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How often do you charge your Galaxy S9/S9+?

Be prepared for frequent top-ups. The Galaxy S9 and S9+ are solid upgrades over the S8 series in just about every way, but one area that didn't see any sort of improvement is battery capacity. Just like the Galaxy S8 and S8+ before them,...Show More Summary

Qualcomm wants to make 'XR' a thing with its future-forward developer kit

Whatever we call it, Qualcomm wants to make sure its name is on the box. As the lines between virtual reality and augmented reality blur, thanks to things like phones capable of doing both and apps starting to live in both spaces, it...Show More Summary

Galaxy S9 Tips: First 9 things to do with your new S9 or S9+

If you're one of the many people picking up a new Galaxy S9 or S9+ in recent days, then you might be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of stuff this phone can do. If you can imagine a phone doing it, chances are it's a feature on the latest Samsung flagships. Show More Summary

New Research Points to the Power of Predictive Analytics

Mobileum, a leader in roaming and traveler data analytics, has announced new research aimed at telecom service providers looking to understand key trends and identify new opportunities to transform and monetize roaming business in an increasingly disrupted marketplace. Show More Summary

SMS Messaging Innovator Integrates with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing

On Tuesday, TeleSign announced it will bring its global SMS messaging capabilities to Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing. With TeleSign’s SMS app, Dynamics 365 for Marketing users can seamlessly send SMS-based marketing campaigns including alerts, reminders and notifications to increase engagement, usage and brand awareness. Show More Summary

Fortumo Launches Open Bundling Platform for Co-Marketing

Recently, mobile technology company Fortumo has launched its bundling platform Trident to the general public. The platform is now available for all digital merchants using co-marketing to sell complementing products as part of one package. Show More Summary

It's Finally Luigi Time in 'Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp'

Nintendo's Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp [Free] has been running a Super Mario event since March 10th, a day that has been designated MAR10 Day because everyone's got to be cute these days. A handful of Mario-related items were made available for crafting, including Mario's hat, a Super Mushroom, and so on. There were some noticeable

'Crying Stars' is an 'FTL'-Inspired Space Roguelike Coming to iPad

Alt Shift is working on a promising title called Crying Suns, a tactical, roguelike-inspired game that draws heavy inspiration from FTL [$9.99 (HD)], Dune, and Isaac Asimov's Foundation, while also featuring a story focus. The galactic empire has fallen, space has fallen into chaos, and humanity is near its ruin. The OMNIs, powerful robots, have

Developer PSA: You Can No Longer Edit the 'What’s New' or Support URLs for an App Without Submitting a New Build for Approval from April

Apple quietly rolled out a change to a certain feature that allowed developers some leeway with typos and the ‘What’s New’ section in general in addition to support URLs. Beginning April, developers can no longer edit either of these sections without submitting a new app update to the App Store. Until now, developers could change

PUBG Mobile: Tips and tricks to help you stay alive!

How to survive as long as possible in PUBG Mobile! The massively popular batte royale game PUBG has made its way over to the iPhone. The 100-man free-for-all style of the game is exciting, but requires a ton of practice to get really good. Show More Summary

HTC's Vive Focus VR headset is super cool, but you can't have one

It was supposed to be the first Daydream Standalone headset, but HTC is doing something potentially more interesting now. Back at Google I/O last year, Daydream Standalone was teased as the next big thing in VR from Google. A big part...Show More Summary

Gorogoa: how the hit indie game derived from a failed comic book

"I came to realize that composing the page was more interesting to me that sequential storytelling," shared Gorogoa dev Jason Roberts "I had to do something with it, even if it wasn't going to be a comic."...

Apple and IBM match-make Watson and Core ML power couple

Watson Services for Core ML let enterprise customers take their AI anywhere. Watson is IBM's artificial intelligence service. You may remember it from Jeopardy. Core ML is Apple's machine learning integration framework. It's been called the PDF of AI. Show More Summary

This software architect built a device that gives HomePod Bluetooth support

What do you do when you want line-in and Bluetooth support on your HomePod? If you're Andrew Faden, you build a workaround. HomePod was built to sound great. It boasts a double-whammy of Apple-engineered audio technology and advanced...Show More Summary

Protect the notch with a 3-pack of iPhone X glass screen protectors for $6

Amazon is offering a 3-pack of Foxnovo iPhone X Tempered Glass Screen Protectors on sale for $5.99 when you apply coupon code 3IUGC3L6 at checkout. This saves you $2 off the normal price. These protectors are designed to keep your screen safe from scratches, fingerprints, smears, and most impacts. Show More Summary

The Google Clips camera is down to $212 today

The Google Clips AI-powered camera is down to $212.49 through Best Buy's eBay store with code PSPRINGTIME. It sells for $250 without the code and that's what it's going for everywhere else as well. This camera does not go on sale. Pretty...Show More Summary

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo Switch: Everything we know so far!

Starving for info about Smash Brothers on your Switch? Here's everything we know so far. On March 8, 2018 I felt the ground shake as the internet collectively lost its mind. The reason for this was a flaming logo. For those unfamiliar with the franchise, it may not seem like a big deal, but for fans of Super Smash Bros., it was. Show More Summary

Audible is now available on Sonos speakers

Ready to use right now. Smart speakers from Amazon, Google, and Apple are incredibly popular right now, but even so, Sonos has managed to stay plenty relevant. Today, the company is adding something to its speakers that fans have been...Show More Summary

GDC 2018: 'ThunderDogs' is a Slick Multiplayer Dogfighting Game from 'Beat Street' Developer Lucky Kat

Developer Lucky Kat makes some of my favorite mobile games, like Beat Street [Free], Sky Chasers [Free], and Combo Critters [Free]. So of course I was excited to see what they had to show off at GDC 2018. Especially because what I saw briefly from them during last year's GDC was a very early prototype

GDC 2018: 'Astrologaster' is a Comedic Astrologist Game from the Makers of 'Tengami'

Tengami [$3.99] was a game that we followed intently during its development due to its unique pop-up book-style visuals, and when it finally released in early 2014 it earned plenty of accolades including our own positive review. Now developer Nyamyam is back with a new game that uses the same pop-up book engine as Tengami.

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