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Thanksgiving By The TV: Here Are The Must-See Specials

Whether you are trying to escape the flood of family taking over your home or simply need something to watch while you fight off a turkey coma, there is some must-see television for this Thanksgiving. Maybe, you family has some traditions of what to watch during turkey day festivities, like football games. Of course, there […]

Study: Brands Finding Social Ads As Effective As Traditional Advertising

Social advertising is growing on nearly every platform — Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat and more — but the biggest knock against paid social has been proving effectiveness.

Amazon Reviewers Troll Author Who Assaulted British Teen

Richard Brittain is an aspiring author and champion of the Channel 4 game show “Countdown.” He’s also really bad at taking criticism. A teen-aged woman named Paige Rolland left a negative review for his book, “The World Rose,” on its Amazon page. This didn’t sit well with Brittain, who tracked her down, stalked her, and finally hit her over the […]

Google Introduces Offline Maps in Google Maps on Android

The app's latest update allows users to download map areas and access them when they have poor or no service.

A Fresh Business Case for Content Marketing by Brands

Reading the marketing trades online, one would get the sense that every brand has gotten wise to the value of content marketing and is busy shifting budget dollars from ineffective display or interruptive advertising to juicy content. But attend a...

Snoopy dances across your selfies in Snapchat's first sponsored lens

One of the Peanuts' most beloved characters has come to Snapchat The app debuted its first, Snoppy-filled sponsored lens Friday to promote 20th Century Fox's upcoming Peanuts Movie. The lens puts candy corn, Snoopy and Woodstock animations over users' selfies. Show More Summary

This Desk Let’s You Lay Down While You Work

Lazy people, rejoice! If a treadmill desk seems like too much work, and a standing desk seems too uncomfortable, Altwork has a solution. Meet the only desk that lets workers sit, stand, recline, or lay down at the touch of a button. So, how exactly does one lay down while working? Won’t the keyboard and mouse […]

Hotdogs Contain Human DNA; Veggie Dogs Contain Meat [Science]

If you’ve been anywhere on the Internet within this week, you’ve probably already seen  the news that bacon and hotdogs, — and in general, our beloved processed meats — cause cancer. Does this mean we’ll have to kiss our annual hotdog-eating contest proposals and fast food Frankenstein creations goodbye? Are summer backyard cookouts and football […]

Shake It With the #Candybowl Dance Craze for Halloween

Hey parents, check this video out, and you may find yourself dancing the #Candybowl all Halloween. The Holdernesses, the First Family of viral videos who brought you greats such as “All About That Baste” and “#XMAS JAMMIES”, is at it again with another video to get your parental groove on, and it trending like fun-size […]

It’s Back to the Future Day, How Will You Celebrate?

Oh, Back to the Future. You’re a trilogy right up there with Star Wars and Indiana Jones—and remember, Indiana Jones WAS a trilogy. They talked about making another sequel, but it definitely never, ever happened. There were no CGI gophers, or nuked fridges, or Cate Blanchetts, or Shia LaBeofs. But that’s beside the point. The […]

How To Use A Rifle To Carve A Pumpkin [Video]

It’s that time of the year to carve some pumpkins, but who wants to get their hands dirty on all of that gourd gunk? Fortunately for us, one man is showing us there is an easy and quick way to carve up your halloween pumpkins. All you need is a rifle. Yep, a loaded rifle. […]

Man Dresses As Kim Jong Un; Comments Abound

Sometimes when one of your friends gets dressed as a famous person and goes out to public spaces on a lark, it can be a lot of fun just hanging out with them, just to see (1) if anyone does end up recognizing who your friend’s dressed as, (2) any sort of reaction the get-up […]

? My Car: GoFastBits DV+ T9359, for MK7 Golf R

What does it do? “The end result is sharper throttle response, lightning-fast valve actuation, and it will hold as much boost as you can throw at it.” The DAP video on it is what I followed to the T and I had zero issues with installing aside from a few missing screws. I must say that […]

? Linked: “Your Parents Want You to Stop Using Their HBO Go”

via Mashable (ugh, go away) and YouTube: For years, I’ve heard people complain that too many people use their Netflix or HBO Go account. Are you really that dumb? You’re complaining about people accessing an account that you use. Since we’re all passive aggressive whiners, here’s how you do it: via HBO: Login to HBO […]

Don’t Let Anyone Steal Your Dream

When I posted my video about the Karma Go on YouTube, I received a negative comment from a subscriber by the name of Jay Somaiya. It seems Jay wasn’t happy about me telling you how to achieve location freedom with the Karma Go. I’ve always believe in turning a negative into a positive, and Jay’s comment is a perfect opportunity […]

Why Clever Content Marketing Can Be A Huge Mistake

  Remember the Oreo real-time marketing tweet of 2013?  I bet you do. You probably also remember some other bit of content that was supremely clever, or catchy, or memorable (I’m particularly old school and a fan of the Old Spice guy). Then there’s the cheeky listicle, or the Instagram hashtag campaign. Clever content is […]

Why SocialBattles App Is Being Called ‘Instagram On Steroids’ [Video]

A new app will have you snapping even more selfies (as if you needed the excuse.) SocialBattles aims to create a little friendly competitions using your photos. The free app is the brainchild of two brothers, who love a little competition. The demo video shares the story of the two brothers who became bored with […]

Diver Dances With Sharks To Protest Shark Killings [Video]

This video went online back in 2014, but we think it’s pretty cool and deserves a spotlight here on SND. This particular video has recently had a number of Tumbler folk oohing and aahing, and with good reason. We see a raven-haired dancer clad in a bikini, leather vambraces, weighted boots, and body paint, gracefully […]

Grumpy Cat To Be First Animatronic Cat Figure in Madame Tussaud’s; Still Unimpressed

Tardar Sauce (aka Grumpy Cat), the sour-faced feline sweetheart that took the Internet by storm a year ago is now given the distinction of being immortalized as Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum’s very first feline animatronic wax figure. (#GrumpyWax) Clearly, she was over the moon with the announcement. (or maybe, just over it?) The historical wax […]

Janelle Monae Speaks #BlackLivesMatter; is Silenced On Today Show

Last Friday, Afro-futurist pop icon Janelle Monae used her spot on the Today show to express her sentiments on police brutality and #BlackLivesMatter — only it did seem that the TV anchors decided America didn’t need to hear more of this. Performing her hit single “Tightrope” with a number of other Wondaland Records label mates, […]

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