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A (Partial) Taxonomy of Machine Learning Features

"Features" are perhaps the least discussed aspect of machine learning. This article investigates what features are and how to organize them from the perspective of text-oriented artificial intelligence. A better understanding of machine learning features for NLP tasks also helps promote how to design a platform for how to systematize the machine learning process.

Internet Explorer 9 JsonResult Does Not Return Json in MVC3

Internet Explorer 8/9 jsonresult method treats response as downloadable json result

How Wistia Handles Millions of Requests Per Hour and Processes Rich Video Analytics

This is a guest repost from Christophe Limpalair of his interview with Max Schnur, Web Developer at Wistia. Wistia is video hosting for business. They offer video analytics like heatmaps, and they give you the ability to add calls to action, for example. Show More Summary

Building a Basic Video Search App with Vimeo’s API and Slim - SitePoint PHP

In this tutorial, you’ll get to know the basics of the Vimeo API. With it, you can fetch information on a specific user or get information on the videos uploaded by the user. If the video is private, you can only get it from the APIShow More Summary

Android Studio 2.0 Preview

Posted by, Jamal Eason, Product Manager, Android One the most requested features we receive is to make app builds and deployment faster in Android Studio. Today at the Android Developer Summit, we’re announcing a preview of Android Studio 2.0 featuring Instant Run that will dramatically improve your development workflow. Show More Summary

Apps in SharePoint 2013

I want to create a Auto-Hosted App in 2013 using Visual Studio Ultimate 2012.

Periscope – Sebastian Bergmann - Cal Evans

At PHP World 2015, we ran an experiment, we “Periscoped” all of our recordings. The audio recordings will still be released as part of the feed, however, the video will be posted here for archival purposes. Show...Show More Summary

Prepare to Set Sail on SQL Cruise Caribbean 2016

A new blogpost has been posted by Jes Borland on Nov 23, 2015 in category Professional Development

IE9 JsonResult does not return Json in MVC3

ie8/9 jsonresult method treats response as downloadable json result

PHP Versions Stats - 2015 Edition - Jordi Boggiano

It's that time of the year again, where I figure it's time to update my yearly data on PHP version usage. Last year's post showed 5.5 as the main winner and 5.3 declining rapidly. Let's see what 2015 brought. A quick note on methodology, because all these stats are imperfect as they just sample some subset of the PHP user base. Show More Summary

2015 Duke’s Choice Award Winners Announced

The incredible amount of innovation that uses and builds upon standard Java/EE technologies is one the most important factors that keeps our ecosystem so uniquely strong. The annual Duke's Choice Awards is a small way of recognizing and encouraging such innovation. Show More Summary

AKSW Colloquium, 23-11-2015, CVtec and Patty

CVtec and model-driven semantification by Andreas Nareike In this presentation, I will give a short introduction to our project CVtec ( ). CVtec is concerned with knowledge management for technical facilities and uses methods of model-driven software development. Show More Summary

In interview in the Nevada desert with ContinuousPHP: tech & community in Luxembourg - Thijs Feryn

I did a fair number of interviews while I was at Zendcon in Las Vegas. The entertainment capital of the world The post In interview in the Nevada desert with ContinuousPHP: tech & community in Luxembourg appeared first on Thijs Feryn's blog.

CodeSOD: Confession: The Coin-Flip Hash

There are certain problems in computing that you generally shouldn’t tackle unless you’re planning to make it your life’s work. Don’t write your own date handling logic. Don’t write your own encryption. If you do, you’ll probably screw...Show More Summary

Add coverage to your Angular project (to show on your GitHub page)

Do you want to show off the amazing Code Coverage you got on you Angular project? Look no further, this guide will help you out!   Prerequisites You need a couple of things for this guide to make any sense to you: Angular Project with tests running in Karma Project on GitHub Project building and tes

Elegant MicroWeb Offers World-Class Value-Added Partnerships for Web and Digital Agencies

For more than a decade, Elegant MicroWeb has sustained a comprehensive and successful worldwide partnership program. Elegant MicroWeb provides technical services for software engineering and software development services to web agencies, digital marketing agencies and IT consulting companies. Show More Summary

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