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Coolest, but Least Secure, Security Device

[Matikas] apparently forgets to lock the screen on his computer when he gets up to grab a coffee. And he apparently works with a bunch of sharks: “If you don’t [lock it], one of your colleagues will send email to the whole company that you invite them to get some beer (on your bill, of course).” Not saying we haven’t done similar, mind you. Show More Summary

The Talk Show: ‘Medium Rare MacBook’

Special guest MG Siegler returns to the show. (Finally.) Topics include rumors of an upcoming Siri SDK and an Amazon Echo-like device from Apple, the future of the MacBook lineup, Peter Thiel’s secretive role as the financial backerShow More Summary

The Three Big Challenges Facing Puerto Rico (Part II of "Lost And Found In Old San Juan")

It's close to midnight on a Thursday in San Juan Puerto Rico, and my friend and colleague Antonio, and I have finally found a restaurant that will serve us at this hour in the Condado district of the city (which is a lot more upscale, and a lot more open [...]

Samsung S Health update: compare steps with friends, easier heart rate monitoring and more

A new S Health update makes it possible to compete against your friends, export data in different formats, easily track your heart rate and more.

Trudeau: Assisted-Suicide Bill Strikes Delicate Balance

A bill legalizing medically-assisted suicide in Canada strikes the right balance between defending fundamental freedoms and protecting against abuses, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said on Saturday, predicting confusion if it is notShow More Summary

On Second Try, NASA Manages to Blow Up Inflatable ISS Module

After many dull hours of work, astronauts on the ISS successfully inflate the BEAM module

Apartments are the hot new tech sector

Welcome to the land technology forgot. High-end leases negotiated and signed via fax. Millions of dollars in apartment inventory tracked on whiteboards with dry-erase markers. Client histories recorded in longhand in legal notebooks and stashed in manila folders. Show More Summary

2015 Gartner CRM Market Share Analysis Shows Salesforce In The Lead, Growing Faster Than Market

Worldwide customer relationship management (CRM) software totaled $26.3B in 2015, up 12.3% from $23.4B in 2014. SaaS revenue grew 27% yr-over-yr, more than double overall CRM market growth in 2015. Asia/Pacific grew the fastest of all regions globally, increasing 9% 2015, closely followed by greater China with 18.4% growth. These and many other [...]

Phonebloks creator isn't entirely happy with Project Ara

Dave Hakkens, the brains behind the Phonebloks modular phone concept, thinks Google could do better when it comes to Project Ara. In a blog post, Hakkens said he wasn't happy that the modular phone's latest version puts its processor,...Show More Summary

'Overwatch' Really Doesn't Want You to See Its Characters Have Sex

Animated porn videos featuring Blizzard's 'Overwatch' characters once numbered in the thousands; now there are almost none.

More smartphone disaster stories from Microsoft. Now what?

Microsoft has announced that they will write down $950million on their smartphone business. Remember, Microsoft paid Nokia for $7.2bil back in 2014, and the current total write downs so far is at $7.6bil! Wow. They also announced that they will lay off 1850 jobs (at least, Microsoft has set aside $200mil for severance packages). Show More Summary

Trump: Five-Year Drought in California Due to State Trying to Save a Fish

Donald Trump has spent primary season traveling the country, pandering to the fears of populace after populace. He's told the working-class people of Indiana he'd do away with outsourcing. He told the people of North Dakota, America's second-leading producer of oil, he'd do away with energy regulations. Show More Summary

Empire of Hatred: The Third Reich

The following is an excerpt from the Newsweek archive, from Newsweek's April 8, 1933 issue and is featured in our Special Edition, Hitler: Can His Evil Legacy Ever Be Defeated?, by Issue Editor James Ellis. EDITOR’S NOTE: Although Hitler’s...Show More Summary

Google is fixing one of the most frustrating features of its Chrome browser (GOOG)

Google Chrome is fixing a huge pain point for its users. In its next big release, Chrome is removing the keyboard shortcut that made the "backspace" key return to the previous page. This "feature" caused problems for many people whoShow More Summary

Blogging for 10 years! - Evert Pot

10 years ago today I first started this blog. I guess at this point it might be the longest running ‘thing’ I’ve ever done. Back then I had never been on an airplane, but since then I’ve blogged from every continent except Antartica. Although...Show More Summary

Apple Store's worst feature? Customers, says ex-employee - CNET

10 hours agoTechnology / Internet : Webware

Technically Incorrect: The customers are awful, workers get death threats, and the Apple Watch could use some work, a former Apple retail staffer tells Business Insider.

Whatsie for Windows PCs is a WhatsApp client for people who like themes

While WhatsApp’s WIndows Phone app is pretty to look at, the same can’t be said for the official desktop app. WhatsApp’s own desktop app is an electron app which essentially wraps the WhatsApp web with a few customizations for Windows and Mac PCs. While the look is apparently good enough for users who make use […]

All European Scientific Articles Should Be Freely Accessible by 2020

The European Union wants to ensure that everyone has open access to all scientific articles published in Europe.

NASA BEAM Inflation Complete Saturday After Earlier Failed Attempt 

10 hours agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

After NASA’s lackluster attempt on Thursday o inflate BEAM, an expandable activity module, it had considerably more success today. Read more...

Your wearable alcohol monitor is worried about you

10 hours agoTechnology : ReadWriteWeb

A private medical device maker, BACtrack, earned the $200,000 cash prize for the National Institute of Health Wearable Biosensor Challenge this week for its BACtrack Skyn wristband, an alcohol monitor. This challenge was issued backShow More Summary

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