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Getting started with Arduino

Lets learn something about Arduino & start our journey on IOT!

CodeSOD: Now There's a Switch…

You know what’s awful? If-then-elseif conditions. You have this long, long chain of them, and then what? If only there were a shorter, clearer way to write a large number of conditions. Oh, what’s that? There is? It’s called a switch...Show More Summary

5 Things to Look out Before Choosing an eCommerce SEO Agency

Do you know the net income of E-commerce giants, ALIBABA and AMAZON? According to a latest statistical analysis by online statistics and study website, Statista both the companies are thriving with a net income of $3.73 billion U.S. dollars and … The post 5 Things to Look out Before Choosing an eCommerce SEO Agency appeared first on  - Snyxius.

Business Intelligence: One and Done. Design Once and Use Anywhere

If you take the time to invest in a business intelligence solution, you want one that you can use for a long time. Your users will become familiar with the tools and will depend on them to make decisions, product reports and analyze data. But, on the day you choose your BI tools, you have no way to know every requirement or need that will...

Writing a MySQL storage engine from scratch

Describes how to write a MySQL storage engine - a plugin which is responsible for persisting MySQL table data.

Boris Gloger on SCRUM 3.0

In early June, Boris Gloger gave a highly inspiring talk about current tendencies in the agile community in Munich, Germany. I want to share three topics, that, for me, were most important ones.

Create Hybrid Test Automation Framework – Interface Contracts

Learn how to start building Hybrid Test Automation Framework. Create core interfaces that your tests will work with so that they follow SOLID principles.The post Create Hybrid Test Automation Framework – Interface Contracts appeared first on Automate The Planet.

7 Reasons Why Developers Need to Create their Own Software Product Businesses - PHP Classes

7 Reasons Why Developers Need to Create their Own Software Product Businesses By Manuel Lemos Many developers are not happy with working for other companies. They do not have much autonomy to work on projects they want, they cannot work...Show More Summary

Using Google Voice to Control my Garage Door

Over my break, I decided to start getting into IoT by making my home smarter. I did not want to purchase any of the plug and play devices. The fun part is building these devices. My first idea of home automation is the garage door, since I had all the parts needed to automate it in my junk box.Parts

Story of Equality in .Net - Part 1

CodeProjectIntroductionThe purpose of this post is to outline and explore some of the issues that makes performing the equality much more complex than you might expect. Among other things, we will examine the difference between the value and reference equality and why equality and inheritance don’t

Dynamic Witnesses for Static Type Errors (or, ill-typed programs usually go wrong)

Dynamic Witnesses for Static Type Errors (or, ill-typed programs usually go wrong) by Eric L. Seidel, Ranjit Jhala, Westley Weimer: Static type errors are a common stumbling block for newcomers to typed functional languages. We present...Show More Summary

DSPLib - FFT / DFT Fourier Transform Library for .NET 4

DSPLib is an complete DSP Library that is an end to end solution for performing FFT's with.NET 4

TIScript Language, A Gentle Extension of JavaScript

How the TIScript language is different from its prototype - JavaScript

Deadline of 15 July for DC-2016 Presentations and Best Practice Poster tracks

2016-06-15, The deadline of 15 July is approaching for abstract submissions for the Presentations on Metadata track and the Best Practice Poster track for DC-2016 in Copenhagen. Both tracks provide metadata practitioners and researchers the opportunity to present their work in Copenhagen. Show More Summary

DCMI opens registration for DC-2016

2016-06-15, Registration for DC-2016 is now open at The International Conference takes place on 13-14 October and the Workshop Series on 15-16. Separate registrations are available for the Conference and Workshops. Show More Summary

Command or Controller - Stefan Koopmanschap

A couple of weeks ago while walking towards lunch with Jelrik we were having a bit of a discussion about the use of the term Command. Not long before that, Jelrik had asked a question about naming of Commands in our Slack channel, which...Show More Summary

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