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Bitdefender: Organisations must empower IT staff to mitigate cyber threats

Despite two large cyber attacks making headlines in the first six months of 2017, the security firm is still finding cybersecurity responsibility lies solely with the underfunded IT team.

Snopes is in danger of closing its doors due to a business dispute

The well-known fact-checking site claims it's being held hostage by an outside vendor. But under the surface, there's a fight between contending ownership groups.

No more ransomware: How one website is stopping the crypto-locking crooks in their tracks

No More Ransom launched a year ago: here's the story of how cybersecurity firms and law enforcement are working together to bring down ransomware.

Checkmarx snaps up Codebashing to boost secure coding development

The deal will give Checkmarx interactive teaching tools for the changing IT landscape.

Qualys unveils CloudView app framework for public cloud security

The solution aims to prevent misconfigurations, malware, and noncompliance threatening enterprise networks.

Qualys launches CertView security certificate handler for the enterprise

The new solution is aimed at enterprise players which need a way to manage SSL/TLS certificates.

IBM launches new security testing services for IoT, automotive

As the number of connected devices proliferates, security testing should occur completely through development to deployment, IBM says.

New details emerge on Fruitfly, a near-undetectable Mac backdoor

The malware went largely undetected for several years and is only detectable on a handful of security products, but the "fully featured" Mac backdoor can take control of an entire computer.

Weak Docker security could lead to magnified vulnerabilities due to efficiency of containers

Unsecured instances of Docker can lead to potentially large vulnerabilities inside the data center. Here's what you need to know right now.

Petya ransomware: Companies are still dealing with aftermath of global cyberattack

Weeks after the ransomware attack that rippled across the globe, companies are still trying to deal with the damage.

Writing Windows or Linux apps? Microsoft just launched a cloud-powered bug hunter to find the flaws in your code

Microsoft's enterprise customers can soon use its Azure-hosted fuzzing service to ferret out bugs in their own Windows and Linux applications.

John McAfee reportedly lands in hospital after attack

12 hours agoTechnology / Security : Zero Day

The colorful security head says he was in an incident where someone attempted to allegedly "off" him.

Every Swedish car owners' details may have leaked in explosive IT failure

Driving license data has potentially been leaked due to carelessness in an outsourcing deal.

32M employees offered biochip hand implants for work monitoring, payments

The chips can be used to login to PCs, use company machines, and make purposes -- but how many will sign up?

Antivirus for Android Has Terrible Track Record

A new study shows that 94 percent of Android antivirus failed to stop a comprehensive set of malware attacks.

iCloud security flaw put iPhone, Mac passwords at risk

The security researcher said the bug could've gained access to an entire account's iCloud Keychain.

Dump the snake oil and show security researchers some respect

Hacker Summer Camp kicks off this weekend, and with many conferences, there's a very noticeable "race to first" by marketing teams. In that race, marketers need to first revere the research and respect the researchers, especially heading into the next 10 days. Here's why.

Cyberwar looms as diplomats dither

Simulations at ANU's National Security College suggest that the world is sleepwalking towards war. Meanwhile, international cyber negotiations could be set back a decade.

Symantec tricked into removing legit certificates by security researcher

Hanno Böck forged incorrect private keys to test if Symantec would revoke his legitmate certificate, and sure enough, they did.

Thou shalt be secure: RSA says you can't force private sector to break encryption

RSA's VP and GM of Global Public Sector Practice Mike Brown believes there's a better way to thwart terrorism than breaking end-to-end encryption, as recently proposed by the Australian government.

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