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Malware swipes 225,000 Apple accounts through jailbroken iPhones

Jailbreaking an iPhone gives you the freedom to run the apps and interfaces you want (rather than those allowed by Apple), but it also carries some inherent risks -- you're giving apps much more control over your phone. And unfortunately, some of these users are discovering this the hard way. Show More Summary

World’s Largest Cargo Ship Plays the Star Wars Theme on Its Horns [Video]

41 minutes agoTechnology : Geeks are Sexy

The MSC Zoe is 1,297 feet long and can carry 398,544,000 pounds of cargo (about 19,224 20-foot containers.) Here is a video of the ship playing the Star Wars theme song just before being christened at the port in Hamburg, Germany. [Piet Brauer] The post World’s Largest Cargo Ship Plays the Star Wars Theme on Its Horns [Video] appeared first on Geeks are Sexy Technology News.

PowerCube ReWirable USB + 4 Travel Plugs makes it a cinch when you travel

Whenever we travel these days, not only do we need to think about the kind of clothes that we need to pack, we will also have to take into consideration the number of chargers that go into your luggage. After all, there would be at least the tablet and the smartphone charger that you will have to pack, right? How about trying something different this time around – with the...

Samsung Announces The Gear S2 Smartwatch

44 minutes agoTechnology / Hardware : AnandTech

Today Samsung announced the Gear S2 and Gear S2 Classic, the newest products in their line of smartwatches. The Gear S2 has what Samsung describes as a more minimal and modern design, while the Gear S2 classic uses leather and a black...Show More Summary

Game Troopers has plans to release a 'secret' Windows Phone game this week

Publisher Game Troopers has been very busy on the Windows and Windows Phone front lately, and it's not done yet. The company is already planning to release a new game for the platform this week.

This new site is like an ongoing Reddit AMA where you can ask ‘experts’ anything you want

Have you ever had a question, but didn’t know where to turn? Social media or sites like Quora are great, but may not offer insight from qualified people. Wiselike hopes to change that, offering a way for the inquisitive to connect with the authoritative. Show More Summary

Seattle is considering a crazy workaround to let Uber drivers unionize

Uber's classification of its drivers as independent contractors means drivers are not entitled to many standard worker rights. Drivers aren't eligible for minimum wage or mileage reimbursements. The other thing drivers can't do? Have any form of collective bargaining, such as a union. Show More Summary

Presto's HD Content Library Goes Live Today, So How Much Bandwidth Will It Need?

After a few months in testing, Presto’s HD offering goes out to the public today. Users will be able to experience 1080p content as well as 5.1 channel surround sound. We know just how much it takes to run a HD stream from Netflix, but what does it take from Presto? What sort of speed do you need? More »      

I tried the San Francisco restaurant that serves quinoa delivered via robot cubbies and it's totally awesome

A new restaurant just opened in San Francisco on Monday, but it's not your typical fast-food joint.  Eatsa, located at 121 Spear Street, has a menu that revolves around the grain quinoa ("keen-wah") and eliminates employees and timeShow More Summary

RIP Oliver Sacks: 7 Must-Read Books and Stories About Our Beautiful Brains

53 minutes agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

In the past day you may have seen the internet lighting up with appreciations for the writer and neurologist Oliver Sacks. He died yesterday at age 82, leaving behind a lifetime of illuminating writing that helped us to understand our own brains as beautiful, imperfect machines. Here are a few of our favorite books and stories. Read more...

Samsung, LG and Sony show off their plans for new smartwatches

1 hour agoTechnology : Post Tech

LG, Samsung and Sony all showed off new smartwatches Monday, taking their own approaches to the nascent category. LG went for full luxury, announcing that its new $1200 Urbane Luxe would be available starting at the end of October. The watch sports a round face, 23-karat gold body and an alligator strap, and is a more premium version […]

Billions Of Online Ads About To Die A Well-Deserved Death

Thanks to new moves by Apple and Google, blocking of annoying ads could be poised to skyrocket, threatening both advertisers and online publishers.

Report: New Apple TV to feature enhanced Siri functionality, focus heavily on gaming

Ever since the iPhone launched, critics have been talking about the end of the game console era. Although their assertions were overblown, they weren’t entirely wrong — the iPhone has become the most popular gaming device in the world. Show More Summary

Google Accused of Rigging Search Results by India’s Competition Commission by @mattsouthern

Google is again being accused of favoring its own properties in search results, this time by the Competition Commission of India. According to a report in The Economic Times, the Commission is accusing Google of ranking its own websites...Show More Summary

One Chart That Shows How Much Money Ashley Madison Made Using Bots

1 hour agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

Earlier today, I reported that Ashley Madison’s source code reveals a concerted effort to create an army of thousands of female bots to “engage” men and get them to pay more for the site’s services. Now we have a chart from the company’s leaked emails that shows how much money they made from the bots. Read more...

This GIF is Amazing, But Those Aren't Self-Driving Cars

1 hour agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

Over the past month, this video of traffic at a busy intersection has gone viral. People are sharing it as a demonstration of self-driving cars on the road. And while there’s some truth to the general idea that cars will be able to caravan and avoid each other much better in the future, that’s not what this video actually shows. Show More Summary

T-Mobile Says It Will Ban Abusers of Unlimited Data Plan

1 hour agoTechnology : Bits

T-Mobile USA's chief executive took to Twitter to announce the carrier would eliminate customers abusing its unlimited data plans. That prompted questions on the use of the word "unlimited."

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