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Zuckerberg Takes Questions in Facebook Session Marred by Tech Troubles

1 hour agoTechnology : Bits

Facebook's chief responded to ordinary users and celebrities like Arnold Schwarzenegger about the nature of happiness and the future of social media, but the session went offline for several minutes.

Milwaukee Archbishop Slams Condom Portrait of Pope Benedict XVI

A portrait of former pope Benedict XVI made from 17,000 coloured condoms is to go on display in a U.S. art museum. The artwork, entitled Eggs Benedict, depicts the former leader of the Roman Catholic church, who opposed the use of contraceptives,...Show More Summary

Bigger, Cheaper, Faster Data in the Cloud

1 hour agoTechnology : Bits

The same people who brought advanced data analysis to President Obama's campaign is announcing a set of big data tools available through Amazon Web Services.

Three Ways to Innovate at Your Company

As a serial entrepreneur and now EVP of Innovation at RingCentral, I'm always interested in how companies generate and maintain innovation. Innovating means disrupting -- challenging the status quo even for very successful products.Show More Summary

Pinterest Begins Rollout of Buyable Pins

The buyable pins feature introduced by Pinterest in early June has begun rolling out to iPhone and iPad users in the U.S. Buyable pins enable Pinterest users to purchase products directly via pins, using their credit card or Apple Pay information,...Show More Summary

All The News You Missed Overnight: (Topic), (Topic) And More

It’s rare that many people can be excited about rumours and hearsay surrounding a cheap-o smartphone, but the budget-conscious Moto G is an exception. Because it is one of the very best cheap smartphones you can buy, and Motorola is gearing up to release the third-generation of its low-end flagship. More »      

Beats 1 radio is now taking your song requests

Beats 1 is off to a great start, and it’s about to get a lot better. The streaming radio service is about to start taking requests. If you want to hear a particular song, Beats 1 has local phone numbers set up for users in the US, Canada, UK, France, Japan, Germany, Brazil, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Australia, Italy, Ireland and New Zealand. Show More Summary

YouTube now streams 60fps video on Android and iOS

YouTube introduced the ability to play videos in 60fps back in October of last year, but that was limited to the Web. Now it’s introducing the same functionality on the mobile YouTube apps as well. The new high frame rate support appears...Show More Summary

What Is Apple Music's Secret Weapon? 

There's one part of Apple Music that has caught my eye, and it's the part that I think will give Apple the short-term victory that the subscription service will need. While individual monthly subscriptions are the de rigueur $9.99, if...Show More Summary

It’s not you, it’s me: Why I won’t be paying for Apple Music

Apple released its new Music service into the wild today, along with an update of its mobile software called iOS 8.4. So I upgraded, tried it out and made my own personal judgment:After this three-month trial is up, I won’t be paying for Apple Music.Read full article >>

Nexus 7 Gets Android 5.1.1 Factory Image

Nexus 7 owners, here is some bit of news that ought to make your day. So you have been having your fair share of fun with this flagship model from Google, but wished that it could be pushed to the next level? Well, fret no longer, as it looks as though Google has just rolled out an updated Android 5.1.1 factory image. Show More Summary

White Men Wave Their Butts in the Air for the Confederacy

1 hour agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

Remember planking? Remember how tired and unfunny it got in such a short amount of time? Thanks to Vice co-founder and anthropomorphized subreddit Gavin McInnes, the terrible internet trend of our past is back. And this time, it’s here to speak out against the atrocious shaming and reverse racism currently oppressing the country’s white males. Or something. Read more...

Here’s how OEMs can customize your Windows 10 phone

Our readers will know OEMs can modify some settings in Windows Phone, for example some devices allow static IP and some do not. however managed to find a full list of features OEMs can meddle with on Windows Phone, and at 7 pages long its a pretty comprehensive list. Most of the features are already […]

World Preps for Tuesday’s Rare ‘Leap Second’

Ever feel like there isn’t enough time in the day? You probably won’t notice it, but Tuesday will be a longer day than usual thanks to the addition of a ‘leap second,’ a rare event designed to keep atomic time in sync with the Earth’s rotation. Show More Summary

VMware Agrees To Pay $75.5M To Settle Illegal Pricing Allegations

In a significant settlement that could embolden American employees who witness company misconduct, VMware and government contractor Carahsoft Technology Corporation agreed to pay the $75.5 million today to settle illegal pricing allegations. Show More Summary

Hands-on with Apple Music (Video)

Today we’re taking a quick look at Apple Music. This new service came along with the iOS 8.4 update and effectively merges Beats Music with a new streaming service from Apple. The good news is, Apple Music will also be available for Android and Apple TV as well later this fall. Everyone also gets a 3 […]

Verizon to begin pushing out Android 5.1 update to the Droid Turbo on July 1st

Droid Turbo owners - your wait is almost over! Verizon has just announced that it will begin pushing out the update to Android 5.1 Lollipop on Wednesday, July 1st.

Apple Music's Beats 1 radio station is bleeping out all the bad words

You might be excited to have heard Dr. Dre's The Chronic legally streaming for the first time today on Beats 1, but you might have been disappointed to hear all the swearing bleeped out. Apple's 24/7 online radio station Beats 1 debuted today, and like the traditional radio it hopes to remediate, it appears that swearing is a big no-no. Show More Summary

Curtains Lifted On Meizu MX5

So, it looks like the Meizu MX5 has finally made it to the masses – after a slew of rumors that have made the news in recent times. True to form, it will feature a “Full Metal Jacket” as rumored earlier, where there are a couple of tiny plastic inlays that run through the back in order to ensure decent reception. Show More Summary

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