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All About the Gifographic, King of Infographics

We want to make sure you’re aware of the king of infographics. Though relatively new to the scene, the gifographic is combining the appeal of infographics with that of gifs. 

Presidential Candidates to Spend $5.5 Billion on Ads, Making Your $50 Donation Feel Very, Very Small

I kind of feel like news stories concerning the money that goes into the ad spending of presidential campaigns should be accompanied by a live video stream of a normal person reacting to it. For example, a recent report by Marty Swant in AdWeek lays out some basic facts about ad spending in the current election cycle. Show More Summary

Little Girl Heartbroken Over Adam Levine’s Marriage [Video]

We’ve all been there — innocent, all-consuming kid crushes bigger than our tiny beating hearts that manage to light up our faces whenever we see the object of our affections on TV — Justin Timberlake. Harry Styles. Will Smith. Michael Jackson. (Hey that was mine back in ’87. Don’t judge. ) Are crushes healthy for […]

Linked: Work Hard Anywhere (mobile app)

via WHA: A collection of work-optimized spaces in the palm of your hand. Mobile. Easy. Constantly updated by your fellow entrepreneurs, freelancers, and creatives. I downloaded this and added / updated a lot of areas local to me. It’s a fantastic tool and as it should be, it’s iPhone only for now. I’ve corresponded with […] ?

Don’t Discount Direct Mail

Direct mail might seem antiquated, but it’s actually surprisingly effective.  Learn more about the potential success of direct mail from this infographic.

Fitbay’s Fashion Selfie Social Network Lands On Android

Fashion selfie social network Fitbay has launched on Android, after garnering some 250,000 sign ups for its web and iOS apps since launch a year ago. Read More

11% of Americans Think HTML is an STD

There are lots of ways people get out of touch with the times. Sometimes people miss out on a lot of information, and just try to figure things out for themselves. This is not one of the good ways. A recent study from VoucherCloud and published in the LA Times shows that 1 American in […]

Social Media’s Role in Modern Charity

“In my experience, social media is only truly effective for fundraising when there is a disaster of incredible magnitude, or perhaps in a high-profile political campaign,” writes HBR’s Morra Aarons-Mele. “For every other cause, you create real action not by chasing the reassuring trending topics, but with old-fashioned organizing. Show More Summary

6 Ways To Attract New Visitors To Your Website

You can spend countless hours writing content and building the “perfect” site, but it's all for nothing unless people actually see it. So that's why today we're going to discuss some of the best ways to attract visitors to a website...

Five Mobile App Marketing Mistakes

Before you jump into the mobile world of online applications, consider the following: a mobile website is not the same as a mobile app. You don’t want to miss an opportunity to engage the consumer market, you need a smart strategy. That’s why you need to avoid making these five critical mistakes when it comes marketing your mobile app.

The best rugged Bluetooth speakers

We searched for the top ultra-rugged, splash proof, portable, take anywhere Bluetooth speakers we could find. Here are some Bluetooth speakers that will take what you can throw at them.

Twitter Launches Periscope, a Meerkat Rival

If you are active on social media, chances are that you would have heard of newly released Periscope and Meerkat, which arrived a few weeks before that. There was a time when keeping abreast with the latest meant knowing the latest virus threat but now everyday something new comes up. If you haven’t heard of […]

Facebook's Semi-Annual Privacy Hoax

Summary: It's that time of year again; the time when uninformed Facebook users seek to protect their photos by posting about copyrights in their Facebook feed. The near semi-annual freak out is a hoax, and has been going on for years. Posting to Facebook does not transfer any copyright. The social media site's policy is that by uploading content...

Is Social Sales About Contacts, Context, Content or Conversions?

The simple answer is, it’s all 4. You need contacts to engage and convert and content to assist you in this process. What is often ignored is context which plays a huge role in defining relevance. It is simply not enough to blindly throw content at customers all day long in the hope that they might […] Author information Craig Jamieson Craig M. Show More Summary

Feel the changing of seasons in these September #MashPics

We said wake me up when September ends, and the sudden cold sure did. It's only the first week of October and in New York, we're already feeling the shifting of seasons. A lot happened last month — fashion week took over big cities, the supermoon lit up the sky in blood red, Pope Francis visited the U.S. Show More Summary

How to Get People Talking About Your Store on Social Media

As the number of people visiting physical stores declines, retailers are looking to social media to boost awareness and, ideally, sales Here are some tips on how retail stores can capitalize on their social media audiences.

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