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Couchbase 4.1 Docker Container

Couchbase 4.1 was recently released. Highlights of this release are: N1QL: Complete SQL CRUD Support with N1QL for Batch and OLTP Applications Covering Indexes Prepared Statements Additional Supported Platforms You can read all about...Show More Summary

used_columns: EXPLAIN FORMAT=JSON tells when you should use covered indexes

In the “MySQL Query tuning 101” video, Alexander Rubin provides an excellent example of when to use a covered index. On slide 25, he takes the query [crayon-566f4b8a45b16830193099-i/] and adds the index [crayon-566f4b8a45b27545323756-i/] on table [crayon-566f4b8a45b2f723158594-i/]. Show More Summary

Free Red Book: Readings in Database Systems, 5th Edition

For the first time in ten years there has been an update to the classic Red Book, Readings in Database Systems, which offers "readers an opinionated take on both classic and cutting-edge research in the field of data management." Editors Peter Bailis, Joseph M. Show More Summary

Learn PHP 7, Find out What’s New, and More - SitePoint PHP

PHP 7, the next version of the world’s most popular programming language, has been released. We’d love to shoot fireworks and get drunk with our newfound power (seriously, the language is in the true big leagues now, functionality and performance-wise) but we’re sure the rest of the internet will do this for us. Show More Summary

IEnumerable vs IQueryable ? ( .NET Interview question)

Both these interfaces are for.NET collection’s so if you are new to.NET collection please first see this video  before moving ahead with the article.The first important point to remember is “IQueryable” interface inherits from “IEnumerable”, so whatever

BWK on "How to succeed in language design without really trying"

A talk by Brian Kernighan at The University of Nottingham. Describes all the usual suspects: AWK, EQN, PIC. Even AMPL. I was wondering which languages he had in mind when he mentioned that some of his creations were total flops. I'd love to learn from those! The talk is a fun way to spend an hour, and the audio would be good for commuters. Show More Summary

Stuff The Internet Says On Scalability For November 20th, 2015

Hey, it's HighScalability time: 100 years ago people saw this as our future. We will be so laughably wrong about the future. $24 billion: amount telcos make selling data about you; $500,000: cost of iOS zero day exploit; 50%: a year's...Show More Summary

Amazon Aurora – Looking Deeper

Recently my colleague (by Percona) Yves Trudeau and colleague (by industry) Marco Tusa published their materials on Amazon Aurora. Indeed, Amazon Aurora is a hot topic these days, and we have a stream of customer inquiries... The post Amazon Aurora – Looking Deeper appeared first on MySQL Performance Blog.

Stuff The Internet Says On Scalability For November 13th, 2015

Hey, it's HighScalability time: Gorgeous picture of where microbes live in species. Humans have the most. ( M. WARDEH ET AL ) 14.3 billion: Alibaba single day sales; 1.55 billion: Facebook monthly active users; 6 billion: Snapchat video...Show More Summary

Strategy: Avoid Lots of Little Files

I've been bitten by this one. It happens when you quite naturally use the file system as a quick and dirty database. A directory is a lot like a table and a file name looks a lot like a key. You can store many-to-one relationships via subdirectories. Show More Summary

Self Service

Anna’s employer made billing software for energy companies, and they had just entered into an exciting time: the Dutch utility market was loosening its regulations, and that meant a flood of startups were looking for a cheap way to bill their customers. Show More Summary

Paper: Coordination Avoidance in Distributed Databases By Peter Bailis

Peter Bailis has released the work of a lifetime, his dissertion is now available online: Coordination Avoidance in Distributed Databases. The topic Peter is addressing is summed up nicely by his thesis statement: Many semantic requirements...Show More Summary

Simple, Easy, Risk and Change - Anthony Ferrara

I've been thinking a lot about change lately. Things finally resonated to me after listening to Uncle Bob Martin on No Capes. He made an amazingly interesting point about change and different methods for minimizing the risk over time of change. I want to share some of what I've been thinking about along those lines. Show More Summary

New Course on Developing Android Apps for Google Cast and Android TV

Posted by Josh Gordon, Developer Advocate Go where your users are: the living room! Google Cast lets users stream their favorite apps from Android, iOS and the Web right onto their TV. Android TV turns a TV into an Android device, only bigger! We've partnered with Udacity to launch a new online course - Google Cast and Android TV Development. Show More Summary

Screen graphics in episodic TV – interview with Robyn Haddow

Continuing the ongoing series of interviews on screen graphics and user interfaces in movie and television productions, it is my pleasure to welcome Robyn Haddow. While most of the recent interviews have focused on the work that goes into creating fantasy user interfaces for major sci-fi motion pictures, in this interview Robyn invites us into […]

The Meaning of Work

The TED Radio Hour podcast has an amazing episode entitled "The Meaning of Work". It consists of four segments that cover various aspects of finding meaning and motivation at work. You should definitely listen to it, but I'll provide...Show More Summary

Get your bibs ready for Big Android BBQ!

Posted by, Colt McAnlis, Senior Texas Based Developer Advocate We’re excited to be involved in the Big Android BBQ (BABBQ) this year because of one thing: passion! Just like BBQ, Android development is much better when passionate people obsess over it. Show More Summary

Game Performance: Vertex Array Objects

Posted by Shanee Nishry Previously, we showed how you can use vertex layout qualifiers to increase the performance and determinism of your OpenGL application. In this post, we’ll show another useful technique that will help you produce...Show More Summary

Android Support Library 23.1

Posted by Ian Lake, Developer Advocate The Android Support Library is a collection of libraries available on a wide array of API levels that help you focus on the unique parts of your app, providing pre-built components, new functionality,...Show More Summary

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