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Google’s notification menu no longer has Google+ branding

Google has made another move away from social, changing “Google+ Notifications” on the web to “Google Notifications.” In addition to the new header text in the notification drop-down pane, Google+ post notifications now have their own icon. Show More Summary

Awesome! Legoizer converts your photos into Lego murals

File this under ‘Awesome’ — Lego maniacs can now turn their photos into pixelated murals with Legoizer. Just go to the Legoizer site where a Web app lets you drag any photo you want over the converter window. In an instant, you willShow More Summary

In Modern Wars, What Happens To Captured Weapons?

1 hour agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

For the U.S. Army, it depends on the type of weapons, and what our needs are. Read more...

'Skylanders Superchargers' Coming in September, Introduces Sea, Air, and Land Vehicles

Skylanders games are for me a great encapsulation of the effects of the digital age on childhood: you get to play with a toy, just like the olden days, but instead of imagining that toy coming to life, digital technology does that for you by bringing the toy into a fully-interactive 3D world. And if,

Chris Cox: Video on Facebook Was an Experiment That Worked

Facebook didn’t plan to \"become a video juggernaut,\" chief product officer Chris Cox told Erin Griffith of Fortune: It just worked out that way. Griffith spoke with Cox as part of a detailed story on the advancement of video at Facebook...Show More Summary

Android M Feature: Quickly Uninstall Apps From Home Screens

This may seem like an incredibly minor change for Android M, one that probably doesn’t really deserve a write-up, but dammit, I appreciate the hell out of it. For far too long have I found myself annoyed at having to go find an app in...Show More Summary

Conflict minerals likely widespread part of our industry's hardware

From Activision and Disney's video game toys to Apple, Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft's hardware, a new report suggests that conflict minerals may power a big part of the game industry....

Toca Doctor HD by Toca Boca AB is now free!

Free for a limited time on the App Store! Get it now: Copyright © iPhone App )

Leaked trade deal stops countries from saying where your data goes

There's been a fair share of leaked trade deals raising hackles in recent memory, but the latest could have some big repercussions for your data privacy. WikiLeaks has slipped out details of the in-progress Trade in Services Agreement...Show More Summary

Google My Account Promos

Google promotes the new interface of the Google Account settings page, which is now called My Account. "Google gives you the tools to control your privacy and security," informs a promotional card. When you sign in, Google shows a different...Show More Summary

HP Destroys a Dream Computer to Save It

1 hour agoTechnology : Bits

A year ago, HP said it was coming out with a new kind of world-beating computer. Now it's backing away from it's most whiz-bang promises. The new version may actually be more promising.

There has never been a better time to quit paying for TV, and it’s only going to get better

If you’ve been thinking about dropping your subscription to TV, now may be a good time to cut the cord. That’s because there have never been more ways to watch TV without actually paying a cable or satellite company each month for a bundle of channels, many of which you probably never watch. Show More Summary

Earn free PC games during the Summer Sale, beginning today

After a long, cold winter, the warm weather couldn’t come soon enough this year, but its never truly summer anymore until PC games start going on sale. On Wednesday, kicked off its DRM-Free Summer Sale, and as far as I’m concerned, June 3rd is now the official start of summer. Show More Summary

Tim Cook Says Apple "Doesn't Want Your Data." Let's Not Say Things We Can't Take Back.

On Monday, the Electronic Privacy Information Center recognized Apple CEO Tim Cook at its Champions of Freedom Awards dinner. It was the first time EPIC chose someone from private industry to receive the award. In a fervent speech, Cook...Show More Summary

Nobody Knows Why Giant Piles of Worms Mysteriously Lined Up in Texas

1 hour agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

After floods hit Denison, Texas last week, park rangers were mystified to find stringy clumps dotting the rain-soaked streets in inexplicably organized lines. It was no pasta-based apres-flood prank. It was just piles of living, squiggling worms. Read more...

Kim Dotcom Gets To Keep His Cash, Cars and Mansion

For now at least anyway. The New Zealand courts have stepped in and stopped the US from seizing Dotcom’s assets. But the fight isn’t over yet. More »      

3 lessons from Amy Schumer for trailblazing entrepreneurs

1 hour agoTechnology : The Goods

Three pieces of advice the comedian would give any ambitious entrepreneur, minus the expletives.

Why Haven't You Cancelled Your Cable?

1 hour agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

Today the FCC voted to “effectively allow cable companies to charge whatever they like for all broadcast TV” — which is a shitty move. Most things about cable companies, the most hated of industries in terms of customer satisfaction, are terrible. Have you cut your cord or are you still wired in? Read more...

Want to know more about the mysterious Magic Leap and its plan to make virtual objects appear in the

1 hour agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

Want to know more about the mysterious Magic Leap and its plan to make virtual objects appear in the real world? Watch this fireside chat with three of the company’s leaders, including Snow Crash author Neal Stephenson. [MIT Tech Review] Read more...

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