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Salesforce App Development for U.K Client Vehicles Landing Business

This U.K. business required customized Salesforce development services to create an application and provide Salesforce implementation for an application to manage processes related to its vehicle landing business. Elegant MicroWeb undertook...Show More Summary

Social Network Portal and User Experience Design Services for U.S. Client

This client wished to develop a social network portal to illustrate credibility through posts and knowledge sharing. Elegant MicroWeb engaged in Ux design and UI development to create an innovative, appropriate design for this social media portal, and completed development of the portal using in the Angular JS framework. Show More Summary

How Terrible Code Gets Written By Perfectly Sane People - Paul M. Jones

From Christian Maioli Mackeprang, the following: Legacy code can be nasty, but I’ve been programming for 15 years and only a couple of times had I seen something like this. The authors had created their own framework, and it was a perfect storm of anti-patterns. Show More Summary

phorkie is composer-installable - Christian Weiske

To be able to install all of phorkie's dependencies with composer, I spent a good part of the last week to bring a number of PEAR package onto Previously I had resorted to composer's PEAR server interface, which is pretty...Show More Summary

Original MVC Resources from Reenskaug - Paul M. Jones

This is from Trygve Reenskaug: MVC: Xerox PARC 1978-79. Some quotes: The essential purpose of MVC is to bridge the gap between the human user’s mental model and the digital model that exists in the computer. The ideal MVC solution supports the user illusion of seeing and manipulating the domain information directly. Show More Summary

Rapid Enterprise App Development with Zend Expressive - SitePoint PHP

If you've ever done a Zend Framework quick start, you've probably never worked in Zend Framework. The quick start has historically been anything but quick, and it's easy to lose interest and move on to the next thing. Zend Expressive greatly improves upon this experience with the wizard driven composer create-project command. Show More Summary

AKSW Colloquium, 01.09.2017, IDOL: Comprehensive & Complete LOD Insights

At the AKSW Colloquium on Friday 1st of September, at 10:40 AM there will be a paper presentation by Gustavo Publio. He will present the paper  IDOL: Comprehensive & Complete LOD Insights, from Ciro Baron Neto, Dimitris Kontokostas,Show More Summary

Umbraco Development Services and Web Portal for U.S. Insurance Business

The client employed Elegant Microweb Umbraco web developers and Umbraco experts to design and develop a web-based portal on the Umbraco Content Management System (CMS) framework. The Umbraco web development provided a template to allow...Show More Summary

Dot Net Development of MVC Web-Based Tool for U.S. Client

Elegant MicroWeb worked with this U.S. insurance company, to develop detailed requirements, and design, develop, configure, test, implement and support this tool. Expert.Net application development services included a web-based digital spin Wheel tool to provide interactive features motivate agents. Show More Summary

.Net Development, Enhancement and Application Support for U.S. Client

This client wished to engage Elegant MicroWeb to help them with maintenance, support and enhancements of their existing Dot Net web-based exhibition accessories portal. The client wished to better leverage the benefits of its Amazon AWS Cloud hosting framework. Show More Summary

Volusion Development Services and Store Design for Leading Dental Business In U.S.

This recognized dental business engaged Elegant MicroWeb Volusion experts to design an online store. Volusion developers created an out of the box reporting system using the Volusion API to assist the with reporting of sales, discount codes and order reports for analysis and planning purpose. Show More Summary

UI Development and Gardening Website for U.K. Client

This client supports gardeners and gardening organizations and groups with information and inspiration, supporting and advising users via a gardening website. The client wished to expand and enhance its collaborative platform to better support garden centers, specialist growers, landscapers, charities and weekend gardeners. Show More Summary

Best practices are contextual -

Best practices are contextual Articles, blog posts, and Twitter debates around "best practices" abound. You can't swing a dead cat without bumping into some article espousing the benefits of designing and building software a certain way. Show More Summary

Get Off Your Twitter

Web Science, more so than many other disciplines of Computer Science, has a special focus on its humanist qualities – no surprise in that the Web is ultimately an instrument for human expression and cooperation. Naturally, lots of current...Show More Summary

ReactJS in PHP: Writing Compilers Is Easy and Fun! - SitePoint PHP

I used to use an extension called XHP. It enables html-in-PHP syntax for generating front-end markup. I reached for it recently, and was surprised to find that it was no longer officially supported for modern PHP versions. So, I decided to implement a user-land version of it, using a basic state-machine compiler. Show More Summary

ElegantJ BI Solution Included in August 4, 2017 Gartner ‘Other Vendors to Consider for Modern BI and Analytics’ Report

ElegantJ BI, a leading vendor in Business Intelligence and Advanced Analytics solutions, is pleased to announce that it is listed for its suite in the Gartner ‘Other Vendors to Consider for Modern BI and Analytics’ report published August 4, 2017. Show More Summary

Introducing Floyer - Sarfraz Ahmed

At my company, they still use ^svn^ and on top of that ^ftp^ and it was pain in the ass to upload files especially when client didn't have dedicated hosting or where there was no SSH access available. I did find some git-to-ftp or svn-to-ftp...Show More Summary

Data Preparation Tools Should be Self-Serve

Why is Self-Serve Data Preparation So Important? What is self-serve data preparation? It isn’t a method of making up data. It is a method of preparing data that allows the average business user to compile and analyze data without the assistance of a data scientist or an IT professional. Show More Summary

Symfony CMF 2.0.0 Stable Release - Symfony CMF

Over the summer, we have been tagging the 2.0.0 releases of the Symfony CMF components and bundles. This week, we managed to wrap up the last bits and pieces and tagged 2.0.0 of all parts of the CMF. CMF version 2 runs on PHP 5.6 and 7, and is compatible with Symfony 2.8 LTS and all maintained versions of Symfony 3. Show More Summary

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