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Installing Linux on a PC with UEFI firmware: A refresher

Practically all new systems have come with UEFI firmware for some time now. Here is a brief overview of the current situation with installing and using Linux on such systems.

Blockchain is spreading beyond finance: Now it's killing off fake QA certificates

Norwegian firm DNV GL is shifting its quality-assurance certificates to a private blockchain to cut out counterfeits.

Avoid Making These Windows Maintenance Mistakes

With advancement in technology, users have understood the basic way of maintaining their Windows computers and clean it time to time to keep it healthy. However, with time the OS has changed a lot especially Windows 10, so has its maintenance ways. Show More Summary

Play These Google Games To Get Rid Of Boredom

Google Search Engine has always been the most trusted and reliable search engine. But did you know it does a lot more than just performing searches for you? Give your boring and stressful life a sigh of relief, try out these cool and...Show More Summary

ServiceNow acquires Telepathy, a UX, UI consulting company that has worked with Quip, New Relic

Telepathy is a design firm that has had some big clients. Now its teams will be at the ready to boost ServiceNow's user experience and interface capabilities.

How To BackUp And Restore Windows Registry

Registry acts like a brain to your computer. It contains all of the configurations and settings used by components, services, applications, and almost everything in Windows.The registry has two basic concepts to be aware of: Keys and Values. Show More Summary

Cool Concept Gadgets for A Brighter Future- Part 2

Introduction We hope that you found the conceptual gadgets in our previous blog worth reading about. Having said that, we did mention that there are even more conceptual projects in the list. This blog will continue with the list of awesome futuristic conceptual gadgets. Show More Summary

Google's new Gmail security: If you're a high-value target, you'll use physical keys

Google will launch a new service to protect politicians and senior executives from sophisticated phishing attacks.

How to Unlock Your Android Mobile With Fitness Trackers

To avoid any unauthorized access. Everyone likes to secure their phones with a passcode But this can be cumbersome when you have to unlock your phone several times a day. Entering the passcode or drawing a pattern each time to unlock...Show More Summary

How To Delete Duplicate Contacts On Android

Tons of duplicates in contact list is not the nastiest problem that we can face. But it can make your contacts list look unorganized and unoptimized. When we want to connect with our loved ones and have to scroll through a huge list of contacts it is really inconvenient. Show More Summary

Fixing ‘Windows Cannot Change The Password For User’ Error Message

In order to protect our privacy. We often change the password for windows log on but sometimes it shows an error message stating “Windows cannot change the password.” There are multiple fixes for this problem. You can try them one by...Show More Summary

?Sorry Apple, but I just can't face using Face ID

The iPhone X is putting facial recognition front and centre -- so why does it leave me frowning?

8 New Amazon Echo Devices You Can Buy Right Now

We’re all aware with Amazon’s voice control beefy speakers, right? Agree or not but a few decades back who could imagine that simply saying a command from our living room would play our favorite song. We all know that these wirelessShow More Summary

5 Best Calendar Apps For Android 2017

While we’re still not sure if time is a fundamental or just a human construct, we still need calendars. From complex ancient Egyptian calendars to simplistic ones that farmers used to manage agricultural seasons, these have been an essential...Show More Summary

How to Scan Documents using Notes app in iOS 11

The introduction of iOS 11 not only brings new features but also enhances functionality in existing apps. Notes app in particular, has seen some changes that users might not be aware of. Hence in this article, we are going to talk about...Show More Summary

How to disable Face ID on your iPhone X

Apple has given the iPhone X a facial recognition feature called Face ID and they made it more efficient and secure than their older Touch ID. Its an impressive and a secure feature, but it brings up lots of questions in mind. Is itShow More Summary

The Dark Side of Secret Tracking Apps

While more and more people use technology to better their lives, there are some notorious perpetrators that often take advantage of their digital anonymity to harass other users. A Tinder date gone wrong is all it might take for you to become a victim of online harassment. Show More Summary

How to Hide App Icons from iMessage

iOS 11 is full of awesome features! It is one of Apple’s gigantic software update so far. We’re pretty sure you must’ve upgraded your devices to the latest software version that Apple has recently released by now. From the revamped control...Show More Summary

Does your iOS 11 Battery Drain too Fast? Know the Reason Why

It was just a few days ago, when we were all eagerly waiting for iPhone 8, 10 and iOS 11. The response for iPhone X is still awaited as it is yet to hit the market. However, the release of iPhone 8 didn’t have the same charm as with earlier version of iPhones. Show More Summary

How to Use the Podcasts App on iOS 11

Apple finally realized that its Podcast app needs a makeover and iOS 11 gives it a new life. The much-awaited visual update of the app is attractive and it makes it simple to add and listen to podcasts. In addition, to this now it will even recommend a couple of podcasts as it gets to know your taste. Show More Summary

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