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Singapore opens lab for fintech experiments

Monetary Authority of Singapore sets up a fintech lab to provide a platform on which startups, tech vendors, and financial institutions can test out new tools.

France, Germany push for access to encrypted messages after wave of terror attacks

But it conflicts with a recent review of EU privacy rules, which concluded that the use of encryption should be encouraged.

‘Wildfire’ Ransomware Extinguished by Tool From NoMoreRansom; Unlock Files for Free

Intel Security and Kaspersky Lab, partners in the project NoMoreRansom, are pleased to announce today the availability of a decryption tool for victims of the Wildfire variant of ransomware. This tool is available following successful collaboration with the Dutch police and the European Cybercrime Centre. Show More Summary

US faces pushback on proposals to collect tourists' social media handles

Rights groups worry that a refusal to disclose may hurt visa applications.

Juniper confirms leaked NSA exploits affect its firewalls

Shy on details, the company wouldn't say when patches would become available.

Epic's forums hacked again, with thousands of logins stolen

More than 800,000 usernames and email addresses were taken, but most of the passwords aren't readable or easily crackable.

Seized Silk Road bitcoin used to fund Shadow Brokers exploit auction

It may be that the US government is keen to stop the exploit cache from ending up in external hands.

Californian woman sent behind bars for trying to sell US fighter jet tech to China

The 45-year-old worked with a Chinese associate to find buyers for items including high-tech jet engines.

New Vulnerabilities Found Affecting Millions of Android Devices

There have been tremendous developments in the mobile phone technology over the last decade. Unfortunately, these developments are often accompanied by growing incidences of cybercrime. Today, numerous high-profile breaches as a result of malware and other sophisticated cyber-attacks are documented every year. Show More Summary

Security News This Week: Eddie Bauer Stores, Hotels and Hospitals Hacked

Each Saturday we round up the news stories that we didn’t break or cover in depth at WIRED, but which deserve your attention nonetheless. The post Security News This Week: Eddie Bauer Stores, Hotels and Hospitals Hacked appeared first on WIRED.

WIRED’s Latest HTTPS Update: We’re Almost There, Folks

WIRED still isn't at full HTTPS, but we're making good progress. The post WIRED's Latest HTTPS Update: We’re Almost There, Folks appeared first on WIRED.

Snowden documents confirm that leaked hacking tools belong to NSA

Documents suggest a smoking gun between the US intelligence agency and the malware it allegedly developed.

Hackers Trick Facial-Recognition Logins With Photos From Facebook (What Else?)

Researchers use online photos to create 3-D renders of faces and successfully dupe four facial recognition systems. The post Hackers Trick Facial-Recognition Logins With Photos From Facebook (What Else?) appeared first on WIRED.

Wikileaks hosts hundreds of malware files in email dumps

The confidential file publisher has not considered the security implications of mass email uploads, it seems. suspects state-sponsored attacks on the horizon

Bitcoin traders have been warned that the upcoming Bitcoin Core software release will become a top target for well-funded hacking groups.

Millions of Steam game keys stolen after hacker breaches gaming site

The data also includes an estimated 3.3 million unique site and forum accounts.

Why #Lochtegate Is the Diversion America Deserves

If you had hoped the Olympics would ditract you from the garbage fire of the 2016 Election, you've been disappointed. But the absurd #lochtegate might do the trick. The post Why #Lochtegate Is the Diversion America Deserves appeared first on WIRED.

Vulnerable smart home IoT sockets let hackers access your email account

The smart plug can act as a conduit not just for electricity -- but for cyberattacks.

Google's Santa macOS malware sniffer goes open source

The tool's development is underway with the overall aim of becoming a potent whitelisting app for Mac machines.

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