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Android Firebase Cloud Messaging Tutorial

Android Firebase Cloud Messaging Tutorial Hello Developers, We are back with a new android firebase tutorial. This time we will discuss about Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM). We will be using Firebase to add cloud messaging in android app. What is Firebase Cloud Messaging? Firebase Cloud Messaging is

MonoGame Content Project tool walkthrough

To accompany the video project for the Content Project/pipeline tool, this blog post will also show you all the features of the MGCB tool, along with a few tips and tricks. The video for this post can be found here if you prefer video:   This and more content can …

REST Client for SharePoint

Introduction This is the overview of SharePoint REST Client. SharePoint REST Client is a Chrome Extension for testing/exploring REST API of SharePoint. It can be very useful for testing HTTP requests like GET, POST, UPDATE or DELETE. It works on SharePoint 2010, 2013, 2016 and Online.

C#-MySQL CodeGen - rno (re-enter)

Software (C#-MySQL CodeGen - rno) is a software that Generate MySQL codes (ex. INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE,GET ROW) for C# database manipulation.

Google Maps Search Nearby : Displaying Nearby Places using Google Places API and Google Maps API V2

Google Maps Search Nearby In this post we will learn how to find nearby places in Google Maps. We will first see how to get current location of user and then will add marker on nearby places like Restaurants, Hospitals, Schools etc. You can see demo of this post (Google Maps Search Nearby) in above

Google Maps Nearby Places API using Retrofit Android

Google Maps Nearby Places API Hello Guys. Hope all of you are doing well. In this tutorial, we will learn how to add the markers on nearby places in Google Maps API using Retrofit. We will name this App as Google Maps Nearby Places API. You can see demo of this tutorial in above […]The post G

Detailed Knowledge Of Filters In ASP.NET MVC 5 In Step By Step Process: Part One

This article explains about how to create custom filters and user defined filters in ASP.NET MVC 5 in Step by Step way.

Improving Web Page Performance by Using Image Sprite

This tip presents information on how to Implement Image Sprite technique which can boost web application performance in any web platforms like.NET or Java, etc.

Build Component Based Website

Stateless functional components make building a multi-page website a breeze.

WPF/MVVM Print or Create an Image of your Application Screens

This article will show an easy way to add the ability to print, or save as an image, each screen (Window) or FrameworkElement (UserControl) in your application.

My favorite interview question

Do you know the difference between a value-type and a reference-type? Are you sure? Try this code-snippet to find out if you really know - then read the explanation to learn more.

WPF PropertyGrid

How to show and edit an object's properties using a DataGrid???????.

Anti-Sandbox and Anti-Virtual Machine Tool

Virtualbox, VirtualMachine, Cuckoo, Anubis, ThreatExpert, Sandboxie, QEMU, Analysis Tools Detection Tools

Localising Javascript Resource Files in ASP.Net MVC

Localising Javascript Resource Files in ASP.Net MVCLocalising website text in ASP.Net projects is trivial when carried out server-sideusing resource files, but what do you do when you need localised text served fromthe client side? In previous projects I have served up the localised text as paramete

WCF (Windows Communication Foundation)

Thank you everyone for your all support to my blogs till now, in our last post we covered how and why to use NuGet, NPM and Bower. In this post we will see basics of WCF.

Finding groups in data with C# - Agglomerative Clustering

This article presents how to implement a well-known agglomerative clustering algorithm in C#.

Repository Pattern For .Net

Repository Pattern sample over Multiple Datasource or Resource on Domain Object Model

WCF WebService in Applications A Beginner guide

This article describe the way of writing your WCF Service in Professional Application

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