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Case Study: Native Mobile App Integration with Magento Platform for Digital Rewards Business in Australia

This Australian business provides digital rewards and products to a customer base that exceeds 6 million members. Customer business subscribers use these services to offer loyalty and reward programs to employees thereby improving employee satisfaction and expanding employee benefits. Show More Summary

Using Test Authentication To Allow Logged In Users To Post Replies

We’ll keep plugging away at our code in this laravel tutorial and tackle many things. Adding links to user profiles is on the table as is cleaning up our view files by making use of partials. From there we’ll move on to adding support for displaying thread owners backed by tests. Show More Summary

Get a Web Design Business Partner and Get Moving!

Web Design Partnerships Let you Focus on Your Customer! One of the biggest challenges of running your web design company is to focus on your market and your customer needs while, at the same time, bringing appropriate focus to the technology frameworks and platforms that will ensure your success. Show More Summary

Faculty - Chris Shiflett

Today, I am proud to introduce Faculty. We design, engineer, and build really great websites and apps. I love the web, and I feel fortunate to have been working on the web since its inception. From writing CGIs in C and laying out pages...Show More Summary

You CAN Have Advanced Data Discovery and Mobile BI Tools

Mobile, Advanced Analytics: The True Way Forward! When you decide to implement mobile business intelligence, it is usually because you want seamless access to crucial tools so that your team can perform important tasks in the office and on the road, and share data that will help them make important decisions. Show More Summary

Uncover the Data ‘Nuggets’ with Smart Visualization

Smart Data Visualization Helps Your Users to Gain Insight! Organizations that are currently considering and upgrade or a new business intelligence solution, should focus on advanced analytics capability that is simple enough for itsShow More Summary

Talend Data Integration Services

Talend Data Integration Services and Consulting! Talend is a software integration solution that focuses on data management for big data, cloud storage, overall data integration and data management to ensure data quality and data preparation tools, as well as application integration solutions. Show More Summary

Symfony 4: Performance out of the Box - Fabien Potencier

Performance is an interesting and sensitive topic. Suffice to say that most projects should not care too much; modern PHP frameworks are fast enough for most use cases and projects. And PHP 7 performance improvements help a lot as well. Show More Summary

Feature Test vs Unit Test And Adding Replies To Threads

We’re moving along nicely with our test driven development of the forum. In this tutorial we will start tackling the concept of adding replies to threads. We’ll continue with developing the test case first, thinking out the pseudo code, and then adding the actual code to the application to make it all work. Show More Summary

BI Tools for Hospitality and Entertainment Businesses

Are There Specific BI Tools for Hospitality and Entertainment Businesses? One thing we all know about the hospitality and entertainment industry is that it is very competitive and that consumers have a lot of options and choices. InShow More Summary

Augmented Data Discovery Provides Users with Crucial Answers

Advanced Data Discovery Can and Should Be Available to All! Advanced Data Discovery allows business users to perform early prototyping and to test hypothesis without the skills of a data scientist. Advanced Data Discovery ensures data democratization and can drastically reduce the time and cost of analysis and experimentation. Show More Summary

More Connected Than You Think

New research study of 300 mouse neurons shows amazing complexity and connectedness, with a cool browser to manipulate what has been discovered so far; has implications for physical reality modeling of digital cognition and intelligence systems.

Whatsapp Chat from CLI Using Puppeteer - Sarfraz Ahmed

GoogleChrome puppeteer is interesting project to create browser automation tools, testing tools or web scrapping. I was wondering to use it for something useful and an idea popped in about creating CLI application that can be used to send and receive messages on Whatsapp. Show More Summary

How To Create A Feature Test In Laravel

Since we are doing test driven development, we need to actually create tests for features before we even build them. In this tutorial, that is exactly what we will do. The first thing, or feature, that our forum project will have is that a user can view threads. Show More Summary

What is Self-Serve Data Preparation and How Can It Support Business Users?

Self-Serve Data Preparation is the next generation of business analytics and business intelligence. Self-serve data preparation makes advanced data discovery accessible to team members and business users no matter their skills or technical knowledge. Show More Summary

Setting Up A Database With Seeding

In building our forum the first thing we are going to need is a database to hold all of our threads, users, replies, and so on. In a prior lesson, we took the time to set up a nice installation of PhpMyAdmin using homestead so that we could easily create new databases. Show More Summary

Take On the Complexities of Apache Spark with Expert Help

Can Spark Consulting Help Me Simplify the Complexities of Apache Spark? Apache Spark enables programmers with an application-programming interface that focuses on data structure. Apache Spark programming allows Spark consultants to expand the capabilities of development and programming, map functions across data, and simplify data results. Show More Summary

Avoid Dependency Injection - Paul M. Jones

At least, avoid it when building DDD Aggregates: Dependency injection of a Repository or a Domain Service into an Aggregate should generally be viewed as harmful. The motivation may be to look up a dependent object instance from inside the Aggregate. Show More Summary

Interview with Davey Shafik - Voices of the ElePHPant

dshafik Audio Show Notes Akamai ZendCon 2017 The post Interview with Davey Shafik appeared first on Voices of the ElePHPant.

Business Intelligence for Retail Provides Real Results

Analytics for Retail: Mobile, Accessible, Easy for Every User! Retail is changing, and it is changing fast! Online buying is having a significant impact on brick and mortar and customer loyalty has changed dramatically. Consumers now have more options and they are leveraging those options to find the best price and the best value. Show More Summary

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