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Networking Your Way to Professional Success with #TwitterChats

You should start networking. Before my manager offered that advice, my networking endeavors were non-existent both inside and outside my current employment. I set up a twitter account. Sent out a #myfirsttweet message, and then promptly forgot about it. Show More Summary

Shares Of Chinese Sports-Lottery Firm Down Due To Corruption Rumors

32 minutes agoTechnology : Forbes: Tech

Few companies in China can afford to be associated with corruption these days, as President Xi Jinping’s sweeping anti-graft campaign hit domestic and foreign firms alike. Casualties at China’s state-owned enterprises are high- Dozens of executives have been taken down at the China National Petroleum Corp alone, not to mention [...]

Employee Engagement: When Things Go Wrong

How we handle mistakes made by a staff member or a team of people can build trust or tear it down. (Of course, this is just as true for how we handle mistakes we make with customers. A well handled mistake can increase customer loyalty. A poorly handled one can destroy it!)

Apple China starts accepting iPhone and iPad trade-ins

Starting Wednesday, iPhone and iPad owners living in Greater China can visit one of the country's 18 Apple Store locations to trade old hardware in exchange for Apple credit.

How 10 Healthcare Experts View The Future Of Data Analytics in Controlling Hospital Violence

49 minutes agoTechnology : Forbes: Tech

Every time I see the hospital chase scene in the movie Terminator 2, where the T-800 robot (Arnold Schwarzenegger) shoots his way out of the hospital, I can’t help but wonder where all of the security guards are hiding. This shortcoming didn’t dampen my enthusiasm for the film, but encapsulates [...]

Oil & Gas Equity Raises: Buyer Beware

50 minutes agoTechnology : Forbes: Tech

Energy’s fast-growing hotshots were hurt the most by the sudden drop  in crude oil prices last summer. These companies, oil and gas's exploration and production players (E&P)  are fledgling operators with high risk profiles and highly leveraged balance sheets. E&P companies faced low odds of survival after crude prices dropped in [...]

Device Monitoring: What's On Your Network?

54 minutes agoTechnology : Forbes: Tech

Pop quiz. Right now, without looking. How many systems are on your network? How many systems are supposed to be there? Numbers not adding up? This is an ever present problem with enterprises today. So, what are you doing about it? Years ago I was working for an enterprise and I [...]

WhatsApp Android App Now Has Free Voice Calling For Everyone

55 minutes agoTechnology : Forbes: Tech

After an extended beta test, WhatsApp has added a free voice calling feature to its Android app. This makes WhatsApp more competitive against services like Skype, Viber and Apple iMessage/FaceTime. The calling feature on WhatsApp launched for Android last month in beta to a small number of users, followed by availability on an invitation-only basis. Now [...]

Warren Buffett, Oracle Of Omaha, Can Also Address Gasoline Alley

55 minutes agoTechnology : Forbes: Tech

NEW YORK -- It’s no wonder people come from near and far to hang on every word when Warren Buffett, CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, makes an appearance, as he did today at the Automotive Forum, co-sponsored by the National Automobile Dealers Association and J.D. Power and Associates. He’s just so darn quotable. Buffett and his [...]

Intel's Broadwell Puts The Performance Of A Full-Sized PC In The Palm Of Your Hand

55 minutes agoTechnology : Forbes: Tech

The low-power characteristics of Intel’s Broadwell microarchitecture are already well known at this point. New laptops and ultrabooks powered by 5th Generation Intel Core processors based on Broadwell, like the excellent Dell XPS 13 (2015) or HP Spectre x360, have been available for quite some time now and the virtues [...]

The Problem With Remote Workers

56 minutes agoTechnology : Forbes: Tech

There is a long conversation that has plodded on now for many moons. That would be the discussion around remote workers that never seems to truly die a noble death it so richly deserves. I have read articles about the problems for and against this idea time and again. The [...]

Employee Appreciation: Where's It Gone...But Can Good Company Practice Boost Stock Performance?

56 minutes agoTechnology : Forbes: Tech

Had a bad day at the office or been under the thumb from a demanding boss? Well, you’re probably not alone there. But as I reflected on this following Employee Appreciation Day in the US earlier this month on 6 March - a national holiday that recognizes the value that [...]

Uber shuts down its cab service in San Antonio

Uber announced today that its wrapping up its cab service in San Antonio, after operating in the Texas city for almost exactly a year. The company decided to cease operations because of a tough regulatory climate in San Antonio, where it had more than 13,000 users. Show More Summary

2015 Roundup Of 3D Printing Market Forecasts And Estimates

57 minutes agoTechnology : Forbes: Tech

Manufacturers across a broad spectrum of industries including automotive, aerospace, dental, discrete, high tech, and medical products are all actively piloting and using 3D printing technologies today. Prototyping continues to dominate the reasons why enterprises pursue 3D printing, with the opportunity of improving new product development and time-to-market being long-term [...]

Deep Space Exploration Will Demand Artificial Gravity

58 minutes agoTechnology : Forbes: Tech

Long stays in space have a major hitch. Medical studies on the effects of microgravity on astronauts after many months in low-Earth orbit (LEO) can’t get around one hard truth --- humans aren’t cut out for life without gravity. Thus, artificial gravity habitats are now being discussed as a crucial [...]

Should I Leave My Design Studio To Work In-House As A Designer?

58 minutes agoTechnology : Forbes: Tech

Should I leave my design studio to work in-house as a designer? This question was originally answered on Quora by Holly Gressley.

What Future Potential Does Driverless Technology Hold?

58 minutes agoTechnology : Forbes: Tech

What opportunities can driverless technology provider for entrepreneurs and investors in the mid- to long-term?

Samsung Brings SSD 850 EVO Solid State Drives To New, Smaller Form Factors

59 minutes agoTechnology : Forbes: Tech

Samsung has made some pretty big moves in the solid state storage market as of late. In the middle of last year, the company launched its current high-end consumer-class SSD 850 Pro Series of drives and followed up in December with a more affordable, lower-power variant featuring 3D V-NAND technology, [...]

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