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Notable PHP package: PHP Form Encryption - PHP Classes

Notable PHP package: PHP Form Encryption By Manuel Lemos When you need to submit security sensitive data to a Web site, you should always use encrypted connections. However, over time older SSL versions have been discovered to be vulnerable,...Show More Summary

Static analysis with PHPSA: PHP Smart Analyzer - SitePoint PHP

One requirement that never changes whether you are working on your projects alone or in a team, on small projects or big, is Code Quality. The bigger the project and the team, the harder it gets to maintain it. A good way of slowing this increase in difficulty down is to use static analysis tools. Show More Summary

Magento Enterprise License Fees to Increase 35% in 2017

The yearly Magento Enterprise license fees are set to increase significantly in 2017 according to sources inside the company. While nothing has been confirmed by the company, they’re expected to make this announcement soon. The Enterprise edition license fees are set for a 35% increase from $18,000 to $24,300 per year. The pricing increase comes [...]Show More Summary

Using CharlesProxy's root SSL with home-brew curl - Rob Allen

Once I installed Homebrew's curl for HTTP/2 usage, I discovered that I couldn't automatically proxy SSL through Charles Proxy any more. $ export HTTPS_PROXY=https://localhost:8888 $ curl curl: (60) SSL certificate...Show More Summary

Commit Messages I Have Seen - Nomad PHP

Speaker: Billie Thompson A quick tour of how to to structure commit messages, and what should go in each commit. This talk is based around real world examples that I have seen, will include 7 quick tips to make your commit messages rock, starting from the basics of how Git and GitHub format your commit … The post Commit Messages I Have Seen appeared first on Nomad PHP.

How to Create a Software Product Business Continuing to Be a Developer - PHP Classes

How to Create a Software Product Business Continuing to Be a Developer By Manuel Lemos What developers like most is to write code. Creating your own software product business gives you a lot of freedom to work any time you want, anywhere...Show More Summary

PHP 7.1: enhancements to errors handling - Pascal Martin

Cet article est aussi disponible en français.This is the third post in a serie about PHP 7.1. PHP 7.1 brings a couple of enhancements to errors and exceptions handling. Catching Multiple Exception Types First, we can now catch several distinct exception types with one single catch keyword: we only have to use a | between each exception type. Show More Summary

Working at GitHub

I’m coming on five years at GitHub (in December) and I thought I’d write a bit about what I’ve been up to lately and the fact that several of my teams are hiring. Five years passes by so quickly, right? I still get emails for feature requests on ASP.NET MVC. Show More Summary

Web Summer Camp – the One Conference You Really Shouldn’t Miss - SitePoint PHP

Every year, Netgen organizes a summer camp on the beautiful Croatian coast. The scope of this camp has evolved from being eZ Publish-only, to being Symfony/PHP + eZ Publish (and calling itself PHPSummerCamp), and finally to being Symfony...Show More Summary

Avoiding Quasi-Immutable Objects in PHP - Paul M. Jones

tl;dr: Immutability in PHP is most practical when the object properties are scalars or nulls. Using streams, objects, or arrays as properties makes it very difficult, sometimes impossible, to preserve immutablity. One of the tactics in Domain Driven Design is to use Value Objects. Show More Summary

Interview with David Laietta - Voices of the ElePHPant

Video Audio only @davidlaietta Show Notes Recorded at PHP Tek 2016 The post Interview with David Laietta appeared first on Voices of the ElePHPant.

Introduction To Page Objects - Qafoo - PHP

A while ago we wrote about writing acceptance tests (end-to-end tests) with Mink and PHPUnit. While this is a great set of tools for various applications such tests tend be susceptible to changes in the frontend. And the way they break is often hard to debug, too. Today I will introduce you to Page Objects which can solve some of these problems.

Notable PHP package: morgen - PHP Classes

Notable PHP package: morgen By Manuel Lemos Developers that have tried to create applications that should run both on the Web, Android and iOS devices know that you need to have a different sets of application image icons that looksShow More Summary

PHP 7.1: testing a pre-release - Pascal Martin

Cet article est aussi disponible en français. Knowing PHP 7.1 will bring us some nice new features is great. But being able to play with those by ourselves is much better! Like with any PHP version, you can proceed several ways. YouShow More Summary

The future of the Enterprise Mobile Apps

Right now, companies are after making more enterprise mobile apps for their employees than before. They are trying to bring their all apps under one umbrella, as some companies have more than one mobile app. These apps are made to access the company’s files, organization of the files and collaboration between the employees. Show More Summary

Using Elasticsearch with PHP a complete guide - PHP Scripts – Web Development Blog

Elasticsearch is an open-source full-text search engine which allows you to store and search data in real time. You can search for phrases as well and it will give you the results within seconds depending on how large the Elasticsearch database is. This engine outputs results faster than SQL and is one of the most […]

PHP 7.1: introduction and release cycle - Pascal Martin

Cet article est aussi disponible en français. A new minor version of PHP is just around the corner: PHP 7.1! Its release date is not really set yet, as it depends on the amount of bugs that will be reported and fixed on Releases Candidates, but it should happen before the end of this year. Show More Summary

The Best Way To Find a Developer Job in 2016 - PHP Classes

The Best Way To Find a Developer Job in 2016 By Manuel Lemos Times have passed and the way you get hired jobs as software developer or even other positions has changed. In the past you used to find jobs and and apply by sending resumes. Show More Summary

Types in PHP and MySQL - Johannes Schlüter

Since PHP 7.0 has been released there's more attention on scalar types. Keeping types for data from within your application is relatively simple. But when talking to external systems, like a database things aren't always as one eventually...Show More Summary

The Fallacies of Enterprise Computing - Paul M. Jones

The Fallacies of Enterprise Computing is good throughout. It’s hard to excerpt; here only some of the highlights: After building IT systems for more than sixty years, one would think we as an industry would have learned that “newer is not always better”. Show More Summary

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