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Riotoro Returns With New ‘Ghostwriter’ Keyboard, ‘Aurox’ Mouse

In the grand scheme of things, Riotoro is a relatively new brand in the tech space. Last year at Computex was a big debut, and the young outfit is back with more gear.

Google's AlphaGo retires after beating Chinese Go champion

24 minutes agoTechnology / Google : ZDNet: Google

AlphaGo's developers are moving on to solve pressing societal issues through the technology it used to build the robo-champion.

Death knell sounds for last 17-inch MacBook Pro model, will be added to obsolete list June 30

39 minutes agoTechnology / Apple : Apple Insider

Effective June 30, Apple will add the last of the 17-inch MacBook Pros to its running list of vintage and obsolete products, ending a lineage of large-screen portables that began in 2003 with the 17-inch G4 Powerbook.

The MacBook Air 2017, And How Apple Could Recapture The Budget Market [Opinion]

With the introduction of last year’s MacBook Pro series, it appeared that Apple was set on its way towards permanently retiring the MacBook Air. Unfortunately, the retirement of the beloved ultrabook also appeared to signify Apple’sShow More Summary

President Trump's Translation Earpiece Is Just Really Small

President Trump took some heat this weekend after it looked like he wasn't listening to Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni's speech at the G7 summit. Gentiloni was speaking in Italian, and Trump, who doesn't speak Italian, looked like he didn't have a translation headset on. Show More Summary

Why Samsung's QLED Is The TV Tech You Need In Your Life

If your TV is getting old, it needs an upgrade -- you and your living room deserve the best, right? You'll be pleased to know that the TVs of 2017 are far advanced from the flickery old LCD and plasma screens of a few years ago. The new star on the block is QLED, a TV technology that gives you unrivalled picture quality no matter what you're watching. More »      

The MacBook Pro 2017 With Kaby Lake And 32GB RAM Might Make An Appearance On WWDC 2017

There is no denying that the MacBook Pro is a beautiful piece of hardware. Sleek and slim, the 2016 machine packs a lot of power in its portable frame. There is just one problem, however. For power users, the 2016 MBP simply does not have enough horsepower to justify its “Pro” moniker and its premium price. Show More Summary

How to Use Face Detection to Unlock Android Device

We usually lock our smartphones with passcode or a pattern. But while entering passcode or drawing a pattern any bystanders could easily know what it is. Though unlocking your smartphone with fingerprint is comparatively safe way toShow More Summary

Lost All Your Safari Bookmarks on Mac? Here is how you can restore them

Bookmarking the websites we use often is a good habit. But sometime we get so use to bookmarks that we forget web addresses. In such situation if you lose or accidentally delete your bookmarks, it could make you feel lost on the internet. ...Show More Summary

Applications of Augmented Reality in the Field of Medical Sciences – Part 2

In the previous blog, we looked at the 7 applications of Augmented Reality in the Healthcare Industry. The accessibility of this kind of technology can and will make a huge difference to the standard of medical education and training. Show More Summary

How To Protect Your USB Pen Drive With Password

USB/Pen Drive/Flash Drive is a portable device and can be read on any device with a USB port. It can also be used with smartphones if you have a OTG adaptor handy.  It makes the task of transferring important data from one computer to another, easier. Show More Summary

15 Best VR Apps For Android

Virtual Reality is the new shiny toy in town and it is very alluring due to its intoxicating features.  With half a dozen of VR headsets launched in the market, has established a concrete platform for VR to flourish. After taking a VR headset, the next step is to find the apps that could give you the best VR experience. Show More Summary

Top Tips For The First Time Snowboarder

As with all types of sports, including adventure sports, snowboarding is all about progression. Too many misinterpret this as a focus on skills and start snowboarding only to end up doing endless laps, getting hurt and/or frustrated....Show More Summary

Kia Rio SLi: One gear short of the complete package

1 hour agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmag

The original Kia Rio was miles off the pace when it launched in 2000, but the formula has been refined since then, to the point where the fourth-generation car you see here has the looks, interior and technology to compete with German and Japanese class leaders. Show More Summary

Microsoft Ultimate Word Games update to Wordament now rolling out

Microsoft is in the process of rolling out an update to the free Wordament app on Windows 10 which will upgrade it to the Microsoft Ultimate Word Game bundle. The bundle will now contain 3 games – Wordament, Jumble (a scrabble-type game) and Crosswords. Show More Summary

Teachers for blind students say iPads are revolutionary for students

2 hours agoTechnology : Tech Talk

Teachers at one NYC school for the blind say iPads are revolutionizing the way their students learn and interact. Kenneth Craig has more.

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