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Classes in JavaScript and Patterns in creating them.

This article talks about how to mimic classes like structure in JavaScript and patterns in creating them.

Developing hybrid mobile apps with Phonegap, AngularJS, Bootstrap

In my post Develop mobile applications using web development skills, I pointed out a list of possible frameworks which can be used to create a hybrid mobile app. My favorite choice so far is using Cordova/Phonegap (Read my post on my opinion about Cordova/Phonegap) in combination with a hybrid app d

Using SignalR 2 Broadcasting and Notifications with a Self-Hosted Windows Service

This article covers information using broadcasting and notifications on a self-hosted Windows service using SignalR.

Aggregates and Persistence

In a previous post I gave an overview of aggregates. In that post I said that aggregates are self-contained units that we work with to avoid messing up our code. Aggregates help us build a rich domain. This is a domain that knows about itself. When you want to know something, you ask the domain. Whe

Programming DOS Shell

This tip describes steps to learn DOS batch programming.

JSON version 4 to C# Objects and Back -- Part 2

A set of C# classes to create and manipulate JSON Schema and Instances.

Unit Tests challenges

Fixing third party dll dependent unit tests with Xcopy

Must Remember: 9 Key concepts to Keyword ‘Static’

Article summarizes some of the key concepts around the keyword ‘Static’ which every developer must remember.

Managing entities whith Drupal's Entity API

How to manage new entity types in Drupal using Entity API (Programatically)

A More Powerful fastJSON

This is an alternative for "fastJSON" with some extensive Attributes to control the behaviors of the serialization in serialization and deserialization.

Environmental Monitoring and Anomaly Detection with IoT and Microsoft Cloud

The availability of low cost sensors for environmental monitoring coupled with the capabilities of the Microsoft Cloud provides a set of enormous opportunities in building a solid infrastructure for smart cities.

IoT on Azure: AzureBot

A simple and inexpensive project to control your first IoT device using an Azure service

An Azure IOT based Pet Tracker

This article is all about dealing a way to track pets.

Implementing a Provider Independent Data Access Layer in .NET

This article tells how you can implement a DAL which is provider independant.

Building International Applications with .NET – Part 1

This article is the first of the multi-part series which talks about how world-ready applications can be written with.NET.

A Peek into the Enterprise Instrumentation Framework

This article takes a look at the Microsoft Enterprise Instrumentation Framework and details how shortcomings of conventional instrumentation techniques are overcome using this framework

A simple binary tree implementation with VB.NET

This article gives a very simple implementation of the binary tree data structure using VB.NET

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