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Hilarious 'Madden' Glitch Introduces Lilliputian NFL Player

Forget killer graphics and enhanced gameplay — the best part of the new Madden NFL 15 video game might be a glitch In the game, a player on the Tennessee Titans looks straight out of Wayne Szalinski's shrink-ray machine, barely measuring...Show More Summary

Yes, John Oliver Is Reading Your YouTube Comments

In a web-exclusive Last Week Tonight clip, John Oliver revealed that he occasionally succumbs to the compulsion to read all of the comments on his YouTube videos. As he reads through the hateful remarks (scattered with a few nice ones),...Show More Summary

How I Balance Personal and Professional Online Today

I’ve been visibly online since approximately 2004 or so, in varied media and communities online. Earlier if you count much more nerdy things. One thing has never changed: balancing what you share and with whom on the web is a delicate dance, and one that has no hard and fast rules. So, disclaimer: these aren’t rules either. It’s just how I […]

ManServants is the Uber of Hot Dudes

Good news, everyone There's now an app called ManServants — and it's exactly what it sounds like See also: 10 Apps to Spice Up Your Sex Life Elliott gives his take on it in the newest episode of Mashable Minute Earlier this week, we told you that Taylor Swift was getting old. Show More Summary

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Mini ‘Friends’ Reunion with Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow, And Courtney Cox [Watch]

Fans of Friends have been itching for any kind of reunion, small or big, no matter where it is located, all we know is that one is needed. NBC has yet to comment on any Friends reunion but luckily those fans have Jimmy Kimmel. On Wednesday night, Jimmy Kimmel Live had guest, Jennifer Aniston, play […]

Preganancy Approved By Puppy In Heartwarming Video [Watch]

What is better than one dog video in a day? TWO dog videos? Both which have recently gone internet viral and it’s clear why. This video by Stephania Sayler, titled “Puppy Approved,” went viral over the past month getting over 1 million views. If you think you’ve news feed has been filled with pregnancy announcements, […]

Golden Retriever Blows Bubbles In Swimming Pool [Video]

Jessica Nichols has one cute dog. Diesel, the 95 pound golden retriever, loves to spend his summer days in the pool… blowing bubbles. Not only can this pup blow bubbles flawlessly in the pool, he can do it on command. Diesel’s talent went viral on YouTube recently, grossing over half a million views in a […]

Google Admits Secretly Testing a Drone Delivery System in Australian Outback

Google announced they have been developing a drone delivery system in the Australian outback, codenamed Project Wing. The Atlantic reported Google have been working on the project in secret for two years and by testing in Australia,Show More Summary

We Visited the San Francisco Cable Car With Hyperlapse

Instagram’s latest standalone app is a wonderful tool for mobile filmmakers. The app, Hyperlapse, uses the phone’s gyroscope to stabilize time-lapsed videos into smooth cinematic creations — all at the palm of your hands. Unlike Instagram, this app doesn’t come with a filter. Show More Summary

Billy Crystal Remembers Robin Williams At The Emmys [Watch]

At the 66th Primetime Emmy Awards last night, Billy Crystal paid a special tribute to Robin Williams, calling him “the brightest star in the comedy galaxy.” Robin Williams passed just two weeks before the Emmys took place. He spent 4 decades in comedy and was remembered in a touching and heartfelt way. Crystal shared stories […]

Hyperlapse: New Instagram App Makes Time-Lapse Videos Easy

In order to make a cool looking time-lapse video you need patience, a good plan, and some nice photo-editing software… Or Instagram’s new app Hyperlapse. Well, Hyperlapse doesn’t actually create a time-lapse videos (time-lapse videos typically use an immobile camera and are taken over long period of time) but the new app does create a […]

Benefit's Mascara Ad Winks at All Your Favorite '90s Nostalgia

It's not ladies' night without big hair, acid wash jeans and tons of hot pink lipstick. Comedian Anjelah Johnson, also known as Bon Qui Qui from MADtv, stars in a remix of Montell Jordan's 1995 hit "This Is How We Do It" to promote a...Show More Summary

How to Fill 100 Water Balloons in One Minute

Josh Malone, we salute you The Plano, Texas-based genius (and dad) just came up with a way to fill 100 water balloons in under a minute See also: 5 Debunked Outdoor DIY Hacks From Pinterest Elliott gives his take on the newest episode of Mashable Minute Last week, Kermit the Frog told us about his favorite songs from summer 2014. Show More Summary

This Metal Suit Can Withstand Fireworks

Inventor and internet stuntman Colin Furze—known for building a mobility scooter that can reach 72 miles per hour, automatic Wolverine claws and other gadgets inspired by the X-Men franchise — has now made a firework-resistant suit And,...Show More Summary

14 Unique Hotels for an Extraordinary Vacation

Nobody sets out for an ordinary vacation, so your accommodations should never be plain. From luxurious golden palaces in Abu Dhabi to refurbished vintage trailers in the American Southwest, there's an unusually extraordinary hotel for...Show More Summary

Wisdom Teeth Plus Ice Bucket Challenge Equals Win [Watch]

Meghan Waterman has steamrolled the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. When people say this is the BEST one yet… they have to be talking about this video. Easily surpasses any celebrity video. Meghan didn’t need millions of dollars or a bucket for that matter, all she needed was to get her wisdom teeth out, a lot of […]

Verne Troyer And Robert Pattinson Just Changed Up The Ice Bucket Challenge Game In A Serious Way [Watch]

August 20 was a great day for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Unless you have spent the past few weeks under a heavy, no wifi, rock, you know what the Ice Bucket Challenge is and what it stands for. Both Verne Troyer and Robert Pattinson uploaded their own Ice Bucket Challenge videos and needless to […]

Goliath Grouper Gobbles Up a 4-Foot Shark in 1 Bite

Shark Week may be over, but clearly, not everyone got the message. A group fishing off the coast of Bonita Springs, Florida, accidentally hooked a 4-foot-long blacktip shark, but lurking in the waters below was an even bigger catch:Show More Summary

Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul Go “Barely Legal” With Julia Louis-Dreyfus In Emmy Promo [Watch]

For those Breaking Bad fans that have been in denial the show is over or have been seriously missing the Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul duo, this hilarious new Emmy promo will keep those feelings alive and put a smile on your face. Sponsored by Audi of America, this 6 minute promo features the beloved […]

New Services Enable Fans to Pay Creators Directly

The Internet is a massive revenue-generating machine, but without content, the whole model falls apart. Creative people can participate in revenue sharing on YouTube, but it’s a fairly limited way to make money. New services like ChangeTip...Show More Summary

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