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'Vietnam '65' Review - The Rhythm of War Has Never Felt So Rewarding

"The line between disorder and order lies in logistics..." -Sun Tzu. It's hard to find a word that evokes as many connotations of hell, destruction, anger, and failure as the word "Vietnam" does for the collective American psyche. The Vietnam War was a war like no other - and that includes the current conflicts. For

The Frankenstein Wars – Ring In Christmas With The Undead

I’m certainly as much a fan of zombie games as the next guy, but there are other undead specimens that are just as cool and often tend to go virtually unnoticed.  The upcoming game The Frankenstein Wars takes the notion that someone has managed to harness the secrets of Dr. Frankenstein and create an army … Read more

Classic PC Game 'Terminal Velocity' Gets Surprise iOS Version

Oh hey, here's a cool little surprise. Classic PC game Terminal Velocity [$2.99] has – as you can tell by that little price tag there – been ported to iOS. The port was done by Mark Randel, co-founder of Terminal Reality, the game's original developer. The studio closed down in 2013, but Randel ported the

Lonnie Plays ‘Wild Horse Simulator’

What’s better than a horse simulator? A wild horse simulator, of course. There’s a game about that very thing, and Lonnie has made a video about it. Check it out above. The post Lonnie Plays ‘Wild Horse Simulator’ appeared first on Slide to Play. More about Wild Horse Simulator » The post Lonnie Plays ‘Wild Horse Simulator’ is from Slide To Play via YouTube.

Dual-Stick Shooter 'Trigonarium' Gets MFi Controller Support and New Modes

One of my favorite dual-stick shooters, at least before Geometry Wars 3 [$4.99] came out, has been Trigonarium [$1.99]. And really, the game still holds up pretty well on its own merits. And the game has been updated with some new stuff, including one vital feature: MFi controller support. Yes, you can now play this

Check Out 'Z-Exemplar', a Side-Scrolling Shoot 'em Up with ZX Spectrum Visuals

I love when developers take inspiration from older consoles and try to craft a new game with that console in mind. For example, Yacht Club Games' Shovel Knight for the 3DS absolutely feels like it could have been a genuine NES game back in the late '80s or early '90s. Or the sadly-no-longer-available-for-iOS Dark Void

'Star Wars: Uprising' is an Upcoming RPG from Kabam Taking Place Before 'The Force Awakens'

Disney and Kabam have just released the first details and a teaser trailer for a new Star Wars game that's coming to mobile later this year: Star Wars: Uprising. Being made at the Kabam RPG Studio in San Francisco, the one that made Spirit Lords [Free], this is sounding like an action-RPG where you can

'Hearthstone' Will Soon Have $9.99 Purely Cosmetic Hero Skins

Think you've spent too much money on Hearthstone [Free] already? Well, strap in for this one- Blizzard just announced that they're quickly adding cosmetic skins to the mix of things you can buy in game. They'll run $9.99, and when you unlock one it'll replace your existing hero portrait at the bottom of the playing

Butterscotch Shenanigans Reveal Impressive 'Crashlands' Campaign Modding System

The fine folks at Butterscotch Shenanigans do a podcast called Coffee with Butterscotch that covers the latest happenings around them and their games. The brothers Sam, Seth, and Adam Coster all have gloriously gravelly voices, so it's quite the pleasing listen. It's like your ears are being given a deep massage. And if you think

You Can Stop Asking About It Now: 'Hitman Sniper' Has Finally Launched in the App Store

We didn't know exactly when, but early yesterday we learned that Square Enix's perpetually soft-launched sniper-centric take on the Hitman franchise would be coming today. As promised, Hitman Sniper [$4.99] has finally, at long last, for really realsies been released to the App Store. Seriously! We last took a look at Hitman Sniper during last

'You Must Build A Boat' Review - You Must Buy This Game

To tell you the truth, friends, I'm actually pretty busy working on something today. That said, I was asked to come and write something for all of you about the new follow-up to Luca Redwood's 10000000 [$2.99]. It's called You Must Build A Boat [$2.99], and it's every bit as compelling as the first game.

Lonnie Plays ‘Pocket Mine 2?

The digging game Pocket Mine 2 is now available (for free, no less), and the loquacious YouTuber Lonnie has taken it for a spin. Give it a look above. The post Lonnie Plays ‘Pocket Mine 2? appeared first on Slide to Play. More about Pocket Mine 2 » The post Lonnie Plays ‘Pocket Mine 2? is from Slide To Play via YouTube.

Hate the Nazis? You'll Get to Fight Them in the Adventure Game 'Lost Horizon,' Coming From PC to iOS in July

Remember the story about that really cool action hero who fought the Nazis and a supernatural threat in a variety of exotic locales, always with good-looking women by his side? You know, the one whose adventures take place in 1936? Dr. Indiana Jones? Who's that? I'm talking about Fenton Paddock, the hero of the adventure

'Skiing Yeti Mountain' Review - Back on Down the Mountain We Come

Skiing Yeti Mountain [Free] is the kind of game that's best in a bunch of small doses over time. The gameplay is solid, the controls excellent, and the structure of this skiing game is great for mobile. But in trying ot be this experience that you play over a long time, it doesn't do a

'Skylanders Superchargers' Coming in September, Introduces Sea, Air, and Land Vehicles

Skylanders games are for me a great encapsulation of the effects of the digital age on childhood: you get to play with a toy, just like the olden days, but instead of imagining that toy coming to life, digital technology does that for you by bringing the toy into a fully-interactive 3D world. And if,

FMV Detective Game 'Her Story' Launches in Late June

Sam Barlow's upcoming FMV mystery game Her Story has a release date: June 24th. In about three weeks, you'll be playing this detective game, where you watch video of a woman talking to the police, as you try to cross-reference and stitch together everything that she says in order to figure out the truth about

'Bean Dreams' Has Officially Doubled its Content in Latest Update

It feels like Kumobius is updating their games on a bi-weekly basis now. Bean Dreams [$2.99] is the latest game to get an update, with 3 new worlds adding in 18 levels in total. The trampolines from Bean's Quest [$2.99] are back, which bounce you up to the height you were at. Challenging stuff to

'Mobius: Final Fantasy' Launches in Japan

Big news out of Japan, as the long-anticipated Mobius: Final Fantasy has just released in Japan. Thanks to forum reader leocold, we now know that the game is out in Japan on both the App Store and Google Play. We'll finally get to see just how this one plays: footage seemed to indicate that there'd

'Hopiko' Hands-On Preview: Live Fast, Die a Lot

Sometimes when you play a game, you just realize that it looks really cool, and like you want to play it. Hopiko from Laser Dog Games, creators of the fun Alone [$1.99], was one of those games that appealed to me right away when they first announced it. I sadly wasn't at the event in

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