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The Meaning of Work

The TED Radio Hour podcast has an amazing episode entitled "The Meaning of Work". It consists of four segments that cover various aspects of finding meaning and motivation at work. You should definitely listen to it, but I'll provide...Show More Summary

Get your bibs ready for Big Android BBQ!

Posted by, Colt McAnlis, Senior Texas Based Developer Advocate We’re excited to be involved in the Big Android BBQ (BABBQ) this year because of one thing: passion! Just like BBQ, Android development is much better when passionate people obsess over it. Show More Summary

Game Performance: Vertex Array Objects

Posted by Shanee Nishry Previously, we showed how you can use vertex layout qualifiers to increase the performance and determinism of your OpenGL application. In this post, we’ll show another useful technique that will help you produce...Show More Summary

Android Support Library 23.1

Posted by Ian Lake, Developer Advocate The Android Support Library is a collection of libraries available on a wide array of API levels that help you focus on the unique parts of your app, providing pre-built components, new functionality,...Show More Summary

Diabetes Technology: Dexcom G5 CGM Review - So much wasted potential

As you may know, I'm a Type 1 Diabetic and have been for well over 20 years. I wear a Medtronic Insulin Pump 24 hours a day and use a Dexcom CGM (Continuous Glucose Meter) to monitor my blood sugar, also 24 hours a day. This post won't explain how diabetes works to you, so check these posts out (or this video) first if you're not familiar. Show More Summary

Watch Google Play’s Playtime event: How to find success for your app or game business

Posted by Lily Sheringham, The Google Play team Google Play has kicked off its annual event series Playtime, which is running in 12 countries globally. Playtime offers developers the opportunity to learn tips and best practices about...Show More Summary

Making the Case for Building Scalable Stateful Services in the Modern Era

For a long time now stateless services have been the royal road to scalability. Nearly every treatise on scalability declares statelessness as the best practices approved method for building scalable systems. A stateless architecture...Show More Summary

June, company I advise, has launched!

Exciting news! Earlier this year I joined a company called June as an advisor and we just launched! At June we're reinventing hiring. Job candidates get paid to hear job offers from the best recruiters in the world. I know what's on your mind right now. Show More Summary

3 most creative marketing ideas ever

Being creative is not common. You have to be remarkable, innovative and extraordinary. But being creative isn’t for everybody. Most of the marketing campaigns, even if they are using the best known marketing strategies fail because of their uncreative foundation. … The post 3 most creative marketing ideas ever appeared first on  - Snyxius.

In-app translations in Android Marshmallow

Google Translate is used by more than 500 million people every month, translating more than 100 billion words every single day. Beginning this week, Android mobile users who have the Translate app installed will be able to translateShow More Summary

Your Load Generator is Probably Lying to You - Take the Red Pill and Find Out Why

Pretty much all your load generation and monitoring tools do not work correctly. Those charts you thought were full of relevant information about how your system is performing are really just telling you a lie. Your sensory inputs are...Show More Summary

Inside Android’s Easter Egg Tradition

Posted by, Natalie Hammel, ½ of Nat & Lo’s 20% Project A bit more than five years ago, I got my first smartphone. It was the Nexus One. And I didn’t know it at the time, but it was hiding a zombie gingerbread painting inside it. TheShow More Summary

Bessem Hmidi on AngularBeans at JavaOne 2015

For the Java EE track at JavaOne 2015 we are highlighting some key sessions and speakers to better inform you of what you can expect, right up until the start of the conference. To this end we recently interviewed Bessem Hmidi. Bessem...Show More Summary

Stuff The Internet Says On Scalability For October 2nd, 2015

Hey, it's HighScalability time: Elon Musk's presentation of the Tesla Model X had more in common with a new iPhone event than a traditional car demo. If you like Stuff The Internet Says On Scalability then please consider supportingShow More Summary

Android Studio 1.4

Posted by, Jamal Eason, Product Manager, Android Today we are releasing the 1.4 update to the Android Studio stable release channel. Most of the work and enhancements for Android Studio 1.4 are under the hood. However we have a handful...Show More Summary

Editor's Soapbox: Processing a Rant

In addition to being your intrepid editor, I’m an independent consultant. People hire consultants because they want someone to “inform their process”. “How do we do Agile better? Do we do Scrum or Kanban? Can we do scrumfall instead?” “Should we do BDD, TDD, or ATDD? Or combine them? Are there any other acronyms we should be doing?” Ugh. Show More Summary

Announcing General Availability of HDInsight on Linux + new Data Lake Services and Language

Today, I’m happy to announce several key additions to our big data services in Azure, including the General Availability of HDInsight on Linux, as well as the introduction of our new Azure Data Lake and Language services. General Availability of HDInsight on Linux Today we are announcing general availability of our HDInsight service on Ubuntu Linux. Show More Summary

How Facebook Tells Your Friends You're Safe in a Disaster in Under Five Minutes

In a disaster there’s a raw and immediate need to know your loved ones are safe. I felt this way during 9/11. I know I’ll feel this way during the next wild fire in our area. And I vividly remember feeling this way during the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake. Most earthquakes pass beneath notice. Show More Summary

Google Play services 8.1 and Android 6.0 Permissions

Posted by, Laurence Moroney, Developer Advocate Along with new platform features, Android 6.0 Marshmallow has a new permissions model that streamlines the app install and auto-update process. Google Play services 8.1 is the first release to support runtime permissions on devices running Android 6.0. Show More Summary

How to customize the Windows 10 Start Menu

It's been a few months, and pretty much everyone in my family and neighborhood has slowly upgraded to Windows 10. Some have upgraded from Windows 7 and others from Windows 8. For the most part, from a SAF (Spouse Acceptance Factor) it's been a non-issue, which is amazing, frankly. Show More Summary

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