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Microsoft's Pix for iPhone: Now AI gives your photos a pop art makeover

Microsoft's AI can transform your photos into paintings that look like famous artworks.

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"I asked my son, @Firstname, and he is indeed rather @Emotion about going to @ThemePark!" wrote Chris @LASTNAME. "I think Google assumes there is only one exit on the highway," writes Balaprasanna S. Axel C. writes, "So what you're saying...Show More Summary

FileMaker 16, First Take: Powerful but still usable

Apple's venerable database adds new layout and programming tools to make building desktop and mobile apps more powerful, but still approachable.

Calling WCF Services with jQuery…Stripped Down

Years ago, when I created my first ASMX Web Service and called it from an application, it was easy and it was fun. I was able to call functions on a server, from a client, with little effort. What a great and powerful tool! Then WCF came out and was deemed the 'best practice' and the 'preferred' m

HTML 5 and jQuery – A Match Made in Heaven

I recently attended an ASP.NET MVC seminar hosted by the Twin Cities.Net User Group. The speaker was K. Scott Allen. Scott is a charismatic, gifted speaker and did a great job. You can always pick up useful items when watching an expert write a program from scratch. When I saw what he did with j

The jQuery ‘live(…)’ Function

[UPDATE] The live function has been deprecated: "As of jQuery 1.7, method is deprecated. Use.on() to attach event handlers."   On the Asp.Net forums where I am a moderator, a developer was having a problem hooking up click events to the rows of a dynam

How to reference a .NET Core library in WinForms - Or, .NET Standard Explained

I got an interesting email today. The author said "I have a problem consuming core class library in a winforms project and can't seem to find a solution." This was interesting for a few reasons. First, it's solvable, second, it's common, and third, it's a good opportunity to clear a few things up with a good example. Show More Summary

Implementation of XML Serialization and Data Contract Serialization Utility in .NET

Basic Idea about DeSerializer and Serializer; advantage and disadvantages of XmlSerializer and DataContractSerializer; implementation XML and DataContract Serializer/ De-Serializer.

Library Commander

LibraryCommander is a personal desktop application to manage my texts (e-book) collection, classify and search them by categories and tags.

Why You Need to Revamp Your Website Right Now

Your website is the face of your brand to the entire world. Here are a few reasons why you need to revamp your website right now! The post Why You Need to Revamp Your Website Right Now appeared first on  - Snyxius.

Three Methods of Installing Percona Monitoring and Management

In this blog post, we’ll look at three different methods for installing Percona Monitoring and Management (PMM). Percona offers multiple methods of installing Percona Monitoring and Management, depending on your environment and scale. Show More Summary

How the .NET Runtime loads a Type

It is something we take for granted in every time we run a.NET program, but it turns out that loading a Type or class is a fairly complex process. So how does the.NET Runtime (CLR) actually load a Type? If you want the tl;dr it's done carefully, cautiously and step-by-step Ensuring Ty

Android Things Developer Preview 4.1

Posted by Wayne Piekarski, Developer Advocate for IoT Today, we're releasing a new Developer Preview 4.1 (DP4.1) of Android Things, with updates for new supported hardware and bug fixes to the platform. Android Things is Google's platform...Show More Summary

Check Not Implemented Members at Runtime

Create default interface implementation or whatever you want with runtime checking not implemented members

Top 20 MCQ Questions On Object Oriented Software Design

This collection of top 20 multiple choice questions on object oriented design in software engineering includes MCQ questions on object oriented design in software design process and their characteristics, parts of object oriented development and various proposals made about to identify objects. Show More Summary

How the Lustre Developer Community is Advancing ZFS as a Lustre Back-end File System

Several open source projects that are being integrated into open source Lustre are designed to improve reliability, flexibility, and performance, align the enterprise-grade features built into ZFS with Lustre, and enhance functionality that eases Lustre deployments on ZFS.

Custom Date validation of date format and other form attributes in ASP.NET MVC

This article explains how to date validation format in dd/mm/yyyy and check this value with other form attribute by writing custom validator in ASP.NET MVC

CodeSOD: Classic WTF: Hacker Proof Booleans

We continue our summer break with a classic case of outsmarting oneself in the stupidest way. Original -- Remy "Years ago, long before I'd actually started programming, I spent my time learning about computers and data concepts by messing...Show More Summary

Integrate Your Data Sources and Great Things Will Happen

Integration Wizards Can Make it Happen – Like Magic! I don’t know about you but I really hate technology silos. I hate having a bunch of information spread across a plethora of databases, software solutions and organizations with no way to bring it all together. There is so much more you can do when you can bring all of that information together. If you are...

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