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Understanding JOINs in SQL Server

It's very important to know what sort of JOINs are available in SQL Server and where exactly we can use them, in order to produce accurate results.

What Are The Most Common Minerals On Earth?

What are the most common minerals on earth? The answers is not as easy at is seems and depends if we consider the entire earth or just the part that is directly accessible to us.

The Low Unemployment Rate Is A Momentary Calm Before The Coming Economic Storm

The U.S. economy is at or very close to full employment, but technological disruption is expected to shock the system soon. Now is the time to lay the groundwork for a resilient economy, and talent mobility is key.

Tropical Deadpool Short Sleeve Shirt

This Tropical Deadpool Short Sleeve Shirt looks awesome. It is made of 100% viscose, with faux wood buttons for an extra nice touch. Deadpool is in paradise and now so are you. Tropical Deadpool Short Sleeve Shirt Officially-licensed Marvel merchandise Short sleeve, lightweight, perfect for a dangerous vacation in paradise Tropical palm pattern with comic-style […]

Hear the pulse: Heart rate monitoring fitness earbuds tested

Accuracy can be spotty, but some of these fitness buds are worth checking out.

Magic Mushrooms Could Be Key to Fighting Depression

5 hours agoTechnology / Gadgets :

Magic mushrooms might join ecstasy as a potential treatment for a bevy of mental illnesses. Psilocybin, the active chemical in shrooms, can cause feelings of warmth, happiness, as well as some hallucinations. Due […]

FindLectures is curated database of free, mind-expanding talks

The Internet has fundamentally democratized education. Now if you want to, say, become fluent in a new programming language or brush up on a new machine learning algorithm, you’re just as likely to head to YouTube or Coursera than step foot in a classroom. Show More Summary

Forget PowerPoint: Slidebean lets you create pro-quality presentations with one click

There’s no questioning the versatility of crafting a presentation with PowerPoint, but the program can be cumbersome to use and hard to learn. Instead, create top-notch presentations with a single click thanks to Slidebean. Right now, you can get lifetime access for only $19 thanks to TNW Deals. Show More Summary

Replacing a Failed Ebook Reader Battery

Resurrecting a beloved piece of tech can be a trying process when fighting through the mild heartbreak — doubly so if the product has been discontinued. When their old Sony PRS-T1 e-book reader refused to charge after leaving it on their...Show More Summary

Uber and Lyft drivers share the 14 weirdest things they've ever experienced on the job

Uber or Lyft drivers tell Business Insider that perhaps the best parts about their jobs are the flexibility to make their own hours and be their own boss. Beyond that, some drivers also report that a unique perk is the ability to meet...Show More Summary

Here’s what US music listeners voted for in 2016 — the favorite radio songs of the year state-by-state

Radio giant iHeartMedia, which controls over 850 radio stations, is the biggest US player in deciding what songs make their way to you over the airwaves. But with the rise of the smartphone, and devices other than traditional radio, it also has a better sense of which of those songs you actually like. Show More Summary

Apple is spending far more than Samsung on digital ads (AAPL)

Apple may have stopped disclosing its overall advertising expenditure this year, but third-party data offers an interesting insight into how much it spends on digital ads — and how that compares to rival Samsung. Data given exclusively...Show More Summary

Digital Offer: Softorino YouTube Converter for Mac is only $10!

YouTube is the number one stop for online videos, thanks to its massive library of diverse media — find music videos, classic movies, viral clips, and more. Until now, you've needed a steady internet connection to enjoy YouTube. Air-travel...Show More Summary

11 Attributes Of Great Entrepreneurs I Have Known

At some point in their life, hopefully everyone strives to be the best in their chosen profession. Most people think that being the best requires more intelligence, more training, and more experience. In reality, in business or even in sports, the evidence is conclusive that it is as much about how you think, as what you do. Show More Summary

Wheelchairs, Pringles cans, and other unlikely objects with Amazon’s Alexa

You probably caught video a few weeks back of Alexa speaking through Big Mouth Billy Bass, a singing fish that got popular in the late 1990s. If you haven’t seen it yet, take a moment to watch and enjoy. The animatronic fish is a good reminder that Amazon’s Alexa does not just come in speakers like […]

8 reasons why Google's Pixel is better than the iPhone

I've been using Google's Pixel XL smartphone for a few weeks, and it's been highlighting the iPhone's glaringly lacking key features. You should note that everything here is subjective. The iPhone has great features that the Pixel doesn't...Show More Summary

Iran Promises 'Firm Response' If Obama Signs Sanctions Act Renewal

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani demanded on Sunday that Barack Obama block an extension of sanctions passed by the U.S. Congress, saying Tehran would otherwise "firmly respond." In a speech to parliament, Rouhani denounced legislation passed by the U.S. Show More Summary

Presidential Commission Sounds Warning Over Botnet Threat

The next U.S. administration should take immediate steps to prevent and, when possible, eliminate computer attacks like one that recently crippled some of the key systems that run the internet, a presidential commission recommended.

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