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Liferay Development: Easing The Process of Building High End Corporate and Amateur Sites

The open source enterprise portal Liferay web application framework, written in Java and distribute freely is predominantly deployed for developing corporate intranets and extraneous nets. This web platform is richly decked with useful features that commonly are used for seamless site development. Show More Summary

Understanding Smart Data Integration in just 2 minutes

Data integration projects can be time consuming, expensive and difficult to manage.Traditional data integration methods require point to point mapping of source and target systems. This effort ypically requires a team of both business SMEs and technology professionals. Show More Summary

More Effective PHP Logging with Loggly - SitePoint PHP

This article was sponsored by Loggly. Thank you for supporting the sponsors who make SitePoint possible. Introduction Server overloaded, library throwing an exception, error while sending email: these errors are unfortunately part of every system. Show More Summary

STOP! Read This Before You Start your Business Intelligence Project!

The good news is that today’s business and IT managers are excited about business intelligence and value it can bring to the organization, its users and its bottom line. The bad news is that, in their zeal to run headlong into the business...Show More Summary

PHP's callable typehint too loose? - Evert Pot

PHP got support for closures in version 5.3, and in PHP 5.4 we got support for a callable typehint, that can be used as such: function callMe ( callable $callBack ) { $callBack (); } ?> All these little changes make it feel more comfortable...Show More Summary

Symfony2 Pre-registration and Invite System - SitePoint PHP

We have discussed Symfony 2 development in previous SitePoint articles and we built a clone of my own personal Symfony app (Part 1, 2 and 3). But Symfony 2 is a gigantic framework and there are plenty more topics we can cover. In this...Show More Summary

Collation Sequences in SPARQL

The SPARQL query language is relatively silent about how to order strings. When the question was posed to us a while back, what to expect as the order of a solution sequence which contained string literals with language tags, we had just the conservative answer that the relation among simple or string literals and plain literals was undefined. Show More Summary

Have Your PHP Book Reviewed - PHP Classes

Have Your PHP Book Reviewed By Manuel Lemos The PHP Classes site is reviving its sections for book reviews and tutorial articles. This is an initiative to give more exposure to the work of those that can teach the PHP developers sharing...Show More Summary

What’s an Umbraco? It Just Might Be Your Solution to Content Management

Today’s content management systems (CMS) are far more sophisticated than the CMS systems of old. Small and large business enterprises have found many uses for CMS frameworks and platforms – far surpassing the simple document management solutions of past decades. Show More Summary

Speaking at phpDay 2015 - Davey Shafik

I will be returning to Verona for phpDay 2015 in just a few weeks to give two presentations, Writing Faster PHP with HHVM & Hack, and a new talk on PHP 7: What to Expect When You’re Expecting: PHP 7 PHP 7 is coming, and with it willShow More Summary

Internal value representation in PHP 7 - Part 1 - Nikita Popov

My last article described the improvements to the hashtable implementation that were introduced in PHP 7. This followup will take a look at the new representation of PHP values in general. Due to the amount of material to cover, theShow More Summary

Creating services you won’t hate - Brandon Savage

The biggest complaint people have about object-oriented design is where they put all the “glue code” that ties together a bunch of objects and makes them work well. For many, this place is the controller, but as I’ve covered before, most of this logic belongs in the model. Show More Summary

popen for cli commands and pipes in php - Michelangelo van Dam

Source: Pipes 1/3 by Jonah G.S. on I got a question today about using commands that pipe output to other commands within PHP applications.There are two functions in PHP that are perfect for the task: popen and proc_open.The function "popen" opens a process file pointer, basically you have a pointer during the execution of a process. Show More Summary

It’s the Booze Talking – The PHP Ecosystem - Cal Evans

Participants include: Jeremy Ward @iamjmw Chris Tankersley @dragonmantank Liam’s Mom @e3BethT Ben Edmunds @benedmunds Sandy Smith @SandyS1 Jordi Boggiano @seldaek Phillip James Sturgeon @philsturgeon Daniel Cousineau @dcousineau Jeremy...Show More Summary

Automatic PHP Code Generation with Memio - SitePoint PHP

Ever thought of writing code responsible for generating certain PHP classes, methods, properties automatically? Read on to get the details on when exactly automatic code generation may be helpful and - what’s most important - how to implement it properly using the Memio library. The Concept The basic idea is quite simple. Show More Summary

Composer hosting improvements - Jordi Boggiano

Over the last two weekends I proceeded to upgrade the infrastructure behind and There is now a lot more bandwidth and the DNS hosting was also migrated to DNSMadeEasy which should make it more stable on...Show More Summary

Fix the AJAX Requests that Make PHP Take Too Long to Respond - PHP Classes

Fix the AJAX Requests that Make PHP Take Too Long to Respond By Eslam Mahmoud Nowadays we develop applications that depend a lot on AJAX requests, in some cases close to 100% of the pages. Sometimes we notice that when a Web page sends...Show More Summary

DCMI Webinar: Digital Preservation Metadata and Improvements to PREMIS in Version 3.0

2015-05-04, This webinar with Angela Dappert on 27 May gives a brief overview of why digital preservation metadata is needed, shows examples of digital preservation metadata, shows how PREMIS can be used to capture this metadata, and illustrates some of the changes that will be available in version 3.0. Show More Summary

Become a DC-2015 sponsor!

2015-05-04, The São Paulo State University and the Conference Committee for DC-2015 in São Paulo, Brazil in September are pleased to offer sponsors the opportunity to present themselves directly to the conference participants and toShow More Summary

SPARQL: the video

Well, a video, but a lot of important SPARQL basics in a short period of time.

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