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How to Master Your API Workflow with Postman - SitePoint PHP

Building good APIs is hard, and anyone who had the chance to do so can relate to this. A project can easily grow to become a mess. One can keep trying to adopt an approach to make it more enjoyable, like trying a documentation-firstShow More Summary

Refactoring Done Right - Nomad PHP

November 2017 Presented by Brandon Savage (@brandonsavage) Date: November 16, 2017 Time: 20:00 CST 18:00 PST, 3:00 CET (Nov 17), 2:00 GMT (Nov 17) Not sure of the time in your area? Check it on Everybody talks about refactoring,...Show More Summary

API Tips From the Frontline - Nomad PHP

November 2017 - EU Presented By Anna Filina November 16, 2017 20:00 CET The post API Tips From the Frontline appeared first on Nomad PHP.

PhD defense: Prajit Das, Context-dependent privacy and security management on mobile devices

Tweet Ph.D. Dissertation Defense Context-dependent privacy and security management on mobile devices Prajit Kumar Das 8:00-11:00am Tuesday, 22 August 2017, ITE325b, UMBC There are ongoing security and privacy concerns regarding mobile platforms which are being used by a growing number of citizens. Show More Summary

Social BI Results in Data Popularity AND ROI

Social BI: Engenders Networking and Collaboration and Provides Many Benefits! Have you heard of Social BI? If you haven’t, you should really look into it. Your business users are used to social networking and the sharing of data andShow More Summary

PHP 7.2.0 Beta 3 Released - PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor

The PHP development team announces the immediate availability of PHP 7.2.0 Beta 3. This release is the third and final beta for 7.2.0. All users of PHP are encouraged to test this version carefully, and report any bugs and incompatibilities in the bug tracking system. Show More Summary

Why will data visualisation fade away?

Why do we need a graph? Me personally, have never needed a chart to check my sales data. I have used graphs to impress my seniors, who I am not sure if they get impressed with weak numbers presented in innovative graphs. As the numbers get larger and inconsistent, a graphical display will help. I do not want to dilute your vision by giving an...

KBpedia v 150 Released

We today released a new version of KBpedia (v 150) that adds an entire predicates capability and modeled relations to the knowledge structure. KBpedia combines six major, public knowledge bases into a computable whole. The structure is designed to support knowledge-based artificial intelligence (KBAI) and machine learning.

Trying Medium

I started my first blog at some time in the year 2000. You can still see pieces of it in the Internet Archive Wayback machine.

The Moment

Twin Falls lies around a forty minute drive east of Bellevue, Washington. From the trail head, the path leads to views of three separate waterfalls. Yes, three. “Twin Falls” has a nicer ring to it than “Triplet falls.”

Smart Data Visualization: Simpler, Better, Clearer, Faster

Smart Visualization Tools: Analysis and Data Displays Made Simple (and Clear). Smart Data Visualization! This concept seems alien to some people. Is it data that can read your mind and automatically display itself in a way that will help you understand? Is it a method you use to see data in a clear way; a technique you learn in a class? The answer is yes…and...

Preparing a Leanpub book for print-on-demand - Matthias Noback

During the last few days I've been finishing my latest book, Microservices for everyone. I've used the Leanpub self-publishing platform again. I wrote about the process before and still like it very much. Every now and then Leanpub adds...Show More Summary

The “Micro” Framework As “User Interface” Framework - Paul M. Jones

(The following is more exploratory than prescriptive. My thoughts on this topic are incomplete and in-progress. Please try to treat it accordingly.) l;dr: “Micro” frameworks are better described as “user interface” frameworks; perhaps...Show More Summary

WebSci ’17

The Web Science Conference was hosted by Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute this year. The Tetherless World Constellation was heavily involved in organizing the event and ensuring the conference ran smoothly.The venue for the conference was the Franklin Plaza in downtown Troy. Show More Summary

PHPBot – Can a PHP Bot Help You Look up Documentation Faster? - SitePoint PHP

I came across PHPBot the other day (not to be confused with Botman or Fondbot) - a "chatbot" which helps you look up PHP manual entries and generates example code for them. If you follow me on Twitter, you know I don't believe in chatbots...Show More Summary

A Practical Introduction to Snapshot Testing - Nomad PHP

Speaker: Freek Van der Herten @freekmurze The basic idea of snapshot testing is that you compare the output of your code against a file that’s written on disk. That file is called a snapshot. If the output of your test matches up with the contents of that snapshot, it succeeds, otherwise, it fails. Show More Summary

Duolingo for PHP – How Much PHP Can Apps like Mimo Teach? - SitePoint PHP

Mimo is an app which claims to teach coding "on the go". As a long time Duolingo user, I could relate to this approach - particularly as I was becoming increasingly interested in achieving some degree of basic Swift literacy in the coming...Show More Summary

ElegantJ BI Announces Key OEM Partnership With Distribution Management Solutions Provider, Herald Logic

ElegantJ BI is pleased to announce an exciting partnership with Herald Logic Pvt. Ltd. Herald Logic specializes in technology-enabled distribution management solutions, delivered via its unique managed service cloud-hosted model. This...Show More Summary

Auditing ASP.NET MVC Actions

Phil Haack is writing a blog post about ASP.NET MVC? What is this, 2011?

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