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My Failed Attempts at Soft Skills Talks

In 2013, I began crafting soft skills talks as a return to the PHP conference speaker circuit, but I learned I wasn't suited to deliver these talks.

Website Redesign

I’ve fully redesigned my website and have added more content. In this post, I explain why and how.

Introducing array_column() in PHP 5.5

Earlier today, David Soria Parra declared a feature freeze on PHP 5.5 and tagged php-5.5.0beta1, but not before merging in pull request #257, which includes my humble addition to the PHP programming language: array_column().

Learning A New Codebase

What can developers do during the interview process to get an idea of the kind of codebase a company has? Here are a few tips I think go a long way in helping determine the state of a company's codebase.

All Good Things…

I’ve spent the past four-and-a-half years at Moontoast. It has been an excellent ride, but it’s time for me to move on.

My First Month at ShootProof

My first day at ShootProof was July 1st, and as I've come to my one-month anniversary with the company, I wanted to share some of the reasons that attracted me to ShootProof and why I'm still excited about it, after a month of working here.

Will Encryption Catch On With Keybase?

Encryption is hard, and the difficulty barrier keeps us from adopting it. I hope Keybase paves the way to making encryption easier for us all, from the technologically-skilled to the technologically-challenged.

Dates Are Hard

I recently encountered an issue when calculating the time for an RFC 4122 UUID that had me questioning the accuracy of our modern, accepted calendars, especially with regard to the days of the week on which our dates fall.

The Fall of PEAR and the Rise of Composer

In just a few short years, Composer has revitalized the PHP community and changed the way we do development. Composer is what PEAR should have been.

Wild Garlic

We were finishing up lunch at ZendCon in 2008, when I became the infamous Wild Garlic.

Gartner Business Intelligence Summit – My Take

I attended the Gartner Business Intelligence, Analytics and Information Management Summit, 2015, held in India on June 9 and 10 in Mumbai.This was my first visit to the Gartner Summit, and I came back with some great insights, thoughts...Show More Summary

OWASP Top 10 - Nomad PHP

September 2015 - US Presented By Ilia Alshanetsky September 17, 2015 20:00 CDT The post OWASP Top 10 appeared first on Nomad PHP.

ZF2 Service Manager:From Zero to Epic - Nomad PHP

September 2015 - EU Presented By Gary Hockin September 17, 2015 20:00 CEST The post ZF2 Service Manager:From Zero to Epic appeared first on Nomad PHP.

Compartmentalization in the PHP community - Matthias Noback

The PHP community I'm a proud member of the PHP community. Recently I've come to realize though that "the PHP community" is a very complicated thing, and in fact, not even one thing. I consider it part of my "job" to keep track of what's...Show More Summary

Volusion® or Bigcommerce? So Many eCommerce Considerations!

Small to medium size businesses are flocking to eCommerce frameworks to leverage the built-in possibilities of customer interaction, product and service presentation and sales and other features. Many of these businesses look at Volusion® and Bigcommerce as possible solutions but, it is sometimes difficult to decide between the two. Show More Summary

Simplify Your PHP Applications Testing Using LXC in Your Development Environment - PHP Classes

Simplify Your PHP Applications Testing Using LXC in Your Development Environment By Alex Lushpai LXC is a lightweight virtualization technology that runs on top of Linux to create application testing environments without having to install...Show More Summary

Composer: Missing Distributions For Explict References - Ben Ramsey

This came as a bit of a surprise to me today, so I wanted to post it here to help others, in case you run into similar problems. For applications I control that are not distributed to the public, I like to hard-lock my Composer dependencies to a specific version. Show More Summary

Migrating Legacy Applications to AngularJS

John Barlow admit its, he was a little afraid of AngularJS at first. He had seen other frameworks that were similar and immediately discounted this as "just another JavaScript framework" — until he used it. In those short moments he discovered that AngularJS is magical, and decided he must use it for all new projects and migrate the old projects.

Virtuoso Elastic Cluster Benchmarks AMI on Amazon EC2

We have another new Amazon machine image, this time for deploying your own Virtuoso Elastic Cluster on the cloud. The previous post gave a summary of running TPC-H on this image. This post is about what the AMI consists of and how to set it up. Show More Summary

Popular Users per Language and Region with Silex and Github - SitePoint PHP

The Github API V3 is a very powerful set of API endpoints that you can use to retrieve useful information about your repositories, activities, and events. Not only that, it allows you to access public information on others. The factShow More Summary

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