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Best Tweets To Read When You’re a Terrible Cook

Congratulations! You are now (considered, at least) to be a fully-functional adult. You have a decent job, you can pay the rent, pay the bills, and do your laundry. You make it a point to clean the living space every week, and you take your dirty laundry to the laundromat. Excellent! How are you feeding yourself? […]

The Louder The Howler Monkey, The Smaller Its Testicles: Science

Ever had that vague suspicion that your annoying male colleague who seems to have this deep-seated need to constantly brag about every achievement or one-up your successes might actually be hiding some unspeakable secret? Or have you just had enough of that catcaller constantly harassing you on the street? Well, We’re not saying that you just […]

Blind Man Experiences Self-Portrait For The First Time Thanks To Tactile Art [Video]

One blind man’s life was forever changed as he was able to experience his own self-portrait. George Wurtzel discovered the power of tactile art. As he stumbled upon the work of Andrew Myers, a screw artist. The blind artisan and teacher fell in love with the tactile elements of Myers’ work. Myers considered this one […]

? Linked, “Cupertino’s mayor: Apple ‘abuses us’ by not paying taxes”

via The Guardian: This freaking article. Seriously. The last time the mayor of Cupertino walked into Apple – the largest company in his small Californian town and, it so happens, the most valuable company in the world – he hoped to have a meeting to talk about traffic congestion. Barry Chang barely made it into...

Brands with purpose: the role of insight in creating campaigns we really care about

We are starting to see a fundamental shift in the way that brands approach marketing. Companies are moving away from placing products at the heart of campaigns and are instead bringing the causes we care about the fore. And in these campaigns, insight plays a central role. Show More Summary

How Social Engagement Skyrocketed at Western Union

Western Union conjures up visions of wiring money, not viral social content, but vice president of social media Karen O’Brien would like you to take a closer look.

Linked: Nikon, “Show Your Love Some Love”

via YouTube: I think they said everything needed in this spot but I just can’t see anyone relating or understanding the message outside of photographers. Nikon is right, everyone is taking photos others like but nothing that they love. Those photos still come from traditional cameras, not the ones attached to phones. The thing is,... ?

#PhonesDownEyesUp: Honda Launches Unique Safety Campaign

#PhoneDownEyesUp is a new campaign launched to help raise awareness about the dangers of distracted driving. With April being distracted driving awareness month, there is no better time to voice concerns. Distracted driving is one of the top reasons of auto accidents and traffic fatalities and one of the biggest distractions while driving is using […]

Reddit Notices ‘The Force Awakens’ Syncs Up With Pink Floyd

Add ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ to the list of films that purportedly sync up with Pink Floyd’s ‘Dark Side of the Moon.’ We have a redditor to thank for pointing it out in a post titled The Dark Side of the Moon syncs perfectly with the new Star Wars. “First of all, yes, I have […]

Facebook Live: Now Available to Everyone, Several New Features Announced

Facebook is going all-in on Facebook Live, rolling it out to all users, announcing a host of new features and confirming that it is paying big media companies to use it.

Try These Festival-worthy Flower Crown Alternatives

Coachella, Lilith Fair, maybe even Burning Man? Summer music festivals are just around the corner. While a flower crown seems to be the head gear of choice for many fest-goers, some of you out there might want to try something a little more ecclectic. Off the beaten track. Maybe even something with a little more […]

Facebook Reactions: New Data Shows Most Users Still Just ‘Like’ Posts

As with anything new in the social universe, the most value Facebook Reactions will provide brands is the ability to further uncover the sentiment of your customers and prospects and shift your strategy accordingly.

These “Corrected” Images Will Make You LOL

To some people, their images are everything. Sure, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to look cool, or glamorous, or sexy. Then again, someone people do expect a little too much of free photoshop jobs while handing these graphic artists less than stellar images to work with. Meet James Fridman. James “corrects” the images people send […]

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