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Learning WPF by Playing League of Legends? Well... It's Possible :)

I've had enough reading WPF tutorials and wanted to test learned skills in a real-life application. As I've always had problems with memorizing LoL items, I thought I could do something about this and kill two birds with a one stone...

All Your RAM Are Belong to Us

Back around the turn of the century, governments were a different place to work at. The public trough, while not as fat as it had been, was still capable of providing funding for boondoggles handed out to friends and family. This was...Show More Summary

Practicing Scrum

Pocker Planning, Estimation, Velocity And Other Scrum Practices

MonoGame 3.2 NuGet packages are GO!

       Just over a week ago the MonoGame released the latest full package for the MonoGame framework, now baselined at Version 3.2 MonoGame 3.2 This release brought numerous fixes, improvements and new features to the MonoGame platform and updated the Windows installer that had long needed some love

All about XML transformation using XSLT and C#

XML is a universal format for data exchange, most of the data repository owners store their data in xml format, and apply XSLT to transform the XML from one format to another when required, I came across to a similar project, where we were storing everything in XML and then while processing the data

An Eye on Refactoring

Recently I ran across the article, "Is Design Dead?", from Martin Fowler's blog. Martin addresses the common misconception that design is discouraged in Extreme Programming. He describes the overall purpose of design in software and how the design emerges as part of the development phase. As more is

Hawk Autentication considered harmful. - Evert Pot

I was asked recently to add support for Hawk to sabre/http. It kinda seemed like a fun addition, but I'm building an increasing grudge, up to a point where I've nearly lost interest. Missing documentation The documentation is incomplete. Show More Summary

Protecting Yourself from Heartbleed

Earlier this morning, I tweeted: Heartbleed == Change every single one of your passwords. — rands (@rands) April 13, 2014 This is not actually good advice. You shouldn’t be changing your password on a server until the server administrator has confirmed whether their servers were affected and, if so, whether the server has been patched.… More #

Default endpoints and default protocol mapping in WCF 4.0/4.5

This article describes default endpoints and protocol mapping default behaviors in WCF 4.0/4.5

Reverse Heartbleed Testing, (Sun, Apr 13th)

I wanted to know if the tools/software I execute regularly are vulnerable to scraping my syste...(more)...

Open Source is a thankless job. We do it anyway.

Open Source is hard. Security is hard There's been lots of articles about the recent OpenSSL "Heartbleed" bug. You can spend a day reading all the technical analysis, but one headline that stood out to me was "OpenSSL shows big problem...Show More Summary

Dynamic Blob creation and Uploading files

Check for the containers, add them and create dynamic blobs and upload files, Also check the Exceptions from blobs.

Installing Qt on Linux

A brief step-by-step guide on what is needed to get Qt and the Qt Creator installed on your Linux environment

Make an MVC Application into a SPA with AJAX and History.js

This tip will demonstrate how to create a SPA using an MVC Application, AJAX and History.js

WPF Animated Arrange Panel

Creating custom WPF panel that can be used to Arrange (order) items in MVVM application

Tips & tricks for capifony deployment - Liip

In this blog post we want to share some tips & tricks for deploying with capifony which you might find useful as well. Upload parameters files per server Capifony already supports the upload of a parameters.yml file to servers during the deployment. This is done globally or for each stage separately, what is already documented as a cookbook. Show More Summary

What is Heartbleed Bug and Its Solutions?

This tip describes what exactly is Heartbleed bug, how to exploit it and solutions of this bug.

DBTool for Oracle - Part 1

Enhance productivity and reliability, write your own tools.

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