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Hackaday Links: June 26, 2016

Solar Freaking Roadways. What is it? It’s technology that replaces all roadways with a smooth sheet of glass and solar panels. You know how asphalt is soooo easy to repair and soooooo cheap? Yes, this is the exact opposite of that. They’re coming to freaking Missouri. Show More Summary

Amazon to Add Dozens of Brands to Dash Buttons, But Do Shoppers Want Them?

Amazon this week plans to announce it is adding dozens of new brands to its Dash buttons feature that enables shoppers to order consumer items by pressing a button.

China Issues New Internet Search Rules After Baidu Probe

China’s internet regulator has issued new rules for online search and advertising, about six weeks after it opened an investigation of Chinese search giant Baidu’s practices.

Europe's Startups Reassess Britain After 'Brexit'

Britain’s vote to leave the European Union is already forcing Europe’s nimble, tech startup community to reassess operations there—a potential early warning for the kind of dramatic action bigger companies may have to take.

Tsinghua Holdings Expands R&D Spending on Strategic Technologies

Tsinghua Holdings Co., the state-owned investment arm of China’s elite Tsinghua University, said it plans to increase its investment in research on strategic technologies to $7.6 billion over the next five years.

Watch Apple celebrate Pride 2016

Designers, engineers, administrators, executives, and employees of all kinds are once again joining together today to show off their Apple Pride in San Francisco's annual parade. Happy Pride to everyone who turned out this weekend to...Show More Summary

Elon Musk's SolarCity bid: Mistake?

Why there could be a growing shortage of skilled workers in the oil industry.        

The Brutal Truth About Those Pyramid Schemes

Whether it be Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, or LinkedIn... we have been seeing a tremendous shift in peoples' posts, a large percentage of them being women and/or mothers. As you scroll through your news feeds, you...Show More Summary

3 Hiring Lessons You Need To Learn From Goldman Sachs' Big Changes

In the era of internet dominated business, virtual communication, and shifting economic landscapes, hiring the right people has never been more crucial. Use these three hiring lessons as you build your team in the ever-changing twenty-first century.

Crowdfunding project of the week: Como Audio Solo and Duet speakers

Today we are taking a look at a couple speakers from a company named Como Audio. They are not your average Bluetooth speakers.

Apple celebrates Pride weekend with rainbow Apple Watch bands for employees

As Tim Cook and others from Apple prepared to join in Sunday's annual Pride parade in San Francisco, the company gave employees a special, limited-edition rainbow-colored watch band to commemorate the event.  SEE ALSO: Apple CEO opens...Show More Summary

Here are all the crazy-advanced robots built by Google's Boston Dynamics group

Boston Dynamics, a robot group born out of MIT and currently owned by Google, makes absolutely incredible robots. From giant dog robots to ones resembling humans, these are definitely the most advanced robots we've ever seen. Here'sShow More Summary

Google reportedly ships its first non-Nexus phone this year

You might not have to wait long to see whether or not rumors of Google having more say over phone designs are true. Sources speaking to the Telegraph claim that Google will release a smartphone with tighter controls over "design, manufacturing and software" before the end of the year. Show More Summary

Brexit Could be Yuuuge for China

A freer people are a happier people In the past eight years world history has changed in an unprecedented way. Just this week we learned the UK is leaving the EU and that Venezuelans have experienced prices increase up to 19,000% inShow More Summary

Bitcoin, Blockchain and FinTech to the Brexit Rescue

The One Industry Unaffected by Brexit is RansomwareIt’s undeniable that there is a chance that after seeing Britain leave the EU that the grand experiment of the European Union will go up in smoke. With riots, protests and a financial crisis every few years, it’s hard for anyone who has a memory to argue the EU was a positive step forward. Show More Summary

Live uploading of video from web camera on YouTube service on Windows 8 and Windows 10

Simple imitation of direct streaming of live video from web cam on YouTube service on Windows 8 and Windows 10

This amazing hack unlocks hundreds of secret 'Super Mario Bros.' levels hidden on the cartridge

The original "Super Mario Bros." is more than just the 32 or so levels you've played. The original "Super Mario Bros." actually has hundreds more levels. Hundreds! Those levels, however, are messed up. They're broken, contain enemies that have no place within them (a Goomba underwater?!), and look completely bananas. Show More Summary

Gay Rights Vs. Guns: Pride Marchers Protest After Orlando Massacre

Supporters of gay rights took to the streets of New York, San Francisco, Orlando, Chicago and other cities across the globe on Sunday in annual celebrations of gay rights with a brooding twist, in the wake of this month’s massacre at a gay nightclub in Florida. Show More Summary

Intel readies chip to rival NVIDIA for machine learning

After abandoning its own GPU for supercomputers, machine learning, and video games in 2009, Intel has returned to the market with a new 72-core Xeon Phi, to compete with NVIDIA’s growing portfolio of GPUs. The Xeon Phi ‘Knights Landing’...Show More Summary

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