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Coercing AutoCompletion

efficient and secure selecting from large amounts of data

Use Java & MS Excel on PC and Android. Apache POI

Clear & simply lessons for programmers with different skill levels.

To Help Create Provider Performance Counters v 2.0 in NET. Framework

This tip will help create Provider Performance Counters v 2.0 in NET. Framework

Bootstrap Featured Items Template

A sample how-to tip on creating a Featured section on a website, using HTML and Bootstrap 3

Extending DATEADD function to skip weekend days

A quick method to add days to a date, skipping weekend days if the number of days added results in a saturday/sunday

Authenticating Users Through OAuth2 in Azure

How to do authentication through Azure with OAuth2. Clearing up some not so well documented thing in Azure

GranTurismo: A C++ Graphical User Interface Library and System

GranTurismo (GT) is a compact, efficient, and customizable graphical user interface (GUI) library for the Windows environment.

Learn MVC 5 in 7 days - Day 2

In this article we learn MVC 5 step by step in 7 days – Day 1.

Anemia induced memory loss

I have been reading Implementing Domain Driven Design by Vaughn Vernon. In it he mentions the concept of Anemia induced memory loss. Say what? Basically an anemic domain is a domain that lacks information about itself. All of its information lives in other places(like services). For you to learn abo

Capture SQL Server queries fired from your Application

This article describes how to create a handy tool to capture the SQL Queries, stored procedures and functions that are fired from your application. This will help developers in diagnosing the code related issues. Source Code is available here Tool Setup file is available here Introduction As we all

AngularJS-101: Counting words and set maximum length in TextArea

This tutorial would show you how to count words entered into Textarea, and set maximum words allowed in Textarea

Announcing General Availability of Azure Premium Storage

I’m very excited to announce the general availability release of Azure Premium Storage. It is now available with an enterprise grade SLA and is available for everyone to use. Microsoft Azure now offers two types of storage: Premium Storage and Standard Storage. Show More Summary

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