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Diver Dances With Sharks To Protest Shark Killings [Video]

This video went online back in 2014, but we think it’s pretty cool and deserves a spotlight here on SND. This particular video has recently had a number of Tumbler folk oohing and aahing, and with good reason. We see a raven-haired dancer clad in a bikini, leather vambraces, weighted boots, and body paint, gracefully […]

My Mom Went Viral: A Protest Song Gets an Unexpected Bump

A few months ago, my mother sent me a link to a YouTube video and told me to look for her among members of the choir. I watched the video. In it, folk singer Tony Turner sings a protest song against the Conservative government of Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper. Show More Summary

How to Advertise on Instagram

Instagram ads are finally here and live for the majority of advertisers. We've had access for a couple of days so wanted to share how to create Instagram ads and share some things to look out for.

The Sumo Titan – Taking The Bean Bag Chair To The Next Level

A year ago, I tested a product call the Omni Reloaded by Sumo Lounge. The Omni was a great chair and even helped me recovered from my bike accident. Sumo is famous for their beanbag chairs, and their new Titan is one of the biggest beanbags I’ve ever seen. It’s more of a beanbag bed than a beanbag chair. The […]

Why Infographics Are Afraid of the Truth

Infographics are accepted without question as representing "the truth," but should you be more wary of the way visual data is presented? This post takes you through some standard ways infographics are misleading.

USDA Will No Longer Call Small Raisins “Midgets”

In response to a petition by The Little People of America, the USDA will no longer refer to small raisins as “midgets”.   o many little people, the term “midget” is an offensive pejorative. When The Little People of America, an advocacy group for those born with dwarfism or other height-related medical conditions, found out the Federal […]

8 Social Media Villains and How to Deal With Them [INFOGRAPHIC]

Lately social networks like Twitter and Reddit have put restrictions in place to combat pernicious trolling on their sites. Still, some users are just, well, a little annoying, and not worthy of being banned. And, maybe one type of troll requires different action than another. You might be wondering, should you respond, ignore, or boot?

Dear Politico: Social Media Isn't Ruining Politics, But You Definitely Are

Nicholas Carr has an article up in Politico Magazine, titled "How Social Media is Ruining Politics." The article is deeply flawed, because Carr seems completely unaware of how Politico and news organizations like it have been damaging our political discourse long before the rise of social media.

Teen Pretends to Be Cop, Accidentally Pulls Over Real Cop

A Virginia teen impersonated a police officer and attempted to pull over a real off-duty cop. oredom is a teenage boy‘s worst enemy. Surely, it was boredom that drove Joshua Rosene to impersonate a police officer. Of course, that’s giving the 18 year-old Virginia teen the benefit of the doubt, something the cop he tried to pull […]

Woman Claims She Is Allergic To Wi-Fi, Gets Disability Pay

One French woman has won a landmark disability case with an unusual topic. Marine Richard claims she suffers from a rare allergy to Wi-Fi. The allergy consists of having a condition recognized by the World Health Organization. Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity, also known as EHS, only affects a small amount of the population, but the effects are […]

Authentic Advertising: Is There Such a Beast?

Social Media Today brought its old friend, Frank Eliason, back to talk about how brands can engage authentically in the new world of social and digital communication. Known as “the most famous man in customer service,” Frank, as always, was controversial and passionate in his view of the need for truth, justice (for customers) and the (socially connected) way. 

17 Content Hacks Every Marketer Should Know to Boost Blog Engagement Rates

  There’s creating good content, and then there’s creating awesome content. The difference I feel lies in the detail. There’s so many ways to amplify your content with actually very little effort but huge results. In an age where content...Show More Summary

How a Web Design Company Became a “Market Leader” in a Crowded Space

When the very techniques you use to brand yourself are part of the online discussion and the audience you market to is part of the conversation, branding becomes harder to pull off successfully. Trust becomes harder to develop. Reach becomes more difficult to achieve. The tricks of the trade that used to be employed are now common knowledge. 

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