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Xamarin.Android: Working With GPS And Locations

In this article, you will learn how to get the current location of the device and determine how many miles you are away based on the origin of the location provided.

Easy Backup and Restore MySQL database utility.

Easiest tool to backup and restore Mysql database from windows.

Testing for Game Development

Covers theory, principles and practical techniques to help your testing efforts.

akka : ‘hello world’

This time we will look at a simple example of Akka.

Singular vs. Plural in Item Counts

A simple way to display "item" or "items" instead of "item(s)"

High-performance finite elements with C#

Performing linear static analysis on a tetrahedral mesh with a little bit of help from a third-party solver.

How to use a Knowledge Base to Automate Problem Solving in General

This article describes how to use a knowledge base to automate problem solving in general

Learning Resources from Miscrosoft

Thank you everyone for your response on my posts so far. I am trying my best to share my knowledge with everyone. In this post we will see how we can get benefits from several Microsoft services offered for developers for free, yes you heard it right for free. We always struggle to find the best lea

Quick tip: How to find the internal name of SharePoint column

This short tip is about getting internal names of columns in Plumsail HelpDesk for SharePoint 2013 and Office 365. Internal names are used to get field value and can be used in trigger conditions, message templates or workflows.  First of all, let’s figure out what is the Internal Name and the Displ

Creating a simple function in SQL Server

This article walks you through creating simple function in SQL Server.

How To Use BackgroundWorker in C#

Basic implementation of background worker implementation

How to Create an Add-in for Microsoft Outlook

This is a tutorial on how to create a VSTO Add-in to extend the Microsoft Outlook functionalities.

Create Hybrid Test Framework – Advanced Element Find Extensions

Build a Hybrid Test Automation Framework. Learn how to create an extendable element find logic without changing the core test automation framework. The post Create Hybrid Test Framework – Advanced Element Find Extensions appeared first on Automate The Planet.

.NET backward compatibility – Part 4

Building NuGet packages that target multiple.NET Framework versions.Read more ›

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