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Get a lifetime subscription to premium web development courses for $50

A career in web development is a career well-invested in in today's marketplace. Many companies are moving to an entirely online business model, and if you're looking for job security, you'll want to get in on the development side if you're at all interested. Show More Summary

We're Streaming iOS Games Live on Mobcrush [Switch Saturday]

We're streaming live on Mobcrush right now. There's a couple different ways you can watch the stream, and they all work equally well and it's really just a matter of personal preference as to which method you prefer. The easiest way to watch is just watching the embedded player right here on TouchArcade. In the

Verizon's Galaxy S8 won't help you shop on Amazon

Samsung already gave a heads-up that Bixby wouldn't be complete when the Galaxy S8 launched, but Verizon customers will have to make do with less than most... for a while, anyway. The American carrier has confirmed to CNET that its version of the S8 doesn't currently let you use Bixby Vision to find products on Amazon just by pointing your camera. Show More Summary

The EFF calls out Google for privacy issues in the EDU sector but the school districts need educated, too

Chromebooks for education is an excellent program, but it looks like the educators need a little more teaching when it comes to getting started. The EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) has renewed their charge against Google, Microsoft, and Apple for the way student privacy is handled in their respective educational markets. Show More Summary

How to fix one eye displaying darker than the other in VR

A lingering issue plenty of users have reported in VR is one displaying darker than other. As the technology for VR grows and develop, there are going to be small problems that crop up. One of the lingering problems that's been cropping...Show More Summary

Best shooter games for iPhone and iPad

Ready, aim, fire! These great shooters will keep your iPhone and Pad smoking! Shooters are typically high octane fast-paced adrenaline-pumping games that are filled with explosions, acts of violence, and of course, lots of gunfire. They...Show More Summary

Make the Bixby button great again: BixRemap will open Google Now instead

If Bixby isn't your thing, here's how to replace it with Google Now. The Galaxy S8 has been mostly well received by everyone. Blogger and users who have scored their phones already are saying really good things, and even the naysayers are impressed with the hardware. Show More Summary

Shop Pad & Quill's Anniversary Sale and enter to win fantastic prizes!

Help celebrate Pad & Quill's 7th anniversary and check out the best prices of the year with their Anniversary Sale! Through the end of the month you can save up to 25% on all the most popular items that P&Q makes. These sales don't come...Show More Summary

Open up in this weekend's comments thread

Sit back, relax and chat about stuff because it's the weekend! The weekend is finally here. The five days between them sometimes feel like they take forever, but this week was pretty cool with all the Galaxy S8 stuff. Flo and Daniel have to be especially grateful that the calendar says Saturday this week. Show More Summary

iPad: The ultimate guide

Everything you need to know about iPad Pro, iPad, and iPad mini! Updated April, 2017: Apple has released the new, low-cost iPad (5th Generation) and retired the iPad Air 2. A touch-enabled web reader. An internet TV. And a gaming console. Show More Summary

With the Galaxy S8, Samsung grabs the smartphone design crown

In the interest of full disclosure, I'll admit my bias right up front: I have never liked Samsung's smartphones. The Galaxy and Note series have both been wildly successful -- so much so that they basically cemented Samsung's status as Apple's equal in the smartphone war, at least here in the US. Show More Summary

Twelve apps for your Mac that will help you unleash your creative side!

When you're a creative, the apps for your Mac are everything. They help you work, play, and create with greater efficiency, but finding the right apps can be a little daunting. The best apps aren't free, so it may be tough to make the right decision where to spend your money wisely. Show More Summary

Seven Rickdiculous things you can do in Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality

If you aren't playing Rick and Morty in VR, you are wrong. The folks behind Job Simulator, arguably the most popular game in VR today, have teamed up with Adult Swim Games to release Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality. As the name suggests, it's a Rick and Morty adventure with a unique VR twist. Show More Summary

Get a lifetime of unlimited mobile backup for $20

At this point, your whole life is on your phone and it would absolutely suck if it died and you lost all of that valuable information. Your best option is to create an online backup of your device since a backup on your computer is still...Show More Summary

Hate the Galaxy S8's unlocking options? Buy a Fitbit

The Galaxy S8's fingerprint sensor placement has some people in a tizzy. Here's how to avoid using it and still keep your device safe. The Galaxy S8 is a great phone with a lot of ways to unlock the screen. That stems from the fact that...Show More Summary

Samsung | Ostrich

Some say “it can’t be done”. Others dare to see the world differently. With the Galaxy S8, Gear VR and Gear 360, you can now explore a whole new world of possibilities. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]

Grab Samsung's 11300mAh power bank for just $40 today

Being able to charge your phone while on the go is a great thing, and portable batteries are the best way to do that. Samsung’s 11300mAh external battery will ensure your phone can be charged from anywhere, and today you can grab one for $40. ...

Lawsuit takes aim at Google, Huawei over Nexus 6P battery issues

A federal class action complaint has been filed accusing Google and Huawei of fraud, breaching warranty and improperly handling customer complaints after a number of Nexus 6P smartphones unexpectedly shut down and became trapped in "boot loop" cycles. Show More Summary

The Moto Z2 Play looks very familiar

You probably picked up the Moto Z Play for its long battery life, mid-range price and compatibility with Motrola's flagship modular backs. If you were worried that those components wouldn't work on the next version of the handset, don't...Show More Summary

Go Away, Windows Updates - The TouchArcade Show #303

Double apologies for TouchArcade Patreon backers this week, as a SNAFU with my dumb computer instantly rebooting when I told it not to install Windows Updates (Thanks, Windows 11) resulted in a corrupted MP4 file for the first 3/4 or so of our video podcast. If you're a bad enough dude to attempt to recover

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