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iOS11: 10 Things To Try

Summary: When you install it on your iPhone, you'll find that some things are very different than what you're used to, but the core of how you get around and experience the OS will be the same.

Daily Blogging Is the Best Worst Decision of My Professional Career

I’ve been blogging on the Internet since before I even knew the word “blog,” let alone what it meant. When I first started out, it was nothing more than a humble text-based newsletter that I would manually distribute via e-mail (using the BCC field, of course). This was in the late 1990s. After that, I progressed to a hand-coded website […]

Amazon working on first wearables to interact with Alexa

Amazon working on first wearables to interact with Alexa: It looks like Amazon will be bringing one of my predictions to market: Alexa Glasses, where the mobile wearer could communicate with Alexa without having to open a smart phone app. Show More Summary

Consumers Trust Each Other - Brands, Not So Much

A study of 45 brands found that messages delivered via owned social media were less likely to increase purchase intent than messages delivered via earned social media. Owned social media was effective in raising brand awareness and customer satisfaction.

What our team loves about FreshMinds: highlights from our Staff Survey

The post What our team loves about FreshMinds: highlights from our Staff Survey appeared first on FreshMinds.

$1,054,927.43 In 261 Days

When I started 2017, one of my goals was to make $1 million in one year with MOBE. I am super excited to report that today (Sept 19, 2017) I have done it! At the time of this post, I was at $1015,137.66 payout plus $39,789.77 pending payout for a total $1,054,927.43 in just 261 days. That works out to […]

Twitter replaces board member who left for Microsoft with ex-Google CFO

Crossing the social media divides isn’t common in Silicon Valley, so it’s notable that Twitter and Microsoft have played a spot of musical chairs with their boards. Twitter board member Hugh Johnston — day job: Pepsi vice chairman and CFO — has left Twitter’s board to join Microsoft’s board as of today. Johnston’s replacement at the microblogging… Read More

See what Facebook ads you actually clicked in “Recent Ad Activity”

You might think you’re impervious to Facebook’s ads, but you probably do get seduced every once in a while. But since ads aren’t always permanently available anywhere, it can be impossible to find a Facebook ad that led somewhere you want to revisit. Show More Summary

Strippers Hold Topless Car Wash to Raise Money for Police

I really feel like that headline told you everything you need to know about this absurd (but good hearted) story, but I will delve deeper for the more curious of you. A Marysville strip club called City Limits Showgirls held a fundraiser where they washed cars while topless on that raised over two thousand dollars […]

Twitter claims tech wins in quashing terror tweets

In its latest Transparency report, which covers requests it’s received from governments pertaining to content on its platform, Twitter has reported a big decline in the proportion of pro-terrorism accounts being reported over the past six months, as well a drop in the number of accounts it removed for terrorism-related content during this period. Read More

5 New Facebook Updates and Tests Spotted This Week

Here's a summary of some of the latest Facebook tests and updates spotted 'in the wild' last week.

Facebook Reveals ‘Messenger Day’ Usage Data as Messenger Climbs to 1.3b MAU

Facebook has reported user numbers for Messenger Day, their Snapchat clone within Messenger.

5 Ways to Proactively Improve Your Online Reputation

Managing your online reputation is more important than ever. Here are some key tips on how to do it effectively.

Instagram Adds a New Way to Reply to DMs with Text Overlaid on an Image

Instagram added a new way to reply to direct messages with a photo overlaid with text.

Pinterest Grows to 200 Million Monthly Active Users [Infographic]

Pinterest has reached a new milestone of 200 million users - this infographic provides some key insights into the Pinterest audience.

3 Key Considerations for Creating Stand-Out Vertical Video Content

Here are some key considerations for creating vertical video content that stands out in social feeds.

9 Tips to Optimize Your Marketing Emails for Short Attention Spans [Infographic]

How can you ensure your emails are read amidst rising competition for audience attention?

Protect Your Eyes For Life

You only get one set of eyes and they can’t replace them yet. Learn how to take care of your eyesight from this infographic!

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