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News: Apple Music coming to Sonos Dec. 15 through public beta program

Sonos and Apple have announced that Apple Music will be coming to Sonos on Dec. 15 as part of a public beta program. Apple Music will be able to stream on Sonos’ speakers for the first time on that date, and prospective users can join the beta on Sonos’ site. Show More Summary

'Euclidean Lands' Looks Like 'Monument Valley' Meets 'Lara Croft Go'

Are you sick of gorgeous isometric puzzle games inspired by Monument Valley [$3.99] yet? Me neither! Euclidean Lands is looking like another game following in the tradition of that game, but throwing some new wrinkles into the equation. For one, you can rotate levels to alter perspective, but also can spin them around like a

Adobe Premiere Clip brings its video-editing tools to Android

Adobe's bet on mobile productivity is serious, with its suite of Creative Cloud apps leading the way. One of the company's newest applications is Premiere Clip, a video editor that first debuted on iOS. But now Adobe is bringing this app to Android, giving users on the platform a fast and easy way to create videos on the go. Show More Summary

JCPenney testing store card support for Apple Pay, full rollout due in spring 2016

Apple Pay support in the retail sector continues to grow, and the latest example is JCPenney. The fashion retailer has begun testing support for Apple Pay with its own store credit card at one of its locations in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Show More Summary

Google Granted Patent That Enables Self-Driving Cars To Interact With Pedestrians

A lot of people are excited to hop into a car one day and read emails and tweets as the car drives itself, and you, to work. It would cut down on the anxiety we all feel during our daily commutes, as well as keep the roads safer. Google’s...Show More Summary

Cyber Monday: Pick up the Nvidia Shield for $150 (Down From $200)

In early October, I spent a few weeks putting the Nvidia Shield through its paces, and now that the new Apple TV is upon us, I'm leaning ever-so-slightly to saying that I prefer the Nvidia Shield way more. Well, right now it's available on Amazon for $150, down from $200, which puts in in line

Apple Music coming to Sonos in beta on December 15

Sonos has announced that Apple Music will arrive for the speaker system on December 15, 2015, which is just over two weeks from now. However, Apple Music will still be in beta on Sonos at that time, so there will still be fine-tuning taking place once the service rolls out....

Minimizing the pain of lockstep multiplayer

"The idea behind lockstep multiplayer is simple, if every player shares their input with every other player, the simulation can be run on everyone's machines with identical input to produce identical output."...

Sign up now for an instant Project Fi invite and $80 off the Nexus 5X

Today is the last day you can sign up to receive an instant Project Fi invite and save $80 on the Nexus 5x. That's right, if you've been wanting to try out Project Fi, Google's invite-only cellular service, you won't want to miss out on this chance to skip the line....

Chillingo's 'Micro Machines' Soft Launches, Release Soon?

Not long ago, Chillingo and Codemasters announced that they were bringing a new Micro Machines game to mobile. And apparently that game is near release, as it's just soft-launched in the Philippines. While this does mean that it's free-to-play, there's some promising stuff to this game. First off, the game features the whole classic aesthetic

OS X 10.11.2 beta 5 seeded to developers and testers

Apple has seeded the fifth beta version of OS X 10.11.2 to developers. It can be found now at the Mac Developer Resource Center, as well as through the Mac App Store on a Mac running the previous beta. A new update for the OS X 10.11.2 Public Beta is also available. Show More Summary

Save 40% today on these durable Lightning cables

Featuring a nylon fiber jacket that's as durable as it is flexible, the KODIAK Lightning cable reaches 6.6ft in length and is MFI-certified to safely charge or sync your Apple devices. Grab one in silver or gold today for only $14.95!...

'Progress To 100' Review - Are We There Yet?

It’s no secret that there are some pretty expensive iOS games out there. Thankfully, most of them tend to be free, but there are still a few that are a dollar or even two (twice as much!). Even worse, most of these games only use a couple of my iPad’s features. I mean, if I’m

Save 36% today on Samsung S-View Flip Covers for Galaxy Note 5

Protect your Galaxy Note 5 from scratches and impacts while having instant access to notifications, incoming calls, and more through the clear front window of this OEM flip case. Grab one today in black sapphire, white, gold, or silver for only $31.95!...

Amazon Video may come to the Apple TV after all

It appears that Amazon Video may be making its way to the Apple TV after all. While a multitude of video services have been available on the Apple TV from day one, Amazon's offering was notably absent. Now, it appears that the company is preparing an app for the new Apple TV, which could be ready in just a few weeks. Show More Summary

TouchArcade Deals: Learn To Code By Making Games - Unity 5 Developer Course (And 25% Off Coupon Code)

If you listen to us talk about development environments and game making on our podcast, Unity always comes up as the current king when it comes to ease of use, accessibility, and flexibility. Whether you're making a silly physics sandbox game or something big and blown out like Hearthstone, Unity is the game engine of

BlackBerry to Exit Pakistan Over Surveillance Dispute

Pakistan wants backdoor access to BlackBerry's encrypted services, but the Canadian company won't comply.

Microsoft HoloLens and Autodesk Fusion 360: Collaboration that could create radical change

We are happy to announce that Microsoft HoloLens is partnering with Autodesk Fusion 360 on a solution that we believe could change the way industrial designers, mechanical engineers and other product development fields work together....Show More Summary

A Beginner’s Guide to Blackfeather, the latest 'Vainglory' Hero

This month’s heroic addition to Vainglory [Free], like most of the heroes that have come to the Halcyon Fold before, adds an interesting twist to the dynamic of the hit mobile MOBA. Blackfeather is also a blast to play and has the potential to do some serious damage in the hands of players that know how

Motorola's Cyber Monday offers include deals on the Moto G, Moto X 2014 and original Moto 360

Motorola is getting in the holiday spirit with some new deals. It is offering a one-day deal on the Moto G, as well as week-long savings on the Moto X 2014 and original Moto 360. Whether you are looking for a new phone for yourself, your kid's first phone, a gift or just like to shop deals, you'll want to check these out....

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