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How To Use WP_Query In WordPress

In this WordPress Tutorial, we will have a look at the WP_Query class, which is really the workhorse of fetching post data from your WordPress database. WP_Query gives theme developers complete control over what is sent into “The Loop” as we call it. Show More Summary

Sockets with PHP and Node - Sarfraz Ahmed

I was looking to implement real time notifications system via sockets without having to use any third party services such as Pusher, etc. I just wanted to be able to send notifications from PHP side to the client and instantly show them...Show More Summary

05: Finding untested code - Sammy Kaye Powers

Now that we know how to create tests and debug them when they fail, let's make a useful test that actually covers some untested code. Finding untested lines of code The PHP gcov website shows what lines of C code are covered by the test...Show More Summary

The Right Offshore Software Development Services!

Don’t Give Up on Offshore Software Development. Get the Right Partner! Offshore software development services are not limited to one-time projects. If your organization needs some skilled resources, and you need them NOW, you should definitely consider offshore software development solutions. Show More Summary

Analytics for Retail Can Make You Competitive!

BI for Retail! No, Really! It is designed for Retail! Business Intelligence for Retail is just what your organization needs to succeed! If you can get at the information, integrate the data coming in from all sources, and clarify and...Show More Summary

Predictive Analysis is Easy for Every User

Plug Your Users In For Crucial Decisions with Plug n’ Play Predictive Analytics! What did we do about planning and forecasting in the past? Well, a lot of what we did was based on guesswork. We might look at historical data and plan for growth that was unrealistic because it did not reflect the competitive market growth or the advent of online competition. ### Predictive...

[#3331208]: Skimlinks - Federico Cargnelutti

To reproduce this issue: 1) Open this page in “Incognito” mode 2) Refresh the page multiple times and observe how js converts “foo” to “foo} import {assert} from 'chai'; import sinon from 'sinon'; import mockRequire from 'mock-require'; describe('My...Show More Summary

Iterators & Generators - Nomad PHP

October 2017 - EU Presented By Eli White October 19, 2017 20:00 CEST The post Iterators & Generators appeared first on Nomad PHP.

How to Write JavaScript-Style Test Watchers in PHP - SitePoint PHP

I didn't start out writing tests for my code. Like many before and since, my "testing" was to write code and refresh the page. "Does it look right?", I'd ask myself. If I thought so, I'd move on. In fact, most of the jobs I've had have been with companies who don't much care for other forms of testing. Show More Summary

PHP 7.2.0 Beta 1 Released - PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor

The PHP development team announces the immediate availability of PHP 7.2.0 Beta 1. This release is the first beta for 7.2.0. All users of PHP are encouraged to test this version carefully, and report any bugs and incompatibilities in the bug tracking system. Show More Summary

Do Citizen Data Scientists Mark the Death of Data Scientists?

To be successful in business, every organization must find a way to accurately forecast and predict the future of its market, and its internal operations, and better understand the buying behavior of its customers and prospects. With...Show More Summary

Node.js: How to mock the imports of an ES6 module - Federico Cargnelutti

The package mock-require is useful if you want to mock require statements in Node.js. It has a simple API that allows you to mock anything, from a single exported function to a standard library. Here’s an example: app/config.js function...Show More Summary

Data Security is No Laughing Matter!

Safe, Secure Data for Your Organization. Whether your business is global, regional or local, your business strategy must include a security component and comply with relevant standards, including industry standard information security,...Show More Summary

Domain Logic and Email Templates - Paul M. Jones

From an email conversation with a reader: Hi Paul, I’ve been following your writing and examples about the ADR pattern for some time now. It’s taken me awhile to wrap my head around it but ADR has really added a lot of structure to my...Show More Summary

Give Users Fresh, NOT Packaged Data!

Fresh Business Intelligence Data is Key to Confident Decisions. Here’s what I know about Business Intelligence: Old or incomplete information does not constitute intelligence – what it does is to result in decisions that are sometimes wrong and nearly always misleading. Show More Summary

04: Debugging failed tests - Sammy Kaye Powers

So far we've learned how to create.phpt tests and run them with run-test.php. But what do we do when a test fails? Today we dig in and debug failed tests. Make a test fail We started by making our trusty echo_basic.phpt test fail byShow More Summary

PhD defense: Deep Representation of Lyrical Style and Semantics for Music Recommendation

Tweet Dissertation Defense Deep Representation of Lyrical Style and Semantics for Music Recommendation Abhay L. Kashyap 11:00-1:00 Thursday, 20 July 2017, ITE 346 In the age of music streaming, the need for effective recommendations is important for music discovery and a personalized user experience. Show More Summary

03: All about .phpt files - Sammy Kaye Powers

Now that we know how to run the test suite with run-tests, let's create our first.phpt file. Create a basic test We started by creating a basic test file that tested that echo could take a list of arguments. We created a new file inShow More Summary

Re-Introducing Eloquent’s Polymorphic Relationships - SitePoint PHP

You've probably used different types of relationships between models or database tables, like those commonly seen in Laravel: one-to-one, one-to-many, many-to-many, and has-many-through. But there's another type of relationship that's not so common: polymorphic. Show More Summary

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