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Speaking engagements fall 2015 - Thijs Feryn

As a tech evangelist I do a lot of public speaking. I’m very passionate about this and I have lots

How to Create a PHP C Extension to Manipulate Arrays Part 2: Adding ArrayAccess and Traversable interfaces - PHP Classes

How to Create a PHP C Extension to Manipulate Arrays Part 2: Adding ArrayAccess and Traversable interfaces By Dmitry Mamontov In the first part of this article we learned how to create an extension for PHP written in C to create a class that works like arrays. Show More Summary

Forcing Doctrine to Persist - Anna Filina

I stumbled upon a case where Doctrine would refuse to persist my entity due to a very special circumstance. Here’s the context: I’m using a generic method in my Repository to fetch a Post. I’m selecting partial fields like this: SELECT PARTIAL post.{id, name}... Show More Summary

Mobile Business Intelligence for Business Clarity and Agility

Today’s business users are mobile, so business intelligence must be mobile! To satisfy user requirements, your business must provide flexible BI and CPM with dependable, accessible, intuitive interface that will allow users to perform tasks, analyze data, and receive and act on critical alerts while on the road, or working in a home office or elsewhere. ###

BDD in Laravel: Getting Started with Behat and PhpSpec - SitePoint PHP

Getting Started with BDD in Laravel Introduction BDD is a complicated subject for many developers, and getting started with it the right way often does not come easy - especially when needing to implement it into existing frameworks....Show More Summary

Stop returning arrays (use objects instead) - Brandon Savage

When returning large amounts of data, it can be common to turn to a built-in PHP data structure: the array. But in object-oriented code, arrays make poor object-to-object data transfer mechanisms. Object-oriented programming is and should be focused on objects. Show More Summary

18 AKSW Papers at ISWC 2015

We are very pleased to announce that AKSW will be presenting  18 papers in the upcoming International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC) 2015.  Following are the details: Research track : TITLE: FEASIBLE: A Featured-Based SPARQL Benchmarks...Show More Summary

How to Make Better Reuse of PHP Code using Traits Part 1: Basic Code Reuse - PHP Classes

How to Make Better Reuse of PHP Code using Traits Part 1: Basic Code Reuse By Dave Smith When you want to share common methods across multiple unrelated classes, in PHP, traits are the way to go. They contain the power of an abstract...Show More Summary

DBpedia Usage Report, August 2015

We recently published the latest DBpedia Usage Report, covering v3.3 (released July, 2009) to v3.10 (sometimes called "DBpedia 2014"; released September, 2014). The new report has usage data through July 31, 2015, and brought a few surprises to our eyes. What do you think?

MySQL's GROUP_CONCAT limitations and cascading bad luck - Jordi Boggiano

We had an incident today over at Teamup (where I have worked for the last 9 months by the way:) which is worth a quick blog post if it helps save anyone from having a bad day. We are using MySQL's GROUP_CONCAT feature to fetch a list of ids to delete when cleaning up old demo calendars. Show More Summary

Interview with Sandy Smith - Cal Evans

@SandyS1 Show Notes php[architect] PHP World DC PHP The post Interview with Sandy Smith appeared first on Voices of the ElePHPant.

How to Create a PHP C Extension to Manipulate Arrays - Part 1: Basic Array Class Extension - PHP Classes

How to Create a PHP C Extension to Manipulate Arrays - Part 1: Basic Array Class Extension By Dmitry Mamontov In PHP projects, arrays are used every where because they are useful and flexible to store all sorts of data structures. However,...Show More Summary

Video: Database Access with PHP - SitePoint PHP

In this screencast I explain how to connect and extract data from a database using PHP, touching on topics like, PHP Data Objects (PDO), preventing SQL injection, and finally extracting your data in variety of different formats (as arrays, classes, or objects). Loading the player... Continue reading %Video: Database Access with PHP%

BE the Pied Piper with High Performance Internet Marketing

What do the Pied Piper and Internet Marketing have in common? My tech partner describes internet marketing as ‘the art of subtle, non-intrusive, high visibility’. I like that description because it says, in a nutshell, what every business wants to achieve with marketing. Show More Summary

Behat: Beyond the Basics - Nomad PHP

October 2015 - EU Presented By Jessica Mauerhan October 22, 2015 20:00 CEST

Save memory by switching to generators - Evert Pot

Since the release of PHP 5.5, we now have access to generators. Generators are a pretty cool language feature, and can allow you to save quite a bit of memory if they are used in the right places. To demonstrate, imagine that our model...Show More Summary

Drupal 8 Theming Revamped – Updates and New Features - SitePoint PHP

If you are a Drupal developer who has dabbled in theming older versions of Drupal (5, 6, 7) you understand why frustration is the trusty companion of any Drupal themer. Luckily, though, Drupal 8 promises so many improvements that even the Angry Themer is happy for a change. Show More Summary

OMG, I’m back! - Thijs Feryn

Yes, I’m back! There were previous attempts, but a colleague of mine convinced me to start blogging again. And hey, why not? What’s the angle? Well … in essence this will be a technology blog. I’ll avoid being a run of the mill geeky tech blog. It’s a blog for people who like technology rather … Continue reading OMG, I’m back!

Namespace PHP functions - Simon Holywell

With the release of PHP 5.3 namespaces became a reality in PHP and they’ve made so much possible including better autoloading. The majority of the time you’ll be used to seeing them at the top of each class file. They can also be used o...Show More Summary

Review: Building Web Apps with WordPress - PHP Classes

Title Building Web Apps with WordPress Reviewer Dave Smith Category PHP books Publisher O'Reilly Authors Brian Messenlehner, Jason Coleman Summary WordPress has become a popular vehicle to deploy Web sites since it can easily be extended with plugins and themes. Show More Summary

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