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‘Evoltin’ POS Malware Attacks via Macro

Over the past couple of months McAfee Labs has seen an increase in the usage of macros to deliver malware. This kind of malware, as mentioned in previous posts (Dridex, Bartallex), usually arrives as an attached document within a phishing email. Show More Summary

iOS 9 to include another privacy feature: allowing ad-blockers

Ad-blockers can protect a user's privacy by preventing browser tracking.

BREAKING: SCANEX Reported Greenpeace Vessel Arctic Sunrise to FSB, Then Sought To Cover It Up

On September 18, 2013 Greenpeace protestors left the Arctic Sunrise on inflatable motor boats and headed towards Gazprom's oil platform, the Prirazlomnaya, to protest drillings' which threaten the pristine Arctic environment. The Russian Coast Guard was informed of the attempted protest action and sent commandos to intercept them. Show More Summary

Kaspersky Finds New Nation-State Attack—In Its Own Network

Kaspersky says the attackers became entrenched in its networks some time last year. The post Kaspersky Finds New Nation-State Attack—In Its Own Network appeared first on WIRED.

Sen. McCain: How to Get Silicon Valley to Help the Pentagon

The Pentagon confronts an emerging innovation gap. The only way to catch up is by accessing innovation that is much more likely to come from Silicon Valley than Washington. The post Sen. McCain: How to Get Silicon Valley to Help the Pentagon appeared first on WIRED.

Poweliks Trojan goes fileless to evade detection and removal

The registry-based threat avoids creating PC files and exploits zero-day threats to hijack compromised computers.

RAND study: Cyber-defense must change course, or else

RAND today released the results of its multiphased study on cybersecurity's future, The Defender's Dilemma, delivering a frightening snapshot of defenders lost at sea.

Adobe issues patch update for 13 security vulnerabilities in Flash Player

Adobe's latest security update includes fixes for memory leak, memory corruption and remote code execution issues.

US tech giants to "far exceed" $35 billion loss in NSA fallout

"Foreign customers are shunning US companies," says a new independent report.

White House pushing federal agencies to adopt HTTPS encryption

About one-third of all federal websites offer HTTPS, but the White House said that's not enough.

Size doesn't mean secure: How prepared is the enterprise for hackers?

Do you believe large corporations are the most well-prepared for cyberattacks? New research might make you think twice.

Hackers control medical pumps to administer fatal doses

As our medical devices become connected, new hacking threats emerge -- and some of them are potentially life-threatening.

Syrian Electronic Army hacks into US Army website

The US Army website was defaced as a result of the SEA's latest political hacking campaign.

AVG, ZTE partner in Asia Pacific push

AVG hopes to tap into the Asian market through the software deal with handset maker ZTE.

McAfee Labs Threats Report Highlights Surge in Ransomware, Flash Exploits, Firmware Attacks

Intel Security today released the McAfee Labs Threats Report: May 2015. Along with the usual compilation of threats statistics, it focuses on three key topics: A surge in powerful and clever ransomware that encrypts files and holds them hostage until the ransom is paid. Show More Summary

iOS 9's new longer passcode will make brute-force attacks far tougher

As the US government continues to push for backdoors in commonly-used encryption, Apple gave its users an extra layer of security.

Feds Want to ID Web Trolls Who ‘Threatened’ Silk Road Judge

Last week the Department of Justice issued a grand jury subpoena to the libertarian media site, demanding that it identify six visitors to the site. The post Feds Want to ID Web Trolls Who ‘Threatened’ Silk Road Judge appeared first on WIRED.

Apple’s Latest Selling Point: How Little It Knows About You

Apple wants its devices to know everything about you. But more than ever, it wants you to know that Apple doesn't know what those devices know. The post Apple’s Latest Selling Point: How Little It Knows About You appeared first on WIRED.

Introducing the RubySec Field Guide

Vulnerabilities have been discovered in Ruby applications with the potential to affect vast swathes of the Internet and attract attackers to lucrative targets online. These vulnerabilities take advantage of features and common idioms such as serialization and deserialization of data in the YAML format. Show More Summary

Hacker Can Send Fatal Dose to Hospital Drug Pumps

A hacker could change the dosages of drugs delivered to patients and alter the display screens on the pumps to indicate a safe dosage was being delivered when it wasn't. The post Hacker Can Send Fatal Dose to Hospital Drug Pumps appeared first on WIRED.

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