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Xiaomi Mi 6 hands-on: Two steps forward, one step back

Xiaomi once again sets the bar for value, but the decision to remove the 3.5mm jack could backfire. Over the course of the last year, we've seen phones in the mid-range segment close the gap on flagships from Samsung, LG, and HTC. The...Show More Summary

Out Now: 'Super Senso', 'Die With Glory', 'Match Land', 'Ninja Pizza Girl', 'NASCAR Heat Mobile', 'Sudoku Sweeper', 'War of Crown', 'Pictionary', 'The Bunker', 'Baikoh', 'Suck It Up' and More

Hello and welcome to the most exciting time of the week, the time when new iOS games flood the App Store! Unless of course you have a huge backlog like me and instead these weekly floods feel like trying to keep your head afloat while wearing lead boots. Either way, it's another busy week filled

Google experiment promises clean nighttime shots from your phone

Many modern smartphones can take decent photos when the sun goes down, but their noisy, washed out images still don't hold a candle to the shots from a high-end DSLR. Google researcher Florian Kainz might have a way of closing that gap at least some of the time, however. Show More Summary

We're Streaming iOS Games Live on Mobcrush [Super Senso Launch Stream with Turbo!]

We're streaming live on Mobcrush right now. There's a couple different ways you can watch the stream, and they all work equally well and it's really just a matter of personal preference as to which method you prefer. The easiest way to watch is just watching the embedded player right here on TouchArcade. In the

Endless Whipper 'Jack B. Nimble' Gets Massive Update

John Noonan's Jack B. Nimble [$1.99] released back in 2014, but the game has just gotten a bit new content update that adds a whole bunch of new stuff for thee game. There's 6 new characters, 3 new levels, 3 new music tracks, and 7 new color schemes to paly through. And the game's file

The Minimalist 'Dropper' Will Have You Dropping Through Dozens of Levels

Sometimes a game is all about a simple idea executed well, and the upcoming Dropper is trying to use that exact formula. As the name of the game very strongly hints at, Dropper is all about dropping without colliding with all the obstacles in your path. Although it sounds simple, there are plenty of peculiar

Google Trips gets new ways to make your next vacation better

New features let you find and share everything easier to make a vacation stress-free like it should be. Planning your vacation can be a lot of work. And when you're done figuring it all out you need to get it organized and put somewhere that you can use it. Show More Summary

Every PlayStation VR game with HOTAS support

If you're going to fly in VR, you might as well go all in and pick up a HOTAS. In much the same way that racing wheels with pedals make driving games in VR feel a lot more realistic, flight games in VR are improved dramatically when you add a Hands On Throttle And Stick (or HOTAS) controller. Show More Summary

The FCC's plan to end net neutrality is here, and the fight is going to get ugly

America's telecom regulator has made public its intention to roll back net neutrality laws. Here's what you need to know. This week, the FCC, America's telecom regulator, announced its intention to bring about the end of net neutrality...Show More Summary

FaceApp — Everything you need to know!

What is FaceApp, why is it popular, and how do I use it? Here's everything you need to know! If you've been on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or any other internet service that lets you share photos, you may have seen the name FaceApp...Show More Summary

'Fast and Furious' Coming to 'Anki Overdrive' in September

Anki makes toy car kits where you can build a course and race your cars with your smartphone. It's real cool stuff. But is it family? Soon it will be. That's right, the Toretto crew is coming to Anki Overdrive with a Fast and Furious playset releasing in September 2017. The Anki Overdrive: Fast and

Google Trips is now more helpful for anyone afraid to fly

Last year, Google released Trips, an app for iOS and Android that helps you keep track of your itinerary while traveling. It automatically collects information from your Gmail inbox, organizes it and makes it available offline. It even offers suggestions on things to see and do. Show More Summary

Tip of the Day: Plugging your iPhone in silently

If you’ve ever tried to tiptoe into your bedroom late at night without waking up your spouse, you’ve probably cringed when you’ve had to plug in your iPhone, only to hear it chirp or buzz as it vibrates to acknowledge the charging connection. Show More Summary

'Elder Scrolls: Legends' Reveals Chaurus Breeding Pit Card, the April Monthly Reward

If you manage to reach Rank 9 in the Elder Scrolls: Legends [Free (HD)] Versus Battle this month, you'll get your hands on Chaurus Breeding Pit, and it's a pretty interesting card. In case you've just started playing the game, if you get to Rank 9, you'll get one copy of the card. In Rank

Samsung's auto-reply app fights distracted driving

Let's be honest: too many of us are using our phones while driving. It's a problem and it's dangerous, but we do it anyway. Samsung knows this and has come up with a new app cleverly named In-Traffic Reply to help. The app, currently in beta, aims to keep you safe while allowing you to answer messages you get while you're behind the wheel. Via: The Verge Source: Samsung

Facebook's live video problem is only getting worse

Facebook's struggle with livestreams of terrible crimes is still very real, and appears to be worsening. Local media report that a young Thai man used Facebook Live to broadcast a murder-suicide where he hanged his baby daughter before taking his own life. Show More Summary

Review: Advanced Mezger aptX Bluetooth Receiver

We've been working hard over the past few years to bring reviews of high-quality audio gear, but some of our readers have pointed out that we have been mostly focused on headphones. They have asked for reviews of other parts of the audio signal chain — amplifiers, DACs, and wireless receivers. Show More Summary

Gear: Twelve BookBook for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

While not everybody is a fan of folio cases for an iPhone, Twelve South’s BookBook is among the classiest and most unique cases you’ll find in this style, and the company has of course updated its classic BookBook lineup with BookBook for iPhone 7 ($70) and BookBook for iPhone 7 Plus ($70). Show More Summary

Get Ike in the new Fire Emblem: Heroes update

One of the most popularFire Emblem characters is finally available in a new update to Nintendo'sFire Emblem: Heroes. You can log into Fire Emblem: Heroes right now for a chance to win Ike in a new, World of Radiance update for the game. Show More Summary

Die With Glory in a new viking adventure game out now on iOS

If you're a fan of classic adventure games you'll do well to pick upDie With Glory, the gorgeous new title from Cloud Castle inc. Die With Glory updatesthe gameplay of the same kind of adventure classics such asMonkey Island for modern,...Show More Summary

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