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The 2015 Linux Jobs Report Shows the Open Cloud Driving New Hires

For several years running, OStatic has been reporting on the high demand found in the job market for people with Linux skills. Have you been pounding the pavement for a job, or wanting some extra work on the side, and getting ever more...Show More Summary

Docker Acquires SocketPlane to Boost Container Networking

Docker, Inc., the corporate sponsor of the open platform for container-based applications, today announced the acquisition of software-defined networking (SDN) startup SocketPlane. SocketPlane was founded in Q4, 2014 with a vision of...Show More Summary

Microsoft Extends its Cloud-Focused Support for Docker

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella (seen here) made big headlines in 2014 when he proclaimed his full volume of welcome for open source and Linux. Reversing what was long perceived to be a hostile stance at Microsoft toward open source, Nadella said that he "loves Linux" and also claimed that 20 percent of Microsoft's Azure cloud is already Linux-based. Show More Summary

Google Talks Up Android Pay, Effectively a Payments API Layer

The mobile payments space is already one of the hottest arenas in technology, and now Google--after achieving only middling success with Google Wallet--is entering the fray with a brand new approach. At Mobile World Congress in Barcelona,...Show More Summary

VMware Launches OpenStack/vCloud NFV, Focuses on Carriers

VMware, at Mobile World Congress on Monday, unveiled software to let carriers run OpenStack and the company's vCloud cloud manager in tandem. The VMware vCloud for NFV platform is targeted to help carriers move to OpenStack while running vCloud for production cloud services. Show More Summary

Google Firms Up Plans to Offer Wireless Carrier Services

It's becoming increasingly clear that telecom companies and technology are playing a more and more important role in today's cloud- and mobile-centric world. Shrewdly, Red Hat has focused its OpenStack efforts, and related initiatives, around telcos and their data centers. Show More Summary

Ubuntu 15.04 Beta 1 Officially Released, Ubuntu MATE Officially Official

Ubuntu 15.04 Beta 1 was announced today with "a number of software updates that are ready for wider testing." Ubuntu and a couple of its derivatives were included in a list of distributions recommended for new users yesterday. The Ubuntu...Show More Summary

Docker Rolls Out Very Robust Orchestration Tools

Docker, which continues to take the tech world by storm, launched a robust set of orchestration tools for its container platform yesterday, and developers can get the tools now. You can learn more about each of the tools here. Docker...Show More Summary

The News Was Mixed for Big Data Players This Week

There was good news and bad news for some of the big players on the Big Data scene this week. Cloudera and Hortonworks are both well-known for their focus on Hadoop, the open source framework that is allowing many organizations to cull insights from huge data sets. Show More Summary

LibreOffice 4.4.1 Update Released

A "Fresh" version of LibreOffice was announced today. LibreOffice 4.4.1 updates the latest and greatest branch with over 100 bugs fixes. In other software news, Jack Wallen today reported on the fallout from the resignation of GIMP UX maintainer and Kyle Orland examined the state of Linux gaming these days thanks to Valve. Show More Summary

With RancherOS, Founders Deliver Docker-Focused Innovation

All the way back in 2011, Citrix Systems announced that it had completed the acquisition of already had many notable customers who favored its cloud stack infrastructure, and much of Citrix's cloud focus grew out of that acquisition. Show More Summary

Juniper and Canonical Deepen Partnership Focused on OpenStack, Telcos

Back in 2013, Juniper Networks announced Contrail, a network overlay platform for software-defined networking for enterprises and cloud service providers. The company also announced that the Contrail source code would be open. Now, Juniper...Show More Summary

Ubuntu Developments and GNOME Sightings

Ubuntu dominated the bulk of the headlines today with their 15.04 beta and 14.04.2 update releases. Also in the Ubuntu news is a bit on the Ubuntu phone including when the next flash sell is. The Register reviews elementary OS Freya Beta 2 and Phoronix says Kubuntu 15.04 is shaping up nicely. Show More Summary

Bus pass: Civic hackers open transit data MTA said would cost too much to share

Maryland agency said it would cost $600K; Chris Whong's team did it in days for $0.

IBM's BlueMix Picks Up Steam on the PaaS Scene

IBM's BlueMix platform is steadily picking up steam. BlueMix is IBM’s foray into the increasingly powerful Platform as a Service (PaaS) industry, leveraging Cloud Foundry and IBM’s own suite of middleware applications. As Jon Buys noted...Show More Summary

Apache Software Foundation Launches HBase Version 1.0 for Sifting Data

The Apache Software Foundation (ASF) is on a roll thus far in 2015, advancing many open source projects that are making a difference in the cloud and on the Big Data scene. Recently, we covered the advancement of Apache Drill to a top-level project. Show More Summary

Best Distros for Switchers and Repairs

There are Linux distributions for just about any imagined purpose and many times there are several from which to choose. Mihir Patkar today posted his thoughts on the best distros for switchers from Windows and Mac. Over at Joshua Allen Holm discusses the five best distros designed for computer repair. Show More Summary

Mirantis, Google Team Up on Kubernetes and OpenStack Integration

Mirantis, focused on OpenStack, has announced a new initiative that integrates Kubernetes with OpenStack, letting developers deploy containers on OpenStack in what the company claims takes only minutes. The integration gives developers immediate access to Kubernetes clusters with Docker containers without needing to set up infrastructure. Show More Summary

IBM, ARM Deliver Starter Kit for Internet of Things

There is no doubt that the Internet of Things (IoT) is emerging as one of the hottest stories of 2015. We've already reported on how as it gains momentum, there is a big need for collaboration, open and interoperable tools and standards, and governance. Show More Summary

Next Linux 4.0 from Linus' Zombie Shuffle Desk

Linus announced yesterday that his poll has concluded and 29,110 voters have spoken. Elsewhere, Julie Bort got a look at the Accidental Revolutionary's workspace - which centers around his 'Zombie shuffling' desktop. In other news, two prominent distributions today announced the start of their community wallpaper contests. Show More Summary

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