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5 Ways the Amish Can Help You Jump-Start Your Twitter Following

Upon first glance, Twitter followings and Amish craftsmen appear to have very little in common - putting them in the same sentence may even sound ludicrous. But, crazy as it sounds, the Amish way of life can actually offer a number of valuable insights into how you can jump-start your Twitter growth.

LinkedIn Ads Rolls Out New Campaign Management Tool (And I Love It)

Larry Kim took LinkedIn’s new ads campaign management tool for a test drive this summer and found that 'overall, the new campaign management tool is much cleaner and more user-friendly'. Read Larry's full review here.

LinkedIn Releases New Guide to Maximizing Sponsored Updates

?In their most recent earnings report, LinkedIn CFO Steve Sordello noted that Sponsored Updates has been one of the company’s strongest performing ad offerings. To capitalize on this, the professional social network has released a new guide to help marketers ‘drive killer ROI’ through Sponsored Updates, with collected knowledge and learnings from hundreds of brands. 

10 Habits Highly Successful Social Media Marketing Leaders

What are the habits, behaviors and foundational success elements that true social marketing leaders embrace? How do they rise above the status quo? Pam Moore discusses this in a new episode of the Social Zoom Factor podcast.

Facebook won't promote a feminist event because of its 'profane' language

In 1975, journalist Anne Summers published a book that was to become a vital Australian feminist text: Damned Whores and God's Police. Now 40 years on, Facebook will not promote an upcoming event by the same name because the post contains...Show More Summary

37 Elements of Effective User Engagement #26 – Continually Updating

Welcome to Part 26 of my series and we are almost toward the end. We have covered enormous ground and by now, you should be able to increase user engagement by implementing some of the strategies mentioned in this series. However, there are a few things you have to keep in mind when implementing what I’ve discussed through several weeks. […]

12 photos illuminated with window light

Last week's Mashable Photo Challenge was about using the light from your window to illuminate your photos in an interesting way "I love that this theme forced people to really pay attention to their surroundings and use harsh or bright light to create these dramatic images," said Vincent Carabeo, our guest host. Show More Summary

? My Car: Mod #6 – Opening the Armrest

Can I get an amen that it’s ridiculous that we have to do this ourselves? Dealers should be doing it as an extra you’re welcome. It’s really crazy these things are locked! The Volkswagen MK7 Golf R arrives from the factory with the armrest completely locked. Luckily, a 4MM Torx screw driver and you’re getting […]

SlideShare Re-Brands, Adds New Features, Highlights Growth [Infographic]

SlideShare has today announced a new, Pinterest-like feature called ‘Clipping’ which is designed to help users ‘conduct and organize research and learn any topic quickly’ via the SlideShare platform. 

Facebook Upgrades Moments – But is it Actually a Facebook Experiment?

Earlier this year, Facebook launched a new app called ‘Moments’ which scans through the images on your camera roll and automatically sorts them into sets based on locations, events, people and groups. The app has now got it's first upgrade - but is it actually just a Facebook experiment to capture more data?

How to Get the Most Out of LinkedIn [INFOGRAPHIC]

Why should you share content on LinkedIn? It connects more than 200 million professionals. And it is where business people go. It’s demographic is older and wealthier than the other networks. Last but not least, it has a visitor-to-lead conversation rate that is 3X that of Facebook and Twitter.

3 DUI Facts Worth Thinking About

Driving under the influence (DUI) may sound like a glamorous Hollywood misdemeanor, but it exacts a heavy and very unlovely price on anyone it affects. Before you start thinking this reckless behavior will mark you a rebel at heart and make you join the ranks of Justin Bieber, Lindsay Lohan, and Michael Phelps, here are […]

Slack Leans On Companies Like Box And Nuzzel To Use “Add To Slack” Buttons For Contextual Integration

Slack’s true power is being a platform. A platform that other tools can plug into and play nice with. The company says there are 80+ of these types of integrations and thousands of developers hacking away at adding more. Right now, you...Show More Summary

Boy Accidentally Punches Hole in 17th Century Masterpiece [Video]

A twelve year old boy tripped and punched a hole in a 350-year-old painting valued at over $1.5 million. h, tweens. We can’t help but feel for you. All of us remember that awkward, clumsy stage between childhood and the dreaded teenage years. It’s certainly not uncommon to trip over your own feet, which seem to […]

Bernie Sanders Supporters Use Facebook to Organize 100,000-Person March on Washington

A Facebook-driven movement is organizing a march of 100,000 people on Washington on behalf of presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. As of today, the Facebook event has amassed 95,000 RSVPs. The movement demonstrates both the power of social media in modern political campaigns and the unconventional tactics the Sanders team has used to reach high numbers of supporters. 

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