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News: Daily Deal: Wanle Gamers Console For iPhone

Today in iLounge Deals, we’re offering the Wanle Gamers Console For iPhone for only $33.99 — that’s 57% off the regular price. This unique iPhone case provides a throwback to the classic Gameboy era, with ten classic games installed that you can play right on the case itself, including Tetris, Tank, Formula One Racing, and Snake. Show More Summary

Here's how to download the Android P Pixel Launcher

Android P's first developer preview is here, and while there's a lot that remains unknown, it's still exciting times in the world of Android. The overall look of Android P seems to be mostly the same compared to Oreo, but one area that...Show More Summary

Clean your gear with a 24-pack of microfiber cleaning cloths for just $10

Update: The 24-pack is out of stock, but you can pick up 48 Zwipes for $20, which is effectively the same deal. Great cloths for electronics, glass, kitchen counters. You name it. The Zwipes 24-pack of microfiber cleaning cloths is down to $9.99 on Amazon. Show More Summary

Google adds video and audio voicemail to Duo

Rolling out to Android and iOS starting today. Google Duo has become one of the best video-calling apps around, and today it's adding a helpful tool for when contacts you try to reach aren't available. Next time you call someone on Duo and they don't answer, you'll have an option to leave them a video message. Show More Summary

Amazon Alexa is randomly laughing and no one knows why

It was a pleasure knowing all of you. Speakers powered by Amazon Alexa have become a household staple for millions of people across the world. Alexa can be useful in a virtually endless number of ways, but according to some unfortunate...Show More Summary

A counterfeiter took over a legitimate Amazon listing, losing maker $100k

Amazon has failed to handle its counterfeiting problem yet again. Amazon isn't exactly the most trustworthy company when it comes to sussing out counterfeit items. In fact, the online retailer has often been critiqued for the way in which it handles the sale of potentially dangerous counterfeit products. Show More Summary

Changes are coming to God of War including a limited edition PlayStation 4 Pro you can pre-order now

Kratos vs. Fenrir? That would be interesting. The newest edition to the God of War series releases for the PlayStation 4 on April 20, and pre-orders are available right now. This game is a direct sequel to God of War III, which was first released back in 2010. Show More Summary

This 256GB microSD card can hold all your Nintendo Switch games for $100

Don't go without it. Samsung's 256GB microSD card has only been cheaper once before, and that was during a brief sale on Black Friday. Unless you have a time machine to go back and get that price, this is easily the best deal around on such a large capacity card. Show More Summary

The Sims Mobile Guide - How to Live the Life Without Breaking the Bank

The Sims Mobile is a decent mobile game that feels mostly like other Simstitles, but mixed with free-to-play management mechanics of something like Kendall and Kylie. For those unfamiliar with these kinds of games, it basically means...Show More Summary

How to get Android P on your Pixel (and how to roll back to Oreo)

Get the Android P Developer Preview on your phone right away. Another Android Developer preview is here, and this time we'll be getting a look at what Android P has to offer. Eventually, anyway, because the first few versions probably won't have much in the way of user-facing changes. Show More Summary

Google's new camera is its most Apple-like product yet

The first Google gadget where I didn't feel like I was the product. We all know the deal with Google's hardware and services. You are getting something cool in exchange for your data, and understandably not everyone is alright with that. Show More Summary

148 in-depth: Where did it all go wrong for mobile gaming's first family, the Angry Birds?

There was a time when the Angry Birds were the face of mobile gaming. Nowadays though, that just isn't the case. You need to scroll a decent way down the top grossing charts to spot an AB title. It's Angry Birds 2. It's in 39th, just underneath Cashman Casino Vegas Slots. [Read more]

Out Now: 'The Bonfire: Forsaken Lands', 'Read Only Memories: Type-M', The Sims Mobile', 'Reed', 'Somewhere: The Vault Papers', 'Heir of Light', 'Monster Merge', 'Farm On!' and More

It's the most wonderful time of the week, the time we round up all of the best new iOS game releases of the past seven days. If you even have any spare time for new games that is, considering the deluge of great games we get week in and week out. This week is no

Google announces Android P Developer Preview, full images available for Pixel phones now

You can't stop progress. A day after Google had plenty of fun with National Oreo Day, it's releasing the first Developer Preview of the next software version: Android P. Now we don't know what the official name for Android P will beShow More Summary

Best trivia games for iPhone and iPad

Test your knowledge, win bragging rights, and maybe even some money with these fantastic trivia games! Sometimes you want to test your mental prowess — or lack thereof — and trivia games are an excellent way to flex your brain. Whether...Show More Summary

Lichtspeer Guide - How to Keep Yourself on Target

Lichtspeer is a sort of tower defense game that’s full of colorful neon Viking enemies that are trying to fell your spear-wielding hero. Sometimes, the game’s action gets quite hectic, but if you keep the following tips in mind, you might last long enough to earn your spot in Valhalla. You can miss twice, but don’t miss thrice [Read more]

'Jurassic World Alive' Looks Like 'Pokemon GO' but Dinosaurs

Universal is partnering with Ludia to release Jurassic World Alive this summer ahead of the release of the Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom movie. This is looking like Pokemon GO [Free] meets dinosaurs, as you walk around real-world locations, and collect dinosaurs that appear in the wild. You can train your dinosaurs, raise them into more

Best PlayStation VR Docking Stations

You are now the proud owner of a VR headset and it's time to show it off Welcome to the world of Virtual Reality! Now that a PlayStation Virtual Reality (VR) has made its way into your life, you wanna find the best display dock to show off your new equipment. Show More Summary

Almost 20% of the U.S. population owns a smart speaker

On a nationwide level, that translates to 47.3 million smart speaker owners. Over the past 3 years, smart speakers have blown up as one of the biggest markets in the consumer tech space. Amazon, Google, Apple, and others are all racing...Show More Summary

How to unlock more fighters in Tekken without spending big

When you first start playing the mobile version of Tekken, you have access to just enough fighters (three) so that you can participate in every game mode. But do you want to stop there? No, of course you don't. [Read more]

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