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Custom Serilog Sink Development

The code shown here is part of a VS 2015 solution hosted on GitHub. If you are coming to this blog post you probably already know what Serilog is and you need to write to a “sink” that is not… Continue reading ?

Add Attributes to Unit Tests

You may or may not use all the attributes presented in this blog post, but you may have a need for them at some time or another.

WPF Controls With Drag Selection

Add drag selection functionality to ListBoxes, ListViews, DataGrids, & TreeViews.

Android Things Developer Preview Now Available on the Intel® Edison board

Intel delivered the first Brillo-compliant starter board, the Intel® Edison Kit for Arduino, which was featured in Google’s IoT Tech Awards, a global research grant spanning 83 projects selected to experiment with Google and partner IoT technologies.

Intel® Ultimate Coder Challenge for IoT: What is Team Vaidya Up to Now?

Now that the eight-week Intel® Ultimate Coder Challenge for IoT is complete, teams continue developing and expanding their projects into the commercial sector. Key to this progress is the Intel® IoT Developer Kit, which streamlines the path to product by providing hardware, software and tools in an

A glimpse about c-states and SoC Watch on Intel® Quark MCU D2000

Today, we will browse Power_Profiler this code example built-in within ISSM and review D2000 c-states.

IoT Reference Implementation: How to Build a Transportation in a Box Solution

Using an Intel® IoT Gateway and an Arduino 101 board, project teams can rapidly adapt existing Intel® IoT path-to-product solutions to address novel business needs.

IoT Reference Implementation: The Making of a Transportation in a Box Solution

This development narrative demonstrates the viability of creating a variation on an existing Intel IoT path-to-product solution to meet novel business needs.

Intel® Quark™ SE Microcontroller C1000 Developer Kit - Accelerometer Tutorial

Using Intel® Quark™ Microcontroller Software Interface (Intel® QMSI), this sample application reads and outputs accelerometer data to the serial port.

ASP.NET Web API, Angular2, TypeScript and WebApiClientGen

Make the development of Angular 2 application efficient with ASP.NET Web API and Web API Client Gen

A Short List of My Favourite Google Chrome Extensions and Apps

The web browser started out as simple program that allowed access to HTML content. Today, it has become a portal for media content, real time communication, and an extensible hub with 3rd party developed functionality.

String Interpolation in C# 6.0

I just found this handy shorthand for string.Format() which is available in C# 6.0. I am sure you have all used string.Format() before. Let's say you want to do a little formatting with some data in some variables like the following:string first = "Paul";string last = "Sheriff";Console.WriteLine(str

CRUD in ASP.NETCore MVC with Angular 2 and Web API

A good example of how build a CRUD web application using ASP.NETCORE with Angular2 and WebApi

Jsoniter: JSON is faster than thrift/avro

Jsoniter is a new JSON library for Java & Go, with innovative API and faster than thrift/avro

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