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'Space Miner Wars' Goes Global This Week

Long-time App Store classic Space Miner [$3.99] is getting a new modern life with Space Miner Wars, which we previewed at GDC, and saw soft laumched back in the summer. Now, those of you waiting on Venan's take on raiding-strategy, but with space combat that you can control, will be able to check it out

Sony Entertainment CEO: Hack was a "chaotic and tumultuous period"

SAN FRANCISCO — The CEO of Sony Entertainment says the government needs to do more to help companies prevent cyberattacks like the devastating breach to which Sony was subject last year. During a panel at Vanity Fair's New Establishment...Show More Summary

Transforming from Volvo to Polestar, the V60 loses its Swedish sanity

Here's a riddle: When is a Volvo not a Volvo? When it's tuned by Polestar. OK, I'll admit that's a pretty lame riddle. That said, it's nonetheless true. Because, once the Polestar engineers get their hands on the Volvo V60, it loses all sense of Swedish sanity. Show More Summary

Hands on with Microsoft’s New Surface Book and Surface Pro 4: Watch Out, Apple

2 hours agoTechnology : Yahoo: Tech

We expected Microsoft to roll out a new tablet on Tuesday, and it did: The Surface Pro 4 tablet. What we didn’t expect was that Microsoft would also unveil its first-ever laptop, but it did that, too: The Surface Book, a laptop-tablet hybrid that’s aimed squarely at Apple’s MacBook Pro. Show More Summary

Microsoft Unveils Its First Laptop, the Surface Pro 4, and New Smartphones

2 hours agoTechnology : Yahoo: Tech

Microsoft is back in a big way. Surface Book Let’s start with the big news: Microsoft is making its very first laptop … kind of. Semantics aside, Microsoft says the Surface Book will be an absolute powerhouse. Inside the keyboard base, Microsoft has outfitted the Surface Book with your choice of a standard Intel graphics chip or a high-powered Nvidia chip.

Microsoft Unveils Surface Book: Move Over, Apple MacBook

Microsoft’s Surface Pro is taking a page from Apple’s line of MacBooks. There are plenty of 2-in-1 laptop/tablet hybrids that run on the Windows OS, but none of them are made from Microsoft itself. The Surface Pro is the first ever notebook offered by Microsoft. Show More Summary

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Announcement Produces Positive Reaction: Watch Out, Apple iPad Pro

The long-awaited Microsoft Surface Pro 4 was finally announced today after months of rumors and speculation. BGR has the news. “As we expected after countless leaks spoiled the surprise, the Surface Pro 4 is an absolute monster of a tablet. Show More Summary

Amazon shares dip despite Rackspace deal, live video service rumor

Amazon shares dipped Tuesday despite cloud computing deals and a live video service rumor.        

Sign-up For HoloLens Dev Events Now

Microsoft today announced that HoloLens Development Kit is coming in Q1 2016. Microsoft is also organizing HoloLens developers events in the Canada & US. It is filling up fast. SO, SIGN UP NOW! Read more at Microsoft News

Tweetium 4.0 brings interactive notifications, column mode, more

Popular third-party Twitter client Tweetium has snagged a new update this evening, and it's a pretty notable one. While there aren't a ton of changes, the update does bring some much welcome additions in the form of interactive notifications, a new column mode, new photographic theme options and more.

Today's Microsoft event was one of the best I've ever seen

Passion. Exuberance. Purpose. Technology. It's rare those come together as well as they did today on stage with Microsoft. I've watched a lot of press events recently. In my job as Managing Editor of Mobile Nations, that tends to happen. Show More Summary

Twitter Launches Moments, Curates The Best Tweets

If you are new to Twitter, we reckon it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. There are tweets, there are retweets, and then there are Twitter conversations going on that it’s hard to keep track of who said what and when, and to be lost in the flood of news. Show More Summary

Verizon Confirms Samsung Pay Will Be Arriving On Select Handsets

When it was announced that Samsung Pay would be launching in the US, Verizon was one of the carriers in the US that would not support the feature, or at the very least weren’t particularly committed to offering support for it. However it seems that Verizon might have had a change of heart. Show More Summary

Some iPhone 6s Owners Reporting Hot Touch ID Buttons

While it is easy to test a handful of prototypes, it becomes an entirely different ball game when millions of devices are manufactured, because then there are bound to be issues that can be missed during the testing phase. According to a report from 9to5Mac, it seems that one of these issues is a burning hot Touch ID button. Show More Summary

Stan And PlayStation Join Forces

Mashing extra entertainment into Australia’s fastest selling gaming console, Stan will soon be available on the PlayStation 3 and 4. There is even a nice little bonus for new Stan users. More »      

Sunset of the v201408 DFP API

On Monday, November 30, 2015, in accordance with the deprecation schedule, v201408 of the DFP API will be sunset. At that time, any requests made to v201408 will return errors. If you're still using v201408, now's the time to upgrade to the latest release and take advantage of new features like line item level reconciliation (see our guide here). Show More Summary

Search Gmail for “starred” email messages?

Is there a way to constrain my Google Mail (Gmail) searches to just those messages that I've starred? I'm pretty diligent about adding a star to those messages that are important, now can I search through them? The post Search Gmail for “starred” email messages? appeared first on Ask Dave Taylor.

TV's Looming Threat: 'Cord-Nevers'

A new report from Forrester Research shows that young cord-nevers have exceeded cord-cutters, as the TV landscape continues to shift.

Disney animators test Apple's iPad Pro, reveal screen has roughed surface for drawing

A week after Apple offered Pixar staff an early look at the new iPad Pro with Apple Pencil, the company let animators at Walt Disney's Feature Animation studio take its upcoming tablet for a spin. Interestingly, the artists commented that the device's screen surface has "tooth," or textured roughness, to augment drawing feel.

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