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Bitcoin scams: Beware of crooks trying to steal your cryptocurrency with these schemes

Cybercriminals are successfully taking advantage of social media and naivety to steal Bitcoin and distribute malware.

Executive's guide to implementing blockchain technology

The technology behind bitcoin is one of the internet's most promising new developments. Here's how businesses can use it to streamline operations and create new opportunities.

Slack's CSO calls for industry-wide security transparency

Slack's security head has doubled down on transparency within his organisation and wants to see his competitors follow suit.

Lithuanian con artist scams two US tech giants out of $100 million

That the phisher was able to dupe the companies, which work with social media, is perhaps the biggest surprise.

Good News: Android’s Huge Security Problem Is Getting Less Huge

According to Google's own stats, only half of Android devices received a security update any time in 2016. The post Good News: Android’s Huge Security Problem Is Getting Less Huge appeared first on WIRED.

Google: Hacked sites rose by a third in 2016

And most website managers didn't find out about it, either.

Google, sister company Jigsaw offer cybersecurity to election groups

Ahead of the French elections, Google is packaging a trio of free tools for journalists, NGOs and other institutions that facilitate elections.

You're right. That 'electronic Muslim ban' makes no sense

Analysis: US officials have been less than forthcoming regarding a potential threat, which only hurts public trust and confidence.

Laptops, tablets, big smartphones banned from cabin on some flights to UK

Large electronic devices will not be allowed in the cabin on flights to the UK from six countries.

Watch out for these tax-themed phishing and malware scams

With the US tax deadline approaching, it's prime time for cybercriminals to attempt to steal your money or data.

Citing terror threat, US confirms electronics ban on some US-bound flights

Senior administration officials said terrorists are 'aggressively pursuing' ways to carry out new attacks, such as smuggling explosive devices in consumer items, but left key questions unanswered.

A Cybersecurity Arsenal That’ll Help ‘Protect Your Election’

Google and Jigsaw are helping protect elections from DDoS attacks and more. The post A Cybersecurity Arsenal That'll Help ‘Protect Your Election’ appeared first on WIRED.

Inside the Hunt for Russia’s Most Notorious Hacker

A mysterious cybercriminal deployed an invincible botnet to steal a fortune from US banks. Then the FBI discovered what else he was after. The post Inside the Hunt for Russia's Most Notorious Hacker appeared first on WIRED.

Thinking of Creating a Business Profile on Google+? Better Wait.

Danny Sullivan posted a great critique of Google+ today – the fact that in order to create a business profile on Google+, you have to go through the motions of creating a user profile on Google, which includes putting an age (of which is a minimum 18 years old at the moment to use Google+). Show More Summary

Where is Your Audience?

Google+ is all the rage right now. For those that can get in, it’s all they can talk about on Google+. For those that can’t get in, it’s all they can talk about outside of Google+. Or so it seems – that’s what the people I follow and pay attention are doing. It doesn’t mean […] The post Where is Your Audience? appeared first on Stay N Alive.

Selling is Dead – Free is the Newest Trend

Note from Jesse: I’ve always been impressed by the work of Mike Stelzner. As organizer of Facebook Success Summit, which I presented last year and will be presenting again this year, and organizer of Social Media Examiner, he has a passionate...Show More Summary

"Follow" Networks and The Creep Factor – Why It Isn't a Facebook Play

As I was setting up an account for my wife to be able to post to this blog today, I created a Google+ profile for her. She knew, and will probably even use it – some day. However, there’s something I just can’t get passed, and that’s...Show More Summary

I'm a Dummy (again)! Writing Google+ For Dummies, Portable Edition

I’m proud to announce that as of this week I am going to be writing Google+ For Dummies, Portable Edition. This follows my last Dummies book, Facebook Application Development For Dummies, and will go back to my original roots (through...Show More Summary

Facebook to Google+: "Hey Look, We Have This Too – It's Right Here!"

Facebook announced an expected update to its service today that is scheduled to be released on Thursday. It’s a simple one, which brings to the forefront features that Facebook has had all along and Google+ has been getting all the attention...Show More Summary

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