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White Paper: Integrated business intelligence and reporting can add value for end users

The need for information varies, depending on the role of the end user. BI tools must satisfy every user, whether they are an executive, a sales manager, or a team member; with integrated information from ERP and other systems and the ability to view, filter, report and analyze in a way that is meaningful to the user. ###

Technical Debt: Rescuing Legacy Code through Refactoring - SitePoint PHP

How can you get a legacy codebase under control and bring it to a new level of maturity? In this post, Jeroen summarizes the lessons learned from years of working on a large legacy web application. This article was originally published...Show More Summary

Experience With Immigration Fraud - Anna Filina

As you may know, I organize a conference that gets many international speakers and attendees. Although many of them have no issue travelling to Canada, some require a travel visa, which means that the Canadian embassy in their country will grant them permission for a temporary stay. Show More Summary

Easy Multi-Language Twig Apps with Gettext - SitePoint PHP

There are many approaches for adding new languages to your application’s UI. Though some userland solutions like symfony/translation are arguably simpler to use, they’re slower than the good old native gettext by an order of several magnitudes. In this tutorial, we’ll modify an English-only application to use gettext. Show More Summary

Overriding Slim 3's error handling - Rob Allen

Slim 3 registers two error handers: errorHandler to trap PHP Exceptions phpErrorHandler to trap PHP 7 Errors This means that if you want to override the default error handlers, you need to override both error handlers with your own code. Each error handler is a callable. Show More Summary

Application and Software Product Privacy Concerns are Growing

A survey of over 1,200 mobile apps revealed that apps are accessing a large volume of personal information without adequate explaining this information is being used. Click here to know more.

Five Composer Tips Every PHP Developer Should Know - Nomad PHP

By: Cal Evans Composer is the way that that PHP developers manage libraries and their dependencies. Previously, developers mainly stuck to existing frameworks. If you were a Symfony developer, you used Symfony and libraries built around it. Show More Summary

PSR-7 and Session Cookies - Paul M. Jones

One of the great things about PHP is its session handling capabilities. One call to session_start() and a huge amount of heavy lifting is done for you. It’s a great aid when writing page scripts. However, as you start to need finer control over the HTTP response in your project, some of the automatic session behaviors begin to get in the way. Show More Summary

Lose the BI Business User Blues

There is a lot of noise in the BI marketplace regarding ‘Self-serve BI’. And that is good. As a result, every business understands the value of self-serve BI and data democratization and most businesses are actively working to provide that value to the organization and to the business users by empowering users to make swift, confident decisions. Show More Summary

Interview with Tessa Mero - Voices of the ElePHPant

Video Audio only @TessaMero Show Notes Seattle PHP The post Interview with Tessa Mero appeared first on Voices of the ElePHPant.

How to Effectively Prepare for your Technical Interview & Coding Challenge - PHP Classes

How to Effectively Prepare for your Technical Interview & Coding Challenge By Manuel Lemos Doing well in technical interviews is important for all developers to succeed in getting good jobs. Read this article to learn about 5 important tips on how to get good jobs by getting ready for technical interviews.

Contributing to PHP: How to Fix Bugs in the PHP Core - SitePoint PHP

Previously, we covered contributing to PHP’s documentation. Now, we will be covering how to get involved with PHP’s core. To do this, we will be looking at the workflow for fixing a simple bug in the core. Since submitting new features to PHP has already been explained pretty well, we will not be covering that here. Show More Summary

Simple Access Control for CakePHP3 - Lorna Mitchell

The newest version of CakePHP doesn't ship with built in ACL, which means you need to write your own. Personally I think this is a smart move, having looked at the one-size-fits-all solutions for previous versions of the framework and...Show More Summary

AKSW Colloquium, 11.04.2016, METEOR with DBnary

In this week’s Colloquium, today 11th of April at 3 PM, Diego Moussallem will present the paper by Zied Elloumi et al. titled “AMIE: Association Rule Mining under Incomplete Evidence in Ontological Knowledge Bases.” [ PDF ]. Abstract...Show More Summary

Self-Serve BI and Data Governance: Not Mutually Exclusive

I spend a lot of time explaining the idea of self-serve business intelligence and helping people understand that self-serve BI tools do not, by their nature, open the door to data chaos or data anarchy. IT pros, managers and business...Show More Summary

Fixing PHP4 constructors for PHP7 - Christian Weiske

PHP 7 deprecates PHP4-style constructors . In PHP4, class constructor methods had the same name as the class: This was bad when switching base classes; you did not only have to change he class' extends declaration, but also calls toShow More Summary

Simple PHP Code Debugging - PHP Scripts – Web Development Blog

Each beginning (and more advanced) PHP coder will fail because of errors while writing PHP code. This post will teach you some simple things about how you can find those errors in your PHP script. By default some errors will not show up on your web server! Try the examples from the PHP manual The […]

Contributing to PHP: How to Contribute to PHP’s Manual - SitePoint PHP

In this two-part article series, we’ll be covering how to contribute to the PHP project. This will hopefully clarify what steps need to be taken for those looking to become more involved with PHP. This first part will be covering how...Show More Summary

March 2016 Newsletter - Nomad PHP

Word for the Herd 2016-03 Share I talk a lot about community, to dang near anyone who will listen. Community however isn’t the end game. Community is an means to an end. The end is sharing. We are all better off when we share what we know. Software development – specifically web development – is … The post March 2016 Newsletter appeared first on Nomad PHP.

February 2016 Newsletter - Nomad PHP

As a modern PHP dev, there’s a lot to learn. Nothing beats watching a pro work their magic & coding yourself! Learn tough topics like Symfony, Behat, OAuth2, REST and more with a short video & practice via real coding challenges. Work hard, and learn something amazing. Learn more Word for the Herd Clean Clean … The post February 2016 Newsletter appeared first on Nomad PHP.

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