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Porting Your Wear Developer Preview Code to the Latest Support Library

Today’s post on #AndroidWear is from +Wayne Piekarski. Now that the full Android Wear SDK is available, it’s time to port your existing wearable-enabled notification code from the Developer Preview. In the process, you’ll switch to using...Show More Summary

SimpleScene: 3d scene manager in C# and OpenTK

A simple open-source scene manager, and WavefrontOBJ file loader in C# and OpenGL.

Do Teams Gel or Jell?

In my role as technical editor for, I have the opportunity to read many terrific articles. I also have the opportunity to review and comment on those articles. One such comment is what do teams do? Do they “gel” or do they “jell”? Gel is what you put in hair. Show More Summary

Consuming and Deploying ASP.NET WebApi Services – Gotchas!!

Last week I posted about how every web programmer should know about the RESTful nature of Web and start using Asp.NET MVC 4 Web Api to accomplish the same. The post was accompanied by a sample HTTP GET resource call to an ASP.NET Web Api controller action. So, I believe you people have already start

ASP.NET Identity 2.0 Extending Identity Models and Using Integer Keys Instead of Strings

A deeper look at extending the core set of models afforded by the Identity 2.0 framework, and re-implementing the basic Identity Samples project using integer keys for all of our models, instead of the default string keys which are the default.

Evolution .NET - Maximizing the Unknown

How to optimize a given problem towards a calculable optimum

Enhanced CollectionEditor Framework

An easy to use, customizable Collection Editor; with inheritance support

Soccer, Development, and The Value Of Teamwork - Paul M. Jones

The lesson of soccer is that individual effort will often suffice when things are relatively easy. But in order to surmount the more difficult challenges, you will almost always need reliable teammates of one sort or another. I assert the same is true in development efforts. Show More Summary

How to safely convert enums

Converting between different types of enums is quite easy and it typically works fine. For a while. But changed business requirements might require that you modify the enums, and it’s easy to forget a conversion somewhere. So let’s say that … Continue reading ?

Operation Contract Overloading in WCF.. Not your usual Polymorphism!

There is no denying the fact that Microsoft has made life easy for Developers, both Windows and Web. Over the years MS have come up with great IDEs using which any High School Student could go ahead and build a fully functional application(Yes, it’s that easy). Microsoft makes things easy for

JSON and RESTful Web services using ASP.NET MVC WebApi–Its what every Web Programmer should know !

In my last post I indicated as to how Microsoft & MS technologies have made programming for the web simple and easy. I also suggested how these same MS technologies have created misinformed web developers (like me) as well. All the abstraction over the RESTful nature of HTML (or HTTP) have solved at

Saving prices as decimal in mongodb

When working with prices in C#, you should always work with the 'decimal' type.Working with the 'Double' type can lead to a variety of rounding errors when doing calculations with them, and is more intended for mathematical equations.(I don't want to go into details about what problems th

WCF Contracts Simplified

Basically a WCF Contract is an agreement between the two parties i.e. a Service and a Client. In Windows Communication Foundation, Contracts are categorized as behavioral or structural. Behavioral Contracts ServiceContract attribute is used to mark a type as Service Contract that contains operations

Multilingual App Toolkit–Give your app some global appeal

Sure, you’re a good dev and you know that you should be putting all your strings in a RESX file if for no other reason than to centralize them so you can only only have to update them in one place. And maybe you do get some translations to other languages (good for you!). But […]CodeProject-->

Programmatically make(fake ;)) HTTP Requests using WebRequest, WebResponse and WebClient

Its without a doubt that Microsoft.NET provides us with wonderful APIs to interact with a variety of interfaces/entities. One such API/library exists in the System.Net namespace. WebRequest and WebResponse are two such libraries which help us in programatically making HTTP Requests and analyse the

Creating and consuming a RESTful service using WCF and JavaScript

REST !! REST !! REST !! It’s the buzz word recently with the advent of mobile revolution. You know what’s more worse than not having heard about a Buzz word!! Its having heard about it, but having no idea of its implications or practical implementation. Sometime back I blogged about how

Uploading/Downloading a file using WCF REST service in .NET 3.5

Last week I blogged about how to create a RESTful service using WCF and how it was to actually not learn anything in order to make your existing WCF service RESTful. Converting a normal WCF service to being RESTful might be an easy task, but when it comes to streaming files over a REST call […

Action-Domain-Responder, Content Negotiation, and Routers - Paul M. Jones

While talking about Action-Domain-Responder on the Crafting Code Tour, one of the common questions I got was: “Where does content negotiation happen?” My response was always: “Where does it happen in Model-View-Controller?” That opened...Show More Summary

How to Create and Share a Vagrant Base Box - Bruno Škvorc

Interesting tools are emerging each day of the year, helping developers work faster, keeping them focused on the actual business values of the project. One such tool is Vagrant, which is becoming one of the strongest helping hands for a developer, standardizing how development environments are created and managed. Show More Summary

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