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How Can Brands Use Snapchat? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Snapchat is the l’enfant terrible of the start up world, and many marketers are too intimidated by such a flashy, unpredictable platform to consider using it in their brand campaigns. Yet Snapchat has well-documented pull with teens, who largely make up the app’s core audience. So, how can brands get in on the action? 

Android Phone Hack Puts You at Risk With Just a Text, And You Might Not Even Know It

Like the recent iPhone-frozen-by-text issue that was recently in the news, Android phones are now under threat from hackers, but this time around it could be much worse than a simple frozen phone. As has been reported by several news...Show More Summary

Breaking Down the Very Best Premium E-Commerce Platforms

Running an e-commerce site is a decent way to earn extra income on top of your full-time job. However, this industry has experienced a resurgence in such a short time that it is fast becoming a good way to make a living. According to Column Five Media, e-commerce is growing four times faster than the rate of retail while the industry is experiencing a 51% growth in China.

Instagram to Generate $2.81 billion, 10% of Facebook’s Overall Ad Revenue, by 2017

Optimism for the potential of Instagram advertising is rising among marketing and market analyst communities. In their first ever forecast for how much advertisers will spend on Instagram, eMarketer has predicted that the image-based...Show More Summary

Google Detaches YouTube from Google+ - The Next Step in the Dismantling of Google’s Social Network?

Google has announced that users will no longer require a Google+ profile to access and use Google products - most notably, YouTube. The changes, which will come into effect over the next few months, are the latest sign that Google is distancing itself from it's social network project, at least in terms of what it was meant to be. Show More Summary

How to Make Money by Blogging on LinkedIn

Having been part of LinkedIn Influencer program, Dave Kerpen knows the benefits of blogging on LinkedIn - he shares his thoughts and tips on making money through LinkedIn's Publishing Platform here.

Activism or Slacktivism: Can Social Media Cause Social Change?

What are the masses accomplishing, if anything, by using social media for political and social change?

What 500 Million Shutterstock Downloads Tell Us About Design And Emotion [Infographic]

Marketers and advertisers know the way to engage a customer is by tugging on their heart strings. Through its regular data-driven infographic series, Shutterstock examined which primary emotions were most popular and trending with creative professionals.

Being Mushy on Facebook a Sign of True Love

Summary: People who are in love are gross. Not really, but it's certainly tiring to scroll through your Facebook feed and see all of the happy, loving couples gushing about their relationships. In fact, you may even be inclined to assume some of them are lying about their happiness. That may be true for some of the romantic posts. Show More Summary

Vero Launches A “Relationship-First” Social Network

The creators of Vero are betting that there’s room for a new kind of social network — one that’s a bit more attuned to the nuances of real-world relationships. Like other social media services, Vero allows users to share movies, music, photos and so on. Where it gets a little different is in the privacy around that sharing. Read More

7 Questions to Help Create Healthy Employee Engagement

In a recent post, I wrote about employee engagement and offered five ways to engage employees.  Apparently I am not the only one thinking about this based on the shares the post enjoyed. There are any number of stats that reveal anemic levels of employee engagement, even among managers. Show More Summary

Japanese Journalist in Hot Water Over Pornographic Text

A Japanese journalist teaches us the value of double checking your To: field. hailand’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has an official chat group through Line, a mobile app popular in Asia. But as anyone who uses social media will tell you, it’s all too easy to get your contacts mixed up, which is apparently what […]

Man Uses Facebook To Live-Blog His Standoff With Police

The guy likes to call himself “Teflon Tom.” That should be enough right there for you to know that some extremely stupid choices were made. Last week, Thomas Santagata had a run-in with the law after harassing his 61-year-old neighbor. Witnesses say that Santagata waved a knife in his neighbor’s face as he yelled, “I’m […]

? Technology: We have a Tesla Supercharger in West Lebanon, NH USA

This is great! I saw these under construction a few weeks ago but it seems now that we have the first Tesla Supercharger in NH/VT right here in my home-town! I stopped by tonight to snap a few photos:

8 Lessons Digital Marketers Can Learn From Goldilocks and The Three Bears

As digital marketers there's much we can learn from the story of Goldilocks. We need to build a digital platform that's inviting, that provides value and makes our readers, viewers and listeners feel safe, comfortable and taken care of. We need to help them feel welcome and invite them to come back for more.

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