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Microsoft finally loses its crown as Chrome becomes number one web browser

It has finally happened. Microsoft has been dethroned in the competitive web browser market. Google's Chrome has taken the number one spot, according to latest marketshare figures released by Net Marketshare. Microsoft's own Internet...Show More Summary

Craig Wright says he's Satoshi Nakamoto, the father of Bitcoin

The real identity of elusive Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto is reportedly Australian entrepreneur Craig Steven Wright. Wright has apparently proven his identity to the BBC, the Economist and the London Review of Books, all three of...Show More Summary

Software Update Destroys $286 Million Japanese Satellite

The Japanese X-ray telescope Hitomi has been declared lost after it disintegrated in orbit, torn apart when spinning out of control. The cause is still under investigation but early analysis points to bad data in a software package pushed shortly after an instrument probe was extended from the rear of the satellite. Show More Summary

Under the screen: LG’s new fingerprint sensor can neither be felt nor seen

LG Innotek - a subsidiary of LG - has just unveiled a new type of fingerprint sensor built directly into the glass that covers our device's displays. COOL!

Activision teases next Call of Duty game with interactive Facebook Bot - CNET

3 hours agoTechnology / Internet : Webware

If you're keen to learn more about the next Call of Duty game then Lieutenant Reyes has some important information to give you -- over Facebook Messenger.

Advice To The One Actor Who's Just Realised They're In A Shitty Film 

Hey buddy, are you on a movie set and have just looked around and realised that you’re the only one who’s realised that this film isn’t going to make it? Well then, we have some advice for you. More »      

How Strong Are Your Feelings About WiFi?

Video: When people come to your house and instantly want to connect, are you okay with it? Or does it actually bother you a lot and if your friends want free WiFi they can just go to Maccas or something, because they are there to enjoy your company not your incredible download speeds, okay?! Okay. More »      

Tinder's Newest Feature Will Make It Easier To Find Orgies Near You

If there’s one thing missing from Tinder, it’s group sex. The swipe-happy app is great for getting laid old school-style — waking up in the morning next to someone you will no doubt forget about by the afternoon — but it’s less helpful for finding some more-that-four fun. More »      

The Australian Who (Might Have) Invented Bitcoin Now Says He Has Proof

The Australian man who may have invented the protocol behind Bitcoin, previously uncovered by an investigation by Gizmodo and Wired, now says he has cryptographic proof that he was responsible for the creation of the digital currency. More »      

Tiny House Village lets you try out small living for size

3 hours agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmag

The idea of living in a tiny house can seem pretty appealing, but the reality of day-to-day life in such a small space obviously isn't for everyone. Those looking to dip a toe into the small living movement and see if it's for them have...Show More Summary

Estonia wants to become a 'country as a service' and already has 10,000 virtual residents

Estonia is one of the most digitally advanced nations in the world, with digital public services, online voting, blockchain-based healthcare records, and paperless cabinet meetings in government since 2000. But its most radical project...Show More Summary

Toward an ethics of influence

Stop now and go to, where @TristanHarris, the guy on the left above, has produced and gathered much wisdom about a subject most of us think little about and all of us cannot value more: our time. Both of us will be co-investing some time tomorrow afternoon at the @BerkmanCenter, talking about Tristan’s work and […]

A Scary Look Back at History’s Worst Data Breaches

Over the years, there have been many terrible data breaches that have led to thousands of individuals’ personal information making its way into public hands. Which were the biggest data breaches in history? Do you remember when each of these happened? Did any of them cause problems for you? Let us know in the comments. Show More Summary

Case Study: Business Intelligence at the NFL

by Angela Guess Marius Moscovici recently wrote in Datanami, “When people think of leaders in business intelligence, the National Football League probably isn’t the first to come to mind. After all, the league just hired its first chief...Show More Summary

A Data Extraction System for Unstructured Documents

Click here to learn more about George Roth. Let’s assume that we have a system that extracts information from unstructured documents. There are two types of unstructured documents: Type A:  There are unstructured documents with known content (e.g. Show More Summary

How to Avoid Becoming Data Rich But Insight Poor

by Angela Guess Bernard Marr recently wrote in Forbes, “Most companies I interact with already have too much data. With this post, I would like to make the point that people and companies already can’t cope with the data they have today, let alone the data that is around the corner. Show More Summary

Embracing Big Data Tools: Lessons Learned at EDW 2016

by Angela Guess Jack Vaughan reports in Search Data Management, “The onslaught of big data, with its high data volumes and diverse data structures, has given rise to new technologies in the form of NoSQL, Hadoop, Spark and the like. NoSQL, particularly, calls for changes in established data modeling techniques. Show More Summary

The Design Element of the Internet of Things

by Angela Guess Scott A. Nelson and Paul Metaxatos recently wrote in the Harvard Business Review, “Gartner Research predicts that the typical family home will contain as many as 500 networked devices by 2020. Similarly, Ericsson forecasts 50 billion connected ‘things’ by the same date. Show More Summary

CIOs Need to Invest in Machine Learning Now

by Angela Guess Martha Heller recently wrote in, “Sure, machine learning has already had a significant impact on the worlds of science and culture, and in life, but it will be years before CIOs need to start worrying about enterprise machine learning applications… right? No. Show More Summary

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