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OpenSSL warns of two high-severity bugs, but no Heartbleed

DoS weakness shares starring role with revised FREAK vulnerability.

Dell’s Linux PC sequel still “just works”—but it adds 4K screen and rough edges

4k scaling issues keep it from being perfect—but, hey, it’s for developers, right?

It’s time for Microsoft to open source Internet Explorer

Being the only closed source mainstream browser isn't a good position.

OpenMandriva 3 Alpha, Debian LTS Recruitment, & Gentoo Git

The OpenMandriva Community today announced OpenMandriva Lx 3 Alpha. Version 3 will bring some exciting new features including hints of Plasma 5. The Debian Project today asked for help with Debian LTS for Wheezy and Jessie. The Gentoo...Show More Summary

Proprietary Cloud Revenues Show the True Value of Open Platforms

How much does the rise of open source cloud computing mean to enterprises? This week, both Microsoft and Amazon reported quarterly earnings, and they put some numbers on the answer to that question. In particular, Amazon revealed how much money Amazon Web Services (AWS) makes, which it was very secretive about before. Show More Summary

Citrix Sponsors OpenStack Foundation Following CloudStack Speculation

In case you were wondering about Citrix's commitment to CloudStack and CloudPlatform as OpenStack continues to gain momentum, here's a bit of news: Citrix has has become a Corporate Sponsor of the OpenStack Foundation."By joining the...Show More Summary

Ubuntu 15.04 Released, Debian 8.0 Coming

The big story today, almost seemed like the only story today, was the release of Ubuntu 15.04. In the early announcement "a converged future" was touted as the 15.04 Desktop, Kylin, Snappy Core, and the Phone was introduced. Today José...Show More Summary

Box Offers Developer Edition for Rolling Your Own Enterprise Apps

This week, the Box Dev conference is going on, where more than 1,500 developers have converged to talk about Box and its ecosystem of tools, which are becoming increasingly popular as cloud solutions in enterprises. If you've used Box,...Show More Summary

Red Hat Developer Toolset 3.1 is Available Now

Red Hat has announced its Red Hat Developer Toolset 3.1, the company’s selection of some of the latest open source C and C++ compilers and complementary development tools. Available through the Red Hat Enterprise Linux Developer Program...Show More Summary

OStatic's Latest Interviews: Cloud and Big Data Thought Leaders

In the open source arena, there are some very impactful contributions to major technology shifts going on right now. In particular, cloud computing, Big Data and the Internet of Things are creating large shakeups, and the pace of development has quickened significantly recently. Show More Summary

Satya Nadella's Version of Cloud Services Gets Ever More Competitive

Just in case you haven't looked in on the company recently, Microsoft is dramatically reshaping its approach to the cloud as well as Windows fees, subscriptions and licensing. It's all being driven by new CEO Satya Nadella (shown here),...Show More Summary

Fedora 22 Beta Arrives with Plasma 5 & GNOME 3.16

Red Hat and The Fedora Project Team today announced the release of Fedora 22 Beta, the last developmental release before Final. The default Workstation ships with GNOME 3.16 but spins are available with KDE Plasma 5, Xfce, LXDE, MATE, and Sugar in 32-bit and 64-bit. Show More Summary

Ubuntu 15.04: OpenStack Advancements with Kilo and Snappy Core

Ubuntu 15.04 for cloud and servers will be available for download from Canonical on Thursday, 23 April. For cloud users, this release delivers the new, Snappy Ubuntu Core for transactional systems, such as cloud container hosts, smart...Show More Summary

Mesosphere Tackles Container Security with VMware's new FOSS Tools

Yesterday, I covered the news that VMware has announced two new open source projects focused on enterprise adoption of cloud-native applications -- Project Lightwave, an identity and access management project for enterprise-scale and...Show More Summary

Fedora's Christian Schaller Asks 'What Can We Do?'

Today in Linux news Fedora developer asks the community what can we do to get you to switch to Fedora? Elsewhere, the number of Debian 8 release blockers remains steady despite looming release date and Rob Williams shares his "trials and tribulations" installing Gentoo with GNOME and systemd. Show More Summary

Big Data Titans Align Around Open Data Platform, Open Tools

Big data leaders are really converging around the Open Data Platform, recently announced by Pivotal, which we covered here. Hortonworks, IBM and Pivotal have announced that they are essentially harmonizing their Hadoop and data analytics strategies. Show More Summary

VMware Starts Two Open Source Projects Focused on the Cloud

VMware has turned a significant corner, and is adopting open source in a big way. The company has announced two new open source projects focused on enterprise adoption of cloud-native applications -- Project Lightwave, an identity and...Show More Summary

Questions About Cloud Efficacy Emerge from European IT Survey

These days, it seems like everyone under the sun offers some kind of cloud computing service or product. In Europe, though, there are some indications that cloud-focused vendors are less than easy to deal with. In particular, there are concerns about migrating applications to the cloud. Show More Summary

Pepperdata Nabs $15 Million to Scale its Enterprise Hadoop Biz

So far in 2015, tools that extend and enhance the open source Hadoop project are all the rage. Hadoop has been the driving technology behind much of the Big Data trend, and there are many administrators who can benefit from tools that either demystify it or optimize its power. Show More Summary

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