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Deadpool Made Ryan Reynolds Cry

Coming to theaters in February Film Deadpool Ryan Reynolds

United Airlines Pays Man a Million Miles for Reporting Bug

Flying on the wings of bugs. The post United Airlines Pays Man a Million Miles for Reporting Bug appeared first on WIRED.

Microsoft issues 14 security fixes in July's Patch Tuesday

Microsoft's monthly release of patches includes security fixes for dozens of vulnerabilities.

Adobe fixes two Flash zero-day flaws found in Hacking Team cache

The update comes just hours after Firefox blocked the browser plugin after the flaw was being exploited in the wild.

Apps to Get Kids Offline and Outside this Summer

It’s likely to be the first question you get after telling your kids to turn off their phones (for the zillionth time) this summer. If you haven’t gotten it yet, just wait. Wait. A little longer... okay... and there it is! “What am I supposed to do?!” That’s your […] The post Apps to Get Kids Offline and Outside this Summer appeared first on McAfee.

The myth of human weakness in security: How to turn staff into active network defenders

In a Q&A with ZDNet, Rohyt Belani, co-founder and CEO of PhishMe explains how employees can become a vital layer of defense for enterprise networks.

Launch of $200 device to access Wi-Fi anonymously mysteriously stopped in its tracks

Let the speculation begin as to why the Proxyham anonymous Wi-Fi device has been killed off.

Java zero-day security flaw exploited in the wild

Oracle is working to fix the problem, but it is recommended you disable Java until a patch is issued.

The President of Nintendo Has Passed

A giant of gaming died this weekend Games nintendo Satoru Iwata

Second Annual BrickHouse Security $10,000 Education Scholarship Awarded to Baltimore Police Officer Neil Grant

For the second year in a row, BrickHouse Security has awarded its $10,000 Education Scholarship for the families of police officers wounded in the line of duty. This year’s recipient is Roy “Neil” Grant, a retired Baltimore police officer...Show More Summary

Online Anonymity Project ProxyHam Mysteriously Vanishes

The highly anticipated anonymity project may be the subject of a law enforcement gag order. The post Online Anonymity Project ProxyHam Mysteriously Vanishes appeared first on WIRED.

It's time to kill Flash, says Facebook's new security chief

Facebook's new chief security officer wants the web plugin to be put out to pasture.

Hacking Team CEO: We're the 'good guys'

After a week of silence, the CEO of Hacking Team has spoken out in defense of his company's business practices.

Feds can read every email you opened last year without a warrant

Lawmakers want the FBI and NSA -- and other federal agencies -- to get a warrant first.

Adobe promises patch for latest wave of critical Hacking Team zero-day exploits

Adobe devs must be working overtime to fix the latest vulnerabilities revealed through the Hacking Team cyberattack.

Call For Papers: Suits and Spooks DC Feb 11-12, 2016

The National Press Club Washington DC I'm thrilled to announced that our Suits and Spooks DC event for Feb 11-12, 2016 will be held at the National Press Club. We're going to be doing a lot of things differently including offering live...Show More Summary

Security News This Week: The Crypto Wars Ain’t Over

The hacks have come fast and hard this week, friends. The ethically challenged surveillance firm Hacking Team got itself hacked. A trove of internal documents show that the private Italian spying agency offered its services to countries with poor human rights records looking to target journalists and political dissidents. Show More Summary

As Predicted, OPM Director Katherine Archuleta Just Resigned

The other shoe drops for Archuleta. The post As Predicted, OPM Director Katherine Archuleta Just Resigned appeared first on WIRED.

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