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Fast PHP Routing with PHRoute - Bruno Škvorc

PHRoute is an interesting package: it’s a fast regular expression based router that you can easily implement in small to medium projects. However, it’s not just very fast: there are filters, filter groups and named routes. You can also...Show More Summary

Setting Up Jenkins on Amazon Linux for PHP Testing

One of my first tasks at ShootProof was to set up a Jenkins server for continuous integration and get it ready to run unit tests for PHP and JavaScript code. There are plenty of tutorials around the web to help you do just that. This...Show More Summary

The Future of PHP 7 Is Bright - Lately in PHP podcast episode 49 - PHP Classes

The Future of PHP 7 Is Bright - Lately in PHP podcast episode 49 By Manuel Lemos With the plans to bring the PHPNG performance improvements, the future PHP 7 is bright. That was one of the main topics discussed by Manuel Lemos and César...Show More Summary

The fastest way to EventListener in Symfony2 - Piotr Pasich

Event Driven Design is really popular topic for about two years and I don’t suprised this trend. You can really fast decouple parts of code without any influence on any other – you can send emails, saving logs or data to database without...Show More Summary

Check Your Code’s Quality with SensioLabs Insight - Bruno Škvorc

The quality of your code is as important as testing your application. Recently, we have seen multiple articles which hopefully helped you on your way to providing a more stable application. Today, we are going to have a closer look at SensioLabs Insight. Show More Summary

FluentDOM 5 + XML Namespaces - Thomas Weinert

FluentDOM 5 allows to register namespaces on the DOM document class. These are not the namespaces of a loaded document, but a definition of namespaces for your programming logic. Namespaces In An XML File People mistake the namespace prefixes for the namespaces often. Show More Summary

ReactiveUI Design Guidelines

GitHub for Windows (often abbreviated to GHfW) is a client WPF application written in C#. I think it's beautiful. This is a credit to our designers. I'm pretty sure if I had to design it, it would look like To keep our code maintainable and testable, we employ the Model-View-ViewModel pattern (MVVM). Show More Summary

For sale by owner

Barring the unforeseen we’ll close the sale of our house on August 27. When we sold our first house, 14 years ago, we used a realtor. This time around we used the web. Here were the three pillars of our online marketing strategy: A website. I made it with WordPress and packed it with lots […]

Signing Project Releases - Fabien Potencier

About a year ago, I started to sign all my Open-Source project releases. I briefly mentioned it during my SymfonyCon keynote in Warsaw, but this post is going to give you some more details. Whenever I release a new version of a project,...Show More Summary

Fractal: a Practical Walkthrough - Bruno Škvorc

If you ever developed for an API, you might have had troubles with changes of your database schema. If you didn’t happen to have a good implementation, you had to rework your whole model when changing some column names. In this article I will demonstrate how you can use Fractal as a layer between your models and JSON output. Show More Summary

The ebb and flow of curbside free stuff

We’re selling our house and unloading a ton of stuff. After many yard sales and many Craigslist postings, there’s still plenty to get rid of. In our town there’s a strong tradition of curbside giveaway. You just put stuff out on the treelawn and it vanishes. This animated GIF documents that process over a period […]

Is your code portable to subfolders? - Michael Kimsal

Have been dealing with a couple of PHP projects recently which have been a far bigger pain in the backside than I anticipated, and both had some of the same stumbling blocks. In both cases, and in other projects I’ve seen, there’s aShow More Summary

PHP 7 Features and Release Date - PHP Classes

PHP 7 Features and Release Date By Manuel Lemos So it is settled, after a lot of discussion, the voting process to choose the name for the next major PHP version just ended. The winning proposal is to call PHP 7 the next major version...Show More Summary

My First Month at ShootProof

It’s difficult to write a blog post about a new gig without coming across as sounding critical of past employers. That’s not my intent, but this first month I’ve spent at ShootProof has been one of the best months I’ve had in a longShow More Summary

Legacy Code is Cancer - Bruno Škvorc

It’s far too often that I see people shying away from newest technologies in the spirit of backwards compatibility. “We can’t move the minimum PHP requirement to 5.5 because we have 50% of our users on 5.4 still!”, they say. “There’s no way for us to move to Guzzle 4+, our back end is built on version 3 and it would take too much time and money”. Show More Summary

How To Make Microsoft Word Documents with PHP - Bruno Škvorc

As I had pointed out in my previous article, PHP and WMI – Dig deep into Windows with PHP, we do live in a world where we PHP devs have to deal with the Windows operating system from time to time. WMI (Windows Management Interface) is...Show More Summary

Apache httpd server 2.4.10 and PHP-FPM 5.6 in Fedora 21 - Remi Collet

Since the update in Fedora 21 of httpd version 2.4.10 and php 5.6.0RC3, you can avoid using mod_php. php-fpm works "out of the box", with default provided configuration. Installation: # yum remove php# yum install php-fpm httpd Services: #...Show More Summary

Fixed Point Math in PHP with BCMath, precision loss cases - Bruno Škvorc

When dealing with fixed point numbers, you have to be very careful - especially if you develop with PHP and MySQL. In this article, obstacles and subtleties of working with the PHP BCMath extension, MySQL fixed point expression handling and persisting fixed point data from PHP to MySQL are described. Show More Summary

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