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Azure: Announcing New Real-time Data Streaming and Data Factory Services

The last three weeks have been busy ones for Azure. Two weeks ago we announced a partnership with Docker to enable great container-based development experiences on Linux, Windows Server and Microsoft Azure. Last week we held our Cloud Day event and announced our new G-Series of Virtual Machines as well as Premium Storage offering. Show More Summary

Asp.Net Pagination

Introduction To PaginationPagination is the process of displaying a huge records by splitting them into different pages. This can be better explained by a example. Consider you have 10000 records in a table you want to show them to the end user when he requests. The very simple thing is to display a

Stored Procedures Best Practices

CodeProject What is a Stored Procedure (SP)The stored procedure is a set of PL/Sql statements written inside a named block. We use stored procedures in Sql Server to perform the very basic operations on database tables.AdvantagesStored Procedures are very much useful in multidevelopment environment.

One more time about Resource vs. EmbeddedResource

In Visual Studio you can set “Build Action” for a project item to ‘Resource’ or ‘Embedded Resource’, among other things. The difference between the two is confusing, and exact up-to-date documentation is hard to find. (This StackOverflow post is probably the best,

Stateful or Stateless classes

This article contains tips for designing classes. Normally developers take considerable amount of time to decide whether their classes should be stateless or stateful. First we are discussing what is meant by state of an object and then getting into tips for deciding what should be the state of our

Smarten Up The SEO Plans For Your Website

CodeProject The ultimate goal of all businesses which operate on the online platform is pretty much the same – getting a high search engine rank. The overall traffic volume on your website crucially depends on whether it comes up among the first few results on the different search engines. If not, y

Quick introduction to YB.ORM - object relational mapper for C++

How C++ library YB.ORM can help manipulate the data stored in RDBMS using domain classes. Basic concepts of ORM are explained by examples.

Object Oriented Programming with C++

A short introduction to Object Oriented Programming with C++, showing the basics of objects and virtual functions in an approachable manner.

Drop the Box and Drop-Box

This tip describes the benefits of discarding a computer box to increase efficiency at home and at work

NBitcoin : Build Them All

Build all transactions with the TransactionBuilder : P2SH, P2PK, P2PKH, Multi Sig, Stealth, Colored Coins

Scaffolding in ASP.NET MVC with DataTable

This is a demonstration of ASP.NET MVC Scaffolding with DataTable to store data.

Delete files that break through maximum path length limitation

Explains how to delete a local file whose path exceeds the system-defined maximum length

A Natural Programming Method - Programming with Natural Language

The method doesn't replace existing Computer Language. Natural Language and Computer Language have to cooperate with each other.

Adding Plug-in Surface Controllers to Umbraco

Converting a standard MVC 4 Controller into an Umbraco Plug-In Surface Controller

Enabling MFC collections to work in range-based for loops

MFC Collection Utilities is a small open-source library that enables you to use any MFC collection with range-based for loops.

VPN Kill Switch

A very simple program to kill all network interfaces if your VPN goes down.

Find the Size of Database mdf and ldf File in sql server

I shown a sql query which find the size of database mdf and ldf file in sql server.

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