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Day 39 of 100 Days of VR: Creating a VR First Person Shooter II

Welcome back to day 39! Yesterday we started to look at fixing problems that involved the limitation of Mobile VR (and a lot of raycasting), today we’re going to make some more changes. Specifically, the goal today is: Change our Event Trigger logic to deal with what happens if we’re holding down o

Compiling MuPDF DLL to Render and Edit PDF Documents

MuPDF is an open-sourced, high performance PDF rendering and editing engine written in C. This article describes how to compile its source code to a DLL for use in other programming languages.

Computing the Date of the Last Day of a Reporting Week

Calculating the day on which a reporting period that ends on a specific day of the week is not as easy as it looks.

Multithreaded Parallel Scalable Sort Harnessing the Power of OpenMP Performance Library - Part 1: Sorting Algorithm

In this article, we’ll introduce the new fast sorting algorithm that can be used to sort arrays with typically huge amount (about 10^8-10^10) of data items, based on the idea of using an improved 3-way quicksort algorithm.

AWS EC2 Operations in C#.NET

A C#.NET library to perform operations on AWS EC2 resources.

Master Detail Datagridview in C#

This is an alternative for "Master Detail Datagridview"

Entity Framework and Views, if a PK not available

Performance issue using ROW_NUMBER() OVER in a database view for the PK

Programmatically Determine Nuget Dependencies for a Project

I like to use Nuget pretty extensively. It is great for distributing open source libraries to the public, but it is also a great tool for managing your own code libraries, and sharing them across projects. There are times when I cannot simply run the NuGet utility on a single project file.

Http-Monitor using Powershell

A powershell script that monitors webs sites and trace logs into database.

TCPIP Server and Client example

Example of a TCPIP server that listens and can serve multiple client connections.

SQL gets Nth Position Value from Given Value with Delimiter

How to get the nth position data from a given array value using SQL query

Day 38 of 100 Days of VR: Creating a VR First Person Shooter I

Welcome to Day 38! Today, we’re going to talk about the limitations of mobile VR and make some changes in our game to fix things. We’ve already started to fix some things, specifically adding event triggers to our enemies, but there’s still many more things to solve! Here’s a quick list of things I

Random Password Generator: an Example

using System.Security.Cryptography.RNGCryptoServiceProvider

Angular 5 Basic Demo Project Overview

Introduction This post is a continuation of the Angular 5 series and you can find the first part of this series here What Is New and How to Set Up our First Angular 5 Application. So if you haven’t gone through the first part yet, I strongly recommend you to do that. In our first part, we saw

Localization in JSF

In this article I cover localizing text, date and currency

How Does Redux Work?

After learning a bit about React and getting into Redux, it’s really confusing how it all works. Actions, reducers, action creators, middleware, pure functions, immutability… Most of these terms seem totally foreign. So in this post we’re going to demystify how Redux works with some visuals

Break the habit of logfiles by using automated error handling in ASP.NET MVC5

Save time and effort with the help of codeRR, which finds and analyses errors for you, improving code quality along the way.

Testing and Validation CNTK models using C#

…continue from the previous post. Once the model is build and Loss and Validation functions are satisfied our expectation, we need to validate and test the model using the data which was not part of the training data set (unseen dat...

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