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How To Disable High Efficiency Image Format in iOS 11

Who doesn’t like capturing special moments? But have you ever wondered how much space these images occupy on your phone? For those not aware, a high definition image can easily occupy a size ranging from 1 – 4 MB. Well that’s too much...Show More Summary

5 Mail Features in iOS 11 You Probably Don’t Know

iOS 11 came with a whole lot of new and interesting features. While there were features that received tons of love and appreciation from users, some were deemed totally revolting. Features like Photos, Siri, Messages, Notes, Maps, were some that received significant changes and enhancements. Show More Summary

Microsoft's Nadella talks hardware and Windows

CEO Satya Nadella says Windows continues to be a very significant part of Microsoft but it's not the only part.

How To Dual Boot Windows 10 And Ubuntu

If you wish to work on both Windows 10 and Linux with the same hard drive, then you’ve reached the right place. Here, we have listed a step-by-step guide to install Ubuntu alongside Windows so that you can switch to either one according...Show More Summary

Is Windows' footprint shrinking? It was 1.5bn users but now Nadella says it's 1bn

CEO Satya Nadella says Windows continues to be a very significant part of Microsoft but it's not the only part.

Newsletter: No Handheld Plans From Sony & Nokia’s Unbreakable Phone Now Has 3g Power

QUOTE OF THE DAY “The reason why Nokia has been built in Finland is simply because Finland was very far behind in terms of infrastructure, so it was relatively easy to implement new technology.” ~ Maurice Levy SONY DOESN’T WISH TO COMPETE...Show More Summary

What is Guided Access & How To Use It?

People have a tendency to peek around the moment you hand over your phone to them. For instance, you hand your phone to your friend to check a funny photo but they start scrolling over and next thing you know, they start going through your personal stuff. Show More Summary

How to use iPhone 8’s new video formats?

The recently launched iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus have outstanding features that were included for the first time. Among the most highlighted features are 2 video formats with ability to shoot 4K video with 60 frames per second (FPS) and 240 FPS in 1080P Slo-mo videos. With earlier iPhone models users could only shoot in Ultra HD mode at a lower FPS. Show More Summary

5 Commonly Faced iOS 11 Issues Along With Quick Fixes

Since the last couple of weeks Apple has stayed in the limelight. Be it about their new product launches or iOS 11 release. iOS 11 is indeed one major software leap with many remarkable changes including the revamped control center,Show More Summary

Crowdsourced TV Show and Movie Reviews Launched by Google

It seems that Google is considering Indian market as its biggest research hub. It was not even a fortnight when Google introduced Tez a new payment app for Indian customers, using which they can receive and send money from their bank. Show More Summary

How to Disable Autoplaying GIFs From Your Web Browser

Animated GIFs are the best way to bring static images to life. They convey the message and information easily and in a better manner as compared to different image formats (JPEG, PNG). They are interesting, funny, can be self explanatory and meaningless all at a time. Show More Summary

Practical Tech Inspired by Star Trek

After more than 10 years of waiting, 2017 will certainly be a memorable one for Star Trek fans. Star Trek: Discovery, the latest saga in the legendary Star Trek universe finally made its debut last sunday, to commemorate 51 years of the iconic sci-fi TV series on CBS. Show More Summary

?Former CBA and ServiceMesh executives charged with fraud in the US

The former head of ServiceMesh has been charged with bribing executives at the Commonwealth Bank of Australia in order to win a $98 million incentive bonus.

?Watch out Windows, Android, and iOS: Amazon's Alexa is turning into the next big operating system

Amazon is spreading the reach of Alexa further and faster than its rivals, which is going to have big implications.

New Instagram Features Show How It Cares For Your Well Being

Instagram with its 800 million users is one of the biggest social media giants, which has changed the way people share posts and videos. Strangely, all new features of Instagram have been either copied or inspired from other social media apps. Show More Summary

Newsletter: Apple’s Big Disappointment & Hackers Have New Chops To Rip You Off

QUOTE OF THE DAY Technology Is A Useful Servant But A Dangerous Master. – Christian Lous Lange IPHONE X SUPPLY SHORTAGE ADDS MORE MISERY FOR FANS Image Credits: THE STORY With the launch of iPhone X, now everybody in...Show More Summary

What Is Do not Disturb While Driving

Your phone is with you all the time, no matter where you are. Even if you are driving, you tend to text or talk to people most of the time. These distractions might be hazardous sometimes. With iOS 11, the feature Do not Disturb While...Show More Summary

When Microsoft met SUSE: This Windows-Linux partnership gets stronger every day

SUSE and Microsoft have the longest running partnership between Linux and Windows. Here's where they've been, where they are now, and where they're going tomorrow.

Beware! 2 Step Verification Can Empty your Bitcoin Wallet

The word Hacking is not new to our ears, each day we hear a lot about it. It is rampant and the recent events are even more disturbing. They bring a thought, is there anything secure from the anonymous snooping eyes? Before now, I used...Show More Summary

Big data case study: How UPS is using analytics to improve performance

Find out how logistics company UPS is using data and analytics in a number of key projects.

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