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Twitter Partners with Foursquare for Location Data

When you tweet that you’re at a rockin’ concert or your favorite coffee shop, that information will now be powered by Foursquare. The two companies announced an agreement Monday, as Foursquare will power location data on tweets where...Show More Summary

Netflix April 2015: What’s Arriving And Leaving The Streaming Service

Netflix comes in handy for so many things: filling the time, binge watching your favorite shows, introducing yourself to new obsessions, and avoiding human interaction. But sadly, you cannot have your cake and eat it too with Netflix. Permanent is not a word Netflix hears very often and sometimes the general public is not ready […]

? Site News: Last 3 Months of page-views by post

I found this really interesting: The top 5 posts on the blog are not too surprising. Those have been top-posts for years! I’m also really happy that some of my most critical blog posts around companies that have bad business practices are also scoring highly. Finally, product reviews are something I used to take very […]

Atari Looks to Gamify Exercise with Atari Fit on iOS, Android

Atari has announced the release of Atari Fit on iOS and Android devices. The fitness app looks to gamify the traditional workout experience, encouraging users to keep pushing forward by rewarding them with access to classic Atari games...Show More Summary

Time Freedom, Money Freedom, Location Freedom, and a Free Car!

When I first started John Chow dot Com, the goal was to use it to update friends and family with what’s happening in my life. I have relatives living in Toronto and mainland China. Instead of calling on the phone, I figure they can log onto and see what’s happening with life in Vancouver. Today, John Chow dot Com […]

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Active Audiences Taps Facebook Audience Network, a Facebook Marketing Partner, tapped into Facebook Audience Network with its release of Salesforce Marketing Cloud Active Audiences. Active Audiences allows marketers to manage, segment and synchronize their customer-relationship...Show More Summary

Do Clickbait Headlines Undermine the Credibility of Content and Experts?

In recent years, social media has functioned to habitually strip content of its context. Sometimes this manifests as the rage of the mob calling for someone to be fired, or as harassment in one form or another. Shallow, clickbait headlines...Show More Summary

STUDY: How Major Events, Viral Trends Impact Facebook’s Ads Auction Market

How do major international events such as the World Cup and viral trends such as the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge affect Facebook’s ads auction market? SocialCode, a Facebook Marketing Partner, released a study in which it sampled bid costs via Facebook’s ads application-programming interface over a 10-week period — June 21 through Aug. Show More Summary

Facebook Testing Phone App

There may never be a Facebook phone, but the social network is apparently developing a Phone application. Android Police reported that an app called Phone was discovered by some Facebook users. The app’s entry was labeled \"FB-ONLY,\"...Show More Summary

? “Becoming Steve Jobs” is Free on Audible through a nice trick

I haven’t hidden how much of a fan I am of AudioBooks. I buy a lot of my favorite books via Amazon Kindle Store but almost never read them and therefore it’s a waste of money. However, I never have a problem finishing an AudioBook. Related Note: I have almost hit 45K miles on my […]

Who Owns Your Online Reviews?

Who Owns Your Online Reviews? March 23, 2015 Online reviews from sites such as Google and Yelp are really focused on the consumer – they want (actually they NEED) consumer involvement/engagement for their revenue model to work. It really doesn’t matter as much how many businesses are engaged as long as users are interacting.

SEO for Website Redesign: 3 Ways Your Designer Can Mess Up Your SEO

SEO for Website Redesign: 3 Ways Your Designer Can Mess Up Your SEO March 23, 2015 Some developers will try and get by with redirecting ANY traffic from your old site just to your new site’s homepage. This is not a good solution. You want a redirect strategy in place that redirects visitors to the same page but in it’s new location.

Social Spring Clean: How to Remove Dormant Apps from Your Social Accounts

Social Spring Clean: How to Remove Dormant Apps from Your Social Accounts March 23, 2015 One often overlooked activity is the importance of regularly auditing which apps have been authorized to post to your social media accounts. Whenever...Show More Summary

Owned Media Strategies Are Brewing at Starbucks

Owned Media Strategies Are Brewing at Starbucks March 23, 2015 Paid and earned media are not conducive to today’s marketing strategies focused on consumer engagement. A brands relationship with its customers is limited by paid and earned media to being purely transactional. Show More Summary

How to Get Ideas for Writing Business Blog Posts

How to Get Ideas for Writing Business Blog Posts March 23, 2015 Have you got a business blog where you once committed to share quality, useful content with your clients? Have you been struggling since to come up with great ideas for business blog posts, and have you even gone for weeks and months without posting anything? You are not alone.

3 Nonprofit Fundraising Lessons from March Madness

3 Nonprofit Fundraising Lessons from March Madness March 23, 2015 It’s the best time of year for college basketball fans: the start of the NCAA college basketball tournament. March Madness is in full swing, with the first round and the women’s tournament already under way. Even casual and non-fans get swept up in the excitement. It’s hard to avoid the water...

The U.S.’s Least–Engaging Brands

The U.S.’s Least–Engaging Brands March 23, 2015 Here's Brand Keys' list of the least engaging brands of 2015. The brands ended up on the bottom of their respective categories because they were unable to meet the very high emotional expectations consumers bring with them to the marketplace and the brand engagement process and, well, to every category.

What the Heck Is Meerkat?

What the Heck Is Meerkat? March 23, 2015 Recently, a little unknown app named Meerkat gained a whole lot of traction on the tech front. Piggybacking on Twitter’s user database, Meerkat allowed users to broadcast live video to their Twitter followers.

Mobile, Social and the Journey to a Content Revolution

Mobile, Social and the Journey to a Content Revolution March 23, 2015 It’s time for the revolution. In fact it’s happening right now. The stampede towards mobile, in combination with the lure of social media, has created the perfect storm for the rise in content marketing. Show More Summary

Case Study: 5 Lessons Learned Building a Web App

Case Study: 5 Lessons Learned Building a Web App March 23, 2015 Many find that building an app ends up being much harder that they initially thought. There is so much more to an app than just writing the code. Unfortunately, many developers fail to break out of the "developer" mentality and put their strategic hat on. Show More Summary

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