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GDC 2014: Be-Rad Entertainment's 'A Spire to the Gods', a Pixely Dungeon Crawler Similar to 'Dungelot'

You're likely familiar with Be-Rad Entertainment for their previous iOS releases Lame Castle or the movie tie-in puzzler WarGames:WOPR, and here at GDC they're showing off a new project called A Spire to the Gods. It's a dungeon crawler that's played by uncovering panels of each floor to find the proper path or face whatever

GDC 2014: 'Phil the Pill', a Puzzler with Dancing Pill Bugs

Curious Media is a prolific developer on many platforms, mostly focusing on licensed IP work. However, they're anxious to work on some of their own creations, one of which is Phil the Pill which is heading to iOS later this year. It's a puzzler sort of like Pac-Man where you direct your pill bug down

New 'Godfire: Rise of Prometheus' Trailer Released, Plus Some Hands-on Impressions from GDC

In August of last year, Vivid Games announced a new 3rd-person action adventure game based in Greek Mythology called Godfire: Rise of Prometheus. The screens they released looked great, and the following month Vivid teased us with a brief trailer, which only made us even more eager to get our hands on Godfire. Well, that

GDC 2014: 'Battle Casters', a Dual Stick Dungeon Crawler from the Makers of 'Mega Jump' and 'Mega Run'

Get Set Games is pretty popular on the iOS and Android platforms with such hits as Mega Jump and Mega Run, and talking with them at GDC in years past it's really clear they're brimming with cool game ideas. One type of game they've always wanted to create is a dual-stick shooter, so they're going

GDC 2014: Acceleroto's 'Unpossible' Will Be Your Next "Twitch Game" Obsession

While super difficult, fast-reaction arcade games are nothing new, it feels like ever since Terry Cavanagh's Super Hexagon hit the scene the genre has gained prominence, even earning its own classification called "twitch games." Long-time iOS developer Acceleroto has their own brand of twitch game coming up called Unpossible, and it's absolutely awesome. It feels

GDC 2014: 'Ravensburger Puzzle' is Your One-stop Shop for Digital Jigsaw Puzzles

The arrival of the iPad has revolutionized many classic gaming pastimes. One example would be board games. While not a complete replacement for physically rolling dice and moving pieces across a board, it sure is convenient to be able to take many board games with you wherever you go, all stored neatly in digital form

GDC 2014: Another Look at 'Drifter'

Drifter is a game we've been looking at since GDC 2012, following a successful Kickstarter and Steam Green Light campaign, the game is closer than ever to being done. The developers are still solidly in "When it's done" mode, but they're thinking it'll be done later this year. With so much talk of the PC

GDC 2014: 'Here Be Monsters' - A Free to Play Game That Does Everything

We're not big into previewing many of these kind of timer-based multi-currency free to play games, but Here Be Monsters seems neat because it includes everything. You like crafting? They got it. Collecting, trapping monsters, fishing, tweaking out your homestead? They got it. They're billing it as a "light MMO" and while it might really

Impressive Space Shooter 'Star Horizon' Gets a New Hands-on Video, Launches this Week

If you remember earlier this month I posted a trailer for a new game called Star Horizon, a visually-stunning on-rails space shooter from Tabasco Interactive. If you missed that trailer, go check it out now. Seriously, I'll wait. All done? Ok good, because Star Horizon is set to launch later this week, and today the

GDC 2014: 'Word Explorer' from Tower Studios Let's You Practice Your Spelling while Traveling the World

Word games are a perfect fit for mobile, and Tower Studios' upcoming Word Explorer even seems fit for the jet-setting lifestyle of a mobile gamer. Or, if you're a more sedentary mobile gamer like me, it can at least simulate the feeling of jetting all over the world. Its extensive list of puzzles are based

GDC 2014: 'Leo's Fortune' - A Beautiful Physics Platformer

Another game we saw today at GDC was Leo's Fortune, a super slick looking physics-based platformer featuring a weird green puff named Leopold. You can inflate yourself to float, interact with puzzle elements in game, and more. Additionally, they've made sure that even though some of the platforming elements can be frustrating, you instantly respawn

GDC 2014: 'Tilt to Live 2' Update Adds New Game Mode

Tilt to Live [$2.99] and Tilt to Live 2 [$2.99] are both games that are just perma-installed on every iOS device I have. They're great tilt games, and the sequel is turning in to something super awesome, particularly with the upcoming Brimstone Pinball mode update which takes a power up from the original game mode

GDC 2014: 'Darkin' - A Neat 'Dungeon Raid'-like

Dungeon Raid [$1.99] is still one of my favorite games, but it hasn't been updated since early 2011 and is really starting to feel old. Well, Darkin is setting out to offer an updated vampire-themed experience which feels a lot like the Dungeon Raid experience only... made this year: Darkin is still in development, and

GDC 2014: Fling Your Character Around Ragdoll-style in 'The Sleeping Prince', a Silly Platformer from Signal Studios

Seattle-based Signal Studios is at GDC showing off their upcoming platformer The Sleeping Prince. Before we got into our demo, I was fully expecting a completely different game. I mean, I see a cutesy art style and a game about a royal family, and it's a free to play title, so I instantly expected some

GDC 2014: 'Gunner X' - Mow Down Aliens From an AC-130

If your favorite level of Call of Duty involves raining death from an AC-130, Gunner X is another game on the App Store that'll be right up your alley. It's sort of crazy just how similar it is to Zombie Gunship [$0.99], but it is developed by some of the same people who had their

GDC 2014: Proletariat's 'World Zombination', a Massively Online Zombie Apocalypse

Developer Proletariat is here at GDC showing off their interesting looking massively multiplayer strategy game World Zombination. It's a classic tale of humans fighting against a zombie invasion, but with the twist that you can play as either side. The MMO element has to do with how many players will all be plugged into the

'RollerCoaster Tycoon 4 Mobile' Heading to the App Store for $2.99

A couple of weeks ago, Atari created quite a buzz by mentioning the beloved and long-dormant franchise RollerCoaster Tycoon on their Twitter account. Nobody really knew what to make of it, but things just got more confusing from there as a few days later they tweeted another mention of the game along with the hashtag

GDC 2014: GameResort's 'Adventure Beaks', a Runner that Features Dressing Up Penguins

GameResort is responsible for some of my favorite iOS games, like Biplane and Downhill Bowling, and they're at GDC this week showing off their latest effort Adventure Beaks. It's a runner, which admittedly is a tough sell nowadays, but hear me out as this one is incredibly well done. The level designs are wonderful, and

GDC 2014: An Updated Look at 'Framed' from Loveshack Entertainment

One of my most highly-anticipated upcoming games is Framed from Australia-based Loveshack Entertainment. It's sort of a puzzle game mixed with a noir style graphic novel, where you must place the various frames of each scene in the proper order to ensure your character can make their way past various guards and other obstacles. It's

GDC 2014: Ensomniac's 'Quest', a Runner with Great Visuals and 'Fruit Ninja' Swiping Elements

You may be familiar with Ensomniac Studios by their iOS game Glint [Free], which was just released to the App Store last week. The one-man studio is here at GDC showing off a new iOS gaming project, tentatively titled Quest. It's a side-scrolling runner heavily inspired by Temple Run, which is the first game that

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