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How Hackers Can Use 'Evil Bubbles' to Destroy an Industrial Pump

One demonstration at the Black Hat conference shows how insidious physical infrastructure hacking could be.

Video Roundup: New in ransomware

Make no mistake: Ransomware is one of the biggest threats on the internet right now. Here's a look at what it is, how it's been wreaking havoc lately, and some of the ways you can protect yourself from it.

Your Own Pacemaker Can Now Testify Against You In Court

Opinion: What happens to privacy when data from our medical devices can lead to criminal charges?

These were the best hacks at Black Hat and Def Con this year

If you weren't in Las Vegas for the heat and hacking, we've got you covered.

Defending against cyberwar: How the cybersecurity elite are working to prevent a digital apocalypse

Cyberwar has evolved from the theoretical to the ominous. TechRepublic went inside one of the defenders vs. hackers war games that's helping countries prepare to defend themselves.

?State phone-hacking plans put on ice in Austria

Spying on apps like WhatsApp using smartphone spyware would have gone too far, say Austrian politicians.

Hackers are trying to make their malware more powerful by copying WannaCry and Petya ransomware tricks

The outfit behind Trickbot is attempting to give their Trojan malware the self-spreading worm-like capabilities which have made recent ransomware attacks go global. alerts users to recycled compromised credentials in its database

The online marketplace told users it detected login credentials matching its customers in a publicly accessible database.

Symantec distrust to begin in Chrome from April 2018

Google's browser will start the process of removing trust from old Symantec TLS certificates in Chrome 66.

Singapore should not criminalise good intent to encourage data sharing in cybersecurity

People who fear prosecution may be less willing to share threat information, which is vital in fending off attacks, and Singapore government should clearly define its proposed mandate for companies to report data breaches within 72 hours.

?US male arrested for string of DDoS attacks against Australia, North America

The two-and-a-half year cross-border investigation has ended with the arrest of an Iranian-born male in the United States.

One Billion Daily WhatsApp Users Prove Privacy Isn't Dead

WhatsApp's rise and Twitter's decline converge to send a message about the way we communicate now.

How these fake Facebook and LinkedIn profiles tricked people into friending state-backed hackers

A hacking operation used photos from an unsuspecting victim's Instagram account as the lure in a campaign that lasted well over a year.

This Android spyware can record calls, take screenshots and video, targets Gmail, LinkedIn, Snapchat data

Google uncovers espionage conducting malware which monitors and steals information about the target - including emails, messages and calls.

No More Ransom project helps thousands of ransomware victims

After only a year, the initiative has unlocked thousands of devices, but there is more work to do.

The Trump-Russia Scandal's Many Swirling Unknowns

What we know so far about the Trump-Russia scandal only suggests more questions—questions Special Counsel Robert Mueller is digging into.

?Google's Trusted Contacts safety app is now available for iOS

Google updates Trusted Contacts with more control over location sharing.

13 technologies that are safer than passwords

Vein scans, eye scans, fingerprint scans and more up the security game

Russian Bitcoin exchange chief arrested in connection to Mt. Gox 'hack'

The Mt. Gox hack which left thousands of investors out of pocket may have connections to Russia.

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