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Mozilla Delivers Built-in HTML5 App Development Tool for Firefox

If you work with web content at all, you're probably familiar with doing debugging and content editing directly from within a browser. If you're a Firefox user, you may also be very familiar with tools such as Firebug, which lets you do extensive debugging and development from within Firefox. Show More Summary

Documentation is live

This week I've been dealing with documentation for pyVmomi. I decided to go with the Google Python Documentation standard for this current set of docs because the Google standard is very human readable and renders reasonably well in GitHub. Show More Summary

Your Editor should Encourage You

I love to code as much as the next developer. I even professed my love in a keynote once. And judging by the fact that you're reading this blog, I bet you love to code too. But in the immortal words of that philosopher, Pat Benatar, Love is a battlefield. There are times when writing code is drudgery. Show More Summary

Turning it off and on again

In The Internet of Things That Used To Work Better I whined about rebooting my stove. This morning I was stuck outside a hotel room waiting for “engineering” to come and reboot the door. It eventually required a pair of technicians, Luis and Kumar, who jiggled and then replaced batteries (yes, it’s a battery-operated door), […]

Thinktecture.IdentityManager as a replacement for the ASP.NET WebSite Administration tool

In ASP.NET 2005 (v2 timeframe) there was a web-based tool called ASP.NET Website Administration tool that folks could use the edit users and generally administer the ASP.NET Membership database. This useful tool was removed in 2012 and is still missed. Show More Summary

How Thali could make the Smallest Federated Wiki even smaller

Thanks to my friend Mike Caulfield, an educational technologist who’s been digging into Ward Cunningham’s Smallest Federated Wiki, I’ve now got a much clearer idea of how and why SFW and Thali ought to play together. Mike’s recent series...Show More Summary

New Computer Blues

One of the worst things that can happen to a computer geek is their motherboard dying and I've lived through it more times than I can remember. In the past I usually replaced the motherboard or did a nice little upgrade, but this time I did something I haven't done in 16 years. Show More Summary

Java Posse #454

Roundup ‘14 - Alternative Organization Structures Fully formatted shownotes can always be found at Please join us for the Java Posse Roundup UK edition, in Clerkenwell, London, June 10th and 11th 2014 (Right before Devoxx UK). Show More Summary

Everything is amazing and I am grateful

Last night I hung out with friends who hadn’t heard Louis CK’s profound rant, everything’s amazing and nobody’s happy. The central character is a guy experiencing WiFi on one of the first flights to offer it. He’s online at 30,000 feet, among the first ever to watch YouTube videos while hurtling across the sky. Then […]

IronMQ and Laravel: Implementation - Bruno Škvorc

Welcome back to the IronMQ and Laravel series - this is the second and final part in which we finalize our background-job enabled web app. There are several tutorials out there related to queues already - for example: where Taylor teaches you how to write to a file using queues. Show More Summary

Java Posse #453

Roundup '14 - NoSQL State of the Art Fully formatted shownotes can always be found at Please join us for the Java Posse Roundup UK edition, in Clerkenwell, London, June 10th and 11th 2014 (Right before Devoxx UK). Show More Summary

Stacking Notifications For Android Wear Is This Easy

Today’s post on #AndroidWear is from +Wayne Piekarski. Stacking notifications with the Android Wear Developer Preview is really simple—it requires only a few lines of extra notification code: Notification wearableNotification = new WearableNotifications.Builder( notificationCompatBuilder) .setGroup(“messages”) .build(); A...Show More Summary

Java Posse #452

Roundup ‘14 - Monads, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Fully formatted shownotes can always be found at Please join us for the Java Posse Roundup UK edition, in Clerkenwell, London, June 10th and 11th 2014 (Right before Devoxx UK). Show More Summary

Pretending How to Fly

I still have not worn the Oculus Rift kit and I’m certain there is a holy shit moment in my future, but this (pretty cool) video only re-enforces my concern: do I want to spend my time pretending how to fly or learning how to fly. #

Update on Disqus: It's Still About Realtime, But Go Demolishes Python

Our last article on Disqus: How Disqus Went Realtime With 165K Messages Per Second And Less Than.2 Seconds Latency, was a little out of date, but the folks at Disqus have been busy implementing, not talking, so we don't know a lot about...Show More Summary

A Lesson in Compassion

The screaming was unexpected. The field trip guide passed out over-sized plastic models of pollinators to the first graders. A beetle, a bee, a humming bird. But as the critters, passed from hand to hand, approached young Tiberius (name...Show More Summary

Very Important Strangers

A few weeks ago I spoke at the excellent re:build conference in Indianapolis, Indiana. While it was my first time in Indiana, the setup was familiar. 200+ attendees, gorgeous venue, single track, and conference coordinators who know how to put on a great conference. (And one surprisingly gorgeous building.) I was the last speaker of… More

LibreS3 Open Source Amazon S3 Implementation Released

Skylable has released LibreS3, an open source implementation of the Amazon S3 service, suitable for installing on private servers in a datacenter. LibreS3 uses Skylable SX, a "reliable, fully distributed cluster solution", on the back end for deduplication and replication. Show More Summary

Resistance Is Not to Change

In the Agile space, whether or not to do change up front is a bone of contention.  There are two extreme camps: one requiring a certain starting point (and thereby often requiring up-front change in order to follow its approach) andShow More Summary

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