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How to Baffle Web Trackers by Obfuscating Your Movements Online

Software that spits out misinformation about what you're actually doing on the web is a fascinating development in our relationship to online surveillance. The post How to Baffle Web Trackers by Obfuscating Your Movements Online appeared first on WIRED.

A Dummies Guide to ‘Insider Trading’ via Botnet

This post, the first of two parts, was written by Raj Samani, Christiaan Beek, and Shane Shook.  Want to spread malware? One of the most effective ways is to use a botnet, a network of infected systems. The goals of botnets have barely changed since we first encountered them more than a decade ago. Show More Summary

Whistleblowers: Trading security for money, NSA created 'largest failure' in its history

One former NSA official said the discontinued program he helped to build could have "absolutely prevented" some of the worst terror attacks in living memory.

Nice Try, Quantico, But That’s Not How Hacking Works

Quantico's latest episode is about a hacker who breaks into the FBI's servers. Here’s what the show got right–unfortunately, it wasn't much. The post Nice Try, Quantico, But That’s Not How Hacking Works appeared first on WIRED.

Zero Day Weekly: Xfinity doxing users, D-Link exposing networks, China's uncrackable smartphone

Notable security news items for the week ending November 20, 2015. Covers enterprise, application and mobile security, reports and more.

LinkedIn patches serious persistent XSS vulnerability

The persistent XSS flaw allowed hackers to spread XSS worms through the LinkedIn help forums.

BlackBerry, once a security pioneer, falls behind on privacy, transparency

The phone maker said it has "no plans" to release a transparency report into how many government demands for data it receives.

ISIS’s OPSEC Manual Reveals How It Handles Cybersecurity

ISIS documents obtained by US researchers detail the security measures recruits should take to avoid surveillance, though not all of them follow the advice. The post ISIS’s OPSEC Manual Reveals How It Handles Cybersecurity appeared first on WIRED.

By extending state of emergency, France can now block websites

The country's interior ministry can now "ensure the interruption of any public communication service" that has links to or hosts terrorism content.

University breaks silence on FBI payments to bring Tor users out of the shadows

Carnegie Mellon University has decided to speak out concerning reports that the institute was paid $1 million for ways to unmask Tor users. [Updated]

Google's VirusTotal now analyzes Mac Malware in sandbox playground

As OS X malware gains traction, VirusTotal has added support for Mac app analysis in sandbox environments.

Blackhole exploit kit comes back from the grave

The author is cooling his heels after his arrest, but this hasn't stopped the exploit kit from making a comeback.

Carnegie Mellon Denies FBI Paid for Tor-Breaking Research

The university now implies it may have been subpoenaed to give up its anonymity-stripping technique. The post Carnegie Mellon Denies FBI Paid for Tor-Breaking Research appeared first on WIRED.

FBI info security chief discusses taking risks with cloud, big data

The FBI's chief security information officer discusses shares intel about the cloud security infrastructure for the largest law enforcement organization in the United States.

Security experts: ISIS' favorite messaging app is no match for feds

The app's cryptography is like "being stabbed in the eye with a fork," according to one leading cryptographer.

Justice Department will struggle to handle future cyber-threats, says inspector

The department has also struggled with retaining top talent and creating meaningful relationships with the private sector "in part because of privacy concerns and a general distrust of government."

Here’s a Spy Firm’s Price List for Secret Hacker Techniques

Zero-day exploit broker Zerodium has published a full chart of its prices for intrusion techniques affecting different software programs. The post Here’s a Spy Firm’s Price List for Secret Hacker Techniques appeared first on WIRED.

Cybersecurity Industry Must Learn to Collaborate as Effectively as Its Adversaries

Cyber threats have evolved over time to communicate, cooperate, and in some cases directly collaborate among themselves, giving them a distinct advantage over their security counterparts. Hackers possess a culture that is comparatively open, mutually supportive, and largely opportunistic. Show More Summary

Security in 2016: The death of advanced persistent threats

Kaspersky predicts that APTs will cease to exist next year -- but what will take their place?

Why the CIA wanting encryption backdoors is a failure of leadership, not intelligence

Analysis: The question shouldn't be if encryption should have backdoors, but why intelligence agencies have begun shifting the blame onto those who push for privacy.

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