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Angry Birds 2 and How Free-to-Play Influences Game Design

As this excellent video from AppSpy points out, Angry Birds 2 provides a perfect example of how game design has changed to influence the purchase of in-app purchases, and vice-versa. The post Angry Birds 2 and How Free-to-Play Influences...Show More Summary

Aralon: Sword and Shadow On Sale for $0.99

Action / adventure game Aralon: Sword and Shadow is a pretty epic quest, and it’s currently available at the very decent price of $0.99 USD. It usually sells for $4.99 USD. The post Aralon: Sword and Shadow On Sale for $0.99 appeared first on Slide to Play. More about Aralon: Sword and Shadow » The post Aralon: Sword and Shadow On Sale for $0.99 is from Slide To Play.

Marvel’s Contest of Champions Grosses over $100M

Marvel’s free-to-play fighting game Contest of Champions is a hit in more ways than one. The title has reportedly garnered over $100 million in in-app purchases since its launch. Now, it remains to be seen how much of that $100M has gone in to stoking the freemium fires through user acquisition, advertising campaigns, and similar. Show More Summary

Blood Bowl is Currently Free

Are you torn between wanting to play some football and wanting to beat up some orcs? Why not do both? You can with Blood Bowl, which is currently free. It usually goes for $0.99 USD. Description Get training for Blood Bowl 2! Blood Bowl...Show More Summary

Crazy Kings Updates With New Levels, New Enemies

Ready to go a little crazy with a tower defence game? Then it might be a good time to check out Crazy Kings, which recently updated with new content. What’s New in Version 1.7.1 EXPLOSIVE NEW LEVELS – Explore all-new locations such as the Lava Lakes and Boreal Isles. Show More Summary

SimCity BuildIt Updates With Faster Building

Who has time for long, slow safety checks when there’s profit to be made? The latest update for SimCity BuildIt lets you speed things along a bit in the building department. What’s New in Version 1.5.5 Craft and build your city faster...Show More Summary

Marvel Future Fight Updates With Team Play

A true hero knows when to rely on his friends. Marvel Future Fight’s new update offers co-op gameplay. What’s New in Version 1.3.1 Updates – TEAM-UP PLAY: Villain Siege 3 Player Co-op mode added – 6 Star Ultimate Skills added to 5 Heroes:...Show More Summary

The Simpsons: Tapped Out Updates With Springfield Heights

The Simpsons are going to the mountains! The Simpsons: Tapped Out recently updated with content that takes the family to the highest heights. What’s New in Version 4.16.2 A new path has opened in Springfield that will take you in the mountains for the first time. Show More Summary

Lost Cities On Sale for $1.99

Renowned board / card game Lost Cities is on sale for $1.99 USD, down from $3.99 USD. The city may be lost, but this deal is way out in the open. Ha! The post Lost Cities On Sale for $1.99 appeared first on Slide to Play. More about Lost Cities » The post Lost Cities On Sale for $1.99 is from Slide To Play.

Out Now: Cosmonautica, Quirky Space Sim from Chasing Carrots

It’s been described as The Sims meets Elite — this odd little gem is out now on iOS and Android. Start by boarding a washed-up space cruiser and fulfill your destiny as an aspiring captain on the hunt for fame and fortune. Cosmonautica combines elements of space trading and crew simulation to create a unique experience. Show More Summary

Oldify 2 – Face Your Old Age by Apptly LLC is now free!

Free for a limited time on the App Store! Get it now: Copyright © iPhone App )

Week Agenda Ultimate by Johan Burgler is now free!

Free for a limited time on the App Store! Get it now: Copyright © iPhone App )

iColorama – Image Editor and Brushes Painter by Katerina Alieksieienko is now free!

Free for a limited time on the App Store! Get it now: Copyright © iPhone App )

News: Report reveals additional details on Apple and BMW talks

Following news earlier this week that Apple and BMW had been in discussions last year about using the BMW i3 as a foundation for its own electric car initiative, a new report from Reuters suggests that those negotiations may yet resume at some indeterminate point in the future. Show More Summary

Review: PhotoFast i-FlashDrive MAX

Even with the ever-increasing capacity of Apple's iOS devices there's always a case to be made for needing extra storage, creating a market for Lightning-equipped external storage devices that allow users to offload and carry around additional media and other files without cluttering up their device. Show More Summary

YC-Backed Locent Lets Businesses Sell Products Via Text Message

Launching out of the Summer 2015 Y Combinator batch, Locent is an e-commerce platform powered entirely by text messages. One of the biggest challenges for online retailers is shepherding customers through a lengthy checkout process. By providing businesses with a custom, text-enabled phone number, Locent turns the checkout process into just a text message. Read More

MyTape Is A Video-Sharing App To Capture And See The World Around You

Meet MyTape, a brand new social app for iOS centered around video. On MyTape, you follow people, shoot videos and watch stuff around you. It’s a sort of mash-up between Periscope and Frontback, and it will be interesting to see whether this new social app can find its audience. Read More

Alcatel OneTouch's back to school bundle packs an Idol 3 and OneTouch Watch for $300

Alcatel OneTouch is getting in on the back to school action with a deal that contains one of our favorite budget-friendly smartphones, the Idol 3, along with the company's OneTouch Watch for $300. As a bit of a refresher, the Idol 3 packs a 5.5-inch 1080p display, 2GB of RAM, 16GB of expandable storage, and runs on a 1.7GHz processor. Show More Summary

Sony is shutting down its online store on August 28

If you regularly buy direct from Sony on its online store, you may want to look into another outlet to get its products. Sony announced today that it will be shutting down its online shop on August 28.

The Windows 10 Phone Companion and Android: Do you need it?

This is the Windows 10 Phone Companion app. It's what you'll see when you plug your phone into a Windows 10 box. And it's half-useful, half-plea to get you to install some of Microsoft's apps on your phone. (And these days, there's a decent chance that those apps will be on there in the first place.)

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