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Swimming against the stream

Congratulations to Contributoria! The Guardian’s experiment in crowd-funded collaborative journalism is a finalist in the digital innovation category of the British Journalism Awards. (Disclosure: Contributoria’s CEO and cofounder, Matt McAlister, is a former InfoWorld colleague.) The site, which launched in January 2014, runs on a 3-month cycle. Show More Summary

Google Analytics API v3 and PHP: Filters and Charts - SitePoint PHP

In the previous parts, we talked about how to use the Google Analytics API and created a demo showing some base functionality. In this part, we’re going to expand the demo. New functionality We’ll be adding some new functionality: Date...Show More Summary

The Inter-team Standup - Stefan Koopmanschap

For WeCamp 2014, we were creating multiple teams that would all work on their own project. But since we wanted to maximize the exposure of all delegates to the lessons learned by all teams, we needed to create a moment where people could...Show More Summary

About Personal Github Accounts - Fabien Potencier

Many of you have a user account on Github. But what are you using it for? As far as Open-Source is concerned, I'm using mine for two different usages: as a way to contribute to other projects by forking repositories and making pull-requests; as...Show More Summary

How to Run Multiple Versions of PHP on One Server - SitePoint PHP

In this particular post, we’ll demo a solution to install multiple versions of Phalcon and PHP and run them on a single web server. PHP 5.5.x and 5.6.x will be used here, but you can replace them with other versions. Any servers that support PHP-FPM should be enough but we recommend using Nginx. Show More Summary

PHP-FIG: All Your Dramas Are Belong To Us - Pádraic Brady

A quick Twitter check shows that most tweets recently mentioning PHP-FIG have veered towards the less than impressed end of the spectrum, and I can’t blame those folk who are either disgusted at recent discussions or staking out marshmallows for when the flames rise up again. Show More Summary

How to Set Up Continuous Deployment with Ninefold - SitePoint PHP

This post was sponsored by Ninefold. Thank you for supporting the sponsors who make SitePoint possible! I can remember back in the day, nine-ish years ago, when deployment was a manual process. Sometimes, in took 99 minutes to deploy even the simplest of sites. Show More Summary

Functional Programming in PHP - Liip

Functional programming techniques in PHP Functional programming has gained a lot of traction those 3 to 5 last years. First, there are some success stories around it : Twitter move to Scala, Whatsapp being written in Erlang. Then we have some new kick-ass languages like Rust. Show More Summary

Building better project skeletons with Composer - Peter Petermann

Note: This post has originally been posted at binpress, you can find the original post there: As the two weeks exclusive i gave to them are now over, i decided to put it here on my blog as well for those who might not stumble over it at binpress. Show More Summary

Getting Started with Symfony2 Route Annotations - SitePoint PHP

When you download the Standard Symfony 2 Distribution, it includes an interesting bundle named SensioFrameworkExtraBundle which implements a lot of great stuff, especially the opportunity to use annotations directly within your controllers. The...Show More Summary

Zombies and Binary - Nomad PHP

Presented by Christopher Pitt@assertchris You may not use the PHP bitwise operators but every conditional you do is binary logic. These boolean comparisons underpin every-day programming and they can also be modelled in Minecraft. In...Show More Summary

On April 30, 2015 Facebook is going to break their API. Are you prepared? - Nomad PHP

Presented by Sammy Powers @sammyk Facebook recently announced some big changes to their development platform which introduces a number of new features, limitations and breaking changes. The changes include a new version & versioningShow More Summary

Getting the digital autonomy we pay for

As an armchair educational technologist I’ve applauded the emerging notion that we should encourage students to build personal cyberinfrastructure, rooted in a domain of one’s own, that empowers them to live and work effectively. Doing so requires some expertise, but not necessarily this kind: Authorship has blossomed since the dawn of social media; but even […]

Default constructors - PHP 10.0 Blog

Consider the following code: class Animal { protected $what = "nothing"; function sound() { echo get_class($this)." says {$this->what}"; } } class Cow extends Animal { protected $what = "moo"; protected $owner; public function __construct($owner)...Show More Summary

There Is a (PHP or JS) Class for That: Community based Best Package Recommendations - PHP Classes

There Is a (PHP or JS) Class for That: Community based Best Package Recommendations By Manuel Lemos If you tried to find good packages for certain purposes but you ended up wasting a lot of time trying low quality packages, you willShow More Summary

We are the media

In an item posted last week, There was no pumpkin riot in Keene, I drew a distinction between two different events that became conflated in the national awareness. There was no rioting at the pumpkin festival at one end of Keene’s Main Street. And no pumpkins were smashed during the riots in the college neighborhood […]

unserialize() and being practical - Stas Malyshev

I have recently revived my “filtered unserialize()” RFC and I plan to put it to vote today. Before I do that, I’d like to outline the arguments on why I think it is a good thing and put it in a somewhat larger context. It is known that using unserialize() on outside data can lead to trouble unless you are very careful. Show More Summary

You need to be at Day Camp 4 Developers! - Brandon Savage

On Friday of this week, Cal Evans will host Day Camp 4 Developers: Building APIs Developers Will Love and Use. The best part is this event is completely free! It’s being sponsored by MuleSoft, meaning that your ticket is covered. All you have to do is sign up and show up and learn. DC4D is […]

Bower vs BowerPHP - SitePoint PHP

On October 28th, 2014, puppies all over the world spontaneously burst into flames - or so the community would have you believe. What happened was the reveal of BowerPHP (I shy from calling anything “alpha” a release), and here’s why it wasn’t anything nearly as apocalyptic as some would have you believe. Continue reading %Bower vs BowerPHP%

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