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NSA Docs Show Almost No Access To North Korea Before 2010, And Limited Access Thereafter

“We lack uniform agreement on assessing many things in North Korea” - DNI James Clapper (2013)According to the same NSA document released yesterday by Der Spiegel and quoted by the New York Times, NSA's access to North Korea " was next to nothing " prior to 2010. Show More Summary

Fifty Shades of Grey Breaking Advance Ticket Sales Records

Sexy big screen adaptation already making history Film Fifty Shades of Grey E.L. James Sex and the City

Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen Apparently Out of X-Men

Apocaylpse to focus on younger cast Film X-Men X-Men Days of Future Past X-Men Apocalypse Ian McKellen patrick stewart

Jennifer Lawrence to Take a Dive

Hunger Games / I Am Legend Helmer Francis Lawrence Also Set to Direct  Film The Dive Jennifer Lawrence Francis Lawrence Hunger Games James Cameron Avatar I Am Legend

What George Lucas Really Thinks of the Star Wars Trailer

Star Wars mastermind finally weighs in Film Star Wars Star Wars The Force Awakens George Lucas

Mercenary Hacker Crews Offering Espionage-as-a-Service Are On The Rise

We published our new report on Espionage-as-a-Service today. Here's a copy of the press release along with a link to the report itself. MCLEAN, Va., Jan. 16, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Although the Sony attack was loud, damaging and hugely...Show More Summary

Motley Crue's The Dirt Lands at Focus Features

The film rights to the band biopic get sold again Music Motley Crue The Dirt Focus Features Nikki Sixx

Seal GPS, CES 2015 and a Holiday Hidden Cam Surprise – Security News Roundup

We ring in 2015 with a smattering of security stories; some deal with current cyber threats, some with CES 2015, and some that will just put a smile on your face. Skeleton Key Malware is the First Scary Cyber Threat of 2015 A new year, a new strain of malware. Show More Summary

Will 28 Days Later Turn Into 28 Months?

Screenwriter says discussions are "serious" Film 28 Days Later 28 Months Later Danny Boyle Alex Garland Dredd

Are These the Best Sci-Fi Films of All Time?

Do these films really make the grade? Film Star Wars alien Mad Max Silent Running

New Star Wars Marvel Comic is Out

A new era of Star Wars comics has just been launched  Comics Star Wars Marvel The Force Awakens

Z13 The Mainframe that Makes Mainframes Cool Again

The time for a new mainframe architecture couldn’t be more ideal because our mobile devices are increasingly used like terminals with the processing centralized.   Enterprise IBM mainframe z13

A Ukraine Anti-Corruption Policeman's Appeal For Justice

"I don’t really know, if I have any possibility to appeal to Nation again, if I will be alive, I don’t know, but I beg you to take a chance to change the situation in the country." - Lt. Col. Eogor Bodrov, Ukraine Ministry of Internal AffairsThree days ago I wrote a blog post about a hacker who was trying to get his friend and former colleague, Lt. Show More Summary

Will These Women Lead Ghostbusters 3?

Melissa McCarthy in the running for the lead Film ghostbusters Melissa McCarthy Ghostbusters 3 Paul Feig Jilian Bell

Hacker Aids Ukrainian Intelligence Colonel Arrested For Fighting Corruption

Ukraine's revolution isn't easy to understand. Some Russians who live there want the old pro-Russian regime back and have aligned themselves with the Putin government. Most Ukrainians want their independence support new leadership that isn't so attached to the Russian government. Show More Summary

Fifty Shades of Grey Gets the R Rating

We're just as shocked as you are Film Fifty Shades of Grey E.L. James

FBI Director Comey's Single Point Of Failure on Sony

FBI Director Comey laid has entire agency's credibility on the line today at an FBI sanctioned cybersecurity event in New York City where he provided new information on the Sony hack:“In nearly every case, [the Sony hackers known asShow More Summary

Annual Blog Round-Up – 2014

Here is my annual "Security Warrior" blog round-up of top 10 popular posts/topics in 2014. “Why No Open Source SIEM, EVER?” contains some of my SIEM thinking from 2009. Is it relevant now? Well, you be the judge. Current emergence of open sources log search tools (ELK FTW!), BTW, does not break the logic of that post. Show More Summary

Game of Thrones to Play in Imax

The biggest show in television is about to get even bigger Trending game of thrones Imax The Twilight Zone

Monthly Blog Round-Up – December 2014

Here is my next monthly "Security Warrior" blog round-up of top 5 popular posts/topics this month: “Why No Open Source SIEM, EVER?” contains some of my SIEM thinking from 2009. Is it relevant now? Well, you be the judge. Current emergence of open sources log search tools, BTW, does not break the logic of that post. Show More Summary

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