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Boolean to boolean converters

Stumbled upon the following piece of code today:if (checkTimeExpired(order.getCreated(), min)) { if (mailReports != null && mailReports.contains(order.getSessionId())) { return false; } else { return true; }} else { return false;}It does something simple but looks ugly and obscure. Half of th

Unity3D Ball Roller

I followed, and updated the steps for the newest Unity3D currently available (4.5). You can try the game and download the project on GitHub. Create a new 3D project and save a scene in a Assets/Scenes folder Game object – 3d object –

Stack Exchange Raises $40m

Today Stack Exchange is pleased to announce that we have raised $40 million, mostly from Andreessen Horowitz. Everybody wants to know what we’re going to do with all that money. First of all, of course we’re going to gold-plate the Aeron chairs in the office. Show More Summary

Sponsored Post: Couchbase, VividCortex, Internap, SocialRadar, Campanja, Transversal, MemSQL, Hypertable, Scalyr, FoundationDB, AiScaler, Aerospike, AppDynamics, ManageEngine, Site24x7

Who's Hiring? Senior DevOps Engineer — SocialRadar. We are a VC funded startup based in Washington, D.C. operated like our West Coast brethren. We specialize in location-based technology. Since we are rapidly consuming large amountsShow More Summary

Duck typing in Java

In OO programming duck typing means an object is defined by what it can do, not by what it is. A statement calling a method on an object does not rely on the declared type of an object, only that the object must implement the method called. This concept is a form of inductive reasoning: "when I see

Introduction To Practical Domain Driven Design

Domain Driven Design (DDD) is a very theoretical field (Go Read The Big Blue Book). Even though all the concepts of DDD (like entities and repositories) are easily implemented, few examples of these exist under the DDD banner. The reason for this is that the focus of DDD is just that, it highlights

Unity3D 2D Space shooter with efficiency calculation

I followed these two blog posts: post #1 and post #2, and updated it for the use with Unity 4.5 and added the counters for number of bullets fired and number of rocks generated and showed the precision efficiency. You can try my version, or you can download the project on GitHub. Following are the [

SafeHandles Handles library

Safehandles is a library for management of data structure using robust and safe handles.

The Linux Foundation Delivers 2015 Guide to the Open Cloud

The Linux Foundation has issued its second annual "Guide to the Open Cloud: Open Cloud Projects Profiled," which provides a comprehensive look at the state of open cloud computing. The foundation created the guide in response to investor calls it received where people were trying to understand which projects mattered. Show More Summary

Interview: Mirantis Co-Founder Boris Renski Talks OpenStack

Earlier this month, Mirantis announced the launch of Mirantis OpenStack 6.0, the latest version of its OpenStack cloud computing distribution. According to the company, it is based on OpenStack Juno, and version 6.0 is the first OpenStack distribution to let partners write plugins that install and run their products automatically. Show More Summary

Forty Seminal Distant Supervision Articles

Distant supervision is a method to use knowledge bases to label entities automatically in text, which is then used to extract features and train a machine learning classifier. This article highlights 40 of the leading research articles in the area.

Identifying useful info from MySQL row-based binary logs

As a MySQL DBA/consultant, it is part of my job to decode the MySQL binary logs – and there are a number of reasons for doing that. In this post, I’ll explain how you can get the important information about your write workload using MySQL row-based binary logs and a simple awk script. Show More Summary

Embedded Programming – Getting Started With the Netduino

I have always had an interest in hobby electronics and, ever since I can remember, I have always taken things apart just to see how they work. In the early 1990’s the BASIC Stamp processor was available to electronic hobby enthusiasts. Since 2005, there have been some additions providing a a wider s

Embedded Programming – Getting Started With the Netduino Part 2

In my previous post I covered the basics of getting started with the Netduino development platform. The post covered getting the environment setup and our first program was created, blinking the on board LED. All of the code in the first example was inserted into the Main method. In this second part

Two Common Misconceptions about Multithreading and Async

I’ve recently talked to several experienced developers that struggle with the async/await keywords introduced in.NET 4.5. There are literally hundred of good articles out there on the topic; however, they continue to struggle with two misconceptions. The first is that the async keyword is just anot

ASP.NET Multiple File Upload With Drag & Drop and Progress Bar Using HTML5

ASP.NET File upload widget with files and folders Drag & Drop, multiple file selection, progress, preview images, client-side image resizing and Bootstrap responsive layout. Supports cross-domain, chunked, resumable file uploads and automatic retries.

Vagrant with Docker provider, using WildFly and Java EE 7 image

What is Vagrant? Vagrant is a simplified and portable way to create virtual development environments. It works with multiple virtualization software such as VirtualBox, VMWare, AWS, and more. It also works with multiple configuration...Show More Summary

Fully Customizable XP Progress Bar (with examples)

A progress bar like the WinXP progress bar control, but completely customizable.

CodeSOD: Images...Why Settle for Just One?

We've all seen folks who have trouble dealing with for-switch statements, exception handling, dates/times and so forth. As such, it should come as no surprise that people have at least as much trouble dealing with images. In practice, there are only so many things you can do with an image. Show More Summary

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