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Forge Powered Java EE Rapid Application Development Comes to NetBeans!

Forge has been a great tool for Rapid Application Development (RAD) with Java EE (for sake of nostalgia it is basically the descendant of the awesome seam-gen tool of the Java EE 5 era). As powerful as Forge is, one of it's drawbacks had been that it is very heavily command-line driven with many commands and sub-commands to learn. Show More Summary

Minecraft Modding Course at Elementary School – Teach Java to Kids

Cross posted from Exactly two years ago, I wrote a blog on Introducing Kids to Java Programming using Minecraft. Since then, Devoxx4Kids has delivered numerous Minecraft Modding workshops all around the world. Show More Summary

Stuff The Internet Says On Scalability For March 20th, 2015

Hey, it's HighScalability time: What a view! The solar eclipse at sunrise from the International Space Station. 60 billion : rows in DynamoDB; 18.5 billion: BuzzFeed impressions Quotable Quotes: @postwait: Hell is other people’s APIs. @josephruscio:.@Netflix is now 34% of US Internet traffic at night. Show More Summary

Hello Places API for Android and iOS!

Posted by Jen Kovnats Harrington, Product Manager, Google Maps APIs Originally posted to Google Geo Developers blog People don’t think of their location in terms of coordinates on a map. They want context on what shops or restaurants they’re at, and what’s around them. Show More Summary

Take your apps on the road with Android Auto

Posted by Wayne Piekarski, Developer Advocate Starting today, anyone can take their apps for a drive with Android Auto using Android 5.0+ devices, connected to compatible cars and aftermarket head units. Android Auto lets you easilyShow More Summary

The Record Setting Score

A few years ago, Joel Spolsky wrote his simple, 12-point test to measure how “good” a software team is. Stan was thinking about this test quite a bit, when he started a new job at a company which set a new record for failure. Stan’sShow More Summary

Announcements: The Daily WTF: LIVE!

You’ve read the posts. You’ve submitted your own WTFs. Now it’s time to take it to the next level: The Daily WTF: Live is coming to Pittsburgh, PA. In the style of The Moth or Risk! podcasts, we’re getting our fellow IT drones up onShow More Summary

Remembering Bob Stout

A couple of years ago I wrote about recovering from an injury. At the time I thought it started as a pulled muscle that cascaded when my determination to keep running and cycling led me to compensate with various misalignments. The physical therapists I saw at the time agreed, so when the acute phase died […]

Haystack TV Doubles Engagement with Android TV

Posted by Joshua Gordon, Developer Advocate Haystack TV is a small six person startup with an ambitious goal: personalize the news. Traditionally, watching news on TV means viewing a list of stories curated by the network. Wouldn’t it...Show More Summary

Coded Smorgasbord: Dating Woes

As we all know- especially those of us who just "sprung ahead" this weekend with Daylight Saving Time- dates, times, and time zones are complicated beasts. Handling them programmatically is even harder. Computerphile put together a great...Show More Summary

CodeSOD: SearchGuard

In a professional situation, an incorrectly selected record can result in a mortifying loss of data. Therefore, it behooves one to select the proper row carefully in one's stored procedure. That's why Charles's development team usesShow More Summary

The craft of screen graphics and movie user interfaces – interview with Andrew Booth of BLIND LTD

At the intersection of art and technology, the ever-increasing importance of screen graphics in feature film reflects the expanding arc of human-computer interaction in our everyday lives and the pervasive presence of glass screens around us. Show More Summary

San Francisco in Gotham

I could watch this all day1. My thoughts on Gotham: ? #

Paper: Immutability Changes Everything by Pat Helland

I was excited to see that Pat Helland has published another thought provoking paper: Immutability Changes Everything. If video is more your style, Pat gave a wonderful talk on the same subject at RICON2012 (video, slides). It's fun to...Show More Summary

More Android Apps Arriving for Chrome OS and Chromebooks

Just a few years ago, before Android marched to its dominant position in the mobile market, there was much speculation that Google might merge Chrome OS and Android. Early last year, I wrote a post on why that won't happen. However, an interesting corollary trend is now appearing. Show More Summary

The Force Awakens – A Collage of Iconic Images

(This brief article assumes you’ve seen the trailer. If you haven’t what are you waiting for?) The Return of the Jedi came out on May 25, 1983 which is really the last time that you saw new material on the Millennium Falcon was 31 years ago. If you were alive, close your eyes and imagine… More #

Inkscape: Go from Beginner to Expert for Free

In the world of open source graphics tools, GIMP gets a great deal of attention, and there are many free online resources available for it, but if you're looking for a free drawing and illustration tool that can compete with Adobe Illustrator and is increasingly used by web designers for effects, logos and still graphics, give Inkscape a try. Show More Summary

London in Fives: The Making Of - Derick Rethans

London in Fives: The Making Of London, UK Tuesday, November 25th 2014, 08:55 GMT A few days ago I published a video called "London in Fives" on Vimeo. In this article I am explaining how I made this, including the hardware and software...Show More Summary

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