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'Pixel Heroes: Byte & Magic' Review - This Mini-RPG Could Use More Byte

There are a lot of pieces of Pixel Heroes [$6.99] that would have had a much stronger effect on me a couple of years ago. The well-designed faux-retro graphics and sound, the roguelike elements, and the referential sense of humor are all things that have appeal for me, but even the marriage of these particular

'SwapQuest' Makes a Path to the App Store Next Week

Rebusmind's new game SwapQuest is coming next Thursday, March 19th. They're describing it as Pipe Dreams meets Final Fantasy. The idea is that you move around the world by swapping different ground tiles to move, attacking enemies you encounter, collecting treasure and whatnot along the way as well. Witht the gold and experience you earn,

'Radical' Gets 1.1 Update with New Mode, Game on Track to Out-Earn 'Mikey Shorts'

First, the game-related news. Radical [Free], BeaverTap Games' attempt at making an endless flyer in the quick-reaction genre, has its 1.1 update, adding a new mode and ad removal IAP. Radical mode is super-hard, giving you practically zero time to think about what's happening. I can get over 100 in hard, I'm struggling to score

Best of GDC 2015: 'Crashlands', 'Does Not Commute', 'Sorcery! 3' and 'Spider: Rite of the Shrouded Moon'

As you all know, last week was GDC 2015 and it was a week-long whirlwind of developer meetings, game demos, walking and Denny's. Everyone is in town all at once and we try to meet with as many people and see as many iOS games as possible. It's exhausting and overwhelming and fun all at

Why is Amazon Game Studios Making iOS Games Now?

Amazon has been making games exclusively for their Android-powered Fire devices, but now those games look like they're coming to iOS. As announced recently by Amazon Game Studios, four games are on their way to iOS. Two are already out: Tales from Deep Space is already on Fire Tablet, and To-Fu Fury was a Fire

'WWE Immortals' Challenge Guide - Tips To Beat The Challenges And Take The Prize

Now that Warner Bros.'s fantasy wrestling brawler WWE Immortals [Free] has been out for a little while and the nastier bugs have gotten fixed, we're starting to see a regular schedule of Challenges appearing. Similar to its cousin Injustice, exclusive Gold Superstars will be distributed this way on a fairly regular basis. Since there's a

'Tales from the Borderlands' Episode 2 "Atlas Mugged" Releases Next Week

With episode two of Game of Thrones [$4.99] from Telltale already out, fans of the Tales from the Borderlands [$4.99] series were left waiting and wondering when episode 2 of that series was going to be out. Well, good news, folks! Telltale has just announced that episode 2 is rolling out on iOS (and other

NaturalMotions' 'Dawn of Titans' Looks Pretty, but Will it Innovate?

NaturalMotion, the studio acquired by Zynga last year, have just announced their latest game, Dawn of Titans. And boy is it looking pretty. The game is promising real-time battles with thousands of units fighting at once, and giant creatures battling with them. NaturalMotion's games have been known for their production values, and they're going all

GDC 2015: Could 'Wild Wastes' Succeed as a Cross-Platform Multiplayer Open-World Zombie Survival Game?

Everplay Interactive (not to be confused with video service Everyplay) and Cookiebit, developers of such games like 1001 Attempts [Free] are hard at work on Wild Wastes, a game that's actually expanding out from the mobile focus that the companies are known for. They're describing this as The Last of Us meets Nuclear Throne as

GDC 2015: 'The Soul' is a Hack 'n Slasher Based on Chinese History

Along with their upcoming Guardian Stone, Toast and NHN Entertainment are working on a hack-and-slash game called The Soul. Here, you control a warrior who uses souls they collect as abilities in battle. Up to four can be equipped and deployed in combat, with different effects and recharge times for each, as you fight through

'Party Hard' Will Have You Kill the Party, Literally.

Here is a game that Andrew W.K. would probably hate, because it's a game about killing the party literally. Ironically enough, it's named Party Hard, as it's a game where you decide to murder an entire loud party because they're loud and you're tired of it. So you use traps, stab people surreptitiously, and try

Here are Four Apple Watch Games We Know Are Coming

For what seemed like forever people had been speculating about Apple making some kind of smartwatch. Last September, alongside the unveiling of the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, Apple also officially introduced their entry into the world of wearable tech with a watch that was simply called Apple Watch. Or ?Watch if you're

Apple Watch Keynote Roundup: Pricing, Models, and Availability

Apple has just wrapped up their "Spring Forward" media event, and at long last many of the finer details about the Apple Watch have been unveiled. Finally we know specific pricing for the various Apple Watch models, and we finally know when the general public will be able to get their hands on the watch:

The Apple Watch Keynote is Starting Soon, Are You Expecting Games?

Today is the day that we all get to tally our score cards with regards to what the Apple rumor mill was and wasn't right about with the announcement of the Apple Watch set to begin in just under two hours at 10:00 AM Pacific. A lot has been revealed already with regards to how

GDC 2015: First Look at 'Super Stickman Golf 3' and its Level Editor

Noodlecake is about to make their stick golf series into a trilogy. Super Stickman Golf [$2.99] and Super Stickman Golf 2 [Free] were smash hits, but the one feature they've lacked is a solid level editor. That's what they're hoping to change with Super Stickman Golf 3. We got a first look at the level

GDC 2015: 'Brickies' by Noodlecake Puts a Cool Spin on Brick Breakers

In 2015's App Store, it's really hard to try to add something new to genres that have been done so many times. Brick breakers are definitely one of those cases, so I was pleasantly surprised to see the dudes at Noodlecake managed a twist that at least had us saying, "Huh, that's neat."...Which doesn't

GDC 2015: It's Not Hard to Compare Noodlecake's 'Tiltagon' to 'Super Hexagon'

I feel like comparing something to Super Hexagon [$2.99] to something is a risky venture, but it's appropriate here. Tiltagon is yet another game on the Noodlecake buffet, and in it you tilt a ball around to a series of increasingly difficult hexagonal platforms. It ticks the checkboxes of a good ultra-difficult game, as evident

GDC 2015: 'Slots of Farwater' is Noodlecake's Spin on Slots

Noodlecake had a lot on their plate at GDC, but that just seems to be how they roll. The first thing they showed us was their upcoming Slots of Farwater, which seems to be their spin on combining slot machines with something a little deeper. Add RPG elements to anything and it seems to get

GDC 2015: 'Nightmare Guardians' is a... MOBA Defense?

Another game in the rapid-fire onslaught of GDC meetings was Nightmare Guardians, which is sort of difficult to describe as a specific genre. It's got MOBA elements in that you're controlling a hero around, but the goal is defending the dream world in an almost castle-defense kind of way. I dig it, largely because so

GDC 2013: 'Warfriends' Lets You Make Friends AND War

Firing rockets is the best way to make friends, or at least, that's what Warfriends is shooting for. In the game, you take sides and dispatch soldiers as well as take shots at the opposing enemy player. Hiding behind shields, popping off a few rounds, and dispatching helicopters is a lot of fun, check it

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