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AdultFriendFinder network finally comes clean to members about hack

The adult entertainment and dating network waited a week to message its millions of users after news of the hack broke, but its method of delivery was far from proactive.

How Liberty is remaking the department store for the internet age

Iconic department store Liberty is embracing mobile and the internet: here's how.

Your car will be recalled in 2017 thanks to poor open-source security

Security experts believe yet another open-source software security catastrophe is on the horizon - but this time, your car is the target.

Symantec acquires LifeLock for $2.3 billion

Acquisition forms "world's largest digital safety platform for consumers and families."

Major cyber attack disrupts internet service across Europe and US – Dyn DDoS

The 2016 Dyn cyber attack took place on October 21, 2016, and involved multiple denial-of-service attacks (DDoS attacks) targeting systems operated by Domain Name System (DNS) provider Dyn which made major Internet platforms and services unavailable to large swaths of users in Europe and North America. Show More Summary

Android Malware Clicker.G!Gen Found on Google Play

Recently the Mobile Malware Research Team of Intel Security found on Google Play a new campaign of Android/Clicker.G in dozens of published malicious apps. This threat targets Russians but the apps are accessible worldwide. The attackers lure their victims with apps associated with health care, sports, food, games, and many other topics. Show More Summary

Trillium Toolkit Leads to Widespread Malware

Any aspiring cybercriminal can buy one of many malicious toolkits to craft a downloader and distribute malware. After a time these downloaders are leaked to forums and other download sites and become available to the masses. This is often when we see a spike in their use. Show More Summary

Malicious Forums Turn Amateur Hackers Into Cybercriminals

Security researchers are aware of forums that offer downloads of malicious software such as keyloggers and remote access tools. Some inexperienced hackers may visit these forums and decide to chase the money and create a malicious agenda. Show More Summary

Nivdort: Data-Stealing Trojan Arrives via Spam

During the past couple of weeks, McAfee Labs has observed a huge increase in spam related to Nivdort, a malicious file that usually arrives as attachment and tries to download other malware. This malware can steal a victim’s credentials, including personal details related to online shopping, banking, and other social networking websites. Show More Summary

HydraCrypt Variant of Ransomware Distributed by Angler Exploit Kit

McAfee Labs recently came across the new ransomware variant HydraCrypt. Like some previous ransomware variants, HydraCrypt is distributed using the Angler exploit kit. HydraCrypt encrypts a victim’s files and appends the filenames with...Show More Summary

A Case of Mistaken Identity? The Role of BlackEnergy in Ukrainian Power Grid Disruption

Recent reports of electricity outages across the Ukraine has led to significant speculation regarding the specific malware that was used to disrupt supplies. Intel Security’s approach in understanding this event included making contact...Show More Summary

File-Hosting Site Turns Your File Into Adware

We recently received a sample from a customer and upon initial analysis it looked like a bundled software installer. Upon execution, the installer launches a website and then attempts to download an executable—an installer for FLV Player. Show More Summary

Updated BlackEnergy Trojan Grows More Powerful

In late December, a cyberattack caused a power outage in the Ukraine, plunging hundreds of thousands of citizens into darkness for hours. Threat researchers soon confirmed that the BlackEnergy malware package, first developed in 2007, was the culprit. Show More Summary

The Hidden Costs of Cyber Attacks

The real costs of cyber attacks are difficult to understand. The impacts of cybersecurity are terribly challenging to measure, which creates significant problems for organizations seeking to optimize their risk posture. To properly prioritize security investments, it is crucial to understand the overall risk of loss. Show More Summary

CryptoWall V3 and V4 Protection for Intel Security Customers

Updated, November 6:  Since October 30, the release date of the Cyber Threat Alliance report on CryptoWall Version 3, we have spotted a new variant of the CryptoWall family. This variant has been labeled by many as Version 4, which is different in some ways from V3. Show More Summary

Japanese Banking Trojan Shifu Combines Malware Tools

In recent weeks, McAfee Labs has analyzed a recently discovered banking Trojan that combines elements from multiple malware tools. Shifu has circulated since April, and attacks primarily Japanese banks. Installation This malware arrives as a file dropped by other malware or as a file downloaded unknowingly by users when visiting compromised sites. Show More Summary

Threat Actors Use Encrypted Office Binary Format to Evade Detection

Microsoft Office documents play an important role in our work and personal lives. In the last couple years, unfortunately, we have seen a number of exploits, especially some critical zero-day attacks, delivered as Office documents. Here are a couple of standouts: CVE-2014-4114/6352, the “Sandworm” zero-day attack, reported in October 2014. Show More Summary

Meet ‘Tox’: Ransomware for the Rest of Us

The packaging of malware and malware-construction kits for cybercrime “consumers” has been a long-running trend. Various turnkey kits that cover remote access plus botnet plus stealth functions are available just about anywhere. Ransomware, though very prevalent, has not yet appeared in force in easy-to-deploy kits. Show More Summary

Optimizing DAT Performance: Smaller Is Better

I want to share some of the good work McAfee Labs did in the past year in optimizing and enhancing the V2 DATs (malware definition files, also known as AVV DATs) used in McAfee VirusScan Enterprise and other McAfee enterprise products. Show More Summary

McAfee Labs Researchers Offer Master Class in Security at Oregon State

For McAfee Labs the New Year will start with a lot of excitement. During the next 10 weeks, several of us researchers will teach a master class at Oregon State University. During this class, “Defending against the Dark Arts,” more than...Show More Summary

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