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Tip of the Day: Suspending or removing Apple Pay via iCloud

11 hours agoTechnology / Mobile : iLounge

Apple takes security pretty seriously, particularly when it comes to Apple Pay, and authentication features like Touch ID and Wrist Detection help to ensure that only you can use your device to make payments. However, if you’ve misplaced...Show More Summary

The Apple Watch Review: Week 2 - It's Time to Stand... And Grab a Snack

Continuing on from last week's Apple Watch review, and I'm just shy of two weeks of total ownership of the Apple Watch. As predicted, the Apple Watch is getting better, as an update released on Tuesday went a long way to address my primary concern of the Apple Watch requiring way too obnoxious of an

'Radiation Island' is Staying an Apple Exclusive – Because Android Users Don't Buy Games

Are you a die-hard Android hater? Well, good news, you get to stick it in the craw of Android gamers, as Radiation Island [$2.99] is an iOS exclusive. Why are the developers, Atypical Games, sticking with iOS only? Because Android owners don't pay for stuff. According to Atypical Games CEO Andrei Lopata, after a release

The Fretz Zone: A Comment on Comments

Imagine, if you will, a periodical written by a man who loves games. A periodical devoted to sniffing out the things that could be better, could be much better than they currently are. You unlock this door with the key of imagination. Beyond it is another dimension, a dimension of sound, a dimension of sight,

'The Last of Us' Voice Actress Coming To Telltale's Borderlands

Ellie from The Last of Us is coming to iOS! Well, ok, not exactly. According to an announcement yesterday, Ashley Johnson, the actress who voiced Ellie in Naughty Dog's huge hit The Last of Us, has signed on to work on Telltale's Tales from the Borderland's [$4.99] series. Johnson has also worked on the TV

LG promotion scores you a free G4 battery, charger, and microSD card in the US

LG is offering a great deal to customers who end up making the LG G4 their next phone. For a limited time the company will be offering a package that both doubles the battery life and storage of the new device. Unfortunately the newShow More Summary

'Sword of Xolan' Review - A Fun Game With Perfect Swinging and Jumping

On-screen controls haters, take notice. If you play Sword of Xolan [$0.99], you'll have to rethink many of your arguments, and we all know how people love to hold on to their opinions. Sword of Xolan is a retro platformer that's just come out and is an entertaining action game with lovely art and strong level

Microsoft tests cloud-based clipboard app that syncs across platforms

This turned out to be quite the week for unannounced Microsoft apps. News of a "light-weight" email solution broke cover a few days ago, and today another pair of productivity apps were tipped. Thanks to @h0x0d on Twitter -- the source...Show More Summary

Quantum Sheep's 'Angel Wing' Is Star Wars Arcade Meets... Outrun?

Quantum Sheep, the developer behind such games as Air Supply - SOS [$1.99] and Docking Sequence [$0.99], is a huge fan favorite among our TouchArcade forum members. Its games are usually score-challenge throwbacks to the days when arcades and microcomputers ruled the roost, with easy-to-learn, hard-to-master gameplay and charming retro presentations. Oh, and lots and

Apple begins shipment of the Apple Watch Edition to pre-order customers

Apple has started shipping out the gold Apple Watch Edition to pre-order customers. A number of people are reporting that Apple has started shipping out the gold Apple Watch Edition models. Customers have seen their credit cards charged,...Show More Summary

Video: Designing an immersive user interface for Hearthstone

Hearthstone senior UI designer Derek Sakamoto breaks down Blizzard's approach to UI design at GDC 2015, in the process shedding light on how you can best craft a great UI for your own game....

Angry Birds Transformers Updates With New Missions

Autobots! Transform and you-know-what! The latest update to Angry Birds Transformers adds a host of new missions. INCOMING TRANSMISSION FROM TELETRAAN 1 /Interdimensional MISSION PORTALS – send bots on missions to earn rewards. /ARCEE and AIRACHNID trapped in interdimensional vortex – win missions to bring them home. Show More Summary

FarmVille 2 Updates With Bride Event

Spring is the season for love, a point FarmVille 2’s latest update is capitalizing on. The recent 3.1.218 introduces a wedding, and all sorts of related activities. HERE COMES THE BRIDE EVENT: Johnny and Heidi are getting married and...Show More Summary

'Sleep Furiously' Review - The Infinite Truth Stole the Hate Inside His Dragons

Imagine you’re in a room by yourself. Every so often someone comes by and slips a piece of paper under the door with Chinese characters on it. You don’t know Chinese yourself, but you do have a book that can help. You simply look up the characters in the book and it’ll tell you what

Hack RUN by i273, LLC is now free!

Free for a limited time on the App Store! Get it now: Copyright © iPhone App )

Magnetized is Now Free

Abstract puzzle game Magnetized is now free, down from its usual price of $2.99 USD. How does it work? Give it a download and try for yourself. More about Magnetized » The post Magnetized is Now Free is from Slide To Play.

Build and Play 3D – Rockets, Helicopters, Submarines and More by Croco Studio is now free!

Free for a limited time on the App Store! Get it now: Copyright © iPhone App )

Pre-order the LG G4 from Best Buy and receive $100 gift card

Best Buy is now taking pre-orders of the LG G4, and to sweeten the deal they are throwing in a $100 gift card with the order. The company is now accepting pre-orders of the LG G4 for AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon for customers who want to guarantee they get the device the day it comes out. Show More Summary

Fend Off The Alien Menace In 'Templar Battleforce', Coming This July From The Trese Brothers

Every week when I put together the Update Mondays articles, it makes me smile to see certain games and developers appearing frequently. Particularly so if it involves free updates to paid games, because let's be honest, that's a lot of extra work for likely little return in the pure financial sense. One of the most

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