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Multi-datacenter container orchestration with Nomad and Consul

Nomad is a distributed, multi-datacenter scheduler for containers, virtual machines and more. It’s a tool from Hashicorp, the company that also brings us Consul, a service-discovery tool that allows you to register and discover services. With the latest big release of Nomad (version 0.4), inte

How to Generate a "Contemporaries" (Lifetimeline) Spreadsheet Using EPPlus

Using EPPlus to generate a spreadsheet that reads a CSV file and constructs a Lifetimeline (or Lifespanline, if you prefer) based on people's lifespans - for genealogists, historians, biographers, et al

How to Reverse a Number using JavaScript

Interview Question: how do you reverse a number using JavaScript?

The Unforgiving System.Version Class

How to bypass the strict System.Version parse mechanics using a C# extension

Using Entity Framework and the Store Procedure Framework To Achieve CQRS - Part #3

In this article, we will shift our focus to the Command Stack and we will leverage EntityFramework to add a new order to the database.

Import CSV Files to SQL Server Process and Common Error

This article describes about CSV/Excel File import in SQL Server with common problems.

Setting up Ubuntu – Getting Ready for Server Side Swift

So this is going to be a quick step by step tutorial on the steps that I took setting up Ubuntu inside of VirtualBox on my Macbook Pro. Before we get started make sure you have VirtualBox Installed. You can get a copy here. While you are installing VirtualBox you will want to download a […]

Watermark Searchbox in Ribbon

How to solve the problem to show a searchbox in Ribbon including watermark in explorer style

Keep Alive Timer using

A simple timer that will expire if it is not nudged within a certain time. This will cause an Action to be executed.

Generating Facebook Like Preview using Regular Expression

Download page as HTML string. Parse it using regex and extract desired contents to generate Facebook Like Preview.

IDNameObjects API

C# Extensions API for Entity Framework intended to simplify usage of drop-down lists, comboboxes and alike

Using Entity Framework and the Store Procedure Framework To Achieve CQRS - Part #4

This article follows on from Part3 where we built the CommandStack leveraging EntityFramework andprepared to persist an order and some of its associated data to the database. In thisarticle we will shift our focus to the the client, (well our Integration Tests!) andcreate a test that creates an orde

Introduction to Diligent Engine 2.0

This post introduced Diligent Engine 2.0, a lightweight cross-platform graphics API

C#-MySQL CodeGen - rno

Software (C#-MySQL CodeGen - rno) is a software that Generate MySQL codes (ex. INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE,GET ROW) for C# database manipulation.

React App Not Working? 4 Quick Debugging Tips

Decided to try out a new library? Maybe wrote a new component? Or maybe this is the first React app you’ve worked with, and things just aren’t working. (Or really, any JavaScript library: Angular 1 or 2, Backbone, Ember, heck, even jQuery)The screen is blank.Or it loaded half-way, but nothing is

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