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ASP.Net MVC Infinite Scrolling Jquery

This post is going to guide you how to use Asp.MVC with Infinite Scrolling Jquery to get the data from CSV file, then displaying on your web page. Each time when you scrolling down, it will lazy load more data, then appending into your page.

IARC and You – Updating your store Age Ratings

Do you like making money? Or would you like to see your app in front of more users? Then read on. If you have any apps on the Windows Store you will have likely received a mail of late asking you to update your age ratings, the reason for this …

“Made for Taiwan”: the next billion-dollar app market

Labelled the next billion dollar market for app developers, Taiwan shows less bias towards regionally based publishers, an unusual trait for an Asian market.

Effortlessly Send Antenna Wires Skywards With A Spud Gun

The heroes of action films always make it look so easy. Need to climb a tall building? Simply fire a grapnel hook from a handy harpoon gun, it’ll always land exactly where you want it and gain a perfect purchase so you can shin up the rope and arrive at the top barely having raised a sweat. Show More Summary

Microsoft delivers EGG self-contained classroom to the Philipines powered by Whitespace technology

Microsoft and the Philipines Department of Education has worked together to create a next generation containerized classroom to deliver education to underserved and unconnected areas in the Philipines. The EGG (so-called because it is self-contained) will be able to generate its own electricity via solar panels on the roof, its own water by collecting and […]

Why scientists think your social media posts can help prevent suicide

Take a moment to look at your emoji keyboard.  Scroll through the angry face, ghost, stiletto, doughnut, flashlight and cigarette until you reach the hearts.  There it is: love. Amid the mundane and humorous, those vibrant, colorful little shapes can easily become a rapid-fire display of affection to a friend, parent or partner. Show More Summary

Blair: U.K. Cannot Rule Out Second Brexit Referendum

Tony Blair has said that the U.K. cannot rule out a second referendum on its EU membership, but that the priority for both sides of the debate had to be reaching a sensible deal with the bloc. Asked on the BBC’s Sunday Politics showShow More Summary

Quora Question: What's It Like Being a Female CEO in Silicon Valley?

Quora Questions are part of a partnership between Newsweek and Quora, through which we'll be posting relevant and interesting answers from Quora contributors throughout the week. Read more about the partnership here. Answer from Sarah...Show More Summary

Save $13 on this HTC One M8 case and holster combo

Want to keep that HTC One M8 in your pocket looking good for a while longer? If so, Amzer's Shellster case and holster combo may be the one for you. It provides great protection to the phone and an easy way to carry it around on your hip when not in use. Right now you can get both pieces for just $4.95. ...

Save $13 on this case and holster combo for the Moto X 2014

Still holding on to your second-gen Moto X and want to keep it looking good? If so, Amzer’s Shellster combo may be just what you have been searching for. It adds a thin hard case to the phone to keep it safe when you are using it everyday, and the holster keeps it safe while not in use. You can score one for just $4.95 today. ...

Being 'Good Neighbors' And Staying Out Of Print Motivates Companies To Be Environmental Stewards

Next time you pull through your local Taco Bell, stop and ask the management there what it is doing to mitigate both its waste and its carbon emissions. As it turns out, it is doing a lot, beginning with building modern restaurants while measuring its emissions. And it’s not just [...]

MAGES - Ultimate Scripting for .NET

This article introduces MAGES - a very simple, yet powerful, expression parser and interpreter.

More Galaxy Note 7 details leak: 64GB and color variants

Evan Blass follows up his logo leak with some specs for the Galaxy Note 7 including storage size and color choices! Groovy.

Qualcomm files formal complaint against Meizu for patent infringement

Qualcomm has filed a formal complaint against Meizu wth Chinese authorities for failing to properly license Qualcomm's radio patents.

Bose QuietComfort 35 Review

This is what a $350 pair of noise cancelling headphones looks like!

Save $5 on this microUSB to Lightning cable adapter today!

Ever find that you have too many microUSB cables laying around and not enough Lightning cables? If you want to repurpose those old cables, this Lightning adapter is what you will need. It's small enough to keep in your pocket so you never find yourself without it, and right now you can grab one for just $7.95. ...

Darth Vader Returns, 'Thrones' Wraps Up & More: 5 Things We Loved

From Darth Vader's return to the Star Wars franchise to artists' open letter to Congress on gun control, here are five things we loved in Culture this week:  Generations of film fans are shuddering in anticipation at the news that Darth Vader will return to the Star Wars universe in prequel Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Show More Summary

Streaming Site Operators Face Jail & $1.7m Forfeiture

The former operators of Swefilmer, Sweden's largest streaming site, have been prosecuted for copyright infringement and money laundering offenses. The men, aged 22 and 25, are accused of facilitating infringement on 1,400 movies and face penalties of $1.7m. Source: TF, for the latest info on copyright, file-sharing, torrent sites and ANONYMOUS VPN services.

The Internet Without Connection, Free Endless OS For Emerging Markets

Endless OS is free operating system has been designed explicitly to work in the ‘expensive and restrictive’ Internet data conditions that exist in emerging markets. The Linux-based software is built to provide useful information and educational content, with or without an Internet connection.

Arcade Track-Mouse

[Evan] always wanted a trackball for his arcade cabinet. It’s hard to play Missile Command with anything else, and Centipede with any other controller is just stupid. So he bought one, jury-rigged a mounting bracket for it, and then fried it by plugging the wiring harness in backwards. Show More Summary

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