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I love Gary Vaynerchuk so I created this funny website that tells you if Gary Vee has bought NY Jets yet. If you don't know who Gary is or why he wants to buy NY Jets then watch this video. Why Gary Vaynerchuk wants to buy the NY Jets? Now go and watch all his other videos and until next time!

New permissions requirements for Android TV

Posted by Anirudh Dewani, Developer Advocate Android 6.0 introduces a new runtime permission model that gives users more granular control over granting permissions requested from their apps and leads to faster app installs. Users can also revoke these permissions from Settings at any point of time. Show More Summary

Play Games Loot Drop for Developers

Posted by Ben Frenkel, Product Manager Google Play Games Launched last March, Player Analytics is already becoming an important tool for many game developers, helping them to manage their games businesses and optimize in-game player behavior. Show More Summary

Trade Stimulators and the Very Old Idea of Increasing User Engagement

Very early in my web career I was introduced to the almost mystical holy grail of web (and now app) properties: increasing user engagement. The reason is simple. The more time people spend with your property the more stuff you can sell them. Show More Summary


After a 6-year enlistment with the United States Air Force, followed by a 4-year degree in Computer Science (paid for by “Uncle Sam”), Tony S. joined with a small company that specialized in criminal background checks. “No more unpaid overtime!” he’d thought to himself upon joining the civilian world for the first time since high school. Show More Summary

Stuff The Internet Says On Scalability For August 28th, 2015x

Hey, it's HighScalability time: The oldest known fossil of a flowering plant. 130 million years old. What digital will last so long? 32.6: Ashley Madison password cracks per hour; 1 million: cores in the Human Brain Project's silicon...Show More Summary

7 Strategies for 10x Transformative Change

Peter Thiel, VC, PayPal co-founder, early Facebook investor, and most importantly, the supposed inspiration for Silicon Valley's intriguing Peter Gregory character, argues in his book Zero to One that a successful business needs to make...Show More Summary

Griffon: Webfont Icons on Desktop apps? You betcha!

There are many options out there to make an application to look better. Icons are one of these options. As good looking icons may be there is a drawback if they are image based: the amount of memory used to load data and render them....Show More Summary

Our Brave New World of 4K Displays

It's been three years since I last upgraded monitors. Those inexpensive Korean 27" IPS panels, with a resolution of 2560×1440 – also known as 1440p – have served me well. You have no idea how many people I've witnessed being Wrong On The Internet on these babies. I

Stuff The Internet Says On Scalability For August 14th, 2015

Hey, it's HighScalability time: Being Google CEO: Nice. Becoming Tony Stark: Priceless (Alphabet) $7: WeChat's revenue per user and there are 549 million of them; 60%: Etsy users using mobile; 10: times per second a self-driving carShow More Summary

Why My Water Droplet Is Better Than Your Hadoop Cluster

We’ve had computation using slime mold and soap film, now we have computation using water droplets. Stanford bioengineers have built a “fully functioning computer that runs like clockwork - but instead of electrons, it operates using...Show More Summary

How Google Invented an Amazing Datacenter Network Only They Could Create

Google with justly earned pride recently announced : Today at the 2015 Open Network Summit, we are revealing for the first time the details of five generations of our in-house network technology. From Firehose, our first in-house datacenter...Show More Summary

Bring Your Own Code: Introducing the Lucky Deuce

The life of a developer is about being cunning. When presented a problem that could be solved with strenuous, character-building labor, our first instinct is to automate it and cheat our way around it, if at all possible. Or maybe I’m just projecting. Show More Summary

Getting Started with Windows 10

I've been making Windows 10 videos at night to help out friends and family, and because it's fun. NOTE: Please share my videos with your family, friends, and social networks with this easy to remember URL: More Summary

CodeSOD: The New Zero

If Alice needed to rate her co-workers, on a scale of 1–10, whoever wrote this is a zero. The goal here is to create a new string that is 4096 characters long and contains only zeros. This was the best approach Alice’s co-worker found: string...Show More Summary

Stuff The Internet Says On Scalability For July 17th, 2015

Hey, it's HighScalability time: In case you were wondering, the world is weird. Large Hadron Collider discovers new pentaquark particle. 3x: Uber bigger than taxi market; 250x: traffic in HotSchedules' DDoS attack; 92%: Apple’s share...Show More Summary

Announcements: Experience Your Own Support Stories at Inedo

Support stories have always been among some of my favorite. Not enough links for you? Here, I'll just share my favorite favorite: Radio WTF Presents: Quantity of Service. It's not so much the sense of smug superiority that comes with diagnosing ID-10t and PEBCAK errors, but more a sense of appreciation. Show More Summary

Tupac and HoloLens are not Holograms

This past week I learned a new party trick. I can turn a holographic researcher beet red by simply referencing Tupac's Hologram. It's not because they identify strongly with East Coast hip-hop. Rather, it has to do with calling it aShow More Summary

MyEclipse and Java EE 7

Java EE has long enjoyed strong support from all of the major Java IDEs today - Java EE 7 is no exception. I am likely biased but I think NetBeans is the strongest in it's support for modern Java EE. IntelliJ is also popular amongst many Java EE developers. Show More Summary

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