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Angular 2 SwipeClouds Mobile App Framework with JQuery Mobile & Cordova or PhoneGap

Angular 2 SwipeClouds Mobile App Framework Combines HTML5 Canvas with JQuery Mobile's Stunning Graphics. Our starting Angular 2 Mobile App displays and plays your monetized videos from Hundreds of Tube Servers like YouTube, Youku, Vimeo, etc. Streams videos from app to any Smart TV. Uses the new Sw

Meteor Tutorial for Web and Mobile App Development

Meteor is one of the most popular JavaScript platform for web and mobile application development. Just like Ionic (we covered in previous Mobile App Development Tutorial), we will explore various features of Meteor as a web and mobile app development platform.

Creating Windows Executables from Java Applications

Options to turn Java code into executables that can be used from a programming language

Create Desktop UX With ASP.NET MVC (Part 2 of 3)

Building the ASP.NET MVC desktop UX (User Experience). See ContextMenu in action.

Writing a Blog Engine in ASP.NET Core

Reflections on writing a simple blog engine in ASP.NET Core with Entity Framework Core

StringLib C: Library Adding String Type to C

C library defining string type and string manipulation functions

Float Point Numbers as Approximates & Using Errors

Floating point numbers as approximates and understanding error happened when using single and double data types

Ext JS MVVM Tricks: Part 1. Self binding

In this article you will learn how to create a component with configuration properties and bind to them using MVVM

Master Detail Grid in Mvc5

The purpouse of this article is to explain how to show data in a Nested Grid in Mvc5, because Often we face the challenge to show data in Master - Detail way.

Simple XML Data Merge Utility Library

Merge XML data into templates far simpler and easier than XSLT in 2 lines of code.

How To Master Complex Scenarios Using Fluent Validation

This is part 3 of a series on configuring and using Fluent Validation and Autofac. Check out the other parts here:How To Quickly Set Up Dependency Injection With AutofacHow To Easily Set Up Fluent Validation With AutofacFeedback is an important part of a good user experience. It is a normal, everyda

Applying Lambda Architecture on Azure

Design and development simple analytics system using Lambda Architecture principles and Microsoft Azure cloud

What You See Is What You Update

This article explains the problem when a transaction accidentally overwrites modified data and how to prevent it.

VS2017: What to do to get Console.Writexxxx working

A hack so you can use Console.Write and Console.WriteLine in VS2017 WinForm programminfg

Processing Loops in SQL Server

Alternatives to using procedural loops in Transact SQL, demonstrated by examples.

Populate Grid from Json using XmlhttpRequest

The power of the XmlHttpRequest in Ajax requests to retrieve data from server side

Schedule a Regular Task using Quartz.Net

Schedule regular tasks as part of a web application using Quartz.NET - an open source scheduling library which is available via nuget

Validate your AutoMapper mappings

Automatically validate your AutoMapper mapping after each and every build with AutoMapperPostBuild.

Building Custom Formatters for .Net Core (Yaml Formatters)

Know how to create a custom request/response formatter for core apps

GitHub Analytics: Oauth killer application

A simple POC to demonstrate how to use GitHub API and Oauth to create a real application.

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