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How To Select Raw SQL Using Eloquent

In this installment of our games app, we are going to add a sidebar for the main games and reviews views. In other words, when the site user is listing all games to view or all reviews to see, there will be a sidebar displayed. This sidebar will hold information about the games and reviews that have been submitted by users of the site. Show More Summary

Smarten Advanced Data Discovery is All the Buzz!

If you are frustrated with BI tools, and looking for self-service Advanced Analytics to achieve your goals and empower users, you should understand the difference between traditional BI tools and the Smarten Advanced Data Discovery approach. Show More Summary

Autocomplete Composer script names on the command line - Rob Allen

As I add more and more of my own script targets to my composer.json files, I find that it would be helpful to have tab autocomplete in bash. I asked on Twitter and didn't get an immediate solution and as I had already done somethingShow More Summary

CodeSOD: Documented Concerns

There’s a lot of debate about how much a developer should rely on comments. Clear code should, well, be clear, and thus not need comments. On the other hand, code that’s clear the minute you write it might not be as clear six months later when you forget what it was for. Show More Summary

The case for singleton objects, façades, and helper functions - Matthias Noback

Last year I took several Scala courses on Coursera. It was an interesting experience and it has brought me a lot of new ideas. One of these is the idea of a singleton object (as opposed to a class). It has the following characteristics: There...Show More Summary

BUILD 2017 Conference Rollup for .NET Developers

The BUILD Conference was lovely this last week, as was OSCON. I was fortunate to be at both. You can watch all the interviews and training sessions from BUILD 2017 on Channel 9. Here's a few sessions that you might be interested in.Show More Summary

How to use “Art of War” to be better Software Craftsman

At the moment there are a lot of agile methodologies out there which you can use on your team and see if they are applicable to it. Some teams develop their own processes, which is a great way to find out what really works best for ...

Geeks Gifts: Surprise a Girl with Cats or Flowers Wallpaper Changing App

Learn how to create original geek gifts. I will show you how to create a surprise app changing wallpapers with different cat and flowers images.

Providing pierceable abstractions.

Fail open and layer policy is a design principle for infrastructure, which emphasizes building flexible systems with a decoupled policy enforcement layer constraining usage. For example, building a Dockerfile based deployment systemShow More Summary

Options for orchestrating periodic tasks.

Reliably running tasks periodically is hard. Getting to normal-case behavior of "exactly once" running requires either a singleton instance (introducting a single point of failure) or a leader election mechanism to determine which instance...Show More Summary

Increment has launched.

If you haven't already taken a look, first take a quick trip over to and take a look at Increment's first issue, covering how any company can set up and succeed at on-call rotations. Over the past three months, I've had...Show More Summary

Notes from fifth blog rewrite

One of my projects for 2017 has been cleaning up my online accounts. This started out with closing thing I didn't use, moving to a password manager, buying YubiKeys, and setting up 2FA everywhere. It got slightly more complex with moving...Show More Summary

LINQ Basic To Advanced - MVC Demo Application

Here, in this post we are going to a see some LINQ queries, which covers both basics and advanced.

Windows toast notifications without a COM server

An easy way to react on windows toasts activation without using a COM server

A numeric keypad for payment amount entry in C#

This numeric keypad helps you enter payment amounts in a text field

Angular2 in ASP.NET MVC & Web API - Part 2

In this part, we will enhance our user management application to have search/filter, global error handling and debugging functionalities.

Fact checking the fact checkers’ fact check metadata

Tweet TL;DR : Some popular fact checking sites are saying that false is true and true is false in their markup I’m a fan of the claimReview tags for rendering fact checking results as markup that can be easily understood by machines. Show More Summary

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