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Three cases for MVVM view code-behind

Three cases that establish why you need to consider code-behind for views in MVVM.

TCP Client/Server Framework for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows, Mac and Java Clients

This article provides an introduction to the open source client/server DotNetOpenServer SDK project for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows, Mac and Java enabled platforms such as Unix and Linux.

Quickstart with Kaliko CMS using ASP.NET MVC

A crash course in how to develop with the free and open source content management system Kaliko CMS.

A LESS Stylesheet Template for Beautiful Typography

This page introduces a LESS template that sets fonts and font features for CSS stylesheets.

Drawing shapes on spatial tiles with SQL CLR

Short glance at drawing on geographical tiles by using of Microsoft.SqlServer.Types assembly.

Microservices with minimum overhead using ASP.NET Web API and Azure – part 1 – Architecture

This is the first one of two posts concerning approach to build cost effective, but prepared for scaling systems, using ASP.NET Web API and Azure.In the era of building systems that aim to provide services at global scale, requirements for scalability and high availability are becoming our bread and

BizTalk: Complex decoding in data transformations

Originally posted on: we need to make complex decoding in the data transformations. It could happen especially in the big EDI documents as HIPAA.Let’s start with examples.In one example we n

BizTalk: Deployment Hell & BizTalk Deployment Framework

Originally posted on: there something special in the BizTalk Server application deployment? Why is it so special? BizTalk Deployment Hell For the.NET applications the live is simple. The

Complex XML schemas. How to simplify?

Originally posted on:[Sample code is here: HIPAA Schema Simplification for the BizTalk Server application]The XML Schemas are used for two main tasks: for processing XML documents (for the XML document validation

Advanced Strategy Design Pattern in Automation Testing

Elaborate further on the Advanced Strategy Design Pattern in automation tests. Usages such as combining multiple strategies in one test or test validations.The post Advanced Strategy Design Pattern in Automation Testing appeared first on Automate The Planet.

PDF File Writer C# Class Library (Version 1.16.2 Unicode support)

PDF File Writer is a C#.NET class library allowing applications to create PDF files. Version 1.16.2 enhancements: Unicode text support and reduced memory requirements.

Match Against A Collection In Single Query (Extending SQL 'IN' Statement)

What if you have a collection of objects and want to find matches in database and you want to do it using just one query? The following example demonstrates how it can be done using LINQ.

How to aggregate various Calendars from different data sources into a single SharePoint Calendar?

Article explains about SharePoint Calendars, Overlays and usage of multiple calendars within SharePoint.

Real-time development with SignalR and Dynamics CRM

This tutorial shows how to create Microsoft Dynamics CRM extensions that use ASP.NET SignalR to provide real-time messaging functionality

Intel GPA 2015 R1 - OpenGL splits from DirectX - and it's all free!

Which Intel software tool includes a new name, new features, and it's ALL available for FREE?

5 traits of successful developers

If you’re just starting out, here are a few tips from iHub developers to ensure your app doesn’t get lost in the crowd.

New Intel® USB Driver version 1.9.0 for Android Devices Available for Download

This installation instructions document will guide you through installing the Intel® Android USB Driver package which will enable you to connect your Windows based machine to your Android device that contains an Intel® Atom™ processor inside.

Introducing Intel® Atom™ x3 (Code-Named “SoFIA”) SoC Processor Series

This blog will go through the high level features of the Intel® Atom™ x3 platform, especially the features which mobile app developers are interested in.

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