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How To Remove Recent Apps From iPad Dock

iOS 11 has not only made our iPhone more advanced and power packed, but also adds new features in iPad as well. With the introduction of iOS 11 now you can easily switch between various apps. In this way, it has increased the multi-tasking...Show More Summary

NEWSLETTER: Apple Joins Hands With Steven Spielberg & Twitter Launches Happening Now

QUOTE OF THE DAY “Technology doesn’t drive change – enable the changes” ~ Anonymous THE STORY Apple is set to work on Television project which is claimed to be the amelioration of Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Television from the 1980s. WHAT...Show More Summary

?Microsoft just ended support for Office 2007 and Outlook 2007

It's time to move off Office 2007 and Outlook 2007, says Microsoft, as it ends support for these and a number of older packages.

How To Effectively Use Do Not Disturb Mode In Android

Smartphones are a necessity in today’s time. However, we often cross the line gluing our eyes on the tiny screen for a considerable part of the day. From morning till night, we carry our phone with us at all times. Unknowingly, this habit has led to distraction at work, disturbed sleep patterns and short-term memory. Show More Summary

Enterprises 'radically outstripping' traditional technology: Nokia

Nokia says there is now a 'watershed moment' as the needs of enterprises are changing rapidly, with carriers and service providers needing to meet them halfway.

Australian government says Centrelink robo-debt will never log off

A recommendation to halt the robo-debt process has been rejected by the federal government.

Customize AirPods Functions In iOS 11 With Ease

With the release of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus last year, Apple also unveiled its first ever wireless headphones. These wireless earbuds were given the name Apple AirPods. While these offered and exceptional sound quality, there were many features that were great. Show More Summary

What is DevOps? An executive guide to agile development and IT operations

To make the most of today's containers, servers, virtual machines, and clouds, you need to deploy DevOps in your enterprise. Or, you can let your rivals put you out of business. It's your choice.

Dell outlines IoT strategy, plans to spend $1 billion on R&D over three years

Dell Technologies says the Internet of things is forcing computing into a more decentralized model with more power at the edge.

How To Fix Random Restart Problem In Android Phones

Nowadays, many Android users face random reboot issues with their devices and smartphones. This problem can occur due to Hardware or Software issues that need to be resolved. It is entirely possible that there is a problem with a newly...Show More Summary

Microsoft: We'll have two-thirds of Office users in the cloud by fiscal 2019

Microsoft is running ahead of projections in terms of how quickly its Office users are moving to Office 365, says the head of Office. And more LinkedIn integrations are coming soon.

Workday makes its big analytics bet, launches Prism Analytics, data-as-a-service, benchmarking

Workday has integrated the technology behind Platfora and is betting that the ability to analyze new data sources will complement its people and financial information.

?Twitter is working on a 'save for later' button

Twitter is developing a new feature which allows users to privately save a list of tweets they want to come back to.

Salesforce launches IoT Explorer, aims to bring sensor data to business users

Salesforce is integrating Internet of things data into its various clouds and providing orchestration tools and automated processes to business users.

How to Enable or Disable Two-Factor Authentication in iOS 11

An added layer of security to phones to prevent unauthorized access to precious data, is a definite welcome. Two-factor authentication was introduced in iOS 10. It’s a simple authentication process which provides your phone with extra security making it more secure. Show More Summary

NEWSLETTER: Windows Phone Takes A Dirt Nap & Face ID On iPad Pro 2018

QUOTE OF THE DAY “When does a man die? When he is hit by a bullet? No. When he suffers a disease? No. When he is poisoned? NO! A man dies when he is forgotten!” ~ Dr. Hiluluk (One Piece) IT’S OFFICIAL: WINDOWS MOBILE WILL PUSH DAISIES! THE...Show More Summary

How To Fix DLL Errors In Windows 10

DLL File stands for Dynamic Link Library File. These are essential file formats in your computer which contain instructions that can be used by various programs. When required by programs, they can use the instructions and procedures from these files. Show More Summary

Google Bids Farewell To Headphone Jack

With the launch of Pixel 2, Google decided to follow the lead of Apple in ditching the 3.5mm audio jack. It seems ironic that in 2016, Google mocked Apple’s move to chuck the iconic white headphones from iPhone 7 and 7 Plus in favor of AirPods. Show More Summary

Apple Finally Brings Back iPhone Jack – Apple and Belkin Join Hands

Belkin adapter brings the headphone jack back to iPhone the other way. Apple knows what’s best and how to keep fans happy. Last year when Apple said goodbye to the old audio jack there was a cry of protest. No one really appreciated it. But nothing is impossible for Apple. Show More Summary

Newsletter: Note 7 Has An Ally in iPhone 8 & Amazon Plans To Use Delivery Drones In India

QUOTE OF THE DAY “I don’t know if anybody thought about how much impact the iPhone could have on society.” ~ Henry Samueli IPHONE 8 HANDSETS GET LITERALLY TORN APART DUE TO EMBARRASSING BATTERY ISSUE THE STORY Several iPhone 8 and iPhone...Show More Summary

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