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Apple keeps details of patched AirPort router vulnerability under wraps

The security patch has upgraded AirPort router firmware to stop exploitation in its tracks.

Silent Circle launches virtual security assistant Privacy Meter

The real-time privacy assistant is part of the latest Silent OS update.

Benjamin the Bot Wrote The Script for ‘Sunspring’

This happens to be the first film that was written by Benjamin, an Artificial Intelligence (AI) program.

The Star Trek Family Mourns The Sudden Death of Anton Yelchin

The entire Star Trek community pays tribute to actor Anton Yelchin after his sudden and tragic demise on Sunday.

JavaScript-PHP Joint Exercise Delivers Nemucod Ransomware

The ransomware Nemucod has been very prevalent in the last few months. Nemucod’s habit of frequently changing its delivery mechanism and infection vector to evade detection makes this threat very challenging to security researchers. Recently, we observed in the wild a new variant of Nemucod that shows another change. Show More Summary

The Department of Defense wants more of you to hack the Pentagon

After a successful pilot program, the Department of Defense is expanding its bug bounty program.

Hacker taunts Blizzard after knocking gamers offline

Gamers may experience more frustration and disruption in the near future.

T-Mobile insider steals customer data to make a quick koruna

The employee tried to cash in by stealing and selling the data of up to 1.5 million Czech customers.

Hack sends cryptocurrency Ether plunging into the abyss

Vulnerabilities affecting DAO have been exploited, throwing the Ethereum network into chaos.

The DNC Breach and the Hijacking of Common Sense

"When you need something to be true, you will look for patterns; you connect the dots like the stars of a constellation. Your brain abhors disorder. You see faces in clouds and demons in bonfires. Those who claim the powers of divination hijack these natural human tendencies. Show More Summary

Silk Road Prosecutors Argue Ross Ulbricht Doesn’t Deserve a New Trial

The prosecution dismisses arguments about corrupt agents involved in the Silk Road investigation. The post Silk Road Prosecutors Argue Ross Ulbricht Doesn't Deserve a New Trial appeared first on WIRED.

Microsoft pushes new Windows 10 tool to kill PC bloatware

The new feature downloads and installs a fresh copy of Windows, killing any pre-installed apps bundled in by PC manufacturers.

Mini Vision 100 Concept in Pictures: Sexy

If this is what cars will offer, then we can’t wait for the future.

Orlando Shows the Limits of Facebook’s Terror Policing

A Senate committee wants to know if Facebook could have stopped Omar Mateen. The answer is no. The post Orlando Shows the Limits of Facebook's Terror Policing appeared first on WIRED.

How Does the FBI Watch List Work? And Could It Have Prevented Orlando?

The terrorist watch list contains more than a million names. But just being on it won't prevent someone from getting a US visa, traveling on a plane or buying a gun. The post How Does the FBI Watch List Work? And Could It Have Prevented Orlando? appeared first on WIRED.

Warberry Pi: The stealthy way to slink past business security

The tiny Raspberry Pi-based device has found its place with red teams and pen testers.

Microsoft’s June Patch Kills Potential CFG Bypass

After applying Microsoft’s June patch, we noticed some interesting changes that prevent a security bypass of Windows’ Control Flow Guard (CFG). The changes are in the Shader JIT compiler of the Windows Advanced Rasterization Platform (WARP) module (d3d10warp.dll). Show More Summary

Boost Certificate Security With Android SSL Pinning

Certificate SSL pinning is an extra security layer in the SSL validation process for certificate authenticity. This process verifies that the certificate/key provided by the remote server exactly matches the one pinned on the client side. Show More Summary

How to really fix the latest Adobe Flash security hole

Patch it. Patch it now. Better still, get rid of Flash once and for all, or at least set it to only run when you really want it to run.

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