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Paper: Large-scale cluster management at Google with Borg

Joe Beda (@jbeda): Borg paper is finally out. Lots of reasoning for why we made various decisions in #kubernetes. Very exciting. The hints and allusions are over. We now have everything about Google's long rumored Borg project in one...Show More Summary

Ten New Members Join the AllSeen Alliance, Focus on IoT

The AllSeen Alliance, a cross-industry collaboration to advance the Internet of Everything (IoT) through an open source software project, today announced 10 new members are joining the initiative. Through collaborative development, Alliance...Show More Summary

Dropbox Opens its Security Testing, to Pay Out Cash Bounties for Bugs

At Google, Mozilla, and many other notable technology companies, bug bounties have emerged as one of the key ways to identify and address security vulnerabilities. We've reported on the bug bounty program that Google has been running...Show More Summary

The art and craft of production design – interview with John Lavin

Continuing the ongoing series of interviews with creative artists working on various aspects of movie and TV productions, it gives me great pleasure to welcome John Lavin. In the last few years he worked as the production designer on “Your Sister’s Sister”, “Touchy Feely”, “Lucky Them” and the recently released “Laggies”. Show More Summary

Q1 2015 Open Source Support Briefing for uPortal

On Wednesday April 15, 2015 at 10:00AM PDT (1:00PM EDT) the Unicon Open Source Support (OSS) team held the Open Source Support briefing for uPortal summarizing OSS activities for Q1 of 2015.

Failure is OK

Roland was working on code that implemented HTTP service methods. The 'status' variable held one of those pass-it-everywhere objects that were sometimes called 'RunData'. It contained the request, response, security context, and other needed information. Show More Summary

Concise Binary Object Representation (CBOR) in C#

A C# implementation of Concise Binary Object Representation, in the public domain.

A Flock of Lambdas

What's going on with lambda expressions, anonymous functions, and all that stuff?

SAL 2 Function Parameters Annotations

Explanation of the different SAL annotations for function parameters for Visual Studio Code Analysis

A C# single application instance class

An easy-to-use class to prevent multiple instances of your application from opening and focusing/activating the first instance window.

Debian Long Term Support Progress, Jessie Bugs, and the Election

It was a busy day for Debian today as the election for Debian Project Leader 2015 was decided. Raphaël Hertzog posted about his presentation on the Debian Long Term Support project and Richard Hartmann presents the latest bug counts standing between us and shiny new Debian 8 release. Show More Summary

Make peace

I’m not going to take credit for the story, nor would I claim a perfect analogy. But here goes. Imagine you’re in a room with ten screaming babies. As all of them are screaming at the top of their lungs, you start feeding them one by one. You’re done with one, and there are nine […]

I was interviewed by Fog Creek

This is amazing. I was just interviewed by Fog Creek. I've been a lifetime fan of Fog Creek Software and it just feels so great to be interviewed by them. I'm making a backup copy of the interview. This is the full interview and has some extra content and pics. My friends and blog followers offered to translate the interview in several languages. Show More Summary

Checking table definition consistency with mysqldiff

Data inconsistencies in replication environments are a pretty common. There are lots of posts that explain how to fix those using pt-table-checksum and pt-table-sync. Usually we only care about the data but from time to time we receive...Show More Summary

A Password safe built with Arduino Leonardo

How to build a simple hardware password safe and login system with off the shelf components.

Future of Text Analytics: A report from Text Analytics World

When I went to Text Analytics World in San Francisco earlier this month, I was struck at how many of the presenters, particularly consultants, ended their talks describing future directions of text analytics as something that sounded so familiar. Show More Summary

Full Stack Tuning for a 100x Load Increase and 40x Better Response Times

A world that wants full stack developers also needs full stack tuners. That tuning process, or at least the outline of a full stack tuning process is something Ronald Bradford describes in not quite enough detail in Improving performance...Show More Summary

Social Logins in PHP with HybridAuth - SitePoint PHP

A trend in many of today’s websites is a feature that allows users to sign in via their social network accounts. A classic example is the SitePoint community where users have the option to use their Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo or...Show More Summary

Zend and Microsoft Azure Announce Strategic Partnership: Additional Context, Background and Views on the Announcement - Andi on Web & IT

Today, Zend and Microsoft announced a strategic partnership that will transform developer productivity in the cloud. Before I share the details of this news, I’d like to cover some background on Zend and Microsoft’s past collaboration...Show More Summary

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