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The importance of a low level native flat API in Windows.

In the Windows world, software development can easily become stagnated if developers push too much for more higher level functionality at the expense of low level functionality.

Understanding WCF in depth Part -3

Prerequisites: Understanding WCF in depth Part – 1 ,  Understanding WCF in depth Part – 2 In this part we will look at why endpoints were required? From the previous article we know the actual layers of channel stack, thus to build the channel stack configuration; ordering is important.

JavaScript Front-End Web App Tutorial Part 1: Building a Minimal App in Seven Steps

Learn how to build a front-end web application in plain JavaScript with minimal effort. Do not use any (third-party) framework or library, which may help to increase productivity, but also create black-box dependencies and overhead, and are not good for learning how to do it yourself.

Remote Object Repository

Repository layer which creates proxy class for an object which is implemented in a different component.

Bidirectional Replication - in MySQL

In Master - Slave replication, Changes in master will reflect in Slave. but any changes made in the slave Database will not reflect back in Master, this article will help you to implement Bidirectional Replication.

Class Level Generic Logger

C++ logger for class level logging in generic way

Download Images From Web Page

By using this, you can directly download images from webpages

Virtual Keyboard (TabTip) in Silverlight

Implementing support of Virtual Keyboard (TabTip) in Silverlight with elevated trust

How to register Multiple Classes Implementing Same Interface in AutoFac?

Here I will show you how we can register and use multiple classes implementing same interface when Autofac is used as dependencies registrar.

Performance testing of ORM layers in Python and C++

Comparing the performance of two similar CRUD server apps, one written in Python and SQLAlchemy, the other in C++ and YB.ORM.


This post will focus on the concept of SFINAE, Substitution Failure Is Not An Error. This is a core concept that is one of the reasons templates are even possible. This concept is related exclusively to the processing of templates. It is referred to as SFINAE by the community, and this entry focuses

Develop mobile applications using web development skills

The need for mobile apps has increased dramatically as their number to. The number of mobile devices in use has passed the first billion more than a year ago and it is still increasing. As mobile use is closing the gap with computer use, the gap of development skills is increasing. Mobile platforms

Why I still do not have a data plan

Almost every week I get asked the question, "Why don't you have a data plan?". Everyone assumes that the reason is to save money. When I say that I just do not want one, people move forward to the next question, "Why not?". In this post, I hope to clearly show you why I am against having a data plan

Topological sorting in C#

How to sort an directed graph using topological sorting in C#.

Untabstoppify Readonly Textboxes

Add a bit of code to a form to make all ReadOnly TextBoxes non-tabbable

Handling events in google calendar using google API v3

This article will help you to create, update and delete events/ appointment in google calendar from your web application.

CColor - RGB and HLS combined in one class

A class that provides simple color manipulation in RGB and HLS space

Alphanumeric count up

Class providing methods to count up a string using a definable character set.

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