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Smart Data Visualization: Simpler, Better, Clearer, Faster

Smart Visualization Tools: Analysis and Data Displays Made Simple (and Clear). Smart Data Visualization! This concept seems alien to some people. Is it data that can read your mind and automatically display itself in a way that will help you understand? Is it a method you use to see data in a clear way; a technique you learn in a class? The answer is yes…and...

Preparing a Leanpub book for print-on-demand - Matthias Noback

During the last few days I've been finishing my latest book, Microservices for everyone. I've used the Leanpub self-publishing platform again. I wrote about the process before and still like it very much. Every now and then Leanpub adds...Show More Summary

Google Chrome under attack: Have you used one of these hijacked extensions?

Recent versions of several Chrome extensions have been compromised to spread malicious ads.

Production design of “Safelight” – interview with Tom Lisowski

Continuing the ongoing series of interviews with creative artists working on various aspects of movie and TV productions, it is my pleasure to welcome Tom Lisowski. In this interview he about what production is, when it needs to stay invisible and the misconceptions viewers have about the field, how the transition from film to digital […]

Java Training Teaches JEE Application Session Beans

Learn more about Session beans by undertaking Java training. The representation of core business service objects called Session beans combines business logic in an enterprise application. In a standalone EJB container the Java component is executed or JEE application server container. Show More Summary

CodeSOD: Object Relational Mangling

Writing quality database code is a challenge. Most of your commands need to be expressed in SQL, which is a mildly complicated language made more complicated by minor variations across databases. Result sets often have a poor mapping to our business logic’s abstractions, especially in object-oriented languages. Show More Summary

Simple Behavior to allow zooming and dragging a contained control

This is a simple behavior that can be attached to a ContentControl and allows zooming and dragging the Content.

XML tables with C++

How to use C++ to write XML files that can be consumed by OpenOffice or Excel as spread sheets..

Dots mania (Game tutorial)

Simple game tutorial. Play in dots with your family and friend.

Verification of complex objects in automated tests

Sometimes in automation tests we need to validate work of methods, returning very complex objects as a result. We want to be sure, that these objects have correct structure. Common assertion libraries allow us to check our expectation about simple objects (strings, numbers), and collections of objec

Hadoop - Read multi-ine record of variable number of lines

Say we have a input files as in below figure, where each numeric key is followed by any number of lines of values.  In this case as our record length is not fixed we cannot rely on NLineInputFormat as in our previous blog.  To solve this problem we need to identify our record boundary which in our c

Hadoop - InputSplit and RecordReader explained

If you have been reading about hadoop and hadoop programming, you would have heard about InputSplits and RecordReaders.  In this blog I will try to explain these and how we can manage our reads across splits.Input file used for this blog is below. Its size is 47 bytes. Why it is important to know th

Hadoop Install and Configuration - Ubuntu 16.04

Installing Hadoop All commands below are run on your system user account having "sudo" access. Install Java and SSHsudo apt- get updatesudo apt- get install default- jdkupdate- alternatives -- config javasudo apt- get install ssh Add users for hdfs and yarn sudo addgroup hadoop sudo adduser --ingr

Exploring refit, an automatic type-safe REST library for .NET Standard

I dig everything that Paul Betts does. He's a lovely person and a prolific coder. One of his recent joints is called Refit. It's a REST library for.NET that is inspired by Square's Retrofit library. It turns your REST API into a live...Show More Summary

Installing and Configuring Pig - Ubuntu 16.04

Once you are done installing hadoop, getting Pig up and running is quite straight forward.Download Pig  from Move to directory where your download is and extract as below. You can move to any directory you want but make sure that is the path you set in next step

Hadoop Programing with Maven and Netbeans

Install Pre-requisites Install hadoop 2.7.3  as detailed in this blog Install Netbeans 8.2, download and install instructions are on netbeans download page - Install maven sudo apt-get install maven This post shows how to use netbeans IDE to write hadoop java p

The Concave Hull of a Set of Points

A C++ implementation of a published algorithm for computing the concave hull using a k-nearest neighbour approach.

Paging in MongoDB – How to actually avoid poor performance ?

Few insights on how to better paginate results in MongoDB, and to achieve excellent performance

The Best Way to Test Students? Make Them Explain It On Video

You will be surprised how quickly a short video conveys just what students know about the subject.

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