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Scalar Types and PHP - Anthony Ferrara

There's currently a proposal that's under vote to add Scalar Typing to PHP. It's been a fairly controversial post, but at this point in time it's currently passing with 67.8% of votes. If you want a simplified breakdown of the proposal, check out Pascal Martin's excellent post about it. Show More Summary

Sunshine PHP 2015 Wrap-up - Cal Evans

Twitter: @adamculp Show Notes South Florida PHP Sunshine PHP Conference

Push your Drupal Site’s Events to your Phone with Pushover - SitePoint PHP

In this article I am going to show you how you can integrate Pushover with your Drupal site. I will illustrate a couple of examples of how you can use Pushover to notify yourself as soon as something happens on your site. The code IShow More Summary

Conferences that are parties with talks - PHPBenelux and SunshinePHP - Liip

I recently read this tweet by @CalEvans, I couldn’t have said it better myself.  “Sunshine PHP  @adamculp threw a party in Miami and a conference broke out. :) #ssp15” When I return from a conference, I feel like...Show More Summary

A case for weak type hints only in PHP7 - Benjamin Eberlei

A case for weak type hints only in PHP7 TL;DR: I was one voice for having strict type hints until I tried the current patch. From both a library and application developer POV they don’t bring much o the table. I think PHP would be more...Show More Summary

SunshinePHP 2015 thoughts - Michael Kimsal

Just got back from SunshinePHP 2015 – one of the better tech conferences I’ve been to in a while.  Lots of familiar faces (Cal, Michaelangelo, MWOP, Clark etc), but also a number of new people I’d never met before (hello James, Marian,...Show More Summary

It’s the Booze Talking – Drupal - Cal Evans

Twitter: Angela Byron @webchick Larry Garfield @Crell Jeffrey A. McGuire @horncologne Show Notes Jeffery A. McGuire Larry Garfield @drupalhross Ultimate Guide to Drupal 8 Drupal Module Upgrader Aquia Podcasts Horn Cologne YouTube channel

Introducing Pagoda Box – a PaaS just for PHP - SitePoint PHP

In this article, we’ll take a look at Pagoda Box, another PaaS (Platform as a Service). If you have used other PaaS in previews projects, Pagoda Box is similar to Heroku. Pagoda Box is PHP only (for now) and has a well defined architecture to start developing with PHP. Show More Summary

10 Tips to Adapt PHP Web Sites for Mobile Devices - PHP Classes

10 Tips to Adapt PHP Web Sites for Mobile Devices By Manuel Lemos The trend of users accessing the Web more and more from mobile devices than from desktop computers is not new. However, the effort that is often necessary to adapt sites...Show More Summary

In favor of RFC "Scalar Type Hints" - Pascal Martin

Cet article est aussi disponible en français. The Scalar Type Hints RFC for PHP 7 has first been initialized in December 2014. It went on with version 0.2 at the middle of January 2015, after changing several major ideas, and is now in version 0.3, integrating return types, as RFC Return Type Declarations has been accepted a few days ago. Show More Summary

Anatomy of a Bully - Anna Filina

This is a combination of research that I read, what I witnessed and what I personally experienced. I was bullied since childhood, too many times to count. I continue to be bullied on a regular basis. I blocked nearly a hundred bullies...Show More Summary

The Inevitability of Failure and Importance of Repair

I'm often amazed at the Sisyphean lengths people will go to try and prevent failure, yet prepare so little for its inevitability. There's nothing wrong with attempting to prevent failures that are easily preventable. But such preventative measures have to be weighed against the friction and cost the measure introduces. Show More Summary

Grumpy Programmer’s Testing Bundle: Review - SitePoint PHP

After having gotten some constructive feedback regarding my testing practices on the basic TDD in your new PHP package tutorial, I decided to read Chris Hartjes “Grumpy Testing Bundle”, a set of two books consisting of The Grumpy Programmer’s Guide To Building Testable PHP Applications and The Grumpy Programmer’s PHPUnit Cookbook. Show More Summary

Fake Facebook Profiles - Anna Filina

If you participate in Facebook groups, you have probably seen requests to join. About half of the people who try to join my group are fake profiles. I block them. But how can I be sure which ones are fake? It’s really easy. I look at a number of elements. Date joined Fake profiles would probably show up as having joined less than a month ago. Show More Summary

On-Premise Deployment with Docker - Michael Spector

There was a request to make an on-premise installation package for one of Web services I work on, so I've started to think what would be the correct format of doing that. There's no problem to package everything as.rpm or as.deb, but...Show More Summary

CMS Content Organization Structures: Trees vs Facets vs Tags - SitePoint PHP

This article discusses the state of trees as a content organization structure in modern CMS as opposed to other approaches. For several years I have been interested in content repositories as a key aspect of modern CMS. With “modern”,...Show More Summary

A Secure Wrapper For Downloading HTTPS Resources Using file_get_contents() - Pádraic Brady

Today, I’ve released v1.0.0 of the padraic/humbug_get_contents package on Packagist. With the release of PHP 5.6, there was a significant security improvement in how PHP handled SSL/TLS protections, namely that it enabled a secure set of default options. Show More Summary

SSL, Composer and PHP 5.6 - Stefan Koopmanschap

A quick technical note: I ran into the same issue as Rob Allen did. Using his solution I came to understand the problem, but contrary to Rob, I was using an Ubuntu system in a Vagrant-box. The solution is the same, the path is different. Show More Summary

phorkie 0.5 supports paste embedding - Christian Weiske

I've just released my self-hosted git-based pastebin software phorkie in version 0.5.0. It brings compatibility with ElasticSearch 1.3, single file editing, automatic login and paste embedding via JavaScript and oEmbed. Single file editing Automatic...Show More Summary

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