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Samsung backs Mast Mobile, the startup that helps you manage multiple numbers on one phone

Communication startup Mast Mobile is launching on Android — specifically the Samsung Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 edge, Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge. The news is part of a broader partnership with Samsung, which has made a minority investment of undisclosed size in the company. Show More Summary

Why image recognition is about to transform business

From programs that help the visually impaired and safety features in cars that detect large animals to auto-organizing untagged photo collections and extracting business insights from socially shared pictures, the benefits of image recognition,...Show More Summary

New initiatives emerge to help refugees

Prompted by the ongoing refugee crisis affecting much of the western world, new initiatives have emerged to provide solutions to the many challenges facing the beleaguered masses. In a sea of clueless government bureaucrats and fearful citizens, these new startups want to tap into the potential of the newcomers. Show More Summary

Startups need to do due diligence, too

I hear a lot of horror stories about investors. Many are misunderstandings. Some are just outright false. Then there are those that are true. Sadly, there are a lot of those. This kills companies. I’ve watched great entrepreneurs with brilliant ideas sink because they’ve been fucked around and because they made poor choices. Show More Summary

9 Entrepreneur Habits That Lead To Long-Term Success

Being an entrepreneur is a lifestyle that requires staying power, because starting a new business is a long-term process with many tough challenges. As an angel investor, I look diligently for signs that an aspiring startup founder has what it takes to thrive and prosper for the long haul ahead. Show More Summary

Digital magazine company Issuu is now a collaboration platform, too

Digital media company Issuu has been trying to offer a better way to present content online. Now it’s a promising a better way for teams to work together on creating that content too, with the launch of a new product called Collaborate. Show More Summary

Home Chef raises $10M for meal kits and “taste algorithms”

Home Chef, one of several startups delivering recipes and ingredients to take some of the hassle out of home cooking, is announcing that it has raised $10 million in Series A funding. Founder and CEO Pat Vihtelic told me that Home Chef stands out from similar-sounding companies in a couple of ways. Show More Summary

Supporting a More Creative and Equitable World

When we reincorporated as a Public Benefit Corporation in September of 2015 we spelled out a number of commitments in our PBC Charter. Among them was a pledge to donate 5% of our after-tax profit towards arts and music education, and to organizations fighting to end systemic inequality. Show More Summary

Tall poppy syndrome and the Canadian opportunity

There’s an epidemic in Canada. That epidemic is a mentality that leaves top talent with no option but to leave the nation’s borders and with them, everything they learned. It undervalues breakthroughs developed and paid for by Canadian taxpayers. It’s a mindset that resents the success of others. It’s a bad case of tall poppy syndrome. Read More

6 Leadership Behaviors Drive Continuous Innovation

Every entrepreneur and business executive knows that continuous innovation is required to survive, but most struggle with this more than any other challenge they face. They know they need to act proactively, but still are often blindsided by a new competitor coming out of the blue with a future they never imagined. Show More Summary

With Sqreen, web developers can seamlessly find and avoid security threats

French startup Sqreen wants you to rethink how you deal with security for your web-based apps. With little effort, Sqreen can inspect, track and fix security holes, acting like a shield. You won’t have to change your workflow as Sqreen plugs to your existing app. Read More

Gametime now lets users “snap and sell” printed tickets

Mobile ticket sellers Gametime added a new feature to their app this week that could draw a larger supply of concert and sports tickets to their marketplace. Designed to make it easier for users to sell old-school printed tickets via mobile, the “snap and sell” feature in Gametime feels something like check scanning in mobile banking apps. A user who clicks the… Read More

Project Update: Happy Birthday, Kickstarter!

Today Kickstarter turns seven. We’ll be celebrating tonight in Brooklyn with our friends, families, backers, and creators. On past birthdays we’ve posted a Project Update on the company itself. Today we’re continuing the tradition by sharing what’s happened at Kickstarter this past year. Show More Summary

Twitter co-founder Biz Stone relaunches Jelly as a human-powered search engine

Calling it an “un-pivot,” Biz Stone is bringing back Jelly, the Q&A app he created in 2013. Launching today, the new and improved Jelly remains close to its roots, but with an added twist. This time, everything is anonymous so you can ask what you really want to know. Referring to the new Jelly an “on-demand search engine,” Stone said that one lesson he learned… Read More

About those Mexican sharks

You know entrepreneurship has gone mainstream when a local Shark Tank hits cable TV. I was approached by the Shark Tank production team in Mexico to recommend startups for the show. I sent some names of candidates that had not yet received institutional capital nor angel investment and could benefit from the exposure — at their own risk. Show More Summary

LA’s Startup Ecosystem: Talent, Capital, and… Velocity?

2 days agoTechnology / Startups : 500

Many of us who’ve never lived in Los Angeles have strong opinions about the place. It’s the galactic center of the media universe, but we snark about its cultural inferiority, inauthenticity and general lack of seriousness. All prejudice is based on ignorance; arguably, the Southland encompasses the nation’s most diverse startup ecosystem. Show More Summary

Bnbsitter raises $2.5M for on-demand concierge service for short term rentals

Bnbsitter is another startup operating in the Airbnb and short term rentals ecosystem. However, unlike property-management style concierge services, such as London-based Hostmaker, which charge an on-going management fee, the Paris-based company offers something more akin to an on-demand platform for concierge. Read More

Bitlock crowdfunded a smart bike lock in 2013. What happened next?

Two and a half years ago Bitlock set out to crowdfund a smart bike lock at a time when hype around connected devices was surging and goodwill in crowdfunding platforms was buoyant. Since then both categories have taken some confidence knocks and served up disappointments aplenty. Show More Summary

Deliveroo begins investing in kitchen space to bring more restaurants to your area

Deliveroo, the on-demand delivery service for restaurant food, has begun investing in its own kitchen space, as a means to help solve the supply-side problem and expand the offering. Dubbed RooBox, the startup has launched an off-site...Show More Summary

Tour booking software startup Xola scores $5M Series A led by Rakuten Travel

Xola, a software platform that manages booking and marketing for tour providers, is venturing deeper into international markets after closing a $5 million Series A. The funding was led by Rakuten Travel, which is Japan’s largest online travel agency, and contributed half of the round. Read More

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