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Best iPhone and iPad Game of the Week: 9/19/14 - 'FOTONICA'

This week we're dropping the "s" from the title as we only reviewed one really great game this week. But, this was a week filled with iPhone news, a major iOS release, new phones, and all the junk that comes with that so you can't really blame us with being a little preoccupied with stuff

TGS 2014: Hands-On With 'Chaos Rings 3'

The kids are back in school and the temperatures are cooling down, and in Japan that means it's the time of the year for the annual Tokyo Game Show. I got hands-on time with a bunch of cool upcoming games, but I figured you guys might be interested in hearing about this one first. Square

'FOTONICA' Review - A Running Riot

I'm going to take a guess, dear reader, and say that you have played an endless runner or two hundred. I don't think you've played anything on mobile quite like Fotonica [$2.99]. It's an auto-runner by way of Mirror's Edge [$0.99 / $9.99 (HD)] – not the side-scrolling game, but the original game, in first-person,

'Hyper Trip' Review: A Trip That Loses Control

I am willing to admit that I have a soft spot for challenging, minimalist arcade games. The thing that fascinates me about something like a Super Hexagon [$2.99] or Flappy Bird is the way that such small concepts can be designed in such ways that they inspire constant replayability despite having such simple concepts. And

'Chronology: Time Changes Everything' Review - Can we Coin the Term Braid-like?

Developer Osao dropped Chronology: Time Changes Everything [Free] on the App Store last week. If the title didn't give it away, Chronology is a platform game that grants you, the player, the ability to manipulate time. Straddling the time periods directly before and after an apocalyptic event, it's up to you to discover the cause

iPhone 6 Launch Day is Here

Well, today is the day of the iPhone 6 (and 6 Plus) launch. If you're not already in line for one or have a tracking numbers that's out for delivery, it's probably going to be a while before you get your hands on one. Like most iPhone launches, supply seems to be tight- Particularly when

'Kapsula' Review - In Soviet Russia, Blocks Match You

Yes, I went for the low-hanging fruit with the review title. Let's just try to move past that and get to the game I want to tell you about today, Kapsula [$1.99]. This is a pretty unusual game. If it wasn't so utterly out there with its theme, I'd almost think it was the product

'Undefeated' is the First Official Mobile Port of an RPG Maker VX Ace Game, Coming October 3rd

RPG Maker is a software solution that's been around for decades, and unsurprisingly, its purpose is to make it easy for game designers to create role-playing games. This week, it was announced that the first official mobile port of an RPG Maker game is coming on October 3rd. The game is called Undefeated, and although

'Shoot The Moon' Review - Just Do What The Title Says

It's something that mobile gamers probably overlook more often than we should, but audio can add tremendously to the experience you get from a game. From the throaty growling threats of Sinistar to the playful jingle that plays when you die in Super Mario Bros. to the unsettling atmosphere of Bioshock, video games have always

HipstaFox Review

last monthMobile / Mobile Apps : 148Apps

HipstaFox is a great single that makes players long for the whole album. The post HipstaFox Review appeared first on 148Apps.

MOGA Rebel MFi Controller Review - Easily the Best Full-Size iOS Controller Currently Available

It's been about a year that we've been living in a world of MFi controllers, but for a variety of reasons official controller support on iOS hasn't been the massive hit everyone expected it to be. While a few decent controllers have been released, none of them have been perfect or particularly "must have", and

Hands-On with the New 'NHL 2K' for Mobile

Today, 2K Games announced a brand new NHL 2K game for mobile devices, and recently I had the chance to stop by their offices and give a near-final version of the game a spin. As a huge hockey fan, both the virtual kind and the real life kind, I was very pleased with how NHL

Free iOS 8 Update Now Available

Apple just flipped the switch (I actually imagine them pulling a huge lever) to release iOS 8 worldwide. If you've got a device that supports it, which amounts to anything more recent than the iPhone 4S, iPad 2, 5th gen iPod touch or iPad mini, you can download the update right now either through iTunes

Check Out Over 30 Minutes of Gameplay of Upcoming Cross Platform MMORPG 'Albion Online'

I've had my eye on Albion Online since it first got posted to our forums in early 2013 for two reasons: I totally dig the art style, and it's making a bunch of promises on being the first true cross-platform MMORPG with aspirations beyond being some kind of watered down Facebook game. As someone who

New iPhone Games Coming Tonight: 'The Maze Runner', 'Tactics Maiden', 'Robot Rundown' and More

Well, it's a weird week for iOS game releases. Most of the developers I talk to avoid releasing new games on the App Store around the time of major iOS releases and new hardware because if history has shown us anything, it's that the apps/games featured around this time are all of the developers lucky

Check Out the 'Gunslugs 2' Teaser Trailer, Launching Later this Year

If you've been hanging around the TouchArcade forums for the past few years, then you're no doubt familiar with Orangepixel games, aka solo developer Pascal Bestebroer. He's been making quality mobile games for years now, typically platforming games with sweet pixel graphics and a throwback feel, and he's amassed quite a dedicated following of fans

Victorian-Era Strategy Game 'Antihero' Lets You Stab, Sneak, and Steal Your Way to the Top, Next Year

I'm not particularly good at strategy games or asynchronous multiplayer — supply lines and terrain and Panzers are beyond me — so I can't do much but turn my nose up at the 4X genre's creeping renaissance on the App Store. There's a reason those old Kriegsspiele were designed for officers and not infantry. But

'Phantom Rift' Review - An Undercooked Homage

I wanted to love Phantom Rift [$2.99]. I wanted to give it my unabashed affection. I am quite fond of the Mega Man Battle Network series because of, well, everything about it. Certainly, paying homage to Mega Man is something Phantom Rift isn't doing, but the series itself is paying homage to boasted a unique

Low Poly Environmental God Game 'Biome' Coming to iOS Next Year

Biome is an upcoming environmental toy from the trio of developers that make up the fledgling studio known as Knick Knack. All angular polygons and electric greens and blues, Biome lets you "explore and transform the world as you play, unbound by goals or directives," as described on the website. Alternatively, you can: "Touch and

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