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Top Features of ASP.NET vNext

Of course, as the name suggests, it is the upcoming version of ASP.NET. At a Glance… The next version of ASP.NET has been redesigned from the ground up. It has been designed to provide you with a lean and composable.NET stack for building modern cloud-based apps. The Applications will be fast

A small Tip for – How to take Screen Shot using Selenium WebDriver?

In the previous blog we had discussed in short, ” How to automate a browser !! “. As a beginner like me,  you will be very keen to take screen shot of a particular page. Here is a simple script for taking screen shot of any URL. I have taken “” as mu

A small Java script using Selenium Webdriver.

In the previous post we had discussed about the installation of Java, and configuration of Eclipse with selenium WebDriver. Now here we will be creating a small Java script. All beginners will 1st want to open browser and to automate it. So here we will be doing that. First of all we will write the

Get Ready to Learn SQL Server:  4. Query Results Using Boolean Logic

In today’s lesson you’re going to learn more about filtering results returned from your queries using the WHERE clause. The objectives of today’s lesson are to: Learn to use more than one compare condition at a time using Boolean logic Comprehensive example with Select, Where, and Order By Important

Simple Unit Testing using NUnit

Unit testing seems to be all the rage these days, and it does provide many benefits, not least that we can test our code without the need to have a complete application to do so. The MVVM pattern that we used in my previous post to decouple the view model from the view is a […]

A Look at ETW – Part 2

Recently I was poking around a bit with the interceptors available in EF 6, IDbConnectionInterceptor and IDbCommandInterceptor. Since a common use of these interceptors is to provide logging/profiling capabilities, it seemed like these might be a good fit to try with ETW. But first I wanted to know

Getting Started With SQL Server: 2. Sort Your Query Results

In this lesson you are going to explore how to sort your query results by using SQL’s ORDER BY statement.  Using this phrase allows us to sort our result in ascending or descending order.  In addition you can limit your query to a specified number of results. The lesson’s objectives are to: learn ho

Get Ready To Learn SQL Server: 3. How to Filter Your Query Results

In today’s lesson you’re going to learn how filter the results returned from your queries using the WHERE clause.  This clause is important as only those records matching the where clause’s conditions are returned in the query results. The objectives of today’s lesson are to: Learn about various con

Fixing the Wrong Problem, Once Again

The last week I spent two or three hours looking for the cause of a bug really close to the place where it was actually located – but not close enough. From the exact moment when I opened the bug description in Visual Studio everything pointed me in the right direction – towards a couple lines in ou

A Look at ETW – Part 1

Over the past few years I’ve returned from technical conferences with a to-do item of “look into ETW.” I’d make this note because at some point during one or more sessions a presenter would say something like “you really should be using ETW.” Unfortunately, I neve

Creating a Dynamic WPF Menu : Part 1

WPF provides some really nice features allowing us to create dynamic user interfaces. In the next 3 posts I will demonstrate how to create a dynamic menu bar [or tool-bar] that we can add and remove items to at run time. For brevity I have limited the scope to exclude any real styling and have [R

Creating a Dynamic WPF Menu : Part 2

In part 1 I introduced the idea of a dynamic menu build using WPF and the hierarchical data template. In this, part 2 I will carry on putting the foundations in place for the menu, and in part 3 I will link everything together. Firstly I shall cover the implementation of the ICommand for the […

Getting Started with Code Coverage by Jacoco

This article presents an example Maven project to get started with unit test code coverage by Jacoco.

Working With Domain Access Module in Drupal 7.x

Installation steps: 1. Download and install the Domain Access module using this link. 2. Then paste the following in your settings.php file : 3. Then rebuild the permission. Domain Access: i. Enable “Domain Access” in the modules section. ii. Navigate to “Admin->Structure->Domains&

An MDI using TabControl Extension with Close Button

A multi document interface implementation with a simple.NET Winforms TabControl extension that creates tabs with a close button.

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