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This post is an introduction to a library I have written, UnitC++. UnitC++ is a modern, light weight, header-only c++ library for making unit testing easy. The intention of this library is to make it really easy to test c++ code in a portable way. How to use UnitC++ How to get UnitC++ UnitC++ is [&#

TFS Work Item Visualizers

In my last post (Introduction to DotNet Pretty) I mentioned that I would be added more visualizers to DotNet Pretty soon. Today I finally managed to get around to that and added some visualizers for TFS Work Items. 3 new visualizers were added 2 debugger display visualizers and 1 debugger visualize

Run SQL Script (.sql) containing DDL, DML, SELECT statements & PL/SQL Block through Reader in Java

DOWNLOAD Source Files: 1. 2. 3. commons-lang.jar Introduction: In this Article, I will show you how to run a SQL script file using ScriptRunner class. Through this class, you can execute any DDL, DML statement including SELECT Statement and any PL/SQL Block like PROCEDUR

How to conditionally hide, disable, and make mandatory fields on SharePoint forms dynamically

Here I'd like to demonstrate the most popular cases you may face during implementation of SharePoint forms with complex logic. Most likely you will need to combine the cases described below to cover your requirements but it's quite easy if you have enough samples. To accomplish the tasks

ASP.NET GridView Client Side Validation

Download source code We will explore the technique in jQuery to validate the ASP.NET GridView. Setting up the GridView First On aspx Page We will show following fields in GridView. Name – TextBox Age – TextBox Email – TextBox Date of Birth – TextBox (with jQuery DatePicker) G

Collect .NET applications traces with sysinternals tools

In this short post I would like to show you how, with sysinternals tools, you may noninvasively trace.NET applications. This is especially useful in production environment where you can’t install your favorite debugger and hang whole IIS to diagnose…Read more ›

Using Visual Studio AutoRecover to Avoid Losing Your Work (and your Mind)

If you have ever worked in an environment that may not have been the most reliable or you are simply a worry-wart when it comes to possible data loss, then this might be for you. When discussing a recurring issue with another developer, he complained that his older computer frequently crashed which

I Choose JavaScript

Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about choosing a niche in software development. The idea has always been at the back of my mind, but now the time feels right to take a gamble and pick a technology to focus my learning efforts on, at the expense of other potentially interesting and fun techno

Is the XCOM PRNG Broken?

So I sat down to play XCOM the other day. Great game for the most part. However, there were a couple of sequences where I would fire with 3 different soldiers at 90+% chance to hit and I would miss all three times. Well, when you do  the math on that ~.1^3 chance for that […]

Integer Overflow in Hearthstone

Integer Overflow Illustrated in Hearthstone How having over 2 billion health destroys the monster A friend recently showed me this video and asked what happened and I thought it was a perfect illustration of a classic problem in computer science – the integer overflow. At 8:25 the monster has

Checking Open Ports with Ruby

Below is the code for listing open ports on a windows box via Ruby. This line first lists all active connections via netstat. The find “LISTENING” section lists those ports in a listening state. The “find /V” looks for any line without “ This last part is

Untrusted Domain Connectivity in Release Management for Visual Studio 2013

Steps to deploy web application to a server with out any domain trust using Microsoft Release Management tool.

A WPF MVVM In-Place-Edit TextBox Control

Rename an item via textbox overlay as in Rename of Windows Explorer

Bulk update of CouchDB documents

Sometimes you need to apply a change on all of your CouchDB documents. I actually needed to remove an old and unused property from all of them. CouchDB conceptually doesn't allow you to update a document without knowing its revision, so you would end up reading all your documents, modify them and update them one by one. Show More Summary

Sliding Window Partitioning

Sliding Window Partitioning is a functionality/technique that SQL server uses to “SWITCH” (transfer) a partition from a source table to destination table. Normal insert or delete command is not handy when dealing with large volume of data. Sliding Window enables very quick way to perform movement of

It’s all about culture

Dear Reader, The problem of hiring PHP developers is actually deeper than just finding developers and collecting resumes. You are hunting for a scarce and prized person. To succeed you need to be able to attract them, and then convince them that they want to use their skills to further your company’s goals. To do […]

Preventing the Dogpile Effect - Problem and Solution

This is a guest repost Przemek Sobstel, who believes that dogpile effect issue is not covered enough, especially in the PHP world. Orignal article: Preventing dogpile effect. The Dogpile effect occurs when cache expires and websites are hit by numerous requests the same time. Show More Summary

4 Features That Make Me Choose NuSphere PhpED - Bruno Škvorc

In the last survey on the best PHP IDE for 2014, my longtime favorite PhpED was missing. I didn’t act on it then, but what better way to spread the love than to devote an article to it. I’ve spent the first part of my programming career without a real IDE. Show More Summary

Mozilla, Amazon and Others See Growth Ahead in India

As players in the technology arena look for global regions poised for growth, they are increasingly focused on India. In fact, Mozilla officials have recently noted that India is going to have a big impact on everyone's use of digital technology. Show More Summary

Examining the TokuDB MySQL storage engine file structure

As we know different storage engines in MySQL have different file structures. Every table in MySQL 5.6 must have a.frm file in the database directory matching the table name. But where the rest of the data resides depends on the storage engine. Show More Summary

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