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Preparing and Building a PHP Project in Jenkins - SitePoint PHP

In a previous article, we went through the installation of Jenkins and prepared everything to get started. We will continue in this article by actually preparing our project. If you have a Jenkins setup ready from before, no need toShow More Summary

Installing and Securing Jenkins - SitePoint PHP

Earlier this year, I wrote an article about PHP-CI, which you can use as a continuous integration tool for your PHP projects. Within this article I indicated I still liked Jenkins the most as a CI tool. Time to dive into Jenkins andShow More Summary

How to Build an OctoberCMS Theme - SitePoint PHP

October CMS is the new star in the sky of CMSes. Built on top of Laravel, it promises joyful coding and a back to basics approach. Read our introduction here and find out how to build plugins for it here. In this article, we’re going to see how we can build a theme. What We Are Going to Build We are going to build a blogging theme. Show More Summary

It's All About Time - Anthony Ferrara

An interesting pull request has been opened against PHP to make bin2hex() constant time. This has lead to some interesting discussion on the mailing list (which even got me to reply :-X). There has been pretty good coverage over remote timing attacks in PHP, but they talk about string comparison. I'd like to talk about other types of timing attacks. Read more »

PHP version 5.5.20RC1 and 5.6.4RC1 - Remi Collet

NEW : Release Candidate versions are now available in remi-test repository for Fedora and Enterprise Linux (RHEL / CentOS) to allow more people to test them. They are only available as Software Collections, for a parallel installation,...Show More Summary

October 2014 on internals@php - Pascal Martin

Cet article est aussi disponible en français. You can follow me @pascal_martin, and there is an RSS feed of the posts I write in English. 809 messages have been exchanged in October 2014 on PHP’s internals@ mailing-list — a bit moreShow More Summary

SymfonyCon 2014 – Day #1 - Piotr Pasich

Yesterday, me and my fellows from @XSolve arrived to Madrid at SymfonyCon Madrid 2014 conference. It’s the greatest and finest Symfony’s event in the year. A lot attendees came to listen about Symfony as a framework and as a success story. The day started with opening Keynote conducted by Fabien Potencier. Show More Summary

PHP News You May Have Missed – October / November 2014 - SitePoint PHP

In an already all too familiar format, here’s more PHP news you may have missed over the past month or so. Some of these will be presented in more depth in future posts, but it’s just as important to have a heads up about them. HHVM HHVM is on fire lately – we have four […] Continue reading %PHP News You May Have Missed – October / November 2014%

Symfony CMF Hackdays in Würzburg (12/13 Dec. 2014) - Symfony CMF

The Mayflower Gmbh will host the next Symfony CMF Hackday in Würzburg, Germany. It will be focused on the roadmap for the 1.3 release. We are going to have nearly two days of hacking and pushing the CMF forward to the next version. You can sign up to the event on Doodle. There will be a public workshop as an opener, too. Show More Summary

Web Acceptance Tools Suck

Wow. Almost a whole year since I posted something. Time to change that. It is not a coincidence that I write this blog post on Halloween 2014. Because I want to talk about something that should make your skin crawl and want to urn all...Show More Summary

Test Spies and Mockery

While recording some screencasts I was struggling to figure out how to get PHPUnit's built-in object mocking tools to allow me to create what is known as a "test spy". I talk about them briefly in my PHPUnit Cookbook but I think that...Show More Summary

Testing Listeners

I had an idea to put together some kind of "PHP Testing Koans" site as a way o help PHP developers get better at learning how to actually write tests. Most developers who are introduced to testing get blocked at the point of actually writing a test. Show More Summary

Testing Smells - try/catch

As part of a project to migrate the PHP code at work from PHP 5.2 to PHP 5.4, I'm using our extensive test suite to look for instances where something that changed between the versions of PHP that we are using has caused some unexpected...Show More Summary

The Grumpy Programmer's Guide To Software Company Culture

My co-worker Jarvis wrote a blog post about how he doesn't care about your company culture. I don't know what prompted this blog post, but I disagree with many fundamental parts of it. Jarvis seems like a decent guy (have only met him...Show More Summary

Broadway just got a new release - labs @

Today we tagged version 0.3.0 for Broadway. In this version we have merged some nice pull requests from various contributors, thanks to everybody that submitted issues and/or pull requests! One of the pull requests we received is from simensen. He added factories for our aggregates. ? labs @ Permalink

OAuth Pin Based Authorization for Twitter, LinkedIn, Imgur and Others - PHP Classes

OAuth Pin Based Authorization for Twitter, LinkedIn, Imgur and Others By Manuel Lemos Some applications need to access OAuth based APIs but since they are not based on regular Web browsers, they need to need to use an alternative method...Show More Summary

London in Fives: The Making Of - Derick Rethans

London in Fives: The Making Of London, UK Tuesday, November 25th 2014, 08:55 GMT A few days ago I published a video called "London in Fives" on Vimeo. In this article I am explaining how I made this, including the hardware and software...Show More Summary

Interview with Lorna Jane Mitchell - Cal Evans

Twitter: @lornajane Show Notes Leeds PHP PHP Northwest

Horde im Tatort - Horde news

Horde Groupware played a role in Germany's number one crime series on Sunday evening.

Alternatives To MVC - Anthony Ferrara

Last week, I wrote A Beginner's Guide To MVC For The Web. In it, I described some of the problems with both the MVC pattern and the conceptual "MVC" that frameworks use. But what I didn't do is describe better ways. I didn't describe any of the alternatives. So let's do that. Let's talk about some of the alternatives to MVC... Read more »

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