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How to Call a Service using HTTP URL Connection Method

In this tutorial, we are going to call a service using GET Method and populate sample JSON data in Recycler view without using any external library.

Integrate NativeScript with Google Firebase Notification (FCM) Using Angular2 and Typescript For Android Devices

Use native script with Angular2 and typescript to build a native Android mobile app that is integrated with Google firebase notification FCM

AttributeAuthorization with Custom Roles in ASP.NET Core

Use a custom Authorize Attribute which use a own PermissionProvider with custom Permission-Management.

Remove Ads On Twitter & Facebook

Ads aren't for everybody. Here's how you can get rid of them.

Faster than Reflection: Delegates - Part 1

If you want to optimize code, which is based on Reflection, delegates may be the thing you are looking for.

Resolving Installation Issues with Visual Studio 2017

I've seen quite a few posts online regarding folks having issues installing Visual Studio 2017 after using previous versions of the IDE (such as the various pre-releases and RCs). If this sounds like you, then you might want to follow some of the steps in this blog post to ensure

SQLite interaction on Android with Visual Studio and Xamarin

In the present article we'll see how to develop a simple Android solution, through the use of Visual Studio e Xamarin, the developer framework which allows the creation of cross-platform solutions. The project will allow us to analyze, more generally, the peculiarities of an Android solution, such a

noTiFS - TFS commits notifications

An application which communicates with your TFS server - Notifies about changes and shows a quick history

All Three Features of Single-Instance Applications at One Shot, .NET

Single-instance application behavior can be considered comprehensive only it all three features are implemented: detection of second instance, passing command line and activation of first instance

In IE8 and/or Firefox set background to dark and foreground to light.

The solution to annoying garish webpages; say good-bye to all that irritating light while browsing the internet. Keep it dark... learn how here.

Modifiable read-only interface

Read-only interface is a simple thing. It does not allow user to change its state. But sometimes you may want to "change" it.

You are being redirected to the following url that was not registered as the app launch url

“You are being redirected to the following url that was not registered as the app launch url https://xx?SPHostUrl=xx&SPLanguage=enSPClientTag=0&SPProductNumber=xx&SPAppWebUrl=xx&{AppContextToken} If you trust this url, click here to proceed to the app now. Otherwise go back to the

Asp.Net: Monitor performance without using windows performance counters.

Open source framework for monitoring Asp.Net Web Api 2 and MVC5 applications performance without using windows performance counters, automates performance counters data collection, store and visualization.

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