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The Curious Case of the Missing Azure Connection String

What Azure Website’s can do to make our life easier when it comes to securing our application’s connection strings.

Deep Learning without Deep Pockets

Now that you’ve transformed your system through successive evolutions of architecture've made it cloud native, you now treat a fist full of datacenters as a single computer, you’ve microservicized it, you’ve containerized...Show More Summary

IBM's BlueMix Picks Up Steam on the PaaS Scene

IBM's BlueMix platform is steadily picking up steam. BlueMix is IBM’s foray into the increasingly powerful Platform as a Service (PaaS) industry, leveraging Cloud Foundry and IBM’s own suite of middleware applications. As Jon Buys noted...Show More Summary

Apache Software Foundation Launches HBase Version 1.0 for Sifting Data

The Apache Software Foundation (ASF) is on a roll thus far in 2015, advancing many open source projects that are making a difference in the cloud and on the Big Data scene. Recently, we covered the advancement of Apache Drill to a top-level project. Show More Summary

Custom Data Bound ComboBox

A custom combobox control that allows updating information for the data source

JavaScript Front-End Web App Tutorial Part 3: Managing Unidirectional Associations

Learn how to develop front-end web apps with unidirectional associations between model classes, such as the associations that assign authors and publishers to books. While in most other tutorials, associations are only superficially discussed, if at all, this article provides an in-depth explanation

Hacking Your Depression

Over the years, at various times, I've been diagnosed bipolar I, bipolar II, and have been seen for Major Depressive Episode. I've tried Prozac, Zoloft, Effexor, Pristiq, Serzone, Wellbutrin, Remeron, and lots of other antidepressants,...Show More Summary

A .NET approach to EmguCV

Complete guide for beginner to setup EmguCV project and run first program in Visual Studio

Build Binaries Only Once for Continuous Deployment

What is Build Binaries Only Once? One of the fundamental principle of Continuous Delivery is Build Binaries Only Once, or in short BBOO. This means that the binary artifacts should be build once, and only once. These artifacts should then be stored in a repository manager, such as a Nexus Repository. Show More Summary

Solving 'convert: delegate library support not built-in `white' (LCMS) @ warning/profile.c/ProfileImage/853' - Stefan Koopmanschap

Another quick fix documented here simple because it may help me (or someone else of course) in the future. Context For a project I’m working on right now I need to crop an image using ImageMagick. We’re using the commandline insteadShow More Summary

CodeSOD: The Address Shuffle

The best thing about being a consultant, in Ashleigh's opinion, was that you got to leave at the end of a job- meaning you never had to live with the mistakes your pointy-haired supervisor forced on you. This client, an online retailer, just needed an update to their Web.release.config file to resolve their session-management issue. Show More Summary

CRUD Operation by MySqli OOP way in PHP

Create-Read-Update-Delete(CRUD) operation by MySQLi Object Oriented approach in the PHP

Solving a slow running query issue with UNION

A new blogpost has been posted by Koen Verbeeck on Feb 25, 2015 in category Microsoft SQL Server

MFC PowerShells Easily

A very easy way to drive PowerShell console application through MFC

When a Swift immutable collection isn't or is at least immutable-ish

Take the following code: struct Foo { var value: Int } let foo = [Foo(value: 1), Foo(value: 2)] By using 'let foo' an immutable array has been created. As such no members of this array can be replaced and nor can an element's contents be modified. As such both statements below result

Quick And Dirty Remotely Operated Vehicle

A simple example of how to build a simple Remotely Operated Vehicle interface.

Interview with Larry Garfield - Cal Evans

Twitter: Larry Garfield @Crell Show Notes Larry Garfield Wisdom of the ElePHPant Refactor Chicago Chicago PHP User Group Chicago Advanced Drupal User Group The post Interview with Larry Garfield appeared first on Voices of the ElePHPant.

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