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MINIX: ?Intel's hidden in-chip operating system

Buried deep inside your computer's Intel chip is the MINIX operating system and a software stack, which includes networking and a web server. It's slow, hard to get at, and insecure as insecure can be.

All About Firefox 58 and Canvas Browser Fingerprinting

Technology can be used for both good and bad depending on the intent of the developer. Canvas fingerprint is a recent example of technology misuse. It is used to track user’s online behavior and cannot be disabled by the user. To deal with this problem, Firefox has taken a step to make users aware about the service by displaying a warning message. Show More Summary

How Can Vulnerability Assessment Save You From the Next Crash?

2 months agoTechnology / Software : Gallop

In a recent development, sensitive personal data of almost 50,000 Australians and about 5,000 Australian Federal public servants got exposed online. It has been recorded as one of the biggest ever data breaches in the country. The affected...Show More Summary

Salesforce preaches customization, AI, enabling business execs with low-code approaches

Salesforce's plans at Dreamforce revolve around a few key themes. In broad strokes, Salesforce is aiming to make its Einstein AI platform more accessible and enable point-and-click customization.

Salesforce enables more customized app development with updates to Lightning

With the introduction of myLightning, the app-building framework now lets customers create customized design elements, as well as dynamic page experiences for end users.

10 Best Audio Editing Apps For Android Users

Smartphones have a come a long way from few basic features to power packed functions. With each new version of smartphone, our life has become simpler and more efficient with the features that it offers. Be it messaging, screen capturing, video calling, or audio recording, smartphones are the one stop solution to many of our daily tasks. Show More Summary

10 Best Photo Sharing Websites 2017 – Best Free Photo Sharing Site

Back when cameras were still considered as luxury items, there were hardly any photographs you could share with or show to your friends. Now that you’ve powerful, in-built cameras in your smartphone, the number of photos have increased dramatically.  If you have a look at your phone or memory card, you can see plethora of moments captured. Show More Summary

Blockchain: Banking Made More Simple Yet Secure

We as a community are facing an economic slump. We can blame the Millennials for being lazy, the corporations for being greedy, even the government for being least bothered towards the public. We can blame ‘terrorists’ for existing as that takes funding towards war instead of development of infrastructure. Show More Summary

Make Pixel 2’s Colors More Vibrant With This Simple Trick!

Google Pixel 2’s display has been a subject of controversy since its launch. A lot of hysteria is going around since both these products, Google Pixel 2 and XL rolled out. For starters, we would like to clarify that both these devices are pretty awesome. Show More Summary

How to Fix “Your System is Heavily Damaged by Four Virus” Error Message

With passing time, we have started using our smartphones more than laptops and computers. And this is the exact reason why virus creators have also started targeting your smartphones as they are full of useful information, which can be easily exploited. Smartphones could contain personal financial and work/business information of a user. Show More Summary

Newsletter: Apple Tries To Be On The Safer Side & Play Store Can’t Keep You Safe?

QUOTE OF THE DAY “The only thing that can defeat power, is more power. That is the one constant in this universe. However, there is no point in power if it consumes itself.” ~ Albert Wesker (Resident Evil) APPLE ADMITS YET ANOTHER HARDWARE...Show More Summary

How to Resize Dock On Your Mac

Dock has an important role in a Mac. It is the bar at the bottom of your Mac screen, where you can organise all favorite or frequently used programs. The program, files or folder, we put in dock can be quickly accessed with much ease. Most of us  know how to put or remove programs from Dock, however, not many are aware about resizing it. Show More Summary

Follow the Latest Trends With Bing’s Weekly Trends Quiz

Although watching the news or reading newspapers are the preferred ways to keep yourself updated about things happening around the world. But these days when everything has gone online, why should you still be stuck in the stone age. So, if you have missed on that part then Microsoft owned Bing search engine provides you a Weekly trends quiz. Show More Summary

Blockchain Implementation in Energy Sector

“Benjamin Franklin may have discovered electricity, but it was a man who invented the meter who made the money” – Earl Wilson Electricity is used to provide heat or to make machines work. It is generated in one massive centralized grid which then travels as transmissions straight to our homes. Show More Summary

Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission to upgrade software stack

After separating the majority of its IT services from the Australian Taxation Office, the ACNC is looking to upgrade its systems to integrate with its recently adopted Microsoft Office 365 and Azure platforms.

How To Permanently Delete Files Or Folders On Mac

Storing and deleting files is an ongoing process on your Mac and we often require deleting files permanently to make more space on our Mac. Sometimes for security reasons as well we are required to permanently delete files on Mac. In this article, we will discuss how files can be deleted permanently. Show More Summary

How to Create Apple Music Profile With iOS 11

iOS has just been updated to version 11 and as always it is full of advanced features and improvements for your Apple devices. Since Apple is quite notorious for constantly introducing new features with every update to engage users and...Show More Summary

Razer – The Next Gen Gaming Smartphone

Razer as a brand surely doesn’t need much introduction, especially for game lovers. Now the brand is all set to go live in the booming smartphone market with its Razer phone. Razer is a big name in the gaming market because of its gaming peripherals. Show More Summary

How To Change The Default Font Type In Windows 10

With every Operating System that Windows releases, it always tries to add innovative features that don’t make users feel bored. It either enhances old features or introduces new productive features. We are sure that seeing the same thing can get drab and boring over time and one such thing is the font type. Show More Summary

Enable “Switch To An Existing Tab For New Tab Page Suggestions” On Android Chrome Browser

Browsing internet on Android smartphones can be a problematic task when multiple tabs are opened. Main problem that arises is when opening different links. Sometimes the same link is opened twice in different tabs. This problem can be...Show More Summary

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