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Dot Com Lunch – This Is A Real Book Edition

Now that I’m back in America, it means the weekly Dot Com Lunch can resume. Once again, we assembled on the patio of Pho Ba Co to enjoy an afternoon of great food and even greater networking. The Dot com Lunch is part of the Dot Com Lifestyle meetup group. Its purpose is to encourage and help people achieve the […]

In Other News, It’s Snowing In the UK [Twitter Reacts]

It’s snowing in the UK, and Twitter users in the UK just can’t seem to get enough of it. Why yes, dear readers: it’s snowing right now all over the United Kingdom. In the middle of November. Last time we checked, snow wasn’t supposed to behave that way, and the tweets can prove that this […]

Watch the Best Holderness Thanksgiving Mashup Ever

The Holderness Family are at it again with a brand-new video that’ll have you bopping and chuckling along as you pass the green beans, sweet potato pie, and cranberry sauce for Thanksgiving. Let’s face it, folks: Thanksgiving — and the pre-event epic meal-prepping for dinner — is no small feat. It has you minding and […]

How to Transform Your Employees Into Advocates Using Twitter

Let your employees tweet about your company, and you'll reap the rewards.

Breakfast Snapshots: Introducing The Selfie Spoon [Video]

Take those breakfast selfies to the next level with the latest version of the selfie stick: the selfie spoon. Yes, now you can eat your Cinnamon Toast Crunch and take a hundred selfies with ease. The delicious cereal brand is offering this exclusive product to its customers, because you know what they say, “Pics or […]

Why Twitter’s Emoji Response Tool Makes Sense – New Data on Emoji Use on the Platform

Earlier this week, reports and examples suggested that Twitter might be working on a new emoji response tool which would enable users to replace the 'heart' icon for a like on a tweet with any one of 36 emoji options specifically aligned to your response. Why wold Twitter do that? There's actually a lot of data that points to it being a logical, and likely beneficial, change.

Social Media Quick Tip: Targeting for Facebook Ads

In another Social Media quick Tip, Karen Yankovich shows you how to work out why you're seeing specific Facebook ads - and how to use that data in your own Facebook marketing plans.

Pinterest Reveals the Top Pinned Products of 2015

As we lead into the holiday season, Pinterest is looking to help those who may be running on short on gift ideas, publishing a list of the Top Pinned Products of 2015. 

3 Facebook Page Features You May Be Missing Out On

Facebook can be a bit overwhelming with all the various options and settings. If you're not careful it's easy to miss out on some of Facebook's Page features, tools that help increase your reach and improve your Page management. To help with this, here are three features that many people miss with their Facebook Pages.

You Voted: The Small Business Beginner’s Guide to Snapchat

Snapchat is one of the hottest new social platforms, with many marketers looking to tap into the apps hold on the Millennial audience. But how do you actually use it? Deanna Zaucha offers a quick guide.

Designing Real Life for Social Media: Pigalle Duperré Playground

Laurent Francois looks at the Pigalle Playground, a Paris-based brand project that's been specifically designed to align with social media conventions. 

The White House's Christmas tree is so big it stopped D.C. traffic

This Christmas tree sure knows how to make an entrance. The 74-foot-tall Lutz spruce, weighing in at a whopping 7,500 pounds, arrived at the White House's West Front Lawn all the way from Alaska on Friday morning, temporarily halting...Show More Summary

Impression, Consideration Soars for Facebook, Pinterest (Report)

The past 45 days have been good to Facebook and Pinterest, at least in the eyes of brand consumer perception research service YouGov BrandIndex.

Infographic: January is the Black Friday for App Monetization

New data from AdMob by Google highlights the increase in app downloads and engagement during the holiday season.

Work Chat: Messenger-Type App for Facebook at Work

Users of Facebook at Work now have their own Messenger-style messaging application, as Work Chat is available for Android via Google Play.

Facebook faces questions over Safety Check after hotel attack in Mali

A week after Facebook activated its Safety Check feature in the wake of the Paris terror attacks, the social network is facing new criticism for not activating the feature in Mali after gunmen took more than hundred people hostage in...Show More Summary

Give-to-Get vs. Pay-To-Play: Conquer Influencer Marketing By Doing Stuff That Doesn’t Scale

Consumers can become desensitized if that person is just hawking products, and influencer deafness will become the new banner blindness. There’s no word of mouth if people stop listening.

Avoiding Catfishing When Dating Online

If you want to protect yourself from being catfished, check out this infographic.  If you’re up for anything up to and including a life-ruining experience, look away!

Man Named ‘Phuc Dat Bich’ Posts Passport to Facebook to Prove It’s His Name

Facebook’s new username policy strikes again. This time, the unfortunate victim is a Vietnamese man named ‘Phuc Dat Bich.’ It’s an unfortunate moniker to Western eyes, but it’s actually pronounced “Phoo Da Bic.” Facebook’s new policy forbids users from registering under “fake” names. Show More Summary

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