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Trapit's new release aims to empower social employees

Trapit has launched its new enterprise platform which aims to connect the dots between employee advocacy and social selling.

How to Use Slideshare for Influencer Marketing

Relationship building is the driving source of online marketing nowadays. Brands strive to become closer to their customers to encourage them to spread the word and positive feedback. Brands build connections with influential bloggers and social media users in their niche to hopefully get them influence their customers and build trust. Show More Summary

Man Booted From Flight Over Tweet

Summary: Want to be banned from an airline? Try tweeting about hacking into the plane’s onboard computer system. As if most of us didn’t already know this — it’s not the best idea to go on social media and joke about hacking into the flight's operating system and deploying the oxygen masks.

My Ideal Buyer Partner

The people who work best with me are trying to grow their business. They may or may not be employees of some other company, but they want to grow their business, their part of the story. They are looking for next-level advantages. Continue Reading The post My Ideal Buyer Partner appeared first on

Experience Cloud Brings Brands One Leap Closer to Omnichannel

Imagine this: a customer visits your site, in search of the right suit for an upcoming wedding. He’s presented with the season’s latest styles, all in his size – all thanks to context from his latest product reviews and other actions on the brand’s website. A week later, he needs shoes to match and tweets at the brand. Show More Summary

To Infinity and Beyond: The Social Shake-Up Discount Ends at Midnight

Leave your nunchuks and Stratocasters at home, folks, because there won’t be any so-called “ninjas” or “rockstars” taking the stage at The Social Shake-Up. Our line-up of speakers includes true experts from leading brands and multinational companies, and we've got keynotes from NASA and George Takei. Show More Summary

The Top 8 Mistakes of a LinkedIn Profile Photo [INFOGRAPHIC]

You should treat your LinkedIn photo like a badge of honor. It’s an opportunity to showcase yourself to your audience as well as your professional network. According to LinkedIn, profiles that have a photo are actually 11X more likely to be viewed. Unfortunately, not everyone gets their LinkedIn photo right, which can affect your professional relationships.

8 Hidden Facebook and Twitter Tricks You Never Knew (or Forgot Long Ago)

Let’s be honest – it’s pretty much impossible to know that you don’t know something that you don’t know. That’s why we’ve collected a list of our favorite little-known, hidden, or long-forgotten features on Facebook and Twitter.

The Shake-Up Spotlight on: Dan Gingiss of Discover

In this series of profiles, we'll be putting the spotlight on some of the wonderful speakers who will be featured at The Social Shake-Up this June. Today we hear from Dan Gingiss, the Head of Digital Customer Experience and Social Care at Discover Financial Services.

The Way to a Millennial’s Heart Is Through Our Ears

If you haven’t heard of Spotify, listen up. Spotify is a Stockholm-based music streaming service that offers free and “premium” (paid monthly subscription) based options, the latter of which allows users to listen ad free and download music to listen to offline or on their mobile device. Music can be browsed or discovered by artist, album, genre, playlist, or even record label.

Can Social Be Seasonal?

In a perfect world, your social connections would be within arm’s reach of a smartphone, eagerly anticipating your next post or comment. And, anytime you wrote something brilliant or insightful, there would be multitudes of readers ready...Show More Summary

Blogging Is so Misunderstood: 8 Things Everyone Should Know

Blogging has evolved into a critically important website feature that virtually every organization can benefit from; however, many people still harbor negative perceptions that prevent them from taking advantage of the benefits blogs can offer. This article is intended to update people’s perceptions by sharing eight key facts about blogs and blogging.    

Game of Thrones Ascent Receives Fire & Blood Expansion

Disruptor Beam has announced the release of the second major content expansion for Game of Thrones Ascent. Entitled Fire & Blood, the expansion allows players to grow their dragons into adolescents, and also complete new Tales via an interactive map. Show More Summary

Linking in Better Than LinkedIn with Gild's New Hiring Platform

A Smart Data Collective post entitled Robot HR: How HR Is Contributing to Unemployment asserts that human resource professionals have no real ability to have an in-depth awareness for each position, and therefore rely on keywords and software to do their pre-screening for them. Show More Summary

Slash Social Network Marketing Spend With Facebooks New Multi Product Ad

Facebook's new Multi Product Ads may be just what your businesses social network marketing campaign is looking for to help gain more customers while keeping costs down. Multi Product Ads enable businesses to display 3-5 products in one unit on either a desktop, or a mobile device through the news feed. Show More Summary

Why Stories Work for Business

What happens when you get lost in a city filled with brands and the only one you’re looking for is the one you can’t find? Do you give up? Why is the find so important?  Obviously it’s more than brand recognition. A brand's story is what creates advocacy and solidifies loyalty. 

How We Doubled Our Facebook Followers in 2 Months

As a general rule, I’m not a fan of the term, “growth hacking”. Mostly it’s because it seems to convey some really small hack that somehow will bring about huge results - results that are almost never repeatable. But, if you want to dramatically grow your Facebook followers - then this is one growth hack that you can’t ignore.

Facebook's new notifications tab is a robust mini-news hub

Facebook wants notifications to become much more than a perfunctory list of recent behavior, events and invitations. Mashable has learned the social network is quietly testing a robust new notifications tab that pulls content from across the entire site and serves it up in one central place. Show More Summary

If Game of Thrones Characters Were Social Networks

What if we compared Game of Thrones characters to social networks? Cersei, Arya, Tyrion: we've got your number.

Trending This Week: News Stories on Social Media

This week has been rife with online excitement about the Boston Marathon, Earth Day, and more. Let's not forget about the widely celebrated, unofficial holiday 4/20 - a day of reveling in honor of all that is cannabis, which managed to coincide with the Boston Marathon this year and make it into the top ten most used hashtags associated with the race.

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