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A Stormtrooper Tell-All and 4 Other Essential Podcasts

Internet rabbit holes, fiction from the Eiffel Tower, and a trip to Tatooine. These are the podcasts you're looking for. The post A Stormtrooper Tell-All and 4 Other Essential Podcasts appeared first on WIRED.

A First Look at Atlas – the ORM That Delivers - SitePoint PHP

"AtlasORM is a data mapper implementation for your persistence model (not your domain model)" By definition, a Data Mapper moves data between objects and a database and isolates them from one another. With a Data Mapper, the in memory objects don't even need to know that a database exists. Show More Summary

PHP 8 Performance to be Boosted with a JIT engine - Lately in PHP podcast episode 76 - PHP Classes

PHP 8 Performance to be Boosted with a JIT engine - Lately in PHP podcast episode 76 By Manuel Lemos Recently Dmitry Stogov of Zend announced that he is restarting the work on JIT engine that eventually will boost the performance ofShow More Summary

Mail Chimp Add/Update e-mail to List and Subscribe API V3

How to add, and update an existing, entry on MailChimp list, using API V3. Optionally, you can add to one or more groups easily. Written in VB.NET, but could be easily converted to C#

General security issues in organizations.

The article discuss general security issues in organizations by considering some common security components.

Create and publish a NuGet package easily

1. Go to and download NuGet Package Explorer. 2. Run NuGetPackageExplorer and select Create a new package. 3. The next step is to enter some information about your package for that select Edit Metadata. 4. Fill out all the relevant information about your package, this wi

Nesting and Networking

Three years ago at the Heathrow airport, the handle on my roller bag snapped, and my luggage leaped to its death on a series of stairs. Trauma is a good source of writing inspiration as evidenced by the subsequent article that documents my obsessive compulsive travel habits. One other habit I neglected to document was… More #

AKSW Colloquium, 17.10.2016, Version Control for RDF Triple Stores + NEED4Tweet

In the upcoming Colloquium, October the 17th at 3 PM, two papers will be presented: Version Control for RDF Triple Stores Marvin Frommhold will discuss the paper “Version Control for RDF Triple Stores” by Steve Cassidy and James Ballantine which forms the foundation of his own work regarding versioning for RDF. Show More Summary

Cascading Dropdownlist in angularjs and webapi

In this article, you will learn how to cascading between dropdownlist using angularjs and webapi.

Implementation of Single Sign On (SSO) in ASP.NET MVC

What is Single Sign On (SSO)? To access any secured page in a web application, the user needs to authenticate and if the user want to access multiple web applications then the user have to login for each of those application individually. Logging in multiple times can be eliminated with Single Sign

Serverless: Gatekeeping and Profit Margins

In the beginning, we had servers behind a load balancer. Each server of a given kind (api servers, frontend servers, etc) had the same set of processes running on them, and each application bound to the same statically allocated port...Show More Summary

QCodeEditor - Widget for Qt

Extensible code editor with syntax highlighting, code completion and line numbering

JavaScript-Based IoT/WoT Development with the ESP8266

As opposed to the less powerful Arduino, the competitively priced and WiFi-enabled ESP8266 supports the Web-of-Things (WoT) since it can be programmed in JavaScript.

Issa Rae on How She Wrote ‘That’ Rap

In this interview with WIRED, the HBO series creator also discusses her show's writing process, Los Angeles setting, and killer soundtrack. The post Issa Rae on How She Wrote 'That' Rap appeared first on WIRED.

Protect your source code from decompiling or reverse engineering

Many developers are still not aware that Portable Executable (PE) files can be decompiled to readable source code. Before learning how to prevent or make it hard for the decompilers to reverse engineer the source code, we need to understand few basics concepts. What is a Potable Executable file? Whe

Adding Social Share Links with Custom Icons and Share Count

Social sharing has become one of the most powerful way to reach out to larger number of audience. Whenever we publish anything new it is always better to promote it on popular social networks to gain some immediate traffic. Integrating popular social sharing buttons on your site might drive more tra

Getting the most out of your assets – The MonoGame Content Pipeline

Working with assets with projects and games is hard enough these days, from finding the right artist, tweaking and reviewing the content and then faced with the trouble of how best to import and manage it in your game. The problem is the same no matter which game engine or …

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