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Menu Control Panel

Development of a style menu control panel whose structure is handled from a SQL server database

Java Script Facts for great JS coding 1

Introduction Java script is an interesting and popular programming language. Its syntax is easy, features are cool and its role is becoming more and more important every day in web development. Usually it is easy to get started with JavaScript because a lot of resources and community help is availab

Load testing web sites with StresStimulus: Part 1 - Getting started

Learn how to load test your web site with StresStimulus, a load tester extension to Fiddler.

C# Async Audio Waveform Generator

A C# class for generating an audio waveform asynchronously.

Dynamic Manu type Control Panel from DataBase

Creating a menu dynamically from a database, with a style type control panel

Work around for consistent stack corruption resulting from the same thread

Stack corruptions are usually tricky to solve, they can be random or consistent in nature, random are usually due to some rogue pointer writing to a random location wrecking havoc along the process address space and the consistent are due to overrunning allocated write buffer with more bytes that it

Implementation of Slow Changing Dimension (SCD) using SSIS

SCD plays an important role where the user wants to maintain the historical data and to capture the changes over the period time.

Capturing unhandled exceptions in a mixed native/CLR environment

Observing Unhandled Exceptions In.NET unhandled exceptions can be observed via AppDomain.UnhandledException event: AppDomain.CurrentDomain.UnhandledException += myHandler; // C# In Win32 unhandled exceptions are observed via SetUnhandledExceptionFilter call: SetUnhandledExceptionFilter(myfilter); /

Loading indicator for content controls

With C# 5 (.NET 4.5) it became a lot easier to create asynchronous methods. There’s also a great MSDN article on how to leverage this using MVVM so that you can have properties update the view when they’ve finished loading. What I wanted was a simple control that would indicate to the us

Monitoring long operation progress via SignalR

codeproject There are many cases when you want to start a long operation and watch its progress. In my Chpokk project (a C# and VB.Net IDE), you can see it when you create a project (primarily when adding NuGet packages, which can be long), compiling, executing, and automated testing. The proble

JAXB – A Newcomer’s Perspective, Part 2

In Part 1 of this series, I discussed the basics of loading data from an XML file into a database using JAXB and JPA. (If JSON is called for instead of XML, then the same idea should translate to a tool like Jackson.) The approach is to use shared domain objects – i.e. a single […]

ZeroMq #3 : Socket Options/Identity And SendMore

Last time we looked at the different socket types within ZeroMq, and I also told you their equivalent in NetMq (which is what I use for these posts). This time we will look at 3 small areas of ZeroMq, which are none the less very important areas, and should not be overlooked. These areas are […

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