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Party Hard Gets a New Trailer

A few weeks ago we posted a trailer for Party Hard, a murder simulator about a dude who’s fed up with the volume of his neighbor’s music and decides to go on a kill-crazy rampage. A new trailer that burrows further into the premise has hit the webs. Enjoy it if you’re into that sort of thing. The post Party Hard Gets a New Trailer is from Slide To Play via YouTube.

'Stella's Journey' is an Upcoming Platformer with Interesting Apple Watch Support

Gravity Software, creators of Religion Simulator [$2.99], have a new game in the works called Stella's Journey, which is releasing next Thursday, April 30th. This is a platformer of sorts, where you control Stella, a girl who has been turned into a paper box. I know, it seems like every other game is about a

Hands-On Preview of Knights of Pen & Paper 2

Knights of Pen & Paper 2 is a self-aware game that combines traditional role-playing (think Dungeons & Dragons) with computerized role-playing. The end result features a lot of fourth wall-breaking, cheerleader dwarves, and troglodyte bubble parties. Show More Summary

Latest 'Party Hard' Trailer Features a Killer Bear with Sunglasses

About a month ago, we posted the reveal trailer for a game called Party Hard, a game where your goal is to murder everyone at a party at your neighbor's house because they are being too loud. Talk about overreacting! A collaborative effort between Pinokl Games and tinyBuild, Party Hard is semi-procedurally generated and features

'Lectro' is a Colorful Challenge, Releasing This Week

Lectro is another solid entry in the trend of minimalist-styled arcade-style games that's releasing this week. Your goal in Lectro is to launch from one orb to another, by timing the spinning indicator to launch to the next orb. The cool thing is that you wind up criss-crossing the playing field where previous orbs were.

NimbleBit Releases 'Letterpad' with Apple Watch Support

NimbleBit got their start by making word games such as Textropolis, which is sadly gone from the App Store. But along with their upcoming game Capitals which is currently in beta, NimbleBit's first word game in five years is now on the App Store: say hello to Letterpad [Free], which is available now for free,

'Carcassonne' Bundles all of its Expansions to Celebrate its 5th Anniversary

Since its release 5 years ago, Carcassonne [$9.99], the iOS rendition of the award-winning board game, has been mentioned in almost any conversation on the potential for iOS games to be both functional and beautiful. The intuitive UI, the lovely board game look (showing Apple's Jony Ive that skeuomorphism can sometimes look great on a tablet),

'Hearthstone' Blackrock Mountain Guide: Free to Play Decks to Beat Heroic Blackrock Spire

It's week three of five and we're back with another round of r/hearthstone member u/TommyJTheGamer and his bargain basement decks. This week he takes aim at Blackrock Spire. The fights are extremely tough this time around and for Omokk you'll need to have a few non-craftable Naxxramas cards. For Rend, you'll need the common cards

TouchArcade Game of the Week: 'WWE 2K'

The idea behind the TouchArcade Game of the Week is that every Friday afternoon we post the one game that came out this week that we think is worth giving a special nod to. Now, before anyone goes over-thinking this, it doesn't necessarily mean our Game of the Week pick is the highest scoring game

'Halo: Spartan Strike' Review - An Evolutionary Success

Halo: Spartan Assault's sequel is a great upgrade to the original Halo dual stick shooter.

'Skiing Yeti Mountain' Preview - The Alternate Universe Version of 'Dudeski'

In an alternate universe, the game Skiing Yeti Mountain is what Dudeski [$1.99] would be. You control a pixelly skiier traveling down a mountain, slaloming around points to keep going, as if you miss one, you fail the level. The game is centered around many short levels, where you're trying to get to the end

Bandai Namco Entertainment's 2015 Global Gamers Day

Last week was Bandai Namco Entertainment's 2015 Global Gamers Day Americas, where they showed off a bunch of new titles that they have in the pipeline for consoles, handhelds, desktop and yes, even mobile. As with most events thrown by gigantic companies, the mobile stuff was a bit scarce with the majority of the focus

'Reflector 2' - Do You Need This Program to Record AirPlay Video on PC/Mac?

Reflector has been a key app for people who have wanted to mirror their iOS devices to their computer, and to record the footage. Good capture cards aren't cheap. Squirrels, the developer behind this PC and Mac app, has just released Reflector 2, a paid upgrade to Reflector that brings some new features. While we

Goofily Piledrive Dudes in 'Wrassling,' Coming to the App Store Next Week

Earlier this month, we told you about Wrassling, an upcoming game by Colin Lane (Golf is Hard [Free]) and Folmer Kelly (Irrupt [$1.99], #SUPERHYPER [$1.99], Upthing [Free]). Eli, Jared, and Carter like it because wrestling is, like, their thing; I like it because physics curios and banging chiptunes are two of my things. In a

In Case You'd Forgotten, Amanita Design's 'Samorost 3' Is Still in the Works, Still Surreal and Weird

Czech outfit Amanita Design has released a gorgeous new trailer for the upcoming Samorost 3, full of organic weirdness and fungal wonder, alligators made out of petrified wood and entire planets covered in fine saffron gossamer. The first Samorost game came out in 2003 (my God!), but the power of Amanita's imaginative art hasn't been

Sneaky Freebie Alert: Puzzle-Platformer 'Stealth Inc.' is Gratis This Weekend

To celebrate the release of Stealth Inc. 2 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows (via the Humble Bundle store), Curve Digital has slashed the price of it's iOS predecessor. For this weekend only, you can snatch Stealth Inc. [Free] for free on the App Store. The game was originally called Stealth Bastard Deluxe: Tactical

Lonnie Plays Storage: Auction Legends

You know those Storage Wars shows? Where hustlers bid on abandoned storage units in hopes of finding loot of incredible value? That’s a game now, and YouTuber Lonnie has posted a video about it. Check it. More about Storage: Auction Legends » The post Lonnie Plays Storage: Auction Legends is from Slide To Play via YouTube.

'Shooting Stars' Has a Cat That Shoots Rainbow Lasers

Bloodirony Games has just announced their new game Shooting Stars, and it's looking like quite the spectacle. They're describing it as a shoot 'em up with roguelike elements...and a bearded dude with glasses on a hoverboard, holding a cat that shoots rainbow lasers. The dude's name is Tscherno, and he must try to save Earth

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