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Fedora's Christian Schaller Asks 'What Can We Do?'

Today in Linux news Fedora developer asks the community what can we do to get you to switch to Fedora? Elsewhere, the number of Debian 8 release blockers remains steady despite looming release date and Rob Williams shares his "trials and tribulations" installing Gentoo with GNOME and systemd. Show More Summary

Big Data Titans Align Around Open Data Platform, Open Tools

Big data leaders are really converging around the Open Data Platform, recently announced by Pivotal, which we covered here. Hortonworks, IBM and Pivotal have announced that they are essentially harmonizing their Hadoop and data analytics strategies. Show More Summary

VMware Starts Two Open Source Projects Focused on the Cloud

VMware has turned a significant corner, and is adopting open source in a big way. The company has announced two new open source projects focused on enterprise adoption of cloud-native applications -- Project Lightwave, an identity and...Show More Summary

Questions About Cloud Efficacy Emerge from European IT Survey

These days, it seems like everyone under the sun offers some kind of cloud computing service or product. In Europe, though, there are some indications that cloud-focused vendors are less than easy to deal with. In particular, there are concerns about migrating applications to the cloud. Show More Summary

Pepperdata Nabs $15 Million to Scale its Enterprise Hadoop Biz

So far in 2015, tools that extend and enhance the open source Hadoop project are all the rage. Hadoop has been the driving technology behind much of the Big Data trend, and there are many administrators who can benefit from tools that either demystify it or optimize its power. Show More Summary

Fedora 22 Beta a Go and GNU Hurd 0.6 released

In what I first thought was a joke, GNU Hurd 0.6 was released yesterday. GNU Hurd is the GNU project's answer to the Linux kernel and this release brings bug fixes and enhancements. Elsewhere, Jaroslav Reznik today announced that the Fedora 22 Beta is a Go and Josh Boyer said Final will ship with Linux 4.0. Show More Summary

Ten New Members Join the AllSeen Alliance, Focus on IoT

The AllSeen Alliance, a cross-industry collaboration to advance the Internet of Everything (IoT) through an open source software project, today announced 10 new members are joining the initiative. Through collaborative development, Alliance...Show More Summary

Dropbox Opens its Security Testing, to Pay Out Cash Bounties for Bugs

At Google, Mozilla, and many other notable technology companies, bug bounties have emerged as one of the key ways to identify and address security vulnerabilities. We've reported on the bug bounty program that Google has been running...Show More Summary

Debian Long Term Support Progress, Jessie Bugs, and the Election

It was a busy day for Debian today as the election for Debian Project Leader 2015 was decided. Raphaël Hertzog posted about his presentation on the Debian Long Term Support project and Richard Hartmann presents the latest bug counts standing between us and shiny new Debian 8 release. Show More Summary

PLUMgrid Teams with Canonical's OpenStack Interoperability Lab

As survey results pour in this year, focused on IT administrators, it is clear that many IT departments are either already experimenting with the OpenStack open cloud computing platform, or will deploy it soon. Meanwhile, The OpenStack...Show More Summary

Google Chrome 42 Eschews Some Extensions...Java in the Crosshairs

As we've reported a number of times, Google has been pursuing some long term plans with its Chrome browser that will especially affect how the browser handles extensions. If you've regularly used either or both of the most popular open...Show More Summary

KDE Plasma 5.3 Beta Released with 350 Bug Fixes

The KDE project today announced the release of KDE Plasma 5.3 Beta. It comes with lots of improvements as well as "big steps towards Wayland support." Elsewhere, David Both shares his nine reasons for using KDE and Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols highlights five changes coming in Ubuntu 15.04. Show More Summary

RDO OpenStack Simplifies Deployment and Stays Humble

Back at the OpenStack Summit two years ago, Red Hat unveiled RDO, “a freely available, community-supported distribution of OpenStack that runs on Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Fedora and their derivatives.” The idea was that RDO would do...Show More Summary

Think Big's Hadoop Dashboard Aims to Drive Big Data Insights

So far this year, tools that demystify and function as useful front-ends and connectors for the open source Hadoop project are all the rage. Hadoop has been the driving technology behind much of the Big Data trend, and there are many administrators who can benefit from simplified dashboards and analytics tool that work with it. Show More Summary

Five Best GNOMEs and Linux 4.0

Linus Torvalds released Linux 4.0 yesterday and it's getting quite a bit of coverage. Elsewhere, Swapnil Bhartiya named the five best GNOME distributions and Phoronix reported that GCC 5 was branched opening development on 6.0. Several...Show More Summary

IBM Deepens its Cloud Services Entrenchment with the U.S. Government

IBM is making further inroads into getting its cloud computing tools and infrastructure solidified with the U.S. government. Big Blue recently announced that the U.S. Army is using IBM Hybrid Cloud to power one of the biggest logistics systems in the federal government. Show More Summary

Legal Responses May Be Imminent in Net Neutrality Face-off

Back in March, the FCC's 400-page net neutrality order arrived, and made waves because of the agency's vote to reclassify broadband as a regulated telecommunications service. The FCC argued that it created "clear and enforceable rules" to protect consumers, but broadband providers and others bristled at the regulation proposals. Show More Summary

Magiea 5 Coming Along and Document Freedom

A post to the Mageia Linux development mailing-list indicates Mageia 5 may be shaping up nicely. Over on The Document Foundation Blog, Italo Vignoli updates the public on the progress of the the Document Liberation project. Linux Mint Debian Edition 2 was released today in two varieties and Kevin Fenzi tries to clear up Fedora's Yum/DNF confusion. Show More Summary

Connectors to Hadoop Promise to Simplify Big Data Tasks

Over time, it only had to become easier to leverage the open source Hadoop project, which has been the driving technology behind much of the Big Data trend. At one point, the Big Data trend--sorting and sifting large data sets with new...Show More Summary

Why Open Source May Drive the Apple Watch to Success

The first Apple Watches arrived in stores today--sort of. For two weeks, you can visit an Apple Store to look at the watches or -- if you have an appointment -- try them on for 15 minutes. Although you can preorder the watch now, they don't actually go on sale until April 24. Show More Summary

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