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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

In these hard economic times, we all need a little reboot on what’s really important.  Christian, Jew, Muslim, or none-of-the-above, this video produced by my church, while from a Christian’s perspective, really sets things straight – it’s the little things!: Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of you from me and my family.

Hosting a Virtual Gift Exchange with Albinophant

Almost everyone has participated in a “white elephant” gift exchange.  Some people call variations of it “Secret Santa”, or “Yankee Swap”, but the overall concept is the same.  Each person brings a gift, the gifts are placed in the middle or rotated in some fashion, and each person takes a turn picking the wrapped gift [...]

Twitter Keeps Fighting While Facebook Continues to Grow

Ev Williams was quoted recently saying, “The world is big enough for both Facebook and Twitter”, almost as though we were supposed to think Twitter wasn’t trying to be a competitor.  Don’t be fooled though, Twitter’s recent lists feature is just one step towards providing the privacy controls Facebook itself is known for.  Before we [...]

Dave Winer to Bring Realtime RSS to Millions via

Today in a very inconspicuous post by Dave Winer, he demonstrated that his new real-time RSS protocol, rssCloud, could very soon be available to the millions of blogs, real-time on  Dave Winer, who played perhaps the most significant role in defining the RSS standard and the subsequent RSS 2.0 standard through which most blogs [...]

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