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This iPhone-Sized Device Can Hack A Car, Researchers Plan To Demonstrate

Auto makers have long downplayed the threat of hacker attacks on their cars and trucks, arguing that their vehicles’ increasingly-networked systems are protected from rogue wireless intrusion. Now two researchers plan to show that a few minutes alone with a car and a tiny, cheap device can give digital saboteurs all the wireless control they [...]

Alleged Silk Road Creator Ross Ulbricht Hit With ‘Kingpin’ Charge, Another 20 Years Minimum Prison Time

Four months after FBI agents arrested Ross Ulbricht, the alleged creator of the Silk Road online black market for drugs, in a San Francisco library last fall, he’s finally been formally indicted. And prosecutors have thrown in a serious new charge that’s usually reserved for not just common criminals, but mafia dons and drug cartel [...]

Resolved, that Privacy is a benefit of and dependent upon a strong National Security Apparatus. For or Against?

Join The Debate: Feb 27th The Suits and Spooks Security Town Hall on Feb 27th is shaping up to become an amazing event thanks to so many exceptional people who have agreed to be panelists. The proposition that will be debated is:Resolved,...Show More Summary

F-35 Software: DoD's Chief Tester Remains Unimpressed

Gmail bug deletes some users’ emails while novice Indian drivers share universal human experience

Monthly Blog Round-Up – January 2014

Here is my next monthly "Security Warrior" blog round-up of top 5 popular posts/topics this month: “Simple Log Review Checklist Released!” is often at the top of this list – the checklist is still a very useful tool for many people.Show More Summary

App Proves Adage: Just Because I’m Paranoid Doesn’t Mean They’re Not Watching Me

Plus: ChewBacca steals credit card data from dozens of retailers, Oracle tries to use the Jedi mind trick, and hackers for hire get busted

Crazy Super Bowl Security and More – Security News Roundup: Gridiron Edition

As the Big Game rapidly approaches, conversations surrounding Super Bowl security have reached a fever pitch. We’ve compiled some highlights of security preparations in the area (some of which are pretty wild), with a few other news stories thrown in for the non-sports fans. Show More Summary

Annual Blog Round-Up – 2013

Here is my annual "Security Warrior" blog round-up of top 10 popular posts/topics in 2013. “Simple Log Review Checklist Released!” was again the most popular this year. The checklist, a list of critical things to look for while reviewing...Show More Summary

Silk Road Vendor Fighting To Reclaim Seized Bitcoins, Argues He Sold Legal Products

Somewhere in the $164 million worth of bitcoins held by the U.S. government, there’s a chunk of the cryptocurrency that until very recently belonged to Peter Ward, a British self-described “cybertechnohippy” and dealer in drug paraphernalia like bongs, marijuana seeds, and rolling papers. Now Ward wants his bitcoins back, and he’s willing to create a [...]

Receive a Free, Signed Copy of Inside Cyber Warfare (2nd edition) by Attending S&S@RSAC

I've got 40 brand new copies of Inside Cyber Warfare which I'll sign and mail to the first 40 people who register to attend Suits and Spooks Security Town Hall San Francisco (S&S@RSAC). And, as an added bonus, the first 25 will receive...Show More Summary

The Back Story on the Suits and Spooks #RSAC Event, some F-bombs, and a Challenge.

The Ritz Carlton San Francisco Warning: This post contains some profanity and is filled to the brim with opinion. Don't read it if you're easily offended.If you haven't heard by now, I've contracted with the Ritz Carlton San Francisco...Show More Summary

Bitcoin Investors Ask For ‘Safe Harbor’ Exceptions In Proposed ‘BitLicense’ Regulations

Bitcoin’s reputation may have been bruised by its connection to the Silk Road black market and Monday’s indictment of Bitcoin Foundation vice chairman Charlie Shrem. But a panel of Bitcoin-focused investors argued to New York financial regulators Tuesday that Bitcoin’s criminal use is the exception rather than the norm, and that it’s still possible to [...]

“Avonte’s Law” Could Prevent Future Tragedies Using GPS

After months of searching for missing New York 14 year old Avonte Oquendo, hundreds gathered Saturday in Manhattan for his funeral. On Sunday, Sen. Charles Schumer (D-NY) proposed “Avonte’s law,” a program set to provide GPS trackers to parents of autistic children in the hopes that tragedies like this could be averted in the future. Show More Summary

How a Misplaced Decimal Point Led to €188 Million in Unintended Gov't Largesse

Great Firewall of China causes national Web outage, while Gmail and other Google services go down

Winklevoss-Funded Bitcoin Startup CEO Arrested In Silk Road Investigation

The widening circle of arrests in the investigation of the Silk Road and other “dark web” black market sites just extended into the heart of the community. The Department of Justice announced Monday that it’s arrested Charlie Shrem, CEO of the payment processor BitInstant and vice chairman of the Foundation, as well as Robert Faiella, [...]

Can’t get there from here

I’ve had an interesting problem for the last few days.  I can’t get to the Hack in the Box site,, or the HITB NL site from my home near London.  Turns out I can’t get to the site or either.  That makes four hacking conferences who’s sites I can’t get to.  And I’m […]

BlackBerry Ltd, the NSA, and The Encryption Algorithm that NIST Warned You Not To Use

As part of my ongoing efforts to sort fact from fiction regarding the RSA - NSA debacle, I learned that BlackBerry, Ltd (NASDAQ: BBRY), with its acquisition of Certicom in 2009, became the patent-holder for Dual_EC_DRBG. And since BlackBerry...Show More Summary

Which Retailers Besides Target and Neiman Marcus Have Been Hacked?

Plus: NSA metadata gathering illegal, credit card skimmer scammers indicted, Snapchat security tool broken in a snap

DarkList Aims To Be The ‘Yelp’ Of Silk-Road-Style Drug Dealers

When the Department of Justice took down the anonymous, -based narcotics bazaar known as the Silk Road in October, the dark web drug market didn’t disappear. It splintered into smaller. And now a new site known as DarkList has taken on the mission of sewing the fractured online drug industry back together. DarkList, which [...]

The Incredible, Revolutionary, Dangerous, Scary Wearables

Since last year, noise about wearable technology has twittered through the tech community, reaching a fever pitch at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show. While the consumer benefits and applications are apparent, numerous questions have arisen over how this new brand of technology will impact security. Show More Summary

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