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C# Lectures - Lecture 5:Events, Delegates, Delegates Chain by C# example

This is 5th lecture of the set I'm giving. It is related to delegates and events

Code Review by Example - The singleton pattern

Demonstration how code review can improve the quality of the code

Angular Shopping Cart That is Responsive & Mobile

Responsive Mobile Shopping Cart Bootstrap 3 AngularJS App with Features that Drive Real Sales like Video & Distributor IDs

Top 9 Windows Event Log Tips Using C#

Learn how to use the Windows Event Log via C#. Find different logging solutions and various test strategies.The post Top 9 Windows Event Log Tips Using C# appeared first on Automate The Planet.


Scrape Google Search Engine Results using R

Point Inside 3D Convex Polygon in Perl

An algorithm to determine if a point is inside a 3D convex polygon for a given polygon vertices in Perl

CRUD with oData V4 and ASP.NET Web API

Quick introduction to oData (v4) by understanding how to implement CRUD method using ASP.NET Web Api.

Griffin DAL Generator – Take 2

Griffin DAL Generator is a tool which can generate pure ADO.NET based repositories for you. This new version is a Visual Studio Extension. Right-click on any project in the Solution Explorer to start the generator wizard. As you might already know if you’ve read my blog, I’m not a big fan of O

Hystrix To Prevent Hysterix

Your application just launched into production after 6+ months of development and bug fixes. In true Agile fashion, you and the team released your MVP (minimal viable product). You did your best to simulate load and try to emulate actual user actions so that you can anticipate how your app will beha

Solving the RealSense platform conundrum

When I develop RealSense applications I invariably use Visual Studio and C# to write my applications. If you’ve done any RealSense development in.NET, you’re aware that they have a 32 bit and 64 bit version of their assemblies and you’ve probably had to deal with the conundrum abo

Decrypt SQL Server Objects

Decrypt Stored Procedures, Views, Functions, and Triggers in Sql Server.

Oracle Parameterized Queries for the .Net Developer

A Primer for Writing Parameterized Oracle Queries for the.Net SQL Server Developer

Overcoming the List View Threshold in SharePoint CAML queries

How to write scalable CAML queries that won't return list view threshold errors on large SharePoint lists.

Easy Distribution Computing in VisualBasic

Distribution computing framework source code used by online systemsbiology annotation system.

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