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Discovering a New Normal :: Bruce Snyder's Status

I know it has been a while since my last blog post, but I've been rather busy lately trying to find my way again. I know I have said this before, but having such a traumatic injury has really changed my life. It's not only the physical changes of being in a wheelchair, but there are many other things have been affected about my life and my family. Show More Summary

A WPF StackPanel-surrogate with shared-sizing scope ability

Here is a simple trick for simulating the shared-sizing feature of the WPF Grid even in a StackPanel fashion.

Too many numbers

For a long time now I’ve been telling people that there are only three numbers in computing: None One Many (and for our purposes Many will actually be Two) Thus when testing if we cover these bases then that should be enough.  For example if testing that modifying properties on a record I migh

An operational and axiomatic semantics for non-determinism and sequence points in C

In a recent LtU discussion, naasking comments that "I always thought languages that don't specify evaluation order should classify possibly effectful expressions that assume an evaluation order to be errors". Recent work on the C language...Show More Summary

Article 8:Handling Input And Storage In Android with A Real Time Online Opinion Polarity Mining App

Learn easy data management, SqlLite database, XML Web services, File Database in Android with a Real time App

Multiple file upload with progress bar and drag and drop

The pages let you upload, delete and browse files in a folder.

Prism ViewModelLocatorHelper

ViewModelLocatorHelper - A wrapper to allocate view models to views using an IUnityContainer and ViewModelLocationProvider.

Use of the enum description (with special characters) in C#

Can your enums have userfriendly descriptions? How to have enum values with spaces?

First_value & Last_Value according to group set is that easy ? tip #44

  Problem:-  Most of the time we require data in which we require first value and last value from different group of rows. Now how easy we can get result this is one of the challenge for us. Solution:- Lets understand this by an example. Suppose you have a sales table in which you maintain…

What’s New in SharePoint 2013 for Developers

SharePoint 2013 introduced many interesting features for developers including new development tools as well as enhancements, platform level enhancements, Cloud App Model and off course mobile apps etc. As a developer, one must always be interested especially in new development tools that simplify th

Spring One 2GX 2014 - My session slides

Have not blogged in a while. Need to make a mental note to revive that. Just came back from Spring One 2GX 2014 in Dallas, TX. It's been a wonderful event and I learned a lot - From microservices to reactive streams. I also gave 2 presentations which I think were well received. Show More Summary

Article 7 - Android Connectivity

Enabling Connectivity and Overview of different connectivity

First and last occurrence of day of week within a month using SQL

This tip describe how to fetch the first or the last occurrence of given day of week within a month by using a single SQL statement.

Create a Movie Recommendation App with – Setup - SitePoint PHP

In this tutorial, I’m going to walk you through Prediction IO, an open-source machine learning server. It allows you to create applications that could do the following: recommend items (e.g. movies, products, food) predict user behavior identify...Show More Summary

MVC Tempdata , Peek and Keep confusion

In this MVC blog we will try to remove the confusion around MVC Tempdata, Peek and Keep.

How Automated Comments Work

Anyone who runs a popular blog knows that many Comments are posted by bots. But they often sound surprisingly human. How does that work?The answer is, certain text-generating programs, like Manhood, exist that can be scripted to produce...Show More Summary

Developer Community Engagement

If you've not been following along at home, pyVmomi was run in a different manner from most VMware Open Source projects. It's been a bit of a social experiment. The last two weeks since our release, I've been working on distilling lessons learned from the past five months of the project.I did not plan on also looking into rbVmomi... Show More Summary

Why Use ASP.NET for Web Development

A slight comparison of ASP.NET upon other (web) programming languages in the market and a discussion of me and some other (web) programming language developers.

Word Automation using C#: Create a Word Table Programatically

This tip gives you an idea about how to create Word table using C# (Word automation)

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