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Aralon: Forge and Flame - Touch Arcade gives Aralon: Forge and Flame 4/5

Taken as a complete experience, I enjoyed Aralon: Forge And Flame enough that I made my way through the game in only a few sessions. I can’t say I was completely satisfied in the end, but I had a lot of fun along the way, more than you might expect from my critical breakdown of the game’s various working parts. Show More Summary

Brave & Little Adventure - A pretty little adventure — Brave & Little Adventure launched

This very well animated adventure game, Brave & Little Adventure will be familiar to Tiny Thief fans. It’s got all the charm of that game and even better graphics. The story unfolds while playing as little red riding hood through a series of screens filled with puzzles and multiple characters. Show More Summary

SORUS SHIELD - Tetris + Candy Crush Saga = Sorus Shield – Out now on iOS

Sorus Shield is an interesting beast. It has obvious influence from Tetris — but it’s also more of a level based puzzle game like Candy Crush Saga. And it works! In this game the pieces move from bottom to top and match in the familiar way. Show More Summary

True Skate - Flashback Game – skateboarding classic True Skate

True Skate has been around for two and a half years, a lifetime in mobile games. But the cool thing is that it’s still getting upgrades through $0.99 in-app purchased new levels. Unexpected, but very awesome. In True Skate, the player controls a skateboard with two fingers, making this almost like a music timing game. Show More Summary

Warhammer 40,000: Freeblade - Mech shooter Warhammer 40,000: Freeblade Will Please Many

The latest in the Warhammer super-genre is out in this free to play mech battler. Taking command of an Imperial Knight mech in this shooter / battler is pretty epic. The graphics are pretty good, but the game is not without issue. Then...Show More Summary

King Tongue - Lick This! – King of Tongue out now

They say the tongue is mightier than the sword, and in King of Tongue it’s mightier than much more. Out now on iOS, King of Tongue is a cross between a platform battler and a rope swinging game. And it’s a blast to play. Tapping on a spot on the screen, the main player’s tongue shoots out and attaches to anything it can. Show More Summary

Crescent Moon Games Heads to Apple TV with 'NeoArcade'

If you're still on the hunt for cool things to do with your new Apple TV (aside from watching TV and movies, anyway) you'll be happy to know that the dudes at Crescent Moon Games have set their sights on their platform. Their first release is called NeoArcade, which features four different classic arcade style

Real Boxing 2 CREED - Rocky Balboa Coaches You in Real Boxing 2 Creed

Vivid Games has released their much anticipated follow up to the awesome Real Boxing. This time round it is branded with the upcoming Rocky franchise spin off, Creed. The graphics on this game are amazing — partially thanks to the Unreal Engine used. Show More Summary

'Alter World' is a Puzzle Platformer that Has You Alternating Between Light and Dark Worlds, Coming November 25th

There's certainly no shortage of games that use the "light world" and "dark world" theme, but I have to say I've never seen a game that has you using it so much as the upcoming Alter World does. This puzzle platformer presents two different versions of each of its 80 levels, and neither version can

The 'Telltale Games: Story Mode' Documentary is Now Available on YouTube

Yesterday we got the news that the Magnum Opus: Games team at Complex had put together a short documentary on the history of Telltale Games, and today that documentary is now available for your viewing pleasure. Telltale has made quite a mark in this industry. Founded in 2004 by ex-LucasArts employees, they were among the

Cobe The Gallery - Peaceful Color Changing Art Puzzle is the Setting for Cobe the Gallery

Cobe The Gallery is a very thoughtful and peaceful puzzle game. In this blocky art puzzle game colors must be changed all to a single color within a certain number of moves. This is done by rolling over color blocks onto other colors. Show More Summary

Skylanders SuperChargers - Skylanders Again Brings Their Whole Console Game to iOS, and this time Apple TV in Skylanders SuperChargers

Activision has once again brought their entire console game for a Skylanders franchise title to iOS and now the new Apple TV. In this edition, evil has taken over and Skylanders must fight via land, sea, and air using an nearly endless list of unique and modifiable vehicles. Show More Summary

Blue Defense: Second Wave! - Flashback Game – Blue Defense: Second Wave

Every once in a while I want to take a look back at an older game that many new players may have never heard of. Let’s take a look at Blue Defense: Second Wave. Blue Defense: Second Wave was released in September, 2010 and is the follow-up to Blue Defense, also from Cat in a Box Games. Show More Summary

Templar Battleforce RPG Full Game HD - Templar Battleforce is a Battleforce To Be Reckoned With – Touch Arcade

Touch Arcade takes a long look at Templar Battleforce and loves it enough to give it 4.5/5 stars noting: Battleforce takes place in the same universe as, but it has its sights set on a different genre. Instead of dealing with groupsShow More Summary

Bigfoot Hunter: A Camera Adventure Game - Track Bigfoot and other wildlife as a photographer in Bigfoot Hunter

Bigfoot Hunter from R2 Games is a new photo hunt type game where the display of the phone is a window to wilderness. Lifting and turning the phone is used to target and frame photos of wildlife, different creatures will be assigned each level. Show More Summary

'Moto RKD Dash' Review - Motorcycle Gaming Comes Full Circle

Between Horizon Chase [$2.99] and Kalin Krastev’s Moto RKD Dash [$1.99], it seems there’s been a bit of a resurgence in retro racers lately on iOS. Which is totally fine by me, as one of my earliest gaming memories ever was playing Pole Position on my parents’ Atari. Dash apparently takes its inspiration from a

Almost Impossible! - Though it’s ‘Almost Impossible,’ it’s also a lot of fun

Almost Impossible from Daniel Counsell is a kind of “nice” impossible game. The bouncing ball looks so friendly, and the red spikes look so deadly. It almost makes you forget the seventeen thousand times you’ve died in the this game....Show More Summary

The Room Three - The Craftsman Has Left a Series of Puzzles in The Room 3 from Fireproof Games

The Room was a pleasant and unexpected surprise when it was first released. As was The Room 2. This third installment builds on the past games and brings the graphics up to an unbelievable level. In The Room 3 you are tasked with solving...Show More Summary

Slashy Hero - Slash Hero is a genre mash-up with candy, monsters, and costumes. Oh my.

Slashy Hero is a little bit maze game. A little but dungeon crawler. A little bit path drawing, hack and slash, costume collecting, and well, a whole lot more. The goal of the game is to traverse the rooms avoiding the bad guys and collecting the candy. Show More Summary

Beneath The Lighthouse - “Mobile gaming done with aplomb and intelligence” – Pocket Gamer on Beneath The Lighthouse

Pocket Gamer takes a look at Nitrome’s Beneath The Lighthouse and comes away loving it’s brutal gameplay, giving it a very strong 9/10. Why are you curled up in a corner crying and laughing? – Because Beneath the Lighthouse is a mean game. Show More Summary

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