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CIA reinvents itself to focus on cyber operations

The agency says restructuring will bring it to the digital forefront -- and digital intelligence gathering is now critical.

University of Chicago suffers data breach

Sensitive data held by the university has been compromised -- including the Social Security numbers of students and employees.

Zero Day Weekly: FREAKouts, Clinton shadow IT, Australia's data retention security

A collection of notable security news items for the week ending March 6, 2015. Covers enterprise, controversies, application and mobile security, malware, reports and more.

Australia's charges against Anonymous member accused of government hack changing again

Arrested 10 months ago by Australian Federal Police, Anonymous radio host LoraxLive (Adam Bennett) faces a prosecution struggling to pin charges on him.

Six words you should care about: "The FBI has not been here"

Tech companies aren't allowed to tell you when the government wants your data. Enter the warrant canary.

Mandarin Oriental eradicates malware from credit card systems

After admitting to a security breach, the luxury hotel chain has managed to remove malware discovered on systems related to customer financial data.

Why Clinton’s Private Email Server Was Such a Security Fail

Hillary Clinton's homebrew email solution potentially left the communications of the top US foreign affairs official vulnerable to state-sponsored hackers. The post Why Clinton’s Private Email Server Was Such a Security Fail appeared first on WIRED.

Adobe launches vulnerability disclosure scheme on HackerOne

Adobe, maker of software including Flash and Adobe reader, is catching up to the times and has launched a bug bounty program -- but something may be missing.

Amazon Gift Card Malware Spreading via SMS

Intel Security’s McAfee Labs recently published its Hacking the Human OS report, which details a number of ways in which cybercriminals rely on victims’ trust in a particular brand or public authority to hand over information or allow their systems to become infected with malicious code. Show More Summary

Congress unites to back law that would curb warrantless email searches

A bill aimed at reforming a 30-year-old law, which allows the government warrantless access to old emails, has considerable bipartisan support.

Terrorist encryption tools nothing more than 'security cape' and gov't red flag

Terrorist groups such as ISIS and Al Qaeda have something in common -- they are using encryption tools which are not worthy of the name.

Google's cloud will now scan web apps for common security flaws

Google's new Cloud Security Scanner allows users to easily scan applications for two common vulnerabilities: cross-site scripting, and mixed content.

Zero Day Weekly: Lenovo's poison Superfish, Netgear vuln, SIM card spying, Obama's encryption follies

A collection of notable security news items for the week ending February 20, 2015. Covers enterprise, controversies, application and mobile security, malware, reports and more.

ID4 Has Its Replacement For Will Smith

Long awaited sequel hits theaters June 24, 2016  Trending Independence Day ID4 ID4 Forever Will Smith Jessie Usher Liam Hemsworth

Lenovo's Superfish spectacle: 'Catastrophic' security failures discovered

Superfish isn't just adware -- it can also be a nightmare for those who value their privacy.

Any regrets, Edward Snowden? "I'd have come forward sooner"

The former NSA contractor turned whistleblower said during a Reddit question-and-answer session that the leaks have also improved security and encryption in Silicon Valley.

Lenovo works on 'cleaner PC image' following Superfish debacle

Lenovo is still smarting from the Superfish media storm, but CTO Peter Hortensius says the firm is working to fix its battered reputation.

Hackers impersonating IT staff popular tactic in data breaches, FireEye finds

FireEye's Mandiant M-Trends report says impersonation and social engineering are now key tactics used by cybercriminals targeting corporations.

Announcing our 1st Suits and Spooks All Stars event at Soho House NYC (June 19-20, 2015)

We've held 10 Suits and Spooks events since 2011. Who have been some of your favorite speakers? Beginning July 1, 2015, Soho House, our Suits and Spooks home in NYC, will be closing the Library (our past venue) for renovations and will turn it into a members-only space, which means that we won't be able to hold future events there after June 30th. Show More Summary

Gemalto SIM card encryption hack: Key questions remain

A Wednesday press conference will aim to quell fears that the UK and US intelligence agencies have unfettered access to our mobile devices and phone calls.

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