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Notes from LaraconEU - Ross Tuck

Having spent the previous weekend at LaraconEU, I wanted to jot my thoughts down about the conference, particularly some of the upcoming features unveiled by Taylor Otwell (the framework’s BDFL). To clarify, I’ve never used Laravel, have no plans to do so right now and all of these features are still in active development. Show More Summary

DragListControl: A new type of control to select an item from a list

This is a control that lets you select an item from a list with a single gesture

Interview with Chris Weber - Cal Evans

Blog : Twitter: @chris_m_weber Links to sessions mentioned Google “Topeka” Web Components Headless Websites – Headless Drupal Options Headless Drupal Demo – Working Code and Call to Action

Let your code speak for itself

How to combine a bunch of techniques to improve code readability.

Slides: JavaScript Memory Management Masterclass

Presented at at the Google WebPerf Special (London WebPerf Group), August 26th 2014. Efficient JavaScript webapps need to be fluid and fast. Any app with significant user interaction needs to consider how to effectively keep memory usage down because if … Continue reading ?

Front-end Choice Paralysis

Cross-posted from my article on the Pastry Box A problem we regularly face in this industry is an abundance of choice. We have a plethora of tools, frameworks, languages, abstractions and platforms. Choice is ultimately good for competition and innovation, … Continue reading ?

Deal with something once.

Cross-posted from my article on the Pastry Box If a task can be done in less than two minutes, do it right now. I find myself consciously procrastinating more than I would like. I’ll read an email, a GitHub issue … Continue reading ...

Preventing SQL Injection Attack ASP.NET - Part I

SQL Injection is a very common attack in web applications. This article explains how SQL Injection occurs and how to prevent it.

PHP Spec – a dream come true - Stas Malyshev

Almost 8 years ago, I wrote “What is PHP anyway?“. This blog is supposed to be about some long-term dreams, and in this case it was the dream come true – Sara Golemon and the excellent Facebook team made a draft PHP spec and with some paint and polish it can become a real spec pretty soon. Show More Summary

The Wolf

You’ve heard of the 10x engineer, but I am here to tell you about the Wolf. They are an engineer and they consistently exhibit the following characteristics: They appear to exist outside of the well-defined process that we’ve defined to get things done, but the appear to suffer no consequences for not following these rules.… More

Percona XtraDB Cluster 5.6.20-25.7 is now available

Percona is glad to announce the new release of Percona XtraDB Cluster 5.6 on September 1st 2014. Binaries are available from downloads area or from our software repositories. Based on Percona Server 5.6.20-68.0 including all the bugShow More Summary

App Inventor communicating with WCF Service using TinyWebDb interface

Implement TinyWebDb interface on WCF Service to communicate with Android application developed with App Inventor

Single Page App with Laravel and EmberJS - SitePoint PHP

In this part, we will see how Ember works, how to use Ember Data and how to build something simple with it. Router, Route, Model, Template and Store are some of the concepts of Ember. I’m not going to explain every one of those, so if you feel stuck, use the documentation. Show More Summary

Let's Build Maker Cities for Maker People Around New Resources Like Bandwidth, Compute, and Atomically-Precise Manufacturing

TL;DR: There’s a lot of unused space in North America. Yet cities like San Francisco are becoming ever more expensive because of a bubble created by high tech jobs that seemingly can be done anywhere. Historically cities are built around resources that provide some service to humans. Show More Summary

Host WCF on LocalHost and access via Internet

Consume WCF service/ access WCF service, that hosted on Localhost (IIS 7.5 or IIS express)

Sunspot Surface Calculation (Case Study on solving complex problems)

Case study on how to solve a complex problem by dividing it into smaller problems.

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