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5 Tips for Using Video in Your Social Media Marketing Strategy [Infographic]

Here are five tips and an infographic to help you understand the value of video marketing for your brand - and how to make best use of the option.

Zynga Launches CSR Racing 2 on iOS, Android

The drag-racing game allows players to compete against the computer or other players in multiple race modes, including ladder and regulation races, crew battles, live multiplayer races and more.

Moms taking over Tinder accounts are both hilarious and anxiety-inducing

Would you show your mum your Tinder account?  Would you let her take control of it? SEE ALSO: Mom shocked about Tinder's hookup culture: 'They don't have a blood test?' These mums were allowed to take over swiping duties on their kids'...Show More Summary

Is Tesla Autopilot In The Model X Safe To Use?

My Tesla Model X P90D has many cool features that are unique and not found in other cars. One of those features is the ability to drive itself. Tesla Autopilot uses a unique combination of cameras, radar, ultrasonic sensors and data to automatically steer down the highway, change lanes, and adjust speed in response to traffic. Drivers and passengers generally […]

#DesignerProblems: The Real Rough Deal of Clients and Revisions

Dear designers, we feel you. We’d buy you a drink, or some takeout, or some lunch if we could. You do so much to make everything look and communicate a little bit more cooler. Only you folks can combine that perfect hue and that perfect type (not font!) with the right kerning and weight, and […]

Facebook News Feed Update: Posts from Friends to Get Priority Over Page Content

Facebook has announced a new News Feed update, this time aimed at boosting the reach of personal updates, which will have an impact on brand Pages.

The new political battleground: Grindr, Instagram and Vine

In Australia, you can't even get a date these days without being accosted by a politician. Instead of simply legislating to give the youth what they want in the July 2 election — think marriage equality, jobs and action on climate change...Show More Summary

Video Is Becoming an Important Part of Social Engagement (Report)

The real story of the last year in social marketing is the continued move to video as a core aspect of both networks and marketing campaigns.

Kabam, Lightstorm Partner to Create Avatar Mobile Game

The game will be designed to "re-immerse" fans into the Avatar universe before the release of Avatar 2 in theaters.

Linked: “My flawed Apple Watch has become a necessity”

via DeSouzaDigest: Yet, despite all these complaints, the benefits far outweigh the faults. It is a device that has ever-so gradually integrated itself into my daily routine, so much so that I have re-thought what I say to people who are considering buying one: ‘No one needs an Apple Watch’, now has the caveat ‘but... ?

Is Snapchat Growing Faster Than Instagram? (Infographic)

Follower growth and engagement have slowed on Instagram, while Snapchat seems to be picking up momentum.

EA Mobile Launches Tetris Blitz: 2016 Edition on Mobile

The redesigned app features an updated art style and user interface, as well as a new Daily Challenge system and more.

Thank a friend for your chance to win in our Community Challenge

We all have that friend who goes above and beyond. You know the one: the friend who brings you chicken soup when you’re sick and waters your plants when you’re away. Mashable has joined forces with DoubleTree by Hilton to help you thank a deserving friend for their nice acts with an amazing trip. Show More Summary

When Wikipedia Captions Get Silly

Love it or hate it, for better or worse, Wikipedia is here to stay. Hailed with being one of the main culprits of bringing the demise of the printed encyclopedia (as well as sending their salespeople running for the hills), the esteemed reference site has had its fair share of mishaps and laughs. Yes, laughs. […]

Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Force Your Dog To Go Vegan

I generally have nothing against vegans. They’re really into their veggies, have interesting vegan artisanal equivalents of meat-eater faves such as cheese and sausage, and they do have a very good point about cow farts and the greenhouse gases.       But when a vegan endangers their pets by forcing their own diet on […]

USO Creates Temporary Facebook Profile Picture Frame for July 4

Just in time for the Fourth of July, United Service Organizations created a temporary profile picture frame for Facebook users.

Facebook Audience Network Block List Added to Business Manager

Brands and agencies using Facebook’s Business Manager now have the option of blocking their ads from running on specific applications or websites.

Facebook News Feed: Friends and Family First, Core Values

Friends and family come first in Facebook’s News Feed, as the social network detailed the latest tweak to its algorithm and detailed the values that guide that algorithm.

Facebook puts friends above publishers in “News Feed Values” and ranking change

Those core values are that friends and family come first, that the feed should inform and entertain, that Facebook is a platform for all ideas, that authentic communication beats spam, that you have the controls to hide or highlight what you want, and that Facebook will keep iterating to improve the experience. Show More Summary

200 Malaysian Taxi Drivers Hold Protest Against Uber and Grab

With ride-hailing apps such as Uber and GrabTaxi, some taxi drivers are concerned that this may mean the end of the line for them. 2000 Malaysian Cab drivers drove their vehicles and congregated in front of the Esplanade area in George Town between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.. This is a bid to plead with the […]

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