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5 Reasons Publishers LOVE Bloggers

Why Blogging Might Be Your Fastest Way to Secure a Book Deal. If you have ever known a clean-shaven man who quickly grew a beard, you have a clue about changes in the publishing industry over the past five to ten years. Publishing today looks very different from how it looked a few years ago, and the transition can catch you off guard. Whether it’s the decline […]

"This is why Kafka said, “A book must be the axe for the frozen sea within us,” or why Shelley..."

“This is why Kafka said, “A book must be the axe for the frozen sea within us,” or why Shelley remembers “the hour which burst / My spirit’s sleep.” The fact is, our spirit has a tendency to slumber and we constantly need awakenings, which is what art does and what a liberal education focused on the humanities should do.” - William Deresiewicz (via austinkleon)

5 Benefits of Building Relationships With Twitter Influencers

Do you pay attention to who is sharing, replying to and engaging with your tweets the most? Or the people you’re connected to within your industry, who have huge followings that hang on their every word? Twitter can be a great tool for influencer marketing – building relationships with influential, targeted individuals or brands. Show More Summary

Meerkat Unveils Embeddable Player – The Continued Growth of Live-Streaming

The latest addition to the world of live-streaming has been unveiled – an embeddable live-streaming player. What’s more, the embeddable player comes not from the current leader in Periscope, but from the challenger, Meerkat. While many have projected Meerkat to be on a fast road to no-where, the app has proved to be more wily than initially thought. Show More Summary

6 Reasons Why No One is Commenting on Your Blog

Blogs are a great way to share your expertise and get fresh content about your business into the search engines. Blogs also create an opportunity for readers to ask questions, share opinions or request further information about the topic you are sharing. But is your blog looking like a ghost town with minimal comments and engagement? 

5 Retargeting Social Ad Platforms You Need To Explore

Retargeting has become commonplace in the world of digital advertising and even search marketing. Retargeting is beneficial for marketers since it can increase conversion rates, improve ROI, and precisely target an audience at a reduced cost per impression. ?In short, if you’re a marketer, you should seriously consider implementing a retargeting campaign.?

How to Get Readers to Stop and Eyes to Pop with Visual Marketing

This decade has seen explosive popularity among image-centric social channels like Instagram and Pinterest. Every social media network not considered to be visually magnetic is moving fast to overcome that problem. And every marketer...Show More Summary

The Biggest Competitive Advantage I Have

I’m sprawled out on my bed writing to you. My son is reading a copy of Retro Gamer and my daughter is playing Splatoon (it’s a Wii game that your kid probably wants). Lately, I’ve been thinking about this blog, about you, about my business, about what I stand for. That kind of stuff. The […] The post The Biggest Competitive Advantage I Have appeared first on

Nerf Darts Stick To Your Eyeballs, In Case You’ve Ever Wondered [Video]

Well, thank goodness someone cleared that up. I’m sure we’ve all been dying to know if Nerf darts stick to eyeballs. No… that’s a lie. The thought never even crossed our mind, why would we want foam toys in our eyes? Charles Tietjen would disagree. He uploaded a video to YouTube showing him sticking Nerf […]

Social Media Jobs: Zócalo Public Square, Temerity Media

This week, Zócalo Public Square is hiring a social media manager, and Temerity Media needs a social media manager. On the Ball Marketing is seeking a social media director, and Think Televisual is looking for a social digital content producer. Show More Summary

Facebook Diversity: ‘Positive but Modest Change’

Facebook continues to make slow progress in its diversity efforts, and global director of diversity Maxine Williams admitted in a Newsroom post that much work remains to be done. Williams provided the following statistics about Facebook’s employee roster: U.S. Show More Summary

Cyber Attack Reveals Weakness in Government Security

The concept of a cyberwar is no longer relegated to the pages of science fiction. Many states may have already built weapons to fight this war, and the U.S. government is working to secure online resources to protect against cyber attacks. Show More Summary

Social Media Responds to SCOTUS Ruling on Same-Sex Marriage

In a landmark ruling, the US Supreme Court has announced that under the 14th Amendment states must issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples and recognize same-sex unions that have been legally performed in other states. The announcement has sparked a range of reactions across the social media landscape - here are some of the best.

Live Media Group Launches nowlive App for Live Event Streaming

Live Media Group has announced the launch of its nowlive live streaming app on iOS and Android devices. Like services including Meerkat and Periscope, nowlive allows users to watch events as they happen on their mobile devices, but instead...Show More Summary

Facebook Adds Videos Tab to Page Insights

Facebook accommodated the explosion in the popularity of videos posted by pages with the addition of a videos tab to its page insights. Page administrators now have access to aggregate information on views, 30-second views, top videos within a certain date range and metrics for videos shared from other pages. Show More Summary

Don’t Ignore Millennials: What the U.S. Open Taught Us About Digital Marketing

I’m always amazed when a brand or organization rests on its laurels way after it’s appropriate—long after they’ve alienated critical audiences, after their once-steadfast audience has begun wavering, and past the point that they canShow More Summary

Mobile Game Roundup: Fairy Mix, Fort Meow and More

As we end another week, mobile gamers have plenty of new titles to try on iOS, Android and beyond. To start, Gameloft released its latest strategy game, Siegefall, which allows players to build a base and create an army capable of defeating enemies in battle. SEGA’s Sonic Runners also launched on mobile this week. Show More Summary

The Year Digital Publishing Hit the Big Time

The meaning of ‘Digital Publishing’ has changed just as much as the landscape itself in recent years. What began as the simple task of translating the written word into a digital application has now developed into an industry dependent on new technology, innovation & social media - a whole new world to consume content.

5 Trends Shaping the Digital Travel Customer Experience (Infographic)

The travel industry is one of many that have been disrupted by digital innovations. More consumers are turning to online marketplaces to review their options and book travel. An infographic from SDL, a provider of customer experience...Show More Summary

Was Zayn Malik Around On Filming 1D’s New Fragrance Ad?

One Direction has just come out with an ad for their brand-new fragrance, “Between Us”. According to the official site, the words “invigorating”,”sensuality”, “seductive” ad “outstanding were used together in the same description: Juicy mandarin and apricot nectar are both energizing and invigorating. The floral heart of the fragrance opens full of solar jasmine flowers […]

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