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?Cyber security as big a challenge as counter-terrorism, says spy chief

Online security now as big a job as surveillance and counter-terrorism says GCHQ boss.

Why a proxy server can't protect you like a VPN can

VPNs provide a lot more protection than proxy servers, even for those who just want to hide their IP addresses. Here's why you should use a VPN instead.

Mozilla pilots Cliqz engine in Firefox to slurp user browsing data

Updated: Mozilla insists the pilot program will improve user privacy, not lessen it.

Bitcoin laundering suspect caught in US, Russia extradition spat

The two countries are fighting over where the Russian national should have his day in court.

Data breaches highlight how Social Security number has to be phased out for blockchain, biometrics

The Social Security number shouldn't be the keys to verifying identity. As data breaches pile up, alternative authentication and identification technology needs to be considered.

Cyber attribution isn't so important, even for nation states

International agreements could make it easier to track down threats from the borderless cyber realm. Australia is at the forefront of cyber diplomacy, but elsewhere progress is stalling.

Why CIOs have bigger IT budgets for 2018, and what they're buying

Beyond specific technologies and projects, tech leaders are thinking a lot about finding and developing the talent they need to succeed.

Disqus confirms 2012 hack of its comments tool

The company is sending out password reset emails to users whose passwords were exposed.

WhatsApp is among the most blacklisted apps in the enterprise

These apps, among others, apparently pose a serious threat to business security.

This sneaky phishing attack hijacks your chats to spread malware

Organisations around the world have fallen victim to a highly-targeted phishing campaign which intercepts ongoing email threads to customise messages and spread malware.

FDIC hit with more than 50 security breaches over two years

A new report from the Office of Inspector General has brought another wave of cybersecurity woes to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.

On encryption, the UK sets a collision course with Europe

End-to-end encryption is still seen as a danger by British politicians but as a useful protection by Europeans.

Uber app can silently record iPhone screens, researcher finds

Uber is thought to be the only third-party app that was given access to the private, undocumented feature.

Apple fixes two High Sierra password bugs

It's the first update for the new Mac operating system since it was released last month.

WSJ: Kaspersky software likely used in Russian-backed NSA breach

Hackers working for the Kremlin reportedly found sensitive information on the home computer of an NSA contractor who was using Kaspersky antivirus software.

This cheap and nasty malware wants to steal your data

FormBook malware advertises an 'extensive and powerful internet monitoring experience' for a relatively low-cost - allowing even low level attackers to distribute stealthy malware.

Windows XP users: Your last supported refuge in Firefox ends in 2018, says Mozilla

Mozilla announces end of life for the extended support version of Firefox for Windows XP and Vista.

Cloud vulnerabilities are being ignored by the enterprise

RedLock's latest cloud security report suggests that organizations are failing in the most basic security practices.

Keybase launches encryption for git repositories

You can now encrypt repositories to keep them private and secure.

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