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The Role of Online Communities in Digital Strategy [Podcast]

In a new 'Social Business Engine' podcast, Bernie Borges speaks with Joe Cothrel, Chief Community Officer at Lithium Technologies


@hughcards: @stoweboyd @nytimes — Hugh MacLeod (@hughcards) March 18, 2017

How To Get Authority Bloggers To Share Your Content Effectively

Did you know you can double or even triple your traffic within a few hours by networking with authority people? I created an expert post asking all the interviewee’s to share it once published and it generated 2-3 times more my daily traffic in “1” hour. The power of networking and having the right people on your team cannot be […]

Facebook and Twitter Trying Out New Looks for Tweets/Comments

Both Twitter and Facebook are trying out a couple of minor presentation tweaks in their apps.

How to Get a Meeting with Anyone

Trying to get your message in front of those key business contacts? Contributor Bryan Kramer explains techniques on how to get a meeting with anyone.

How Apple Devices Support Advanced Email Techniques [Infographic]

Apple devices support a range of advanced e-mail presentation techniques, making them a key focus for email marketers.

Twitter User Arrested After Sending Seizure-Inducing Gif To Journalist

An arrest has been made in the case of a journalist that suffered a seizure after receiving a flashing GIF Dallas-based journalist, Kurt Eichenwald tweeted that the FBI had arrested the man that send the seizure-inducing GIF. Eichenwald, who has contributed to Vanity Fair and Newsweek, has written openly about his epilepsy. According to the […]

Dot Com Lunch In Costa Rica

While the weekly Dot Com Lunch is normally hosted in Vancouver or The OC, I decided to do this week’s lunch in Costa Rica. Ya, it’s a long ways to fly just for lunch, but that’s the power of the Dot Com Lifestyle. And I will be doing a few other things while I’m here. Look for more Costa Rica […]

FBI arrested the troll who sent that seizure-inducing tweet to a journalist with epilepsy

A tweet has led to an arrest — three months after it was sent. Back in December, Vanity Fair contributing editor and Newsweek senior writer Kurt Eichenwald shared that someone had targeted him with a strobing tweet. The flashing tweet gave the journalist a seizure. Show More Summary

The 5 Basic Skills Every Online Business Owner Should Have

The dot com lifestyle can be pretty great. Unlike many other professions, you don’t need any sort of specific education or certification in order to be an entrepreneur. And since practically the entirety of your business is online, you can still run it from nearly anywhere in the world you have reliable Internet access. Enjoying the sun in Cabo? You […]

5 Key Considerations for Live-Stream Content (from Twitter)

Twitter has published a new list of tips for maximizing your live-stream content efforts.

Study Finds Snapchat Isn't Impressing Marketers

A recent survey found that marketers are not generating the results they want from Snapchat. Here are some key reason why that could be.

The Rise of Virtual Assistants, and the Evolution of Search and Discovery

Virtual assistant tools are on the rise, and that could have a major impact on how people search for and discover new products in future.

Want More Facebook Reach? Motivate Fans to React

With Reactions on Facebook posts now weighted more heavily than Likes, here are some tips on how to inspire more Reactions from your audience.

A Quick Guide to Using Twitter for eCommerce

Twitter remains a key platform to consider within your social media marketing plans - here are some tips on how to do so effectively.

5 Ways to Improve Your Instagram Marketing

Here are five key tips to help maximize your Instagram marketing efforts.

4 Ways Influencers Can Improve Your Digital Marketing Campaign

Here are four ways that influencer marketing can help boost your content efforts.

Amazon Brings Alexa to the iPhone

Summary: Amazon is bringing Alexa to the iPhone today right inside of the company’s main app. While this isn’t the first time Alexa has been on a smartphone — third parties have made it happen already — this is the first time it’s coming directly from Amazon. Show More Summary

An Illuminating Conversation About Conversational Marketing

Highlights from the "Talk To The Brand: AI, Bots And Conversational Marketing" panel at MediaPost's OMMA SXSW event.

Even Selena Gomez feels like sht when she looks at Instagram

Being Instagram famous isn't all it's cracked up to be, even when you're a super-famous celebrity. In a new Vogue interview, singer and actress Selena Gomez, who is also the most-followed person on Instagram with 113 million followers,...Show More Summary

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