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Spoiler Alert App Makes Donating Surplus Food As Easy As Tossing It In A Dumpster

Spoiler Alert is an app that wants to put itself out of business. That’s unlikely to happen considering the enormity of the problem—food waste—the startup is tackling. Its founders, recent MIT Sloan graduates Emily Malina and Ricky Ashenfelter,...Show More Summary

OpenClassrooms Launches First MOOC-Based Bachelor Degree Recognized By French State

You won’t have any excuse to skip class anymore. French startup OpenClassrooms is launching the first State-recognized bachelor degree in France that relies exclusively on MOOC. The startup partnered with IESA Multimédia to create this program. Read More

“Smoke Tests” for GROWTH Will Save Your Business

1 hour agoTechnology / Startups : 500

Why do I like Smoke Testing so much? Because Smoke Tests have saved me $1000s of dollars, and saved my first business from going under. Because I think it’s a method that's widely relevant to startups and teams of all sizes, and yetShow More Summary

Merienda Picnic Will Deliver A Fully Stocked Picnic In Under An Hour

Everyone loves a picnic, but the labor-intensive planning, packing, and cleanup often cause people to rethink their outdoor plans and just head to a nearby restaurant. Merienda Picnic (winner of last week’s TC Radio Pitch-Off), is an on-demand service that will bring you a fully stocked picnic basket in under an hour. Show More Summary

SlimPay Grabs $16.6 Million To Build The Definitive Recurring Payment Solution

French startup SlimPay just raised $16.6 million (€15 million) from Prime Ventures for its payment processing solution. SlimPay is all about making recurring payments in Europe as easy and seamless as possible. Read More

Pitch Your Startup In The TC Radio Pitch-Off On Sirius XM

The best part of every TechCrunch Radio show (and trust me, there are tons of good parts) is the TC Radio Pitch-Off. For the last half-hour of each show, John Biggs and I bring on five of the coolest new startups we can find to pitch their product live on the radio. Show More Summary

Roomblocker (YC S15) Is Modernizing Group Hotel Reservations

If you’ve ever had to reserve a block of hotel rooms for a conference or wedding, you know how complicated the process can be. YC-Backed Roomblocker is a service that handles the entire group booking process, from gathering bids to accepting reservations for people in the group. Show More Summary Grabs $2.2 Million To Find Your Next Top Engineer

Meet, a new take on engineer recruitment companies. isn’t your average headhunting agency and has opted for a more scalable model that should work for both engineers and recruiting companies. Three months after its...Show More Summary

Instagram Preps To Save Your Photos In 1080×1080 Resolution

Instagram seems to be planning to upgrade photos to 1080 px, according to source code from the Instagram website, first uncovered by the Verge. As it stands now, Instagram photos live in 640×640 resolution right now, but on the heels...Show More Summary

The Martial Arts Of Customer Relationship Management

After spending six years with startups in the ecosystem, I’ve spent the last six months as an EIR at Foundation Capital. One of the things I hear repeatedly from entrepreneurs as they illustrate their startup’s potential is their plan to “disrupt Salesforce.” Read More

The dog ate my homework

A quick update for those of you following the Kickstarter campaign to launch my new book The Leader's Guide (and good news for those of you who missed out):For those of you who backed the campaign:Keep an eye out for an email which includes a link to a very short survey where you can confirm your shipping information and purchase additional items. Show More Summary

8 Business Name Mistakes That Investors Hate to See

Every new baby gets a name before it is introduced to the world, and yet some entrepreneurs continue to send me business plans with TBD (to be determined) in place of a business name on the front page. They don’t realize that the name they choose, or lack of it, sets an initial perception of the business that may override all of its value. Show More Summary

NYC.TV Hopes To Bring The Spirit Of Public Access TV To The Web

Hey, remember public access? Those local, non-commercial channels where you’d find weird stuff (and, sure, city council meetings) that made you think, “Wait, how is this even on TV?” Well, public access hasn’t gone away (heck, it’s become Stephen Colbert’s temporary home), but Kareem Ahmed, co-founder and CEO of a new video startup called NYC.TV argued… Read More

How Old-School Management Kills Work Culture

Early in my career, I had an encounter with a senior leader that left such a vivid impression on me that I can still remember it like it was yesterday. It was our first meeting as manager-employee. We were less than five minutes into our conversation when he abruptly and sharply interrupted, “Wait, is your chair higher than mine?” Read More


July 5, 2015: The Dyer gene pool provided me very little in the way of natural rhythm. I once took ballroom dance lessons where the instructor likened me to a windshield wiper completely off beat with the car radio. When I make a mistake with my golf swing, it’s also nearly always attributable to losing the rhythm that results in a good shot. Show More Summary

The Netherlands: A Look At The World’s High-Tech Startup Capital

It’s a fascinating time to take stock of startup innovation in the Netherlands, a rare turning point where you can watch the hard work of the past give way to the immense promise of the future. Behind London and Berlin, the Dutch startup scene is already considered to be one of the most prominent in Europe. Show More Summary

Wired For Extremes

Chris McNamara stood at the overhang of what would be his final wingsuit BASE jump (parachuting or wingsuit flying from a fixed structure: building, antenna, span and Earth). A 1,500-foot drop was a conservative risk in a community that saw around 30 deaths last year. Show More Summary

7 Ways To Balance Business Versus Personal Goals

I know some entrepreneurs with successful businesses, and others who seem to have a great relationship with their family, but I can’t think of many who have both. Some people would argue that these two successes are mutually exclusive, but I’m not convinced. Show More Summary

Startup Sues A Domain Name Owner To Grab A 16-Year-Old URL

Jason Kneen is a programmer and happens to own about a hundred domain names picked up over a sixteen year period. One of those,, he purchased in 1999 and it has been available on his site for years. In late April 2014 a company, OfficeLinks, approached him about buying the domain for use as a URL for their co-working space. Show More Summary

Y Combinator-backed Gemnote Saves Companies From Cheesy Gift Baskets

This may come as a surprise to anyone who has ever received a rattan basket packed with novelty cheese logs, but corporate gifts are a huge business. According to research from the Advertising Specialty Institute, U.S. companies spend about $19 billion a year sending swag to clients and employees. Show More Summary

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