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How Expensive Can DOM Manipulation Be

I’ve heard about avoiding the DOM manipulation because it generates too much overhead. But I guess, I’ve never imagined how bad it could be.

Unit Testing in C# using xUnit, Entity Framework, Effort and ASP.NET Boilerplate

Implemented unit and integration tests on ASP.NET Boilerplate framework using xUnit, Entity Framework, Effort and Shouldly

DecompressLibrary - a general library to decompress a zip, gz, or tar.gz file into a memory buffer

A library that provides an easy to use class (CDecompressLibrary) that will detect and decompress into memory buffers an archive file (zip, gz, tar.gz).

Listing sheets in an Excel file

A simple way to use to get a list of sheets in an Excel file

Versions of MySQL Entity Framework library compatible with .NET Core

I’ve found it usually tricky to reference the right version of entity framework to the application’s.NET Core version.

Yet another fluent JDBC wrapper in 200 lines of code

The article presents a flunet JDBC wrapper written in 200 lines of code.

Multi Container NodeJS Deployments with Docker Compose

Setting up multiple NodeJS deployments using Docker Compose in a single server environment

How to Turn Website into Mobile App: 4 Best Options

Let’s unpack four popular mobile app technologies that will illustrate the common differences among them.

Dealing with Outliers

How to Find Fraudulent Transactions in a Real-World Dataset

Optimization Fever!!!

To optimize, or not to optimize, that is the question...

How To Get A File's Encoding with C#

This article describes how to get a file's encoding with C#

Learn MongoDB With Me

Here we are going to do some exercises with MongoDB, we will be talking about Mongo Shell, how can we configure MongoDB?, What is Indexes in MongoDB etc.

MEAN Stack

MongoDB, Express.js, AngularJS, Node.js abbreviated as MEAN, these are application development pack by all Javascript. In this sample we are going to use MSSQL Server instead of MongoDb.

SR2JLIB - a Symbolic Regression library for Java

Grammar-Guided Genetic Programming library featuring: multi-threading, just-in-time compilation of individuals, dynamic class loading, and JNI interfacing with C/C++ code.

Scraping Web Pages with XHtmlKit

Use the XHtmlKit Nuget Package to make scraping web pages in C# fun.

How Python, Juptyer Notebooks and QISKit Make Quantum Computing Widely Accessible

Using open source tools like Python, Jupyter Notebooks and QISKit allows developers to explore IBM cloud-enabled quantum processors

Get Started Turbo-Charging Your Applications with Intel® Parallel Studio XE

Intel Parallel Studio XE isn’t just a tool to help you profile your applications, it’s a suite that enhances Microsoft Visual Studio and gives you deep insight into the performance of your applications.

Cake Build Tool

The Cake build tool is a build tool that utilizes the Roslyn (compiler as a service) from.NET.

Wheel-Road couple

Calculate a wheel profile matching a road profile.

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