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Merry Christmas

Original post at Merry Christmas from Josh Holmes - dumpRandomThoughts() {...} Every year about this time I say to myself, why didn’t I put out a Christmas letter? I receive some from some amazing folks every year and every year, I think about and fail to reciprocate. Show More Summary

InnoDB crash recovery speed in MySQL 5.6

It has been a while since I have looked at InnoDB crash recovery. A lot has change in the last few years – we have serious crash recovery performance improvements in MySQL 5.5 and MySQL 5.6, we have solid state drives raising as typical...Show More Summary

CodeSOD: Classic WTF - The Fizz Buzz from Outer Space

To close things out for 2014, we're re-running our most popular articles. Without further ado, enjoy one of our most this one that originally ran in September. Matteo recently interviewed a candidate that was employed elsewhere as an “architect”. Show More Summary

The Art Of Asking - Stefan Koopmanschap

With Ingewikkeld we’ve sent out a gift to some customers and other contacts. A book that has nothing to do with PHP. While this may seem odd, it definitely isn’t. What book? The Art Of Asking by Amanda Palmer. Amanda Palmer? Who is she? Amanda Palmer is an artist. Show More Summary

Linux Bloat, Linux Lite, and Devuan Update

Today in Linux news, Jack Wallen says Linux ain't bloated. For those still wanting something light anyway, Jim Lynch reviews Linux Lite 2.2. The Devuan project has announced some updates and Tom Taulli looks at the pros and cons of Red Hat stock. Show More Summary

Skype Translator will (also) be a tool for language learners

When I saw this video of Skype Translator I realized that beyond just translation, it will be a powerful tool for language learning. Last night I got a glimpse of that near future. Our next door neighbor, Yolanda, came here from Mexico 30 years ago and is fluently bilingual. She was sitting outside with her […]

Large Integer Fibonacci Numbers

This code provides a simple yet fast method of calculating very large Fibonacci numbers in an efficient manner (also Fib(i) modulo M).

Mouse Hover Action using selenium WebDriver

Mouse events like hovering, clicking on any element of the web page or the main menu and simulating the mouse actions/movements is not that tough in webDriver.  Most of the actions can be performed directly in the webdriver, here I am going to discuss about few of them. We use user interaction API c

Perform right click action using WebDriver

Here is a small tip on how we will perform right click action using WebDriver. Below is the scenario we will be performing- Open A firefox Browser. Navigate to the URL( Maximize the window. Now Right click on the Men’s tab present in top navigational bar and click on 

Sponsored Post: MemSQL, Campanja, Hypertable, Sprout Social, Scalyr, FoundationDB, AiScaler, Aerospike, AppDynamics, ManageEngine, Site24x7

Who's Hiring? DevOps Engineer for Wikia. Wikia is the go-to place for fan content that is created entirely by fans! As a Quantcast Top 20 site with over 120 million monthly uniques we are tackling very interesting problems at a scale you won't find at many other places. Show More Summary

Symantec Brings Security Savvy as OpenStack Gold Member

If you ask many enterprises considering doing an OpenStack deployment why they aren't pulling the trigger, lots of them will cite security concerns as the primary obstruction. As I covered recently, IDG Enterprise came out with results...Show More Summary

File carving methods for the MySQL DBA

This is a long overdue blog post from London’s 44con Cyber Security conference back in September. A lot of old memories were brought to the front as it were; the one I’m going to cover in this blog post is: file carving. So what is file...Show More Summary

Tor Project Leaders Warn of Possibly Imminent Network Attack

In the world of online anonymity, the Tor network is a silent king. Millions of users depend on Tor to keep their tracks untraceable online, and not just individual users. Banks and other institutions leverage the Tor network as a security layer. Show More Summary

Use Varnish to Avoid API Rate Limits - Nomad PHP

Presented by Jimmy Fursman @@jefweb A very basic limit we all run into when getting a general API off the ground often includes rate limits on our API keys with secondary data providers. Maybe you don’t have the budget to purchase more requests yet, maybe you haven’t built a caching system yet. Show More Summary

Typed PHP - Nomad PHP

Presented by Christopher Pitt @assertchris Strings, arrays and numbers are second-class citizens in PHP-land. This talk describes how they can be extended to work like objects, and how clean and consistent APIs can be introduced so that you can be proud of your PHP code again. The post Typed PHP appeared first on Nomad PHP.

WildFly/JavaEE7 and MySQL linked on two Docker containers (Tech Tip #65)

Tech Tip #61 showed how to run Java EE 7 hands-on lab on WildFly Docker container. A couple of assumptions were made in that case: WildFly bundles H2 in-memory database. The Java EE 7 application uses the default database resource, which in case of WildFly, gets resolved to a JDBC connection to that in-memory database. Show More Summary

The Object-Oriented PHP Masterclass Is Back! - Brandon Savage

At just about every conference I go to, several people stop me to ask, “hey, whatever happened to your object-oriented masterclass? I really wanted to take that!” Well, if you’re one of those people, I have great news for you: the Object Oriented PHP Masterclass is back, and registration is open! This class is unique […]

Composition for Partial Aggregate Domain Model

How to handle (load/save) only a part of an aggregate domain model with composition

CodeSOD: Hashing the Ruby Way

Ruby praises itself as the language that “makes programmers happy”. It does its best to be expressive and encourage a declarative style of programming. code { font-family: Consolas, monospace; } / I had to add this because the site's current stylesheet turns code blocks into normal text! TRWTF! / Guillaume B. Show More Summary

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