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IBM's Spending $3 Billion to Connect Internet of Things to Enterprises

The Internet of Things (IoT) continues to emerge as one of this year's big tech stories. IBM has announced that it will invest $3 billion across four years to build out an Internet of Things (IoT) unit, and the unit's first job is to build a cloud-based open platform. Show More Summary

Facebook's WhatsApp for Android Serves Up Voice Calls

Back when Facebook announced its acquisition of WhatsApp for $16 billion last year, some people were scratching their heads at why WhatsApp would command that price. According to Sequoia Capital: "By using the Internet as its communications...Show More Summary

Systemd Developers Fork Kernel, Docker Package Management

A wave of minor myocardial infarctions were reported today as Linux users read the news of a systemd kernel fork. Most were treated and released with only one admitted to the hospital with more severe symptoms. Elsewhere, folks are beginning to discuss the feasibility of Docker replacing Linux package management solutions. Show More Summary

Is Hadoop Replacing the Data Warehouse? Survey Says Not So Much

Snowflake Computing, a cloud data warehousing company that only recently emerged from startup stealth mode, has announced the results of an independent, national survey of more than 315 technology and analytics professionals with responsibility for corporate data initiatives. Show More Summary

Q&A: StackStorm’s Evan Powell Talks DevOps, Automation and OpenStack

Evan Powell (shown here) is CEO of StackStorm, which is a very interesting company focused on event-driven automation, sometimes described as IFTTT for operations.  The company is starting to make waves, too. Rackspace officials have...Show More Summary

Best KDE Distros, GNOME Resurgence, Ubuntu 15.04 Beta

It was a bit of a slow news day today without any big item overtaking the rest. Several folks celebrated the Ubuntu 15.04 Beta release and Danny Stieben discussed reasons for GNOME's resurgence. Martin Brinkmann asked "What is keeping...Show More Summary

A New View for NYTimes Photos

The New York Times loves photos. We publish around 700 images every single day. Our iOS team loves photos too, so we've open sourced a new iOS photo viewer library.

Acer, OmniVision Bring HD Streaming to Acer's Cloud

At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas a couple of years, many new cloud services designed to complement commodity hardware devices appeared. Acer introduced its Acer Cloud service for syncing and sharing files in the cloud, and ever since then, the company has been developing its Build Your Own Cloud (BYOC) platform. Show More Summary

Red Hat's Bet on OpenStack, OpenShift Shows Progress

Yesterday, I reported on Red Hat delivering its fourth quarter and year-end financial results, which were strong. There were some interesting forces driving the numbers, though. In particular, Red Hat is now a couple of years into aShow More Summary

New GNOME 3.16 Getting a Lot of Attention for Improvements

Red Hat garnered much of the press today with the release of their fourth quarter 2015 earnings report last night. Red Hat stock prices rose today after the announcement on this a down day on Wall Street and continued to gain a bit in after hours trading. Show More Summary

Red Hat Beats Fourth Quarter Estimates, is on a Cloud Roll

Red Hat delivered its fourth quarter and year-end financial results after the bell on Wednesday, and the news gets ever rosier. The company is in the midst of a major shift in its strategy toward OpenStack-based cloud computing, and it looks like service revenues from that effort are starting to arrive. Show More Summary

Cloud Foundry Summit: Speakers and Agenda Arrive

If you're anywhere near Silicon Valley in mid-May, there is a good cloud-focused event coming up. Cloud Foundry Foundation, whose leader Sam Ramji we recently talked to here, has announced the program, sessions and keynotes for the Cloud Foundry Summit. Show More Summary

LibreOffice is Now in the Cloud

Today was a big day for LibreOffice with The Document Foundation's announcement of LibreOffice Online. Hosted by TDF, this joint effort between Collabora and the LibreOffice community, with a side helpin' of IceWarp, today announced LibreOffice in the cloud accessed through your friendly neighborhood browser. Show More Summary

HP's Helion Rack Delivers a Pre-Tuned OpenStack Private Cloud

Meg Whitman and HP just continue to double down on OpenStack bets. Today, HP announced HP Helion Rack, a "pre-configured, pre-tuned and pre-tested" private cloud solution, based on OpenStack and Cloud Foundry technologies integratedShow More Summary

Android Security Breach Could Affect Millions

Reportedly, Android has one of its biggest security holes ever. In fact, almost 50 percent of Android devices are vulnerable to an attack that can swap out a user's pre-installed app with malware that can round up sensitive data. The...Show More Summary

MapR Notes Big Demand for Free Hadoop Training Offerings

Recently, MapR Technologies, focused on Hadoop, has been out with some interesting announcements that we covered. We also interviewed the company's Tomer Shiran (shown), who noted that there is a serious lack of job candidates with advanced Hadoop and data analytics skills. Show More Summary

More Questions Raised, Legal Steps Taken in Net Neutrality Brouhaha

The FCC's pubication of the new Net Neutrality rules has continued to draw a lot of analysis, as I covered recently.  Some Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate have sharply criticized the FCC order, and want Congress to pass a bill that would enact some Net Neutrality protections. Show More Summary

Linux Fears of Windows Lock-out Here Now broke the news Friday that Windows 10 will "make the Secure Boot alt-OS lock out a reality" for Linux and other alternative operating systems. If not actual "lock out," then Windows 10 could making installing an alt-OS a big fat headache for developers and users trying to install them. Show More Summary

OStatic’s Updated Interview Series: Really Interesting Cloud and Big Data Influencers

The open source community is making more impactful contributions than ever to some major technology shifts. Cloud computing, Big Data and the Internet of Things are creating  big shakeups, and the pace of development has quickened significantly recently. Show More Summary

At Pwn2Own Hacker Competition, All Major Browsers Get Punk'd

Slowly but surely, the Pwn2Own hacker contest has become an important fixture in the world of testing the security of software applications, operating systems and hardware devices. In fact, it’s now widely followed by major technology companies and technologists of all stripes. Show More Summary

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