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In Search of the Ultimate DataTable Serializer

I know that "returning DataSets from WebServices is the spawn of Satan and represents all that is truly evil in the world" but...

Case study of the technology setup used by a small charity

A real world example of the IT setup used by a small UK based charity. It is high level and provides a brief but complete overview.

Multithreading in C# .NET 4.5 (Part 2)

A high level overview of the latest threading technologies and patterns with examples.

TrimChar to remove desired character

TrumChar function which removes occurences of the desired character from both ends of a string

Internet of Things Security Architecture

The objective of threat modeling is to understand how an attacker might be able to compromise a system and then make sure appropriate mitigations are in place. Threat modeling forces the design team to consider mitigations as the system is designed rather than after a system is deployed.

C#Lectures - Lecture 1: Primitive Types

I'm starting a set of C# lectures for our engineers. The first lecture is about C# built-in types also known as primitive types.

C# Lua Print

How to Add a Lua Print function into a Windows Form Code Executor


SaintModeCache is a thread safe in-memory cache wrapper for performance optimisation. It's able to continue serving stale content after expiry, whilst it repopulates the cache with a non-blocking single thread.

Factory Patterns - Simple Factory Pattern

In this article series we will learn about different factory design patterns. There are three kinds of factory design patterns, namely, Simple Factory Pattern, Factory Method Pattern and Abstract Factory Pattern.

ng-readonly Directive in Angularjs

In this tip, today we learn how to make textbox readonly using angularjs

JavaScript: The Good and The Bad

A comprehensive post on why JavaScript is an awesome language and why JavaScript is horrible at times

Workarounds for Code Project's Text Editor

Although the text editor from the site is very powerful, sometimes... well if you use it, you know what I mean ;)

Yield or Not To Yield

Brief explanation of what yield is and when to use it.

BluetoothKit---Android Bluetooth Framework

A library allows for easy access to communicate with BluetoothLE devices

Feedback Hub for everybody!

On August 29th, the Windows Dev Center got a massive feature set upgrade. Included among these new features was the announcement of the Microsoft Store Services Engagement Framework.

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