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Code Coverage: Finding Paths - Derick Rethans

Code Coverage: Finding Paths London, UK Wednesday, January 7th 2015, 09:44 GMT Picking up from `where we left last time, in this second article we will look at some upcoming functionality in Xdebug. Sebastian has been pressuring me for years to add branch and path coverage to Xdebug, with issue #1034. Show More Summary

A wave of command buses - Matthias Noback

Recently many people in the PHP community have been discussing a thing called the "command bus". The Laravel framework nowadays contains an implementation of a command bus and people have been talking about it in several vodcasts. My interest was sparked too. Show More Summary

We Are All Artists - Stefan Koopmanschap

I’ve written on this topic before, but as Amanda Palmer touched the topic in her book, I felt it was a good idea to write about it again, this time on my blog. Especially since the angle is slightly different. In my contribution to Stuart Herbert’s book I talk about the need to be proud of your work with the angle of ensuring a certain quality. Show More Summary

The Europeans - Cal Evans

Twitter: Michelangelo van Dam @DragonBe Rafael Dohms @rdohms Thijs Feryn @ThijsFeryn Michelle Sanver @michellesanver Show Notes PHP Benelux Flysystem Composer Toran Proxy Silex Devops Days Devs Love Bacon Dev Human Composer Cookbook

Introducing eBay’s Trading API – Setting Up - SitePoint PHP

In this tutorial series, I’ll walk you through Ebay’s Trading API. The Trading API allows you to build applications that can be used for selling in Ebay. Here are some examples of things you can do with the API: retrieve store information update...Show More Summary

XHGui on VM, Storage on Host - Lorna Mitchell

I'm doing some performance tuning on a project at the moment and my favourite tool is still XHGui - but it's designed to run on the same machine as its victim and since this is a vagrant VM, the chances of me destroying the machine and...Show More Summary

How Federated Wiki neighborhoods grow and change

Federated Wiki sites form neighborhoods that change dynamically as you navigate FedWiki space. Sites that are within your current neighborhood are special in two ways: you can link to them by names alone (versus full URLs), and you can search them. Here’s one neighborhood I can join. A row of flags (icons) in the bottom […]

PHP Tips, Resources and Best Practices for 2015 - SitePoint PHP

PHP has had many reputations over the years, but being insecure as a language never really was one of them. The core team, all its faults notwithstanding, is rather quick in pouncing on all security matters, and updating PHP to the latest version will often allay all worries. Show More Summary

The Pitfalls of Code Review (And How To Fix Them) - Brandon Savage

It’s a well-accepted concept that code review improves the quality of the code produced by your team. Many teams use code reviews, most famously at Mozilla, where every change bigger than a grammatical typo is reviewed by a peer. Code reviews are effective because they put a second set of eyes on a particular bit […]

UWYC: Use What You Can - Stefan Koopmanschap

In her book, Amanda Palmer talks about DIY, and how when you start asking for help, Do It Yourself is a strange term. Instead, she suggests UWYC, which stands for Use What You Can. I think software developers can learn a lot from this mindset. Show More Summary

FedWiki for collaborative analysis of data

A FedWiki page presents one or more wiki pages side by side. This arrangement is called the lineup. During interactive use of FedWiki the lineup grows rightward as you navigate the federation. But you can also compose a lineup by forming an URL that describes a purposeful arrangement of wiki pages. In Federated Wiki for […]

phorkie: Threat to India's national security - Christian Weiske

The home page of phorkie, my git based pastebin software, is blocked in India because it threatens he national security and hosts terrorist content: Insane! Govt orders blocking of 32 websites including @internetarchive @vimeo @github...Show More Summary

Federated Wiki for teaching and learning basic composition

The FedWikiHappening has mainly explored Federated Wiki as an environment for collaborative writing. But the underlying software is rich with unexplored capability. It is, among many other possible uses, a great platform for the teaching and learning of basic writing skills. Every page in FedWiki is backed by two data structures. The story is a […]

PHP Install Statistics - Anthony Ferrara

After yesterday's post, I decided to do some math to see how many PHP installs had at least 1 known security vulnerability. So I went to grab statistics from W3Techs, and correlated that with known Linux Distribution supported numbers. I then whipped up a spreadsheet and got some interesting numbers out of it. So interesting, that I need to share... Read more »

A Broadway demo application - labs @

After the release of Broadway we got a lot of requests for a demo application. People were curious how we use Broadway and how everything ties together. So Fritsjan started with the demo application a while back and we just published it on Github. In this blog post we want to take a closer look at the demo application. ? labs @ Permalink

Interview with Brian Richards - Cal Evans

Twitter: @rzen Show Notes WP Grand Rapids Meetup WP Sessions Webdev Studios Dallas Museum of Art

Individual voices in the Federated Wiki chorus

In recent days I’ve been immersed in the Federated Wiki Happening, a group exploration of Ward Cunningham’s Smallest Federated Wiki (SFW). When I first saw what Ward was up to, nearly a year ago, I resisted the temptation to dive in because I knew it would be a long and deep dive that I couldn’t […]

Being A Responsible Developer - Anthony Ferrara

Last night, I was listening to the combined DevHell and PHPTownHall Mashup podcast recording, listening to them discuss a topic I talked about in my last blog post. While they definitely understood my points, they for the most part disagreed with me (there was some contention in the discussion though). Show More Summary

TypeScript Successes and Failures

My last post buried the lead, so I’ll hoist it to the top here: I’ve left Microsoft. While I figure out what my next gig will be, I’ll be doing some freelance writing and consulting. My first writing assignment will be an InfoWorld feature on TypeScript. It’s an important technology that isn’t yet well understood […]

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