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Darpa’s Off-Roaders Ditch Windows for a Digital World View

The inside of the tank of the future will feel a lot more like a video game. The post Darpa's Off-Roaders Ditch Windows for a Digital World View appeared first on WIRED.

PEG Parser Combinators Implemented in Rust

A PEG parser combinator library implemented in Rust, using operator overloading without macros.

Database Bot using Oscova

Using Oscova, a bot development framework, to create a Natural Language Interface to an SQL Database.

WPF PropertyGrid

How to show and edit an object's properties using a DataGrid???????

The 3,000 Mile Commute

A true story, recounted from personal experience by our own Snoofle. Many decades ago, DefCon Inc, a defense contractor working for the US military was attempting to get awarded a new contract to build some widget needed for combat. As part of their proposal, they wished to demonstrate that they had the available staff to dedicate to the project. Show More Summary

MCQ Questions on Threads, SMP And Microkernels Part-1

1............. is an effective means of structuring the operating system to support process management and its other tasks. A) Thread B) Symmetric Multiprocessing C) Process D) Micro kernel 2. With..........., the operating system must...Show More Summary

Custom Serilog Sink Development

The code shown here is part of a VS 2015 solution hosted on GitHub. If you are coming to this blog post you probably already know what Serilog is and you need to write to a “sink” that is not… Continue reading ?

Percona Live Featured Tutorial with Morgan Tocker — MySQL 8.0 Optimizer Guide

Welcome to another post in the series of Percona Live featured tutorial speakers blogs! In these blogs, we’ll highlight some of the tutorial speakers that will be at this year’s Percona Live conference. We’ll also discuss how these tutorials can help you improve your database environment. Make sure to read to the end to get a special Percona […]

Ad-hoc Data Visualization and Machine Learning with mysqlshell

In this blog post, I am going to show how we can use mysqlshell to run ad-hoc data visualizations and use machine learning to predict new outcomes from the data. Some time ago Oracle released MySQL Shell, a command line client to connect to MySQL using the X protocol. It allows us to use Python […]

The One About Pens

I’ve started a podcast. Each episode, I find a smart person somewhere on the planet, and we talk about The Important Thing. I suspect we’re going to wander a bit, but wandering is usually the best part. I’m just delighted to kick off the first episode1 with Tiff Arment where The Important Thing is pens2.… More

Add Attributes to Unit Tests

You may or may not use all the attributes presented in this blog post, but you may have a need for them at some time or another.

WPF Controls With Drag Selection

Add drag selection functionality to ListBoxes, ListViews, DataGrids, & TreeViews.

Android Things Developer Preview Now Available on the Intel® Edison board

Intel delivered the first Brillo-compliant starter board, the Intel® Edison Kit for Arduino, which was featured in Google’s IoT Tech Awards, a global research grant spanning 83 projects selected to experiment with Google and partner IoT technologies.

Intel® Ultimate Coder Challenge for IoT: What is Team Vaidya Up to Now?

Now that the eight-week Intel® Ultimate Coder Challenge for IoT is complete, teams continue developing and expanding their projects into the commercial sector. Key to this progress is the Intel® IoT Developer Kit, which streamlines the path to product by providing hardware, software and tools in an

A glimpse about c-states and SoC Watch on Intel® Quark MCU D2000

Today, we will browse Power_Profiler this code example built-in within ISSM and review D2000 c-states.

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