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prostheticknowledge: Computed Curation Project by Philipp...

prostheticknowledge: Computed Curation Project by Philipp Schmitt creates a book of photography curated and annotated using Machine Learning: Computed Curation is a photobook created by a computer. Taking the human editor out of theShow More Summary

Just how ridiculous is a “chief fun officer?” Let the Quartz...

Just how ridiculous is a “chief fun officer?” Let the Quartz Matrix of Chiefiness be your guide | Oliver Stanley  As chiefs proliferate, the title has become less a position of authority, and more a reflection of a company’s current culture. Show More Summary

Five Ways to Take Advantage of Snapchat's New Map Feature

Here are five things we should all be doing with Snapchat’s recent map feature update.

6 Simple Ways to Improve the Security of Your Social Media Profiles

Digital security is more important than ever. Here are six simple ways to improve the security of your company’s social profiles.

A Comprehensive Guide to Facebook Advertising

How much do Facebook ads cost? Unfortunately, there is really no answer, one size doesn’t fit all. Here is how Facebook charges you for advertising.

Twitter for Business – How to Develop Your Strategy, Plan, and Persona [Podcast]

Twitter is one of the most powerful social networks to for businesses. Here is how you can achieve a positive ROI with Twitter.

Why Can’t Americans Get a Raise? | Daniel Gross

Why Can’t Americans Get a Raise? | Daniel Gross: We’re stuck in an infinite loop of low wage growth, even when unemployment is at historic lows. What’s the problem? Daniel Gross thinks businesses and worker have forgotten how supplyShow More Summary

"If history has taught us anything about sex, it is that the profane becomes safer with time."

“If history has taught us anything about sex, it is that the profane becomes safer with time.” - | Jeva Lange, Prowling for You: On watching sex scenes as a woman

Snapchat's Big Bet on Location Based Advertising

Snapchat’s new map feature is very interesting, both to users and advertisers.  For users, the feedback is mixed. Some find the tool great for exploring events and locations around them.  I love watching the stories from other countries on the Snapchat map. — Josie Wells (@JOZxo) July 12, 2017   While others find it invasive. 

The Top U.S. Media Publishers on Social Media - June 2017

Which media companies posted the best results on social last month? Here's the latest data from Shareablee.

Pandora Taps Foursquare to Show How Digital Ads Impact Offline Behavior

Summary: Personalized radio service Pandora is using Attribution by Foursquare, a tool that provides real-world conversion measurement for cross-channel media, to help its advertisers better understand how their digital ads are driving foot traffic to brick-and-mortar locations. Foursquare said Attribution by Foursquare tells advertisers...

Why MailChimp Doesn’t Let New Hires Work For Their First Week On The Job

Summary: When new folks join a company, most are itching to get to work. They’ve probably been through a bunch of interviews and feel excited to dig into something new. It’s the same with hiring managers: After a long hiring process, making an offer, and setting a start date, they’re chomping at the bit to finally bring someone up to speed.

Netflix is Rapidly Taking Over the Emmys

Summary: This year’s Emmy nominations are out, and one thing is abundantly clear: Netflix is now an entertainment powerhouse, close on the heels of HBO. The company nabbed a record 93 nominations for its original streaming content, nearly double what it earned last year, and just 17 shy of HBO’s eye-popping 110. While House of Cards...

How You Can Boost Your WordPress Skills Effectively

No one can disagree the web is changing quickly and we need to keep ourselves up to date with the trends. Bloggers need to know how to utilize the new tools, content marketing strategies, social platforms, etc so they can stay ahead of the competition. New tools are introduced everyday and knowing how to use them will make your life […]

Facebook Makes Messenger Ads Available Globally

Messenger ads are now available to all advertisers worldwide. Here is what you need to know.

ATM Repair Guy Gets Stuck, Slides Out Notes Through ATM For Help

Imagine this scenario: You are at an ATM waiting for your cash and instead, a small white note comes out that says “HELP, stuck in here and don’t have my phone” with a phone number to call listed. What would YOU have done? Seems a great many people walked right on by or threw out […]

mapsontheweb:Uses of the words Dinner and Supper in the United...

mapsontheweb: Uses of the words Dinner and Supper in the United States : What do you call the last meal of the day? Dinner

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