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Eddy Cue says that Home Sharing for music will return in iOS 9

In iOS 8.4, Apple removed Home Sharing for music, a feature that allows users to stream music from their iTunes Library to other devices on their Wi-Fi network. While Home Sharing for video is still available for users to stream their...Show More Summary

Sony Mobile CEO: We will never ever sell or exit from the mobile business

In an interview with Arabian Business, Sony Mobile CEO Hiroki Totoki stated that the manufacturer is not exiting the smartphone business, reiterating that Sony is committed to making mobile devices:

Samsung fails to meet expectations in Q2 2015 earnings guidance, supply shortages to blame

In its Q2 earnings guidance, Samsung has shared that its quarterly profits may not be as robust as Q2 2014, with the South Korean manufacturer predicting a decrease of 4 percent from the same period a year ago. Samsung is predictingShow More Summary

Glow Puzzle by Nexx Studio is now free!

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Instaweather Pro by byss mobile is now free!

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Smash the Code by Piotr Sochalewski is now free!

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'Avernum 2: Crystal Souls' Is Back On The App Store

Friends, 2015 has been an emotional roller-coaster for mobile RPG fans. There's been the business with The World Ends With You [$17.99 / $19.99 (HD)] and its update, the teasing of a new Baldur's Gate game, and the long-awaited announcement of Final Fantasy 7. Then there was Avernum 2: Crystal Souls [$9.99 (HD)], a release

Samsung's profits down again as it misreads demand for newest phones

Samsung predicts that its earnings from April-June of this year will likely be down four percent from last year, suggesting that sales of its newest flagship smartphones have failed to hit the mark. However, it will still be the company's highest quarterly profit since Q2 2015. Show More Summary

The Fantastic Mobile RPG Series 'The Quest' Has Returned To Its Owners

Has iOS been around long enough now to start talking about some of its earlier releases as classics? If so, Redshift's early 2009 port of their Pocket PC RPG The Quest [$4.99] surely must qualify. The initial release alone offered dozens of hours of exploration, solving quests, navigating treacherous dungeons, and battling deadly creatures. If

Need a 'CivMiner' Clan, or Need Members? Trade Clan Codes Here.

Are you playing CivMiner [Free], the spinoff of CivCrafter [Free]? It's fun and weirdly compelling, more than a game about tapping rocks should be. I recommend checking it out. And if you've done so, then you might know that the clan system from CivCrafter is back. You can even import your clan from that game

In these new cars, your phone gets its own air conditioner

By Kim Lachance Shandrow, Entrepreneur Staff Smartphones don't play well with hot cars. If you've ever received the dreaded temperature warning on your phone's home screen after leaving it in a sizzling vehicle for too long, you know exactly what we're talking about. And so does General Motors. Comments

‘Furdemption’ Review: Almost Purrfect

This puzzle platformer may be soaked in feline blood, but that doesn’t make it any less fantastic. From Touch Arcade’s 5 out of 5 star review: The game has plenty of content, with 100 progressively-harder levels and more coming according to the developers. Show More Summary

Lonnie Plays ‘Clash of Clans’ Follow-Up ‘Smash Land’

Perhaps you’ve heard of Supercell, the makers of a little game called Clash of Clans. (Right, the game with a Super Bowl commercial starring Liam Neeson.) Their latest is Smash Land, a game that’s currently soft-launched in Canada. To...Show More Summary

‘Fort Meow’ Review: Cat Physics

This physics puzzler is about creating forts to fend off the cats trying to get your attention. From 148Apps’s 3.5 out of 5 star review: A lot of Fort Meow’s charm keeps you in a forgiving mood, not least because of the cats becoming hardier and you also learn more about your Grandfather through his journal. Show More Summary

‘Samurai Blitz’ Review: Fresh but Familiar

Pocket Gamer has rung in on the quality of the endless runner Samurai Blitz and found it to be pretty freaking good. From the 8 out of 10 review: Combined with a double jump ability, you’ll find yourself capable of chaining elaborate slice-hops to rack up the combos. Show More Summary

New Screenshots for ‘The Room Three’

Developer Fireproof Games has released two new screenshots for the upcoming sequel The Room Three. If you dig environmental puzzles and you haven’t played the first two games, you had better fix that before the three-quel launches. From...Show More Summary

AT&T's Moto X 2013 is next up for a soak test

The 2013 Moto X on AT&T is up next for a soak test of new software, according to the flood of tips in our inbox. That should be the Android 5.1.1 update that's been hitting other variants of the original Moto X.

Fireproof Games Shows New 'The Room Three' Screenshots

Apologies are always nice, but they feel even better when accompanied by an apology gift. Fireproof Games, of The Room [$0.99 (HD)] fame, issued an apology on its Facebook page today for the lack of any updates on the upcoming The Room Three and tried to make up for that lack with two brand new, and absolutely

Getting rid of the bloatware on the ASUS ZenFone 2

Saying goodbye to those apps you never wanted to begin with. Let's be honest — the ASUS ZenFone 2 ships with a lot of applications that many of us are never going to use, and never wanted in the first place. A few of them are essential,...Show More Summary

Castle Raid by Arcticmill is now free!

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