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Add Products to Facebook Dynamic Ads via URL

Brands using Facebook’s dynamic ads can now add product images via URL, rather than solely via product catalogs on the social network.

How to Leverage User Generated Content

I’ve been writing a lot of content for over 9 years. For those of you who want an average number, I write around 10,000 words per week. That’s a staggering high number but I’m involved in many different projects so my topics are spread out. I’ve written list posts, guides, presentations, guest posts, etc. However, I can honestly tell you […]

Get Thrills and Chills with This Makeup Artist’s Halloween Skills

Just when you thought you’d seen all there is to see of Pinterest-worthy Halloween makeup artists getting their paint pots and brushes, here comes this makeup artist who just wows us to no end. Sarah Mudle is one talent that won’t be ignored on social media. She’s been hard at work with her 31 Faces of […]

Seriously Launches Best Fiends Forever on iOS, Android

The clicker or idle game allows users to help the Fiends defeat the Slugs while traveling through the land of Minutia.

In Case You Didn’t Know JK Rowling Has An Awesome Charity Named After A Spell

JK Rowling is cooler than you. She’s cooler than me too, way cooler than me. We have a total crush on her here at SND and it seems like it’s been forever since we wrote about the Harry Potter author. Rowling caught my attention last night on Twitter, during the Presidential Debate, when she sent […]

The Most Important Thing in Marketing Isn’t VR or AI

Cross-device identity data helps automated marketing and digital advertising be much smarter because it’s not just what devices people own, but who they are, what they do and where they do things.

Stephanie Merritt, MJ Carter on historical fiction: ‘It...

Stephanie Merritt, MJ Carter on historical fiction: ‘It was brilliant to make stuff up!’ What kind of characters are you drawn to?  I wanted to create a character who was quite reticent and cool because I’m not, my instincts are always to blab and blurt. Show More Summary

3 Free Tools to Help You Understand Your Online Audience

Knowing your audience is critical to maximizing the success of your marketing efforts. Here are three free tools that can help. 

4 Easy Steps to Get Started With Online Reputation Management [Infographic]

With billions of messages and articles are shared on the web every day, how do you sort through the social noise and identify relevant discussions about your company, products or services?

How McDonald’s Integrates Employees into its Marketing [Podcast]

In a new episode of the Social Business Engine podcast, Bernie Borges speaks with Elly Deutch, Global Social Campaign & Advocacy Manager at McDonald’s

Reddit: The Sleeping Dragon of Social

Reddit can be a great source of information for any brand. Here's an overview of how to use the platform for marketing/research purposes.

Major Publishers Doubling Down on SEO to Replace Lost Facebook Referral Traffic

Publishers are responding to Facebook reach reductions by putting more effort into other areas, like SEO.

5 Ways to Solve the Social Media Engagement Problem

Social media is a 'social' platform, so you need to engage to make the most of it's potential. Here are some ways to help boost your brand's engagement on social. 

LinkedIn Unveils Improved Endorsements System, Continues to Refine Data Accuracy

LinkedIn is rolling out a new structure for their endorsements feature to make them more accurate and more relevant - which also plays into the platform's wider strategic direction.

Reminder – We All Start From Zero

One of the biggest comments (or excuses) I hear from new Internet marketers is that it’s easy for me to make money online because I am well known and have an establish blog with a big email list. What the commentator don’t seem to realize is we all start at zero. This video is a reminder of that fact. Click […]

Thanks to Twitter, Writers Are More Influential Than Publishers

Summary: A few years back, my path to pop culture enlightenment was blissfully simple. I would open up Grantland and read whichever stories piqued my interest. The same way my daily routine relied on a cereal of choice (Honey Bunches of Oats) and a toothpaste of choice (Crest Pro-Health), I had developed a relationship with a publisher of choice.

Facebook Adds New Tools to Amplify Word-of-Mouth Recommendations, Boost Response

Facebook has unveiled new tools to help boost word-of-mouth recommendations and enable users to take immediate action on those tips.

Facebook ramps up e-commerce offerings

Thanks to new integrations with e-commerce platforms like, businesses can use their Facebook pages to sell directly to customers.

Would You Want To Spend Halloween Night In Dracula’s Castle?

Still looking for the perfect Halloween plans? Here is one idea that will definitely beat handing out candy to neighboring children or wearing an uncomfortable costume while making small talk at a friend’s party. What if we told you that you could spend the night in Dracula’s castle? Not just in the castle, but in […]

Video Is Increasingly Important in Content Marketing (Infographic)

Images result in 94 percent more views, higher engagement and increased conversion rates than text-only content.

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