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Supercell's Next Mobile Game 'Brawl Stars' Set to Be Revealed Today

There has been a lot of activity around Supercell lately, and while we've seen the likes of Clash of Clans grow from a cult hit into a cultural phenomenons, many have been wondering what the Finnish developers have been since Clash Royale released in March 2016. Today, it seems like we may finally have an

Dead Age - Permadeath turn-based strategy game Dead Age launched

Headup Games has released Dead Age, a lightweight zombie RPG for mobile. And who doesn’t love fighting zombies? It’s a lightweight RPG, but has all of the good stuff without getting too bogged down. If you are a fan the the genre, give...Show More Summary

Monument Valley 2 - Follow-up Monument Valley 2 brings more to love and more to cry about

Monument Valley 2 has dropped this week. It’s an amazing follow-up to the original that moves the story along and includes familiar but very unique and original puzzles to the original. As the icon may indicate, this Monument Valley game is about generations and the passage of time. Show More Summary

Stickman Skate Battle - [Sponsor] Pull off rad tricks in Stickman Skate Battle out now on mobile

We’d like to thank our sponsor for this week, Stickman Skate Battle from Djinnworks GmbH. Think you can pull off the most rad tricks out of all of your friends? Well, why not put that to the test in Stickman Skate Battle, a multiplayer skate-off experience out right now on iOS and Android. Show More Summary

New iPhone Games on Our Forums: 'Astro Crash', 'Monument Valley 2', 'The Quest - Thor's Hammer' and More

Everyone get ready to adjust your tracking, as today is VCR Day. Fun fact, the first readily available consumer VCR released in 1962 would cost you around $1,650 in today's money. Talk about an expensive way to record your afternoon soap operas. 55 years later and here we are on a iOS game release Wednesday

Seven Islands - [Sponsor] Defeat the cardinal sins in Seven Islands, a challenging endless runner out now on iOS

We’d like to thank our sponsor for this week, Seven Islands from LionStar Studios. Seven Islands is a brand new endless runner that’s anything but generic. It tasks you with traversing, you guessed it, seven islands that are each themed on one of the seven cardinal sins. Show More Summary

Mini Metro - Mini Metro – Who thought planning a public transit system could be so fun?

Mini Metro is a minimalist graphic game about planning a public transit system. Seems simple, but there’s loads of strategy involved when there are limited resources, unknown population growth, and city topology to deal with. This game has been out for a while, but it’s on sale again for $0.99 and recently got a good sized update. Show More Summary

SPACEPLAN - Story Clicker? I guess that’s what you’d call it — Spaceplan

It’s taken me a while to come around to the clicker genre. I still have a bit of a love/hate relationship with them. Some of them really suck time, but they just are not fun. I play them anyway — multiple times a day, sometimes for weeks. Show More Summary

'Blocky Farm' Going Into Beta June 5th, Soft-Launching on the Same Day

I've been keeping a pretty close eye on the upcoming Block Farm for quite some time now, and it looks like the game is finally ready to go into beta and soft launch. The beta testing will start June 5th, and on the same day the game will soft launch in the Philippines. As you

Zombie Gunship Survival - The latest in the Zombie Gunship franchise released

Who doesn’t love shooting zombies. Second only to nazis, zombies in games have that sort of guiltless fun. You are technically killing people in the game, but they aren’t real people, they are the undead (nazis included in that). Zombie Gunship Survival is the newest free to play version of the Zombie Gunship series. Show More Summary

Subdivision Infinity - 3D shooter Subdivision Infinity warps in from Crescent Moon

If 3D space shooter are your thing, this might be your next obsession. A free to play rendition of a space shooter with amazing graphics. Take a look. Over 40 Missions in the main storyline Full MFI and Apple TV Support! 5 unique locations,...Show More Summary

A New Gameplay Trailer for 'Cat Quest' Reveals Rampaging Dragons and Awesome Open-World Exploration

It's been incredibly interesting watching Cat Quest evolve on our forums ever since it was first announced back in June of last year. Over the past eleven months, ex-Koei Tecmo developers The Gentlebros have repeatedly impressed with their interaction with members of the iOS gaming community, as well as the level of ambition and polish

Beholder - Beholder – a creepy game about choices and consequences

Beholder is a dark game. And it can be really dark. It’s a game about surveillance, choices, and consequences. In the (possibly not so) distant future surveillance is the norm and the player is a state-appointed monitor of that information. Show More Summary

Old Man’s Journey - Old Man’s Journey takes us on a beautiful and very emotional trip

Wow, this game. Unique mechanic, beautiful visuals, amazing story, it’s quite a journey. Old Man’s Journey is a point and click adventure with a unique hill-shaping mechanic and no instructions or text. It works well in this game as the player figures out the very emotional journey the old man takes and how to take him on that journey. Show More Summary

'No Stick Shooter' Review - An Unbelievably Frantic Spin on 'Missile Command'

Throughout the history of the App Store, I feel like we've had practically every variety imaginable of dual stick shooters. Hell, we've even had dual stick looters, but a no stick shooter? That sort of thing is worthy of The People's Eyebrow. Well, it turns out this no stick shooter, which consequently is also named

Stickman Skate Battle - [Sponsor] Pull of rad tricks in Stickman Skate Battle out now on mobile

We’d like to thank our sponsor for this week, Stickman Skate Battle from Djinnworks GmbH. Think you can pull off the most rad tricks out of all of your friends? Well, why not put that to the test in Stickman Skate Battle, a multiplayer skate-off experience out right now on iOS and Android. Show More Summary

Crash Club – Drive & Smash City - .io-type multiplayer racing game Crash Club out now

I’ve been testing this game for what seems like weeks now. It’s amazing how fun simultaneous multiplayer is when there is a fully loaded room. Crash Club is a king of the hill type driving game. The more points the player gets the more gear their cars can be outfitted with. Show More Summary

Her Majesty’s SPIFFING - A funny little tale of Earthxit in point and click adventure Her Majesty’s Spiffing

Her Majesty’s Spiffing is a point and click adventure for fans of British comedy like Faulty Towers, Monty Python, and The Young Ones. It’s wacky in all the right ways while remaining a fun to play adventure game. Assuming command of...Show More Summary

GungHo Release New 'Super Senso' North American Launch Trailer, Showcasing the Characters at Your Disposal

Super Senso [Free] has undoubtedly been one of the most eagerly anticipated releases of 2017, and for good reason. While the game has been in soft launch since late 2015, and we have caught numerous glimpses of the title at events such as PAX in the subsequent fifteen months or so, Super Senso only released

Glitch Games Releases Trailer for Next Adventure Game, 'All That Remains'

Glitch Games announced a new game, The Bunker, recently, but they've renamed the game to All That Remains and have released a new trailer. The game still takes place in a strange bunker, but it's got a new name. The trailer reveals some of the game world. There's talk of an incident at the Hawthorne

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