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A performance comparison between Kerosene ORM and Entity Framework

A performance comparison between Kerosene ORM and Entity Framework in a variety of scenarios

Fixing Memory Leaks in AngularJS and other JavaScript Applications

Dealing with memory leaks in JavaScript applications can be a complex process. In this article I'm going to show you how to identify whether you have memory leaks, analyse them and ultimately resolve them.I'm using an AngularJS application to demonstrate the concepts and approaches, but much of this

Hosting Without Limits: A Review of 1&1 Internet’s Unlimited Package

1&1 has become one of the most successful and popular hosting companies in the world by offering simple, inexpensive ($0.99/month for three months, then $8.99/month thereafter) and feature-rich hosting plans.

Display HTML in WPF and CefSharp Tutorial Part 1

This is a basic 101 type tutorial on CefSharp 3 with WPF. You learn how to display of HTML in your WPF application.

A way to create "deathless" Android applications

An interesting approach to create Android applications, which user cannot remove or stop (only admin can do this applying specific password), without using ROOT permissions.

Building an OAuth Yammer App with ASP.Net MVC and Web API

In this article, we'll build an ASP.Net MVC 5 web app which will search your Yammer feed for a hashtag, and display the poster's home town on a Bing map

Queuing Windows Services work items using MSMQ, and live progress using WCF Net Named Pipe

How to use MSMQ to queue work items for a windows service to execute, and then use WCF Net Named Pipe to report progress to a WPF application

Knockout Grid - Extended

The article shows how to use the simplegrid which is used in knockout examples to which i've added support to accept column template to interact with outside DOM bindings, and stylish and simple pager and also multi select option.

Fix : HTTP Error 404.17 : The requested content...

Fix : HTTP Error 404.17 : The requested content appears to be script and will not be served by the static file handler

Simple approach to Voronoi diagrams

We discuss simple variants of the Voronoi diagram using standard containers and algorithms that deliver better performance than the brute force approach.

Lets Write Unobtrusive JavaScript

An article about different ways to write Unobtrusive JavaScript.

MyFamily.Show: A Simple JQuery Mobile Family Tree

MyFamily.Show : A simple Family Tree Mobile App to keep details of your family tree.

Drag and Drop in MVVM WPF

Dragging and dropping in WPF with a MVVM style architecture

Using .net caching with Sitecore

IntroductionSitecore has an extensive caching framework that allows it to cache everything from items in its database all the way to the html output of its renderings.  When using Sitecore's cache framework it employs a number of techniques to ensure that the cached data remains valid, and if you us

Sart with C# from scratch- Part 1

Topics to be covered:- Welcome to C# Working with Variables, Operators & Expressions Understanding your first C# program Welcome to C# C#.NET is a powerful language, which is generally called Component Oriented Language. Now we have heard of Object Oriented Language, but what is component oriented

An illustrated Gude to Parameter Passing in JavaScript

I thought it would be fun to do a back-to-basics kind of post on the JavaScript language and base it on my second most popular blog post of all time Parameter passing in C#.In other words this post will present some JavaScript brain teasers around parameter passing and visually illustrate the soluti

Using Font Awesome from Nuget

Introduction Still using images for icons!! Now in every other web site/web pages, we find intensive use of icons to help user navigate and understand easily the whole purpose. Making the icons simple and understandable from user point of view is what the motive stands here. But using images for ico

Mini Profiler from Nuget

Introduction Being developers we always face a challenge, to debugand optimize the queries we have written for any request made to the server. Getting the exact time of the queries requested for each page load is next to impossible. Usually we count one two three.. and see the average.. :D. But is t

Continuous Delivery with TFS: Making Sense of the DSC Feature in Release Management

When I first started listing the draft titles of blog posts for my series on implementing continuous delivery with TFS naturally the vNext / Agent-less / PowerShell DSC feature of Release Management that shipped with 2013.3 was on my list. And why not? Surely this was the successor to the agent-base

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