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Social BI Inspires Data Popularity

Social BI Tools: A Logical (and Crucial) Extension of Social Networking! Business intelligence has become a crucial tool for business users and for organizations large and small. It was only a matter of time before social business intelligence took over the enterprise! Sharing data and content is a habit for all consumers and consumers have jobs. Show More Summary

New Group of Iranian Hackers Linked to Destructive Malware

A suspected Iranian government hacking team known as APT33 may be planting computer-killing code in networks around the world.

Geneticists Trace an Australian Migration with Aboriginal Artifacts

Specialists in ancient DNA at the University of Adelaide used an anthropological gold mine to figure out how humans first migrated across Australia.

IBM open sources WebSphere Liberty code

The new Open Liberty project represents the latest effort from IBM to support Java developers.

Dishonored: Death of the Outsider Review: Ending the Franchise With Some Much-Needed Anger

In the series' final installment, you go hunting for the trickster deity who started it all.

'Freeways' Is a Mobile Game That Lets You Play Traffic Enginner

Justin Smith's game will drive you crazy and make you appreciate hardworking highway builders.

These Startups Want to Be Tinder for Your Rolodex

Shapr and BumbleBizz want to adapt the dating app model for business. But it's hard to sell networking with the same tools used to sell sex.

Apple Becomes a Chipmaker to One-Up Smartphone Foes

Apple's iPhone X and Apple Watch 3 rely on new, company-designed chips.

Tech Firms Open to Changing Law to Combat Sex Trafficking

Bill would change part of the Communications Decency Act, which protects site operators for content posted by others.

Interview with Mark Story - Voices of the ElePHPant

mark_story Audio Show Notes Cake PHP Greater Toronto PHP User Group . The post Interview with Mark Story appeared first on Voices of the ElePHPant.

Graphic Design Is About to Be Upended By AI

Apple's 1984 Macintosh revolutionized graphic design—but that was nothing compared to the coming wave of websites that'll design themselves.

Silicon Valley Eats Its Young with "Disruption"

A decade of genre-busting innovation from Silicon Valley has us primed for transformative companies. But those expectations are killing fledgling startups.

The Ellen Pao Effect Is What Happens After Lean In

Ellen Pao's Reset is ushering in a new corporate code. We should listen.

CodeSOD: A Dumbain Specific Language

I’ve had to write a few domain-specific-languages in the past. As per Remy’s Law of Requirements Gathering, it’s been mostly because the users needed an Excel-like formula language. The danger of DSLs, of course, is that they’re often...Show More Summary

CORS and OpenWhisk web actions - Rob Allen

By default, OpenWhisk will handle the relevant responses for CORS. Specifically, it will respond to an OPTION request with these headers: Access-Control-Allow-Origin: Access-Control-Allow-Methods: OPTIONS, GET, DELETE, POST, PUT, HEAD,...Show More Summary

In memory Entity Framework testing via Effort library, in practice.

Practical guidance how to use Effort library in your unit tests including workaround with views and triggers and some pitfalls.

A Brief Introduction To Spring Framework

A lightweight Inversion of Control Container is called Spring and it is also considered as AOP framework. The testing and deployment of Java enterprise applications are made easier with the help of Spring. There are owned MVC components in the Spring that is used in MVC Web-based applications. Show More Summary

Multiple model in Single View using System.Dynamic in MVC

Following article will show how to use multiple model in single view in MVC using System.Dynamic.

Snapshot Testing APIs with Jest

You know what’s annoying? API mismatches. One day the backend devs change one of the APIs without warning the frontend devs. “We decided dateCreated was a better name than created_at,” they say. “Didn’t we tell you in standup yesterday?” And then everything is broken. There are unit tests co

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