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How to use Google two-factor authentication

If you use Google services, and you don't want anyone raiding or wrecking your account and services--not to mention your life--Google two-step verification security is for you.

?First came mass MongoDB ransacking: Now copycat ransoms hit Elasticsearch

Hundreds of unsecured Elasticsearch servers have been wiped in the past few hours in what could be a repeat of the recent mass ransom attacks on MongoDB databases.

Mobile hacking firm Cellebrite confirms server breach

The Israeli security firm, popular with governments, has had a taste of its own medicine.

House bill aims to block tech giants from building "Muslim registry"

The bill would specifically prevent the government from forcing tech companies to help build the so-called registry.

Days before Trump takes office, Obama expands surveillance powers

Activists asked President Obama to limit the government's surveillance powers before Trump takes office. Instead, the outgoing president expanded them.

Nobody seems to know what Rudy Giuliani's cybersecurity firm actually does

The former New York mayor will advise Trump's administration on cybersecurity. But it's not clear what he actually knows to support the role.

IBM bets on the blockchain to keep your medical data safe

Big Blue believes the secure transfer of medical information can be achieved through technology associated with Bitcoin.

This fake security email tries to make your PC part of a botnet

Victims of this cyberattack can have online activities monitored, data stolen, and their machine hijacked to carry out DDoS attacks.

The best business gadgets of CES 2017

A number of high-end PCs and useful business gadgets showcased at the Consumer Electronics Show this year.

Mike Pompeo’s CIA Director Hearing: 3 Questions Congress Must Ask

Tensions between the incoming administration and the intelligence community mean it's more important than ever that the Senate asks tough questions. The post Mike Pompeo’s CIA Director Hearing: 3 Questions Congress Must Ask appeared first on WIRED.

James Mattis Defense Secretary Hearings: 4 Questions Senators Must Ask

The Mattis hearings shouldn't end until he answers these crucial questions. The post James Mattis Defense Secretary Hearings: 4 Questions Senators Must Ask appeared first on WIRED.

FBI withdrew national security letter after Cloudflare lawsuit

Cloudflare, served with a national security letter at the beginning of 2013, managed to get the FBI to withdraw its request but has been under a gag order preventing it from speaking about the matter since.

VC activity plunges in final months of 2016

The unsustainable levels of VC investments in 2015 have come down to a more normal level according to the latest VC Pitchbook and MoneyTree reports. Surprisingly – cybersecurity is one of the big losers.

US explanation for scanning Yahoo emails unsatisfactory: EU

The 'relatively late and relatively general' explanation from the US for why it forced Yahoo to scan all user emails under a secret court order has been deemed unsatisfactory by the EU's justice commissioner.

Apple partners with Tresorit to offer end-to-end encryption for CareKit

Along with end-to-end encryption, ZeroKit offers user authentication and zero knowledge key management.

These are the seven cybersecurity startups selected to work alongside GCHQ spy agency

The seven companies will receive workspace and guidance at the new Cheltenham Cyber Innovation Centre in an effort to help deliver 'the next generation of cybersecurity systems".

FTC vs D-Link: The legal risks of IoT insecurity

Vulnerabilities in connected devices spell potential trouble for product manufacturers.

DevOps widespread, but not yet seen as strategic, survey shows

New survey of more than 2,100 IT managers by F5 Networks finds cloud dominating application plans, while DevOps is still emerging.

Hortonworks, Neustar collaborate to secure IoT, more efforts to follow

With cyberattacks scaling, courtesy of Internet of Things devices, the tech industry needs to partner to lock end points down.

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