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Microsoft uses open-source software to create Windows

Windows will almost certainly never be open source, but virtually all Microsoft Windows engineers are now using the open-source program Git to build Windows on.

Percona Software and Roadmap Update with CEO Peter Zaitsev: Q2 2017

This blog post is a summary of the Percona Software and Roadmap Update – Q2 2017 webinar given by Peter Zaitsev on May 4, 2017. This webinar reflects changes and updates since the last update (Q1 2017). A full recording of this webinar, along with the presentation slide deck, can be found here. Percona Software Below are the […]

Introduction to Machine Learning

In this and the following articles on Machine Learning to figure out whatMachine Learning is and what can be achieved with it

KBpedia Relations, Part III: A Three-Relations Model

The KBpedia relations model is split into three main branches: Attributes, External Relations and Representations. This article in our series introducing KBpedia's new relations model describes each of these trichotomous branches in detail, and provides the design rationale based on Charles S. Peirce's universal categories.

Request a professional app translation from the Google Play Console and reach new users

.post-content img { border: 0 0 0 0; margin: 0 0 0 0; padding: 20px 0 10px 0; max-width: 100%; } .stars { color: gold; ext-align: center; } .use { font-style: italic; font-size: 8pt; ext-align: center; } Posted by Rahim Nathwani, Product...Show More Summary

Re-Introducing Symfony Console – CLI PHP for the Uninitiated! - SitePoint PHP

"The console component eases the creation of beautiful and testable command line interfaces." This is how we are welcomed when we visit the Symfony Console component tool page. As software developers, we often feel the need to resort to command line tools. Show More Summary

Story of Equality in .Net - Part 6

This article explains how Equals method and == operator behave differently for String class

Story of Equality in .NET - Part 4

This article is the continuation of the previous three articles regarding how Equality works in.NET, the purpose is to give developers a more clear understanding on how.NET handles equality for types.

Units and measures for C++ 11

Type quantities according to the units in which they are measured. A complete implementation of units of measurement as a data type for C++ 11.

Using JavaScript's Implicit Setters and Getters

The following example discussion is from the online book Web Applications with JavaScript or Java. Already available from ES5.1 (and even supported by IE 9), JavaScript's set and get methods have not been used very widely. Their main use case is the implementation of a best practice in Object-Ori

Building A Slideshow App Using SignalR

Use SignalR to create a Slideshow app which asynchronously updates all web clients so they see the same slide you are seeing.

A Beginner’s Guide to REST

REST is taking over the API world. Learn more about REST and why you should use it as you develop your next software application. The post A Beginner’s Guide to REST appeared first on  - Snyxius.

IFTTT launches Maker tier for developers

IFTTT said the Maker tier is designed to give developers access to more sophisticated tools.

Number recognition with MLP Neural Network

English Number recognition with Multi Layer Perceptron Neural Network (MLP)

CodeSOD: Lucee Execution

Recently, at my dayjob, I had a burning need to understand how scheduled tasks work. You see, we've recently switched from Adobe Coldfusion to Lucee, and I was shaky on how Adobe did things before, so I wanted a deeper understanding of how the code I was working on would be executed. Show More Summary

U.S. Signage Service Provider Gets Dynamic Website Using WordPress Development Company

The client is a U.S.-based Signage Service provider with business services that include signage design and installation. The client partnered with Elegant MicroWeb for WordPress Development of a flexible, scalable website that wouldShow More Summary

Databases from finite categories

Spivak and Kent (2011). Ologs: A categorical framework for knowledge representation: In this paper we introduce the olog, or ontology log, a category-theoretic model for knowledge representation (KR). Grounded in formal mathematics, ologs can be rigorously formulated and cross-compared in ways that other KR models (such as semantic networks) cannot. Show More Summary

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