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Researcher’s Tool Maps Malware In Beautiful 3D Models

researchers face a tough problem: Computer viruses, unlike their biological counterparts, can’t be seen under a microscope. Even common reverse engineering tools merely render malware as thousands of lines of garbled text more legible to machine than man. Now one researcher hopes to show the malware that plagues PCs in all its evil elegance. At [...]

Christmas Traditions (Stay N Faithful)

This is a re-post from my more personal blog, Stay N Faithful. I thought due to the timeliness, it was worth sharing this bit of my life with you as well. Please enjoy, and Merry Christmas! As I finish up the night, stockings all hung,...Show More Summary

BrickHouse Finds Jesus, Thwarts Manger-Raiders With Free GPS Tracking

New York, NY, Dec. 1, 2011 — Jesus saves, but who’s saving Jesus? Beleaguered communities and religious institutions across the country have reason to rejoice as BrickHouse Security, a premier supplier of security solutions, announced that it will resurrect its popular “Saving Jesus” program this holiday season. Nothing crushes the holiday spirit faster than a [...]

As SOPA Looms, John Perry Barlow On ‘The Right To Know’

John Perry Barlow knows something about the political fight for the freedom of the Internet. The former cattle rancher, Grateful Dead lyricist and founder of the Electronic Frontier Foundation has been engaged in that battle for 25 years, longer than many of the young Internet users opposing the controversial Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) have [...]

And Now, The Lawsuits: Class Actions Hit Carrier IQ, HTC And Samsung

On Wednesday, former federal prosecutor Paul Ohm told me it was only a matter of time until phone-tracking software maker Carrier IQ faced class action lawsuits in response to revelations that its programs had been secretly installed on millions of devices. Two days later, time’s up. In the latest development in the scandal unfolding around the [...]

Here’s The Letter Senator Al Franken Just Sent To Phone ‘Rootkit’ Firm Carrier IQ

As the privacy backlash against phone-tracking firm Carrier IQ has snowballed over the last several days, the firm has largely stopped answering reporters’ barrage of questions. Now it’s ‘s turn. Earlier this week, a 25-year-old Connecticut systems administrator named Trevor Eckhart created a video showing how the software hidden deep in the operating systems of [...]

Phone ‘Rootkit’ Maker Carrier IQ May Have Violated Wiretap Law In Millions Of Cases

A piece of keystroke-sniffing software called Carrier IQ has been embedded so deeply in millions of, Android, and RIM devices that it’s tough to spot and nearly impossible to remove, as 25-year old Connecticut systems administrator Trevor Eckhart revealed in a video Tuesday. That’s not just creepy, says Paul Ohm, a former Justice Department [...]

Gesture-Based Login Apps For iPad And iPhone Aim To Banish Passwords From Touchscreens

The screen on Apple’s tablets or smartphones can pick up subtle identifying gestures as unique as a signature on a check. So why, when we log into those devices or use them to verify our identity to apps and Web services, do we still have to pretend we’re using a primitive keyboard? According to a [...]

iPhone Security Bug Lets Innocent-Looking Apps Go Bad

Apple’s iPhones and iPads have remained malware-free thanks mostly to the company’s puritanical attitude toward its app store: Nothing even vaguely sinful gets in, and nothing not from the App Store gets downloaded to an iOS gadget. Now serial Mac hacker Charlie Miller has found a way to sneak a fully-evil app onto your phone [...]

Forbes Exposes Design Flaws In Childproof Drug Containers

Security Expert and Forbes Writer Marc Tobias has once again found an insecure product masquerading as a security solution. This time, Tobias looked at the childproof drug containers that are being sold as secure and safe ways to keep prescription drug’s out of children’s reach. The two products that were covered in his recent post are [...]

Risk Management or Compliance Management

Timing is everything. Sometimes it works in your favor and sometimes it sneaks up and bits you in the butt. I wrote this last night (Thursday) and didn’t get around to posting it and then today I see several people pointing to this video on the very topic I wrote about. Oh Well, here it [...]

Defcon Lockpickers Open Card-And-Code Government Locks In Seconds

To open a door fitted with the latest U.S. government-certified lock from high-end Swiss lock manufacturer Kaba, an employee must both enter a code up to eight digits long, then swipe a unique identity card coded to comply with a new standard that requires an extra layer of security, one designed to track individual staffers [...]

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