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Modern Dad on HomePod: It's only for the Apple Faithful

Creating converts will have to wait. Subscribe to Modern Dad on YouTube I love me some connected speakers. I've got almost every speaker Sonos has released spread throughout my home. I've got every Amazon Echo ever sold. (Including, yes, the Look.) I've got all three entries in the Google Home line. I am, as the kids say, a fan of the audios. Show More Summary

iMore show 595: Competitive Gremlin

The iMore show brings you everything you need to know about the week in iPhone, iPad, Watch, TV, Mac, and Apple! Lory Gil, Mikah Sargent, and Serenity Caldwell mourn the deprecation of the official Twitter client for Mac and offer some alternatives. Show More Summary

Rez Infinite VR for Daydream review: Psychedelic techno bliss

Finding this game in the Google Play Store was a Daydream come true! Have you ever played a game that just stuck with you? Perhaps you only had a limited time with it, yet years later you still occasionally find yourself daydreaming about it. For me, that game is Rez. Show More Summary

Mobile gaming has an advertising problem that needs to be addressed

There are so many great games in the Google Play Store library — don't fall for sleazy advertising tricks. It's safe to say that aside from the Super Bowl, people generally go out of their way to avoid watching ads. We use ad blockers...Show More Summary

How to Get MagSafe on your New MacBook Pro

Wish the new MacBook and MacBook Pros had MagSafe? You can still have the same effect! Apple's latest MacBooks and MacBook Pros don't have the MagSafe power cable that previous iterations did. That means that if your power cable gets...Show More Summary

Check out this cool DIY Lego charging stand for the Nintendo Switch!

Tired of your Nintendo Switch's boring ol' store-bought charging stand? One Imgur user felt the same, and took it upon themselves to remedy the situation. When I think about the most playful gaming consoles, the first that comes to mind is always the Nintendo Switch. Show More Summary

iMore show 594: Six Hundred Tables

Lory Gil, Mikah Sargent, and Serenity Caldwell talk about the HomePod staining some wood finishes, how to avoid it, and why Apple missed this (or at least warning customers of the possibility) in the first place. They also discuss fixes for the Telugu character bug. Show More Summary

Record Life's Best Moments in 360-degree Video, All Hands-free

The FITT360 is a 360-degree camera that you wear around your neck. We live in an exciting time for people interested in the latest virtual reality advancements. There are many different ways to experience stunning experiences in virtual...Show More Summary

'Pokemon GO' Creator Niantic Releases 'Ingress' Annual Schedule

Augmented reality game giant Niantic always seems to be in the geographical center of the storm when it comes to walking out into sunlight and playing a game in the real world. We just got word about their next year's locations and dates for Ingress[Free]. While Ingress may be the less known Niantic product, it

Cord cutting: 18 months later, I don't miss cable TV

Or the bill that came with it. Subscribe to Modern Dad on YouTube It's more than a little strange to try to explain cable TV to my kids. To them, images on a screen are just the result of whatever app you picked. Those of us of a certain...Show More Summary

Yes, you can pull the power cable out of a HomePod… but should you?

For now? Not unless you have a good reason. Apple's HomePod is, like many of its more recent products, almost impossible to take apart without power tools or executive knowhow. But there is one moving piece. The new-and-improved fabric...Show More Summary

From the Editor's Desk: Nothing on your phone is worth looking at while you drive

Smartphone addiction is a real thing. And it has serious consequences when it's combined with driving. In the last couple weeks, both my girlfriend and I have come within inches of being hit by cars while walking, in crosswalks, in downtown Seattle. Show More Summary

593: Take the HomePod Challenge

The iMore show brings you everything you need to know about the week in iPhone, iPad, Watch, TV, Mac, and Apple! Serenity Caldwell, Rene Ritchie, Lory Gil, and Mikah Sargent are all in for HomePod's release day! They answer a ton of listener questions and talk about comparisons to other smart speakers. Show More Summary

HomePod Beginner's Guide: Get started with Apple's new speaker!

If you've just bought the new HomePod, there's plenty to learn. Here's everything you need to know to set up and start using it. If you just picked up Apple's new HomePod speaker, we've got a ton of information to share with you to make your listening experience even better. Show More Summary

Wireless Power 301: What Modern Dad uses in the car!

If you're not using a wireless car mount to charge your phone on the go, you're working way too hard. I'll admit, I wasn't always sold on the idea of having a wireless charger in my car. At my desk is one thing — I'm constantly getting up and moving around need to take my phone with me, so not having to plug and unplug is great. Show More Summary

'Dig Dog - Treasure Hunter' Review - A Brutal Expedition

Rusty Moyher delivers a brutal platformer roguelike in Dig Dog [$2.99]. You play as a dog that will go to the ends of the earth to get as many bones as possible, even the ends full of weird evil creatures and spikes everywhere. C'mon dog. Those players out there who enjoy getting tested by games

Strava’s fitness heatmaps are a 'potential catastrophe'

The 2018 cybersecurity race to the bottom is off to an exciting start. First out of the gate is Strava — now widely known as the "social network for athletes" -- and its reckless data-visualization "heat map" gimmick that revealed details...Show More Summary

iMore show 592: Controlling the Chain

The iMore show brings you everything you need to know about the week in iPhone, iPad, Watch, TV, Mac, and Apple! Lory Gil and Mikah Sargent team up to chat about the latest news from the Apple-verse, including word from Nintendo that...Show More Summary

'Blade and Soul: Revolution', 'Fellow: Eternal Clash', 'Durango: Wild Land' and Loads More MMORPG’s Hitting Mobile in 2018

Trends come and go on the App Store, this has always been the case. Some trends have been more enjoyable than others, as they ebb and flow with whatever big title is topping the charts at the time. But it seems a new trend is cooking in 2018: MMORPGs, with the charge being led by

Every PlayStation 4 game coming out in February 2018

What PlayStation 4 games are coming out in February? There are some pretty amazing titles for the PlayStation 4, and we're here to keep you updated on all the new ones! Be sure to check in with us once a month to see what new titlesShow More Summary

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