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See Ron Gilbert's 'Thimbleweed Park' Running on an iPhone

The upcoming adventure game Thimbleweed Park has some pretty big names behind it and some pretty big shoes to fill, too. The game is being developed by Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick, two of the creators of the amazing Lucasarts adventure game Maniac Mansion, one of my favorite adventure games. We've already talked about the

'Pokemon GO' Wins 'Best Mobile/Handheld Game' and 'Best Family Game' at The Game Awards 2016

Last night the Game Awards for 2016 took place in Los Angeles, and distributed a whole host of accolades across various platforms and mediums, even including fan created games and an eSports award. Despite a heavy emphasis on console gaming, there were a few mobile games nominated for numerous categories across the night, and against

'Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links' Has Soft Launched in Australia and Japan, With a Worldwide Release Scheduled for 2017

While I tended to spend what little money I had on video games, there is no denying the massive part that Yu-Gi-Oh played in my childhood, both in terms of the anime and the card game. Following Yugi's exploits against Kaiba and Pegasus was a lot of fun, and winning a game against friends through

'Gun Strider' is an Extremely Stylish Arcade Shooter Soft-Launching November 7th

I don't exactly know what's happening in this trailer for Gun Strider, an upcoming game from new developer Dreamotion, but I do know that I like the way it looks. According to the very little information posted to our forums, Gun Strider is an "amazing gun shooter" that should appeal to those who like "fast-paced,

'Batman - The Telltale Series' Episode 3 "New World Order" Trailer Released

Some good news and some bad news. The good news is that Telltale has released the trailer for the third episode of Batman - The Telltale Series [$4.99], entitled "New World Order." Obviously, there's some spoilers for episode 2 in this trailer, with at least one famous villain set to make their debut in episode

New iPhone Games on our Forums: 'Dustoff Heli Rescue 2', 'Mushroom Wars 2', 'Space Merchants: Arena', and More

Well, another weird Wednesday is upon us. Most of these games actually hit the App Store sometime on Sunday or Monday, with a few stragglers coming out this afternoon. Developers might just be busy doing their part in today's festivities of National Pet Obesity Awareness Day, which has them distracted, or maybe we're just about

Horse Dating Sim 'Uma no Prince-Sama' is Hilariously Weird

Being an avid fan of oddball games, I've seen some pretty strange things in my time. I thought I had seen the strangest horse-related game to come out of Japan this year with Uma Musume, the upcoming idol-raising, horse-girl racing game from Granblue Fantasy publisher Cygames. I mean, surely that's the ceiling, right? Combining Japan's

'Hearthstone' World Championship Details Unveiled

While there's a lot of talk about Hearthstone's [Free] competitive scene right now and whether it's on the right path, the fact remains that we are getting closer to BlizzCon and, therefore, the Hearthstone World Championship. Blizzard has now given us more details on the dates, times, and format of the World Championship. So, first

Footage Emerges of 'Torchlight Mobile' to Prove It Still Exists...but Nothing Much Has Changed

Torchlight Mobile drew a lot of excitement when it was first announced in June of last year, and deservedly so. Torchlight II was an absolutely essential dungeon crawling action RPG on PC that managed to stand up to the genre behemoth that is Diablo 3, and as a result, the Torchlight series has attracted many

Gravity Bending Puzzle-Platformer 'Hoggy 2' From App Store Legends Raptisoft Gets a New Trailer and a November Release Date

Back in the early days of the App Store, developers Raptisoft had made a name for themselves in creating intriguing and innovative experiences for the platform, and helped to bring credence to the iPhone as a legitimate gaming device. Solomon's Keep [Free], for example, was one of the key dual stick Diablo-influenced titles that were

'Animal Crossing Direct' Stream Announced for November 2nd - Could 'Animal Crossing' for Mobile Be Revealed Then?

Ever since the initial shocking yet wholly unsurprising announcement that Nintendo would finally be developing mobile games, there hasn't been much news on the promised Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing iOS iterations that are scheduled to launch later this year. Miitomo [Free] came and went extremely quickly, and while Pokemon GO [Free] has taken the

Wadjet Eye's 'Primordia' Releases on iOS on September 21st

Wadjet Eye, developers of the Blackwell series of games that completed its run on iOS earlier this year, isn't stopping with the ports to mobile. Their 2012 game Primordia is set to see release on iOS on September 21st. Created with Wormwood Studios, this adventure game will have you playing as the robotic Horatio Nullbuilt

How to Make Sense of the New Appraisal System in 'Pokemon GO'

After the bafflingly slow rollout of the newest 1.5 update for Pokemon GO [Free], trainers now have access to a brand new Appraisal system, which allows you to hear from your team leader about whether your prized Rattata is in the top percentage of Rattatas, or if it's yet another rodent to be transferred away

Midnight Star Renegade - Midnight Star: Renegade from Industrial Toys out now

Industrial Toys has released it’s follow-up to the great Midnight Star. In Renegade, a much more casual game, the focus is on short bursts of play and the never-ending constant upgrading of weapons and gear. This game brings the great...Show More Summary

Former Amazon Fire Phone Exclusive 'Saber's Edge' Launches Worldwide

Following the reveal of the Amazon Fire Phone was a few exclusive games that looked surprisingly awesome. Saber's Edge [Free] was one of those games, which seemed to combine puzzle mechanics, RPG elements, and... Pirates. On paper, it sounded amazing, and as someone who loves puzzle RPGs, it got me pretty close to picking up

'Bobblehead College Football' Could Be the College Football Game We've Always Needed

Ah, college football season. It's the best. Sure, the sport is run by a corrupt cartel exploiting young men's bodies for minimal compensation while everyone else gets rich, not to mention that the culture around programs is often morally reprehensible, where the players are often above the law because the towns and colleges put so

'MyTP Skateboarding' Ollies Onto the App Store on August 11th

The most formative experience of my childhood was undoubtedly the Tony Hawk's Pro Skater series. Whether it was the absolutely incredible soundtrack, or the hidden tapes that forced you to explore every single nook and cranny of the incredibly varied environment, there was so much to love in the skateboarding series that I still, from

'Lanota' Review - You Spin Me Round

Ironically, the very success of the rhythm genre back at Guitar Hero’s launch on home consoles in 2005 was ultimately its undoing. A complete over saturation of the genre in under five years - spanning many different formats, even more spin-offs and unbeknownst amount of instrument-shaped controllers - meant the genre vanished almost as quickly

'Lumines - Puzzle & Music' to Be Released in Japan, Australia, and New Zealand Next Week

We tried to add up the number of cumulative hours that Team TouchArcade has spent playing various iterations of Lumines, but couldn't find a calculator that could go that high... So instead, we're just refocusing our mathematical lasers on being super excited for the upcoming launch of Lumines - Puzzle & Music. If this is

Indie Point-and-Click Adventure 'Bulb Boy' Heading to iOS and Android

If you happen to follow along with the Bulbware YouTube account, then this news might not come as a surprise to you, but today the small Polish indie developer has officially announced that its acclaimed point-and-click adventure game Bulb Boy will be heading from desktop to iOS and Android starting July 21st. Originally launched on

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