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The three groups of "security threats"

There are many threats to information security, however the consist weak point is and always will be "people".

Macro Malware Targets Macs

Macro malware has been spreading for years. New techniques arise all the time to hide malicious code and thus increase the difficulty of analysis. However, just targeting Microsoft Windows no longer seems to be enough for the malware authors. Show More Summary

House Homeland Security Chairman: Backdoors would be a "huge mistake"

Texas Republican Michael McCaul joins some key Democrats who could oppose potential Trump administration proposals.

Bracket's 'metavisor' could have stopped DNC hack, says CEO

At RSA 2017, Bracket Computing announced a pair of new features for its 'metavisor' and CEO Tom Gillis said it can both diagnose and prevent attacks that hide themselves inside the operating system.

Microsoft's Brad Smith calls for a "digital Geneva Convention"

As cyberspace becomes the new battlefield, nations should commit to protecting civilians from nation-state attacks in times of peace, he said at the RSA conference.

Video: Secure your clouds across AWS, Azure, and more

At RSA 2017, we spoke with Tom Gillis, CEO of Bracket Computing, about how his product is changing cloud security and bringing big enterprise customers to the cloud.

Senators want to know more about Trump's new secure smartphone

And, given recent highly-publicized security mishaps, the senators want to know if he even uses it.

Most US firms would pay to avoid data breach shame going public

Two-thirds admit they would cough up almost $125,000 rather than admit a successful cyberattack has taken place.

Unhackable OS? CertiKOS enables creation of secure system kernels

Computer system security stinks, because our software is buggy and untestable in full. Great for cyber criminals, but not for us. So why doesn't someone build a mathematically verified, secure, concurrent kernel that can run on x86 and ARM? A team at Yale has.

The Cyber Threat Alliance Steps Up to Boost Protection

With each new cyber threat report, we learn about the increasing volume of new, complex threats appearing across a myriad of server systems, networking equipment, personal computing platforms, and IoT devices. We also read about theShow More Summary

National Cyber Security Centre officially opens as 'guinea pig' for piloting UK cyberdefence strategies

GCHQ's new arm will test strategies and schemes for businesses and industry to follow in future.

Analyzing KillDisk Ransomware, Part 2: Variants and Screen Unlocking

At McAfee Labs we recently analyzed the ransomware KillDisk. In part 1 of this analysis, we discussed the basics of the malware and its whitelisting to protect itself. In this part, we will provide more information about the malware’s internals, this variant, and steps to unlock the ransomware lock screen. Show More Summary

Ancient equipment and poor networking: BlackBerry weighs in on the state of medical device security

BlackBerry executive Nader Henein says that before security weaknesses can be addressed, healthcare providers need to take a long, hard look at their networks and rebuild them from the ground up.

Researchers create new ransomware to target industrial systems

Without too much trouble, the ransomware was quickly able to hijack simulated water treatment plants.

Recorded Future expands platform to scan every source on the web for digital threats

The threat intelligence platform can now track data across everything from the clear web to closed, underground forums.

Singapore security firm hopes mobile software token will plug hardware holes

State-owned Assurity says its OneKey Mobile app will address common complaints about hardware tokens, but acknowledges it still may not be enough to convince major banks to switch over.

Cisco chairman backs drone security startup in $15m Series B round

The counter-drone startup will be using the funds for investment in sales and marketing, as well as for ongoing research and development.

Former NSA chief: Trump is "the president our nation needs" on cybersecurity

Retired Gen. Keith Alexander, who oversaw NSA during the Snowden leak, said he left the recent White House cybersecurity meeting impressed.

Ransomware: Should you pay up?

The incentives of hackers are straightforward -- they're looking for a big payday -- but it's less clear whether their victims should cooperate.

Senators frustrated with Yahoo's silence around hacks inquiry

The senators are concerned about Yahoo's "willingness to deal with Congress with complete candor" after two cyberattacks, announced late last year.

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