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Defend ASP.NET and WCF from various attacks using Nginx

Protect ASP.NET and WCF from various brute force and Denial of Service attacks and speed up response time using nginx.

Snippets for Visual Studio

How can you make snippets in a simple and easy way

How complicated can a search be?

Cloudant distributed database as aservice (DBaaS) is engineered in a way to help you solve issues with indexingand searching by integrating the Apache Lucene search library.

Simple MCI Player

A simple MCI player for playing music with the appropriate environment.

Creating and using Table-valued function in SQL Server

This article explains creating and using multi-line table valued function with examples.

A Developer’s Guide to Annotating WebRTC Video

How to add annotations to WebRTC videos which will improve how users communicate

Discrete Event Simulation using R and call Script from PHP

Simulation Model to plan the capacity of a Hospital with limited number of beds. The R script is callable through PHP.

Never Buy A Garage Door Remote Again: Open Your Door With Your Android Phone (via Bluetooth)

Steps for building a device you can add to your existing garage door, which implements an atmega328, bluetooth (hc-05) and relay module which will allow you to open your garage door from any paired Android device.

TFS/VSO vNext Build Status Overview Widget

Quickly see the status of all of your builds in one widget on your dashboard.

Sketch framework and Class Library - Part 2

A standard interface for multiple Arduino boards with different firmware

Discrete Event Simulation using R: Oncology Hospital Example

Simulation Model to plan the capacity of a Hospital with limited number of beds.

Jatalog: A Datalog deductive database in Java

A Java implement of Datalog, a subset of the Prolog programming language that is used as a query language in deductive databases

Responsive GUI Application Tricks

How to avoid blocking long operations in GUI applications, that lead to hung state.

The C# difference between "true" and "not false"

This is the story of a C# language specification change. The specification changed because the 1.0 version of the C# spec disagreed with itself, and one of those locations was incorrect and broke a feature.   The change is in the section on “Conditional Logic Operators”.  Version 1 of the spec state

Xamarin.Android: Working With GPS And Locations

In this article, you will learn how to get the current location of the device and determine how many miles you are away based on the origin of the location provided.

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