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Java Training Teaches JEE Application Session Beans

Learn more about Session beans by undertaking Java training. The representation of core business service objects called Session beans combines business logic in an enterprise application. In a standalone EJB container the Java component is executed or JEE application server container. Show More Summary

Adobe ending Flash support at the end of 2020

And in some parts of the world, the end will come even sooner.

Demystifying Datomic 'Two datoms in the same transaction conflict' errors

I love Datomic, absolutely love it. I simply can't imagine a world without it anymore. I can now relate to how the NoSQL crowd felt a decade ago when they were unshackled from relational databases, except this time I feel the technology has really nailed it. Show More Summary

Mozilla and Thunderbird are continuing together, with conditions

E-mail client needs to reduce its technical and operational reliance on Mozilla.

Using semantic-ui-react with re-frame

One of the great things about ClojureScript is the fantastic interop story with the JavaScript ecosystem. That said, taming JavaScript is a bit of an art that takes some practice. I've integrated plain Semantic-UI with a re-frame project...Show More Summary

Quick and Statistically Useful Validation of Page Performance Tweaks

6 months agoProgramming / Open Source : Open

We wanted to share how we measure modest performance changes when a page has many assets of variable speed and complexity that can impact its performance.

2016 sees Internet Explorer usage collapse, Chrome surge

A couple of newcomers enter the scene, and Opera changes ownership.

Muni system hacker hit others by scanning for year-old Java vulnerability

Backups meant SFMTA didn't have to pay 100-Bitcoin ransom demanded by the attacker.

Linux turns 25, is bigger and more professional than ever

Just 7.7% of devs are unpaid—because Linux development is worth paying for.

Bringing order with Clojure's sort-by

It is unavoidable, really. Any data eventually needs to be sorted for presentation. Most of the times we’re very lucky and we could lean on the implicit order of data returned from the database, or we can decorate that HTML table with...Show More Summary

Store Grand Opening — Wrangling Android Data Loading and Caching

7 months agoProgramming / Open Source : Open

Today we're open-sourcing Store — a magical middle piece that aims to simplify fetching, parsing, storage, and retrieval of data in your Android application.

Continuous Deployment to Google Cloud Platform with Drone

7 months agoProgramming / Open Source : Open

From our exploratory work, we've come up with two open source plugins to share with the community: drone-gke for Google Container Engine and drone-gae for Google App Engine.

The JVM is not that heavy

Mostly my opposition to Clojure is the JVM. That sht is heavy. This came up in the ZA Tech Slack team several weeks ago. While watching some Clojure talks over the holidays the speakers also noted this objection over and over again. I had a bit of a monologue in Slack about this. Show More Summary

Get Hired with One of the Best Java Training Institute in Pune

“Get Hired, Not Just Certified” If not anything else, you must have at least heard the word Java. No wonder it does not require any separate introduction. Still, for those who are new to the field of computers or are totally unaware, here are some key points about Java programming language. Show More Summary

Oracle JDK and OpenJDK Comparison and Development Process of Java JDK

Let’s focus our attention on OpenJDK versus the Oracle JDK comparison initially in this particular article. Then we will move towards the JDK development process. For more on the JDK, Java training Pune would prove to be of great help. Show More Summary

Java Programming Language and It’s Security Level

Java Programming Language and It’s Security Level : Java is a very popular programming language, and it has a wide reach. Also, it promises a flourishing career Java programming for those who are truly interested. If you are the oneShow More Summary

A Guide To Introduce Hadoop To Java Developers

A Guide To Introduce Hadoop To Java Developers. In todays’ times, it has become necessary that Java developers are also aware about the Hadoop part. Most recruiters see this during the recruitment process of their organizations. Best...Show More Summary

Understanding The Concept of Java AWT

As a part of the learn Java series, let’s look at the concept of AWT in this particular article. We have as of now seen lot of other concepts related to Java. Java training Pune can provide you with insights related to this topic. Please take the help of a best Java institute in Pune. Show More Summary

Trends In Java Tools and Technologies

Trends In Java Tools and Technologies : As a part of the Java programming language series, let’s today focus our attention on Java tools and technology trends. Get the best Java training in Pune, if you wish for a career Java Programming. Show More Summary

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