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Make The Internet Angry, Get Cheaper Snickers

Some people might call this a cynical marketing ploy, or the internet bleeding over into real life where it doesn’t belong. But we call this a chance to get cheap Snickers bars — and all you have to do is make everyone mad. Snickers and 7/11 will give you a chocolate bar for as little as 50 cents depending on how butt-hurt Australian social media is. More »      

App Deals: Customise Your Listening Experience With Amuzik

Today’s best deals include Amuzik for Android, Real Metronome for iOS and Files&Folders Pro for Windows Phone. Deals end without warning, so be quick! More »      

Netflix Engineers Built A Virtual Reality Video Store

Every few months, Netflix holds a hack day where it encourages product development staff and other employees to try something new. They’ve put Netflix on 1950s fishbowl TVs, and while some hacks are pretty straightforward and smart, there are also weird ones — like this virtual reality Video Ezy. More »      

'Game of Thrones:' Daenerys Becomes The Angriest Character On The Show

But it was another emotional moment from last week's episode that stole our hearts and our Twitter traffic.

How To 'Optically-Mine' Water From An Asteroid

Despite the recent buzz about eventually mining asteroids for metals, their real near-term value may be as space-based sources of water and carbon dioxide from which to make rocket propellant. The trick is in mining such volatile compounds efficiently enough to convert them to fuel in situ. Show More Summary

VR the champions: Queen legend Brian May has made a rival to Google Cardboard - CNET

The rock god and astrophysicist has a long-standing fascination with 3D imagery, leading him to create the wallet-friendly Owl viewer.

I mew, I mew: 1,000 cats are only guests at couple's wedding - CNET

Off to a purrfect start? A Canadian couple ties the knot at a cat charity in California, with just felines in attendance.

McDonald’s ex-CEO: $15/hr minimum wage will unleash the robot rebellion

Tells Fox Business a "$35,000 robotic arm" is cheaper than hiring, training mortals.

The 1TB Xbox One Halo 5 bundle you’ve been waiting for is now $399 on Amazon

When new video game systems come out it's so hard to wait to buy one, especially since there's so much time in between console generations. New systems are so much more powerful and capable than older ones, and you need the latest and greatest. Show More Summary

China wants to battle traffic jams with this crazy futuristic bus

Traffic congestion is a problem that many cities across the globe continue to struggle with. And while some cities have come up with their own ways to deal with congestion, whether it be a push for public transportation or constructing...Show More Summary

Solar Impulse 2 temporarily grounded after hangar accident

2 hours agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmag

Solar Impulse 2 is temporarily grounded in Dayton, Ohio after a minor accident. The next leg of the solar-powered aircraft's round-the-world-flight was scheduled for May 24, but the unexpected minor collapse of its inflatable hangar resulted in the craft being lightly touched by the hangar fabric. Show More Summary

8 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Blogging

Starting a new business can be difficult and you have resources available that you wouldn’t have had years ago. However, it’s human nature not to follow the advice of people because we think we know it all. I remember when I first started blogging, I wanted to make some quick money and avoided the advice of pioneers in the industry. […]

White House Visit - Foster Care and Technology Hackathon

Hey friends! I am so proud to be a technology advisor for the the White House Foster Care and Technology Hackathon this week! While I'm participating in this event and advising as a private citizen, there is a Microsoft team. Here is...Show More Summary

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