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The Top Problems With Major Operating Systems

There is no such system which does not give you any problems. Even if the system and the operating system of your system is easy to understand, there will be some times when certain problems will arise. Most of these problems are easy to handle and easy to get rid of. But you must be […]

8 Benefits Of Linux OS

Linux is a small and a fast-growing operating system. However, we can’t term it as software yet. As discussed in the article about what can a Linux OS do Linux is a kernel. Now, kernels are used for software and programs. These kernels are used by the computer and can be used with various third-party software […]

Kubernetes 1.9 brings beta support for Windows apps

Kubernetes, the cloud container orchestration program, expands even further and has grown more stable.

Kata Containers Project launches to secure container infrastructure

OpenStack, the open-source IaaS cloud, is branching out into containers with secure Kata containers.

CoreOS Tectonic 1.8 unites container management across clouds

Kubernetes can free users from being locked into a single cloud, and CoreOS wants to help them do this with its release of Tectonic 1.8.

?Red Hat partners with AWS with OpenShift Container Platform 3.7

Red Hat wants to be your AWS hybrid cloud and container company as well your Linux provider.

Looking At the Preview

Many websites have now enabled the “preview” feature. Through this feature, you can view the content of the video; these are usually clips from the video, or you can view an image on the website. You can see this by simply hovering over the image or the thumbnail of the video to see the preview […]

?Kubernetes vendors agree on standardization

Want to use Kubernetes, but worried about portability across clouds, containers, and vendors? Don't be. The Cloud Native Computing Foundation has you covered.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux for ARM arrives after seven years of development

The promise of running serious Linux servers on ARM processors has been there for ages. Now, at long last, the reality is here.

Things Linux OS Can Do That Other OS Can’t

What Is Linux OS?  Linux, similar to U-bix is an operating system which can be used for various computers, hand held devices, embedded devices, etc. The reason why Linux operated system is preferred by many, is because it is easy to use and re-use. Linux based operating system is technically not an Operating System. Operating […]

Packagekit Interview

Packagekit aims to make the management of applications in the Linux and GNU systems. The main objective to remove the pains it takes to create a system. Along with this in an interview, Richard Hughes, the developer of Packagekit said that he aims to make the Linux systems just as powerful as the Windows or […]

What’s New in Ubuntu?

What Is Ubuntu? Ubuntu is open source software. It is useful for Linux based computers. The software is marketed by the Canonical Ltd., Ubuntu community. Ubuntu was first released in late October in 2004. The Ubuntu program uses Java, Python, C, C++ and C# programming languages. What Is New? The version 17.04 is now available here […]

Ext3 Reiserfs Xfs In Windows With Regards To Colinux

The problem with Windows is that there are various limitations to the computer and there is only so much you can do with it. You can access the Ext3 Reiserfs Xfs by using the coLinux tool. Download the tool from the  official site or from the  sourceforge site. Edit the connection to “TAP Win32 Adapter […]

Getting It To Better Stability And Performance

Every computer user wants their computers to run as smoothly as possible. Here are few tips to ensure that: Clear out all junk files from time to time. Do not overload your computer’s C: drive. Uninstall all unnecessary applications. Remember to use the task manager to check out unnecessary service. Disable the service if you […]

Possible Manipulation Around OOXML Process In Poland

This is the case of reaching consensus on the ISO/IEC DIS 29500 (OOXML), which was recommended by the Polish. It was found that the consensus had not been reached. When the meeting was held, twelve votes supporting the new standard protocol, abstained votes were two and ten votes rejected it. When the consensus was not […]

Discussing Visual Changelog

Visual Changelog, is a function of the computer which protects the computer and the PC from various different things. The updates are usually rolled out by the owner or the manufacturing brand of the PC, such as Windows. Changelogs are required to maintain and extend the stability of the computer being used. These visual changelogs […]

Exploring The Visual Changelog

The visual Changelog is an fantastic new distro. The features of the visual Changelog revision 777000 are as follows: It lets you select a different kind of alphabets. The version features new exciting games. The Lancelot menu can be used again. The Luna applet has been enhanced. The picture frame KDE 4 can now be placed […]

How To Use Truecrypt?

What Is Truecrypt? Truecrypt, now discontinued, was a free software which was used to encrypt files and create an encryption with the files. How To Use Truecrypt? After opening the application follow the steps given below: Create volume. Then select the first option for the encrypted file. After that choose the first option. Select file, […]

Enchanting Pictures With Imagemagick

Why Use Imagemagick? With the advent of the digital cameras and the popularity of photography, it is important to have attractive pictures. ImageMagick allows you to get the perfect image in no time. The software is basically used to enhance images. ImageMagick comes with a set of tools that allow the user to create and […]

Cisco and Google partner on new hybrid-cloud approach: Goodzilla

Look out Amazon Web Services, by using Kubernetes and Istio, Google will enable Cisco customers to easily move and run their applications both on their own data centers and Google Cloud Platform.

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