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Feed Your Organization: Avoid Packaged BI. Choose ‘Fresh’ BI Tools!

In a way, choosing a business Intelligence tools is like choosing the right food. In recent years, we have all become more aware of the difference between packaged foods and fresh foods. Today, businesses are becoming more aware of the...Show More Summary

From HTTP Messages to PSR-7: What’s It All About? - SitePoint PHP

The PHP Framework Interoperability Group (PHP-FIG) has relatively recently approved another proposal, the PSR-7: HTTP Messages Interface. The document crystallizes HTTP messages into 7 interfaces which a PHP library should implement if they subscribe to the specification. Show More Summary

OntoWiki 1.0.0 released

Dear Semantic Web and Linked Data Community, we are proud to finally announce the releases of OntoWiki 1.0.0 and the underlying Erfurt Framework in version 1.8.0. After 10 years of development we’ve decided to release the teenager OntoWiki from the cozy home of 0.x versions. Show More Summary

Encrypt form data without SSL in PHP - PHP Classes

Encrypt form data without SSL in PHP By Francisco del Aguila Encryption is not just for large corporations. Small businesses and nonprofit organizations also need to protect their information, not just due to commercial or industrial...Show More Summary

VueJS Subnet Calculator

In this Vue.js tutorial, we’ll create a new Vue.js powered application that is a little more ambitious than what we have covered so far. Here, we will build an Internet Protocol version 4 subnet calculator. The subnet calculator accepts an IP address as well as a subnet mask. Show More Summary

Slides from Nginx Tricks for PHP Developers Talk - Ilia Alshanetsky

My slides from the "Nginx Tricks for PHP Developers" talk at the Toronto PHP User Group are available for download here:

Improving Machine Learning Tasks By Integrating Private Datasets

In the last decade, we have seen the emergence of two big families of datasets: the public and the private ones. Invaluable public datasets like Wikipedia, Wikidata, Open Corporates and others have been created and leveraged by organizations world-wide. Show More Summary

ElegantJ BI Case Study: Arabia Telecom Integrates Data and Implements Reporting

This Saudi Arabia based telecommunications company provides landline, mobile and internet services to its customers. The business selected the ElegantJ BI solution to integrate all data and reporting from subsidiaries, and establish and monitor key performance indicators and performance reporting. Show More Summary

Interview with Joe McGill - Voices of the ElePHPant

Video Audio only @joemcgill Show Notes Recorded at PHP Tek 2016 Washington University in St. Louis St. Louis WordPress Community The post Interview with Joe McGill appeared first on Voices of the ElePHPant.

Database Tests With PHPUnit - Qafoo - PHP

Most of us do not use PHPUnit solely for Unit Tests but we also write Integration or Acceptance Tests with PHPUnit. One very common question then is how to interact with the database correctly in those tests. Let me show you the different options and their trade offs…

PHPStorm & OSX: Mouse Stopped Working - Stefan Koopmanschap

This is just as much a post for future me as it is for the rest of the world. While I was working on preparing a training for the end of the week and was using PHPStorm to create some example code, all of a sudden my PHPStorm stopped responding to my clicks. Show More Summary

Phpseclib: Securely Communicating with Remote Servers via PHP - SitePoint PHP

PHP has an SSH2 library which provides access to resources (shell, remote exec, tunneling, file transfer) on a remote machine using a secure cryptographic transport. Objectively, it is a tedious and highly frustrating task for a developer...Show More Summary

Threes All of the Way Down to Typologies

The KBpedia Knowledge Ontology combines an upper structure based on 'threes' in order to capture the contexts and perspectives of knowledge, with naturally "classed" typologies to organize the real things in the world.

Read Write Web — Q3 Summary — 2016

Summary The community group celebrates its 5th birthday this quarter.  With almost 3000 posts (roughly 2 per day) from around 100 members a large number of topics have been raised, discussed and resolved.  A bit thank you to to everyone...Show More Summary

Destructing PHP - Johannes Schlüter

Already last year I had a session at the fabulous FrOSCon conference about "Destructing PHP" No this wasn't a flaming/trolling talk, but an attempt to teach a bit about some less known language feature of PHP: Deterministic Destructors. Show More Summary

Madison PHP Conference - Application Security Nuts to Bolts - Ilia Alshanetsky

My slides from the Madison PHP Conference on the topic of "Application Security Nuts to Bolts" are now available for download here: madison-security-tutorial.pdf

Sourcehunt September – Hacktoberfest Edition - SitePoint PHP

It's that time of year again - DigitalOcean's Hacktoberfest is starting! It's a month-long open source effort when people are encouraged to contribute to various open source projects (not their own!). Anyone who opens 4 pull requests...Show More Summary

Interview with Jeremy Mikola - Voices of the ElePHPant

@jmikola Show Notes Recorded at PHP Tek 2016 Wurstcon NY PHP User Group More from this guest See Jeremy’s talk, Async PHP with React, on Nomad PHP The post Interview with Jeremy Mikola appeared first on Voices of the ElePHPant.

Lately in PHP in - Lately in PHP podcast episode 75 - PHP Classes

Lately in PHP in - Lately in PHP podcast episode 75 By Manuel Lemos is a live streaming site that allows developers to stream themselves working on code of their projects. The episode 75 of the Lately in PHP...Show More Summary

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