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Sourcehunt 17.1: 7 Interesting PHP Packages to Keep an Eye On - SitePoint PHP

If you're new to Sourcehunt, it's our monthly post for promoting open source projects that seem interesting or promising and could use help in terms of Github stars or pull requests. It's our way of giving back - promoting projects that...Show More Summary

PSR-7 Request and Method Utilities - Matthew Weier O'Phinney

We all know the standard HTTP request methods and status codes, right? Or do we? We definitely know whether or not they should be integers or strings, and/or how string values should be normalized, right? And our IDEs can totally autocomplete...Show More Summary

Transparent Session Management with Sessionz - Nomad PHP

Speaker: Eric Mann @ericmann Sessionz is a new PHP library that adds a custom session manager to your application. On top of this custom manager, you can mix any number of specific handlers into a stack to deal with your data: Write sessions out to the default, filesystem-based session store. Show More Summary

Modern SQL - Nomad PHP

April 2017 - EU Presented By Elizabeth Smith April 20, 2017 20:00 CEST The post Modern SQL appeared first on Nomad PHP.

PHP Articles Report January 2017 Edition - PHP Classes

PHP Articles Report January 2017 Edition By Manuel Lemos This is the January 2017 edition of the podcast hangout recorded by Manuel Lemos and Arturs Sosins to comment on the latest outstanding PHP articles published recently. In theShow More Summary

Tutorial on Sending Postcards, Letters and Checks by Postal Mail Using LOB REST API using PHP - PHP Classes

Tutorial on Sending Postcards, Letters and Checks by Postal Mail Using LOB REST API using PHP By Haseeb Ahmad Basil Lob is a suite of REST APIs for building applications for the enterprise market. It provides very useful services controlled...Show More Summary

Why Objects Over Arrays? - Anna Filina

I saw a tweet earlier today “there seems to be this obsession with turning everything into an object”. Here’s a detailed response as to why using objects instead of arrays is a good idea, in my opinion. The Problem I once took over a project written in ActionScript 3. Show More Summary

The Fastest Method to Evaluate Tune the Performance of Any PHP Web Application Server using MySQL or PostgreSQL - PHP Classes

The Fastest Method to Evaluate Tune the Performance of Any PHP Web Application Server using MySQL or PostgreSQL By Dmitry Mamontov In the Web development world, we often have the problem of choosing the right server to use in the production...Show More Summary

AKSW Colloquium 30.Jan.2017

In the upcoming Colloquium, Simon Bin will discuss the paper “ Towards Analytics Aware Ontology Based Access to Static and Streaming Data” by Evgeny Kharlamov that has been presented at ISWC2017.   Abstract Real-time analytics...Show More Summary

ES6 Arrow Function Tutorial

Let’s take a look at ES6 arrow functions. If you’ve spent any amount of time programming JavaScript, you know that after awhile, it feels like you’re typing out that function keyword over and over and over. You write a function here, you write a function there. Show More Summary

White Paper: Citizen Data Scientists Engender Business Success

This white paper discusses the emergence and importance of Citizen Data Scientists and the role of self-serve data preparation, smart data visualization and plug n’ play predictive analysis in transforming business users into Citizen Data Scientists. Show More Summary

ES6 let vs var vs const

ES6 let vs var vs const, oh my! ES6 is here, and developers are making use of it now. There are a lot of differences between ES6 and it’s predecessor ES5, and if you want to make use of the new features available to you, you need to learn about how things work in ES6. Show More Summary

Elegant MicroWeb Partners with QSR Software Business to Deliver Stable, Dependable Online Ordering for Restaurants

Elegant MicroWeb is pleased to announce a value-added working relationship with a well-renowned U.S. software business providing online restaurant ordering and payment software tools to the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) market. This...Show More Summary

KBpedia Expansion Drives Two New Use Cases

Two new use cases regarding expanding KBpedia and disambiguating concepts have been added to the Cognonto Web site, bringing the total number of use cases to eight. Each use case describes a problem, how KBpedia or Cognonto technologies are used to address it, the benefits resulting from the approach, and sample code for how the use is conducted.

Calendar as a Service in PHP? Easy, with Google Calendar API! - SitePoint PHP

In this article, you'll learn how to work with the Google Calendar API in PHP. You'll do it by building a calendar app that allows users to add new calendars, add events, and sync calendars to Google Calendar. If you want to follow along,...Show More Summary

Team Resources in Scrum - SitePoint PHP

The following is an extract from our book, Scrum: Novice to Ninja, written by M. David Green. Copies are sold in stores worldwide, or you can buy it in ebook form here. A scrum team doesn’t work in a vacuum. There’s usually an organization that exists around scrum, and that supports the efforts of the […] Continue reading %Team Resources in Scrum%

Social Business Intelligence: The Next Big Thing!

Social networks and social media are ubiquitous! Every aspect of modern life (personal and business) involves sharing and social interaction, whether one is broadcasting information about a recent family event, posting a picture, asking...Show More Summary

A note on framework performance - Rob Allen

A question came up recently wondering why Slim Framework was around 5 times slower than plain PHP. All frameworks are by definition slower than no-code as there's more going on. i.e. an index.php of: 1]); is going to be much faster than...Show More Summary

Refactoring Should not Only be a Ticket - Qafoo - PHP

In this blog post I would like to elaborate a bit further on why refactoring should never only be a dedicated task on your board. It should be an essential part of every task you work on…

Introducing the ConvenientImmutability package - Matthias Noback

As was the case with the SymfonyConsoleForm library, I realized I had not taken the time to properly introduce another library I created some time ago: ConvenientImmutability. This one is a lot simpler, but from a technical standpoint...Show More Summary

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