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Speeding up database calls with PDO and iterators - Michelangelo van Dam

Image source: When you review lots of code, you often wonder why things were written the way they were. Especially when making expensive calls to a database, I still see things that could and should be improved. No framework...Show More Summary

Understanding Node.js

I have never worked with Node.js, and prior to this week had never gotten around to exploring it at all. I have however been aware for a long time that it is something that I should know more about. Therefore, as a first step, I decided to look into what exactly Node.js is and what I need … Re

Custom Callbacks with Invoke - blog.phpdev

In putting the Invoke library to use I noticed something. While I could tell it to check for groups and permissions on the current user and limit HTTP methods on the request, there were more complex things I needed to check that weren’t part of these defaults. Show More Summary

Personal message from Net Objectives' new COO, Marc Danziger

Two months ago, I was contentedly leading my life as a singleton consultant down in Los Angeles. I’d managed to get to work for some pretty cool companies – Amgen,, the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences (the Oscars folks), NBC, International Lease Finance Corp. Show More Summary

How to extract images from an Office document

This tip shows how to extract images from an Office document saved in Office Open XML format.

Yet another MySQL 5.7 silent change

When a new version of MySQL appears, the first source of information for the brave experimenter is a page in the manual named What is new in MySQL X.X, also known as MySQL in a nutshell. For MySQL 5.7, the in-a-nutshell page lists quite a lot of changes. Show More Summary

Console Wars – PHP CLI Libraries - SitePoint PHP

I have always been a big fan of console commands and I try to provide a command line interface (CLI) as much as possible in most of my PHP projects. In this article, I’ll briefly compare three PHP console command libraries: The Symfony...Show More Summary

MySQL 5.7 : no more password column!

Maintaining a project like MySQL::Sandbox is sometimes tiring, but it has its advantages. One of them is that everything related to the server setup comes to my attention rather earlier than if I were an average DBA or developer. I try to keep MySQL Sandbox up to date with every release of MySQL and (to a lesser extent) MariaDB [1]. Show More Summary

PEAR 1.10.0dev1 brings PHP 7 compatibility! - Official Blog of the PEAR Group/PEAR President

We’ve released PEAR installer version 1.10.0dev1, which brings support for PHP 7 while dropping support for PHP 4 – 5.3. See the announcement post @ for more information.

PEAR 1.10.0dev1 brings PHP 7 compatibility! - Christian Weiske

The new PEAR installer release adds PHP 7 support while dropping support for PHP 4 - 5.3. It also fixes a nasty SSL issue that made it hard to use on PHP 5.6. With the update, strict warnings about static calls to a non-static PEAR::isError()...Show More Summary

Distributed Semantic Computing

Distributed semantic computing in a multi-threaded, Type-First Development (TFD) system

Pulse: Semantic Technologies Key Enabler for IoT

Semantic technologies will be a key enabler for interconnnected devices on the Web, the Internet of Things (IoT), to be able to interoperate. These technologies need to be matched with shared vocabularies and ontologies.

5 Things to look for in your Inbound Marketing Firm

Inbound marketing is a type of marketing that draws people’s attention. In contrast with the traditional tactics of marketing, known as outbound marketing, inbound marketing focuses on a more creative approach that attracts customers. Show More Summary

C Code for 4-bit Control of Newhaven OLED Character Display

This article discusses 'C' code used to control a Newhaven OLED in 4-bit mode. It is a MBLABX project.

Build Air Quality Index widgets for both Android and Windows using ThinkAlike (Part II)

New samples of using ThinkAlike to accomplish Android/Desktop cross-platform development, including helloworld, Web API access and widget UI.

Learn MVC Project in 7 Days – Bonus day 1

This article is a continuation article of the series “Learn MVC project in 7 days

mbeddr: an Extensible C-based Programming Language and IDE for Embedded Systems

Markus Voelter, Bernd Kolb1, Daniel Ratiu, and Bernhard Schaetz, "mbeddr: an Extensible C-based Programming Language and IDE for Embedded Systems", SplashCON/Wavefront 2012. Although embedded systems are an increasingly large part of...Show More Summary

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