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Uber Proposes $28.5 Million Settlement Over Safe Ride Fee Class Action Lawsuit

Uber is asking the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California to settle two cases: Philliben v. Uber Technologies, Inc. and Mena v. Uber Technologies, Inc., which have since been consolidated into one case on behalf of Uber passengers seeking restitution for every $1 Safe Rides fee charged to every Uber customer in the U.S. Show More Summary

Startups Selling To Other Startups: A House Of Cards?

“Don’t put all your eggs in one basket,” the saying goes. Well, if you’re running a startup that sells to other startups, you might be putting all your eggs in one blender. B2B companies whose customers are other early stage B2B companies put themselves doubly at risk: Not only are startups failure-prone by nature, but an early stage company with strong fundamentals… Read More

Startup Founders’ Favorite Interview Questions to Judge Early Team Fit

At seed-stage startups, especially companies with well-networked founders and investors, finding applicants who can do a job on paper is not overly difficult. The true challenge is to find candidates who will mesh into a small, budding team and culture. Show More Summary

Drive Motors Lets You Actually Buy A Car Online. How Did This Not Exist?

No one wants to go to a car dealership. We’re in the era where everything can be done online, so it’s crazy you can’t buy a new car straight from the web. Every site and startup that claims to help you do that just dumps you on a contact form to request more info or a meeting with a car dealer. Show More Summary

Foursquare Now Offers On-Demand Food And Alcohol Delivery

Foursquare just announced a partnership with to enable Foursquare users to order food, alcohol and groceries for delivery right from the Foursquare app. The integration is made possible thanks to a mobile commerce platform called Button, which also works with companies like Uber, Airbnb and Ticketmaster. Show More Summary

Tunisia Is Becoming The Middle East’s Next Startup Hub

Since the Arab Spring in 2011, Tunisia’s new democracy has struggled to enact prudent economic policy to provide employment and opportunity for its young, growing population. Unemployment is currently at 15 percent, with one-third of jobless youth being university graduates. Show More Summary

Sky-Futures, The Drone Startup Targeting Oil And Gas Industry, Picks Up Another $5.7M

Sky-Futures, the drone startup that flies drones around oil rigs and gas pipelines and analyses the resulting data to spot problems before they become a problem, has raised an additional $5.7 million. This follows an earlier $3.8 million Series A back in May. Read More

Announcing the Kickstarter + Berlinale Talents Network Partnership

Kickstarter is pleased to announce an exciting partnership with Berlinale Talents, an initiative of the Berlin International Film Festival (known as the Berlinale) taking place February 13-18, 2016.  The partnership’s primary goal will be to nurture and engage creative talent. Show More Summary

Gorgias Uses Machine Learning To Suggest Customer Support Answers

Meet Gorgias, an artifial intelligence-powered help desk to make you much more efficient when it comes to answering customer support requests. The company just raised $1.5 million from Charles River Ventures, Amplify Partners and Kima Ventures. Gorgias lets you make educated decisions without having to switch between multiple tools. Read More

IMJ Launches $52M Fund Dedicated To Japanese Startups

IMJ, a venture capital firm based in Japan, is looking homeward with a new fund especially for Japanese startups. Called the IMJ Investment Partners Japan Fund, it has already raised 2 billion yen (about $52 million), and will continue to seek new capital for a potential total of 6 billion yen. Read More

Bullish: A New Era

After a short hiatus, Bullish has returned. The talk show is exactly how you remember it, except with a new host (that’s me, MRD!) and way better music. Sorry I’m not sorry, Alex! Anyway, this week we brought in Matthew Schwab, president...Show More Summary

Inside the 500 Accelerator, Week 3: Marketing Hell

yesterdayTechnology / Startups : 500

In this week’s post 500 founder Troy Sultan shares his take on the ~25 hours of lectures, workshops and presentations by 500 growth mentors that we call Marketing  Hell Week. The week’s programs cover everything from pricing and positioning to marketing metrics, content marketing, viral growth and more. Show More Summary

You Have One Day Left To Apply To TC Pitch-Offs In Boston And Atlanta

You have exactly one day left to apply for the TC Pitch-offs in Boston and Atlanta, which will be held on February 23 and February 25 respectively. Why have you put it off until now? Who knows? Maybe you procrastinate. Maybe you’re plagued by overwhelming self-doubt and would rather not try at all then try and fail. Show More Summary

Disrupt NY 2016 Cruises To The Brooklyn Cruise Terminal

TechCrunch Disrupt is headed back to the Big Apple, and we’re thrilled to announce that Disrupt New York 2016 will take place at the incredible Brooklyn Cruise Terminal on May 9-11. Opened in April 2006, the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal is a fantastic terminal with all the creature comforts that come along with a modern cruise terminal facility. Read More

Acre Designs Wants To Change The Way We Buy And Build Houses

Most new homes that are being built in the U.S. today really aren’t all that different from those that were built 30 years ago. Some materials may be different, but most builders haven’t really kept up with the times. Y Combinator-backed Acre Designs wants to change this by building zero-energy homes that are outfitted with the latest technology. Read More

Mental Health Startup Lantern Raises $17 Million Series A Round

Lantern, a mental health startup that offers tools to deal with stress, anxiety and body image has raised a $17 million Series A round led by the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center’s venture arm with participation from previous investors such as Mayfield and SoftTechVC. Show More Summary

Doomed-i-corns: Unicorns Seemingly Reach a Tipping Point

This morning, the law firm Fenwick & West published new findings about all the U.S.-based unicorn financings that took place during the last nine months of 2015. It’s rife with interesting nuggets, but perhaps most fascinating is that...Show More Summary

23andMe and Women’s Health Startup Celmatix Combine Forces To Research Genes Affecting Infertility

Humans have been having humans for hundreds of thousands of years as part of our genetic drive so it seems counter-Darwinian that some genes might work against our ability to make a baby. But that is exactly what certain genes mightShow More Summary

Sous-vide and Community with Lisa Q. Fetterman

"I'd rather be a leader than a boss," shared Lisa during our most recent Creator Hangout. If you're not familiar, Lisa is the co-founder of Nomiku, a device that's bringing sous-vide into home kitchens worldwide. She's also a two-time project creator, and as John calls her, "Kickstarter OG." Lisa's chat with us was inspiring and insightful. Show More Summary

10 Survival Strategies From Winning Team Leaders

Did you ever wonder why some entrepreneurs always seem to have all the luck and success, while others never seem to catch a break? As an angel investor, I quickly learned that luck has very little to do with it, and I now look for some...Show More Summary

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