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Hinge’s new app lets your friends play matchmaker

Hinge is launching a way for people in relationships to get in on the dating app craze alongside their single friends. No, not like that! The company today is introducing a new, standalone app called Hinge Matchmaker that will allow people to see which of their friends are on Hinge, and then make recommendations by suggesting potential matches. Show More Summary

Unilever: Startups Can Replace Some Agency Tasks

Summary: Unilever is briefing startups on tasks previously handled by the agencies it has axed in recent months.

How Long Does It Take Google to Index New Links?

This is a very popular question and people are always trying to find out how long it takes for Google to index links after you build a link. With each new link built within an authority site, you have the potential to boost your rankings within the SERP’s so it’s no wonder people are always trying to push Google to […]

"From Kosovo to Silesia the competing claims of distinct ethnic groups to self-determination have..."

“From Kosovo to Silesia the competing claims of distinct ethnic groups to self-determination have been the most prominent sources of conflicts within and across state boundaries.” - | Stefan Wolff | Can Forced Population Transfers Resolve Self-determination Conflicts? A European Perspective

Justin Gillis | The Real Unknown of Climate Change: Our Behavior

Justin Gillis | The Real Unknown of Climate Change: Our Behavior: Our leaders have totally let us down on global warming. Like the debt owed on pensions and infrastructure, our leaders have dithered for generations until the point that global warming is an inescapable present reality. Show More Summary

Proof That Anyone Can Make Money Online & Get a Free Car

During the Titanium Mastermind at the Croc’s Resort in Costa Rica, I had the pleasure of meeting 65 year old Allen Dockter and his wife. They were brand new in the business, had zero internet marketing experience, but managed to make $17K online in 3 months by following the training in my 21 Step System. Allen is living proof that […]

Snap, Facebook, Pop: Sriram Krishnan joins Twitter as senior director of product

In the ever-moving musical chairs that is the tech industry, Twitter has added a new person to its product team. Sriram Krishnan is now senior director of product at the social media platform. He announced the news himself, appropriately on Twitter, with a hearty endorsement from CEO Jack Dorsey. Show More Summary

Facebook design head loud on voice, silent on Alexa and hardware

Facebook has been reportedly working on a video chat device and a smart speaker that would use a new voice interface, to compete against the likes of Amazon and Google in the race to control your living room; and it’s also been testing as a voice search feature for its app. Show More Summary

Pinterest’s new Sections feature begins beta testing, public launch in ‘weeks’

Pinterest is rolling out a new feature inspired by its power users, said Pinterest CEO and co-founder Ben Silbermann, speaking today at TechCrunch Disrupt San Francisco. The new addition, called Sections, allows Pinterest users to divide their board into various sub-groups related to the board’s main topic. Show More Summary

Facebook nabs COO Jennifer Dulski to lead Groups

Facebook is serious about using Groups to propel its new mission to “bring the world closer together”. That’s why it’s made a big-name hire for the product leader for the Facebook Groups team. Former COO and President Jennifer Dulski will take the role. In a Facebook post, Facebook’s CPO Chris Cox wrote “This is a big day for us because… Read More

Readers' Choice: Top 5 Articles from Last Week

This is the first post in a new weekly series that will provide a roundup of the top articles, news updates and important content from the week prior. 

Asia is leading social media innovation through livestreaming -- can the US catch up?

We are changing the way we buy products, and follow celebrities, and it's all down to the way that Asia leads the way when it comes to livestreaming.

Bad Dad’s Clown Prank Backfires and Ends in Jail Time

It is safe to say coulrophobia is at an all time high right now (fear of clowns) between IT and the sheer amount of clowns on the new season of American Horror Story. And to be honest, clowns have always been a source of fear for some people (I blame John Wayne Gacy), so for […]

8 of the best quick charge USB multi-port car chargers

To keep all of your devices charged up to the max when you are out on the road, try these multi-port car chargers.

Amazon Reviews Have a Bot Problem

Summary: Bot reviews continue to be a growing concern for retailers and brands selling on Amazon.

Data Overload: How Do You Harness It? [Podcast]

In a new Social Business Engine podcast, Bernie Borges speaks with Dayle Hall, SVP of Marketing at Lithium Technologies to discuss data overload.


Here are the notes from the Chris Brogan Media broadcast for 09/18/17. (You can watch this on my Facebook account). This live video was all shot using Ecamm Live (client), the best way to do Facebook Live for Mac.Continue Reading The post CBM091817 appeared first on

Not All Views Are Made (and Valued) Alike

With so many different platforms and so many different marketing channels to consider on the Internet, it can quickly become a very dizzying and overwhelming experience. This is especially true if you start to wear yourself too thin and try to be hugely successful on every social network and every possible way to reach your audience. It’s far more effective […]


@MayaDroeschler: The similarity between the personality traits we want in our leaders and the traits we don’t want in our leaders is striking. — Maya Drøschler (@MayaDroeschler) September 18, 2017

How bigly of an idiot is Trump? Take a look at his Big Coal policies.

Trump grandstanded during the election and since about how he was going to save – or restore– the jobs of coal miners, and deregulate so that coal could remain in use for the indefinite future. But, even with Scott Pruitt’s insanity at the EPA, it’s not happening, because coal is stupid. Show More Summary

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