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Here’s Why Your Business Should Be on Twitter

With over 280 million active users, Twitter is arguably the second largest social networking platform. A couple of Italian researchers have claimed that around 20 million of these accounts are fake, but that still leaves a user base that is compelling, if only for the size alone. Show More Summary

Does Your Buyer Persona Sound Like a Corporate Talking Machine?

One mistaken method related to buyer personas has to do with the confusion, which exists between company or customer profiling and buyer personas. Even calling a profile a buyer persona profile amounts to more confusion. Slipping the word, persona, in between buyer and profile does not make it a buyer persona.

Why You Should Add Snapchat to Your Marketing Arsenal

You may not have used it yet, but at some point in the past few years you’ve probably heard of Snapchat. Whether it was a news story about racy sexting, user privacy concerns or the founders turning down billions of dollars for the app, Snapchat has made a lot of headlines. Show More Summary

Front-Rank Mobile App Market Players to Follow

In the past few years we’ve seen a significant move toward focused apps, in-app purchases, and increasing encroachment of the mobile advertising space. Today it is even more important that we finally take serious steps toward shifting from desktop to mobile networking and devices.

5 Takeaways from Social Media Marketing World to Help Your Brand

With so many amazing social media experts under one roof at Social Media Marketing World, it’s almost impossible NOT to come home with a pages full of tips, notes, and suggestions for your brand. As usual, my main note-taking device was Twitter, so here’s a list of my top 5 learnings curated from my hundreds of tweets over two action-packed days.

Are Self-Driving Cars Set to Disrupt Uber?

Ironically, it seems that along with taxi companies, ride-sharing start-ups will also have something to worry about, with the growing anticipation of self-driving cars hitting the road within five to ten years.

Will Customer Reviews Help or Hurt My Business?

e-Marketer recently reported on a November 2014 study by YouGov which says the top reason (at 62%) US Internet users post reviews is to help others make good purchasing decisions. Another said they thought it’s “polite” to provide feedback, and a quarter or so were split between making sure the word gets out about good businesses out there and their own positive experiences.

Social Customer Care in the Middle East and Malaysia: An Overview

I've been coming to the Middle East and Malaysia since 2011 running workshops on social customer care. Those first couple of years were hard work: literally me at the front talking for three days, trying to convince the attendees that social customer care was the future. Show More Summary

How Darren Salkeld Went From Zero to $1 Million in 4 Months

Not so long ago, fellow Canadian Darren Salkeld worked as a factory laborer, making just a few hundred dollars per week. He was living in a mobile home trailer and driving a beat up old pickup truck. He worked long 14-hour days, but yet his debt continued to pile up. Like many people, Darren grew up thinking that you had […]

Global Pay-TV Market will Reach $313 Billion in 2020

Traditional forms of video entertainment are already saturated in most of the developed nations around the globe. Meanwhile, some of the more promising emerging markets are growing at a more gradual rate than was anticipated, due to current economic pressures. Show More Summary

Is Your Mobile App a Big Win or a Steady Win?

When you’re planning to enter the mobile app market, you need to remember that 90% of all existing apps lose customers’ loyalty even if they are a big success at first: open rates and customer retention come crashing down, and it seems like all hope is lost.

SEO Game Changer: Twitter and Google Finally Agree to a Search Deal

Once Twitter started taking off back in 2009 and 2010, there was a lot of speculation about how their platform would affect Google. Over the years, speculation has ranged from tweets becoming a leading SEO factor to Google actually buying the company.

HIRIS wearable for everything, uses gestures to track your life

?Wearables are everywhere we look right now. But wearable wristbands should do more than just count how many steps we take. Italian designed HIRIS aims to turn the single-function wearable on its head.

Lidl and Aldi’s “luxury” head to head advertising

Nielsen recently found that £1 in £10 spend in supermarkets in the UK is spent at Aldi or Lidl and it’s not just the bargain hunters or low income shoppers spending their money there either. Apparently, one in three Aldi...

Digital Marketing Metrics the Experts Measure (And Why You Should Too)

It’s the end of the month, and the end of the quarter and for B2B marketers everywhere it means one thing… analyzing the heck out of your online marketing activity from the past 3 months, measuring its lead generation success and proving the ROI value to the rest of the business.

Customer Service Has Its Day at Social Media Marketing World

“Customer service is the new marketing.” I’ve probably tweeted that a dozen times, and I think about it almost every day. But social media conferences – and the practitioners who attend them – have continued to be divided into two tribes as if they were playing Survivor: the Marketing tribe and the Customer Service tribe.

How to use Facebook for thank you notes

We're all a little lax when it comes to sending as many "thank you" notes as we should That's where Facebook comes in. It's the perfect platform for thank you missives that can be personalized and shared, giving a public shoutout toShow More Summary

Spylight App Lets You Shop For TV Fashion In Real Time

Couch potato fashionistas, something really rad is about to happen to your phones. Stop me if you’ve heard this: you’re snuggling into your favorite TV show, popcorn bowl in arm, and this really magical dress comes on screen. You’re dying to know exactly how to snag It Girl Jess‘ look, or how to to be […]

5 Ways to Keep Your Balance as a Social Media Manager

If you work in social marketing like I do, you may have had to juggle the demands of managing your community and your home. Over the holidays, I gave myself a week and a half break from technology which included me shutting myself away from social media (for the most part) during that break. Show More Summary

Google+ is Changing, but How Will it Change Your Business?

It’s no secret that as underutilized as it is in the social media world, Google+ has been a powerhouse for search engine optimization. From personalized search results to improving organic reach, the Google+ platform has been a go to source to start building SEO for businesses. Google+’s number one spot might change as a result of an upcoming platform reorganization.

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