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The art and craft of set decoration – interview with Niamh Coulter

Continuing the ongoing series of interviews with creative artists working on various aspects of movie and TV productions, it gives me great pleasure to welcome Niamh Coulter. In the last few years she worked as the set decorator on feature films such as “Easy Virtue” (read interview with the film’s art director), “Inkheart”, “Dorian Grey”, […]

async/await - What You Should Know (Updated!)

Simply understand what happens when you use async/await keywords, what are the benefits and how to prevent deadlocks

Smallest MySQL Server in the World (under $60) which can even make you toast while fixing MySQL bug #2

Introduction In my last blog post, Internet of Things, Messaging and MySQL, I have showed how to start your own Internet of Things with Particle Photon board. That implementation is great, but requires constant internet... The post Smallest MySQL Server in the World (under $60) which can even make you toast while fixing MySQL bug #2 appeared first on MySQL Performance Blog.

The Known Colors Palette Tool - Final Revision - Hopefully

Presents what is hoped to be the final revision to the Known Colors Palette Tool and the earlier article of the same name.

How can open data publishers monitor usage?

Some open data publishers require a user to register with heir portal or provide other personal information before downloading a dataset. For example: he recently launched

Embedding Chrome in your C# App using CefSharp

Learn how to integrate the CefSharp open-source web browser into a C# WinForms app

Liking, Watchlisting and Uploading through Vimeo’s API - SitePoint PHP

In a previous post, we used the Vimeo API to build a rudimentary video application with Silex and Twig. We added login and user feed functionality and wrapped it all up with a video searching feature. In this one, we’ll add in liking...Show More Summary

Python Code Optimizations : Part 3

Follow the tips below to write more beautiful and idiomatic Python code!

Config is not code! How to use environment variables in PHP - Nomad PHP

Speaker: Ben Smith @abenjaminsmith You should be enforcing a total separation of config from code in your PHP applications. Learn how to utilize environment variables in your apps, including app bootstrapping, security for app secrets, deploying to remote environments, and more. The post Config is not code! How to use environment variables in PHP appeared first on Nomad PHP.

Zero to API with Lumen - Nomad PHP

Speaker: Amanda Folson @AmbassadorAwsum Building and maintaining an API or microservice doesn’t have to suck. We’ll use Laravel’s new micro-framework Lumen to build an API using all of the Laravel features we love without all of the full-stack stuff we don’t need. The post Zero to API with Lumen appeared first on Nomad PHP.

Create "Sign Up Page" in Blend 2015

Create "Sign Up Page" using Toolbar and Navigation feature

Exchanging money for talent

Dear Reader, [None of what I say here should be construed as me being unhappy with my current job. :) It arose from a conversation I’ve had in the not too distant past.]   Today I tweeted this out.   Developers, all companies have to offer you is money. Remember this, they NEED your talents. […] The post Exchanging money for talent appeared first on Postcards From My Life.

Define Display Labels as attributes in Business Entity class in C#

A way to define display names for class members in BE class that can be used as table headers.

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