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Linked: Megan Smith on Charlie Rose

via Megan Smith CTO of the United States of America, “There are these incredible photographs from the launch of the Macintosh in the 80’s, and the Rolling Stone pictures that were published. The historic record shows this group of 10 people in a pyramid–actually 11, seven men and four women. Every photograph you see […] ?

Microsoft’s New Tossup App Lets You Poll Your Friends, Plan Events

A number of apps over the years have attempted to make it easier for friends to get together offline by helping them to plan everything from casual get-togethers to more formal events. Now Microsoft is taking a shot at this space with a new social polling app called Tossup. Show More Summary

4 Recommendations (and 1 Calculation) to Improve Social Media Engagement

Marketers often have a spectrum of goals for their Facebook pages. From growing awareness to converting Fans into email subscribers, many marketers make progress on each of these goals by focusing on a strategy of building overall community engagement. Show More Summary

"Rebooting Gigaom Research I’m glad to say we’re launching a brand..."

“ Rebooting Gigaom Research I’m glad to say we’re launching a brand new Gigaom Research — Stowe Boyd (@stoweboyd) July 6, 2015 ”

Drunk Man Climbs atop Police Van to Eat M&Ms

MANCHESTER, United Kingdom (SND) — Manchester police report arresting a drunk man they found snacking on M&Ms and drinking a milkshake atop their van. At 10:56 PM, the Greater Manchester Police tweeted about the amusing encounter, saying: “Odd arrest early hours Sun; drunk man climbs on top of police van Piccadilly Gdns, happily tucking into his food + drink. […]

Buy Online with Your Face

Summary: Your selfie habit may now allow you to make purchases online. MasterCard has begun testing a new smartphone app that will allow purchasing via facial recognition technology. While some maybe leery of such tech, MasterCard believes it will appeal to the younger generation.

Sqor Sports Launches Iconify Image Creation App on iOS

Sqor Sports has announced the release of its newest iOS app, Iconify, which gives users the ability to create sports-related images that can be shared with friends on the Sqor Sports platform or social media. The base Iconify library...Show More Summary

Firing Employee Who Made Vulgar Posts Violated the Law

Pier Sixty, LLC is a catering company in Manhattan, New York.  Not too long ago, some of Pier Sixty’s employees were concerned that company management repeatedly treated them disrespectfully and in an undignified manner.  As a result, the employees began to express interest in union representation. Show More Summary

One Guy, Two Guitars: Amazing Sweet Child O’ Mine Cover [Video]

Some people have trouble patting their heads and rubbing their stomachs at the same time. Up-and-coming Italian guitar player Luca Stricagnoli can do something most of us have a hard time imagining: tap out a pitch-perfect and harmonically beautiful cover of Guns n Roses “Sweet Child O’ Mine” with not one, but two guitars—simultaneously. Yesterday, he uploaded a […]

futurescope: Nanoparticles for Converting Windows to Solar...

futurescope: Nanoparticles for Converting Windows to Solar Cells Sandra Casillas from the Technological Institute of La Laguna (ITL), in the north of Mexico, has managed to patent 20 projects, and an example of her work is the design...Show More Summary

Japan Agrees to Giant Robot Duel with U.S.

JAPAN (SND) — U.S.-based robotics company MegaBots inc. wants to turn giant robot fighting into a sport. According to the company: “MegaBots are 15-foot-tall, internally piloted humanoid robots that fire cannonball-sized paintballs at each other at speeds of over 120 miles per hour.” One week ago, MegaBots unveiled their first completed battlebot, but noted a Japanese […]

The 5 Best Dressed Dogs of Instagram

Let’s face it: love them or hate them, dressed dogs have their share of OOTD posts on Instagram. Instagramers have elevated the dog fashion shoot into an art form, where their pooches sit, stay and smize for the camera in sartorial splendor. So let’s get started and look at the best looks of the five […]

Sunburn Art Is Now A Trend, A Really Dumb Trend

Getting a sunburn is awful. It hurt, does damage to your skin and looks horrible. But for some strange reason, they are part of a crazy new trend. Introducing sunburn art. People are voluntarily getting intense sunburns to create designs on their skin. Even once the sunburn heals, the tanned skins will continue to display […]

Baby Rescued Almost A Mile Out At Sea [Video]

The title says it all. A small child was found clinging to a inflatable toy about a mile away from the shore in Kucukkuyu, a town located in southwestern Turkey. The shocking rescue operations was caught on camera and shows the 10-month-old girl being rescued by emergency crews. Her parents say they were sunbathing and […]

Sydney Opera House Says No Selfie Sticks, Please

It’s said that an Aussie first coined the word “Selfie“, so it makes perfect sense that they step up to making performances in one of their most iconic centers for art as safe and annoyance-free as possible. For short: Once you step inside the Sydney Opera House, no selfie sticks please. It all began when […]

Get Ready, Krispy Kreme to Sell A Box of Donuts for $0.78

It’s good to be a donut-lover in the US nowadays. Right after the 4th of July is National Donut Day, July 5. A dozen stores will have their own special promo to celebrate, but it seems Krispy Kreme is upping its promo game to the hilt. To celebrate their 78th anniversary in the donut business, […]

‘HoNY’ Picture Captures Hearts, 550,000 Likes Strong

Chin up, little guy. It gets better. The photography project “Humans of New York” (HoNY) has been around for most of the aughts, and has made our daily jaunts across Facebook a little more persona, thoughtful, and… well, human. One recent photograph and its accompanying caption, however, captured the collective heart of the Internet. Its […]

Use this trick to boost your phone speaker's volume

Tripp & Tyler Life Hack #007: Make your phone speaker louder. Comedy duo Tripp and Tyler of The Tripp and Tyler Show, formerly known as “Don’t Be That Guy,” have a bunch of time-saving life hacks — which include tips for getting theShow More Summary

37 Elements of Effective User Engagement #15 – Resolution Display

Welcome to part 15 of my user engagement series. Today, we’ll be discussing another important element of web design based around display. The way your website is displayed to users is very important because if they can’t see your site, they simply won’t interact with it. Many times, I’ve been to websites where I can’t see the whole layout or […]

Twitter's Project Lightning could be called 'Moments'

Twitter's upcoming new feature, dubbed "Project Lightning," may be called "Moments" when it launches later this year. Periscope co-founder Kayvon Beykpour revealed the name of the feature, which is designed to curate live events andShow More Summary

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