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Windows 10 on ARM for mobile – Why native WIN32 coding could come back in style !

Exciting !    Amazing !    Wonderful ! OK, maybe that is a bit much, but it is exciting to see Microsofts move to support x86 emulation on ARM based Windows 10 mobile devices. From what I have read so far, the x86 emulation will only support 32 bit WIN32 (x86) applications, but that is fine by me.

How To Setup an SPF Record on your DNS Server

This post shows you how to set up an SPF record on your DNS Server

Consuming SOAP Service from VBS over COM - DLL (C#)

This article explains how to consume a WebService (SOAP) from plain VisualBasicScript by using a COM DLL written in C#.

HOWTO Setup an SPF record on your DNS Server

An SPF (Sender Policy Framework) record is something that a recipient of email from your mail system that it legitimately came from your systems. This is more important in the background of email spam. Many e-mail software today routine check for SPF records of email they receive before deciding if

Adding transformation files in the .NET windows service

Step by step to add the transformation files of app.config in your.NET windows service

Send Fax with fax-modem in C#

Sending Faxes with fax-modem and telephone line in C#

How to Save Object Graph in Master-Detail Relationship with One Stored Procedure

A way to persist C# object graph to database with single procedure using ADO.NET and table valued parameters

Leverage UNPIVOTING with SQL, at a glance.

This little tip explains briefly, by means of a simple and practical example, how to use UNPIVOTING with SQL.

SCRIPT To Create an Event Source using PowerShell

Sometimes, you will see a message in your Windows Event Log that Event Viewer cannot display the data because the event source is missing. To fix this, you need to create the corresponding event source. This can be easily achieved using PowerShell. I show you how, including working code.

HOWTO Configure a DNS Server

DNS (itself an acronym for Domain Name Service) servers are used to resolve human-readable names into machine-readable IP addresses or vice versa. Today, a DNS server especially in a Windows environment provides more than name-IP address resolution features.

HOWTO Configure the Windows Firewall on a Windows Server

The built-in Windows Firewall with Advanced Security provides you with the means and mechanisms for a very strong rule-based security mechanism. It is designed to operate on the deny before allow principle as should all good security software.

Using DataTables with Web API Part 4: Re-use

This is part 4 of a 4-part series on using DataTables with WebAPI. Check out the other parts here:Using DataTables with Web API Part 1: Making a simple GET RequestUsing DataTables with Web API Part 2: Making a POST RequestUsing DataTables with Web API Part 3: Paging, Sorting and SearchingData comes

Default SharePoint 2013 / 2010 System Pages where you should takecare when you go online

There are list of SharePoint System Pages which inheriting view permission by default. If you are going to make public SharePoint site, you might not want to access these pages by anonymous users or by Form Based Authentication User. There are may ways to restrict the users access to these pages t

SCRIPT Clear all TEMP files and folders

Left unattended, your disk space can quickly fill up with junk thanks to temporary files and folders (some even very large ones). In this article, I give you a quick and easy script to clear your temp files and folders.

Adding user control and defining it's functionality in C#.Net

Advantages of using a User control:User controls provide an easy way to combine several controls into a single unit of functionality that can be dragged onto multiple webpages in the same site.User controls in ASP.NET are created as ASCX files. An ASCX file is similar to the webpage’s ASPX file and

Creating Custom Roles in Azure

How to create custom roles in Azure to control resource access permissions and their benefits.

Exclusive lock in distributed solutions with MongoDB

Describes how to design a lock like mechanism in a distributed solution to allow exclusive access or leader election to one of the server components.

The Ultimate Guide to Google Sheets VLOOKUP Function (with Examples)

Google Sheets VLOOKUP function can be used to look for a value in a column and when that value is found, return a value from the same row from a specified column. Now if that description sounds nerdy and difficult, here is another way to understand what this function does. Suppose you have gone to [

Scaffolding ASP.Net Core MVC

In this post we are going to explore how to create model based on existing database (Db-First), with the help of Entityframework Core Command then learn how to generate Controller & Views using Scaffolding (Interface & Code-Generator Command) based on model.

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