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Why WordPress Should Be Your Top Choice for Website Redesign

Thinking of building a website or redesigning your old one? Check out why we think WordPress should be your top choice for any website redesign! The post Why WordPress Should Be Your Top Choice for Website Redesign appeared first on  - Snyxius.

Meet 5 Android developers working to improve lives around the world

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Welcome to your New Home on Android TV

.image img { width: 100%; padding: 10px 0; margin: 0; border: 0; } Posted by Paul Saxman, Android Devices and Media Developer Relations Lead Android TV brings rich app experiences and entertainment to the biggest screen in your house, and with Android O, we’re making it even easier for users to access content from their favorite apps. Show More Summary

Request a professional app translation from the Google Play Console and reach new users

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A Beginner’s Guide to REST

REST is taking over the API world. Learn more about REST and why you should use it as you develop your next software application. The post A Beginner’s Guide to REST appeared first on  - Snyxius.

Group Messaging in Android Auto

Posted by David Nelloms, Software Engineer Communicating with a group of people is a common use case for many messaging apps. However, it may be difficult to know how the Android Auto messaging API applies to group conversations. Here...Show More Summary

How to Create a Content Strategy for Your Business

A good content strategy is key to attracting the right customers to your business. Check out these tips on how to make your content stand out! The post How to Create a Content Strategy for Your Business appeared first on  - Snyxius.

Make more money with subscriptions on Google Play

Posted by George Audi, Tom Grinsted and Larry Yang, Google Play The subscription business model is one of the best ways to make more regular, reliable, and recurring revenue on Android and Google Play. In fact, both developers and users...Show More Summary

Android Wear: New complications tools and watch friendly UI library

Posted by Hoi Lam, Lead Developer Advocate, Android Wear Android Wear 2.0 gives users more informative watch faces and provides developers with new ways to build useful apps. These new opportunities have been well received by users and developers alike. Show More Summary

What’s next for Google payment and loyalty experiences

.caption { font-size: 75%; ext-align: center; ext-format: italic; } Posted by Pali Bhat, VP of Payment Products Thousands of apps and millions of stores accept Android Pay, a simpler and more secure mobile payment experience. Android Pay is now available in 10 markets, with more coming soon, including Brazil, Canada, Russia, Spain and Taiwan. Show More Summary

Android and Architecture

Android and Architecture The Android operating system provides a strong foundation for building apps that run well on a wide range of devices and form factors. That being said, we've listened to developer feedback; Issues like complex...Show More Summary

Google I/O 2017: Empowering developers to build the best experiences across platforms

By Jason Titus, Vice President, Developer Product Group It's great to be in our backyard again for Google I/O to connect with developers around the world. The 7,200 attendees at Shoreline Amphitheatre, millions of viewers on the livestream,...Show More Summary

Android Announces Support for Kotlin

.prettyprintsmall { font-size: 12pt; } By Mike Cleron, Director, Android Platform Today the Android team is excited to announce that we are officially adding support for the Kotlin programming language. Kotlin is a brilliantly designed, mature language that we believe will make Android development faster and more fun. Show More Summary

Android Instant Apps is open to all developers. Start building today!

.caption { font-size: 75%; ext-align: center; font-style: italic; padding-top: 0; } Posted by: Jonathan Karmel, Product Manager Earlier his year, we began testing Android Instant Apps, a new way to run Android apps without requiringShow More Summary

I/O 2017: Everything new in the Google Play Console

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Android Studio 3.0 Canary 1

.prettyprintcustom { font-size: 12pt; background-color: black; color: white; ext-align: left; } .code { font-size: 12pt; } By Jamal Eason, Product Manager, Android Just in time for Google I/O 2017, we're providing a sneak peak of Android Studio 3.0 - available to download today on our canary release channel. Show More Summary

What’s New in Android: O Developer Preview 2 & More

Posted by: Dave Burke, VP of Engineering With billions of Android devices around the world, Android has surpassed our wildest expectations. Today at Google I/O, we showcased a number of ways we’re pushing Android forward, with the OShow More Summary

How Your Fitness Studio Can Benefit from a Mobile App

Mobile applications are a great way to keep consumers engaged with your business. How can fitness clubs use mobile apps to keep members coming back? The post How Your Fitness Studio Can Benefit from a Mobile App appeared first on  - Snyxius.

Android Things Developer Preview 4

Posted by Wayne Piekarski, Developer Advocate for IoT Today, we are releasing the next Developer Preview 4 (DP4) of Android Things, bringing new supported hardware, features, and bug fixes to the platform. The goal of Android ThingsShow More Summary

9 Apps with the Best UI/UX Design

Mobile app design is crucial to a positive consumer experience with your product or service. Want to know which apps are doing it right? The post 9 Apps with the Best UI/UX Design appeared first on  - Snyxius.

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