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'MLB Manager 2017' Review - I'm Ready For The Big Leagues

Sometimes I see people share negative reviews of Steam games that have massive playtimes on them. They're shared in a context of this being ridiculous, that implies that the person with the negative review doesn't know quite what they want. And the people who share these seeming contradictions are often rather progressive people, sharing a

'Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire' Soft Launches on the New Zealand App Store

The proper console version of Final Fantasy XV was one hell of a game, particularly when you take something that's already delicious like Cup Noodles and add in the finest, freshest ingredients, what do you get? The ultimate flavor experience. While you're selecting your favorite ingredient, you can now check out the just-soft launched Final

KAMI 2 - Fold and unfold puzzles in Kami 2

Kami 2 takes the paper-folding color swapping puzzles of Kami and expands, makes it a free to play game, and adds a user generated level editor. Pretty good for a puzzle game. The calming yet addictive puzzle game is back! With overShow More Summary

Meganoid(2017) - Orangepixel extends Meganoid franchise with Meganoid (2017)

We’re huge Orangepixel/Pascal Bestebroer fans at Slide To Play. The retro style, maddening hardness, and constant game release from them is just amazing. Meganoid (2017) is no exception. Taking the platformer that we know and love and expanding and extending it with so many new features and reasons to pull your hair out. Show More Summary

Card Thief - Card Thief is an RPG in a deck of cards

The follow up to Card Crawl is out now. Card Thief is an RPG-like solitaire card game with great finish and is a very fun quick play. In Card Thief you move through a deck of cards as a stealthy thief. Sneak in the shadows, extinguish torches, pickpocket guards and steal valuable treasures without getting caught. Show More Summary

'King Rabbit' Emerald Expansion With Best Community Levels Hits on March 30th

RareSloth's King Rabbit [Free] turned one recently, and with the community level creator update adding a ton of new content, they wanted to showcase some of the best. So, on March 30th, some of the best levels from the community will be available as part of the Emerald expansion for $1.99. 64 levels in total

'Sur-5' Promises Stripped-Down, Pixel Art, Survival Adventure

Frank and Jordan, a dev team of two brothers, just released Wander Pug [Free] on the App Store, but are hard at work on another game, currently called Sur-5. Built in Stencyl, this is a rougelike survival game, featuring some good ole pixel art. You'll use a joystick and two buttons to hunt for materials,

Golf Zero - Half golf game, half platformer, Golf Zero entertains

Golf Zero is the kind of game that must have come out of a dare or a high. Combine a golf game with a platformer and throw in bullet time just for the heck of it. In the multiple holes the player has up to three shots to get the ball in the hole while jumping from platforms and generally shooting the ball (magically) while in the air. Show More Summary

Ticket to Earth - Robot Circus brings turn based battler Ticket to Earth to mobile

Turn-based grid battler Ticket to Earth is finally out on mobile. I first saw this promising game what seems like a lifetime ago. In Ticket to Earth, the board grid is played like a strategic match-3 game. Connect the tiles to increase / trigger certain powers. Show More Summary

SpinnyWings - “One Touch Flying Mayhem!” – Spinnywings brings memories of the arcade to mobile

Single button control games aren’t usually my thing. They generally lack any sort of replayability. But in this case it’s an design decision that actually works out well as it keep the game arcade-like. In Spinnywings you touch the screen to turn right, avoid other planes and gather balloons for power-ups, loot, and fuel. Show More Summary

The Big Journey - Big Journey from Armor Games makes me wish ngmoco didn’t implode

Big Journey is just about too cute. It’s a rolling fat cat that has to eat and grow as it rolls through a beautiful platformer. Quite an homage to Rolando and the days of past. It takes the simple premise of a rolling platformer and adds a few interesting twists to it while not making it too difficult. Show More Summary

OXENFREE - One of 2016’s best PC adventure games, out now on iOS – Oxenfree

Oxenfree is one of those games that doesn’t come along too often, and I’m glad it’s out now for iOS. A branching-type adventure game with multiple endings, amazing graphics, and a great story. If adventure games / point and click games are your type of thing, you should pick this up. Show More Summary

Aftershock – Tactical Card Combat - Aftershock brings quick play to card battlers

Aftershock is the new title from Wonderspark that came out of the development of Give Me Fuel (soft launched last year). I’ve been watching the development for just about a year and it’s come a long way. The goal was to come up with a tactical / strategy game that could be played on mobile and in short play times. Show More Summary

2v2 Mode Coming to 'Clash Royale', Will be Called 'Clan Battle'

Clash Royale [Free] is getting a really fun mode soonish called Clan Battle, which is a fancy name for a 2v2 mode. It looks like it's going to be crazy fun. As revealed in the latest Radio Royale podcast episode, in this mode both players will have 10 elixir bars - with the elixir replenishing

After the End: Forsaken Destiny - After the End is a beautiful story-based puzzle adventure

Nexon has released a very well done puzzle adventure in After the End: Forsaken Destiny. Great graphics and interesting and challenging puzzles. One of the the things that impressed me the most are the variety of the puzzles. From sound puzzles to memory puzzles, even arcade action puzzles. Show More Summary

The Escapists - Escape prison in this open world simulation

The Escapists was a popular PC game that is now out on iOS. In this open world game with more than a little bit of a humor slant, the goal is to escape increasingly difficult prisons. Starting out in a cushy minimum security prison, gather items, craft and trade them to build what’s needed to escape. Show More Summary

Niantic GDC Conference Gives a Glimpse at Future and Past Plans for 'Pokemon GO'

Even in comparison to its momentous launch last year, the past few weeks have been extremely significant for Pokemon GO [Free]. Having seen the introduction of Johto Pokemon, many trainers have braved the turbulent February weather to capture a whole new cast of collectible creatures, and a number of minor UI improvements have gone a

Evergrow - Evergrow is a polished and challenging puzzler

The premise of Evergrow is simple — combine the same color blocks to create a larger and larger square. The level based game play keeps the game from getting stale or too difficult too quickly. It all seems pretty standard, but something happened when I was playing the game, Evergrow grew on me. Show More Summary

'One Piece Thousand Storm' Review – Becoming King of All One Piece Apps

So a funny thing occurred a few weeks ago. Games came out both for one of my favorite anime of all time and what is unconditionally my least favorite, both from the same publisher. One Piece is a consistently wonder- and adventure-filled story full of excellent world building, irreverent silliness and absurdity, interesting fights, and

Developer of 'Krashlander' Working on Minimalist Skiing Game 'Just Ski' Inspired by 'Desert Golfing'

Jeff Weber, aka Farseer Games, released a really cool skiing game called Krashlander [$1.99] right about this time way back in 2013. Krashlander featured a really nice physics engine and control mechanics that were tough to wrap your head around at first but extremely satisfying once your skills in the game improved. All this was

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