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‘Money and Violence’ Proves the Value of Original Content on YouTube

YouTube has become one of the most democratic distribution platforms on the internet. Anyone with a camera and an internet connection can upload, and (if their content is good enough) achieve acclaim. A low budget original program called...Show More Summary

‘Southpaw’ Trailer Shows Jake Gyllenhaal Throwing Punches, Teases New Eminem Song [Watch]

Three things: Jake Gyllenhaal, Forest Whitaker, and Eminem. Yesterday, the Rap God tweeted “Sneak peek of some new stuff I’ve been working on in the @SouthPawMovie trailer. World premiere!” So, people freaked out. In “Southpaw,” Jake Gyllenhaal plays the iconic Billy “The Great” Hope who falls out of stardom following his wife’s death (played by […]

Dot Com Lunch – Anti Ball Crushing Pants Edition

It was another strange Dot Com Lunch. Once again, everyone that RSVP didn’t show up (except for one, who was 25 minutes late). We decided that enough is enough, and in the episode, we publicly shame the people who RSVPed, but didn’t attend. In addition to shaming the no-shows, this edition of the Dot Com Lunch featured a couple of […]

Youtuber, Josh Paler Lin Is At It Again, Despite Controversy [Video]

Youtube star, Josh Paler Lin is known for his viral videos. Back in December, Lin made a video of a social experiment. He gives a homeless man $100 and secretly follows him to see what he spends the money on. Surprisingly, the man buys gifts and gives them to random people on the street. The […]

Apparently, A Taco Bell Addiction Is A Very Real Thing [Video]

Sometimes you just need a Taco Bell fix after a long day. Well, one woman seems to really need her Quesarito and Baja Blast fix. Seriously, she is jonesing for some tacos, don’t make her wait! This footage was recently uploaded to YouTube and is quickly gathering views. The video is shot from the perspective […]

Man Releases Rat To Get A Free Meal, Plan Backfires [Video]

People will go to great lengths to get something for free. One man is learning the hard way, sometimes you should just pay. Chris Baker was dining at a bistro when he pulled a rat out of his pocket. He then dropped it on the floor and begin yelling. The commotion alerted the other customers, […]

Voldemort Stars In “Uptown Funk” Parody With Other ‘Harry Potter’ Characters [Watch]

Cuz Dark Lord Funk gon’ give it to ya! Bad guys, good guys, guys who like to sing hit singles like Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson’s “Uptown Funk.” Lord Voldemort showcased his singing skills in this YouTube video by KFaceTV called “Dark Lord Funk.” The characters from “Harry Potter” have never gotten down like this. […]

Do Clickbait Headlines Undermine the Credibility of Content and Experts?

In recent years, social media has functioned to habitually strip content of its context. Sometimes this manifests as the rage of the mob calling for someone to be fired, or as harassment in one form or another. Shallow, clickbait headlines...Show More Summary

CNN Makes Adult Swim ‘Too Many Cooks’ Parody Featuring Presidential Hopefuls [Video]

It’s the viral video that has once again gone viral… with a political twist. It all started back in November of 2014, when Adult Swim created a short video called, “Too Many Cooks.” The video was a parody of old sitcom beginnings with a catchy theme song. The strange video started with family members and […]

Infamous Children’s Scary Stories Book Could Become Documentary [Video]

Most 90’s children have a memory of creeping themselves out by reading Alvin Schwartz’s collection of haunted folk tales, Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark. The creepy illustrations and haunting tales were a hit with children, but yet heavily challenged by parents. In fact, the franchise was the most challenged book of the 1990’s. […]

Kelly Clarkson Covers “Give Me One Reason” By Tracy Chapman And It’s Beautiful [Watch]

Kelly Clarkson is doing just fine doing her own Kelly Clarkson thing. Making her own music, doing shows, and covering some of the newly popular music while remember the classics. Both her Taylor Swift cover and Sam Smith cover started trending nationally after they hit the internet. Oh, and the fact that she has an […]

Neil Gaiman & Amanda Palmer Announce Pregnancy on Twitter

Oh happy happy day! We extend our congratulations to Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer, as they have announced they are in the family way. What a lovely, creative baby this will be! Proud dad Neil first broke the news on Twitter: I just took a photograph of beautiful, three months pregnant @amandapalmer: — Neil […]

Popular ‘Uptown Funk’ Treadmill Dance Will Make You Want To Exercise [Watch]

Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson’s “Uptown Funk” has been taking over airwaves, headphones, and stereos for awhile now. But you haven’t heard or seen “Uptown Funk” like this. There have been covers, like Alex Boye’s ‘Africanized’ twist, parodies like YouTuber Mikey Bolts’ ‘Family Guy’ voices, and people who cannot sit still while listening to this […]

Nintendo, DeNA Partner to Create New Mobile Games

Today at a press conference, mobile game developer and publisher, DeNA, and Nintendo announced a partnership to jointly create and operate new games for mobile devices, based on Nintendo’s properties. The partnership will see all Nintendo...Show More Summary

Swedish Sign Language Interpreter Becomes Viral Star [Watch]

Swedish sign language interpreter, Tommy Krångh is not only bilingual, but he has some mean dance moves! Tommy is a sign language interpreter for Swedish broadcaster, SVT. His latest task was signing for the show, Eurovision Heat. As the video shows, he gives it his all! Tommy is seen showing off his moves while interpreting […]

Howie Mandel’s House Gets Trashed With Toilet Paper By Roman Atwood [Video]

Notorious prankster, Roman Atwood, can add Howie Mandel to his list of people he has pranked with this insane toilet paper practical joke. Roman Atwood is known best for his hidden camera pranks and then of course shaming those people by uploading the video to the internet. More specifically, his popular YouTube account. Most of […]

Princess Rap Battle: Sarah Michelle Gellar As Cinderella Throws Down Against Whitney Avalon As Belle [Watch]

Sarah Michelle Gellar has been trending nationwide for a few days now and it is not because she is slaying vampires or having more cruel intentions. Nope, she took a totally different route and got in a heated Disney Princess rap battle. Gellar looks right at home dressed as a princess, don’t you think? #LetTheRapBattleBegin!!! […]

What Happens in Vegas … Is Advertised on Facebook: Q&A with Nick Mattera

Nick Mattera may have one of the most desirable tasks in the marketing world: persuade people to come to Las Vegas. As the Director of Digital Engagement for the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, Mattera finds ways to bring the tried-and-true “What happens in Vegas…” marketing strategy into digital and emerging platforms. Show More Summary

Shocase PRESENTS: Original Video Series for Marketing Professionals

Marketing professional-targeted social network Shocase announced the launch of original mini-documentary video series Shocase PRESENTS, aimed at spotlighting stars of the marketing sector. Shocase launched recently with the aim of bringing...Show More Summary

Britney Spears’ Music Video For “Oops!… I Did It Again” Without Music Is The Greatest [Watch]

What do you get when you take an iconic song, as well as music video, from 2000… a music video from the Princess of Pop herself… and remove all the music but add sound effects? This beautiful masterpiece below. That’s right. No music, yet all of the sound effects. They are ON POINT. The genius […]

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