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Anonymous exposes identities of 1000 KKK members

The bogus leak is history and now the personal details of 1000 KKK members have been dumped online.

Feds seek way to stop drive-by drone prison contraband deliveries

Law enforcement is fed up of drones getting in on the prison contraband game and wants you to provide a solution.

ProtonMail coughs up $6000 to stop DDoS attack, DDoS carries on anyway

ProtonMail has learnt an expensive lesson -- just because hackers demand a ransom to stop an attack doesn't mean they will vanish after you pay up.

BlackBerry Priv has a big flaw: It's a privacy flop

The Priv shows a clear disconnect between what the company wants, and what the phone actually does.

Hands-on with the BlackBerry Priv: in pictures

The latest BlackBerry phone lands with two flagship features: Android, and a physical keyboard.

How to check if your Android device is vulnerable to attack

A new open-source app scans for the most common Android vulnerabilities, including Stagefright.

New Android adware hits thousands of apps, can't be removed

More than 20,000 adware samples masqueraded as legitimate apps, like Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter.

Know thy enemy: Symantec launches cyberthreat intelligence service for the enterprise

The new solution gives enterprise players answers to all their questions related to the cyberthreat landscape.

US presidential candidate websites easy to hack, says report

"If our presidential candidates don't take security seriously, how can we expect anyone else to?" the report says.

Election 2016: US presidential candidate websites easy to hack

If America elected its next president based on the security of the candidate's website, neither Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump would win.

BlackBerry promises monthly Android patches; can override carriers for critical hotfixes

The monthly patches will land first with the company's debut Android-based phone.

New UK spy powers will force companies to remove encryption

But a big question mark hangs over the head of Apple, Google, and other foreign firms, on whether they will be forced to "remove any encryption" when demanded.

Mobile malware evolves: Adware now breaks and roots your phone

Adware is moving from nuisance to nasty with the discovery of over 20,000 Android apps which can root your phone, making it almost impossible to remove.

XcodeGhost iOS malware leaves China, strikes US enterprises

XcodeGhost, malware tailored for iOS applications, is back with a new twist.

Zerocoin Startup Revives the Dream of Truly Anonymous Money

After years of development, the perfectly anonymous cryptocurrency Zerocoin is finally showing signs of life, now as a stealthy startup. The post Zerocoin Startup Revives the Dream of Truly Anonymous Money appeared first on WIRED.

Suspect number four arrested over TalkTalk hack granted bail

A fourth person arrested in connection to TalkTalk's data breach has been bailed.

The perfection of Headphones

A set of headphones the price of a car, they must be good. Web Sennheiser Orpheus world's best headphones

New Bill Would Force Cops to Get Stingray Warrants

Eventually even local law enforcement agencies may have to get a warrant before they can use stingray spying devices. The post New Bill Would Force Cops to Get Stingray Warrants appeared first on WIRED.

JSocket: Android malware which hijacks your legitimate apps

AlienSpy reincarnated is back with a new set of tools designed to steal your data.

Why Avast won't show source code to the government, but others do

Antivirus and security firms that serve enterprise and government customers on occasion disclose their source code to acquire lucrative contracts.

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