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Tip of the Day: Enabling Do Not Disturb while actively using your iPhone

4 hours agoTechnology / Mobile : iLounge

The “Do Not Disturb” feature in iOS can be very useful for keeping your iPhone from bothering you with notifications at inappropriate times, such as when you’re in a meeting or while you’re sleeping. By default, however, notifications...Show More Summary

NHL Teams Up With MLB Advanced Media To Create New Digital Products And Platforms

One of the greatest things to come out of Major League Baseball might not be a particular team, player or record. It could be its Advanced Media group, which is a powerhouse in online streaming. Today, the group has inked a deal with NHL. Show More Summary

30 minutes with the new Moto G, flagship killer

Moto G orders are beginning to arrive, and I just got mine. Of course I stopped everything and opened up the box to get it all in order, and I'm already pleased. I liked the 2014 version of the Moto G, so I'm a little biased. And that's OK — people who blog about phones on the Internet are allowed to like things. Show More Summary

What you need to know about Android and Windows 10

While Android is likely your go-to for mobile technology, the desktop-and-laptop world is still largely dominated by Windows machines. If you fall into that category, you've probably heard about this big update to Windows by now. There's a lot to like about Windows 10, including the price tag if you're running a fairly modern version of the OS. Show More Summary

Link Bubble receives Material Design overhaul as it changes management

Link Bubble, the rather unique web browser for Android, has received its largest update yet, as developer Chris Lacy says goodbye to the app. The update brings a number of big changes to the browser, one of them being an all-new Material Design overhaul. Show More Summary

More invites to Google's Project Fi are rolling out!

If you've been waiting for an invite to Google's Project Fi, now might be a good time to check your inbox. We've gotten invites. And a number of you have let us know what you're getting invites. Now for the tougher question — do youShow More Summary

This is the PLAYBULB Garden Solar LED Light

The PLAYBULB Garden provides unique lighting features for any special spot in your yard. Since our first hands-on with the PLAYBULB Rainbow Light, we've had a chance to check out the rest of Mipow's fancy lighting lineup. The outdoor...Show More Summary

Weekly poll: How do you transfer files? (Or do you at all?)

Some of us will eventually need (or want) to copy a file from our phone to our computer, or from our computer to our phone. Pictures, videos, work documents — there are plenty of things we want access to from both the desktop (or laptop) and on our phone while on the go. Show More Summary

Trusted Face in Lollipop, explained

The way your phone analyzes your face to unlock has changed since KitKat, and it's been for the better. Through the last several years, face unlock has received several small updates but because of the way it worked and its unreliability to unlock your phone, many users chose not to bother with it. Show More Summary

Google to host Chrome Dev Summit November 17-18

Google is hosting a Chrome Dev Summit on November 17 and 18, which is an event for developers to meet with Chrome engineers and fellow developers. The event, which is being held in Google's Quad building in Mountain View, CA, will also be livestreamed for developers who are unable to make the trip to attend.

Get funky for President Obama's birthday with Google Play Music

August 4 is President Obama's 54th birthday, and if celebrating presidential birthdays is your cup of tea, Google Play Music has your back. To celebrate the occasion, you can now listen to a custom radio station on Google Play Music made up of some of President Obama's favorite songs.

HTC's 'Fantastic Four' promotion could have been better, but it's also not the end of the world

Those of us who have either the HTC One M8 or this year's M9 overnight were greeted by a slightly odd notification — an apparent advertisement for the upcoming "Fantastic Four" movie. When expanded, the notification appears at first to just be an advertisement. Show More Summary

Android One makes its way to Thailand with the i-mobile iQ II

The expansion of Google's Android One program is still continuing as Thailand becomes the latest country to join. The i-mobile iQ II will be the country's first device. Featuring a 5-inch HD display, along with an 8MP rear camera, and 2MP front-facing camera, the iQ II is a 4G-compatible phone.

Sales of Project Tango developer tablet open now in Canada and South Korea, more places Aug. 26

The developer tablet for "Project Tango" went on sale in the US via Google Store without an invite for the first time in May. Now the company has expanded sales of the tablet to two more countries, Canada and South Korea, with more countries joining in later in August.

Viber makes it easier to share content and make video calls in latest update

Viber's latest update brings along with it increased sharing functions, easier video calling and much more. The update, which is now available, also brings more payment options to the app, making it even easier to purchase credit for using the app.

Get the style you want with the Pujie Black Watch Face

Some watch faces are built to catch your eye, others to supply all the info you could possibly need at a glance, and yet others are filled with more options than you can shake a stick at. Pujie Black Watch Face tries to go for all three, and manages to do it well. Show More Summary

'Race the Sun' Review - The Hit Mobile Game Finally Comes to Mobile

Remember Cube Runner [Free]? Of course you do. It was probably one of the first games you put on your iPhone back in the day. It had some smooth 3D visuals and fun quick-reaction type gameplay that was a perfect fit for mobile. Well, flash forward five or six years and the New Hotness in

We're Streaming iOS Games Live on Mobcrush [Currently Offline]

We're streaming live on Mobcrush right now. There's a couple different ways you can watch the stream, and they all work equally well and it's really just a matter of personal preference as to which method you prefer. The easiest way to watch is just watching the embedded player right here on TouchArcade. In the

'Blendamaze' is a Color Mixing Labyrinth Game - Coming This Month

In the early days of the App Store, particularly in the pre-App Store jailbreak era, labyrinth games of all types were super popular. Developers hadn't really figured out what to do with iOS devices just yet, and using an accelerometer to tilt around a ball seemed like it made the most sense. Eventually Illusion Labs

'You Against Me' Review - Not the Punk Rock Band

In some ways, Easy 8's You Against Me [$0.99] is an unwitting argument in favor of going free-to-play. The game is a measly 99 cents, which means you could go to a Dollar Tree, buy a single item (an incredibly uncomfortable roll of toilet paper, perhaps), and have spent more money. And yet, it seems

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