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Russian Women Create “Wrinkle Selfies” In Protest

Selfie trends have come and gone — from the infamous duckface to the selfie olympics — but this one particular trend has got Russian women fighting for their rights. As a matter of fact, they’re dominating Instagram with heir very own “wrinkle selfies” as protest to an eyebrow-raising statement an official said a week ago. It […]

NY Bakery Gives Ex-Inmates a Second Chance

Society today can be pretty tough on people who have made mistakes. Ex-Inmates who have done their time are finally free to walkaway from jail often feel sincerely afraid and unsure about their futures. Quite honestly, we can’t blame them for feeling this way. Many thoughts run through their minds: will my family still accept […]

Dot Com Lunch – Making Money Offline Edition

I made back to the OC just in time to host the weekly Dot Com Lunch Meetup. We had five people RSSVPed for the meetup, and amazingly enough, all five showed up! Anyone is welcome to join us. Check our Dot Com Lifestyle meetup group to find the time and location of the next event. I’m in the OC for […]

20 Ways to Effectively Market Your Small Business

Marketing a small business can sometimes seem like a foreign language to small business owners, especially since a lot of small businesses are startups and have never been tasked with spreading the word about their company. Here, you'll learn the top 20 ways to effectively market your small business online.

How to Make the Most out of Your Google+ Account to Increase Blog Traffic

The deafening silence about Google+ has already encouraged pundits to declare the service as unofficially dead. What was once deemed as the “Facebook Killer” has transformed into the Walking Dead. Yet, regardless of what people feelShow More Summary

Lifetime Customer Value: Measuring Customer Service Performance

Customers need to experience prompt and dedicated attention at every major customer touch point. If they don't, you risk turning healthy customer retention rates into customer turnover turmoil, and ultimately reducing the lifetime value of your customer base. Show More Summary

Are Your Customers Secretly Driving Product Innovation?

Product innovation is usually driven by businesses who create new products that are tested and then released to consumers who either embrace it or reject it. Find out how social listening is changing the way businesses identify areas for product innovation.

Meat This New Tinder User

Before we get too far into this, I want to be fully transparent and disclose up-front that this is weird and mostly irrelevant. Inexplicably, Vimeo user Marcello Gómez Maureira has created a video that shows a piece of meat power-right-swiping through Tinder. Show More Summary

How to be a Great Brand Storyteller on Twitter

Imagine you are faced with the decision of purchasing one of two products. They’re identical in price and features. One bills itself as the “all-in-one tool for all your needs.” The other comes packed with a story about the ethics of...Show More Summary

New Facebook Study Reveals Psychological Motivation Behind Status Updates

A new study has reinforced what many already suspected – people who constantly post Facebook status updates about their relationships are insecure, while people who post about their gym sessions and healthy meals are egotistical.

How to Add Paragraph Spacing to Your Instagram Posts' Caption Copy

Do you ever find yourself scrolling through your Instagram feed and you suddenly come across a long photo caption that is one huge paragraph of unbroken text? Long caption copy — especially when it’s not broken up — can be a major turn-off for someone who is leisurely scrolling through their Instagram feed of gorgeous images. Show More Summary

How Entertainment Companies Can Use Social Media Video to Attract Audiences

As video grows in importance across social media platforms, there's great opportunity for entertainment brands to attract new audiences by offering snippets of shows or movies about to hit the screen. But rather than trying to second guess who might engage with the promotional video, why not target those who you know already have an affinity for the subject?

Get the Edge in EdgeRank: 5 Facebook Marketing Tips

Edgerank is the algorithm that Facebook applies to content to determine what's going to show up for users in their News Feed. Facebook continually tweaks this algorithm for one purpose, and that's to spur quality engagement from itsShow More Summary

3 Things David Allen Taught Me about Productivity

No matter what type of business you’re running, it’s important to be productive. Many would agree productivity is vital to increase business growth because you’re getting things done necessary to build a solid foundation. However, for some, productivity is very difficult because of their environment. Show More Summary

Social Media Jobs: Honest Tea, Emerald Expositions

This week, Honest Tea is hiring a social media copywriter, while Emerald Expositions needs a social media manager. Fidelity Charitable is seeking an editor of social media and digital content, and Hunter Public Relations is looking for a social media community manager. Show More Summary

Report: 79% of Washington D.C. Insiders Use LinkedIn

Social media has the power to create information overload, regardless of the industry in which we work. However, it also provides more information than we’ve had access to before. In the fifth edition of Washington in the Information Age from the National Journal we see how Millennials, Gen-Xers, and Baby Boomers in Washington D.C. Show More Summary

Vine Genius Zach King: How Brands Should Be Addictively Entertaining on Vine to Reach a Young Audience

Magician Zach King can defy the laws physics, turn his emojis into actual objects, and teleport from his bed to the red carpet at the Oscars. And he can do all these things in 6 seconds. Known as the “Vine Magician,” King has made an art form out of the six-second digital video, doing what he calls “digital slight of hand.’

Little Lost Bunny Searches for Owner; Goes to Eurovision [Viral]

This bunny has crossed oceans, visited museums, danced at concerts, and is now well on its way to one of the biggest European music events — all in the name of searching for its owner. The stuffed toy, nicknamed Lost Bunny, is now the newest viral sensation of Ridgeway, an Oxford, UK-based car hire company. […]

KLM’s Social Efforts Generated €25 Million in 2014 — A Look Inside The Strategy

One of the biggest demerits against social marketing has been that it’s tough to prove direct return on investment. Don’t tell that to Gert Wim ter Haar, the social media hub manager at Dutch airline KLM. His company’s social team turns...Show More Summary

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