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More Android Apps Arriving for Chrome OS and Chromebooks

Just a few years ago, before Android marched to its dominant position in the mobile market, there was much speculation that Google might merge Chrome OS and Android. Early last year, I wrote a post on why that won't happen. However, an interesting corollary trend is now appearing. Show More Summary

Inkscape: Go from Beginner to Expert for Free

In the world of open source graphics tools, GIMP gets a great deal of attention, and there are many free online resources available for it, but if you're looking for a free drawing and illustration tool that can compete with Adobe Illustrator and is increasingly used by web designers for effects, logos and still graphics, give Inkscape a try. Show More Summary

Android Apps Are Finally Arriving for Chrome OS

Google is finally making a move that has long been discussed among Chrome OS users: It's bringing Android apps to Chrome OS, opening the Chrome OS desktop up to a huge library of apps written for Android. Some observers are even predicting that Google could merge Android and Chrome OS in the future, although that move is unlikely for various reasons. Show More Summary

How to Roll Your Own Cloud

As I noted in this post, last week marked the release of ownCloud 7 Community Edition, the new version of the ever popular open source file-sharing and storage platform for building private clouds. Among the benefits you can get from...Show More Summary

As the Web Grows, Do Browser Makers Wield Too Much Power?

Do you ever take a step back and look at how central the web is to your life? For some people, it's an always connected, ever present adjunct to their actual consciousness. Futurists like Ray Kurzweil even predict that we will eventually...Show More Summary

Android and New Device Types to Share Spotlight at Google I/O

The Google I/O conference begins today, and it's already clear from advance notice on the sessions and discussion topics that Android and new device types for Google's platforms will share the spotlight at the event. Traditionally, there are many open source sessions and tracks at Google I/O and this time shouldn't be any different. Show More Summary

Mozilla Delivers Built-in HTML5 App Development Tool for Firefox

If you work with web content at all, you're probably familiar with doing debugging and content editing directly from within a browser. If you're a Firefox user, you may also be very familiar with tools such as Firebug, which lets you do extensive debugging and development from within Firefox. Show More Summary

New Computer Blues

One of the worst things that can happen to a computer geek is their motherboard dying and I've lived through it more times than I can remember. In the past I usually replaced the motherboard or did a nice little upgrade, but this time I did something I haven't done in 16 years. Show More Summary

LibreS3 Open Source Amazon S3 Implementation Released

Skylable has released LibreS3, an open source implementation of the Amazon S3 service, suitable for installing on private servers in a datacenter. LibreS3 uses Skylable SX, a "reliable, fully distributed cluster solution", on the back end for deduplication and replication. Show More Summary

Google Extends Monetization Options to Chrome App Developers

Google officials said this week that the company will reward developers of Chrome packaged apps by letting them give users free trials and in-app purchases, marking an expansion of Google's focus on fostering a robust ecosystem of applications. Show More Summary

With Ubuntu in the Mix, 2014 is the Year of the Open Source Phone

We've only hit February, and it already looks like 2014 is going to be the year of the open source phone. Not only is Android continuing to dominate the smartphone space in terms of market share, but Mozilla is widening its Firefox OS...Show More Summary

Lightworks and Other Free Tools Offer Video and Audio Muscle

Many people in the Linux community are excited about the release of Lightworks, which is professional video editing and mastering software, in a stable version 11.5 after a year of beta testing. Lightworks has been used to edit and produce...Show More Summary

Build Your Private Cloud with ownCloud

If you happen to be looking for an extrtemely useful open source tool to add to your arsenal, and you've got some holiday time ahead of you for tech tinkering, consider setting up and using your own private cloud environment with ownCloud. Show More Summary

Google Woos Developers with Packaged App Strategy, Updated Plumbing

At its recent Chrome Developer Summit, Google officials made more clear than ever that they see the Chrome platform as a strategic on-ramp for Google's services, with packaged apps and mobile apps playing a central role in that effort. Show More Summary

As Valve Joins The Linux Foundation, Start Taking Linux Gaming Seriously

Valve has doubled down on its commitment to make Linux gaming an arena to take seriously by joining The Linux Foundation. “Joining the Linux Foundation is one of many ways Valve is investing in the advancement of Linux gaming. Through...Show More Summary

Examining Linux Load Averages

In a previous article I shared a few quick ways I use top as a systems administrator to get a quick overview of the health of the server. I was quickly taken to task by an anonymous commenter for not being as in depth as he would have liked. Show More Summary

Chrome for Windows 8 Takes on Chrome OS-like Look and Features

Google has delivered an alpha version alpha version of Chrome for Windows 8 that is notable for how much it behaves like Chrome OS, Google's cloud-centric operating system. People have already been using Chrome on Windows 8, of course, but the new alpha version is optimized for Windows 8's Metro interface. Show More Summary

Mozilla Focuses on the Social App Experience with Firefox OS

These are still very early days for Mozilla's Firefox OS mobile platform, but the company is making some ambitious moves around its new operating system. It's now banking on a new social app store experience to make a difference, which may be a good move, because apps are a big part of why users choose a mobile platform. Show More Summary

Free, Open Music Tools for Producers, Players and Listeners has a very thoughtful, extended piece up on the present and future of open source music. It delves into whether new kinds of listeners and distribution models can create a brand new future for open source music, or whether they're already creating meaningful change. Show More Summary

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