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May 2016 Newsletter - Nomad PHP

Word for the Herd 2016-05 Encourage Recently I saw this on Twitter: “It’s never your successful friends posting the inspirational quotes.” I know Social Media can be a wasteland of memes, useless advice, and yes, motivational quotes, but this one is just depressing. Show More Summary

April 2016 Newsletter - Nomad PHP

Word for the Herd 2016-04 Speak If you read the “Word for the Herd” regularly, you’ll realize that I’ve already used “Speak”. That’s ok, it is important and needs to be repeated. We are about see a flurry of Fall/Winter CfPs open. Zend just opened ZendCon’s, others will quickly follow. Show More Summary

Discussion document: archiving open data

This is a brief post to highlight a short discussion document that I recently published about

TKE 2016 has announced their invited speakers

The 12th International Conference on Terminology and Knowledge Engineering (TKE 2016) has announced their invited speakers, including Dr. Sebastian Hellmann, Head of the AKSW/KILT research group at Leipzig University and Executive Director of the DBpedia Association at the Institut for Applied Informatics (InfAI) e.V.. Show More Summary

Book Review: Refactoring to Collections - Brandon Savage

Note: I received a free review copy with the promise to write a review. However, this review is my own review and reflects my viewpoints alone. What is wrong with this code sample? We’ve all written code that looks just like this. In fact, for many of us this is a default way of coding. […] The post Book Review: Refactoring to Collections appeared first on

Interview with Beth Tucker Long - Voices of the ElePHPant

@e3BethT Show Notes Madison PHP Conference Madison PHP The post Interview with Beth Tucker Long appeared first on Voices of the ElePHPant.

How To Synchronize a Database With ElasticSearch? - Qafoo - PHP

Since search engines like Apache Solr and ElasticSearch are easy to use and setup more and more applications are using them to index their content and make it searchable by the user. After all the underlying Lucene index engine provides far more powerful features then a plain MySQL full text search or similar solutions. Show More Summary

Why Reactive Programming is the Evolution of Web Development - PHP Classes

Why Reactive Programming is the Evolution of Web Development By Gjero Krsteski Reactive programming is a paradigm that allows applications to be developed in such way that they consume less resources, can respond faster, and deal with much more information. Read this article to learn more about Reactive programming, how it can be implemented in PHP integrating MVC frameworks.

Laravel Doctrine – Best of Both Worlds? - SitePoint PHP

Laravel Doctrine is a drop-in implementation of the famous ORM for the Laravel 5.X Framework, and a really interesting alternative to the default choice, Eloquent. In this article, we will learn how to use it, and when. Why Doctrine, and not Eloquent? Those of us who have used Laravel at least once, have probably used Eloquent. Show More Summary

A Fond, But Overdue, Farewell

I have updated this blog's interactive Timeline of Information History to new timeline software, with comments on how earlier tools are becoming outdated and needing to be replaced, including possibly WordPress.

Don’t Be a Guinea Pig! Hire Software Product Development Experts!

Over the years, I have had my share of mistakes. One that comes to mind that cost my company a lot of time and money was the mistake I made when I selected a vendor to develop a software product for us. Our business wanted to develop a product for the market and we saw a very clear opportunity to make money on a product...

Three Papers accepted at ECAI 2016

Hello Community! We are very pleased to announce that two of our papers were accepted for presentation at the biennial European Conference on Artificial Intelligence (ECAI). ECAI is Europe’s premier venue for presenting scientific results in AI and will be held from August 29th to September 02nd in The Hague, Netherlands. Show More Summary

Emoji SPARQL????!

If emojis have Unicode code points, then we can...

AKSW Colloquium, 13.06.2016, SPARQL query processing with Apache Spark

In the upcoming Colloquium, Simon Bin will discuss the paper “ SPARQL query processing with Apache Spark” by H. Naacke that has been submitted to ISWC2016.  Abstract The number of linked data sources and the size of the linked...Show More Summary

AKSW at ESWC 2016

We are very pleased to report that 4 of our papers were accepted for presentation as full papers at ESWC 2016. These are Detecting Similar Linked Datasets Using Topic Modelling by Michael Röder, Axel-Cyrille Ngonga Ngomo, Ivan Ermilov and Andreas Both. Show More Summary

PHP 7.1 and number check - Remi Collet

PHP 7.1 introduce a new check during conversion of string to number. Example : $ module load php70 $ php -v PHP 7.0.8RC1 (cli) (built: Jun 8 2016 06:25:44) ( NTS ) $ php -r 'var_dump("1K" 1024);' int(1024) $ module load php71 $ phpShow More Summary

Jenny Wong – From PHP to WordPress - Thijs Feryn

Jenny Wong is a community engineer at Human Made. I’ve known Jenny for a while and on June 4th 2016 The post Jenny Wong – From PHP to WordPress appeared first on Thijs Feryn's blog.

Does Your Bank Use Business Intelligence Tools?

When thinking of business intelligence, 61% of people interviewed by technology business research in the US, thought of operational efficiency. Click here to know more.

PHP 7.1 as Software Collection - Remi Collet

Version 7.1.0 Alpha 1 is released. It's now enter the stabilisation phase for the developpers, and the test phase for the users. RPM of this upcoming version of PHP 7.1, are available in remi repository for Fedora 22, 23, 24 and Enterprise...Show More Summary

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