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What’s new for shortcuts and widgets in Android O

Posted by Gloria Liou, Associate Product Manager Intern Why use shortcuts and widgets? One of our favorite features in Android O is the ability o pin shortcuts and widgets for your app onto the launcher through deep linking. Shortcuts...Show More Summary

Parsing and decoding values of some email message fields.

Regex-based solution for decoding email address field values ("From", "To") and "Subject" field value.

Stuff The Internet Says On Scalability For July 28th, 2017s

Hey, it's HighScalability time: Jackson Pollock painting? Cortical column? Nope, it's a 2 trillion particle cosmological simulation using 4000+ GPUs. (paper, Joachim Stadel, UZH) If you like this sort of Stuff then please support meShow More Summary

Altspace, VR's First Major Casualty, Was One of Its Smartest Startups

Altspace was one of VR's first social platforms—and was also its most forward-thinking.

How to Get an App Made in 9 Easy Steps

The app development process can be overwhelming. Let's clear some things up about what it really takes to get an app made. The post How to Get an App Made in 9 Easy Steps appeared first on  - Snyxius.

Hiking and Camping Gear From REI, Danner, Big Agnes, and Osprey

With this lightweight yet rugged gear, you can hit the backwoods without breaking your back.

A Search for Anti-Aging Secrets Starts With the Blood of 600 Estonians

BioAge is trying to solve the problem of aging using advanced machine learning, a horde of lab mice, and the blood of 600 especially long-lived Estonians.

A Simple Windows 7 Gadget To Preview CodeProject's Featured Articles

In this article, we'll discuss on how to use HTML/CSS/JavaScript/Ajax to create a simple lightweight Windows Vista/Seven desktop gadget that allows to preview featured articles published at the CodeProject.Com website

What Gene-Swapping Cheese Microbes Could Say About Antibiotic Resistance

The search for lively bacterial communities led Rachel Dutton, a microbiologist at UC San Diego, to cave-aged cheese wheels.

Error'd: The Things That Should Not Be

"I tried to export my game to HTML5, but I guess it just wasn't meant to be," Edward W. writes. Tom H. wrote, "I guess the build server never saw that memo." "I love going out to dinner with my friend null null," writes Adam R., "She never steals any of my food!" Mike C. Show More Summary

Adding Shapes to Word Document

This tip gives you examples of how to create and customize shape and shape group in Word with C#.

Happy Birthday, dear Lambda: 17 is good edition

Seventeen years ago to the day, LtU was born. I guess it's about time I stop opening these birthday messages by saying how remarkable this longevity is (this being the fate of Hollywood actresses over 25). Still, I cannot resist mentioning that 17 is "good" (???) in gematria, which after all is one of the oldest codes there are. Show More Summary

Posting Externally Derived TFS Test Case Results

This is an article on how to post automated test results to Microsoft's Test Manager Infrastructure from external sources (e.g. your home grown automated test harness).

Elastic Beanstalk apps v2

Steps to do unattended Elastic Beanstalk install

SimpleThreading makes threading easy!

Threading can be a daunting topic. This library takes much of the worry (and mistakes) out of multi-threaded application programming.

Tesla's Model 3 Is Here: How to Watch the Big Event

The long-awaited affordable electric car is finally here, for a lucky few.

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