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'The Whispered World: Special Edition' Review – A Daedalic Classic Comes to iPad

So here’s the deal. For one reason or another, I never seem to get around to playing titles from the Daedalic Entertainment. I own several of them because of Steam sales and Humble Bundles, but I just keep putting them off. Games like Edna & Harvey [$1.99 (HD)] or Deponia [$9.99 (HD)], also available on iOS,

Kitty-Powered Platformer 'Super Phantom Cat' Coming January 25th

Cats? And platformers? Two of my favorite things together as one? This is too good to be true! It is true though, and it comes in the form of Super Phantom Cat, an upcoming platforming game from Veewo Games. Super Phantom Cat is an extremely colorful game with a really neat art style, and while

Pocket Mortys - Pocket Mortys – “You gotta try this, broh” – 4.5/5 from Gamezebo

  Anyone familiar with Pokémon will be able to get a feel for the combat pretty quickly. There aren’t 150 Mortys to collect, sadly, but there are over 80 in total and they can be evolved into stronger forms. This is pretty much justShow More Summary

Editor's Notes: Retro Comparisons and Sugar Free Alternatives

Aside from being crazy about mobile gaming, in my life, I've been on more than a few insane fitness kicks. If you listen to our podcast, particularly older episodes when fellow fitness enthusiast Brad Nicholson was still around, you've probably heard about more than a few of them as we both strived to be just

'Jetpack Fighter' Connection Issues Resolved, Check Out Its Awesome Fake '80s TV Ad

Just last week we let you know that Hi-Rez Studios, makers of the console and PC game Smite, had released their very first mobile game titled Jetpack Fighter [Free]. Jetpack Fighter centers around a colorful cast of characters fighting against evil robots by using swipe-based aerial combat. The game takes place on a 2D plane

The Beautiful Port of the Board Game 'Tsuro' Should Hit the App Store February 4th

A few months back I got to play the upcoming port of the tile-laying game Tsuro from Calliope Games, and I was thoroughly impressed by how good that game looked. After many rounds of beta testing and a pretty long gestation period, Thunderbox Entertainment's Tsuro should be finding its way to your mobile device February 4th.

Eli's Favorite iPhone and iPad Games of 2015: 'Hearthstone', 'Bean Dreams' and... Wait, Those Came Out in 2014!

Phew, well, that's 2015 officially in the books. The App Store should thaw sometime tonight or tomorrow, and we'll be back to business as usual, or, as "usual" as the constant state of insanity that we've grown used to following the world of iOS can be. This year felt weirder than most when it came

Huge 'Kung Fury' Update Adds 3 New Playable Characters and Story Mode as DLC

Remember that wacky, over-the-top short film riff on kung-fu movies called 'Kung Fury' which took the internet by storm back in May? You may also recall that a mobile tie-in game was released alongside it called Kung Fury: Street Rage [Free], and at that time it was little more than an endless, high-score-chasing beat 'em

Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories - Decade old Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories ported to iOS – Perfect 5/5 from Touch Arcade

These games were all phenomenal when they were released, Rockstar knows what they’re doing when it comes to porting them, and it’s hard to beat the price to hours of potential gameplay ratio, particularly when considering you can play...Show More Summary

BADLAND 2 - Badland 2 takes everything to love about Badland and turns it up to 11

Sequels can be an tough business. Similar to the way it’s hard for a band to have a hit with their second album, the second game in a franchise is usually really tough. There are so many things in play at that point — number one being the stress of the expectation others have to produce another hit. Show More Summary

Star Hammer: The Vanguard Prophecy - Star Hammer: The Vanguard Prophecy is “a quiet gem” – 4/5 from Pocket Tactics

Star Hammer: The Vanguard Prophecy, published by Slitherine, has ships. A gritty, granular turn-based smorgasbord of ships. Having jumped from PC to iPad, one of 2015’s better strategies has arrived intact. … Star Hammer touts a hefty sixty-odd mission campaign beyond its skirmish component. Show More Summary

Football Manager Touch 2016 - Football Manager Touch 2016 gets top marks at Touch Arcade

Despite the 3D engine disappointment, the game still stands as the king of manager games on iOS and an extremely-easy recommendation to anyone even remotely interested in sports. The game’s depth is probably incomparable to anythingShow More Summary

A Good Snowman Is Hard To Build - “Easy to Love” – A Good Snowman is Hard gets perfect 5/5 from Gamezebo

Oh my gosh this game. This game. If you dilute it down to its most basic elements, A Good Snowman is Hard to Build is basically sokoban – a very common sort of puzzle game that has you pushing blocks around various environments. I remember...Show More Summary

Pocket Troops - Pocket Troops is a ‘bite-sized war game’ – 4/5 from Gamezebo

Pocket Troops is the sort of bite-sized war game that makes for a good fit on a mobile platform. It’s involved enough to keep your attention, but hands-off enough that you don’t really feel like you have to hover over it at all times. Show More Summary

Devouring Stars - Devouring Stars will fill you up

Games that let you abstractly play God are always fun. In Devouring stars, a real time strategy game released today from Bulkypix and Nerial, you get to pit galaxies against each other in a quest to rule the universe. Strategy does play...Show More Summary

The Incorruptibles – Knights of the Realm - The Incorruptibles – It’s like Clash of Clans on super hard mode

I’ve been harsh on Clash of Clan clones at times. But that one game really has spawned a whole new genre. They aren’t really simulation, they certainly aren’t city builders, they are something unique. The Incorruptibles has taken the...Show More Summary

Maestria - If Monument Valley were a music game, it would be Maestria

A beautiful isometric world is a strange place for a simple puzzle game. But wow does it set the mood for the story of the game. In Maestria the goal of the game is to ring the bells in a certain order with a ring that proceeds out from the main character, Fugue’s body. Show More Summary

Rayman Adventures - Rayman Adventures Bounces onto the scene

The recent Rayman games on mobile have both been pretty good and Rayman Adventures continues on that well honed formula but is slightly tarnished by being the first free to play version in this series. This action platformer is beautiful, and fun, but now free to play. Show More Summary

Star Wars: Commander – Worlds in Conflict - Star Wars: The Force Awakens comes to Star Wars: Commander

Star Wars: Commander is arguably the best Star Wars game for mobile right now. Yet it seems to be the least appreciated of the three main ones. The other two big ones are just plain boring repetitive gatcha games. While it can be said that Star Wars: Commander takes a lot of inspiration from Clash of Clans, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Show More Summary

Aralon: Forge and Flame - Touch Arcade gives Aralon: Forge and Flame 4/5

Taken as a complete experience, I enjoyed Aralon: Forge And Flame enough that I made my way through the game in only a few sessions. I can’t say I was completely satisfied in the end, but I had a lot of fun along the way, more than you might expect from my critical breakdown of the game’s various working parts. Show More Summary

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