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‘Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2’ getting two huge updates Feb 27 and 28

Bandai Namco revealed that Xbox One and PS4 Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 gamers will be receiving both a free update and a DLC pack next week, on the 27th and 28th of February respectively. The first update includes: Zangya & Bido Costumes Android 15’s Clothes and Metal Cooler’s Suit 2 New Expert Missions: Broly and […]

5 Brilliant Kindle Apps and Sites Every Ebook Lover Needs

The paper vs. digital argument about ebooks will continue for some time. But there’s no arguing that Amazon’s Kindle is the best ebook reader around. And if you have a Kindle, then do yourself a favor by getting acquainted with these apps and sites. Show More Summary

Your Guide To Steve Rogers' Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Evil Year

If you're reading Marvel comics right now, then you're probably aware that while Steve Rogers has taken up the Captain America mantle once more, something is... very off. Like, "he's secretly a fascist agent of Hydra planning to get space aliens to invade the world" off. Confused? We're here to get you caught up on "Stevil" Rogers. More »      

AT&T’s first buy one, get one free deal of 2017 features the iPhone 7

With Mobile World Congress just around the corner, new smartphones are about to start launching in droves. LG, Motorola, HTC and even Nokia are all expected to bring unreleased handsets to the show in Spain this weekend, but if you don't...Show More Summary

Google (Alphabet) Sues Uber For Self Driving Car Tech Theft

Late last year, we had reported about how after seven long years of teasing around about its ambitious self-driving car project, tech

FCC Decides Consumers Don't Need Net Neutrality Transparency

Over the last week, the Federal Communications Commission in the US voted 2-1 to roll back enhanced net neutrality reporting requirements for smaller internet service providers. Previously, ISPs with less than 100,000 subscribers were exempt from reporting requirements; now, that number is 250,000. More »      

Treasure Trove Of Internal Apple Memos Discovered In Thrift Store

Peeking inside a book bin at a Seattle Goodwill, Redditor vadermeer caught an interesting, unexpected glimpse into the early days of Apple. a cache of internal memos, progress reports, and legal pad scribbles from 1979 and 1980, just three years into the tech monolith's company history. More »      

Loading Microsoft RIFF Palette (pal) files with C#

At the start of 2014, I published an article describing how to read colour palettes from BBM/LBM files. At the end of that article I noted that Microsoft palette files used a similar format, but I didn't investigate that at the time. Since then I followed up with articles on reading and writing Adob

Drones: Becoming ubiquitous in the Caribbean?

Over the past two years or so, the term, drones, has become more widely known. They are not only commercially available for personal use, but many businesses, especially those that ship goods, such as, Fedex, DHL and UPS, are also exploring the use of drones to make deliveries to their customers. With all the...

Old Thermometer Gets New Eyes

As much as we’d like to have the right tools for the right job all of the time, sometimes our parts drawers have other things in mind. After all, what’s better than buying a new tool than building one yourself from things you had lying...Show More Summary

Nintendo is suing a ‘Mario Kart’-inspired tour service because it hates joy

Nintendo, noted inventors of playthings and haters of Bluetooth headsets, is taking a Tokyo-based sightseeing company to court in the hopes of forcing the employees to stop wearing Nintendo-themed costumes while working. The serviceShow More Summary

Tech firms standing up for transgender rights

Apple is among several tech companies expected to sign a brief supporting transgender rights in a case scheduled to be heard by the U.S. Supreme Court next month.        

Big bug leaking info from websites found, disabled

The bug was in code from Cloudflare, a content distribution and security company.        

How To Make Trump Less Of A Dick, With Science

Illustration. Jim Cooke/Gizmodo Imagine attending a work dinner and having your boss single you out and order your meal for you. Then imagine that meal was meatloaf. Chris Christie may not have cared about it so much, but to many people, that would be considered an obnoxious move at best. Show More Summary

Apple extending Seattle footprint with new offices dedicated to AI and machine learning

Apple real estate news continues to build up this week. After revealing the name of its soon-to-be-opened new headquarters in Silicon Valley, the iPhone maker is growing its footprint and workforce in Seattle—not far from the homes of Amazon and Microsoft. Apple confirmed to tech news site GeekWire that the company will be renting out more […]

Why Natural News Was Blacklisted on Google

Natural News is crying foul over Google’s blacklisting of their domain. Being a veteran SEO (18+ years as an SEO) and a person who strongly believes in free speech and access to information, I was intrigued. Has Google really crossed...Show More Summary

This Kickstarter pen looks so good, I actually backed it

I have a bit of a Kickstarter problem. I'll go on Kickstarter for a couple minutes, as per usual, to hunt for any interesting new projects to blog about. Somehow, fifteen minutes later, I'm $100 poorer and the potential future ownerShow More Summary

Music Streaming Service Options: Which One Is Right For You?

On the market for a new music streaming service? Well, it’s not as hard as you may think. If numbers tell you anything, you would say that Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming services out there. The service got a major boost from Prince’s music alone. Prince’s Warner Bros. Show More Summary

The Australian Navy Is Way More Badass Than You Realise

G'day, cobbers. Welcome to the frigate HMAS Toowoomba. More »      

Wireless Apple CarPlay will finally come to more cars

Apple's CarPlay in-vehicle infotainment system has been around since 2014 — and since then, it's been tethered to car dashboards by a Lightning connection like any another anonymous AUX cord.   It's not for any lack of trying on Apple's...Show More Summary

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