Record Keeper’ Hits the US App Store

Well folks, after an acclaimed review, a behind-the-scenes interview with its producers, and a thorough exploration on the longevity of the game, Final Fantasy: Record Keeper is finally (pun intended) available on the US App Store. As we’ve mentioned earlier, the game is being released for free and is one of the most generous freemium RPGs

'The Trace' Review - Tracing Clues and Taking Names

One of my favorite gaming experiences back in the late 1980s was playing the fantastic Police Quest series by Sierra Entertainment. I had perhaps too much fun playing the cop and roaming the streets as an incompetent instrument of justice. So, I was quite happy that The Trace [$4.99], the new game by British award-winning games

'Marvel Mighty Heroes' is Yet Another Soft-Launched Action-RPG with a Ton of Marvel Superheroes

Marvel Mighty Heroes, an action-RPG featuring Marvel characters has just soft-launched in Canada, and you may be asking yourself "Wait, didn't a Marvel action-RPG soft launch just last week?" Well, you're right, but that's Marvel Future Fight from NetMarble, this is Marvel Mighty Heroes by DeNA. To be fair, Mighty Heroes was announced first, but

Point-and-Click Adventure 'Forever Lost: Episode 3' is Coming This Spring

We were huge fans of both Forever Lost: Episode 1 [$2.99 / Free] and Forever Lost: Episode 2 [$2.99], as they were enjoyable point-and-click adventure games. The series has laid dormant for a bit, but we have good news, as Forever Lost: Episode 3 is in the works right now. Glitch Games will be concluding

PSA: 'Skylanders Trap Team' is Dirt-Cheap on Amazon Right Now

If you've wanted to check out Skylanders Trap Team [Free (HD)] for yourself, but didn't want to drop $70 on a bunch of plastic toys and the stuff to interface them to iOS, then good news: Amazon has the whole tablet starter kit with the Portal of Power, controller, and starting figures for $20 right

'Card Crawl' Update Brings Balance Changes, Card Updates

We loved the card-based dungeon crawler Card Crawl [$1.99] in our review, but some balance and RNG tweaks were still needed to tighten up the experience. Notably, this came in the form of repeatedly getting unplayable opening hands, where the dealer Hoernis would throw out something like two Souleaters and a level 7 Goblin at the start,

'KingsRoad' Online Action-RPG Updated with iPhone Support

KingsRoad [Free], an action-RPG with online multiplayer that made its way from PC to iPad last year, is making another jump, this time from iPad to iPhone. Rumble Entertainment has launched the version 3.0.0 update which makes the previous iPad-only app universal, bringing in iPhone players for the first time. If you don't know what

Hands-On Preview of Silly Sausage in Meat Land

Silly Sausage in Meat Land is the latest game from Nitrome. This awesomely-named action game apparently plays like a mix between Retry and the old Nokia game Snake. Take a look at AppSpy’s video footage of the game, and keep an eye out for Silly Sausage’s release this week. The post Hands-On Preview of Silly Sausage in Meat Land is from Slide To Play via AppSpy.

'BioShock', 'XCOM: Enemy Within', and More 2K Games are on Sale

[Editor's Note: We accidentally jumped the gun posting these sales about 12 hours too early, but the price changes are now reflected in the US App Store so we bumped this bad boy up to the top so everybody can get a crack at these awesome sales!] 2K Games has just put several of their

Out Now: Escape From the Pyramid

Do you like auto-running platformers? Do you like Ancient Egyptian art? If so, you’ll want to check out this cool-looking game. It kind of looks like the recent PlayStation 4 game Apotheon, but Egyptian rather than Greek, and auto-running rather than directly controlled. Show More Summary

'Zenith' Takes Inspiration from 'Monument Valley' and Adds Grappling Hooks

Zenith is an interesting-looking atmospheric puzzle game that's coming to iOS this spring. Created by a group of university students, this will be a point-and-click adventure that seems to take inspiration from a lot of different sources. The developers claim inspiration from App Store classics Monument Valley [$3.99] and Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP [$1.99

'Dark Souls' Drum Player Makes Even the Craziest Touch Controls Look Appealing

When we look at FPS and other high precision input games on mobile, a comment we often hear is that the touch screen just isn't an appropriate medium. We hear over and over again that FPS just doesn't belong on iOS. I love seeing stories like this in light of that sentiment. What we have

'Tiltagon' Releases for Free Next Month, With Unique Ad-Removal Option

We've written about Tiltagon a couple of times, checking out a very early version, and seeing the new version made with the help of Noodlecake Games at GDC. Soon, you'll be able to take it for a spin yourself, as the game is set to release for free on April 9th. The game has been

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