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Google Play Billing Library 1.0 released

Posted by Neto Marin, Developer Advocate In June we announced the developer preview for a new Google Play Billing Library. Today, we are pleased to announce the official release of the Play Billing Library 1.0. This library simplifies...Show More Summary

Customer Acquisition Cost and Why it Matters to You

Trying to understand what customer acquisition cost should matter to you? Find out exactly what it does, why you should use, it and how to be successful. The post Customer Acquisition Cost and Why it Matters to You appeared first on  - Snyxius.

Why You’re Losing Users: Biggest Mobile App Design Mistakes to Avoid

Unsure of why you're losing users? You might be making mobile app mistakes without even realizing it! Read more to find out how to improve your app! The post Why You’re Losing Users: Biggest Mobile App Design Mistakes to Avoid appeared first on  - Snyxius.

Android Things Hackster Contest

Posted by Dave Smith, Developer Advocate for IoT Android Things lets you build professional, mass-market products on a trusted platform, without previous knowledge of embedded system design. With Android Things you get a urnkey hardware...Show More Summary

SafetyNet Verify Apps API, Google Play Protect at your fingertips

Posted by William Luh, Software Engineer Google Play Protect, which includes the Verify Apps security feature, helps keep users safe from harmful apps. Google Play Protect is available on all Android devices with Google Play installed...Show More Summary

How to Keep Up with Mobile App Maintenance

Keeping up with mobile app maintenance can be difficult without the proper tools to succeed. Make sure you have everything you need before starting out! The post How to Keep Up with Mobile App Maintenance appeared first on  - Snyxiu...

Google and Ideas United Launch Program to Support Inclusivity in Game Design

Posted by Daraiha Greene, CS Education in Media Program Manager, Multicultural Strategy, and Kate Brennan and Mathilde Cohen Solal, Google Play Today, we are thrilled to announce Infinite Deviation: Games. Infinite Deviation is an initiative...Show More Summary

3 Android App Ideas You Can Implement Today

Looking for Android app ideas that you can get started on ASAP? Read further to learn more about opportunities in the Android market and how to get started! The post 3 Android App Ideas You Can Implement Today appeared first on  - Snyxius.

Helping indie developers get discovered on Google Play

There are increasing growth opportunities for indie game developers, but being one can still feel daunting in today's crowded gaming industry. We've been working hard to help indie developers find an audience and to recognize them for heir creativity and innovation. Show More Summary

Website Redesign: How to Create Meaningful CTAs

Been trying to make the most out of your website redesign? Check out these tips on how to create meaningful CTAs for your audience to engage them further! The post Website Redesign: How to Create Meaningful CTAs appeared first on  - Snyxius.

Introducing Android Native Development Kit r16

Posted by Dan Albert, Android NDK Tech Lead The latest version of the Android Native Development Kit (NDK), Android NDK r16 Beta 1, is now available for download. It is also available in the SDK manager via Android Studio. NDK r16 is...Show More Summary

Optimize your Android apps for Chromebooks

Posted by Cheryl Lindo Jones, Mobile App Solutions Consultant, Google Play As more Chromebooks are enabled with Google Play, now is a great time to optimize your Android app for Chromebooks to reach a larger audience. The changes made...Show More Summary

Enroll for app signing in the Google Play Console & secure your app using Google’s robust security infrastructure

Posted by Kobi Glick, Product Manager, Google Play Every app on Android is signed with a key. This key is used to ensure the app's integrity by checking that updates are signed with the same signature. In the past, the burden of securely holding the signing key has always been with the developer. Show More Summary

9 Best Practices for Successfully Outsourcing App Development

Considering outsourcing app development for your company? Make sure to follow these 9 best practices to avoid unnecessary mistakes and ensure success! The post 9 Best Practices for Successfully Outsourcing App Development appeared first on  - Snyxius.

Create stickers for Gboard on Google Play

Posted by Alan Ni, Associate Product Manager, Gboard Messaging is getting more and more expressive -- today you can say I love you with an emoji, a gif, or a sticker. Millions of users share expressive content every day on Android devices using Gboard as their default keyboard. Show More Summary

6 Common Mistakes Made by Android App Developers

Mobile app development is an ever-growing industry, full of fast-moving parts and intelligent designers. The development world is notorious for its efficiency in working on projects and its commitment to creating products that are exactly what their customers are looking … The post 6 Common Mistakes Made by Android App Developers appeared first on  - Snyxius.

Android Developer Story: Zalando increases installs and revenue by focusing on app quality

Posted by Adriana Puchianu Based in Berlin, Zalando is Europe's leading online fashion platform. With more than 70% of its traffic now coming from mobile, the company has invested a lot in improving the quality of its app to provide a good user experience. Show More Summary

Updates to Google Play policy promote standalone Android Wear apps

Posted by Hoi Lam, Lead Developer Advocate, Android Wear Strava - a standalone wear app available to both Android and iOS users Android Wear 2.0 represents the the latest evolution of the Android Wear platform. It introduced the concept of standalone apps that can connect to the network directly and work independently of a smartphone. Show More Summary

Hardening the Kernel in Android Oreo

Posted by Sami Tolvanen, Senior Software Engineer, Android Security The hardening of Android's userspace has increasingly made the underlying Linux kernel a more attractive target to attackers. As a result, more than a third of Android security bugs were found in the kernel last year. Show More Summary

How Custom Software Solutions Can Help Grow Your Business

Thinking of using a custom software solution for their business? Look no further! We can show you how to grow your business and achieve success with a CSS. The post How Custom Software Solutions Can Help Grow Your Business appeared first on  - Snyxius.

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