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Lone hacker Rasputin breaches 60 universities, federal agencies

Rasputin has danced around the defenses of organizations from NYU and Oxford to the Oklahoma state government.

Telcos could be offshoring Australian metadata and AGD doesn't know where it is

The Australian Attorney-General's Department believes the offshoring of telecommunications metadata is not a security concern.

Xen Project asks to limit security vulnerability advisories

The organization is requesting permission to limit disclosures to only the most severe bugs.

The seven most dangerous attack techniques: A SANS Institute rundown

From ransomware to weak random number generators, the RSA Conference explores the worst threats and how to stop them.

Wickr, the encrypted messaging app, finally goes open source

All it took was nearly five years and a shuffle of senior management.

Yahoo warning users that hackers forged cookies to access accounts

The news comes off the back of Verizon dropping $250 million from its Yahoo purchase price.

How it works: Blockchain explained in 500 words

If electronic money is just data, nothing physically stops a currency holder trying to spend it twice. Enter the Bitcoin blockchain.

This Android Trojan pretends to be Flash security update but downloads additional malware

Malware tricks users into opening Android Accessibility menu, enabling the attacker to mimic the user's clicks and select anything displayed on their screen.

How to handle changing privacy rules around the globe

Trevor Hughes, president and CEO of the International Association of Privacy Professionals, explains how companies should prepare for GDPR and respond to global political uncertainty.

Business buy-in for on-demand IT

How can IT leaders get the rest of the board to support their move to the cloud?

Researchers discover over 170 million exposed IoT devices in major US cities

Webcams, medical devices, routers and databases are only some of the devices on show.

This Mac malware wants to steal passwords and iPhone backups

Malware which robs you of passwords and iPhone backup data is thought to be linked to the same cyberespionage group accused of interfering with the US elections last year.

CrowdStrike denied bid to block security report in legal challenge against ''subversive'' NSS Labs

CrowdStrike deemed NSS Lab's operations "unethical, illicit, and subversive," but the courts did not uphold this belief.

Google asked to blacklist a million 'pirate' websites, but they include White House, NASA

?Among the million websites cited in takedown requests to Google are a few unlikely alleged piracy websites, such as NASA, the US DOJ, and The White House.

Protecting your data from snoopers - including government snoopers

People have been fending off hackers for decades, but things are much harder now that governments and government-sponsored hackers are fishing for data. Tech Solidarity has published a list of suggestions that aim to improve security without requiring any special technical skills.

The three groups of "security threats"

There are many threats to information security, however the consist weak point is and always will be "people".

Macro Malware Targets Macs

Macro malware has been spreading for years. New techniques arise all the time to hide malicious code and thus increase the difficulty of analysis. However, just targeting Microsoft Windows no longer seems to be enough for the malware authors. Show More Summary

House Homeland Security Chairman: Backdoors would be a "huge mistake"

Texas Republican Michael McCaul joins some key Democrats who could oppose potential Trump administration proposals.

Bracket's 'metavisor' could have stopped DNC hack, says CEO

At RSA 2017, Bracket Computing announced a pair of new features for its 'metavisor' and CEO Tom Gillis said it can both diagnose and prevent attacks that hide themselves inside the operating system.

Microsoft's Brad Smith calls for a "digital Geneva Convention"

As cyberspace becomes the new battlefield, nations should commit to protecting civilians from nation-state attacks in times of peace, he said at the RSA conference.

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