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Security News This Week: The Government Wants to Listen In on Your Smart Home

The Internet of Things is connecting your home via gadgets that are always listening. This week the government admits it wants in. The post Security News This Week: The Government Wants to Listen In on Your Smart Home appeared first on WIRED.

Magic 8 of Hearts Plies Your True Love with Cheesy Sayings

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, here’s a project out of the LVL1 hackerspace in Louisville that should warm the heart of that special someone in your life. Behold the Magic 8 of Hearts. The metaphors are somewhat mixed here, what with...Show More Summary

Cortana will not get mad at you if you ask her to be your Valentine

We recently heard that Cortana has to deal with a lot of sexual harassment, as people feel free to bombard their (usually female, like Siri, Alexa and of course Cortana) digital assistants  with dirty talk, confessions of love or questions about their sex life. In the  West Microsoft does not want to encourage such interactions, but fortunately for lonely Windows […]

Havahart Bark Stop Collar offers some much needed peace in the neighborhood

A dog has been said to be a man’s best friend for countless generations, and in an emergency, you would want a dog to be at your side to help you out compared to say, a cat or a hamster, or even worse, a fish. All of the rest aren’t going to help you out in a tight spot, and neither can they bring you out for walks, guide you...

Logitech GROUP lets you collaborate in a group remotely

There is power in synergy, and a whole lot more gets done in a teamwork style than if you were to fly solo – except perhaps, if you are painting a masterpiece like the Sistine Chapel and would not want any other artist’s input in the matter. Well, modern day businesses dictate that working as a group will reap far more benefits than being a lone ranger, which is why...

3 Reasons Why Being In Love Can Benefit Your Career

4 hours agoTechnology : The Goods

In honor of Valentines day and the season of love, let's look at how nurturing love in your life, could be one of the best things you do for your career.

I tried to become more 'mindful' using meditation apps — here's how it went

Mindfulness is everywhere right now. It's the hot trend of being aware of yourself and the world around you. The Buddhist concept of mindfulness has existed for thousands of years, but it's undergoing a revival through a series of apps and books. One mindfulness app, Headspace, raised $30 million (£20.5 million) in funding in 2015. Show More Summary

A gathering of polar bears

4 hours agoTechnology : Tech Talk

Along the western shore of Canada's Hudson Bay, polar bears arrive in droves to wait for sea ice to freeze over so their hunting season may begin

BIZZBY Taking On The $500 Billion Dollar Services Market

It’s probably one of last remaining golden pots for startup disruptors and it’s worth a cool $500 billion dollars; the on demand home services market is heating up with big players like Amazon and Google entering the ring. In the heart of London’s Tech City, one start-up, BIZZBY, wants to [...]

Data Science Isn't Just For Data Scientists

Today we see that data science isn’t just for data scientists. At least that’s the trend we are seeing radiate upwards from our increasing business-centric approach to the Internet of Things, big data analytics and machine learning. The new data-aware boardroom sees even CEOs and CFOs asking the IT function about ‘data health’.

$38 Script Spawns Dozens of Free Spotify-Like Sites

Last month we were alerted to a beautiful site that merged the smart looks and playlists of Spotify with the music of YouTube to make a very decent free streaming service. Little did we know that almost anyone can put together a similar...Show More Summary

HTC One M10: Rumors, Specs, Features Roundup

HTC launched the HTC One M9 last year, which means that this year, we can expect a new flagship from the company. With the competition being so stiff, HTC will definitely need to step up their game if they hope to steal customers away...Show More Summary

Listen To The Apprentice’s Vana Koutsomitis Talk Online Dating, And Doing Reality TV

It’s Valentine’s Day, so what better time to interview Vana Koutsomitis, the self-proclaimed dating expert and finalist of this year’s U.K. version of The Apprentice. Koutsomitis almost certainly qualifies as a serial entrepreneur, having...Show More Summary

Talking Car Automation Computer is like KITT without the Sass

It’s a wonder that drivers are given so little insight into what’s going on under the hood. We mostly have the illusion of insight in the form of gauge, idiot lights, and when things get real, our eyesight and sense of smell. The older...Show More Summary

Report: Lumia 650 coming to H3G, Vodafone, Tim and Wind in Italy

The Lumia 650 may be one of the most leaked handsets, and we seem to know everything about it before its official release. The latest is the news, reported by WindowsBlogItalia, that the handset will be coming to all major carriers in Italy, including H3G, Vodafone, Tim and Wind. The handset will be available in both […]

Corruption is Stalling Ukraine's Optimistic Revolution

Last December, anonymous billboards appeared in Kiev with the message “Run, Rabbit, Run”, to tell the youthful but bald Prime Minister Arseny Yatseniuk, who some say resembles a rabbit, that his time was up. U.S. Vice President Joe Biden...Show More Summary

Is Your Computer Stable?

Over the last twenty years, I've probably built around a hundred computers. It's not very difficult, and in fact, it's gotten a whole lot easier over the years as computers become more highly integrated. Consider what it would take to build something very modern like the Scooter Computer: Apply a

'The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD' Shows Off Its New Game Features

With the release for The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD in March, Nintendo is clearly keen to show players what will be new in this updated release. Put simply, there is a lot of Amiibo crossover going on here and I am not sure how I feel about that.

"Automation"- an old but reborn disruption

Damn it’s very old term, but reborn. Recently, Automation happened to be a core part of many Major Software firm CIO's strategies. Lot have been said about it. After hearing so much and seeing significant inclination of technology world towards automation, I have decided to apprise myself and find a

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