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A $60 Gadget That Makes Car Hacking Far Easier

Soon, it could take as little as $60 and a laptop to begin messing around with a car's digital innards. The post A $60 Gadget That Makes Car Hacking Far Easier appeared first on WIRED.

POS Malware Uses Time-Stamp Check to Evade Detection

Point of sale (POS) attacks appear to have gained in popularity during the past year or so. We have seen major retail chains targeted by different strains of POS malware. Equipped with memory-scraping functionality, POS malware steals credit or debit card information from shoppers who use their cards for payments. Show More Summary

Regarding FSB, Forget Kaspersky Lab. Check out Group-IB Instead.

Bloomberg's piece on Kaspersky Labs' ties with its own nation's security services is such a non-story that I'm surprised that journalists as good as Michael Riley even ran it. What do you expect from a Russian company, and as if they...Show More Summary

Cyber Security Startup? Pitch Our Attendees At Suits and Spooks NYC.

If you've got a cyber security startup and want ten minutes to pitch 80 influential decision makers in between speakers like Dan Geer, Christofer Hoff, Joe Fitzpatrick and David Kilcullen at our New York Suits and Spooks All Stars event,...Show More Summary

Google security slammed by fake web certificates

The tech giant's security has been compromised due to unauthorized digital certificates being issued based on its domains.

Amazon-owned warns of possible hack; resets passwords

The video game streaming site, bought by Amazon for almost $970 million, has reset user passwords amid concerns it may have been hacked.

US to stop collecting bulk phone records? Not really: There's a catch

Even if a crucial and controversial legal authority expires later this year, the US government will still be able to collect billions of domestic call records on Americans.

Beyond PRISM: "Plenty" more domestic spy programs to reveal

Although Edward Snowden revealed many of the NSA's clandestine activities, Ron Wyden remains one of the only hopes of US intelligence reform from within Congress.

ISIS identifies US military members online, urges supporters to violence

The FBI is investigating whether the data has stemmed from public records or cyberattack.

Stealing Data From Computers Using Heat

Researchers at Ben Gurion University have found a way to transmit or receive data between an air-gapped computer and another system nearby using only heat emissions. The post Stealing Data From Computers Using Heat appeared first on WIRED.

Patched Adobe Flex vulnerability remains threat to web domains

Known vulnerability CVE-2011-2461, despite being patched, remains a threat to today's websites which host exploitable Flash movies.

Solebit Labs snags $2 million in funding

The firm plans to use the funds to develop enterprise solutions to defend against APTs.

Open Letter to Premera Blue Cross CEO Jeffrey Roe

22 March 2015Dear Mr. Roe,My wife and I were Premera Blue Cross customers during my tenure with Microsoft. During that time, we both had surgeries done and she has a long history of medical treatments. In other words, Premera Blue Cross...Show More Summary

Researchers Uncover Way to Hack BIOS and Undermine Secure Operating Systems

The ability to hack the BIOS chip at the heart of every computer is no longer reserved for the NSA and other three-letter agencies. Millions of machines contain basic BIOS vulnerabilities that let anyone with moderately sophisticated hacking skills compromise and control a system surreptitiously, according to two researchers. Show More Summary

China reveals existence of cyber warfare hacking teams

The country has finally admitted to the existence of units dedicated to cyber warfare.

Zero Day Weekly: Kaspersky and KGB, Cisco subterfuge, Yahoo on-demand passwords

A collection of notable security news items for the week ending March 20, 2015. Covers enterprise, controversies, application and mobile security, malware, reports and more.

CISA Security Bill: An F for Security But an A+ for Spying

The bill widens the pipe of data companies can send the government, creating a new surveillance system for the intelligence community and domestic law enforcement. The post CISA Security Bill: An F for Security But an A+ for Spying appeared first on WIRED.

Security flaw in WordPress plugin Google Analytics by Yoast exposed

The plugin's security problem could be exploited to allow remote attackers to conduct arbitrary server-side code execution.

Amazon doesn't want you to know how many data demands it gets

The biggest mystery is why the retail and mobile giant has kept quiet for so long.

OpenSSL patches "high" severity flaws in latest release

The update fixes a security vulnerability with the highest severity rating, which could allow a hacker to launch a denial-of-service attack against a server.

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