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openSUSE, ROSA, and Red Hat

Today in Linux news, Jamie Watson is back with a look at the "coming attractions" of Makulu, openSUSE, and Fedora. Lifehacker has the winner of their "best desktop" survey and there are public builds of upcoming Unreal Tournament available. Show More Summary

With $100 Million in Hand, Mirantis Sets Far-Reaching Cloud Goals

Yesterday, I covered the announcement from OpenStack player Mirantis that it has nailed down a massive $100 million Series B funding round led by Insight Venture Partners. The financing is being billed as the largest Series B open source investment in history. Show More Summary

Fresh Off the Presses! Mozilla Launches an Online Publication

For years now here at OStatic, we've been covering all things open source, including interviews, news and educational resources. That's why we're impressed with a new offering from Mozilla, which is actually not software, but an editorial product. Show More Summary

Error'd: Undefined Favorites

"It's great I can ship my favorites to Europe, I just wish I knew what they were," writes Nick. "Nope. I don't think I'll be buying my Froot Loops there," wrote Bernard. "I'm kind of afraid and yet curious to see what would happen if...Show More Summary

Ubuntu at Suzuka, Game-Changing Frictional Games, and Linux for Privacy

Today in Linux news, brings us another Ubuntu spotted-in-the-wild sighting. Hamish Wilson looks at Frictional Games' body of work and how it changed computer gaming. My Linux Rig talks to Charles Profitt about his Ubuntu...Show More Summary

CodeSOD: The Beginning of the Zend

Karol found a program that needs to look at a timestamp, and determine if that timestamp is before or after an expiration date. The code that was handling this looked like this: public function _isSmsCodeExpired($id)     {         $genDateStr...Show More Summary

Microsoft, Satya Nadella, Sing the Praises of Open Source and Linux

 Has Microsoft finally, truly warmed up to Linux and open source? New CEO Satya Nadella is definitely pushing that notion. Several media outlets this week are reporting on his comments on how he "loves Linux" and he reportedly claims that 20 percent of Microsoft's Azure cloud is already Linux-based. Show More Summary

Security through Idiocy

The ticket Bruce found in his help desk queue seemed innocuous enough on the surface. A user in the Finance department complained about not being able to create a file named “Wire Transfer” in their network folder. Being in finance, they did this many times in the past, but suddenly it no longer worked. Show More Summary

Get Ready to Learn SQL Server: What is a Database NULL Value?

What is a Null Value? In databases a common issue is what value or placeholder do you use to represent a missing values.   In SQL, this is solved with null.  It is used to signify missing or unknown values.  The keyword NULL is used to indicate these values.  NULL really isn’t a specific value

Mirantis Pulls Down Huge $100 Million Funding for OpenStack Efforts

Mirantis, which has steadily remained a nimble player in the OpenStack cloud computing arena, has just nailed down a massive $100 million Series B funding round led by Insight Venture Partners. The financing is being billed as the largest Series B open source investment in history. Show More Summary

Announcements: Tokyo Meet-up & Site Fixes

Tokyo readers -- I am once again visiting your fine city this week, and thought it'd be fun to try for another Tokyo/TDWTF meetup. Earlier this year, we got together at an izakaya for nomihoudai: If you're unaware, nomihoudai is an easy...Show More Summary

The First Addition to the Cloud Classification System in Half a Century

But soon after launching the site, Pretor-Pinney received a couple pictures that didn’t quite fit into existing classifications. One image, taken from the 12th floor of an office building in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, looked positively apocalyptic — a violent and undulating thing menacing the city skyline. “They struck me as being rather different from the… More #

Get Ready to Learn SQL: 5. Query Results Using Pattern Matching

In this lesson you are going to explore how to do pattern matching with the SQL Where clause LIKE operator.  Using this phrase allows us perform partial matches of data values and obtain answers to questions which can’t be done with conventional comparisons. The lesson’s objectives are to: lea

Forking Debian, Celebrating Ubuntu, and Best Desktops

Debian and Ubuntu dominated the headlines today with various topics. The community is is celebrating Ubuntu's 10 years and Mark Shuttleworth announced the next codename. Debian lost a contributor and released 7.7 over the weekend while the threat of a fork is pushing a freedom choice. Show More Summary

CodeSOD: Is It Safer to Use Numbers?

Mac didn't know anything about how the JavaScript on the search page worked, and he wasn't that great at CSS styling, but that didn't matter. He had his orders. As part of the latest round of enhancements, the front-end developer had...Show More Summary

The Old Guard

Dunbar’s Number is a favorite blunt diagnosis for the pains that affect rapidly growing teams. The number, which is somewhere between 100 and 250 describes a point at which a group of people can no longer effectively maintain social connections in their respective heads. What was simple from a communication perspective becomes costly. What was… More

Did I take right backup ! how to ensure backup can be restore ? TIP # 65

  Problem:- We have seen last time how to take backup in tip # 64.   but sometimes it happened we took backup  and we are not able to restore it. It might be corrupted. Now, Next step thought come in our mind how to ensure we took right backup which can be restore.…

New Group Threatens To Fork Debian

Yet another team of self described “veteran unix admins” and developers are planning to fork Debian if the project goes ahead with plans to replace sysvinit with systemd. Debian introduced systemd as a technical preview in Wheezy in May of last year, following Fedora and several other distributions. Show More Summary

CodeSOD: Parallel SQL Queries

Daniele worked at a pharmaceutical firm that had an old web application that allowed commercial customers to look up information. Since the data was quite complicated, there were numerous fields that needed to be queried in order to populate the form. Unfortunately, as the amount of data in the system grew, the time to load the form grew as well. Show More Summary

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