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Fish! - Freeverse heritage lives on in Fish!

Flick Fishing was one of the original great fishing arcade games on iOS. Well Freeverse got swallowed by ngmoco:), which was swallowed by DeNA. And DeNA really only hits our radar these days because they are making mobile games for Nintendo. Show More Summary

AlienWheels Hoverboard Review - I'm Too Old For This (Actually, No, This Thing is Awesome)

We get a lot of really crazy incoming emails here at TouchArcade Towers because of how shockingly wide the larger mobile market actually is. Sure, we're a web site that focuses on iOS games, but under that umbrella also kinda-sorta includes things like cases, chargers, headphones, drones, controllers, virtual reality headsets, and weird Bluetooth accessories

'Lost Socks: Naughty Brothers' Review - A Fitting Punishment for Your Sins

Are you a real gamer? Are you a real hardcore gamer? Do you like games that will punish you and leave you begging for mercy? Congratulations, Lost Socks: Naughty Brothers [$4.99] is the game for you. This auto-run-and-gun game boasts fantastic art, well-done gameplay, and tough difficulty. Perhaps too tough for most: its progression gating

Train Conductor World: European Railway - Train Conductor World Leaves the Station Right on Schedule

The folks at Voxel Agents are a little obsessed with trains and with making really good train games. And that’s OK. Or great if we are talking about Train Conductor World. Starting out on a European map, the game combines multi-level train routing puzzles with quick thinking and collecting. Show More Summary

Clash Royale - Clash Royale Sees Worldwide Release (Finally!)

Clash Royale has been a major consumer of my time over the past couple months. I have been heralding it as the best game ever seen and now it’s available for all to play. This game could be described as MOBA-lite or Hearthstone-lite....Show More Summary

Sliding Shakes Is Pretty Difficult in Real Life, as Shown by the New 'Slide the Shakes' Trailer

The latest game by Australia-based Prettygreat, is, well, pretty great. Slide the Shakes [Free] is another free iPhone game which takes an incredible simple concept and executes on it flawlessly. Using a slingshot mechanic of sorts, all you do is slide shakes across a variety of crazy shaped counters hoping to end up in the

'OK K.O.! Lakewood Plaza Turbo' Review - Fists of Fury

Cartoon Network has been my go-to animated block for years. I remember when it first debuted (complete with plenty of teaser commercials) and hosted master-crafted shows like Dexter's Lab and Powerpuff Girls (which is coming back by the way!) and smiling throughout. Over time Adult Swim ushered me into my teens. In recent years it

_PRISM - _PRISM – amazing first published game from Stugan Indie Academy

_PRISM is an impossible world that delivers itself with a series of amazingly beautiful geometric puzzles. Each puzzle introduces new mechanics and styles that must be adapted to in order to solve the puzzle. While some of the puzzles...Show More Summary

New 'Jack B. Nimble' Dev Log Videos Show Some Upcoming New Features

It seems crazy that the release of Jack B. Nimble [$1.99] was well over a year ago, back in September of 2014. This plucky little runner combined the simplistic running and jumping of a typical runner but added in an extra dimension with the ability to crack a whip mid-jump, making it feel like the

'Tennis Champs: Returns' is an Upcoming Remake of 1995 Amiga Cult Classic 'Super Tennis Champs'

Back in 1995 a tiny Amiga game by the name of Tennis Champs was released for free as part of a pack-in disk with the August '95 issue of Amiga Power magazine. This colorful and arcadey game of tennis was well-received by players, which prompted the developers to release a full-fledged follow-up titled Super Tennis

'Minecraft: Pocket Edition' 0.14 Beta with Cauldrons and More Now on Android

The next big update to Minecraft: Pocket Edition [$6.99] has just hit beta testing on Google Play, meaning that the official release on iOS, Android, and Windows 10 isn't too far off now. 0.14.0 should bring in some big new features: cauldrons, maps, creative inventory, repeaters, comparators, and more. But the most important new thing

'The Whispered World: Special Edition' Review – A Daedalic Classic Comes to iPad

So here’s the deal. For one reason or another, I never seem to get around to playing titles from the Daedalic Entertainment. I own several of them because of Steam sales and Humble Bundles, but I just keep putting them off. Games like Edna & Harvey [$1.99 (HD)] or Deponia [$9.99 (HD)], also available on iOS,

Kitty-Powered Platformer 'Super Phantom Cat' Coming January 25th

Cats? And platformers? Two of my favorite things together as one? This is too good to be true! It is true though, and it comes in the form of Super Phantom Cat, an upcoming platforming game from Veewo Games. Super Phantom Cat is an extremely colorful game with a really neat art style, and while

Pocket Mortys - Pocket Mortys – “You gotta try this, broh” – 4.5/5 from Gamezebo

  Anyone familiar with Pokémon will be able to get a feel for the combat pretty quickly. There aren’t 150 Mortys to collect, sadly, but there are over 80 in total and they can be evolved into stronger forms. This is pretty much justShow More Summary

Editor's Notes: Retro Comparisons and Sugar Free Alternatives

Aside from being crazy about mobile gaming, in my life, I've been on more than a few insane fitness kicks. If you listen to our podcast, particularly older episodes when fellow fitness enthusiast Brad Nicholson was still around, you've probably heard about more than a few of them as we both strived to be just

'Jetpack Fighter' Connection Issues Resolved, Check Out Its Awesome Fake '80s TV Ad

Just last week we let you know that Hi-Rez Studios, makers of the console and PC game Smite, had released their very first mobile game titled Jetpack Fighter [Free]. Jetpack Fighter centers around a colorful cast of characters fighting against evil robots by using swipe-based aerial combat. The game takes place on a 2D plane

The Beautiful Port of the Board Game 'Tsuro' Should Hit the App Store February 4th

A few months back I got to play the upcoming port of the tile-laying game Tsuro from Calliope Games, and I was thoroughly impressed by how good that game looked. After many rounds of beta testing and a pretty long gestation period, Thunderbox Entertainment's Tsuro should be finding its way to your mobile device February 4th.

Eli's Favorite iPhone and iPad Games of 2015: 'Hearthstone', 'Bean Dreams' and... Wait, Those Came Out in 2014!

Phew, well, that's 2015 officially in the books. The App Store should thaw sometime tonight or tomorrow, and we'll be back to business as usual, or, as "usual" as the constant state of insanity that we've grown used to following the world of iOS can be. This year felt weirder than most when it came

Huge 'Kung Fury' Update Adds 3 New Playable Characters and Story Mode as DLC

Remember that wacky, over-the-top short film riff on kung-fu movies called 'Kung Fury' which took the internet by storm back in May? You may also recall that a mobile tie-in game was released alongside it called Kung Fury: Street Rage [Free], and at that time it was little more than an endless, high-score-chasing beat 'em

Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories - Decade old Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories ported to iOS – Perfect 5/5 from Touch Arcade

These games were all phenomenal when they were released, Rockstar knows what they’re doing when it comes to porting them, and it’s hard to beat the price to hours of potential gameplay ratio, particularly when considering you can play...Show More Summary

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