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Security lapse exposed New York airport servers for a year

Exclusive: The files included gigabytes of emails, sensitive government files, and a password list, which researchers say could give hackers 'full access' to the airport's systems.

Sentinel Labs, SpyChatter, Vir2us settle with FTC over fake security certificate claims

The trio has been accused of lying to customers about the security standards of their services.

?Your cyber defences are probably wrong, again

If you thought cybersecurity looked bad from inside organisations, try looking in from the outside. From the hackers' perspective, it's even worse.

?Government launches first of AU$47m Joint Cyber Security Centres in Brisbane

The Australian government has launched its first of five Joint Cyber Security Centres which will see industry, government, and law enforcement work together to develop new approaches to cybersecurity.

Digital transformation will expose Asia to higher fraud risk

As more processes and transactions are moved to the digital realm, organisations must realise their increased risk exposure and safeguard all customer and data channels.

?Cloudflare found leaking customer HTTPS sessions for months

Customer information from Uber, 1Password, and online dating site OkCupid is amongst the SSL data leaked by Cloudflare.

RSA and the expanding hole in cybersecurity

The recent RSA conference drew more than 43,000 people — a record number as the cybersecurity hole continues to widen with new exploits.

All roads lead to cyber

Just give me a curious person who loves security -- we can teach them the rest.

17 ways the Internet of Things can go horribly wrong

If the Internet is built into everything you own, none of it will be truly safe from hackers.

Every Trump White House tech fail so far

From using an outdated messaging app to not being able to find the White House light switches, the Trump White House has already had its fair share of tech blunders.

Hoping for a payrise? Then watch out for this sneaky phishing scam

Latest scam tries to trick you into handing over passwords and financial details.

Linux's decade-old flaw: Major distros move to patch serious kernel bug

Google fuzzer helps find 11-year-old memory-corruption flaw in the Linux kernel.

Think you're safe from hackers offline? This drone steals data from a PC's blinking LED

If you've got an air-gapped computer, it might be time to cover up the hard drive's leaky flashing LED lights.

Cybercriminals start cashing in on vulnerable WordPress websites

Domains are being compromised through a vulnerability in the WordPress REST API.

Secure messaging: Signal's the best, and then there's the rest

Keep out the spying eyes: Signal by Open Whisper Systems is your first choice.

Cyberattacks threaten democracy itself, warns NATO

Society is at risk from hackers attempting to interfere in elections, argues NATO's Jamie Shea.

Now Anyone Can Deploy Google’s Troll-Fighting AI

Google subsidiary Jigsaw is now offering developers access to an API for its AI-based detector for abusive comments. The post Now Anyone Can Deploy Google’s Troll-Fighting AI appeared first on WIRED.

Spora Ransomware Infects ‘Offline’—Without Talking to Control Server

Spora is a ransomware family that encrypts victims’ files and demands money to decrypt the files. It has infected many computers in a short time due to a huge spam campaign. It has a very special feature—to work offline. PropagationShow More Summary

Most hackers claim they can break target systems in under 12 hours

It also takes less than a day in total to finish the job and steal valuable data.

IoT Alliance Australia releases security guideline for IoT development

IoT Alliance Australia has released its IoT security guideline as a first step towards building industry-wide security standards.

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