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Top 10 Coolest Snapchat Tricks

Snapchat is the one of the best apps to stay in touch with your friends or to find latest news and events.  You can take a photo, make a video, add captions or stickers and use different filters before sharing them on Snapchat. According to various sources, almost 158 million people use this app every day. Show More Summary

Spear Phishing Biggest Security Threat for Accountants, Tax Professional and Enterprises

This tax season don't just focus on savings, but also be more vigilant as you may be the next victim of Spear Phishing. Cyber criminals are taking advantage of our focus on tax saving and our hope on getting some money back from theShow More Summary

Google Home – Changing the way you do Home Chores and Shopping

What comes to your mind when you hear the word “Google”? A solution for everything and anything. An answer for every question. A guidance for every search. A help always by your side. And the list goes on. Google gave a personal touch...Show More Summary

LiFi – Light is the New Way of Communication

Look around your house, and tell us one thing you find common in almost all your electronic and electrical equipment? The Internet Connection. Right! What if we say just like your mobile networks and Wi-Fi routers, we can also use those...Show More Summary

Best Programming Languages for Big Data – Part 2

In the first part of the blog on Best Programming Languages for Data Science, we talked about 7 languages. Those included the languages which are being used by maximum of the people dealing with Big Data. In this blog, I am listing the...Show More Summary

Now You Can know Who’s Been Stalking You on Facebook

Remember the days when you used to check your friend’s Facebook account, posts and photos without liking any of the pictures? Although we all are guilty of checking other people's accounts, whether it was your ex, crush or your partner, because we know no -one can know about it. Show More Summary

How to take Better Selfie Photos with your Smartphone’s Camera

After taking 20 selfies we find one perfect selfie to upload on Facebook. Selfies are a fun way to capture moments with friends and share them with others. Contrary to popular belief, clicking good selfies can be quite big task as a wrong facial expression, pose, lighting and background can ruin the quality of the selfie. Show More Summary

Terrible Spiderman Games You Should Never Play

Spiderman game on the PlayStation 4 might not be out till Christmas this year as recently revealed. Nevertheless, the fans of Marvel’s web-slinging superhero need not be disappointed as ‘Spiderman: Homecoming’ will be out this summer...Show More Summary

Three Must-Have Document Technologies for Accountants During Tax Seasons

According to recent IRS data, it still receives some eight million tax returns annually filed on paper. The use of paper during tax season doesn’t appear to be going away either. A NerdWallet and Harris Poll survey found that 17 percent of millennials used pen and paper to file by mail last year. Show More Summary

What If You Could Directly Type by Thinking?

Knock Knock!! Its Facebook Knocking the doors of your mind. Typing with a keyboard or speech typing seems to be very old to them as they are working on something revolutionary. At their annual conference of developers, Facebook unveiled...Show More Summary

Friday Essentials: 8 Bizarre Gizmos Revealing the Weird Side of Tech

It’s Friday again! Most of you must be feeling like zombies by now. So grab that beer; put your favorite trance track on and start your weekend on a 'light note' (pun intended). Here's a list of 8 weird inventions that will add an extra zing to your mundane routine, should you choose to get any one (or all) of them some day! Weird is good. Show More Summary

Instagram – Now Equipped with Offline Mode on Android

At the recently held Facebook developer’s conference on Tuesday, Instagram announced that it has bought offline feature on its android app. With the offline support users, will be able to browse through Instagram’s preloaded feed and can even save like or post without internet. Show More Summary

Ancient Tech That We Still Can’t Figure Out

It’s 21 st century and supposedly we’re living in the future. Although it’s still not the same as what science fiction promised, we still can’t stop swelling over our gadget augmented lives and fruits of technology. We can safely agree that the gadgets and technology that we use today are far advanced than what ancient civilizations could think of. Show More Summary

Best Programming Languages for Big Data – Part 1

In the last blog on big data, we talked about the Data Integration Tools, the eight layer of the Functional architecture. In this blog I would be listing the Data Languages that forms the ninth layer of the Functional Layer Architecture. Big...Show More Summary

How big data from pipeline pigs can root out gas maintenance risks

Not all gas pipelines can be serviced by maintenance pigs, but the sensor data from ones that can are providing mountains of vital information.

Facebook’s Bizarre Virtual Reality App “Spaces” – Hang out in Style

Facebook has surely evolved! From a place to make up for lost time with loved ones to a place where you can hang out with you pals in a virtual world. Yes, you heard that right! Like, Comment and Share are so off beat now! Dedicated social VR apps have been popping up for a few years. Show More Summary

10 Best News Apps for Android

Whether you’re a casual purveyor of daily happenings or a compulsive news addict, spending a little time knowing about the world affairs is never a harm. Our smartphones and tablets have surely changed the way we watch news now. NotShow More Summary

9 Nifty iPad Accessories You Need to Buy Right Away

Apple’s advanced technology always leaves us spellbound. Be it iPhones, iPad or Mac, Apple never fails to impress us with flawless design and software. Even the tiniest of its gadget can be tagged as a self-sufficient device. Apple’s iPad kinda excels in the tablet category in face of major competition. Show More Summary

Needles! No more, Future version of Apple watches are rumored to have Glucose sensors

Hectic lifestyle, lack of sleep and irregularity in food are the things that are common among our generation. These irregular patterns reduce the immunity and leave us vulnerable to suffer from diseases. Diabetes is one of the common...Show More Summary

How to Stop Microsoft Office Hackers from Stealing your Bank Credentials

Microsoft office is certainly well known for making our work easy with products like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook and many more. Sadly, it has been used by hackers to rob our credentials and make our lives a living hell as well. Show More Summary

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