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A Billion Is Cool

Yesterday, the NuGet team announced that reached one billion package downloads! It’s exciting to see NuGet still going strong. As part of the original team that created NuGet, we always had high hopes for its future but were also cognizant of all the things that could go wrong. Show More Summary

Notable PHP package: PHP Photo Wall Gallery - PHP Classes

Notable PHP package: PHP Photo Wall Gallery By Manuel Lemos Photo walls are useful for Web sites that need to show many images at once in a Web page. This class can generate photo wall images composed from groups of other images that...Show More Summary

5 ways of ensuring successful partnership in IT Business

Once I was asked a question “are you happy or how is your married life?” fancy that…It is not that marriages are easy, the stress involved is merely about managing expectations. How you manage expectations is basically about how effective...Show More Summary

How Can the ELK Stack Be Used to Monitor PHP Apps? - SitePoint PHP

This article was peer reviewed by Christopher Thomas, Younes Rafie, and Scott Molinari. Thanks to all of SitePoint’s peer reviewers for making SitePoint content the best it can be! When things go south with our applications -- as they...Show More Summary

LESS and Front-End Tooling with PHP - Nomad PHP

Speaker: Jimmy Fursman @jefweb There are so many Front End tools and workflows out there now that it is almost intimidating for a true PHP developer to consider any one of them. I’ll walk through a setup we use on client projects at Mercutio, that leverages LESS, Grunt and Bower in a PHP framework-agnostic way. Show More Summary

New, Major Upgrade of UMBEL Released

The release of UMBEL (Upper Mapping and Binding Exchange Layer) ver 1.50 re-structures the knowledge graph along natural cleavages captured by 31 mostly disjoint SuperTypes, each representing its entity classes in a flexible typology design that favors connecting with external content.

Symfony: A Tool to Convert NelmioApiDocBundle to Swagger PHP - Liip

We have an API built with Symfony that outputs its specification in the Swagger format. We needed to upgrade from version 1 to 2. As we switched the library to generate the specification while upgrading, we had to convert the configuration. Show More Summary

Business Intelligence Solutions are on the Rise Among Healthcare Providers

The shift from volume to value-based care is really a hot topic. Using the analytics and data available is key to that. Click here to know more.

Fast Debugging of PHP Code Using PHPEd Part 2: Debugging Symfony Applications - PHP Classes

Fast Debugging of PHP Code Using PHPEd Part 2: Debugging Symfony Applications By Cyril Ogana In the first part of this article it was covered how we can take advantage of a PHP IDE like PHPEd to find and fix bugs using its debugger capabilities. Read...Show More Summary

Case Study on Benchmarking Consulting Co. Moves XLS Calculations to Online Solution

A UK consulting firm engaged Elegant MicroWeb to design an online bench-marking system to replace the existing bench-marking process which was managed by spreadsheet, and transfer complex calculations to a flexible online system that would allow for redesign of benchmark parameters and standards and integration with workflow and user management. Show More Summary

Notable PHP package: PHP Reports - PHP Classes

Notable PHP package: PHP Reports By Manuel Lemos Many Web applications are developed to serve the interests of users or companies that need to view reports in a printed format. Usually PDF is the common format used for printing documents...Show More Summary

An Overview of PHPUnit 5 – What’s New? What’s Coming? - SitePoint PHP

It was January 2016 when the PHPUnit development team announced the release of PHPUnit 5.0. While several minor version have already been released since, PHPUnit's major version 5 has introduced several new functionalities and deprecated a few others. Show More Summary

Slim 3.4.0 now provides PSR-7! - Rob Allen

I've been neglecting Slim's PR queue recently, so this weekend I dedicated a lot of time to merging all the good work that our contributors have done. As a result, I'm delighted to release version 3.4.0! This release has a larger set...Show More Summary

Ditch the Nightmares and Dream Big with Great BI Tools

I had a nightmare last night! I woke up sweating, with my heart beating fast and when I realized it was just a dream, I laughed out loud. You might wonder what got me all upset. Well, it’s simple really. I talked to a friend yesterday and that conversation stayed with me and it must have caused my nightmare. ### My friend told me about...

PHPMyAdmin blank whitescreen (414 Request-URI Too Long) - Adam Culp

Ran across an interesting issue where PhpMyAdmin on a newly installed CentOS server was not rendering in a browser. Or more accurately, it was rendering but the CSS kicked in and caused the browser to display a blank page rather than the desired login screen. Show More Summary

Symfony Catalunya - Matthias Noback

Everybody is organizing their own PHP conference these days. It's impossible to "catch 'em all". There's conferences clashing, conferences too far away, conferences too much like other conferences, etc. Then there's conferences that have never been there before, are quite original and are therefore spark everyone's imagination. Show More Summary

A Year With Symfony - End Of Life - Matthias Noback

TLDR; I won't update A Year With Symfony anymore. The e-book is now freely available. My first book, A Year With Symfony, was well received when I first published it on September 4th. At the time it seemed to be a welcome addition to the official Symfony documentation. A lot of water has passed under the bridge since then. Show More Summary

What Is Laravel Valet, and Why All the Fuss? - SitePoint PHP

Yesterday, Taylor Otwell released Laravel Valet. If you're just interested in the broad strokes of what it is, who it's for, and how it works, watch the funny (and slightly NSFW) video below. If you'd like to go more in depth and find...Show More Summary

Notable PHP package: PHP Tracking User Activity - PHP Classes

Notable PHP package: PHP Tracking User Activity By Manuel Lemos Sometimes it is necessary to understand what is going on the browser side to verify if what the user is seeing is the same as he is expected to see after certain interactions. This...Show More Summary

10 GIT Tips and Tricks - Nomad PHP

Speaker: Sebastian Feldmann @movetodevnull Git is a powerful version control system and a lot of us are using it every day. In this lightning talk I will show you 10 git related tips and tricks, you may not know, that will make your daily live easier. The post 10 GIT Tips and Tricks appeared first on Nomad PHP.

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