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Bash practices - Part 2: CQS and return values - Matthias Noback

As I promised in my previous "Bash practices" post, I would discuss a query function in this article. Here you have it: function create_temporary_directory() { directory=$(mktemp -d "$1/XXXXX") } create_temporary_directory echo "$directory" That's a bad query function! This function is supposed to return the path of a temporary directory. Show More Summary

Extract Method - Qafoo - PHP

Refactoring is the process of restructuring code without changing its behaviour and the technique "Extract Method" is one of the most important building blocks of refactoring. What do you need to keep in mind while doing this?

37 Awesome Cloud and Virtualization Blogs

Virtualization and Cloud Computing are changing the landscape of modern computing everywhere in the world today. Whether it’s talking about on premise data center solutions, or companies that run their entire business in the cloud. Virtualization and Cloud Computing are a part of those solutions. Show More Summary

Fixing Text_LanguageDetect on PHP7 - Christian Weiske

I recently upgraded my personal development laptop to PHP7, and suddenly writing blog posts was not possible anymore. Text_LanguageDetect, the library I use to autodetect the language of my blog posts from its title, had stopped working. Debugging The...Show More Summary

Bash practices - Part 1: Input validation and local variables - Matthias Noback

Forgive me for my bad pun. As I mentioned in my previous Bash post I'm going to show you some ways in which you can improve the design of Bash scripts. Again, it's a weird language, and a lot of what's below probably won't feel natural to you. Show More Summary

The State of PHP MVC Frameworks in 2017 - SitePoint PHP

A simple question prompted me to sit down and write this follow up to my article from about a year ago. Q: Any thoughts about where things are today? (2/24/2017) A: “I’d say it’s pretty much down to Laravel and Symfony at this point; when it comes to PHP frameworks. I don’t feel that there […] Continue reading %The State of PHP MVC Frameworks in 2017%

Your Business will Soar with Great Cloud Services

Information is power. We all know it. But, in today’s crazy, information overloaded world, it is hard to manage the mountains and rivers of data. If you haven’t heard, the Cloud is a way to store and manage data and make it accessible from anywhere. Show More Summary

SADL – Semantic Application Design Language

Tweet SADL – Semantic Application Design Language Dr. Andrew W. Crapo GE’s Global Research  10:00 Tuesday, 7 March 2017 The Web Ontology Language (OWL) has gained considerable acceptance over the past decade. Building on prior work in Description Logics, OWL has sufficient expressivity to be useful in many modeling applications. Show More Summary

Immutable preferences, economics, social media and algorithmic recommendations

One of the things that encouraged me to leave economics after doing a PhD was – at the time, and still in textbook microeconomics – that the model of a person was so basic and particularly could not encompass wants and needs that change. You, to an economist, usually look like this: “Indifference Curves” over two goods by

Webinar: Data on the Web Best Practices: Challenges and Benefits

2017-03-03, There is a growing interest in the publication and consumption of data on the Web. Government and non-governmental organizations already provide a variety of data on the Web, some open, others with access restrictions, covering a variety of domains such as education, economics, e-commerce and scientific data. Show More Summary

DC-2017 Call of Participation published

2017-03-03, The DC-2017 Call for Participation (CfP) has been published. DC-2017 will take place in Washington, D.C. and will be collocated with the ASIST Annual Meeting. The theme of DC-2017 is "Advancing metadata practice: Quality, Openness, Interoperability". Show More Summary

The Importance of Semsets in Knowledge Graph Design

The use of semsets -- that is, any label that draws attention to a given thing, such as synonyms -- are a best practice for characterizing the nodes and edges in a knowledge graph. Semsets reinforce the idea of "things not strings" in enabling a KG to be a common understanding of a shared domain.

ElegantJ BI Tools Support Small and Medium Businesses

ElegantJ BI has become a popular business intelligence solution for small and medium sized business (SMEs), and is pleased and proud to support these businesses with simple, affordable, mobile business intelligence analytics, that provide a foundation for growth and competitive advantage. Show More Summary

Adventures with Bash - Matthias Noback

A bit of reminiscing When I was a kid, MS Windows was still a program called WIN.COM which you needed to start from the MS-DOS command prompt. You could also add it to AUTOEXEC.BAT which was a so-called batch file. You could write these.BAT files yourself. Show More Summary

We can all learn from the Drupal community - Liip

I started hearing about Drupal 8 back in 2014, how this CMS would start using Symfony components, an idea I as a PHP and Symfony developer found very cool. That is when I got involved with Drupal, not the CMS, but the community. I got invited to my first DrupalCon back in 2015. Show More Summary

Upcoming conferences and usergroups - Stefan Koopmanschap

It's been a while since I've done a post like this, but given the focus of the upcoming events I thought I'd give a small overview of my upcoming speaker appearances. Why? For 2017 I want to once again focus a bit more on building bridges. Show More Summary

ZipArchive with encryption - Remi Collet

Point of the situation with the development of zip extension version 1.14.0 which implements support of encrypted archives. This new feature implementation rely on libzip library new version 1.2.0. For now, only build using system library...Show More Summary

Install Vagrant via Composer with Homestead - Nomad PHP

Speaker: Joe Ferguson @joepferguson I can put vagrant in your project in THREE COMMANDS! Don’t believe me? Join me for a quick how to on adding vagrant to dang near any PHP project. Not only will we virtualize your environment we’ll of course be using the latest and greatest PHP version 7.1! The post Install Vagrant via Composer with Homestead appeared first on Nomad PHP.

Dependency Injection in PHP

Dependency injection is a software design pattern that implements the inversion of a control concept for resolving dependencies. According to this concept, a class should not configure its dependencies statically, but should be configured from the outside. Learn about Dependency Injection and the main PHP containers/frameworks used in working with PHP.

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