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CD Projekt Red Releases Lengthy 'The Witcher Adventure Game' Tutorial Video

Back in January of this year, CD Projekt Red announced The Witcher Adventure Game, a digital and physical board game based off of The Witcher video game series which is based off of 'The Witcher' fantasy novel series. Following so far? Ok good. Well, it's been a long time since January, but CD Projekt Red

'Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition' Review - Another Remastered Legend Released for iOS

Beamdog is back. If you aren't excited as a D&D fan you should be. Not just a straight port, Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition[$9.99] is bringing some new toys to the table and I've been geeking out ever since I got my hands on them. Forty years ago a game was published that changed my life.

'Cosmic Crown' Review - It's Good to be King

Cosmic Crown [$1.99] is just an undeniably cool game. It's a roguelike, particularly in the vein of Hoplite [$1.99] where there are occasional upgrades after levels to improve oneself with. But the uncommon twist about the game is that it's entirely one-dimensional, literally. The only movement is forward and backward, with traps, enemies, and slowly-opening

'1-Bit Hero' Review - Back and Forth

Auto-running solves a lot of problems for mobile games where virtual d-pads are suboptimal. While generally this is used for endless runners, platformers that use auto-running are an interesting breed to me. Meet 1-Bit Hero [$0.99 / Free]. It's an auto-running platformer that's just a nice little game. It's challenging, but has levels that are

Telltale Releases 'Tales from the Borderlands' Trailer, Coming to iOS by End of 2014

Well hey, just the other day we got some new details on Telltale's upcoming Game of Thrones series and promises that it was coming this year, but Tales from the Borderlands' future was still unknown. Well, good news: Telltale has just released a trailer for their upcoming series set in Gearbox's Borderlands universe, with a

'Sunburn' Launches Astronauts into the Sun on November 20th

Secret Crush announced their pixelly puzzle game Sunburn a few months ago, but we now know that we can expect the game to officially release next week on November 20th for $2.99. Taking place in outer space, the goal is to try and rescue the myriad scattered members of the crew by flinging around in

'Cosmic DJ' Review - The Power of Music in Your Hands

I feel like the last few games I've reviewed have skirted the line between being a game in the functional definition and being just an interactive experience. Cosmic DJ [$1.99] by GL33k and Devolver Digital is perhaps is more accurately described as a gamified music synthesizer than an actual game per se, it passes the

'Monster Dash' Gets First Update in Two Years

Halfbrick's not letting anything die off, it seems. Between an overhaul for Fruit Ninja [$0.99 / Free] and numerous Age of Zombies [$0.99] upgrades, now Monster Dash [Free] is getting a fresh coat of paint for 2014. As pointed out by friend of the site and mega-cool-guy, Mike Schramm, a big update has gone live

'Munch Time 2' Will Make the Unexpected Transformation from Casual Puzzle-Platformer to Metroidvania

It's not every day that you hear of a casual puzzle-platformer with a getting a sequel that aims to be a physics-focused Metroidvania game. Well that's what Munch Time 2 is going to attempt next year. Munch Time [$0.99 / Free / $1.99] was a game with the standard three-star rating system that released back

'Monument Valley: Forgotten Shores' Review - Take Another Trip To The Valley

As I mentioned back when I reviewed Monument Valley [$3.99], it was bound to be a love it or hate it affair, and I was actually pleasantly surprised to see that most people felt as strongly about the experience as I did. It's a beautiful thing to play with, an artfully-constructed world that you can

This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things: One Star Reviews Flood 'Monument Valley' Following Paid Expansion Release

Straight out of the "This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things" department is some amazingly depressing news from the dudes at ustwo following the release of the Monument Valley [$3.99] expansion, Forgotten Shores. Backing things up a bit, Monument Valley is an incredible game. We effortlessly gave it five stars in our review, and

'Candy Crush Soda Saga' Review - Poppin' Bottles in the Ice

There's been a lot of super popular free to play games on the App Store, but the original Candy Crush Saga [Free] completely redefined the meaning of App Store success. The game was huge on Facebook, and the leap to mobile sent the popularity of Candy Crush to a level I'm not even sure the

'Bounce On Back' is the Latest in the Beloved 'Bounce On' Series of Platformers

Platforming games have always been a popular genre on iOS, and the first one that I really fell in love with was Team Phobic's Bounce On [$1.99] way back in December of 2008. Coincidentally, it launched right at the same time as the original Rolando [$0.99]. Both games felt truly native to the platform, as

There's a Duck Dynasty Tower Defense Game Coming Out Tomorrow

I'll be the first to admit I just don't get the appeal of Duck Dynasty. If you've never seen an episode on TV, you might assume it's about the science behind and the craftsmanship of duck calls, which is about 0.1% true. It's actually one of those pseudo-reality shows with a bunch of people always

'XCOM: Enemy Within' Hits the App Store Tonight

2K's XCOM: Enemy Unknown [$9.99] came out on mobile last year, and brought the reimagining of the classic turn-based strategy to iOS fully intact. Well, almost: last year's expansion XCOM: Enemy Within was not yet available. That's changing, as the expansion is rolling out as a standalone app on Thursday. The game will be available

'Monument Valley' $1.99 Expansion "Forgotten Shores" Just Launched

The App Store operates at a blazing pace it seems, as it doesn't feel like that long ago that Monument Valley [$3.99] was released. It then proceeded to win an Apple Design Award, and the developers teased the potential that there'd be more content on the way. That tease turned into an actual announcement, and

New iPhone Games Coming Tonight: 'Crystal Siege HD', 'Framed', 'Golfinity', 'Random Heroes 3' and Tons More

Whoa, this is a Wednesday here. 31 games as of this posting have dribbled their way out on to the App Store and are either available now or will be available for download at 11:00 PM Eastern. There's some great stuff in here too. Here's all the new games with threads on our forums posted

'Kingdom Rush Origins' Launching November 20th, New Trailer Released

We learned back in August that Ironhide Game Studio was working on a new Kingdom Rush game, and in October we learned what that new game was called: Kingdom Rush Origins. Today Ironhide has revealed when we'll be able to play the new game, and good news: it's really soon. Like, next week soon. November

'Monkey Racing' - Who Knew Monkeys Driving Cars Could Be So Dull?

It may be among the lowest hanging fruit of all when it comes to entertainment, but it's hard to deny the raw comedic appeal of monkeys. They're like little hairy people that we can teach amusing tricks to without feeling bad about it. They're also very useful for filling in gaps if you lack a

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