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Putting {Style} into the Online New York Times Stylebook

11 hours agoProgramming / Open Source : Open

The New York Times Stylebook is our canonical reference for how our newsroom uses language. During our recent Maker Week, we asked: how might we make the online Stylebook even more useful?

What Are Enterprise Java Beans (EJB)?

What Are Enterprise Java Beans (EJB)? To put it simply, Enterprise Java Beans (EJB) is a Java Beans that works in an Enterprise Atmosphere. And, a Java Beans is a POJO designed according to the standards of the Java Beans Requirements. Show More Summary

Top 5 Blogs Java EE developers should follow

Top 5 Blogs Java EE developers should follow One reason of Java’s amazing success as development language, is that it has taken over Business space. Earlier J2EE used to be the well-known system, but now we have more modern and enhanced Java EE system, with newest release of Java EE 7. Show More Summary

What is Method Overloading And Overriding In Java?

What is method overloading and overriding in Java? Over-loading happens at compile-time while Overriding happens at runtime: The executed of bombarded technique contact to its meaning has happens at compile-time however executed of overridden technique contact to its meaning happens at playback. Show More Summary

A first look At The Bytecodes Of The Java Virtual Machine

A first look At The Bytecodes Of The Java Virtual Machine Welcome to another sequel of “Under The Bonnet.” This line gives Java designers a look at what is going on below their operating Java applications. This month’s content takes a first look at the bytecode training set of the Java virtual machine (JVM). Show More Summary

Android: Forking Java by Mistake

Android: Forking Java by Mistake A long time ago of Cupcake and Donut, when Android operating system was new and bright, one of what made it eye-catching to designers was that they could use a terminology they were acquainted with on this new system. Show More Summary

Do You Need To View Adobe Photoshop Pictures In Java?

Do You Need To View Adobe Photoshop Pictures In Java? This week recognizes a fascinating addition to our JDeli picture collection. We have now designed our own PSD decoder. In this weblog article I will be explaining: what the PSD information...Show More Summary

Why We Should All Digest Our Data

As a software intern at The Times this summer, I’ve been lucky to work on a project that both enables data insights and serves as a nice example of how product and technology teams can support our mission in the newsroom.

Searching for Feelings — An Intern Works on Topic and Sentiment Analysis

The project has been an incredible opportunity to work with cutting-edge programs in the field of computational linguistics.

Summer Intern Report: Prototyping an Improved Search Query With Machine Learning

One of our Search interns shares details about his summer project — improving word relevancy to increase the relevancy of search results — and his experience working with the team.

Design Thinking for Media That Matters

Eight New York Times product managers and engineers recently participated in Matter’s media startup accelerator bootcamp. Here's some insight into what we learned.

Girls Who Code Visit The New York Times

Girls Who Code students recently visited The New York Times to learn more about how technology is used at the company — and to apply what they've been learning during their summer intensive.

The Future of the Past: Modernizing the New York Times Archive

Thanks to a cross-team migration effort, we're thrilled to announced that nearly every article published since 2004 is available to our readers with the most current New York Times digital article design.

Why The New York Times is Working With Matter

2 months agoProgramming / Open Source : Open

The New York Times, to me, has always manifested a masterful balance of innovation and tradition. So it's exciting to be partnering with Matter Ventures for their inaugural Matter NYC class. We're looking forward to learning from others and to sharing our own expertise.

Smooth client-side routing in a figwheel-only project

One of the few things I missed when starting with re-frame was the excellent client-side routing setup you get with ember-cli, especially the development server part of that. After some digging I found this fantastic article, No-hashes...Show More Summary

Our Tagged Ingredients Data is Now on GitHub

4 months agoProgramming / Open Source : Open

We’re excited to release the roughly 180,000 labeled ingredient phrases that we used to train the machine learning model we referred to in "Extracting Structured Data From Recipes Using Conditional Random Fields."

Visual Studio Code editor hits version 1, has half a million users

Cross platform, open source editor has been installed more than 2 million times.

Learning and Exploring on 100% Day

5 months agoProgramming / Open Source : Open

When you hear "hackathon" you envision a scene from "The Social Network”: bleary-eyed developers working into the early morning, slamming energy drinks, furiously typing away on keyboards; the end goal being to best your competition, and be showered in glory from your peers. Show More Summary

Improving Startup Time in the NYTimes Android App

6 months agoProgramming / Open Source : Open

Here's how we improved startup time for our Android application.

Flash-Free Video in 2016

7 months agoProgramming / Open Source : Open

Read about how we turned off Flash support for VHS, the New York Times video player.

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