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ROCA: Which Key-Pair Attacks Are Credible?

In the past two weeks, we have seen two big encryption issues arise: key reinstallation attacks, called KRACKs; and “Return of Coppersmith’s Attack,” called ROCA. Many CEOs, CIOs, and CISO/CSOs are asking, as they must, “Are we protected?”...Show More Summary

Hackers race to use Flash exploit before vulnerable systems are patched

APT28 threat group is moving fast in the hope that targets haven't yet installed a recently released patch to fix the recently uncovered exploit

DIY-IT guide to disaster preparedness: Because it's always something

Between natural disasters and cyberattacks, IT managers have a big job ensuring business continuity. In this guide, we offer ten key strategies to help your organization weather Mother Nature's wrath and cyberattackers' latest weapo...

Mac OSX Trojan malware spread via compromised software downloads

Supply-chain attack saw data-stealing Proton RAT loaded into legitimate downloads of Elmedia Player and Folx applications by Eltima Software.

Android security: ?Google will pay $1,000 for holes in these top apps

Google brings the bug bounty vulnerability research model to Android apps in the Play Store.

?ACORN received almost 48k cyber-related reports in 2016-17

The annual report from the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission has revealed its ACORN joint venture received 47,873 reports relating to cybercrime activity during the 12-month period.

Ransomware: Security researchers spot emerging new strain of malware

'Magniber' ransomware could potentially be an experiment by people behind the Cerber ransomware family.

Google updates Data Loss Prevention API with new ways to manage data

As companies amass more data, they're looking for flexibility in how they identify and protect sensitive information, Google says.

Europe wants to make it easier to crack encryption, but rules out backdoors

Regional officials try to find a way to help police without weakening security for everyone.

Leaked: Facebook security boss says its corporate network is run "like a college campus"

The source of the recording said Facebook's senior management and executives were apathetic to matters of cybersecurity. Facebook's security chief said he used one of the remarks "as a figure of speech."

Malicious Minecraft apps in Google Play enslave your device to a botnet

Malicious Minecraft skin downloads can harness your device for DDoS attacks.

?OAIC received 114 voluntary data breach notifications in 2016-17

The office led by Information and Privacy Commissioner Timothy Pilgrim received 114 voluntary data breach notifications, 35 mandatory digital health data notifications, and 2,494 privacy-related complaints during the 12-month period...

NSA won't say if it knew about KRACK, but don't look to this leaked doc for answers

Given how the NSA has tried to hack anything it can, many looked to one top secret leaked document for answers.

KRACKs Against Wi-Fi Serious But Not End of the World

On October 12, researcher Mathy Vanhoef announced a set of Wi-Fi attacks that he named KRACKs, for key reinstallation attacks. These attack scenarios are against the WPA2 authentication and encryption key establishment portions of the most recent set of protocols. Show More Summary

Tips for Effective Threat Hunting

In May, McAfee surveyed more than 700 IT and security professionals around the world to better understand how threat hunting is used in organizations and how they hope to enhance their threat hunting capabilities. You can read the full...Show More Summary

Security flaws in children's smartwatches make them vulnerable to hackers

It's another IoT security flaw - attackers can hack smartwatches to monitor the wearer's location, eavesdrop on conversations or even communicate with the child.

Windows 10 networking and security tips

Ed Bott's extensive collection of Windows 10 tips, organized by category. This page includes the most popular tips for networking and security.

Google Chrome can now spot even brand new phishing pages

Google has rolled out two new tools to combat phishing, and upped Gmail security.

This ransomware-spreading botnet will now screengrab your desktop too

New payload bundled within Necurs botnet attacks allows those carrying out malicious campaigns to check if they're working and improve updates.

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