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Congress unites to back law that would curb warrantless email searches

40 minutes agoTechnology / Security : Zero Day

A bill aimed at reforming a 30-year-old law, which allows the government warrantless access to old emails, has considerable bipartisan support.

Samsung's Galaxy S6 themes let you take control of TouchWiz

Your Galaxy S6 won't have to look like everyone else's, that is if you can find a theme that fits your style. Most of the criticism surrounding Samsung's software is about the looks more than the functionality, but with the Galaxy S6 and S6 edge Samsung is giving users the ability to quickly and easily change the look of TouchWiz. Show More Summary

OnePlus One sales to expand to 16 more European countries

The Android smartphone will soon be available in all European countries with this newly announced sales expansion.

Here are the most addictive social Android apps in the US

This post is part of the 'Market Intelligence' series, brought to you by SimilarWeb: get insights for any website or app. The App Economy is tricky business. How can you tell how sticky an app is? By heading to the app store and taking...Show More Summary

The 3 steps to success on YouTube

This essay is part of a series written by speakers featuring at our upcoming 10th anniversary TNW Conference on April 23 & 24 in Amsterdam. Discount tickets to the event are still available for purchase here. YouTube is huge. It has 1 billion users, its the second largest search engine, and over 300 hours of content are uploaded each minute. Show More Summary

Zelda tresure chest is actually is a engagement ring box

45 minutes agoTechnology : Walyou

Engagements ought to be special, and nothing feels quite as special as finding treasure or a new item in The …

Apple to patch 'FREAK Attack' vulnerability in iOS, OS X next week

"FREAK Attack" is an SSL/TLS vulnerability disclosed by researchers on March 3, 2015 that can be exploited to force browsers into a weaker encryption state. Attackers can theoretically use FREAK Attack to intercept what should be a secure...Show More Summary

Preview 27 different Apple Watch apps in your browser

47 minutes agoTechnology : GigaOM

Apps that run on Apple Watch will likely be a major focus of Apple's upcoming event on March 9, but if you can't wait that long, check out App Advice's new…

Hillary Clinton ran her own email server while in office

48 minutes agoTechnology / Gadgets : Engadget

Just because Hillary Clinton wasn't using work email as Secretary of State doesn't mean she was throwing caution to the wind -- if anything, she may have been shrewder than most. The Associated Press has learned that Clinton conducted official busine...

Watch 'Tomorrow's World' show off CGI, 1982 style

48 minutes agoTechnology / Gadgets : Engadget

These days, CGI is everywhere, but in 1982 it was an emergent technology that signalled a new era for movie makers and broadcasters. Always on the cutting edge of technology at the time, popular BBC show Tomorrow's World (we miss you, Phillipa!) docu...

Linux Treasures: 11 Sublime Native Linux Apps That Will Make You Want To Switch

48 minutes agoTechnology / Internet : Make Use Of

Why should you use Linux? To use some of the best applications made for any platform. If you don’t believe me, here’s a list of great Linux apps. You can find all of these in the default Ubuntu repositories, and likely in the repositories of whatever Linux distro you use. Show More Summary

Internet retailers face looming duty to collect out-of-state tax

48 minutes agoTechnology : GigaOM

Online shopping is hugely popular but not with state governments. For years, states have complained the internet shopping boom is costing them billions in tax revenue thanks to a long-standing law that prevents them from…

Women saving far less for retirement than men

48 minutes agoTechnology : Today Tech

American women save far less for retirement than their male peers, and they invest too conservatively to close the gap, according to a new survey asset management firm BlackRock will release March 5. CNBC was granted exclusive early access to the survey results.

Uber's first-ever public acquisition, maps firm deCarta, will lessen reliance on Apple, Google

Ridesharing startup Uber has finally shown its hand in the mergers and acquisitions market, picking up small navigation and geospatial services firm deCarta in a move that some say is designed to help Uber lessen its dependence on mapping services from Apple and Google.

Get to Know Your Audience: 17 Incredible Useful Market Research Tools by @kevanlee

You may have heard understanding your audience on social media is one of the keys to success. (I may have even said it myself a time or two!) Makes a lot of sense. The more you know about your audience, the better you will be able to deliver the kind of helpful content and updates they are interested in. Show More Summary

Quantum radar can detect what’s invisible to regular radar

51 minutes agoTechnology / Hardware : Extremetech

Its not just quantum computers that make use of entangled particles these days, everything from atomic clocks and unbreakable codes to the magnetic navigation abilities of birds can all exploit these effects. The latest application uses correlations between entangled microwave and optical beams to detect objects of low reflectivity, creating in effect, a quantum radar.

WTF OF THE WEEK: Apple Watch already being called a flop for the stupidest reasons imaginable

With the Apple Watch set to launch in about a month or so, I’ll be the first to admit that there’s no guarantee Apple’s foray into the wearables market will be a rousing success. Indeed, what makes the release of the Apple Watch so incredibly interesting and exciting is that we truly don’t know how popular the device is going to be. Show More Summary

5 Of The Best Local SEO Tools To Help You Be Efficient

51 minutes agoInternet / SEO : SEO Scoop

Local SEO is a unique beast for me. For years, I specialized in SEO for ecommerce, but with time and some change, I now find myself working specifically with small local businesses. It's a new challenge that I'm really enjoying. While...Show More Summary

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