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Facebook Updates Video Options & Tools

Summary: Facebook isn’t always known for putting control in the hands of its users. For example, the algorithm for our news feed changes more than a politician’s loyalty. And it seems with every update the semblance of control we have dwindles. Show More Summary

Watch Son Lose It Over Dad’s Drift Skills [Video]

Oh, dads. You teach us, raise us, feed us, bathe us, and help us get things done. You wow us with your fantastic skills, you make us laugh, you make us cry, you make us feel. And sometimes, you scare the living daylights out of us to show us how to have a good time, […]

Top Film Festivals to Add to your Bucket List

If you’re a film fanatic, there’s probably nothing you love better than spending your nights and weekends (and even perhaps your working hours) catching up on the latest and greatest movies from around the world. Whether you prefer to stream a variety of flicks through Netflix no matter where you are, or regularly head to […]

Stephen Hawking Embarks On Week-Long Reddit AMA Session

When Stephen Hawking does something, he has to do it big. The brilliant mind is the latest Reddit AMA participant, but his session has a bit of a twist. Instead of just a hour or two, Hawking will take questions all week long! Beginning on Monday, July 27 at 8 AM ET, you can ask […]

Dining at Malaysia’s First 3 Michelin Star Chef Pop-Up Restaurant

During my stay at the Mandarin Oriental in Kuala Lumpur, I had an opportunity to dine at Aziamendi 88. This is a pop-up restaurant by 3 Michelin Star Chef Eneko Atxa. The 88 in Aziamendi 88 stands for the number of days the restaurant will be up. It opened on July 22, and will serve its final meal on October […]

Jenna Marbles & SMOSH Get Wax Figures at Madame Tussaud’s

Rejoice, Youtubers! Your hard work, dedication to the medium, and 100% zany, authentic attitude can now be rewarded not just with cash or the adulation and love of your fans, but with your likenesses immortalized as wax figures. Jenna Mourey, better known as Jenna Marbles, and the duo SMOSH will soon be gracing the hallowed […]

Stray Staffie Lands Police Job, Sniffs out £25,000 in Suspect Money

Stella the Staffie went from sniffing tennis balls to being hailed as a local hero, thanks to her keen nose and the twinkle in her eye. Stella, being a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, turned the misconceptions of her breed on their heads as she recently sniffed out a hidden stash of what amounted to £25,000 in crime […]

"However vast the darkness, we must supply our own light."

“However vast the darkness, we must supply our own light.” - Stanley Kubrick

Jack Dorsey’s First Order Of Business As Interim CEO? Twitter Support To The Stars

Stop me if you’ve heard this one. Founder of company leaves to start another company. Comes back a few times. Takes role of “Interim CEO” and starts personally doing customer support for celebrities. Haven’t heard that one? OK, well then check this out. Show More Summary

Jenna Marbles is the first YouTube star with her own wax figure

There's a special level of fame that comes with getting your likeness recreated in wax, and YouTube stars may have reached that same lofty upper echelon normally reserved for dead presidents and pop princesses. Arguably, a lot more kids today can probably identify Jenna Marbles faster than they can Harry S. Show More Summary

Twitter Judges Tweeted Jokes Copyrightable

Tweeted a great joke lately? Was it A) a brilliantly original observation all of your own? Or B) a funny tweet you saw on Twitter and pilfered, sans credit? If the answer is B) your joke theft might result in your tweet being blocked on copyright grounds — if the original composer of the joke reports your theft as copyright infringement to Twitter. Read More

Important People Don’t Drive, They Get Driven

In America, we love to drive our cars. This is especially true in a car crazy state like California. However, things are a little different in Asia. Here, important people don’t drive, they get driven. And the ultimate executive VIP vehicle to get driven around in is a minivan! While the minivan brings up images of the soccer mom in […]

Twitter is cracking down on stolen jokes

Joke thieves beware: Twitter seems to be cracking down on plagiarism. In a freewheeling universe home to millions of spambots, fake celebrities and trolls, it's no surprise that many Twitter accounts habitually crib popular 140-character quips to rack up followers. Show More Summary

"I once worked with a designer who bought frames with photos of strangers at thrift stores. She..."

“I once worked with a designer who bought frames with photos of strangers at thrift stores. She stashed the photos in a box under her desk. When she started a project, she flipped through them until she found people she felt matched the users we were designing for. Show More Summary

More Photos from Kuala Lumpur

We have been having a great time exploring Kuala Lumpur. It just so happens that one of the Sally’s school friends is from Malaysia, and spends his summers in KL. His family has been showing us around the city. Kuala Lumpur is a very interesting city. It’s like a melting pot of the east and middle east. The great thing […]

SMToolbox: Engage Consumers through Real-Time Social Content with Livefyre Studio

If you're looking to aggregate social media posts about your brand and utilize them for your own marketing efforts, you need to check out Livefyre Studio, a social content marketing platform that allows companies to engage consumers through real-time user generated content.

Facebook-Commissioned Data Highlights Areas of Focus for Automotive Marketers

In operation since last year, Facebook’s IQ Industry Research blog provides a range of data insights and information to assist Facebook advertisers in better targeting and maximizing their ads and ad content. Their latest report looks at how people go about purchasing new cars, and where in that purchase cycle people are most receptive to advertising material.

How Hollywood is Utilizing the Power of Social Media Influencers

?Buzz is crucial to the success of films. Teaser trailers, celebrity tours, advanced screenings  - generating buzz is the best way to get people into the cinema, and word-of-mouth has always played a big part in fuelling the Hollywood hype machine. Show More Summary

When Should You Respond To A Social Media Surprise?

What do you do when someone posts something negative about your brand online? Do you respond straight away? Do you ignore it? In this post, Chris Syme present five elements that need to be addressed as part of any social media crisis plan. 

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