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How to request Twitter verification on your iPhone

How do I request Twitter verification on my iPhone? Here's everything you need to know. Twitter recently streamlined the application process for getting your account verified. Instead of having to learn a secret handshake or know a person...Show More Summary

'Pokémon Go' has most first-week downloads in App Store history

Despite only being available in the United States, Australia and New Zealand for its first week, Apple has officially confirmed that Pokémon Go had the most downloads in its first week of any in the App Store's history. Considering that the game has launched in over 26 countries since then, including opening in Japan today, it might just keep breaking records. Source: TechCrunch

The best Android launchers

There are tons of launchers available for Android — these are some of the best! Launchers are the way Android users customize their smartphone and tablet experience. There's superficial stuff, like changing screen transitions, icons,...Show More Summary

How to evolve Eevee in Pokemon GO

16 hours agoMobile / Mobile Apps : 148Apps

By now, almost everyone should be hip to how to evolve Pokemon in Pokemon GO (and if not, there's a guide for that). Just gather enough candy of the appropriate type, feed them all to the Pokemon, and evolution happens. It's a miracle that would astound Darwin. [Read more]

Unsurprisingly, 'Pokemon GO' Breaks App Store Record for Most Downloads During First Week of Availability

In likely the least surprising Pokemon GO [Free] development to come out this week, Apple has recently confirmed that Niantic's overnight sensation has broken the record for most downloads in the first week of availability. That means it even beat out ultra-popular game series like Candy Crush, Angry Birds, and Clash of Clans as well

Android Central 298: It's dead, Jim

Three weeks of Moto Z in a row? It's almost as if someone was dragging out the release of this phone for more coverage. But we go where the news takes us. And this week we've got our official review of the Moto Z and Moto Z Force (plus...Show More Summary

Alcatel Idol 4S

The Alcatel Idol 4S is a unique unlocked Android phone that comes with a VR headset and plenty of other accessories, offering good value for the price.

This Pokeball Aimer Case for 'Pokemon GO' is a Brilliant Idea

So, you're having trouble catching all those rare Pokemon in Pokemon GO [Free]. By which I mean, that 100th Rattata and you're sick of wasting your Pokeballs with bad tosses. Sure, you can try to get that masterful curveball down, but maybe your curveball is more of a slurve and scouts are saying that kind

'Soundtrack Attack' Features 'Steven Universe' Music Remixes and a Character Creator

A new Steven Universe game has just hit the App Store, just in time for the 20 episodes in 4 weeks that the show is about to air on Cartoon Network. No kidding, Gravity Falls fans. Soundtrack Attack [Free] is pretty much designed for the Steven Universe super-fan. I mean, it starts off with you

There May Be Four Region Exclusive Pokemon in 'Pokemon GO'

One aspect of video gaming that Pokemon pioneered back in 1996 was version exclusives, which required you to find someone with the alternate title (or buy both games if you had more money than sense) to be able to truly Catch 'Em All. Of course, the recently released Pokemon GO [Free] is one one game,

'Teeny Titans' Getting Harley Quinn and More in New Update Soon

Teeny Titans [$3.99] is perhaps my biggest surprise of 2016. If you're somehow unfamiliar with the game, it's a Pokemon-like that has you running around the world of Teen Titans GO battling and collecting little figures based off of characters from the show. It has a super clever battle system and is dripping with polish

Nintendo Cautions Shareholders That 'Pokemon GO' May Make Less Money for Them Than Perceived

So far, Pokemon GO [Free] has made a lot of money. It's jumped high up the top grossing ranks almost instantaneously in the countries where it has been released. And Nintendo has seen a massive bump in their stock price because of it. But even Nintendo is saying that investors should take caution – because

iBooks: The ultimate guide

How do you sample, download, highlight, and customize your ebooks, PDFs, and audiobooks with Apple's iBooks app? We'll show you! iBooks is two apps in one. It lets you find and buy ebooks and audiobooks in the iBooks Store, and organize, view, and sync them in the iBooks reader. Show More Summary

How to emojify your Mac with Rocket

Have you always wished it were easier to use emojis on your Mac? Today is your lucky day! The Mac does have a universal emoji keyboard. You can access it by hitting command + control + space on your keyboard. You can also set a shortcut to it on your Menu bar. Show More Summary

FCC Wants Carriers to Step Up Anti-Robocall Efforts

17 hours agoTechnology / Mobile : Phone Scoop

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler today asked the country's major telephone providers to improve consumer tools for blocking robocalls. The FCC said robocalls continue to be one of the top complaints filed by consumers. Wheeler sent letters to AT&T, Bandwidth Comms, Frontier, Level3, Sprint, T-Mobile, U.S. Show More Summary

#EveryoneSpeaksFood: a Google Translate Pop-Up Restaurant

Food and Google Translate come together in #EveryoneSpeaksFood, a very tasty experiment. Google Translate is available on Android ( ) and iOS ( [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]

BlackBerry Security Summit: How Your Tea Kettle could be a Gateway for Hackers

At the BlackBerry Security Summit on July 19th, 2016, we had an epic showdown between Man and Tea Kettle… Yes, a Tea Kettle! Why? To show how anything that can connect to your Wi-Fi – like modern “smart” kitchen gadgets – can be compromised, and turned into a gateway for hackers to steal your email, financial details, and more. Show More Summary

Making of the Google Play Music Wall

Check out the amazing behind the scenes video detailing the making of the Google Play Music Wall. The Google Play Music Wall is an art installation piece comprised of over 3,000 headphone jacks, each playing a different song. The wall is powered by Google Play Music and contains over 3.4 miles of audio cabling! [[ This is a content summary only. Show More Summary

Samsung updates its Gear Watch Designer Beta software with support for the Gear S

Samsung has released an update for its Gear Watch Designer Beta application for Mac and Windows. In addition to bundling the standard flurry of bug fixes and stability improvements we’ve come to expect from any new software version,Show More Summary

SamsungOne font becomes the company’s official universal typeface for all of its products

Following Google and Apple, Samsung is the latest company to design its own font to represent its brand. SamsungOne is a universal typeface that will be featured on everything from smartphones to appliances. Reflecting the company’sShow More Summary

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