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Netflix's Secret Weapon Isn't Reboots—It's Genre Movies

The streaming service is offering money and creative freedom—and from a look at its first two projects, it won't be stopping anytime soon.

How To Use WP_Query In WordPress

In this WordPress Tutorial, we will have a look at the WP_Query class, which is really the workhorse of fetching post data from your WordPress database. WP_Query gives theme developers complete control over what is sent into “The Loop” as we call it. Show More Summary

Lyft Says, ‘Me Too!’ and Dives Into the Self-Driving Game

The ride-hail company will launch its own autonomous vehicle software and hardware.

Trump Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci Disagrees With Most Trump Policies

Anthony Scaramucci's new job is to sell Trump's policies to the American people. Too bad he disagrees with so many of them himself.

Sean Spicer Resigned as White House Press Secretary. The Internet Will Miss Him.

Sean Spicer might be leaving the White House, but he'll remain in the internet's heart.

A GAO Sting Scored $1.2 Million in Weapons From an Unsuspecting Department of Defense

A federal sting reveals lax oversight in the Defense Department’s gear giveaway program.

Gadget Lab Podcast: Talkin' Glass With Steven Levy

Steven Levy joins the Gadget Lab Podcast to tell us how factory workers are streamlining production Google's wearable.

Sockets with PHP and Node - Sarfraz Ahmed

I was looking to implement real time notifications system via sockets without having to use any third party services such as Pusher, etc. I just wanted to be able to send notifications from PHP side to the client and instantly show them...Show More Summary

05: Finding untested code - Sammy Kaye Powers

Now that we know how to create tests and debug them when they fail, let's make a useful test that actually covers some untested code. Finding untested lines of code The PHP gcov website shows what lines of C code are covered by the test...Show More Summary

5 Reasons Custom Software Development is Right for Your Company

Does custom software development make sense for your company? The post 5 Reasons Custom Software Development is Right for Your Company appeared first on  - Snyxius.

Industrial sensors supported in the UPM sensor library

This article provides a list of industrial sensors currently supported by the UPM library, as well as information about supported communications protocols.

Claim Your Elite Status as an Intel® IoT Innovator

If you’re a world-class software developer who wants to play a leadership role in the emerging Internet of Things, Intel would like to talk to you.

Managing Amazon Greengrass Core Devices Remotely with Wind River Helix Device Cloud

This tutorial will show you a method to restart your Amazon Greengrass Core Device remotely using HDC.

Exploring the HPS and FPGA onboard the Terasic DE10-Nano

This tutorial will discuss four different methods for controlling the LEDs using the command line, memory mapped IO, schematic, and Verilog HDL to the field-programmable gate array of the Cyclone V device.

Wind River Helix Device Cloud Getting Started Guide

This guide contains steps to set up your Wind River Helix device with Device Cloud

Getting Started with Ubuntu Core on an Intel® IoT Gateway

This article demonstrates to new users how to install Ubuntu Core on an Intel® IoT Gateway GB-BXTB-3825.

Physicists Try to Revive a Super-Safe, Decades-Old Cancer Treatment

Robert Johnson thinks that a proton-based image, even a blurry one, can guide a cancer treatment known as proton therapy better than a conventional X-ray.

Stuff The Internet Says On Scalability For July 21st, 2017

Hey, it's HighScalability time: Afraid of AI? Fire ants have sticky pads so they can form rafts, build towers, cross streams, & order takeout. We can CRISPR these guys to fight Skynet. (video, video, paper) If you like this sort of Stuff...Show More Summary

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