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Using NServiceBus, Generic Repository, Unit of work and ASP.Net MVC

With using NServiceBus we can create Service Oriented Application so easily and efficiently, in this article we are going to create an n-tire application using NServiceBus, Generic Repository, Unit of work and ASP.Net MVC.

CodeSOD: Keeping Regular

Regular expressions can create new problems. Like an industrial drill, they’re extremely powerful- and potentially destructive. They’re expensive, they’re cryptic, but can be extremely concise. For example, Jessica is reimplementing some C# code written by another developer. Show More Summary

GitHub Activity Guilt and the Coder's FitBit

I got an interesting email today from Corey P., reprinted in part here, with permission. I’m curious, how you feel about GitHub’s activity graph? I’ve found myself getting increased levels of guilt/stress over that graph. So much soShow More Summary

Thinking about Microservices on the JVM? See the 8 tools that 1000+ engineers prefer

In a recent survey on "Going Reactive" by Typesafe, in which over 3000 people participated, we look at the role of Reactive in the adoption of microservices-based architectures, as well as the 8 technologies preferred by respondents building and deploying microservices in production...

Where should you invest to build the best DevOps culture you can?

Development, Testing, and Operations are pulling together to deliver new projects and updates faster and more efficiently than ever before. Gartner predicts that we’ll see DevOps hit the mainstream as a strategy employed by 25% of Global 2000 organisations next year. Show More Summary

Perhaps it's time to finally start learning Hadoop? Here's how.

Apache Hadoop is an open-source software framework written in Java for distributed storage and distributed processing of very large data sets on computer clusters built from commodity hardware. All the modules in Hadoop are designed with a fundamental assumption that hardware failures are common and should be automatically handled by the framework.

Speed up your Gradle build

In this post we look at the solutions to the common reasons why a Gradle build might be slow. Doing unnecessary work, not parallelized build, dynamic dependencies resolution are all signs that you can speed up your Gradle build.

Tackling the challenge of testing multithreaded code in Java

Testing multithreaded code is a tough challenge. The first advice that you get when trying to test concurrency is to isolate your concurrent concerns in the code as much as possible. This a general design advice but in this case it’s even more important. Show More Summary

Design Patterns and Anti-Patterns, Love and Hate

These are the most popular design patterns in object-oriented programming, though some of them are actually anti-patterns, in my opinion

Docker Compose environment variable binding examples – Java, Node.Js, PHP, Python, and Ruby On Rails

Docker Compose Environment Variable Binding Examples – Java, Node.Js, PHP, Python, and Ruby On Rails

Devs are from Venus, Ops are from Mars, Containers: Amazon Web Services, Part I

This article series is about containers. In this first article we start by reviewing Amazon Web Services (AWS) and discuss why it is a game changer!

Rich Web Application with Spring MVC and ZK 8 Shadow Selector Demo

In this article, we will explore how Java configuration could be used to replace the XML configuration in ZK Spring MVC and the convenience of using a new feature in ZK 8 – Shadow Selector – to control shadow elements.

Interview with Matthew Beane - Voices of the ElePHPant

@aepod Show Notes Minnesota User Group The post Interview with Matthew Beane appeared first on Voices of the ElePHPant.

C# MongoDB - Polymorphic Collections with Generic CRUDs

Using the Mongo C# Driver in Visual Studio to connect to MongoLab and creating generic CRUDs.

Talking About “nameof” Operator

In this article I would like to discuss about “nameof” operator supported by C# 6. It allows to map strings to named code elements.

Programmatic and Direct Manipulation, Together at Last

A technical report by Ravi Chugh et al. Abstract: We present the SKETCH-N-SKETCH editor for Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) that integrates programmatic and direct manipulation, two modes of interaction with complementary strengths. In SKETCH-N-SKETCH, the user writes a program to generate an output SVG canvas. Show More Summary

Editable WPF label custom user control

Simple and clean-cut label that user can edit text of during run-time (by double-clicking) which I wrote because the examples I found were either obsolete or added clutter to the interface.

Introducing Cucumber for Java + STANDARD Values

As software developers, we all have our favorite tools for making us successful. Many are perfect for the job when getting started but are soon outgrown. Others require too much setup and training to “dip your toes in the water” just to simply find out if they are the right tool. Cucumber JVM is a t

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