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7 Ways to Use Emojis in Social Media Marketing

Emojis can be an effective way to boost your marketing efforts - when used well. 

New Report Shows Personal Updates Still Declining on Facebook, but Engagement Rising

A new report shows people are sharing fewer personal updates on Facebook, but personal updates are generating more engagement.

3 Key Benefits of a Human-Centric Marketing Approach

Human-centric marketing is here to stay, and if you don’t find ways to make your customers feel special and validated, you'll lose them to a company that does.

Building Brand Loyalty Through Surprise and Delight

Going the extra mile to reach out to your social media fans can have a significant impact on your brand-building and engagement efforts.

YouTube Announces Exclusive Programming for YouTube Kids, New TV App

YouTube has announced a new set of original programming for YouTube Kids, which is a significant move for the future of online video content.

How to Use Built-In Social Media Analytics to Uncover Hidden Insights

While there are many social analytics tools, the data provided by the platforms themselves offers significant value.

How I Tripled My Income in 3 Months as a Freelance Digital Marketer

Here's a guide to some of the key steps required to make it as a freelance digital marketer. 

This fake Kylie Jenner story fooled the internet

A fake resignation letter from a frustrated "journalist" sick of writing about Kylie Jenner has gone viral on social media, with people giving shout-outs to the reporter for "standing up for what is right."  SEE ALSO: No, U.S. climate...Show More Summary

Stop Getting Your News From Facebook – Build Your Own News Platform

“I’m getting sick of all the negative news on Facebook.” Has a friend said this to you? Have you heard more and more of this? Are YOU tired of feeling like the information scrolling down your Facebook feed isn’t what you care about? You can build a simple alternative. Show More Summary

President Trump Versus Mark Cuban: A Twitter War

It all started with one tweet from President Trump, which criticized businessman and now mortal enemy, Mark Cuban. I know Mark Cuban well. He backed me big-time but I wasn't interested in taking all of his calls.He's not smart enough to run for president! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) February 12, 2017 It seems as […]

Why Amazon Is The World's Most Innovative Company Of 2017

Summary: Picture your ideal neighborhood. What does it look like? Is it manicured, with buildings set in a pattern so that everything flows together, designed for perfection? Or is it gritty and spontaneous, the kind of place where a restaurant might move into the space that used to house a dry cleaner?

Supercharge Branding Tip You Need To Do Right Now

On this episode of Driving with John Chow, I give you a great branding tip that I used at the Supercharge Summit in Los Angeles. All the top marketers in the world use this tip to elevate their brand. You need to be doing the same. Watch the video find out what it is. Click Here To Download John Chow’s […]

Twitter just launched, and killed, a new abuse fix in 2 hours

Twitter is trying to listen to users when it comes to abuse, apparently. And that means rolling out a fix and killing it in short order. On Tuesday morning, the company announced it would no longer notify users when they were added to lists. Show More Summary

Donald Trump didn't tweet this morning and it freaked people out

So it's come to this.  In an era where how often President Donald Trump tweets has become as much of an obsession as the content of those tweets, we're all apparently way more  mystified that Trump actually didn't manage to fire offShow More Summary

Facebook message this chatbot to know how to hit on a woman with respect

Valentine's Day can certainly be empowering too. A woman in Singapore has created a feminist wingman in the form of a Facebook Messenger chatbot. SEE ALSO: Siri has some fresh thoughts on love just in time for Valentine's Day Message...Show More Summary

The NBA banned being jerks on Twitter, so now teams are being obnoxiously nice to each other

Trolls will be trolls, it seems.  Last week the NBA released new rules preventing teams from "mocking and/or ridiculing" each other on social media. It didn’t take long for teams to poke fun at the regulations with a little sarcasm.Show More Summary

Yik Yak is back with a college Slack called Hive

Yik Yak crashed and burned after raising $73.5 million… then laying off most of its employees as users ditched its anonymous message board app. But now Yik Yak appears to be taking another shot at the college demographic with an app for chatting up people with the same classes, major or interest. Show More Summary

Facebook is pushing record labels to let you soundtrack your videos

How can Facebook and Instagram make their amateur videos more interesting than those you see on Twitter or Snapchat? A killer soundtrack. That’s why Facebook is now pressing record labels even harder for a licensing deal. SuccessfulShow More Summary

When Should a Brand Take a Stand? When It's Values are Clearly Defined.

Whether SNL knows it or not—they have just nailed the kinds of meetings marketing executives on both the brand and agency side will be having for the months if not years to come. While one team pitches "Cheeto executives" the...

Ask SMT: How does Customer Service Factor into your Social Strategy?

How does customer service factor into your social strategy? Has it become an essential aspect of social media marketing?

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