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How To Import Music To & From iTunes

No matter how old-fashioned it may seem, some people still prefer downloading music on their devices rather than streaming it everytime they want to listen to their favorite song. Although downloading a song is easy but managing andShow More Summary

10 Best Junk File Cleaner For Windows 10, 7 And 8

Junk files are none less than a living nightmare for any device! Be it our Smartphone, Mac, Windows PC or any other gadget. But no matter how hard we try junk files always occupy huge amount of system space and slowly result in degrading its performance. Show More Summary

5 Usability Testing Tools & Platforms That Ensure Awesome UX

Saying that the desired user experience is essential for ensuring commercial success may sound clichéd, but it still holds true as every business is relentlessly working towards ensuring the same. Irrespective of the industry or the domain, the user experience is critical to ensure that the brand performs in the market as expected. Show More Summary

?Goodbye AOL Instant Messenger

The first mass-market instant message success story, AIM, is coming to a close. For all its popularity, AOL never really gave it a chance to make money.

11 Best Free DVD Burning Software For Windows 2017

Most of you would agree that there’s a huge difference when watching your favorite movies on a laptop versus watching them on a home theatre. When you’re alone on a lazy Sunday afternoon, all you want to do is lay in your favorite couch and watch movies or shows from the comfort of your home. Show More Summary

Ascend The Iron Throne With Game Of Thrones MMORPG

A good news for impatient Game of Throne followers. Turbine in partnership with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and HBO brings Game of Thrones Conquest to your iOS and Android devices. This makes sense since the two-year gap is too much for the fans. Show More Summary

10 Best Free DLL Fixer Software For Windows To Download 2017

If you use computers everyday for work or entertainment, we’re sure you’ve faced the ‘.dll not found’ error on at least once. Though it is considered a ‘general’ issue, but sometimes, DLL problems may lead to a system crash or corrupted Windows. Show More Summary

Did Blackberry Get Too Old For Innovation?

Blackberry Limited, a Canadian company – previously known as Research In Motion Limited (RIM) – was founded in 1984. The company is renowned for its range of smartphones, tablets and other services. Blackberry is said to be the original smartphone makers. Show More Summary

How To Put iPhone X Into DFU Mode

Apple has always been known for being different from the rest in its league. Each new launch means new features to look forward to while some would just be welcomed with shrugs and skepticism. The latest surprise by the company is the absence of home button in iPhone X that literally left Apple fans feel homeless. Show More Summary

The rising tension between IoT and ERP systems

The Internet of Things is the new frontier. However, generations of ERP systems were not designed to handle global networks of sensors and devices.

Google’s Pixel Buds: All You Need To Know!

San Francisco recently witnessed the much-awaited event of 2017. Yes, we are talking about the Google’s Pixel 2 event that materialized in San Francisco on Wednesday, 4 th October 2017. The event has created a buzz with the launch of...Show More Summary

Disabling Lock Screen Notifications And Previews In iOS 11

Smartphones nowadays are power packed with new and innovative features that provide users ease of access. Mobile companies emphasize on incorporating features that are easy to use. Must Read: A Few 3D Touch Gestures To Try On iOS 11’s...Show More Summary

How to Enable the Hidden ‘Night Mode’ Setting on Android 7

Our phones have become our constant companions, wherever we go, whatever we do. We spend a considerable time of our day looking into our phones, so much so, that we always manage to take a small peek into our screens even in the middle of the night. Show More Summary

How To Remotely Logout From WhatsApp Web Using Your Smartphone

Hope you have used the web version of WhatsApp on your computer it is an amazing feature. WhatsApp Web allows you to chat on your computer screen. You can also share photos, videos and other files to WhatsApp users directly from your computer. Show More Summary

How To Snooze Notifications In Android 8

For most of us the last task of the day before hitting the bed is to set the alarm for the coming day. However, most of us hit the snooze button at least a few times before dragging ourselves out of the cosy realms of the bed. Surprisingly,...Show More Summary

Cool Concept Gadgets for A Brighter Future Part 3

Introduction Bringing more amazing futuristic concept gadgets in this blog. Technology and imagination is advancing at a much faster pace beyond bounds and limits. Here are some cool concept gadgets, that will transform your life completely...Show More Summary

Google Delivers On Its Promises With Pixel 2

Google is a newcomer of sorts in the smartphone market. It has set the bar higher still with all launch of Pixel 2 on 4th October 2017. Google is has made innovative and consistent upgradations to its second generation devices. Mario...Show More Summary

Newsletter: NSA Points Finger At Kaspersky & Microsoft Treads Android & iOS Markets Cautiously

QUOTE OF THE DAY “Technology is usually fairly neutral. It’s like a hammer, which can be used to build a house or to destroy someone’s home. The hammer doesn’t care. It is almost always up to us to determine whether the technology is...Show More Summary

10 Best PC Optimizer Software For Windows 10, 8, 7 In 2017

If your PC takes a ages to respond and perform a simple task, then it is in serious need to get optimized. Optimizing your computer manually is a tedious task. So, it is always better to have a software handy to get the things done.Show More Summary

A Few 3D Touch Gestures To Try On iOS 11’s Control Center

Technology has surely evolved over time and one cannot deny this fact, no matter what! Regardless of tough competition and challenges, the Smartphone industry has proved itself to be a dynamic force in tech evolution. Major tech giants...Show More Summary

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